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The Veils

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  • Time Stays, We Go (Awaiting Repress) Time Stays, We Go (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Time Stays, We Go (Awaiting Repress)

    180 Gram Red Vinyl With CD

    The album consists of ten songs culled from a batch of literally hundreds of songs that Adam Greenspan and Nick Launay (producer The Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah, Yeahs) helped sorting through. Long time collaborators Sophia Burn (bass), Raife Burchell (drums), Daniel Raishbrook (guitar) and new member Uberto Rapisardi (hammond organ) help create a rich musical backdrop for lead singer Finn Andrews' songs. Time Stays, We Go shows The Veils at the very height of their creative powers so far, deftly combining two distinct sides of their personality, or as Andrews calls it, The Pop & The Snarl.

    1. Through the Deep, Dark Wood
    2. Train with No Name
    3. Candy Apple Red
    4. Dancing with the Tornado
    5. The Pearl
    6. Sign of Your Love
    7. Turn From the Rain
    8. Birds
    9. Another Night on Earth
    10. Out From the Valley & Into the Stars
    Veils, The
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides Quick View

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    Black Veil Brides

    Los Angeles based rockers Black Veil Brides are back with their fourth studio album, self-titled.

    The new album was produced by studio legend Bob Rock, known for producing some of rock's most successful albums including Metallica's Black Album
    and Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood. The 11 track album features some of the band's most aggressive and diverse songs to date. The album opener and
    debut single Heart Of Fire is an upbeat rocker that showcases the band's signature dual-guitar attack and driving rhythm section all behind a positive
    lyrical message the band has become known for.

    The album cover was designed by longtime friend and previous album cover illustrator, Richard Villa.

    Black Veil Brides have been continually building momentum and expanding their ever-growing "BVB Army" since the release of their first album We Stitch
    These Wounds. Their debut song "Knives And Pens" has been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube. The band have also released critically-acclaimed albums: Set The World On Fire and Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones respectively. Their last release landed at #7 on the
    Billboard 200 selling over 42,000 copies its first week. Black Veil Brides recently won an award at the inaugural Alternative Press Music Award in
    Cleveland for Most Dedicated Fans. This award goes alongside their numerous Kerrang awards and three Revolver Golden God Awards.

    1. Heart Of Fire
    2. Faithless
    3. Devil In The Mirror
    4. Goodbye Agony
    5. World Of Sacrifice
    6. Last Rites
    7. Stolen Omen
    8. Walk Away
    9. Drag Me To The Grave
    10. Shattered God
    11. Crown Of The Thorns
    Black Veil Brides
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  • Feel Feel Quick View

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    The LP version of "Feel" comes with a bonus CD.

    Sleeping With Sirens has turned into a monster of a band. As the band prepares to release their 3rd full length album, they
    are selling a combined 4,000+ albums a week of catalog, with all 3 titles (2 full lengths and 1 Ep) fast approaching 100k sales
    apiece. The EP hasn't been out a full year and has sold over 84,000 units. While the band is on a steep climb up, it's been
    something Sleeping With Sirens has worked towards for years, creating a large, rock solid foundation of loyal fans who are
    eagerly awaiting the new album. For the past few years Sleeping With Sirens has been touring non-stop, with bands such as
    Of Mice & Men, Pierce the Veil and Memphis May Fire, including a stint on the Vans Warped Tour. The band is currently
    doing a full US headliner that has been 100% sold out and will be on the Main Stage of The Vans Warped Tour this summer
    after doing a sold out UK and European Tour in May.

    The band's 3rd album is their best material yet. Teaming up with Cameron Mizell who they've worked with
    on a previous full length, and enlisting mixer Dan Korneff (Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance,
    Mayday Parade) and masterer Ted Jensen (Green Day, Bon Jovi, The Offspring) to complete the
    team creating the album, Sleeping With Sirens was able to deliver their best, most heartfelt album,
    sonically more superior than anything they've done to date. With tracks like the radio friendly single
    Alone (featuring rapper MGK) to the hard hitting anthems like Congratulations (featuring Matty
    Mullins of Memphis May Fire), Feel is sure to instantly please their current fans while winning over
    countless new people!

