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  • Wire (On Sale) Wire (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Wire (On Sale)

    Their 13th studio album - simply titled Wire, - comprises material that was written with the album in mind, but toured extensively first, as well as songs that Newman introduced to the group in the studio just prior to recording. The idea was to get the most spontaneous reaction possible from the musicians, and far from the rough and ready results one might expect from such a tack, Wire is full of swooning pop melo-dies with a 60s tinge and an irresistible, near motorik rhythmic momentum. One can recognise certain me-lodic inflections, guitar and bass motifs, and drum rhythms from Wire's idiosyncratic vocabulary but it has a remarkable freshness. The basic tracks were recorded at Rockfield Studios with overdubs added at Brighton Electric. The 11 tracks selected for release were the ones that came together most naturally. From the outset Wire was an alliance between four very different characters and continues today with the addition, in 2012, of It Hugs Back guitarist Matthew Simms, who is around thirty years younger than the other group members. "With Matt there was a really new dynamic that had appeared in the group's sound and that was something we wanted to capture, utilise and be creative with," says Lewis. Wire is the first album where Simms has been involved in formulating the material from the ground up, but when the group's particular chemistry starts working he is now very much part of the process.
    1. Blogging
    2. Shifting
    3. Burning Bridges
    4. In Manchester
    5. High
    6. Sleep-walking
    7. Joust & Jostle
    8. Swallow
    9. Split Your Ends
    10. Octopus
    11. Harpooned
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  • Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980 Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980 Quick View

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    Document & Eyewitness 1979-1980

    For those unfamiliar with Document and Eyewitness, it really doesn't do it justice to describe it simply as a collection of live recordings from three turn-of-the-80s Wire gigs. What makes it more than that is the unorthodox nature of the main performance and the way it was presented on record. The centrepiece of the original vinyl release was a recording of the final gig of Wire's 70s phase. Wire's set was composed of largely new (and often under-rehearsed) work,accompanied by a series of artistic actions and interventions.

    The evening was memorable for the unusually hostile reaction from sections of the audience, which has perhaps elevated it beyond a simple passing moment. If the crowd was expecting a standard gig, the level of outrage, expressed in vociferous abuse suggested that the band's intentions were lost on those in attendance, who were instead confounded by the apparent artistic pretensions on display. The approach was to couple selected live tracks with a spoken commentary on the proceedings by long-term Wire fans Adrian Garston and Russell Mills. Hence the title, Document and Eyewitness. For the album, the Electric Ballroom material was supplemented with recordings from a July 1979 show at the Notre Dame Hall (a straightforward band performance), along with one track from a 1979 gig in Montreux.

    1. 5/10 (Electric Ballroom Version)
    2. 12XU (Fragment) (Electric Ballroom Version)
    3. Underwater Experiences (Electric Ballroom Version)
    4. Everything's Going to Be Nice (Electric Ballroom Version)
    5. Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Fucking Guitars) (Electric Ballroom Version)
    6. We Meet Under Tables (Electric Ballroom Version)
    7. ZEGK HOQP (Electric Ballroom Version)
    8. Eastern Standard (Electric Ballroom Version)
    9. Instrumental (Thrown Bottle) (Electric Ballroom Version)
    10. Eels Sang Lino (Electric Ballroom Version)
    11. Revealing Trade Secrets (Electric Ballroom Version)
    12. And Then.. Coda (Electric Ballroom Version)
    13. Go Ahead (Notre Dame Version)
    14. Ally in Exile (Notre Dame Version)
    15. Relationship (Notre Dame Version)
    16. Underwater Experiences (Notre Dame Version)
    17. Witness to the Fact (Notre Dame Version)
    18. Two People in a Room (Notre Dame Version)
    19. Our Swimmer (Notre Dame Version)
    20. Heartbeat (Montreux Version)
    21. Our Swimmer (Single Version)
    22. Midnight Bahnhof CafÉ (Single Version)
    23. Second Length (Our Swimmr)
    24. Catapault 30
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  • Feast Of Wire Feast Of Wire Quick View

