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  • Rose Ave Rose Ave Quick View

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    Rose Ave

    You+Me (sometimes written You Plus Me) are a folk music duo consisting of Canadian musician-singer-songwriter Dallas Green and American singer-songwriter Alecia Moore, better known as Pink. Moore and Green met through mutual friends several years prior to their collaboration. The first time they sang together Green had asked Moore to sing with him at one of his shows. They remained friends and Green opened several shows for Moore in the U.K. Moore had considered singing acoustic ballads, and as friends the two had considered collaborating for several years. In March 2014, their schedules allowed them to get together and compose original songs. They had written musical nuggets in advance, and their debut album Rose Ave. took shape within a week.
    1. Capsized
    2. From a Closet in Norway (Oslo Blues)
    3. Gently
    4. Love Gone Wrong
    5. You and Me
    6. Unbeliever
    7. Second Guess
    8. Break the Cycle
    9. Open Door
    10. No Ordinary Love
    You + Me
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  • Believe You Me Believe You Me Quick View

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    Believe You Me

    A beautiful thing happened when Asthmatic Kitty artists Helado Negro and Julianna Barwick first met: they got to know each other. The result, a collaborative band, OMBRE, and a brand-new full-length record, Believe You Me.
    1. Noche Brilla
    2. Weight Those Words
    3. Vistate
    4. Dawning
    5. Sense
    6. Tormentas
    7. Cara Falsa
    8. The Nod
    9. Pausa Primera
    10. Noche Brilla Pt 2
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  • You And Me You And Me Quick View

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    You And Me

    You & Me is the fifth studio album by American blues rock musician Joe Bonamassa. Produced by Kevin Shirley, it was released on June 6, 2006 by J&R Adventures and topped the US Billboard Top Blues Albums chart.

    Music website Allmusic gave You & Me 3.5 out of five stars, with reviewer Hal Horowitz calling the album a solid blues-rock release and arguably his best work to date.

    1. High Water Everywhere
    2. Bridge to Better Days
    3. Asking Around For You
    4. So Many Roads
    5. I Don't Believe
    6. Tamp Em Up Solid
    7. Django
    8. Tea For One
    9. Palm Trees Helicopters and Gasoline
    10. Your Funeral and My Trial
    11. Torn Down
    Joe Bonamassa
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  • Will You Find Me Will You Find Me Quick View

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    Will You Find Me

    To celebrate the 15-Year Anniversary of Ida's classic album Will You Find Me, this gorgeous record is being re-issued as a deluxe 2xLP in expanded packaging, including a gatefold jacket and lyric insert.

    Will You Find Me is sad, pretty, hope-filled, exquisitely crafted, and utterly haunting - Will Hermes, Entertainment Weekly

    [The songs are] like the whispers of uncertain lovers in a perpetual dance of vulnerability and assurance, parting and reconciliation - Jon Pareles, The New York Times

    LP 1
    1. Down On Your Back
    2. Maybelle
    3. This Water
    4. Shrug
    5. The Radiator
    6. Shotgun
    7. Turn Me On

    LP 2
    1. Man In Mind
    2. Past The Past
    3. Georgia
    4. Triptych
    5. Firefly
    6. Encantada
    7. Don't Get Sad

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  • You Spin Me Round You Spin Me Round Quick View

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    You Spin Me Round

    A dancefloor-filling EP from 80s New Wave sensation Dead Or Alive featuring their timeless club classic "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" plus covers of Madonna, Prince and more - available on limited edition colored vinyl

    1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
    2. Even Better Than The Real Thing

    3. Pop Life
    4. Why's It So Hard
    5. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Radio Remix]
    Dead Or Alive
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  • You & Me You & Me Quick View

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    You & Me

    You And Me (featuring Jason Bonham on drums) marks the debut collaboration of Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley and is a powerful fusion of big rock and swampy blues, You And Me gets much of its inspiration from such masters as Peter Green, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker. Bonamassa delivers all the excitement and power of his electrifying live performances while mixing it up with dynamic music choices; from hard to soft, electric to acoustic, a music roller coaster - and just as fun!

