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The Shadows

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  • The Fantastic Shadows The Fantastic Shadows Quick View

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    The Fantastic Shadows

    This fantastic compilation originally released in Italy with its original liner notes in Italian(!), contains 12 tracks, 5 of them are rare B-Side from their early 7", recorded between 1961 and 1963.

    Are you ready to get DRIFTED away?

    This rare gem comes after the release of their first Italian LP on DOXY "Meeting with The Shadows"

    1. Shazam
    2. Geronimo
    3. Shindig
    4. Baby My Heart
    5. Sleepwalk
    6. The Rumble
    7. Atlantis
    8. I Want You To Want Me
    9. 36-24-36
    10. That's My Desire
    11. My Resistance Is Low
    12. Kon-tiki
    The Shadows
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  • The Best Of The Shadows The Best Of The Shadows Quick View

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    The Best Of The Shadows


    Original recordings re-mastered

    1. Apache
    2. Man Of Mystery
    3. The Stranger
    4. F.B.I.
    5. Midnight
    6. The Frightened City
    7. Quatermasster's Stores
    8. Back Home
    9. Sleepwalk
    10. Kon-Tiki
    11. 36-24-36
    12. The Savage
    13. Peace Pipe
    14. Blue Star
    15. See You In My Drums
    16. Gonzales
    17. Nivram
    18. Find Me A Golden Street
    The Shadows
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  • Shadows Shadows Quick View

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    Teenage Fanclub's Shadows is part of the
    Merge Records 25th anniversary reissue series.

    Originally released in 2010, Shadows picks up on the
    introspective, world-weary quality of Man-Made but also
    delivers a bit of the classic bright pop the band is known
    for. Where Man-Made found the band struggling with
    feeling like life was an illusion on the dogged "It's All in My
    Mind," here you get Love's breezy baroque pop statement
    of purpose "Sometimes I Don't Need to Believe in
    Anything," with its chorus of layered synth, strings, flutes,
    and sundry wind instruments.

    Similarly, Blake's leadoff single "Baby Lee" is a romantic
    '60s-styled folk-rocker that veritably shimmers with
    positive vibes. Elsewhere, Love's "Into the City" is a
    sunshine pop/country-rock love letter to urban days in the
    sun and McGinley's "Today Never Ends" is slow-burn
    psychedelic country-rock rumination on the past, the
    present, and a perfect day that never ends. If the day is as
    sun-drenched and relaxed as the songs on Shadows implies,
    then may it and Teenage Fanclub go on and on

    1. Sometimes I Don't Need To
    2. Believe in Anything
    3. Baby Lee

    4. The Fall
    5. Into The City
    6. Dark Clouds
    7. The Past
    8. Shock and Awe
    9. When I Still Have Thee
    10. Live With the Seasons
    11. Sweet Days Waiting
    12. The Back of My Mind
    13. Today Never Ends
    Teenage Fanclub
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  • Warm In The Shadows Warm In The Shadows Quick View

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    Warm In The Shadows

    12 Vinyl

    Warm In The Shadows rounds out the trio of three-song 12-inch singles that Music Go Music have released over the course of 2008-2009. Dance music, as envisioned by a group with a greater allegiance to pop archetypes than to the hymns of the dance floor.

    1. Warm In the Shadows

    2. Thousand Crazy Nights

    3. Love, Violent Love

    Music Go Music
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  • Living In The Shadows Living In The Shadows Quick View

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    Living In The Shadows

    4LP Casebound Book-Back Set, Comprising Jansch's Three Studio Albums From The 1990s (The Ornament Tree; When The Circus Comes To Town; Toy Balloon)

    Includes An Additional Disc Of Unheard And Unreleased Material

    Both Studio Albums And Dat Transfers, Remastered By Brian Pyle

    Signifying a return to form that heralded one of the most prolific periods of his life, this special collection features some of Jansch's finest work. Living In the Shadows includes an extra disc of demos, alternate versions and never-before heard tracks, transferred from Jansch's personal tapes, alongside the three studio albums of the 1990s: The Ornament Tree, When The Circus Comes To Town and Toy Balloon.