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    Feast Of Wire

    Here with Feast of Wire, Calexico provides drama, atmosphere, tension and tenderness in this 15 track extravaganza. Their music is an intoxicating evocation of the mythology of the American Southwest. Seductive, stirring songs about crushed hope and the corruption of beauty melted together with some of their most ambitious arrangements to date.
    Sunken Waltz
    Quattro (World Drifts In)
    Black Heart
    Not Even Stevie Nicks
    Close Behind
    Woven Birds
    The Book And The Canal
    Attack El Robot! Attack!
    Across The Wire
    Dub Latina
    Gnero Canelo
    Whipping The Horse's Eyes
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  • Change Becomes Us Change Becomes Us Quick View

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    Change Becomes Us

    Only Wire would attempt to make their fourth album after their tenth. At the beginning of their career, between 1977 and 1979, the great British art punk quartet released three perfect albums, Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and 154, each wildly different from the other. Then they splintered, though a bunch of post-154 songs-in-process came to light later, in the dodgy live recordings that made up the bizarre, messy Document and Eyewitness (1981) and 1996's Turns and Strokes.

    Since they first reunited in 1985, Wire has had an exceptionally weird relationship to its own past. During their commercial peak in the latter half of the 80s, they refused to play anything from the pre-breakup era, and for the first few years of their current incarnation, they mostly acted as if they'd jumped straight from Pink Flag to the year 2000. At the beginning of this decade, they started looking back in earnest-- not in a hey, kids, we wrote 12 x U, remember? way, but in a cleaning up loose ends way. 2011's Strays EP contained four pieces that had been kicking around their live repertoire for a long time but had never been recorded to their satisfaction before; the Black Session album that came out last year actually included a few relatively faithful versions of old songs.

    And now they've gone back to the material they'd have recorded for the album that never happened after 154. The 13 titles on Change Becomes Us are new, but the songs themselves aren't; they're all more or less newly rewritten versions of the Document and Eyewitness/Turns and Strokes repertoire. It's not the first time they've reckoned with some of those sketches, either. B/W Silence and Time Lock Fog are respectively adapted from Lorries and 5/10, which singer/guitarist Colin Newman previously reworked on his 1982 solo album Not To. Doubles & Trebles is a new version of Ally in Exile, which Wire mutated first into Art of Persistence on 2000's The Third Day and then into I Don't Understand on 2002's Read & Burn 01; positioned as the new album's opener, its arrangement and lyric (about a solitary agent in enemy territory) explicitly allude to the way Reuters introduces Pink Flag.

    The Wire of 1980, and the band's members on the solo records that immediately followed the split, were radicals who were trying to pry open the pop-recording form and avoid repeating themselves. The Wire of 2013 have settled on a sweet-and-prickly sound that suits them, and sonically Change Becomes Us is of a piece with Red Barked Tree and Object 47, the other studio albums they've recorded since the 2004 departure of guitarist/texturalist Bruce Gilbert. (These days, his spot is filled by Matt Simms, who's 30 years younger than the rest of the band.)

    Considered as a set of songs, though, it's fantastic-- a clear look at the twisty, glittering material that had previously only been a few sparkles of possibility shining through the muck of those difficult live albums. The band who wrote these songs were a couple of years away from becoming hardcore punk icons-- there are hints of that when drummer Robert Grey breaks into a high-speed two-step on Adore Your Island and Stealth of a Stork. And they were so deeply invested in non-obviousness that their lyrics sometimes read like cryptic crossword clues: the hook of Eels Sang Lino-- recast here as Eels Sang-- is an anagram for in Los Angeles.

    But the Wire of 1979 and 1980 were also developing their enduring fascination with unlikely kinds of beauty, and their 21st century incarnation has built some of their most fetching songs from some of the most ragged and jagged ideas to come from their younger selves. (Re-Invent Your Second Wheel, sung by bassist Graham Lewis, is a languorous waltz whose DNA has traces of the in-your-face Document and Eyewitness experiment Zegk Hoqp.) History and transformation are, understandably, recurring themes in the new lyrics on Change Becomes Us, and it's a treat to have this missing link in the Wire story repaired, even if it's as much an anomaly in the present moment as Document and Eyewitness was in its time.

