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The Kills

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  • Midnight Boom Midnight Boom Quick View

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    Midnight Boom

    The London based rock duo known as The Kills subtly and organically fuses pop, glam, blues, art-punk and hip-hop in a manner that darts between light and dark, funny and morbid, experimental yet charming. Their third full length, Midnight Boom is a short, sharp twelve track album of sensual, fresh and atmospheric songs that reminds us that no one on earth makes rock 'n' roll quite like The Kills.

    The band worked with Spank Rock producer Alex Epton (aka Armani XXXchange), to try and create a grittier, fuller sound. We wanted to create modern playground songs, with really upbeat melodies and dark lyrics, like kids used to sing during recess, says guitarist Jamie Hince.
    1. U.R.A. Fever
    2. Cheap And Chearful
    3. Tape Song
    4. Getting Down
    5. Last Day Of Magic
    6. Hook And Line
    7. Black Balloon
    8. M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U
    9. Sour Cherry
    10. Alphabet Pony
    11. What New York Used To Be
    12. Goodnight Bad Morning
    The Kills
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  • Ash & Ice Ash & Ice Quick View

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    Ash & Ice

    Over their almost decade-and-a-half career, The Kills have released four records. Each one a restless, reckless enigmatic art statement that bristled with tension, anxiety, sex, unstudied cool and winking ennui, yet not one of them sounded like the previous one.

    Ash & Ice is the follow up to 2011's critically lauded Blood Pressures and was five years in the making in part due to Jamie Hince's five hand surgeries, which resulted in him having to re-learn how to play guitar with a permanently damaged finger. It was during Hince's recuperation from surgery that he first started sketching out what would become the songs for the album. To shake up the writing process, Hince booked a solo trip on the infamous Trans-Siberian Express for inspiration while Alison Mosshart, now residing in Nashville, TN, wrote some of the most affecting, poetically candid lyrics that she ever has, painting word pictures that mine the dangerous terrain between romantic obsession, prophecy and tough love.

    Where previous albums had an air of detachment and emotional austerity, underpinned by an uneasy self-awareness and unexpressed anger, the 13 songs on Ash & Ice are more understated, less tempestuous and more affecting because of that, exposing the kind of push-pull you feel when you find yourself in a complicated but all-consuming relationship. Ash & Ice is The Kills at their emotionally charged, arresting best. Prepare to be slayed.

    1. Doing It To Death
    2. Heart Of A Dog
    3. Hard Habit To Break
    4. Bitter Fruit
    5. Days Of Why And How
    6. Let It Drop
    7. Hum For Your Buzz
    8. Siberian Nights
    9. That Love
    10. Impossible Tracks
    11. Black Tar
    12. Echo Home
    13. Whirling Eye
    The Kills
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  • Blood Pressures Blood Pressures Quick View

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    Blood Pressures

    The Kills, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart, are back with the new studio album, Blood Pressures, the highly anticipated follow-up to their critically acclaimed third album, Midnight Boom.

    For the sessions that became Blood Pressures, Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart returned to Key Club Studios in Michigan where they reunited with Midnight Boom engineers Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins. Produced by Jamie Hince, the album was mixed in London by Tom Elmhirst.

    With their basic sound intact; searing guitars, driving rhythms and sexually charged lyrical savvy, the 11 tracks on Blood Pressures find The Kills embracing a fuller sound and becoming more adventurous in the studio, while the lyrics are honest, heartfelt and sometimes just plain heartbreaking. Departing from the sparse, angular sound of Midnight Boom, the duo explore complex textures on Blood Pressures with heavier instrumentation and layered, huge-sounding harmonies. Alison and Jamie play all the instruments on the album, including piano and mellotron.