    This trio of works represents quite different facets of Jansch's talent; where Circus is a bluesy, late-night sounding party, Ornament is altogether more subdued, drawing on Maggie Boyle's bodhran, flute and whistles to creative a sound that is nothing if not celtic. Toy Balloon falls somewhere in the middle, with that feeling of intimacy that is so Bert.

    Despite these apparent contrasts, the unifying element is of course, Jansch's guitar. There is an ease about these albums that suggests a musician that has found himself very at home-"just a simple soul", to quote the man himself.

    The real draw here for many Jansch fans will be disc four: unreleased tracks (including-let joy be unconfined!-one with John Renbourn), as well as alternative takes of familiar songs from the '90s period. Chosen specifically for their contrast to the studio versions, these tracks are often more stripped-down or without the embellishment typical of the era. Mostly recorded at Bert's home studio, this unheard and unreleased collection, transferred from Bert's own DAT tapes, has a intimate quality that is incredibly moving.

    1. The Ornament Tree (Bonny Portmore)
    2. The Banks O'Sicily
    3. The Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
    4. The Rocky Road To Dublin
    5. Three Dreamers
    6. The Mountain Streams
    7. The Blackbirds Of Mullamore
    8. Ladyfair
    9. The Road Tae Dundee
    10. Tramps And Hawkers
    11. The January Man
    12. Dobbin's Flowery Vale
    13. Walk Quietly By
    14. Open Road
    15. Back Home
    16. No-One Around
    17. Step Back
    18. When the Circus Comes to Town
    19. Summer Heat
    20. Just a Dream
    21. The Lady Doctor from Ashington
    22. Stealing the Night Away
    23. Honey Don't You Understand
    24. Born with the Blues
    25. Morning Brings Peace of Mind
    26. Living in the Shadows
    27. Carnival
    28. She Moved Through the Fair
    29. All I Got
    30. Bett's Dance
    31. Toy Balloon
    32. Waitin' and Wonderin'
    33. Hey Doc
    34. Sweet Talking Lady
    35. Paper Houses
    36. Born and Bred in Old Ireland
    37. How It All Came Down
    38. Just a Simple Soul
    39. Morning Brings Sweet Peace Of Mind (Alternate Version)
    40. Back Home (Demo)
    41. Just A Dream (Alternate Mix)
    42.Untitled Instrumental
    43. When The Circus Comes To Town (Demo)
    44. No-One Around (Demo)
    45. Lily Of The West (Demo)
    46. Fool's Mate (Demo)
    47. Paper Houses (Demo)
    48. Another Star
    49. Little Max
    50. Merry Priest
    51. Untitled Instrumental 2 (Early Attempt With John Renbourn)
    52. Untitled Instrumental 2 (With John Renbourn)
    Bert Jansch
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  • In the Shadows In the Shadows Quick View

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    In the Shadows

    After an almost decade long hiatus, Mercyful Fate's 1993 reunion did not disappoint. There are more of the King's gothic tales of horror and the supernatural, and the music sounds better than ever.
    1. Egypt
    2. The Bell Witch
    3. The Old Oak
    4. Shadows
    5. A Gruesome Time
    6. Thirteen Invitations
    7. Room of Golden Air
    8. Legend of the Headless Rider
    9. Is That You, Melissa
    10. Return of the Vampire
    Mercyful Fate
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  • Along The Shadow Along The Shadow Quick View

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    Along The Shadow

    Influential American post-hardcore band Saosin has announced they will release their first new material since 2009 and first ever full-length album with original singer Anthony Green, Along the Shadow, via Epitaph.

    Saosin's earliest beginnings packed a full career's worth of creativity and momentum into one short year, with a scene-defining blend of heady artistic intellectualism and passion. But as history tells it, Green left Saosin after the release of Translating the Name, the 2003 debut EP that set the blueprint for the band's sound. Saosin went on to release two major label albums with singer Cover Reber, Saosin (Capitol, 2006), and In Search of Solid Ground (Virgin, 2009). Since leaving, Anthony Green has been a part of the band Circa Survive.

