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Two Gallants

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  • What The Toll Tells What The Toll Tells Quick View

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    What The Toll Tells

    On their second full-length, Two Gallants weave urgent back-alley storytelling with no-frills instrumentation that alternately boils with visceral fervor and mourns with plaintive restraint. The youthful duo play a strain of rock that falls somewhere between folk, punk, and old-time blues and the resulting sound is much more than the sum of its parts. Two Gallants draw on Old West images and themes of revenge, redemption, and shifty morality to create wide-swinging moods trafficking in brash ferocity, repentant regret, and freewheelin' Americana.
    1. Las Cruces Jail
    2. Steady Rollin'
    3. Some Slender Rest
    4. Long Summer Day
    5. Prodigal Sun, The
    6. Threnody
    7. 16th St. Dozens
    8. Age of Assassins
    9. Waves of Grain
    10. Big Lucille
    11. Negrophilia Blues
    Two Gallants
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  • Two Gallants Two Gallants Quick View

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    Two Gallants

    Childhood friends since age five, Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel have sustained longevity that few people, let alone band members, can claim. Merging intelligent lyrics that often integrate historical references and human experiences beyond their own familiarity, they captivate listeners with their unique breed of folk, punk, and blues. Adam's raw melodies and razor sharp vocals deliver haunting, dirgy poetics amidst Tyson's synergistic drumming style and striking harmonies, further defining Two Gallants' sound.
    1. The Deader
    2. Miss Meri
    3. The Hand That Held Me Down
    4. Trembling of the Rose
    5. Reflections of the Marionette
    6. Ribbons 'Round My Tongue
    7. Despite What You've Been Told
    8. Fly Low Carrion Crow
    9. My Baby's Gone
    Two Gallants
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  • The Devotionals The Devotionals Quick View

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    The Devotionals

    Limited Edition Vinyl LP

    The Devotionals is Tyson Vogel from Two Gallants' solo project. Two Gallants' debut album The Throes was released in 2004 on Alive Naturalsound while the two Saddle Creek albums What The Toll Tells (2006) and Two Gallants (2007) followed. The Devotionals music is based around Tyson's guitar compositions, with Anton Patzner (Judgment Day, Bright Eyes) invigorating the musical space with his violin mastery, and they are joined by various guests and collaborators. The result is a unique combination of simplicity and raw emotion that will delight new and old fans of Two Gallants, a kind of street music with nods to Rachmaninov and John Fahey. Recorded entirely in analog.

    1. Toil and Joy
    2. Misericordia
    3. Morning Due
    4. Toil Pt.2
    5. Chest Like Expansive Wings
    6. Your Confused Beauty Upon My Cheek (Your Inhale Among My Unwashed Hair)
    7. Swell to The Invitations of The Sky (Intro)
    8. Swell to The Invitations of The Sky
    9. Heart: The Inevitable Music Box
    10. Buildings of Heart
    The Devotionals
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  • The Scenery of Farewell The Scenery of Farewell Quick View

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    The Scenery of Farewell

    Known for their aggressive, electric live shows, Two Gallants have fostered a dual musical personality by occasionally recording and playing songs with a more stripped down sound. Since the band's extensive touring schedule left little time for proper rehearsals, some of these songs always meant for an album evolved in such places as sound checks and radio show appearances, where it was more conducive for them to be performed. This collection of acoustic-based songs will be followed by a full-length in September 2007.
    1. Seems Like Home to Me
    2. Lady
    3. Up the Country
    4. All Your Faithless Loyalties
    5. Linger On
    Two Gallants
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  • We Are Undone We Are Undone Quick View

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    We Are Undone

    The San Francisco based guitar-drum duo Two Gallants are set to release their 5th studio album, We Are Undone, on ATO Records. While singer and guitarist Adam Stephens and drummer Tyson Vogel have stayed true to the two-person format since their acclaimed 2004 debut, The Throes, their sound has evolved considerably over the intervening years. Following 2012's The Bloom and the Blight, We Are Undone is the band's second release on ATO. Thematically, the album ranges from songs that attempt to make sense of the dramatically shifting social landscape of their home town, to the illusion of authenticity, impending environmental collapse, and romantic estrangement. Sonically, the thrash blues of songs such as "We Are Undone" and "Some Trouble" is balanced by the austerity of ballads such as "My Man Go" and "There's So Much I Don't Know."
    1. We Are Undone
    2. Incidental
    3. Fools Like Us
    4. Invitation To The Funeral
    5. My Man Go
    6. Katy Kruelly

    7. Heartbreakdown
    8. Murder The Season / The Age Nocturne
    9. There's So Much I Don't Know
    Two Gallants
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  • The Bloom And The Blight The Bloom And The Blight Quick View

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    The Bloom And The Blight

    Two Gallants, the San Francisco folk-punk duo prone to accidents and police raids, spent roughly four years on hiatus before making this album. You might suspect their primary motivation was staying in one piece and out of the slammer. But the time apart also had an unintended, quite positive consequence: It gave childhood friends Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel time to recharge their batteries and come back with their most cohesive set of music yet. Now signed to Dave Matthews' ATO Records, the group that got its start playing impromptu shows outside the 16th Street BART Station still retains its scrappy charm, whether pounding through fuzzy, primal ditties such as Song of Songs or making like Dylan on the gorgeous ballad Broken Eyes. Here's hoping they survive the promotion cycle.
    1. Halcyon Days
    2. Song Of Songs
    3. My Love Won't Wait
    4. Broken Eyes
    5. Ride Away
    6. Decay
    7. Winter's Youth
    8. Willie
    9. Cradle Pyre
    10. Sunday Souvenir
    Two Gallants
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  • The Throes The Throes Quick View