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    1. High Water Everywhere
    2. Bridge To Better Days
    3. Asking Around For You
    4. So Many Roads

    5. I Don't Believe
    6. Tamp Em Up Solid
    7. Django
    8. Tea For One
    9. Palm Trees, Helicopters And Gasoline
    10. Your Funeral And My Trial
    11. Torn Down
    Joe Bonamassa
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  • You & Me You & Me Quick View

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    You & Me

    The music that inspired The Walkmen to compose You & Me follows in a tradition of song writing that goes back to early rock 'n' roll: the intimacy and energy of Elvis Presley's and Buddy Holly's early recordings, and the massive voice and orchestration of Roy Orbison. And it carries on through people like Bob Marley and Randy Newman and on to bands like The Pogues and The Modern Lovers - the sort of songs that are very much a product of their time and place while firmly rooted in tradition. The vocals were performed live right in the room with the full band, and sometimes a horn section too.

    With some romance and drama, You & Me harnesses a sense of classic live-band production into meticulously constructed, unique-sounding rock songs. The sound would definitely not be mistaken for old, but it would be impossible to ignore the most timeless influences. You & Me offers a distinctive twist to the Walkmen sound of their first three records. Each song shows focus, and an up-beat enthusiasm apparent in all lyrics, music, and performances. It is a long record, clocking in at just under an hour, and it presents a wide range of ideas. The pacing is very important, as the band felt it was essential to set the right tone, and show each song in its proper light.

    Writing and recording of You & Me happened over a vibrant and rigorous 2-year period, during which the members of The Walkmen were split between Philadelphia and New York. The band rode China Town busses five days a week to work in two small rehearsal spaces (an old nightclub in Chelsea, New York and a warehouse in Fish Town, Philadelphia) to freeze by the kerosene heater in the winter, and sweat it out in the summer. By the time of the records pressing there were over four hundred cast-off 8-track tapes littering both spaces.

    The album was recorded in two installments, the first at Sweet Tea studios in Oxford, Mississippi (where they had worked on Bows and Arrows) with engineer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Hold Steady, Sonic Youth) and in a couple of sessions in New York's Gigantic Studios (built by Phillip Glass) with engineer Chris Zane. You & Me is a solid and complex showcase of inspired songwriting. Romantic and celebratory, this is the sound of The Walkmen returning to classic form.

    1. Donde Esta la Playa
    2. Flamingos (for Colbert)
    3. On the Water
    4. In the New Year
    5. Seven Years of Holidays (for Stretch)
    6. Postcards from Tiny Islands
    7. Red Moon
    8. Canadian Girl
    9. Four Provinces
    10. Long Time Ahead of Us
    11. The Blue Route
    12. New Country
    13. I Lost You
    14. If Only it Were True
    The Walkmen
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  • You Got Me Walking You Got Me Walking Quick View

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    You Got Me Walking

    Side One

    1. You Got Me Walking
    2. What A Lovely Way
    3. You Left The Fire Burning
    4. My Way
    5. Try It Again

    Side Two

    1. Forever And A Day
    2. The Girl Turned Me On
    3. Hard To Get A Thing Called Love
    4. Love Is Funny That Way
    5. The Fountain

    Jackie Wilson
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  • You Haunt Me You Haunt Me Quick View

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    You Haunt Me

    Sir Sly is not a person but the sum of its parts. Landon Jacobs, Hayden Coplen, and
    Jason Suwito often refer to Sir Sly as an elusive, almost unattainable entity they strive to
    embody. This personification of the mysterious Sir Sly is what helps drive the nonstop
    creative process that keeps the trio constantly writing and recording music, tirelessly
    striving to create art that is inventive and honest.