    1. Feel
    2. Here We Go
    3. Free Now
    4. Alone (FEAT. MGK)
    5. I'll Take You There (FEAT. Shayley Bourget)
    6. The Best There Ever Was
    7. Low
    8. Congratulations (FEAT. Matty Mullins)
    9. Deja Vu
    10. These Things I've Done
    11. Sorry
    12. Satellites
    Sleeping With Sirens
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  • The Veil The Veil Quick View

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    The Veil

    Simian Ghost is an alternative pop act from Sandviken/GÄvle, Sweden. It was initiated as a recording project by musician and visual artist Sebastian Arnström. His debut album, Infinite Traffic Everywhere, was received with blog praise and excellent reviews, topping the Critics Chart in Sweden. The second album Youth was released throughout the world to great reviews and radio support. Simian Ghost originally performed live as a trio, consisting of Sebastian on vocals and electronics, his brother Erik Klinga on drums & Mathias Zachrisson on guitar, (both members of Light Vibes). More recently, they have added two new live members Maja Agnevik on additional vocals and Wilhelm Magnusson on bass. They have already shared stages with the likes of Mount Kimbie, SBTRKT, Niki & The Dove and Tony Buck.
    1. Float
    2. Cut-Off Point
    3. A Million Shining Colours
    4. Echoes of Songs (For Trish Keenan)
    5. August Sun
    6. The Ocean Is a Whisper
    7. I Will Speak Until I'm Done
    8. Secret Meadow
    9. Fight Even

    1. Hidden in Your Leaves
    2. Be a Good Kid
    3. Scattered and Careless
    4. Never Really Knew
    5. Strange Light
    6. The River Ouse
    7. Endless Chord
    8. Summer Triptych
    9. The Veil

    Simian Ghost
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Redeemer The Redeemer Quick View

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    The Redeemer

    London-based artist Dean Blunt presents his first official solo LP, The Redeemer, to be released on may 1st 2013 via his own World Music imprint and Hippos in Tanks. The Redeemer proceeds with a yet more direct and heartfelt message, and a notable lifting of the veil of tape hiss and blurred signifiers that characterized Blunt's previous work.
    1. I Run New York
    2. The Pedigree
    3. Demon
    4. Flaxen
    5. V
    6. The Redeemer
    7. Seven Seals Of Affirmation
    8. Walls Of Jericho
    9. Make It Official
    10. Need 2 Let U Go
    11. Dread
    12. Y3
    13. Papi
    14. Mmix
    15. All Dogs Go To Heaven
    16. Imperial Gold
    17. Predator
    18. Brutal
    19. Par
    Dean Blunt
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  • The Mask And The Mirror The Mask And The Mirror Quick View

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    The Mask And The Mirror

    The Mask and Mirror contains songs that lift the veil to reveal the soul of McKennitt's work in eight dreamlike, Celticinspired tracks. The opening track, The Mystic's Dream (featured on the TNT movie The Mists of Avalon), is a haunting tune that features McKennitt at her most heavenly peak as a vocalist, evoking the spirits of the instruments and Gregorian chant-like background vocals that accompany her on the track.
    1. Mystic Dream
    2. The Bonny Swans
    3. Dark Night Of The Soul
    4. Marrakesh Night Market
    5. Full Circle
    6. Santiago
    7. Ce He Mise Le Ulaingt? / The Two Trees
    8. Prospero's Speech
    Loreena McKennitt
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Grave Command: All Hallowed Hymns Grave Command: All Hallowed Hymns Quick View

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    Grave Command: All Hallowed Hymns

    Limited To 1000 Copies

    Mastered By Timothy Stollenwerk Of Stereophonic

    UNSEEN FORCES proudly presents GRAVE COMMAND: All Hallowed Hymns, a sepulchral compilation picture disc celebrating the thinning of the veils between the living and the (un)dead that occurs under the hungry Harvest Moon! Limited to 1000 copies and introducing the fantastic artwork of Brian Profilio, GRAVE COMMAND is an eclectic and sinister assemblage of never-before-heard compositions written and recorded specifically for this collection (plus one mandatory killer from the 1984 XINR recordings!) and showcasing some of our most beloved fiends, necromancers, ravagers and revenants pushing themselves far beyond the pale of limitations. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk of Stereophonic. All treats, no tricks. Do you dare peer behind the mask?