    - Douglas Wolk (Pitchfork)

    1. Doubles & Trebles
    2. Keep Exhaling
    3. Adore Your Island
    4. Re-Invent Your Second Wheel
    5. Stealth Of A Stork
    6. B/W Silence
    7. Time Lock Fog
    8. Magic Bullet
    9. Eels Sang
    10. Love Bends
    11. As We Go
    12. & Much Besides
    13, Attractive Space
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  • Wired Wired Quick View

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    Now on 45 RPM LP, mastered at Sterling Sound by Ryan Smith from the analog tapes

    Plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings

    Deluxe tip-on gatefold jackets by Stoughton Printing

    Recorded in 1976 with the legendary George Martin as producer (The Beatles), both reprise their magic from Beck's Blow By Blow with an awesome array of jazz-rock-funk fusion, which is often sited as one of this genres finest recordings.

    This time for the eight incredible tracks, Jeff brings back the great Max Middleton on keys and Richard Bailey on drums, as well as new additions and future mainstay keyboardist Jan Hammer and the power drums of Michael Narada Walden, plus bassist Wilbur Bascomb.

    1. Led Boots
    2. Come Dancing
    3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
    4. Head For Backstage Pass
    5. Blue Wind
    6. Sophie
    7. Play With Me
    8. Love Is Green
    Jeff Beck
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45 RPM - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Is And Always Was Is And Always Was Quick View

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    Is And Always Was

    The underground appeal of Daniel Johnston is once again on the rise in the 21st Century. In the 1980s his music and personality gained acknowledgment among a wide range of fans including folk enthusiasts, punks, hippies, religious fanatics, and anyone with alternative leniencies for his confounding ability to capture attention with seemingly little talent. While most of the aforementioned groups have seen their end, Daniel has displayed no interest in quitting anytime soon.

    Now he has teamed with acclaimed musician and producer Jason Falkner for the release of Is And Always Was. Daniel Johnston's past few efforts have seen a shift away from the haunting lo-fi recordings that define him and a step forward into the studio. Everyone needs to take their demos and go back to the studio, he says, and this new album promises to be a valiant display of solid melody and production arrangements with the help of Jason Falkner, who is known for his solo work and contributions to Beck, Air, Travis, and Paul McCartney. Together they have concentrated their talent and pop sensibilities for the creation of an album that contains the melodic dimensions and fundamental display of rock n roll music that no other Daniel Johnston album has to date.

    1. Mind Movies
    2. Fake Records Of Rock And Roll
    3. Queenie The Doggie
    4. High Horse
    5. Without You
    6. I Had Lost My Mind
    7. Freedom
    8. Tears
    9. Is And Always Was
    10. Lost In My Infinite Memory
    11. Light Of Day
    Daniel Johnston
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  • Real Live Wires Real Live Wires Quick View

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    Real Live Wires

    • 140 Gram Vinyl

    • 1000 Only Limited Edition

    This great live set captures Talking Heads at The Park West, in Chicago, in 1978. After playing a selection of showcases in Europe at the start of the year - and taking time-out to record their second album in the Bahamas - the group were amidst a tour criss-crossing the USA from New York to Los Angeles.

    LP 1
    1. The Big Country (Live)
    2. Warning Sign (Live)
    3. The Book I Read (Live)
    4. Stay Hungry (Live)
    5. Artists Only (Live)
    6. The Girls Want to Be with the Girls (Live)
    7. Don't Worry About the Government (Live)

    LP 2
    1. The Good Thing (Live)
    2. Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town (Live)
    3. Love-Building on Fire (Live)
    4. New Feeling (Live)
    5. Psycho Killer (Live)
    6. Thank You for Sending Me an Angel (Live)
    7. Take Me to the River (Live)

    Talking Heads
    140 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Ortofon MC Cadenza Bronze Cartridge (Moving Coil) Ortofon MC Cadenza Bronze Cartridge (Moving Coil) Quick View


    Ortofon MC Cadenza Bronze Cartridge (Moving Coil)

    Hi-Fi Ortofon

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Cadenza Bronze is a true high-end reference cartridge, conveying music with supreme precision, impact and dynamics. Its stereo imaging capabilities illuminate the farthest corners of the soundstage in all three dimensions.