    1. Future Starts Slow
    2. Satellite
    3. Heart Is A Beating Drum
    4. Nail In My Coffin
    5. Wild Charms
    6. DNA
    7. Baby Says
    8. The Last Goodbye
    9. Damned If She Do
    10. You Don't Own The Road
    11. Pots and Pans
    The Kills
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  • Sid & Nancy: Love Kills (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) Sid & Nancy: Love Kills (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) Quick View

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    Sid & Nancy: Love Kills (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    Soundtrack to the 1986 biopic on the lives of Sex Pistols' bassist Sid Vicious & girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Album coincides with the 40th Anniversary of the release of The Sex Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks. Features songs from Clash founder Joe Strummer, former Pistols' bandmate Steve Jones, Velvet Underground's John Cale, plus contributions from The Pogues and Circle Jerks, as well as actor Gary Oldman.

    Now repressed on 120g black wax vinyl for the first time in 30 years.

    1. Love Kills (Title Track) - Performed by Joe Strummer
    2. Haunted- Performed by The Pogues
    3. Pleasure And Pain - Performed by Steve Jones
    4. Chinese Choppers - Performed by Pray For Rain
    5. Love Kills - Performed by Circle Jerks
    6. Off The Boat - Performed by Pray For Rain
    7. Dum Dum Club - Performed by Joe Strummer
    8. Burning Room - Performed by Pray For Rain
    9. She Never Took No For An Answer - Performed by John Cale
    10.Junk - Performed by The Pogues
    11.I Wanna Be Your Dog - Performed by Gary Oldman
    12.My Way - Performed by Gary Oldman
    13.Taxi To Heaven - Performed by Pray For Rain
    Various Artists
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  • Live At Third Man Records 10-10-2012 Live At Third Man Records 10-10-2012 Quick View

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    Live At Third Man Records 10-10-2012

    This record captures a show we had been wanting to see at Third Man since day Numero Uno. Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart are two of the most talented and creative people we know and we couldn't be more pleased that they rocked our stage and committed it to wax so we can finally have a release on the label by the one and only KILLS. These 8 songs were recorded direct-to-acetate on October 10, 2012.

    Three very special live records - The Shins, The Kills, and Seasick Steve - all recorded in the Third Man Blue Room last October, and the first three releases recorded live using their one-of-a-kind direct-to-acetate recording process. Without overdubs or editing, these three records were mixed in real time on a Rupert Neve 5008 console by Grammy Award winning engineer Vance Powell, and instantly cut to vinyl by master cutter George Ingram using a 1953 Scully Lathe that previously churned out masters for Cincinnati's legendary King Records (the story goes that James Brown's It's A Man's World was cut on this lathe among many more great sides...)

    1. Heart is a Beating Drum
    2. Future Starts Slow
    3. Kissy Kissy
    4. DNA
    5. Baby Says
    6. Tape Song
    7. Pots and Pans
    8. Last Goodbye
    The Kills
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  • Kill The Wolf Kill The Wolf Quick View

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    Kill The Wolf

    Dark, raw, and confrontational, B. Dolan's sophomore Strange Famous Records effort Kill The Wolf reinforces his status as a complex lyricist and high powered rhyme spitter, dedicated to his vision and heedless to trends. Staunchly political and fearlessly personal, Kill The Wolf brings the best techniques from B's catalog into a new era in terms of scale and production value.The new album features a cast of carefully chosen collaborators, including such wide ranging talent as AESOP ROCK, BUCK 65, and KATHLEEN STUBELEK of CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE, as well as old friends BUDDY PEACE, ALIAS, and CECIL OTTER (of Doomtree). It would be easy for an album to go astray amidst such varying styles, but Dolan stays in firm command as Kill The Wolf's expert conductor, driving the album's new and unforgettable sound.
    1. Lazarus
    2. Graffiti Busters
    3. Stay Inspired
    4. Safety Theater
    5. Jailbreak feat. Aesop Rock & Buck 65
    6. Run The Machine
    7. Rats Get Fat
    8. Who Killed Russell Jones?
    9. Alright 04:52
    10. Memory of Bombs
    11. These Rooms
    B. Dolan
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  • The Big Three Killed My Baby The Big Three Killed My Baby Quick View

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    The Big Three Killed My Baby