    1. Ghoul - Noapte De Fantome Vii In D Minor

    2. Xinr - All Hallows Eve
    3. Orchid - Demon's Eyes
    4. Ride For Revenge - Insects Fled To The Core Of The Earth

    5. Xander Harris - The Piper Of Soggoth
    6. Grave Violators - Black Incantations
    7. Deceased - Torn Apart By Werewolves

    8. Occultation - All Hallows Fire
    9. Venenum - Waltz In Hell
    10. Danava - Grave Command (Main Theme)
    Various Artists
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  • Lobby Star Lobby Star Quick View

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    Lobby Star

    Kitty has a playfulness and humour in her lyrics that I envy very much, and I know it won't be long until the rest of the world discovers many other things to love about her too. Finn Andrews (The Veils) // Lobby Star is Kitty Finer's debut EP, recorded at Bark studio, London and engineered/co-produced by Brian O'Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine). Guest musicians on the EP include Kitty's father Jem Finer alongside his own band mates Andrew Ranken and Darryl Hunt of The Pogues, Debsey Wykes (Dolly Mixture, Coming Up Roses and St Etienne) Finn Andrews (The Veils) and brass provided by Kitty's old school friends The JJ Horns. LOBBY STAR is an introduction to the worldly Londoner, Kitty Finer. These six tracks set the tone and welcome you to her sound which crosses genres, spans time, travels the world and lands on your decks today. Influenced by her mother's records (Wreckless Eric, The Ramones, The Nips, Kirsty MacColl, The Ronettes, DollyMixture, John Cooper Clarke, Blondie, Pulp, Peaches and Bongwater) Kitty Finer arrives at a sound that combines the soul, pop, punk, garage rock and 60s Girl band influences.
    1. Broken Records
    2. Down In The Valley
    3. Generation Song
    4. L.O.V.E (Ain't No U or I in)
    5. Girls In The Garage
    6. Playing Baby
    Kitty Finer
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Undisputed Attitude Undisputed Attitude Quick View

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    Undisputed Attitude

    Undisputed Attitude is a cover album featuring a collection of punk covers of bands including Minor Threat, T.S.O.L., D.R.I. and The Stooges.

    Listening to this album is like peering behind the veil of what made Reign In Blood so iconic a decade earlier. That album took the ferocious anger and purity of intention that was hardcore and embalmed it in evil, taking an already speedy genre and amping it up to eleven. Hearing Slayer blaze through such classics as Minor Threat's 'Filler' and 'I Don't Wanna Hear It' is literally breathtaking, in that they retain the essence of Minor Threat's self-righteous anger while still retaining their own signature thrash aggression. Slayer can only sound like Slayer in the end, even when performing a near-Xerox caliber cover.

    - televiper11 (The Metal Archives)

    1. Disintegration / Free Money
    2. Verbal Abuse / Leeches
    3. Abolish Government / Superficial Love
    4. Can't Stand You
    5. Ddamm
    6. Guilty of Being White
    7. I Hate You 2:18
    8. Filler / I Don't Want to Hear It
    9. Spiritual Law
    10. Sick Boy
    11. Mr. Freeze
    12. Violent Pacification
    13. Memories of Tomorrow
    14. Richard Hung Himself
    15. I'm Gonna Be Your God
    16. Gemini
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  • Barfly Barfly Quick View

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    Strictly limited to 1 pressing only, the LP version of the new Rocket From The Tombs LP will be a sought after collectable as well as an amazing document of brand new recordings from this longest running proto-punk band. Spawning both the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu, Rocket From The Tombs if the finest of all the mythical Cleveland first wave bands. Sonic Reducer, Final Solution, Ain t It Fun, and 30 Seconds Over Tokyo are all original compositions within the band s repertoire. No other independent rock and roll band can claim such a legacy. The notoriety of Rocket From The Tombs was solidified in 2002 with the release on Smog Veil of The Day The Earth Met The... , a CD and double LP of the band s original demos from 1975. The release was the biggest seller in Smog Veil history, garnering a #1 in the On The Edge chart, Rolling Stone, May 9, 2002. With reviews like: Blazing amazing trails, they deserve to be celebrated, not consigned to a historical footnote. (The Wire, March 2002), the band reformed, touring extensively. Featuring the same lineup as Rocket Redux , the LP contains eleven new studio songs, produced by David Thomas at Suma. The band remains: David Thomas, Cheetah Chrome, Richard Lloyd, Craig Bell and Steve Mehlman. The two songs released as a 45rpm earlier this year by Smog Veil, I Sell Soul and Romeo & Juliet , have been remixed and partially re-recorded.
    1. I Sell Soul
    2. Birth Day
    3. Anna
    4. Butcherhouse 4
    5. Romeo & Juliet
    6. Sister Love Train
    7. Love Train Express
    8. Good Times Never Roll
    9. Six And Two
    10. Maelstrom
    11. Pretty
    Rocket From The Tombs
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  • The Only Truth The Only Truth Quick View

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    The Only Truth

    Veiled in mystery, enshrined in the psychedelic hall of fame and shielded behind a towering wall of collectors greenbacks, the reputation of Morly Greys 1972 masterwork The Only Truth is beyond dispute. But, accessibility to this Shroud of Hard-Psych Turin has been another matter, impeded by the near- impossibility of obtaining an original pressing and the absolute plethora of shoddy bootlegs.