    The Los Angeles based band write, record, produce, mix and master all of their music in
    their own recording studio, where they have developed their signature sound - a delicate
    balance of solemnly surging, yet indelibly catchy electronic indie rock.

    Before coming together as Sir Sly in the Fall of 2012, each member spent years
    perfecting their self-taught respective crafts, honing their skills in whatever ways they
    could. Lead singer Landon Jacobs began writing songs at age 13 in the bedroom of his
    southern California home, after learning to play guitar and piano. Drummer Hayden
    Coplen learned how to play by watching and imitating old videos of Buddy Rich and
    Gene Krupa. Keyboardist Jason Suwito built the band's studio himself, and self-taught
    the technical skills involved with recording engineering and music production.
    It's this refreshing self-sustaining approach to creating music that initially brought the
    three members together, and has kept them continually working to develop and maintain
    the spirit of Sir Sly

    1. Where I'm Going
    2. Ghost
    3. Gold
    4. You Haunt Me
    5. Found You Out
    6. Nowhere / Bloodlines pt. I
    7. Inferno ft. Lizzy Plapinger from MS MR
    8. Leave You
    9. Floods
    10. Too Far Gone
    11. Helpless / Bloodlines pt. II
    Sir Sly
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  • You Disgust Me You Disgust Me Quick View

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    You Disgust Me

    Gangrene are an American hip hop duo and record production duo, which consists of rapper/producers The Alchemist and Oh No. The Alchemist and Oh No, MCs and producers in their own right, weren't acquainted until they met at a show headlined by Dilated Peoples member and mutual friend, Evidence.
    The Filth (intro)
    Sheet Music ft. Havoc and Sean Price
    Flamethrowers Pt. 2
    The Man with the Horn
    Better Things
    Driving Gloves ft. Action Bronson
    Gluttony ft. Your Old Droog and Fashawn
    Noon Chuckas
    Just for Decorations ft Chuck Strangers and Evidence
    Hazardous Materials
    The Hidden Hand
    Hot Pillow (Bonus)
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  • Me You We You Me You We You Quick View

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    Me You We You

    For RocketNumberNine, capturing the spirit of the music is paramount and with their debut album, MeYouWeYou, the London-based Page brothers -- Tom (drums) and Ben (synths) -- invite you into their tribal Chingford roots, taking music forwards to reach where it came from.

    This is hard hitting, modern dance music played live without a single click track in sight. With a name taken from a song by space jazz crusader Sun Ra and musical influences from Detroit to London to Africa and beyond, RocketNumberNine, have spent the last eight years shaping, breaking and squeezing their sound into what it is today.

    1. Lope
    2. Rotunda
    3. Slide
    4. Steel Drummer
    5. Symposium
    6. Deadly Buzz
    7. Black and Blue
    8. Lone Raver
    9. Matthew and Toby
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  • You Can't Stop Me You Can't Stop Me Quick View

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    You Can't Stop Me

    Many of the greatest works of art throughout history were
    fashioned from grief, anger and overwhelming despair descending on its creators in the aftermath of tragedy and SUICIDE SILENCE's appropriately titled You Can't Stop Me is no exception. Plenty of bands trumpet the idea of strength through adversity, but few have lived it like this one.
    Like the once unthinkable creative and commercial reemergence of ALICE IN CHAINS or the classic, legendary and timeless touchstone that is AC/DC's Back in Black, Suicide Silence's fourth album features a new frontman on the heels of earthshaking tragedy. You Can't Stop Me serves as a simultaneous introduction to vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida, as well as a celebration of the brotherhood the band shared with Hermida's fallen predecessor. The group chose the album's title from a collection of lyrics left behind by the late Mitch Lucker, while their formidable revamped sound makes it clear that Suicide Silence's resurrection is complete. Ever since Suicide Silence went public with their plans to continue as a band, they've put all of the emotions from the last two years into these songs. "Inherit the Crown" name checks The Black Crown, as Hermida demands the chance to honor his friend's legacy and carve out a place of his own.

    Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza (guitars), Dan Kenny (bass) and Alex Lopez (drums) sound more driven than ever, force-feeding their mashup of death metal, black metal, grind and time-signature bending dissonance into structured, focused and often groove-oriented missives of anger and perseverance. Just as the surviving members of JOY DIVISION were able to remake themselves as NEW ORDER, and as a post-plane crash LYNYRD SKYNYRD was reborn with Johnny Van Zant stepping in for his late brother, You Can't Stop Me is equal parts mournful tribute and statement of renewed purpose.

    Death metal legend George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (CANNIBAL CORPSE) and Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, KILLER BE KILLED) make guest appearances, but make no mistake: Suicide Silence is as bonded, as cohesive, as ever. You Can't Stop Me was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, GLASSJAW, SEPULTURA), the band's longtime friend and collaborator. Evetts was set to begin working with Lucker on new material just days after the singer's passing.
    Most bands will declare their most recent album the "best" they've ever done. Suicide Silence have declared You Can't Stop Me as their most impassioned, most committed, and most important release thus far. It's a record they fought, bled, sweated and even cried to make happen.
    If a rising heavy metal band can overcome a tragedy this triumphantly, this definitively, this absolutely, then surely there's hope for us all.

    1. M.A.L.
    2. Inherit The Crown
    3. Cease To Exist
    4. Sacred Words
    5. Control (feat. George Corpsegrinder Fisher)
    6. Warrior
    7. You Can't Stop Me
    8. Monster Within (feat. Greg Puciato)
    9. We Have All Had Enough
    10. Ending Is The Beginning
    11. Don't Die
    12. Ouroboros
    Suicide Silence
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  • You Don't Know Me You Don't Know Me Quick View

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    You Don't Know Me

    1. If I Were A Bell
    2. Skylark

    3. Gee Baby Ain't It Good To Know You

    4. Miss Brown's Blues

    5. Smile

    6. Secret Love

    7. You Don't Know Me

    8. Almost Like Being In Love

    9. Willow Weep For Me

    Ruth Brown
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  • Rather You Than Me (On Sale) Rather You Than Me (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Rather You Than Me (On Sale)

    Building on months of widespread excitement and anticipation, four-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum rap icon and Maybach Music Group mastermind Rick Ross unleashes his ninth full-length album and first for Epic Records, Rather You Than Me.

    Rather You Than Me represents the apex of the rapper's catalog thus far. There are moments of soulful emotion on the likes of "Apple of My Eye" (feat. Raphael Saadiq) and pure rap fireworks during "Powers That Be" (feat. Nas) and "Dead Presidents" (feat. Future, Jeezy, & Yo Gotti). It holds quite a few surprises too including "Idols Become Rivals" (feat. Chris Rock) and the stunning "Maybach Music V" (feat. Dej Loaf).

    Now, Rather You Than Me marks the beginning of a new era for Rick Ross and rap music.

    "Untouchable" is the best way to describe Rick Ross's decade-plus run at the top of rap. Along the way, he achieved five Billboard Top 200 #1 debuts and three #2 debuts, received four Grammy Award® nominations, graced the cover of Rolling Stone twice, and made history more than once. His debut single "Hustlin'" became the "first mastertone ever certified RIAA platinum before the associated album had been released." He sold millions of singles and albums and cemented his status as one of rap's biggest and brashest voices. Moreover, he founded Maybach Music Group home to Meek Mill, Wale, and more. Signing to Epic Records in 2016, his "untouchable" streak continues with Rather You Than Me.