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    The Throes

    If rock music is all about transience, how can a song born decades ago still rev up the engines of romance? 'Tangled Up in Blue', for instance, is a tale of fading love, but the power and significance of the song itself is timeless. Rock 'n' roll is often an expression of youth or youth's passing, but when music (or any art) endures, its magnetism is only amplified with the passage of years. For that reason, and because the best songs are usually pinned by the listener to some quintessential moment, the classics become classic. Passion is a fleeting feeling, but the best art will evoke that feeling with every exposure. So when youth produces a work of such force, when the raw or supposedly naïve artist comes up with something universal, critics and fans rejoice. We want to latch on to a beautiful thing before its green genius withers under the glare of success. Such is the case with Two Gallants' debut The Throes. The San Francisco duo responsible for this gut-wrenching musical tragedy both just turned 21, yet somehow their musical hindsight extends far beyond recent memory and taps into a rusty vein swollen with grief, heartache and violent desperation.

    - Jonathan Zwickel/Pitchfork
    1. You Losin' Out
    2. Two Days Short Tomorrow
    3. Nothing To You

    4. Crow Jane
    5. Fail Hard To Regain
    6. The Throes
    7. Drive My Car
    8. My Madonna
    9. The Train That Stole My Man
    Two Gallants
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  • We Live On Cliffs We Live On Cliffs Quick View

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    We Live On Cliffs

    The solo debut from Adam Haworth Stephens, lead singer and songwriter of San Francisco duo Two Gallants, spotlights his ability to craft compelling and intelligent songs that have forged an intimate and emotional bond with fans and captivated critics with words so personal theyre universal.

    From beginning to end, We Live On Cliffs is a shimmering blend of alternative folk with a pop sensibility full of first-person narratives that when combined create a marvelously eclectic collection. And while there is a natural bridge between Two Gallants and Stephens solo work, these songs contain an introspection and musical diversity that has not been touched on before. The record is Stephens most ambitious work to date and his storytelling is as illuminating as ever, further establishing him as a talented and important songwriter.

    Produced by Grammy Award winner Joe Chiccarelli, We Live On Cliffs features Stephens on vocals, guitar and piano alongside a host of guest musicians including Patrick Hallahan and Bo Koster (My Morning Jacket), Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Joey Waronker, Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers/Jaguar Love), Mike Daly, Petra Haden, Andy Cabic (Vetiver) and current band members Jen Grady, Matt Montgomery and Omar Cuellar.

    1. Praises in Your Name
    2. Second Mind
    3. With Vengeance Come
    4. Heights of Diamond
    5. The Cities That Youve Burned
    6. Elderwoods
    7. Southern Lights
    8. Angelina
    9. Everyday I Fall
    Adam Haworth Stephens
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  • Ology Ology Quick View

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    The push-and-pull that drives Gallant's music is like a pendulum swinging back and forth between genres and influences. His combination of muscular vocal acrobatics and sonic unpredictability has attracted universal tastemaker praise and a growing fan base. Complex championed the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter as The R&B game changer, LA Times claimed, Precise writing of Frank Ocean, big vocal runs of Sam Smith, and NME predicted, the voice that will redefine R&B, while Entertainment Weekly, The Fader, Billboard, and more have shown support. Sir Elton John summed it up best saying, Gallant is gonna be huge.

    Gallant has been on this pursuit since junior high. Growing up in Columbia, MD, he began tinkering on his computer and making songs after school inspired by everything from nineties R&B to classic jazz and blues. Rather than write in a journal, the music collated his feelings and emotions. He'd rarely share it with friends though. While attending NYU, he enrolled in summer school, so he could graduate early. Post-graduation and countless hours of meticulous practice later, he was finally ready to share his songs to the world at large.

    His first online release If It Hurts would establish him in the blogosphere, while 2014's Zebra EP landed him on Spotify's viral charts and at the top of HypeM. Signing to Mind of a Genius in 2015 and relocating to L.A., he dove into creating what would become Ology with co-producers such as Stint. The first single Weight In Gold enjoyed its world premiere on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show as the introductory entry in the coveted World's First segment. In less than six months, it accumulated over 6.5 million Spotify streams.
    As Gallant continues on his search, he leaves a message on the path. If people can hear I'm not doing this to feed any ego or serve someone else, that's all I want, he leaves off. I'm trying to create a photo album I can look back on to see where I've overcome challenges. I'm using music as a means of self-discovery. If my songs help somebody do the same thing or realize art can help us improve ourselves, I'd be honored.

    LP 1
    1. First
    2. Talking to Myself
    3. Shotgun
    4. Bourbon
    5. Bone + Tissue
    6. Oh, Universe
    7. Weight in Gold
    8. Episode
    9. Miyazaki
    10. Counting
    11. Percogesic

    LP 2
    1. Jupiter
    2. Open Up
    3. Skipping Stones (feat. JhenÉ Aiko)
    4. Chandra
    5. Last
    6. Weight in Gold (Brasstracks Remix)

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