    Quoth the Grey Raven, nevermore. Sundazed has unearthed the original masters, rare single sides, unreleased tracks, and rare graphics, added a detailed history and wrapped them all up in the awesome original artwork for the definitive reissue of The Only Truth. With the veil lifted, fans of fine psychedelia can revel in the majesty of these Alliance, Ohio iconoclasts as they pulverize police corruption on the rocking Peace Officer, run through the gently loping psychedelic groove and stellar riff of You Came to Me, lay it down hard yet easy on Our Time and After Me Again, and find enlightenment with the trippy title track. Everything youve heard about The Only Truth is (pardon the expression) true!

    1. Peace Officer
    2. You Came to Me
    3. Who Can I Say You Are
    4. I'm Afraid
    5. Our Time
    6. After Me Again
    7. A Feeling for You
    8. The Only Truth
    9. None Are for Me
    10. Come Down
    11. Love Me
    12. I'll Space You
    13. Be Your King
    14. Sleepy Softness*
    15. Yas*

    * LP Only Bonus Tracks

    Morley Grey
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • We Stitch These Wounds (Awaiting Repress) We Stitch These Wounds (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    We Stitch These Wounds (Awaiting Repress)

    Be yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, says Andy 6, lead singer of Black Veil Brides. Delivering songs with a message of hope and strength that is wrapped up in the theatrics and raw energy of an early Alic Cooper show, Black Veil Brides have been building a legion of followers that they call The Bridesmaids. With their fans supporting their every move, Black Veil Brides are set to explode onto the music scene with their unique brand of gothic screamo that has fans all over the world eagerly anticipating the release of We Stitch These Wounds.
    1. The Outcasts (Call To Arms)
    2. We Stitch These Wounds
    3. Beautiful Remains
    4. Children Surrender
    5. Perfect Weapon
    6. Knives And Pens
    7. The Mortician's Daughter
    8. All Your Hate
    9. Heaven's Calling
    10. Never Give In
    Black Veil Brides
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Dream Theater Box Set Dream Theater Box Set Quick View

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    Dream Theater Box Set

    *Exclusive Artwork By Hugh Syme.

    Custom Box Set Holds:

    • 180-gram 2-LP Embossed Gatefold Vinyl With High Quality Flac Files Of Full Album.

    • Custom 2GB Majesty Symbol USB Stick Containing:

            - Isolated stems Of behind The Veil

            - Take This For The Pain (mike Mangini Audition Improv Jam) - 30 Minute Documentary.

    • Exclusive 7 Of the Bigger Picture On Clear Vinyl, Wrapped And Sealed With A Custom Wax Seal.

    • 2-Disc Embossed Deluxe Edition Digi With Bonus Disc Of 5.1 Audio Mix + Expanded Packaging.

    • Gel-Skin idots Of Majesty Symbol For Iphone.

    Dream Theater have hit 2013 with a bang as their self-titled collection drops onto our airwaves. Offering the perfect balance of digital and physical music, the metal stalwarts present the crown jewel in their eponymous collection: the Limited Edition Collector's Box Set.

    The nine-track disc, produced by John Petrucci, was recorded at Cove City Studio in Glen Cove, Long Island and the first time anyone will experience Mike Mangini completely unleashed on record.

    1. False Awakening Suite
    i. Sleep Paralysis
    ii. Night Terrors
    iii. Lucid Dream
    2. The Enemy Inside
    3. The Looking Glass
    4. Enigma Machine
    5. The Bigger Picture
    6. Behind the Veil
    7. Surrender to Reason
    8. Along for the Ride
    9. Illumination Theory
    i. Paradoxe de la Lumière Noire
    ii. Live, Die, Kill
    iii. The Embracing Circle
    iv. The Pursuit of Truth
    v. Surrender, Trust & Passion
    Dream Theater
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP + 7 + CD +DVD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Retrograde Retrograde Quick View

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    Pressed On Colored Vinyl!