    1. Apple of My Eye (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
    2. Santorini Greece
    3. Idols Become Rivals (feat. Chris Rock)
    4. Trap Trap Trap (feat. Young Thug and Wale)
    5. Dead Presidents (feat. Future, Jeezy and Yo Gotti)
    6. She on My Dick (feat. Gucci Mane)
    7. I Think She Like Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
    8. Powers That Be (feat. Nas)
    9. Game Ain't Based On Sympathy
    10. Scientology
    11. Lamborghini Doors (feat. Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton)
    12. Triple Platinum (feat. Scrilla)
    13. Maybach Music V (feat. DeJ Loaf)
    14. Summer Seventeen (feat. Yo Gotti)
    Rick Ross
    $26.99 $18.89 Save $8.10 (30%)
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • All The Ways You Let Me Down All The Ways You Let Me Down Quick View

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    All The Ways You Let Me Down

    Candy Heart's highly anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed Violently Happy Records debut, The Best Ways To Disappear. All The Ways You
    Let Me Down was produced by Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory, A Day To Remember) and features the bands mix of catchy 90's influenced punk rock.
    1. I Miss You
    2. The Dreams Not Dead
    3. The One To Get Me Out
    4. All The Ways You Let Me Down
    5. Michigan
    6. Coffee With My Friends
    7. Fool's Gold
    8. Somethings Missing
    9. Brooklyn Bridge
    10. Playing With Fire
    11. Top Of Out Lungs
    Candy Hearts
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  • You And Me (Discontinued) (On Sale) You And Me (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $11.99 $8.39 Save $3.60 (30%)

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    You And Me (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    You & Me is Kevin Barker's debut album, released by Gnomonsong. Though it's his first solo release under his own name, Barker's no newcomer to the scene--he's spent the last few years recording, touring, and collaborating with Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Vashti Bunyan, Vetiver, Antony and the Johnsons, and Espers, to name just a few. Essentially acting as everyone's favorite sideman, Barker has influenced and helped create a sound with which this generation is happily familiar. During his college days, Barker became interested in the finger-style guitar playing of John Fahey and Bert Jansch and began to record under the name Currituck County. This solo project (sometime a duo with Vetiver / Espers drummer Otto Hauser) recorded albums for Teenbeat Records, Troubleman Unlimited, and the UK's Track and Field Organisation. Now Barker has assembled an unbelievable group of musicians for You & Me. Produced by Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Lilys, Gary Louris, Devendra Banhart), the album features Pat Sansone (Wilco), Joanna Newsom, Jonathan Wilson (Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis), Eric Johnson (Shins, Fruit Bats), and Otto Hauser (Vetiver, Espers). Full of sunny, rural country rock, You & Me recalls the rustic grooves of The Band and The Grateful Dead, the heady melancholy of Roy Harper, and the golden harmonies of CSNY.
    1. Little Picture of You
    2. You & Me
    3. Mountain & Bear
    4. Amber
    5. Walking Along
    6. My Lady
    7. I Will Fly
    8. Bless You on Your Way
    9. Tiny Tattered Tale (Bonus track)
    10. Ten Toes To Sister Sky (Bonus track)
    11. Jerry Jeff On The Radio (Bonus track)
    Kevin Barker
    $11.99 $8.39 Save $3.60 (30%)
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  • You Make Me Real (On Sale) You Make Me Real (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $21.99 $15.39 Save $6.60 (30%)

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    You Make Me Real (On Sale)

    Brandt Brauer Frick are three young musicians who have joined together for an exciting acoustic techno project. Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer, who as a duo named Scott, produce club music with a jazz attitude and Paul Frick, who has studied classical and modern composition with Friedrich Goldmann at Universitat der Kunste Berlin. After releasing EPs on Tartelet Records and their self-founded labels Doppelschall and The Gym, their debut album You Make Me Real on !K7 is the most intense manifestation of their unique chemistry so far.
    1. Teufelsleiter
    2. Bop
    3. Paparazzi
    4. Caffeine
    5. Mi Corazon
    6. Heart of Stone
    7. R.W. John
    8. You Make Me Real
    Brandt Bauer Frick
    $21.99 $15.39 Save $6.60 (30%)
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  • Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On Quick View

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    Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On


    Updated Artwork

    Fat Possum Records presents legendary Hi Records producer Willie Mitchell's instrumental jazz /funk / soul album - on vinyl for the first time since 1968.