    Nude Ortofon Replicant 100 Diamond

    The Cadenza Bronze model is using a Replicant 100 stylus and a conical aluminium cantilever. The coil wire is the famous Ortofon Aucurum wire, which is a gold plated 6NX copper wire. Per Windfeld's Field Stabilizing Element FSE, is used for optimal linearity especially during complex crescendo passages.

    Ortofon Cartridges
    Moving Coil Cartridge
  • Endless Wire Endless Wire Quick View

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    Endless Wire

    180 Gram Vinyl, Remastered In 24/96 Format

    Includes The Original Artwork

    Endless Wire is the eleventh studio album by English rock band the Who released on 30 October 2006 in the UK through Polydor Records and the following day in the US by Universal Republic. It was their first new album of original material in 24 years following the release of It's Hard in 1982. The album was originally to be released in early 2005 under the working title WHO2.

    1. Fragments
    2. A Man In A Purple Dress
    3. Mike Post Theme
    4. In The Ether
    5. Black Widow's Eyes
    6. Two Thousand Years
    7. God Speaks, of Marty Robbins
    8. It's Not Enough
    9. You Stand By Me

    1. Sound Round
    2. Pick Up the Peace
    3. Unholy Trinity
    4. Trilby's Piano
    5. Endless Wire
    6. Fragments Of Fragments
    7. We Got A Hit
    8. They Make My Dream Come True
    9. Mirror Door
    10. Tea & Theatre
    11. We Got A Hit (extended version)
    12. Endless Wire (extended version)

    The Who
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Wired Wired Quick View

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    'Wired' is Jeff Beck's 1976 solo album. It was this album that started a fruitful collaboration with former Mahavishnu Orchestra keyboardist Jan Hammer whom Beck toured with shortly thereafter. Beck and Hammer interplay extensively between each other by making his synthesizer sound almost identical to a guitar. The result was a more synthesized sound, hence its title, 'Wired'. Some tracks include members of the 'Blow by Blow' lineup. These tracks were recorded during the 'Blow by Blow' sessions but were left off that album and carried over to 'Wired. One of the most highly praised tracks is Beck's interpretation of the Charles Mingus classic 'Goodbye Pork Pie Hat'.

    1. Led Boots
    2. Come Dancing
    3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

    4. Head For Backstage Pass
    5. Blue Wind
    6. Sophie

    7. Play With Me
    8. Love is Green
    Jeff Beck
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Wired Wired Quick View

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    As another installment in Jeff Beck's 180 Gram Audiophile Master series, Friday Music announces the exclusive release of the guitar great's Wired. Recorded in 1976 with the legendary George Martin as producer (The Beatles), both reprise their magic from BeckÆs Blow By Blow on a stunning set of jazz-rock-funk fusion that is often sited as one of the finest of the genre. Beck once again brings back the great Max Middleton on keys and Richard Bailey on drums, as well as new additions and future mainstay keyboardist Jan Hammer and the power drums of Michael Narada Walden, plus bassist Wilbur Bascomb on a collection of eight incredible tracks. With legendary cuts like Charles MingusÆs Goodbye Pork Pie Hat and Jan HammerÆs Blue Wind, Wired soon became a radio and retail staple which has truly endured and stood the test of time. Rightfully so, this album continues to inspire and influence a whole new generation of guitar players and music lovers worldwide. Mastered from the original Epic Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and with Kevin Gray at AcousTech, and pressed at RTI with Sony Music.