    But with Green's return in 2014, after performing together for the first time in 10 years, Along the Shadow is an adventurous rush of energy; equal parts confidence and vulnerability. It is the total musical experience of the classic Saosin line up: vocalist/lyricist Anthony Green, guitarist Beau Burchell, bassist Chris Sorenson, and drummer Alex Rodriguez. Sorenson produced Along the Shadow and Burchell engineered, with Green's longtime collaborator Will Yip (Circa Survive, Title Fight, mewithoutYou) handling vocal production. Along the Shadow is the homecoming of Green whose instantly recognizable signature vocals and ambitious creative energy fuels an accomplished body of work. It is an album that straddles the line between metalcore angst and melodic experimentalism; a perfect balance of what makes Saosin's music both pretty and brutal.

    1. The Silver String
    2. Ideology is Theft
    3. Racing Toward a Red Light
    4. Second Guesses
    5. Count Back from TEN
    6. The Stutter Says A lot
    7. Sore Distress
    8. The Secret Meaning of Freedom
    9. Old Friends
    10. Illusion & Control
    11. Control and The Urge to Pray
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  • The Shadow Of Your Smile The Shadow Of Your Smile Quick View

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    The Shadow Of Your Smile

    The three outstanding arrangers Don Sebesky, Joao Donato, and Claus Ogerman produce a variety of orchestral settings here to perfectly enhance Astrud Gilberto's performances. And, as on her other Verve LP programs, Astrud's voice is beautifully complemented by top of the line jazz soloists.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. The Shadow of Your Smile (Love Theme from The Sandpiper)
    2. (Take Me to) Aruanda
    3. Manhã de Carnival
    4. Fly Me to the Moon
    5. The Gentle Rain
    6. Non-Stop to Brazil
    7. O Ganso
    8. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
    9. Day by Day
    10. Tristeza (Goodbye Sadness)
    11. Funny World (Theme from Malamondo)
    Astrud Gilberto
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45 RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • They Came From The Shadows (Awaiting Repress) They Came From The Shadows (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    They Came From The Shadows (Awaiting Repress)

    1. Skate or Die
    2. Don't Want To Go
    3. Bigger Than Kiss
    4. Do What?
    5. Not OK
    6. Forbidden Planet
    7. Call in Sick
    8. Fatso Goes Nutzoid
    9. Without You
    10. Tonguebiter
    11. Be With You
    12. The Jerk
    13. They Came From the Shadows
    14. Todayo
    Teenage Bottlerocket
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  • The Shadow of An Empire (On Sale) The Shadow of An Empire (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    The Shadow of An Empire (On Sale)

    Irish singer-songwriter Fionn Regan follows up his Mercury nominated and critically acclaimed debut record The End Of History. Fionn has returned with a very different second album bursting with ideas and a set of dazzling new tunes which are sure to reaffirm his reputation as both maverick genius and one of the most talented contemporary singer-songwriters around.
    1. Protection Racket
    2. Catacombs
    3. Coat Hook
    4. Genocide Matinee
    5. Violent Demeanor
    6. Lines Written In Winter
    7. House Detective
    8. Little Nancy
    9. Lord Help My Poor Soul
    10.The Shadow Of An Empire
    Fionn Regan
    $38.99 $30.80 Save $8.19 (21%)
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  • Shadows In The Night Shadows In The Night Quick View

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    Shadows In The Night

    Columbia Records announces Bob Dylan's new studio album, Shadows In The Night. Featuring ten tracks, the Jack Frost-produced album is the 36th studio set from Bob Dylan and marks the first new music from the artist since 2012's worldwide hit Tempest.

    Upon Columbia's announcement of the album's release, Bob Dylan commented, "It was a real privilege to make this album. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time but was never brave enough to approach 30-piece complicated arrangements and refine them down for a 5-piece band. That's the key to all these performances. We knew these songs extremely well. It was all done live. Maybe one or two takes. No overdubbing. No vocal booths. No headphones. No separate tracking, and, for the most part, mixed as it was recorded. I don't see myself as covering these songs in any way. They've been covered enough. Buried, as a matter a fact. What me and my band are basically doing is uncovering them. Lifting them out of the grave and bringing them into the light of day."