    1. Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On
    2. Soul Finger
    3. Cleo's Mood
    4. Slippin' & Sliddin'
    5. Soul Serenade
    6. Willie's Mood
    7. Sunny
    8. Pearl Time
    9. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
    10. Respect
    11. Have You Ever Had The Blues
    12. Toddlin'
    Willie Mitchell
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  • You By Me: Volume 2 You By Me: Volume 2 Quick View

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    You By Me: Volume 2

    Back for another volume! this time toh kay has enlisted another tour buddy (legendary word-smith sycamore smith) to engage in mutual song coverage for the second installment of the you by me series. toh kay (also know as tomas kalnoky, front-man of streetlight manifesto) and sycamore smith (of upper peninsula fame) each reinterpret 3 of one another's tunes. The songs have been turned upside down, inside out, recorded and pressed onto cds, vinyl and zeroes and ones. This album will return peace to the middle east.
    1. Shantantitty Town
    2. The Man With The Skeleton Arms
    3. Hokum All Ye Faithful
    4. The Hands That Thieve
    5. Would You Be Impressed?
    6. A Better Place, A Better Time
    Toh Kay & Sycamore Smith
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  • Merry Widow / You Really Got Me Merry Widow / You Really Got Me Quick View

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    Merry Widow / You Really Got Me

    ''As a songwriter, she has unerring ear for crafting memorable hooks and deftly blurring genre lines, making her songs sound instantly familiar...but even as a smitten fan, I wasn't quite prepared for the joys of Bathtub Love Killings.'' - WBEZ

    ''In the final estimation, Bathtub Love Killings is Olivia Jean's show. She holds down acoustic and electric guitar duties as well as all the keyboards and vocals, putting her twinned signature stamp of seductress kitten/wronged lover on pretty much every number.'' - Blurt

    ''Her debut LP is dashed with bluesy licks, spooky organs, and girl-group harmonies.'' - ELLE

    ''Dark gritty vocals, fuzz guitars and mix of freak folk '60s psychedelia.'' - Hollywood Reporter

    Multi-instrumentalist Olivia Jean announces the release of Merry Widow, 7'' vinyl for album track ''Merry Widow'' and album B-Side cover ''You Really Got Me,'' through Third Man Records, in support of her critically acclaimed debut solo record, Bathtub Love Killings.

    Jean's ''You Really Got Me'' cover was recently hand selected as the featured song in the newly released YSL Mascara commercial, alongside model Cara Delevigne.

    A: Merry Widow
    B: You Really Got Me (exclusive non-album b-side)
    Olivia Jean
    7 Vinyl Single Buy Now
  • All I Ever See In You Is Me All I Ever See In You Is Me Quick View

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    All I Ever See In You Is Me

    Jillette Johnson is the rare artist who needs little sonic accompaniment to make an indelible impact. Produced by Dave Cobb (the Grammy Award-winner known for his work with Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson), Johnson's sophomore album All I Ever See in You Is Me offers up sparsely orchestrated songs centering on her spirited piano work and ever-changing vocal texture, an instrument that's irresistibly powerful whether she's belting out a refrain or whispering a hushed melody.

    Like only the most timeless songwriters, Johnson finds infinite depth within that simplicity. Recorded at RCA Studio A - the historic Nashville space where Dolly Parton laid down 'Jolene' and 'I Will Always Love You' in the same three-hour span - All I Ever See in You Is Me bears an unhurried pace and warm intimacy that echoes the purposeful looseness of its production. Drifting between hazy romanticism and resolute self-awareness, Johnson examines heartbreak and resilience with a willful and magnetic vulnerability.