    Out-of-print for over ten years, Third Man Records reissues the only single off the White Stripes self-titled debut album. The a-side is Jack Whites tempered screed against the monopoly of American auto companies against the accented thud of Megs pounding drums. The b-side Red Bowling Ball Ruth is exclusive to this single and overflows with AC/DC-inspired rock riffs. Remastered direct from the original analog masters!
    1. The Big Three Killed My Baby
    2. Red Bowling Ball Ruth
    The White Stripes
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  • Live At The Marquee Live At The Marquee Quick View

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    Live At The Marquee

    This is a live recording featuring songs from When Dream and Day Unite and Images and Words. There really isn't that much going on here that can't be heard on the studio records. A Fortune in Lies is treated with more aggression than the original and remains one of their gems from the past. Bombay Vindaloo is a jam session that features some creative drumming from Mike Portnoy and some diverse playing from John Petrucci. Especially impressive were the muted, Al DiMeola-style quotes. Another Hand - The Killing Hand is a combination of an instrumental (Another Hand) commonly featured in their live shows and the now-infamous The Killing Hand. The latter is given a great update by singer James LaBrie and probably didn't have too many people missing Charlie Dominici. This is a good live session that will appeal mostly to the diehards of this excellent progressive metal band.
    1. Metropolis
    2. A Fortune in Lies
    3. Bombay Vindaloo
    4. Surrounded
    5. Another Hand - The Killing Hand
    6. Pull Me Under
    Dream Theater
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Tormato Tormato Quick View

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    35th Anniversary Edition

    First Time Ever on 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl

    Packaged in a Slick Gatefold Cover

    1978 was a banner year for Yes & their smash platinum LP Tormato. Reuniting the dream team of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White & Rick Wakeman, Tormato is often considered of the finest recordings in their amazing career. Yes fans continue to praise Tormato as a truly inspiring masterwork. This important piece of music consists of nine amazing Yes workouts such as the definitive opener Future Times, the art rock driven On The Silent Wings Of Freedom, & the international smash Don't Kill The Whale.

    1. Future Times
    2. Rejoice
    3. Don't Kill the Whale
    4. Madrigal
    5. Release, Release
    6. Arriving UFO
    7. Circus of Heaven
    8. Onward
    9. On the Silent Wings of Freedom
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  • Shout At The Devil (Awaiting Repress) Shout At The Devil (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Shout At The Devil (Awaiting Repress)

    Limited Edition (1500) Translucent Red With Black Vinyl

    Shout at the Devil is the second studio album by American heavy metal band Mötley CrÜe, released on September 26, 1983. It was the band's breakthrough album, establishing Mötley CrÜe as one of the top selling heavy metal acts of the 1980s. The singles Looks That Kill and Too Young to Fall in Love were moderate hits for the band.

    Shout at the Devil was Mötley CrÜe's breakthrough success, bringing them to international attention. The album's title and the band's use of a pentagram brought the band a great deal of controversy upon its 1983 release, as Christian and conservative groups claimed the band was encouraging their listeners to worship Satan. The album was one of the breakthrough releases of what was to become the 1980s hair metal movement, and was very influential in that regard. Available for first time in translucent red w black vinyl.

    1. In the Beginning
    2. Shout At the Devil
    3. Looks That Kill
    4. Bastard
    5. God Bless the Children of The Beast (instrumental)
    6. Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover)
    7. Red Hot
    8. Too Young to Fall In Love
    9. Knock 'Em Dead, Kid
    10. Ten Seconds to Love
    11. Danger
    Motley Crue
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Chinatown Chinatown Quick View

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    The Thin Lizzy 180 Gram Audiophile Series Continues At Friday Music!

    First Time On Audiophile Vinyl In North America

    Celebrate Four Decades Of Thin Lizzy!

    Mastered From The Original Warner Bros. Tapes By Joe Reagoso At Friday Music Studios And Capitol Records

    Released in 1980 as a successful follow-up to their much loved Black Rose - A Rock Legend (Friday Music 3338),
    Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham, Brian Downey and new guitar sensation Snowy White forged ahead once again with their
    trademark hard rock sound and continued their assault on audiences worldwide with their tenth masterpiece Chinatown.