    As Columbia Records Chairman Rob Stringer explains, "There are no strings, obvious horns, background vocals or other such devices often found on albums that feature standard ballads. Instead, Bob has managed to find a way to infuse these songs with new life and contemporary relevance. It is a brilliant record and we are extremely excited to be presenting it to the world very soon."

    1. I'm A Fool To Want You
    2. The Night We Called It A Day
    3. Stay With Me
    4. Autumn Leaves
    5. Why Try to Change Me Now
    6. Some Enchanted Evening
    7. Full Moon And Empty Arms
    8. Where Are You?
    9. What'll I Do
    10. That Lucky Old Sun
    Bob Dylan
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  • The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger (Discontinued) (On Sale) The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    With The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger, Mahjongg expound upon the new style of dance music they call Chicagotronics: a wall of sound command center with drums and humans. The album is the pinnacle so far of Mahjonggs four albums, and you get all the facets of their platinum-plus sound here. The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger features their first protest song (Grooverider Free), which is actually an extended version of a previous single (Free Grooverider). Following a closing gurgle-sax on Gooble, comes Miami Knights where the dance detectives take that smooth boat through choppy waters. The album continues with layers of keyboards, guitars, and percussion parts that wind around each other almost like a fugue, an intrinsic groove that rarely fails to amaze and inspire.
    1. Gooble (with Mbulu & Robert Conn)
    2. Miami Knights (with Suddenly Susan & Jeanine O Toole)
    3. Grooverider Free (with Rotten Milk)
    4. Wardance
    5. DeVry (with the Unauthorized Terrance Duke)
    6. Whoop (with Tom Tom Tom Boy & Clint Crane)
    7. LA Beat (YO YO DYNE)
    $16.99 $13.42 Save $3.57 (21%)
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  • Shadow of the Sun Shadow of the Sun Quick View

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    Shadow of the Sun

    Comes With 7 Featuring Lead Single "Animal" & Vinyl-Exclusive B-Side "Fadeaway"

    Moon Duo began work on their latest album during a period in which they
    faced a curious new reality. Freed from deadlines and expectations, and suddenly
    off the road for a stretch, Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada found themselves
    each experiencing strange shifts in their perceptions of reality. Like the beginning
    of an acid trip, or the edge of dusk, when shadows converge mysteriously with
    light, life began to slip into a surreal dream, and then back, suddenly, without
    warning. Unstable in these strange shadows and light, the band turned to music
    to tether themselves to a kind of working sanity.

    Shadow of the Sun is the result of a few months of wrangling with this new unsettling
    way of being. Working both in a dark basement in Portland, and above
    ground in sunny San Francisco, these new sounds and songs veered dramatically
    from groove to groove, revealing sonic textures the duo had not previously
    explored. The song "Night Beat," with its woozy dance rhythm, is an attempt at
    finding joy and acceptance on this new, shifting ground, while "Wilding" plays
    off the familiar Moon Duo sound, taking refuge in a repetitive, grounding
    riff-scape. Elsewhere the band gives itself entirely up to the trip, cruising along
    on the fuzzed rhythms of "Slow Down Low" and "Free the Skull," crashing into
    the clenched-teeth herky-jerk of "Zero," and floating down, down, down, on the
    narcotic mist of "In a Cloud."

    To further coat the album in a fog of stoned confusion, the duo decamped to
    Berlin to mix with Finnish beat-meister Jonas Verwijnen of Kaiku Studios. There
    they managed to entirely reverse the clarity of the album, increasing the overall
    focus, and creating an unorthodox argument for sanity through extreme negation
    of proper technique and conventionality.

    The result, at the end of the trip, is the album Shadow of the Sun.

    1. Wilding
    2. Night Beat
    3. Free the Skull
    4. Zero
    5. In a Cloud
    6. Thieves
    7. Slow Down Low
    8. Ice
    9. Animal
    10. Fadeaway
    Moon Duo
    Vinyl LP + 7 - Sealed Buy Now
  • Cast The Same Old Shadow Cast The Same Old Shadow Quick View

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    Cast The Same Old Shadow

    A native of Muscle Shoals, Alabama - and part of the growing music scene there (Alabama Shakes, Secret Sisters, Civil Wars etc) Twenty-three year old Dylan was practically raised in the legendary Fame Studios where his dad was a regular player, and where people like Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Etta James and countless others recorded.