    1. Bunny
    2. Love Is Blind
    3. Throw Out Your Mirror
    4. Holiday
    5. Flip A Coin
    6. In Repair
    7. Not Tonight
    8. Like You Raised Me
    9. I'm Sorry
    10. All I Ever See In You Is Me
    11. Thumbelina
    Jillette Johnson
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  • You Got Me Turned Around (Discontinued) (On Sale) You Got Me Turned Around (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    You Got Me Turned Around (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    This record continues Timmions travels across the vast catalogue of Detroits premium soul producer, Dave Hamilton. The first in the series was Little Anns Deep Shadows LP, and even though O.C. Tolbert left the world a more extensive catalogue of releases, this is the first time most of these tracks are available in vinyl form. This Lp includes the amazing You Got me Turned Around, Im Shooting High, All I want is you + many others!

    The only two tracks here, which were previously released on vinyl, Goodness and Message To Mankind, came out on Hamiltons New Day label. The moody demo-quality recording, See What He Can Do is released here for the first time

    1. I'm Shooting High (I Reach For The Sky)
    2. You Got Me Turned Around
    3. The Grown Folks Thing
    4. Everybody Wants To Do Their Thing
    5. Message To Mankind
    6. All I Want Is You
    7. Let Me Be Your Only Man
    8. Goodness
    9. Fix It
    10. See What You He Can Do
    O.C. Tolbert
    $18.99 $13.29 Save $5.70 (30%)
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  • Where Shall You Take Me (Deluxe Reissue) (Awaiting Repress) Where Shall You Take Me (Deluxe Reissue) (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Where Shall You Take Me (Deluxe Reissue) (Awaiting Repress)

    Back in print with new artwork, and an extra disc of music previously unreleased on vinyl

    Damien Jurado is the sort of songwriter who straddles rock's past and future, and with each
    record contributes a new chapter to a never-fruitful body ofwork. Before we move onto the next
    chapter, we look back at his first album with Secretly Canadian. An instant classic when released
    in 2003, Where Shall You Take Me? was his fifth full-length, and is a beautiful collection of ten
    Raymond Carver-esque vignettes terror and bliss in Middle America. Arriving two decades after
    Springsteen's Nebraska,Jurado put the darker, more complicated side of the heartland back on
    the map with his tales of young love (some requited; some not), innocent fun and bloodshed.
    Mostly acoustic with very sparse band arrangements - with the notable exception being the old
    live favorite Texas to Ohio, which sounds like a Scarecrow-era Mellencamp hit - Jurado
    displayed the songwriting talent that turns back the hands of time to a place in which his tunes
    sound like they've been floating around, passed down from generation to generation.

    Celebrating the 10th anniversary of this fine release comes a deluxe 2xLP vinyl reissue,
    incorporating unreleased basement reel demos, and the Just In Time For Something EP (never
    before released on vinyl).

    1. Amateur Night
    2. Omaha
    3. Abilene
    4. Texas To Ohio
    5. Window
    6. I Can't Get Over You
    7. Intoxicated Hands
    8. Tether
    9. Matinee
    10. Bad Dreams
    11. Abilene (demo)
    12. I Can't Get Over You (demo)
    13. The Killer (demo)
    14. Amateur Night (demo)
    15. Omaha (demo)
    16. Smith 1972 (Just In Time For Something EP)
    17. Motion Sickness (Just In Time For
    Something EP)
    18. Night Out For The Downer (Just In
    Time For Something EP)
    19. Prices (Just In Time For Something
    20. Engine Fire (Just In Time For
    Something EP)
    Damien Jurado
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  • I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me (Awaiting Repress) I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me (Awaiting Repress)

    1. I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)
    2. There Was a Time
    3. Get It Together, Pt. 1
    4. Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
    5. Time After Time
    6. The Soul of J.B. [instrumental]
    7. I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)
    8. Get It Together, Pt. 2
    9. Why Did You Take Your Love Away from Me
    10. Need Your Love So Bad
    11. You've Got to Change Your Mind
    12. Funky Soul #1
    James Brown
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
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