    As the powerful opener We Will Be Strong kicks the album into full gear, featuring the dual lead guitars of Scott
    Gorham and Snowy White, known for creating some of the finest and most familiar guitar riffs in music history, they
    continue their legendary style with this metal anthem. Phil Lynott's vocal and bass attack notched up another career
    defining song as well, which served the band well for years and has truly been one of their most revered tunes.

    Seven more incredible performances from these rock and roll warriors continue to thrill the listener including more
    Phil Lynott hard rock classics like Killer on the Loose, the blues belter Sugar Blues and the stellar title smash Chinatown.
    More rockers flow like the funk infused Having a Good Time and the brilliant Thin Lizzy anthem Genocide (The Killing Of
    The Buffalo). Even the heartwarming Sweetheart, which showcases a soulful side of Lynott's writing and vocal ability,
    truly made this album a fan favorite for years to come. The incredible album closer Hey You truly captures the band's love
    for playing hard rock and playing it righteously, never to be duplicated on wax ever again.

    Tragically, we lost the musical genius Phil Lynott in 1986 and more recently the passing of guitar legend Gary
    Moore. This was their first collaboration together as members of Thin Lizzy, and with the impeccable musicianship of
    Scott Gorham and Brian Downey all delivering the goods, Chinatown is considered one of their greatest achievements
    in their enduring album catalog.

    Mastered impeccably from the original authorized Warner Music tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and
    Capitol Records in Hollywood, Friday Music in very honored and enthusiastic to welcome back the much heralded Thin
    Lizzy classic Chinatown for the first time on 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl.

    To make this more of a treasure for your limited edition Thin Lizzy collection, we are also including a first time
    gatefold cover which features the legendary original album cover art as well as the original photos and artwork included
    in the album inner sleeve not seen in years. As usual, we will include a poly sleeve to protect your hard rockin' audiophile
    vinyl and a poly bag to preserve your very cool album cover.

    Thin Lizzy Chinatown An Audiophile Hard Rock Classic Celtic Style From Your Friends at Friday Music!

    1. We Will Be Strong
    2. Chinatown
    3. Sweetheart
    4. Sugar Blues
    5. Killer on the Loose
    6. Having a Good Time
    7. Genocide (The Killing of the Buffalo)
    8. Didn't I
    9. Hey You
    Thin Lizzy
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Buy Now
  • The Killing Jar The Killing Jar Quick View

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    The Killing Jar

    Black Moth are four super talented individuals, Harriet Bevan - vocals, Jim Swainston - guitar, Dave Vachon - bass, and Dom McCready, battering the crap out of his drums. Formed 2 years ago out of the ashes of Leeds garage rockers The Bacchae, the band were seduced by the brutal and hypnotic lure of the riff, to emerge translucent skinned and bleary eyed from their cocoon as the ferocious kick-ass heavy rock outfit that is Black Moth (see attached scan). Taking a powerful chunk of influence from proto-punk acts such as Iggy and the Stooges, Motorhead and early Alice Cooper as well as a sliver of 90s grunge and stoner rock and a big dose of doom, Black Moth draw out the darker elements and combine them with the heaving riffs of heavy metal giants, Pentagram and Black Sabbath, with hooks so sharp you could hang a corpse on them. They also look to more current acts such as the Melvins, Sleep and Electric Wizard for inspiration, though singer, Harriet Bevan, still maintains a vocal style that evokes the haunting psychedelia of Grace Slick and psych-Satanist, Jinx Dawson from Coven: the woman responsible for the sign of the horns in rock'n'roll. Enter Mr Jim Sclavunos, the multi talented Grinderman and Bad Seed, not to mention the superbaaad connoisseur of the mixing console, fresh from producing the storming second Jim Jones Revue album. One of their shows was all it took. "Black Moth reminds me of my misspent youth" he said. And judging by the all out assault that he's crafted with the Moth, he must have been a very bad boy indeed. The Killing Jar is their debut from New Heavy Sounds and it rocks like a bastard.
    1. The Articulate Dead
    2. Blackbirds Fall
    3. Banished But Blameless
    4. Spit Out Your Teeth
    5. The Plague Of Our Age
    6. Chicken Shit
    7. Blind Faith
    8. Plastic Blaze
    9. Land Of The Sky
    10. Honey Lung
    Black Moth
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Killing Gods (Clear Vinyl) The Killing Gods (Clear Vinyl) Quick View