    Fame's head, Rick Hall, signed Dylan to its publishing arm. Part of the deal was that Dylan got access to the studio, where he recorded both his debut album Paupers Field (2010) and the bulk of the forthcoming follow-up Cast The Same Old Shadow.

    1. Part One: The End
    2. Innocent Sinner
    3. Brother
    4. Diamonds and Pearls
    5. Where Are You Now
    6. Chesapeake Land
    7. The Ties That Bind
    8. Comfort Me
    9. Cast the Same Old Shadow
    10. Lonesome Waltz
    Dylan LeBlanc
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  • In The Lonely Hour (Drowning Shadows Edition) In The Lonely Hour (Drowning Shadows Edition) Quick View

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    In The Lonely Hour (Drowning Shadows Edition)

    Sam Smith has just announced that he is re-releasing his award-winning (and chart-topping) debut album In The Lonely Hour as the new, double-LP set In The Lonely Hour: The Drowning Shadows Edition -- a move that he calls his final bow before his second album.

    The release's second LP will be filled with one-off tracks and covers, as well as a brand-new song called Drowning Shadows. Produced by frequent Smith collaborators Jimmy Napes and Steve Fitzmaurice, Drowning Shadows is a stripped back, heart-wrenching ballad per the press release (would you expect anything less?).

    Also included are covers of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, as well as Smith's collaborations with Mary J. Blige, Disclosure, and more.

    --Natalie Weiner, billboard

    1. Money On My Mind
    2. Good Thing
    3. Stay With Me
    4. Leave Your Lover
    5. I'm Not The Only One
    6. I've Told You Now
    7. Like I Can
    8. Life Support
    9. Not In That Way
    10. Lay Me Down
    11. Restart
    12. Latch (Acoustic)
    13. La La La
    14. Make It To Me

    1. Drowning Shadows
    2. Love Is A Losing Game
    3. Nirvana
    4. How Will I Know?
    5. Omen (Acoustic) feat. Disclosure
    6. Latch feat. Disclosure (Live from Madison Square Garden, New York)
    7. Stay With Me Feat. Mary J Blige
    8. I'm Not The Only One Feat. A$AP Rocky
    9. Lay Me Down Feat. John Legend

    Sam Smith
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Shadow Of The Sun (Marble Blue Vinyl) (Pre-Order) Shadow Of The Sun (Marble Blue Vinyl) (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Shadow Of The Sun (Marble Blue Vinyl) (Pre-Order)

    Pressed On Marble Blue Vinyl

    Shadow of the Sun is the result of a few months of Moon Duo wrangling with a new and unsettling way of being. Working both in a dark basement in Portland, and above ground in sunny San Francisco, these new sounds and songs veered dramatically from groove to groove, revealing sonic textures the duo had not previously explored. The song Night Beat, with it's woozy dance rhythm, is an attempt at finding joy and acceptance on this new, shifting ground, while Wilding plays off the familiar Moon Duo sound, taking refuge in a repetitive, grounding riff-scape. Elsewhere the band gives itself entirely up to the trip, cruising along on the fuzzed rhythms of Slow Down Low and Free the Skull, crashing into the clenched-teeth herky-jerk of Zero, and floating down, down, down, on the narcotic mist of In a Cloud.

    1. Wilding
    2. Night Beat
    3. Free the Skull
    4. Zero
    5. In a Cloud
    6. Thieves
    7. Slow Down Low
    8. Ice
    9. Animal
    10. Fadeaway
    Moon Duo
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Shadows Shadows Quick View

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    In The Midst Of Lions play vicious deathcore in the service of a higher power. A mixture of fast-paced tech metal, explosive breakdowns and inspirational live shows, their music can be compared to such contemporaries as The Faceless, Meshuggah and veil of Maya. Their third album, Shadows, features some of the band's finest material to date and monstrous production courtesy of Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios.
    1. False Idols
    2. The Call
    3. Take Your Place
    4. Overcome
    5. Cry of the Oppressed
    6. New Beginnings
    7. An Offering
    8. Hardened Hearts
    9. Prepare The Way
    10. One For All
    In The Midst Of Lions
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Shadows Shadows Quick View