    1. Led Boots
    2. Come Dancing
    3. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
    4. Head For Backstage Pass
    5. Blue Wind
    6. Sophie
    7. Play With Me
    8. Love Is Green
    Jeff Beck
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • Fly By Wire Fly By Wire Quick View

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    Fly By Wire

    • 180-Gram Coke Bottle Clear LP In Gatefold Jacket

    • Includes 11x17" Foldout Collage Poster

    • Mixed By Sonny DiPerri (Portugal The Man, STRFKR)

    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin returned to the attic where they made their debut full-length Broom. Phil Dickey, Will Knauer, and Jonathan James spent up to twelve hours a day working on the songs that would become Fly By Wire.

    With James assuming the role of engineer, Dickey and Knauer wrote lyrics and guitar parts on a third floor windowsill and recorded vocals in the staircase. This laid-back approach to recording is clearly evident in the album's warm, welcoming sound.

    1. Harrison Ford
    2. Young Presidents
    3. Cover All Sides
    4. Lucky Young
    5. Ms. Dot
    6. Loretta
    7. Unearth
    8. Bright Leaves
    9. Nightwater Girlfriend
    10. Fly By Wire
    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • From Wires From Wires Quick View

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    From Wires

    Sweden's Twopointeight bring back their melodic punk rock through I Scream Records. Since forming in 2003, the band put out two albums prior to From Wires and toured the globe alongside acts like Bad Religion, Millencolin, Street Dogs, The Gaslight Anthem and Flogging Molly.
    1. Dusting For Prints
    2. Martha St.
    3. Speed Of Love
    4. Got Love
    5. An Open Window
    6. This Is Where We Part
    7. Straight To Video
    8. Summer In The Burbs
    9. The World Keeps Turning
    10. The Grid
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Shapes: Wires Shapes: Wires Quick View

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    Shapes: Wires

    Shapes: Wires is the latest in Tru Thoughts' series of essential label compilations put together by A&R and co-owner Robert Luis. Encompassing the best of the Brighton based label's eclectic and international current roster, as well as some classic cuts and an exclusive track for good measure.
    1. Jonny Faith - Zheng
    2. Alice Russell - Breakdown feat. Darondo
    3. J-Felix - 101 Reasons
    4. Quantic - Muevelo Negro feat. Nidia Gongora
    5. Hidden Orchestra - Seven Hunters (Dam Mantle Remix)
    6. Werkha - Sidesteppin' feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto
    7. The Seshen - Oblivion
    8. Zed Bias presents Yannah Valdevit - Pick Flowers
    9. Quantic - You Will Return feat. Alice Russell
    10. Mark de Clive-Lowe - Emergency feat. nia andrews
    11. Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 - Medicine Chest Dub
    12. Lost Midas - Head Games feat. Audris
    13. Belleruche - Wasted Time (Ross PTH Remix)
    14. Harleighblu - Sittin' By The Window (The Last Skeptik Remix)
    15. Anchorsong - Gingko
    16. Titeknots - So Natural
    17. The Seshen - 2000 Seasons
    18. Maddslinky - Further Away (El-B Remix)
    19. Magic Drum Orchestra - Ragga Samba
    20. Ghost Writerz - Back It Up feat. G.O.L.D. & Shiffa Dan
    21. Hidden Orchestra - Flight (Mungo's Hi-Fi Remix)
    22. Si Tew - Crocodile 03:47
    23. London Posse - Future No.1
    24. Dizz1 - Real Bad Gyal feat. Warrior Queen
    25. Ty - Knock Knock (Lil' Dave Remix)
    26. Peshay - Kickin' It With The Piano Trio
    27. Don Pascal - Tumbao
    28. Harleighblu - I Believe (Peshay Remix)
    29. Hot 8 Brass Band - Bingo Bango
    30. Youngblood Brass Band - E La E
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Live Wire/ Blues Power Live Wire/ Blues Power Quick View

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    Live Wire/ Blues Power

    Watermelon Man
    Blues Power
    Night Stomp
    Blues At Sunrise
    Please Love Me
    Look Out
    Albert King
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  • Yip Jump Music Yip Jump Music Quick View