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    The Killing Gods (Clear Vinyl)

    Pressed On Limited Edition Clear Vinyl

    MISERY INDEX returns with a fury worthy of the title of their new album, The Killing Gods. With their fifth full-length, the American icons of hard hitting brutality display the strength of maturity grown out of the experience gained as a relentless touring machine. The general trend of their continuous evolution to incorporate fewer core elements and move towards classic death metal finds a new high water mark with "The Killing Gods". Now brace, hold tight and duck for cover, for the wrath of the gods is upon us!

    LP 1
    1. Urfaust
    2. The Calling
    3. The Oath
    4. Conjuring The Cull
    5. The Harrowing
    6. The Killing Gods
    7. Cross To Bear

    LP 2
    1. Gallows Humor
    2. The Weakener
    3. Sentinels
    4. Colony Collapse
    5. Heretics

    Misery Index
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Kill The Moonlight Kill The Moonlight Quick View

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    Kill The Moonlight

    Building on the momentum of 2001's critically acclaimed GIRLS CAN TELL, Spoon unveiled KILL THE MOONLIGHT the following year. Keeping things spare, yet surprisingly eclectic, is what elevates KILL THE MOONLIGHT above similarly conceived underground albums; this quality helped to make it one of 2002's most lauded indie-rock releases. This 180 gm vinyl re-issue includes a coupon for mp3 download!
    1. Small Stakes
    2. The Way We Get By
    3. Something To Look Forward To

    4. Stay Don't Go
    5. Jonathon Fisk
    6. Paper Tiger
    7. Someone Something
    8. Don't Let It Get You Down

    9. All The Pretty Girls Go To The City

    10. You Gotta Feel It

    11. Back To The Life
    12. Vittorio E
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kill The House Lights Kill The House Lights Quick View

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    Kill The House Lights

    Kill the House Lights is a compilation album by New Jersey rock group Thursday. The album includes many unreleased versions of older songs as well as three new songs.
    LP 1
    1. Ladies And Gentlemen: My Brother The Failure

    2. Dead Songs

    3. Voices On A String

    4. Signals Over The Air (Live At Starland Ballroom)

    5. How Long Is The Night (Original Intro)
    6. A Sketch For Time's Arrow

    7. Panic On The Streets Of Health Care City
    8. The Roar Of Far Off Black Jets
    9. Paris In Flames (Demo)
    10. Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Rich Costey Mix)
    11. Wind Up (Demo)
    12. Music From Kill The House Lights (Demo)

    LP 2
    1. Cross Out The Eyes (Live At The Grove)
    2. Steps Ascending (Live At The Grove)
    3. How Long Is The Night? (Live At The Grove)

    4. Concealer (Demo)
    5. Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Demo)

    1. Feature Length Movie: Kill The House Lights
    2. At This Velocity (Live)
    3. Other Side Of The Crash (Live)
    4. Paris In Flames (Live)
    5. Autobiography Of A Nation (Live)
    6. Understanding In A Crash (Live)
    7. Signals Over The Air (Live)
    8. Sugar In The Sacrament (Live)

    9. Jet Black New Year (Live)
    10. Steps Ascending (Live)
    11. Division St. (Live)
    12. I Am The Killer
    13. Moe, Larry, & Surly

    14. Ballad Of Andrew

    Vinyl LP + DVD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Kill The Lights Kill The Lights Quick View

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    Kill The Lights

    Kill the Lights is the fifth studio album by American country artist Luke Bryan via Capitol Records Nashville. The album's lead single, Kick the Dust Up, was released to radio on May 19, 2015. Strip It Down was released as the second single from the album on 4 August, 2015.

    Kill the Lights garnered positive reviews from music critics. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, moving 345,000 equivalent units in the week ending 13 August. He was also nominated for Entertainer of the Year & Male Vocalist (CMA Awards).