    Art should confront and challenge convention, but Crown The Empire take it one step further. Since
    bursting onto the scene in 2012, Crown The Empire have shown no signs of slowing down on their
    undeniable course toward world domination. They have sold over 175,000 albums in the US over 2
    releases, and have toured the world repeatedly with the likes of The Used, Of Mice & Men and Pierce
    The Veil.

    Crown The Empire are back with their new album, Retrograde, the highly anticipated follow
    up to the band's previous release, The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways", which debuted at #7 on the
    Billboard Top 200 with over 25,000 copies sold in its first week.

    "Retrograde" is Crown The Empire at their best, each song maliciously hand crafted. When you break it
    down, Crown The Empire are storytellers for a new generation; nothing is a mistake. Every detail,
    element, structure, chorus, and breakdown is planned, and the album flows like the plot of a theatrical

    There's a reason why magazines have been putting Crown The Empire on their covers and there's a
    reason the band gets off ered multiple tours each quarter: it's because fans truly believe in the band and
    care about what they're doing. Their fan base is a cult-like army, who truly believe and support them. It's
    what separates Crown The Empire from everyone else, and it's why Retrograde is going to keep the
    band on their upward trajectory.

    1. Sk-68
    2. Are You Coming With Me?
    3. Zero
    4. Aftermath
    5. Hologram
    6. The Fear Is Real
    7. Lucky Us
    8. Weight Of The World
    9. Signs Of Life
    10. Oxygen
    11. Kaleidoscope
    Crown The Empire
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Love The Future Love The Future Quick View

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    Love The Future

    With their debut album Love the Future, the Harvard duo of D.A. Wallach and Maxwell Drummey, have boldy produced an album that is poised to break barriers and set new standards. The glorious She Loves Everybody mixes sensibilities equally drawing on Motown and power-pop. Beneath the Veil throws country twists into hip-hop aesthetics. Neal has echoes of swing, hip-hop and rock with a guitar break paying tribute to Les Paul.

    The band has already been lauded by the press with features such as Spin's Who's Next `08 and Rolling Stone's Artists To Watch. And take it from no less than Pharrell Williams, who signed the unclassifiable duo to his Star Trak/Interscope label after an early copy of the album, recorded by the two largely in a dorm basement studio while they were students at Harvard, was passed from them to his engineer, Drew Coleman.

    It's been a long time since I've heard a project teeming with this sort of musicality and originality, says Williams, the phenomenal artist/producer/trailblazer of Neptunes, N.E.R.D. and various other projects. You're going to watch history unfold with these guys. I feel it in my gut. That works for Wallach and Drummey, who trace an aesthetic lineage from Beethoven to Brian Wilson, from Les Paul to Prince to, well, Pharrell Williams. They see walls coming down with a new generation inspired by innovative artists like Gnarls Barkley and OutKast.

    1. Introduction
    2. C'mon (On My Own)
    3. Bebe Buell
    4. String Interlude
    5. The Jimmy Choos
    6. Time To Unwind
    7. Fingers
    8. Country Interlude
    9. Beneath The Veil
    10. Neal
    11. Not Over You
    12. She Loves Everybody
    13. Sleep
    Chester French
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Getz and Gilberto (45 RPM) Getz and Gilberto (45 RPM) Quick View

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    Getz and Gilberto (45 RPM)

    Ranked 447/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound

    The original master tapes for this title had not been used since 1980 previous to this reissue. Also, for this Analogue Productions reissue the decision was made to master and present this album as it was originally mixed to master tape. With very few exceptions all versions of this title to date, including the original, have had the channels incorrectly reversed. With this version, you'll hear this title as it was intended to be heard, without the channels reversed. And again, those reissues you've heard up until now - definitely still breathy, warm and rich - were made from something less than the master. Prepare to hear the veil removed.

    Astrud Gilberto says that her husband, Joao, informed Stan Getz that she could sing at the recording. Creed Taylor recalls that it took Getz's wife, Monica, to get both Astrud and Joao into the recording studio; Mrs. Getz had a sense that Astrud could make a hit. And Getz himself is on record saying that he insisted on Astrud's presence over the others' objections. So who's right? What does it matter? The Gilbertos, Getz and the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim followed up the bossa nova success of Jazz Samba with this, the defining LP of the genre. With one of the greatest hit singles jazz has ever known - each one who hears it goes Ahhh!