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    Yip Jump Music

    Free Full Album Download Card Included!
    1. Chord Organ Blues
    2. The Beatles
    3. Sorry Entertainer
    4. Speeding Motorcycle
    5. Casper The Friendly Ghost
    6. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
    7. Danny Don't Rapp
    8. Sweetheart
    9. King Kong
    10. The Creature/ 3rd Chair
    11. I Love For Love
    12. Almost Got Hit By A Truck
    13. Worried Shoes
    14. Dead Lover's Twisted Heart
    15. Rocket Ship
    16. God
    17. Love Defined
    18. Museum of Love
    19. Rarely
    20. I Remember Painfully
    Daniel Johnston
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • 1990- Artistic Vice 1990- Artistic Vice Quick View

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    1990- Artistic Vice

    This vinyl reissue from Universal Records features two of Daniel Johnston's one of a kind releases in one Double Gatefold package. Daniel Johnston has spent the last 20 or so years exposing his heartrending tales of unrequited love, cosmic mishaps, and existential torment to an ever-growing international cult audience. Initiates, including a healthy number of discerning musicians and critics, have hailed him as an American original in the style of bluesman Robert Johnson and country legend Hank Williams.

    When several albums of Daniel's homemade recordings appeared in the late '80s, it created a significant buzz in music circles. Studio owner Mark Kramer was quickly on the scene, bringing Daniel to his own Shimmy-Disc label for his fine album 1990. 1990 is a collection of extremely polished and staggeringly honest odes to love, comic book heroes and music. Steve Shelley and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth accompany Johnston on Spirit World Rising, but most of the set finds Daniel alone at the piano or guitar. His version of Lennon and McCartney's Got To Get You Into My Life has never been covered with this degree of conviction, streamlined down to its essential rhythmic core.

    Artistic Vice was the first album on which Daniel Johnston fronted a band. The record is a testament to Daniel's own innate musicality that the songs lend themselves so perfectly to the casual accompaniment heard here. They can shift easily from quiet country balladry to punkish rave ups. As always, his songs are direct, honest, hookladen and imminently coverable.

    1990 - Side 1

    1. Devil Town
    2. Spirit World Rising
    3. Held The Hand
    4. Lord Give Me Hope
    5. Some Things Last A Long Time
    6. Tears Stupid Tears
    7. Dont Play Cards With Satan
    8. True Love Will Find You In The End
    9. Got To Get You Into My Life
    10. Careless Soul
    11. Funeral Home
    12. Softly And Tenderly

    Artistic Vice - Side 2

    1. My Life Is Starting Over
    2. Honey I Sure Miss You
    3. I Feel So High
    4. A Ghostly Story
    5. Tell Me Now
    6. Easy Listening
    7. I Know Casper
    8. The Startling Facts
    9. Hoping
    10. Its Got To Be Good
    11. Happy Soul
    12. The Dream Is Over
    13. Love Of My Life
    14. I Killed The Monster
    15. Laurie
    16. Fate Will Get Done

    Daniel Johnston
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Light Science Light Science Quick View

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    Light Science

    For nearly thirteen years Christopher Tignor lived in the 3-story commercial space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where he conceived and practiced with his band Slow Six. In 2008, thanks to a tipped off fire marshal, a move was inevitable, and the walls had to come down. Drastic measures would be necessary in order to keep making music on his own terms, living completely immersed in his studio and practice space. Step one was relocating to the Mott Haven neighborhood of The Bronx. Far removed from an overwhelming hipster scene he had never connected with, he found himself surrounded by the working-class grit and intensity typically associated with The South Bronx. The new musical landscape Wires Under Tension creates uncannily echoes this transition.

    Charged with the desolation of a Mad Max dystopia, the songs on Wires Under Tension's debut Light Science form a narrative in motion from lightness to darkness. The band's name reflects the duo's ongoing struggle to balance this tension as they wrestle with an unpredictable and unforgiving machine of their own making. Wordless voices of the horns and violin feel like lightning riding a stormy sea of drums and drones. That lightning illuminates the duo's muscular rhythms, formidable dynamic, and unique musicianship. As they beckon us into their storm, they seem to effortlessly sidestep the cliches found in much of today's instrumental music, delivering exciting and mysterious gems from their unique netherworld.