    1. Kick the Dust Up
    2. Kill The Lights
    3. Strip It Down
    4. Home Alone Tonight
    5. Razor Blade
    6. Fast
    7. Move
    8. Just Over
    9. Love It Gone
    10. Way Way Back
    11. To The Moon And Back
    12. Huntin, Fishin and Lovin Every Day
    13. Scarecrows
    Luke Bryan
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Don't Kill The Magic Don't Kill The Magic Quick View

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    Don't Kill The Magic

    RCA Records recording artist Magic! is set to release their debut album, Don't Kill The Magic in 2014. Their first single "Rude" is making waves and heating up the charts and has already sold over 750,000 singles worldwide. "Rude" has flown up the Billboard Digital Songs Chart going Top 35 in under three weeks. The song is at hit at iTunes sitting in the top 15 on the Top Song chart and top 5 on the Pop chart and is top 3 on the Shazam US Chart.

    The band has already seen massive global success for "Rude" in Canada (double platinum), Australia (4X Platinum) and New Zealand (Platinum). "Rude" was the first Canadian (CanCon) debut single to reach #1 (HotAC) in the history of Mediabase! "Rude" also reached #1 in Australia and #2 in New Zealand.

    Additionally the band is featured on Shakira's new self-titled album on a song called "Cut Me Deep" as well as has a song on the One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 Fifa World Cup™ Album titled, "This Is Our Time".

    Magic! consists of Nasri Atweh (lead vocals), Mark Pelli (guitar), Alex Tanas (drums) and Ben Spivak (bass). The band is based in Los Angeles and is not new to the business. Lead singer, Nasri, is an award winning songwriter and one-half of the Messengers (the songwriting team who have composed hit songs for artists such as Justin Bieber, Pitbull, and Chris Brown).

    1. Rude
    2. No Evil
    3. Let Your Hair Down
    4. Stupid Me (Explicit Version)
    5. No Way No
    6. Paradise
    7. Don't Kill the Magic
    8. One Woman One Man
    9. Little Girl Big World
    10. Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
    11. How Do You Want to Be Remembered
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kill The Dreamer's Dream Kill The Dreamer's Dream Quick View

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    Kill The Dreamer's Dream

    Debut confronto-rock album from SF-Oakland's FLESHIES. Punk-in-your-face mayhem. Fast. Loud. Good stories. Partial nudity. What else do you want? Touring!

    It seems many classic sounding punk bands are either unwilling, or unable, to take vintage punk rock and try and rework it into something exciting and energetic. They seem content to merely regurgitate tired '77-'82 cliches. FLESHIES are NOT one of those bands. Instead of simply re-visiting classic punk (or even re-inventing it) FLESHIES re-capture what it was all about. They don't sound like a new band using punk as a touchstone, they sound like a band that emerged from that era. One of the most exciting aspects of punk's first and second waves was that bands were trying to put their own unique stamp on rock 'n' roll. THE GERMS sounded nothing like X which sounded nothing like BLACK FLAG which sounded nothing like THE RAMONES, which sounded nothing like PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES which sounded nothing like DEAD KENNEDYS which sounded nothing like SEX PISTOLS (you get the picture) but still each one of those bands was undeniably punk.

    FLESHIES have tapped into the energy that defined classic punk but they have avoided tapping into the sound. They are doing their own thing, but it is undeniably punk as hell. Imagine taking a 70s hard rock guitar band and have them use the Detroit sound as a launching pad for playing hardcore punk in L.A. in 1980. I can't describe it any better than that, other than to say my description is only a pale shadow of how impressive the FLESHIES are. --Jeb Branin, In Music We Trust

    1. (what if we) arm the homeless
    2. meatball
    3. fat cop
    4. yes, i'm starting shit
    5. shitface
    6. you!
    7. locofoco motherfucker
    8. 3 x 10
    9. big green teeth
    10. 2 hotels and a set
    11. gooba says there's no tomorrow
    12. crimson dildo
    13. the biggest snowball
    14. dickholyhalo
    15. south miami beach
    16. led fuckin' zeppelin, man
    17. enough sleep
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • If The Roses Don't Kill Us If The Roses Don't Kill Us Quick View

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    If The Roses Don't Kill Us

    If The Roses Don't Kill Us was made with Grammy-winning producer Dave Sanger (Asleep at the Wheel) and his partners PJ Herrington and Jay Reynolds. They created a relaxed atmosphere in the studio that gaveDenny's vocals a sharp, visceral presence. The album opener, "Happy Sad" sets the stage for all that follows. When Denny strums a minor chord and sings the word "sad," you're pulled into his world of intense melancholy.