    Originally released in 1963.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. The Girl from Ipanema
    2. Doralice
    3. P'ra Muchucar
    4. Desafinado
    5. Corcovado
    6. So Dance Samba
    7. O Grande Amor
    8. Vivio Sonhando
    Getz Gilberto
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45 RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Shadows Shadows Quick View

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    In The Midst Of Lions play vicious deathcore in the service of a higher power. A mixture of fast-paced tech metal, explosive breakdowns and inspirational live shows, their music can be compared to such contemporaries as The Faceless, Meshuggah and veil of Maya. Their third album, Shadows, features some of the band's finest material to date and monstrous production courtesy of Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios.
    1. False Idols
    2. The Call
    3. Take Your Place
    4. Overcome
    5. Cry of the Oppressed
    6. New Beginnings
    7. An Offering
    8. Hardened Hearts
    9. Prepare The Way
    10. One For All
    In The Midst Of Lions
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The New Hope The New Hope Quick View

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    The New Hope

    Back when hardcore was king, every major scene had a defining compilation and Cleveland was no exception. The New Hope comp was the first release ever on Tom Dark's New Hope Records. A single LP affair originally released in 1983, featuring performances from The Guns, The Dark, No Parole, Offbeats, Agitated, Zero Defex, Starvation Army, Spike In Vain, Outerwear, and PPG. Smog Veil's reissue includes the original plus a bonus LP of extras, new liner notes by both Tom Dark and Tom Miller. Limited to 500 copies on crazy mixed color vinyl, the release also includes a free download code with even more songs that couldn't fit onto the double LP.
    1. I'm Not Right The Guns 

    2. Locked Inside The Guns

    3. Matter Of Life And Death Positive Violence

    4. Don't Preach To Me Positive Violence

    5. T.V. Blues Positive Violence

    6. Ugly And Damaged Spike In Vain

    7. The Funeral Spike In Vain

    8. Death Warmed Over Agitated

    9. Then There Were None Agitated

    10. Blissful Ignorance Agitated

    11. Executioner No Parole

    12. Concentration Camp No Parole

    13. Disposition: Hellion No Parole

    14. You Got What You Wanted The Dark

    15. Sacrifice The Dark

    16. Screeching Metal The Dark

    17. Drop The A-Bomb On Me Zero Defex

    18. By The Day Zero Defex

    19. Oppression Zero Defex

    20. No More Zero Defex

    21. Lust Outerwear

    22. I Crawl On The Floor Outerwear

    23. Why Do You Hang Out? Offbeats

    24. Who The F**k Do You Think You Are? Offbeats

    25. Zombies Don't Thrash P.P.G.

    26. Friends Of Man P.P.G.

    27. Political Song/Fill In The Blanks Starvation Army

    28. Sleep No More Starvation Army

    29. Something's Wrong Starvation Army

    30. Fun Starvation Army
    Various Artists
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Taking One For The Team Taking One For The Team Quick View

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    Taking One For The Team

    Taking One for the Team, Simple Plan's fifth full-length and most ambitious album so far, offering hard-hitting punk-fueled tracks alongside songs that delve into everything from reggae to delicate acoustic balladry. Longtime fans can rest assured that Taking One for the Team is packed with plenty of quintessential Simple Plan tracks, including Boom, whose companion music video features cameos by members of All-Time Low, Pierce The Veil, PVRIS, MxPx, and many more Warped Tour all-stars. The album starts out full-throttle with the brutal guitar and furious drumming of Opinion Overload. It's a song about following your heart and dreams no matter what people say or think, explains Bouvier.

    We're adults in our mid-thirties now, and we still have to deal with that. Sometimes you gotta remind yourself that it doesn't mean anything, that it's ok to stand up for yourself and be who you are and that's what's gonna set you apart. That same defiant spirit is present on I Refuse, where Simple Plan mine inspiration from punk/hardcore acts like Rise Against and Good Riddance, ultimately delivering the only punk anthem in recent memory to feature an elegant piano interlude. We grew up on that kind of music; it's in our DNA- we'll always need that energy and those super-fast, in-your-face songs that people love about this band, says bass player David Desrosiers of tracks like I Refuse or Nostalgic. I can already imagine us playing those songs live and seeing the crowd go crazy, singing along to every word.