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    Propelled by the stunning guitar heroics of brothers Pete and Jake Adams, Virginia's Valkyrie return with their third full length Shadows, one of the year's best guitar-driven, heavy rock records. Jam packed with harmonized leads, rich solos and melodic, blues-based riffs, Valkyrie sound like the perfect blend of American style doom rock bands like Pentagram or Spirit Caravan and classic hard rock like Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, and Deep Purple. Where Pete Adams' other band Baroness focuses more on the modern proggy and poppy side of metal, Valkyrie looks to proto-metal trailblazers for influence while injecting plenty of current day inspiration. Produced by Sanford Parker (Pelican, Leviathan, YOB), Shadows is the perfect summer heavy rock record!
    1. Mountain Stomp
    2. Golden Age
    3. Temple
    4. Shadow of Reality
    5. Wintry Plains
    6. Echoes (Of The Ways We Lived)
    7. Carry On
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Shadows Shadows Quick View

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    From the Press Release:I felt very free going into making this album. It was a solo mission, on my terms, my time, my choices, says Lenka. Previously my music was focused on being uplifting and energizing. For this album, I shifted to create a lullaby soundtrack for myself, my child and everyone out there. I have always loved albums that one can fall asleep to; an experience I enjoyed a lot growing up. Those songs drift into your unconscious like no others.

    Tracks like Nothing Here But Love, an unbridled paean to the power of love, and After the Winter, a celebration of spring and the hope it holds that features Tracy Bonham on violin, offer a welcome respite from a rattled world. Two Heartbeats is an ethereal slice of life written from the perspective of an unborn child (and features the in utero heartbeat of Lenka's son)
    The album has is soothing moments, to be sure, but Shadows also grapples head-on with separation (Faster With You), loss (the heartbreaking Nothing) and the fears that keep young and old awake at night (Monsters). The Shadows are imprints and remnants of the big life stuff happening to me right now, she explains. I have been reflecting a lot as things change around me. Birth, death, love, regrets, innocence, dreams, independence, connection.

    Lenka plays a variety of instruments throughout, including keyboards, wurli, glockenspiel and vibraphone, and recorded the album in New York, Montreal, Toronto and her hometown of Sydney.

    In Australia, Lenka reunited with Tom Schutzinger, whom she had originally worked with when both were members of acclaimed Australian electronic/ambient band Decoder Ring. Schutzinger produced No Harm Tonight as well as Heart To The Party, a track he and Lenka co-wrote.

    After leaving Decoder Ring and moving to the States, Lenka released her self-titled debut album in 2008. It entered Billboard's Heatseekers chart at #3 and contained The Show, a No. 1 single at radio in three countries that has had a very long life. It was the pivotal song in the 2011 film Moneyball and Billy Crystal sang The Show during his opening monologue for the 2012 Oscars. The Show has also been heard in promotional spots for Ugly Betty, Old Navy, Coca-Cola, Apple and Crate & Barrel commercials, and on Dancing With The Stars and Grey's Anatomy.

    1. Nothing Here But Love

    2. Faster With You

    3. Heart To The Party

    4. After the Winter

    5. Find A Way to You

    6. Honeybee

    7. No Harm Tonight

    8. Two Heartbeats

    9. Monsters

    10. Nothing

    11. The Top Of Memory Lane
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  • Fiendish Shadows Fiendish Shadows Quick View

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    Fiendish Shadows

    Originally recorded in 1985, Fiendish Shadows captures The Damned playing live at the height of their illustrious career. The recording is of superior quality and perfectly represents the band at the peak of their commercial fame, mixing both old and new material.
    1. Curtain Call (Part 1)
    2. Shadow Of Love
    3. Wait For The Blackout
    4. Grimly Fiendish
    5. Stranger On The Town
    6. Is It A Dream?
    7. There'll Come A Day
    8. Smash It Up
    9. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
    10. Gun Fury
    11. Street Of Dreams
    12. Lust For Life
    13. Love Song
    14. New Rose
    15. Disco Man
    The Damned
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Shadows Inside Shadows Inside Quick View