    The descending melody line and bluesy guitar lines of "God's Height" gives the tune a sense of anguished longing, mitigated by Denny's playful vocal. "I was laughing about the thoughts you get at the end of a relationship when you think you're not good enough, but you know you're going to survive." The churchy B3 organ on "Our Kind of Love" suggests Memphis in the early 60s, a feeling echoed in Denny's crooning. "No matter how bad it seems, we only have this moment. When I wrote, 'It's our love, darlin', and we beat ourselves black and blue,' I was realizing how much I love my dark feelings."

    Denny's jubilant vocal dominates "Watch Me Shine" with chiming acoustic guitar and sustained bell-like synthesizer notes adding to the track's righteous mood. "If the Roses Don't Kill Us" is pure country funk with a New Orleans brass band supporting Denny's lively vocal. "Sometimes you have to go crazy to figure out what's important to you," Denny explains. "This is about leaving a relationship when you know the situation isn't really resolved." That ambivalence is the thread that holds the songs on If The Roses Don't Kill Us together. Denny's barely restrained vocals have the ability to describe contradictory feelings with an intensity that gives every word he sings the ring of painful truth. His shimmering, one-of-a-kind voice reaches you on a deep emotional level, touching your heart and soul to deliver his hard won insights with an honesty that makes his singing and songwriting something unique and rare.

    1 Happy Sad

    2 God's Height

    3 Our Kind Of Love

    4 Wings

    5 Million Little Thoughts

    6 Watch Me Shine

    7 If The Roses Don't Kill Us

    8 Love Is A Code Word

    9 Man A Fool

    10 Ride On

    11 Radio

    12 Some Things

    Christopher Denny
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kill From The Heart (Awaiting Repress) Kill From The Heart (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Kill From The Heart (Awaiting Repress)

    In the dark ages before SXSW, there was a bar called Raul's that was the center of the Austin, TX punk scene. Actually, it basically was the whole scene and the Dicks were born from it. The Dicks made a big splash with their first single, Hate the Police, and then recorded Kill From the Heart just before vocalist Gary Floyd moved to San Francisco.

    In those magical couple years of the Dicks' infancy in Texas, they made a dynamic impact on many people with a stellar live show that mixed punk and politics. Alongside Floyd, the original lineup was guitarist Glen Taylor, bassist Buxf Parrot and drummer Pat Deason. Unfortunately, they imploded in 1983.

    Alternative Tentacles is proud to present a very necessary reissue of the band's beloved first LP. If you aren't familiar with 1983's Kill From the Heart, then you need to be aware of this bona-fide classic of Reagan-era punk, a record that most likely inspired many of the artists that inspired you. This very important document has been remastered with love by Jello Biafra.

    1. Anti-Klan (Part 1)
    2. Rich Daddy
    3. No Nazi's Friend
    4. Marilyn Buck
    5. Kill From The Heart
    6. Little Boy's Feet
    7. Pigs Run Wild
    8. Bourgeois Fascist Pig
    9. Purple Haze
    10. Anti-Klan (Part 2)
    11. Right Wingy/White Wing
    12. Dicks Can't Swim:
    I. Cock Jam
    II. Razor Blade Dance
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  • Kill It, Kid - The Essential Collection Kill It, Kid - The Essential Collection Quick View

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    Kill It, Kid - The Essential Collection