    1. Electricity Turns Them On

    2. Irreversible Machines

    3. A List Of Things To Light On Fire

    4. Wood, Metal, Bone

    5. Position And Hold

    6. Mnemonics In Motion

    7. ????

    Wires Under Tension
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  • Replicant Replicant Quick View

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    With a battery of custom built software instruments, samples, and 7 live lopers, Christopher Tignor and master percussionist Theo Metz saturate our senses with new colors reflecting the urgent vitality of their South Bronx neighborhood. At times the two seem to lock talons like eagles in a death spiral, as Metz's brutal percussive athleticism keeps pace with Tignor's machines in an aural game of chicken.
    1. Like Waves We Will Keep Coming On

    2. Shoot Between Heartbeats

    3. Coded Lanuage For

    4. Landscape Architechture

    5. Replicant

    6. Crystal Beaches

    7. The Light Behind Your Light Is Changing

    Wires Under Tension
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  • 8VS Speaker Cables MULTIPLE OPTIONS AVAILABLE 8VS Speaker Cables Quick View

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    8VS Speaker Cables

    Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Consisting of eight gray and eight black conductors, arranged in a large format braid. The conductors feature VariStrand conductor geometry and are drawn from Ultra-pure copper. The aggregate wire size is two 9 awg conductors. The smooth power and authority of 8VS make it a great match for full range speakers, subwoofers and the low frequency section of the bi-wired loudspeakers.

    Kimber Kable
    8VS Speaker Cables - Multiple Options Available
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  • 8PR Speaker Cables MULTIPLE OPTIONS AVAILABLE 8PR Speaker Cables Quick View

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    8PR Speaker Cables

    Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    The construction consists of eight brown and eight black conductors, arranged in a large format braid. Individual conductors are high-purity copper. The aggregate wire size is two 10 awg conductors. 8PR provides a sound that is full bodied and powerful, making it ideal for subwoofers and the low frequency section of bi-wired speakers as well as full range applications.

    Kimber Kable
    8PR Loudspeaker Cables - Multiple Options Available
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  • JMW-10 Tonearm JMW-10 Tonearm Quick View

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    JMW-10 Tonearm

    Pivot to spindle distance: 258mm

    Effective length: 273.42mm

    Effective mass: 11g

    Overhang: 15.42mm

    Offset angle: 19.98 degrees

    Average RMS distortion: .311%

    Armtube critically damped internally with 1.7 pound foam.

    Premium Discovery wire used internally and in junction box, optional Nordost Reference wire.

    High quality RCA outputs standard XLR available as an option.

    Unipivot design with zero friction and zero bearing chatter.

    Dropped counterweight for tracking force and azimuth adjustment and low center of gravity.

    Height adjustable base for precise setting of VTA/SRA

    Solid construction of the base assembly guarantees solid bass performance.

    Adjustable anti-skate settings if needed.

    VPI Accessories
    Tonearm Buy Now
  • Extension Cable Extension Cable Quick View

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    Extension Cable

    Grado offers a 15 foot (450cm) extension cable terminated with a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) plug and a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) jack. This cable is constructed from the same high quality wire as their headphone cable. For longer lengths the cable may be piggybacked up to 3 cables. Grado guarantees no degradation of sonic quality with Grado headphones while using their extension cable.
    Grado Headphones
    Cables Buy Now
  • Lemurian Lemurian Quick View

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    First Time On Vinyl

    Lone's classic debut album 'Lemurian' gets the deluxe re-issue treatment courtesy of Magic Wire and R&S. Originally released in 2008. It returns in 2015 re-mastered by Matt Colton, with new artwork from Konx-om-Pax and on vinyl for the very first time.

    1. Koran Angel
    2. Cali Drought
    3. Interview At Honolulu
    4. Banyan Drive
    5. Green Sea Pageant
    6. Girl
    7. Orange Tree
    8. Maya Codex
    9. Atoll Mirrored
    10. Sea Spray
    11. Under Two Palms
    12. Lens Flare Lagoon
    13. Borea
    14. Buried Coral Banks
    15. Phthalo Blue
    16. Sunken
    17. Minor Suns
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