    1. Opinion Overload
    2. Boom!
    3. Kiss Me Like Nobody's Watching
    4. Farewell (feat. Jordan Pundik)
    5. Singing In The Rain (feat. R. City)
    6. Everything Sucks
    7. I Refuse
    8. I Don't Wanna Go To Bed (feat. Nelly)
    9. Nostalgic
    10. Perfectly Perfect
    11. I Don't Wanna Be Sad
    12. P.S. I Hate You
    13. Problem Child
    14. I Dream About You (feat. Juliet Simms)
    Simple Plan
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Weather Codes Weather Codes Quick View

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    Weather Codes

    Weather Codes is the second album from Texan songstress Teresa Maldonado. Following the magical debut The Mammoth Sessions, the album is a study in heartbreak and loneliness set amidst the backdrop of the vast landscapes of American Southwest. Drawing influences from her perennial favourites the darkly gothic Bauhaus, as well as Natacha Atlas' exotic Mish Maoul, the black metal of Venom, Leslie Gore's protofeminist You Don't Own Me and the psych folk of early Will Oldham. If you listen really carefully you can also hear the swirling sand and the rustling wind in the baking heat of the Texas summer.

    Teresa recorded most of the songs at night with her blackmouth cur by her side. They were initially composed on her much loved piano which was in need of some tuning. Having not been tuned since around 1992, the piano had been moved from place to place too many times to count but lent a fractured beauty to her creations. From the early versions on the piano, she started to venture into the more electronic side of music mixing styles and sounds to create a marvelously eclectic collection of songs.

    Maldonado began writing Weather Codes during a messy relationship and amassed over forty songs, which she whittled down to fourteen forlorn and haunting tracks. The relationship started during her back and forth travels between Texas and Louisiana, and the album sees her bringing the landscape vividly to life. The little towns and their secrets. With tall tales that can be heard in tracks such as A Long Ride Home and Weather Codes Part 3. Everything else was turned in to a play of sorts with characters and veils; the tiring Texan veils of keeping up a smile when in public, even when leading a sad existence.

    1. Apple
    2. A Long Ride Home
    3. Ginger
    4. The Bullet Sinks
    5. Fancy
    6. The Millers
    7. Westlake
    8. Strep Throat
    9. Thistlebomb
    10. Six
    11. A Brick Hard Heart
    12. Weather Codes Pt.2
    13. Weather Codes Pt.3
    14. Pram
    Georgia's Horse
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  • Space EP Space EP Quick View

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    Space EP

    White Colored Vinyl

    The Devil Wears Prada are by no means a newcomer. In over 8 years as a band they have sold over 750,000 albums (5 releases have sold over 100,000 copies), and have toured the world over and over, playing to sold out crowds every night. They have been able to find repeated success and clinch their spot as a household name in the metal community by capturing the energy and essence of their live shows and transferring that onto their recordings. Each album is a positive progression forward, without abandoning the melodic hooks and technical guitar riffs that fans and critics have come to expect. The Devil Wears Prada's latest effort is the Space EP, 6 remarkable and memorable tracks that will leave you craving more. The band teamed up with producer Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens) to help craft this concept album. They may not be new to the game, but The Devil Wears Prada are on top of their game with this EP and are bringing something fresh to their fans. The band will support the release this summer, playing the main stage on this summer's Mayhem Festival alongside Slayer and King Diamon. The Space EP is a solid reminder from The Devil Wears Prada that they are here to stay.

    1. Planet A
    2. Alien
    3. Moongod
    4. Interlude (instrumental)
    5. Supernova
    6. Asteroid
    The Devil Wears Prada
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  • Lammendam Lammendam Quick View

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    Originally released in 2008, debut album 'Lammendam' set the basics of CARACH ANGREN's refined yet angry symphonic black metal. The Dutch created a baroque cinematic style that related true to their haunting subject to classical horror movies, which was underlined by the use of violin and grand piano.

    The reissue of 'Lammendam' features three bonus track taken from the long sold-out 'Ethereal Veiled Existence' debut EP (2005).

    1. Het Spook van de Leiffartshof
    2. A Strange Presence Near the Woods
    3. Haunting Echoes from the Seventeenth Century
    4. Phobic Shadows and Moonlit Meadows
    5. Hexed Melting Flesh
    6. The Carriage Wheel Murder
    7. Corpse in a Nebulous Creek
    8. Invisible Physic Entity
    9. Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena
    10. La MalÉdiction de la Dame Blanche
    11. There Was No Light [bonus track]
    12. After Death Premises [bonus track]
    13. Yonder Realm Photography [bonus track]
    Carach Angren
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  • I Wanna Be Around (On Sale) I Wanna Be Around (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    I Wanna Be Around (On Sale)

    Recorded during his peak era, Tony Bennetts I Wanna Be Around continues the crooners upward trajectory as he nestles into a superb batch of heartfelt ballads, softly swinging pop, and frisky bossa nova with the kind of charm, control, and coolness reserved for a legend. The follow-up to the singers breakthrough I Left My Heart In San Francisco (also available from Mobile Fidelity on 180g LP), this 1963 set is every bit its predecessors equal. Read: A bonafide vocal classic.