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    Shadows Inside

    Five releases into their career and Miss May I have sold 200,000 + albums in North America. Alternative Press Most Anticipated Metal Release of 2017.
    1. Shadows Inside
    2. Under Fire
    3. Never Let Me Stay
    4. My Destruction
    5. Casualties
    6. Crawl
    7. Swallow Your Teeth
    8. Death Knows My Name
    9. Lost in the Grey
    10. My Sorrow
    Miss May I
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  • Shadows Of Knight Shadows Of Knight Quick View

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    Shadows Of Knight

    Three years gone from their massive hit, "Gloria", only one original member remained in the band; lead singer, Jim Sohns. Thinking the world wasn't done with him yet, he assembled a band and inked a deal with the hit-makers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz and cut a record, which produced one final hit for the group in "Shake" and this self-titled LP. A bit of a hit chasing LP, it's all over the map stylistically, from the expected snotty R&B to psychedelic excursions to hard rock to pop. Although this might sound off-putting at first, the album rewards with later listens as the record has some of the best songs of the Shadows of Knight's brief career. Reissued here on LP by Cherry Red Phonograph.
    1. Follow
    2. Alone
    3. Times And Places
    4. I Am What I Am
    5. Uncle Wiggley's Airship
    6. I Wanna Make You All Mine
    7. Shake Revisited '69
    8. I'll Set You Free
    9. Under Acoustic Control
    10. Bluebird
    11. Back Door Man
    The Shadows of Knight
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  • Shadows And Reflections (Pre-Order) Shadows And Reflections (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Shadows And Reflections (Pre-Order)

    Marc's distinctive vocals have rarely sounded richer and warmer. - Record Collector

    Almond's voice--although it no longer veers out of tune like it used to soendearingly in the 80s--is still enthralling. - The Guardian

    'Shadows And Reflections' is the new album by Marc Almond released by BMG. It features sumptuous arrangements of iconic torch songs and60's orchestral pop for which he is beloved, as well as two new original compositions.The album features songs written or recorded by artists such as Burt Bacharach, TheAction, The Yardbirds, Bobby Darin, Julie Driscoll, Billy Fury and the Young Rascals.The album thematically begins and ends in an apartment. It's about this guy that'sliving in a luxury expansive glass apartment overlooking the city, filled with sculpturesand beautiful things, an empty soulless shell, surrounded by absurd wealth. He issitting alone and I imagine listening to this music, possibly the songs that make upthis album. He's rich in the bank but the poorest person you know.

    2017 cements the 60th Birthday year for the singer who the Observer noted, hasnever stood still and comes after the great success of the Top 10 album 'Hits AndPieces', which was followed by a sold-out Spring tour including a triumphant show atLondon's Roundhouse.

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    1. Overture
    2. Shadows and Reflections
    3. I'm Lost Without You
    4. How Can I Be Sure
    5. Something Bad on My Mind
    6. Blue on Blue
    7. I Know You Love Me Not
    8. Interlude
    9. From the Underworld
    10. Still I'm Sad
    11. Embers
    12. Not for Me
    13. All Thoughts of Time
    14. The Shadow of Your Smile
    15. No One to Say Goodnight To
    Marc Almond
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  • Shadows & Diamonds Shadows & Diamonds Quick View

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    Shadows & Diamonds

    Blake has become the secret weapon behind hits from Rick Ross, Rihanna, Nas, Common, Alicia Keys, and Usher
    with whom he penned his Grammy®-winning "Climax." SHADOWS AND DIAMONDS includes "I Just Wanna,"
    produced by the legendary No I.D. Born in the Dominican Republic and living in Los Angeles, Blake found
    inspiration for SHADOWS AND DIAMONDS, when he was forced to find light in the darkest of moments.
    1. Shadows & Diamonds
    2. Everyday
    3. The Otherside
    4. I Just Wanna...
    5. Fading
    6. Uno
    7. Pinot

    1. Live Till We Die
    2. Bout That Life
    3. Drop Dead Beautiful
    4. All Black Everything
    5. Armageddon
    6. Rockabye
    7. Angel Dust
    8. I Just Wanna...

    Elijah Blake
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