    Special 180 gram vinyl release featuring ragtime blues legend immortalized by Bob Dylan in his song "blind willie Mctell!" Features 12 of Willie's best tracks including "Kill it, Kid" and "Dying Crapshooter's blues" as well as duets with his wife Kate McTell (also known as Ruby Glaze)!
    1. Kill It, Kid
    2. Dying Crapshooter's Blues
    3. Savannah Mama
    4. Lord, Send Me An Angel
    5. Dying Gambler (with Kate McTell)
    6. Boll Weevil
    7. Statesboro Blues
    8. Low Down Blues (with Kate McTell)
    9. Rollin' Mama Blues (with Kate McTell)
    10. Broke Down Engine Blues
    11. Death Cell Blues
    12. Lay Some Flowers On My Grave
    Blind Willie McTell
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kill Yourself Dancing - The Story Of Sunset Records 1985-88 Kill Yourself Dancing - The Story Of Sunset Records 1985-88 Quick View

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    Kill Yourself Dancing - The Story Of Sunset Records 1985-88

    Flashback to Chicago in 1985, when House Music was just being born. A few kids - Matt Warren, Miguel Garcia and Ralphi Rosario, get together to join forces with the already established Sunset Mobile Disco - owned by brothers Alex and Robert Rojo - to create a new record label as an outlet for their productions.

    In the following 4 years, Sunset Records Inc. released some of the most groundbreaking Chicago House records, mixing New Wave, Disco and Industrial influences with beat tracks and a huge amount of talent expertly scouted by Matt Warren & Miguel Garcia. While largely remaining in the shadows of larger labels like Trax and Dj International, the metamorphosis of Sunset Mobile Disco into Sunset Records Inc. perfectly illustrates the wide range of influences that gave Chicago's dance scene its unique sound.

    LP 1
    1. Razz - Kill Yourself Dancing
    2. Ben Mays - Lover Man
    3. White Knight - It Could Be Acid
    4. Boom Boom & Master Plan - Face the Music Dub Mix

    LP 2
    1. Modern Mechanical Music- Persia
    2. Master Plan - Electric Baile (Commercial Mix)
    3. Hex Complexx - I Want You The Transcontinental Mix
    4. Matt Warren - Rock The Nation Remixed By Kenny Jason

    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Phuncky Feel One/How I Could Just Kill A Man The Phuncky Feel One/How I Could Just Kill A Man Quick View

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    The Phuncky Feel One/How I Could Just Kill A Man

    Technically a "Double A-Side," Cypress Hill's first single, from 1991, took a minute to penetrate the rap scene at large. Once it took hold, though, there was no turning back. Part of the delay may have been the aural dichotomy shown here - "The Phunky Feel One" is a ridiculously funky groover, laced with liquid flows that might not create a full-on party vibe, but certainly brought listeners to the brink of the dancefloor. The flip, which eventually became the group's breakthrough (thanks in part to its use in the climax to the film "Juice"), was a claustrophobic exploration of the gang lifestyle and mindset that was prevalent in the LA of the late '80s and early '90s. "Here is something you can't understand," the chorus snarled, "How I could just kill a man." According to group members, "Phunky Feel" was their record label's choice for the A-Side, and "Kill A Man" was the song they themselves wanted to show the world with their first shot. No matter which way you slice it, the single showed an impressive range in just two songs - a complexity which would soon be fully exposed with the group's debut LP later that year.
    1. The Phuncky Feel
    2. How I Could Just Kill A Man (The Killer Mix )
    Cypress Hill
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  • Smoking Kills Smoking Kills Quick View

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    Smoking Kills

    The Disciplines are made up of three Norwegians, ex-members of Nordic pop success story Briskeby, and one American, Ken Stringfellow, whose extensive resume includes founding one of the '90s most critically acclaimed bands, the Posies. Smoking Kills is snarly, but catchy; direct, but not dumb; winky but not snarky. The songs race by in brutal efficiency, and within the garage-y production you might miss the delicate smattering of wordplay tucked in amongst the singalong choruses.
    1. Yours For the Taking
    2. Wrong Lane
    3. Get It Right
    4. Best Mistake
    5. There's A Law
    6. Falling Knives

    7. Hurricane
    8. I Got Tired
    9. Like So Many Times Before

    10. No Vacancy
    11. Cause of FX
    12. Shadow Of Your Doubt
    13. Oslo
    The Disciplines
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