    Half-speed mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelitys numbered limited-edition 180g LP presents Bennett in to-die-for sound. Amazingly, this landmark recording has lavished in the vaults over the years and longed for the restoration that meticulous engineering can bring. Gone is the veiled haze that hung over the orchestrations, artificial ceiling that held back the highs, and cloudiness that obscured the entire range of Bennetts vocals. And were not just talking about the inferior digital editions. Previously unheard degrees of warmth, expressiveness, and detailing are just some of the newly uncovered aspects of this majestic recording.

    Pairing again with producer Ernie Altschuler and pianist Ralph Sharon, and adding the skills of expert arranger Marty Manning, Bennett navigates his way through heavenly pop territory, turning phrases that bridge myriad moods and feelingswistful, romantic, sentimental, longing, happy, autumnalwhile making listeners feel each and every word that seemingly tumble out of his mouth. Bennett fully invests himself in the performances. And part of the appeal is just how relaxed he remains, a trait that helped him propel both the title track and The Good Life into Top 20 hits.

    Decades before hed join the likes of Bono for a Duets album that reprised some of the classic material found here, Bennett perfected on I Wanna Be Around a traditional vocal pop sound that is best described as the touch of velvet. His mellow singing spans from conversational to soaring, his timbre sensational and note-perfect. Bennett inhabits the lyrics as if every song were expressly written for his voice. Whats more, the arrangements remain sympathetic, neither over- nor underdone, resulting in a superb combination of color, style, sophistication, and suaveness.

    Mobile Fidelitys collectible 180g LP resonates with standard-setting transparency, imaging, projection, smoothness, and dimensionality. Capturing a human voice remains the most difficult recording task. Suffice it to say that this LP will join the ranks of the very best recordings you own. And of course, the music is on the same elevated level as the sound.

    This title is not eligible for further discount.

    1. The Good Life
    2. If I Love Again
    3. I Wanna Be Around
    4. I've Got Your Number
    5. Until I Met You
    6. Once Upon a Summertime
    7. If You Were Mine
    8. I Will Live My Life for You
    9. Someone to Love
    10. It Was Me
    11. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
    12. Autumn in Rome
    Tony Bennett
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  • The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways Quick View

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    The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways

    Since bursting onto the scene in 2012 with their debut full-length, "The Fallout", Crown The Empire have shown
    no signs of slowing down on their undeniable course toward world domination. The band have sold over 60,000
    copies of their groundbreaking debut album, and have been busy touring the world repeatedly, and gracing
    magazine covers frequently.

    Crown The Empire haven't slowed their momentum, supporting tours for Pierce the Veil, Asking Alexandria, and
    The Used. After being the breakout band on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, the band was asked to return again this
    year as a Main Stage act.

    The band has also been on the cover of Alternative Press over three times in the past year, a feat that has never
    been accomplished by a new band. They appeared first as the cover artist for Alternative Press' "Bands You Need
    to Know" issue, then again for their "Stars of Warped Tour" issue, and the band is on the cover of their current
    issue, to help build early support for their new release, "The Resistance: Rise of the Runaway".

    Crown The Empire's new album, "The Resistance: Rise of the Runaway", has the band exceeding all preconceived
    expectations. It's heavier and more melodic than everything fans and critics grew to love on "The Fallout" but it
    doesn't feel contrived or forced in any way. When you break it down, Crown The Empire are storytellers for a new
    generation; nothing is a mistake. Every detail, element, structure, chorus, and breakdown is planned, and the
    album flows like the plot of a theatrical film. There's a reason why magazines have been putting Crown The Empire
    on their covers and there's a reason the bands gets o ered multiple tours each quarter; it's because fans truly
    believe in the band and care about what they're doing. Their fan base is a cult-like army, who truly believes and
    supports them. It's what separates Crown The Empire from everyone else, and it's why "The Resistance: Rise of
    the Runaway" is sure to be an instant classic, and a must-have album for years

    1. Call To Arms (Act I)
    2. Initiation
    3. Millennia
    4. Machines
    5. The Wolves Of Paris (Act II)
    6. Mnstr
    7. Second Thoughts
    8. Maniacal Me
    9. Satellites
    10. Rise Of The Runaways
    11. Bloodline
    12. The Phoenix Reborn
    Crown The Empire
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