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The Drift

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  • The Drift The Drift Quick View

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    The Drift

    He never really went anywhere, but he's back again at the ripe age of 63 anyway. Sounding younger than ever before, Scott Walker's spirit truly soars here. There are a lot of ways you might introduce the stunning and towering singularity of Walker's new work The Drift. As the critic Cynthia Ozick once said of novelist William Gaddis (three novels in thirty years): he may not have been "prolific," but "instead he has been prodigious, gargantuan, exhaustive, subsuming fates and conditions under a hungry logic."

    Hungry logic? Oh yes: songs you feel you could almost run a finger along and come away with brick dust or splinters, traces of blood curdled sand. It's the immense and beckoning, blistering noise of The Drift that tells the real story here, but also the microscopic attention to 'background' detail, layer upon layer, quotations, discreet little sonic movies full of scent and chill and bruise, clue and ricochet and close up.

    Walker more or less invents a world with each new song, the shock of which being partly that he should treat subjects like this at all, that he should treat us with this immoderate cast: Cossacks framed in mnemonic petals, ill-fated lovers rubbing shoulders like dead moons, Elvis baying in Memphis moonlight, Mussolini hanging like something from a Francis Bacon tarot deck, songs for and from all our Black Septembers, all our German autumns, all the nines, elevens, ones, zeros in a mangle of newspeak.

    There are a lot of self-proclaimedly 'experimental' artists clamoring for our attention, but who else gives us so much space in song, yet still a recognizable song, one marked by sex and pity and perplexity and rage, all the while keeping his ego to a bare minimum. Who else allows so many other voices; unlikely, unmoored, unmourned voices, into his songs?

    Who else gives us language back as such a shock and surprise, as here, in the incredible risk and wager and crisis of The Drift, hear how sweeps and heaps of gory or holy or horrific confusion and reflection and fall are rendered with so precise and unfaltering and unique an ear, eye and throat, by this man alone, out of time, our first and last and best recording angel, the last Modernist left standing, the only one left alive! Artwork by Vaughan Oliver.

    1. Cossacks Are
    2. Clara
    3. Jesse
    4. Jolson And Jones

    1. Cue
    2. Hand Me Ups
    3. Buzzers
    4. Psoriatic
    5. The Escape
    6. A Lover Loves

    Scott Walker
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  • Weird Drift Weird Drift Quick View

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    Weird Drift

    This time album features the vocals of a Vezelay, a.k.a. French singer and producer Matthieu Le Berre, who brings a gentle poised falsetto to the duo's productions along with a delicate but hopeful angst. 'Weird Drift' has a restrained and varied sense of emotional drama, but also a deeper sense of happiness, or at least the sense of becoming happy that was only hinted at on the first record. This can be heard in the breathy vocal harmonies of ballad 'Rain', in the building arpeggios, open guitar chords and skittering, trappish hi-hats of 'Boxes' or 'Lumber's industrial drum tattoo, it's sad chords set against Matthieu's anxious, delay-smothered vocals. The album switches mood with the nostalgic, dewy Rhodes and recorder of 'Liverpool', acting as a brief impressionistic pallet cleanser before the grinning bounce of 'Sultana', which has the kind of melody (and keyboard solo!) not heard from Mike since his collaboration 'Mike and Rich' with Richard 'Aphex Twin' James.
    1. Self-Importance
    2. Rain (ft. Vezelay)
    3. Boxes (ft. Vezelay)
    4. Lumber (ft. Vezelay)
    5. Liverpool
    6. Sultana
    7. Triumph (ft. Vezelay)
    8. Florence (ft. Vezelay)
    9. Shoe Soul (ft. Vezelay)
    10. Foghorn
    11. Amniotic
    12. Empires (ft. Vezelay)
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  • Drifting Your Majesty (Awaiting Repress) Drifting Your Majesty (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Drifting Your Majesty (Awaiting Repress)

    The driving force behind Desertshore is the partnership between guitarist Phil Carney and keyboard player Chris Connolly. The former has played with both of sadcore king Mark Kozelek's bands, Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon, and the latter has a classical background, though he also loves the gauzy, ethereal indie rock sounds that came out of England's 4AD label (which was also home to Red House Painters). With third man Dave Muench on drums and a couple of guests (including Kozelek), Carney and Connolly made Desertshore's all-instrumental debut album a place where all their varied influences intertwine.

    The album's title offers a hint about the mood of the music -- Drifting Your Majesty maintains a haunting, dreamlike quality throughout its 14 tracks. Though these pieces are not without dynamics, they remain on the impressionistic, ethereal side, whether it's an intimate duet between Connolly and Carney that's taking place, or something more fully fleshed out with rhythm section and second guitar. As the tunes gently rise and fall, they roll rather seamlessly through a wide array of styles, blending psychedelia, post-rock, and international touches. Sometimes these tracks evoke the mellower, more contemplative circa end-of-1969 Neil Young or Grateful Dead improvisatory expeditions (Desertshore are, after all, a Bay Area band). At other points, there are echoes of a more contemporary post-rock sound à la Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky, and occasionally, Connolly and Carney dip into some Middle Eastern-tinged modalities, suggesting some quality time spent listening to early world music-inclined '60s guitarists like Peter Walker and Sandy Bull. Drifting Your Majesty manifests a moody, meditative feeling, but is never monochromatic.

    - James Allen (All Music Guide)

    1. Black Mirror Water
    2. The Town Alight
    3. Mojave Mirage
    4. Gwynnedd
    5. Beautiful Descent
    6. Darkhan
    7. Drifting Your Majesty
    8. Koko
    9. Plataea
    10. Right Favor
    11. Sixteen Drawers
    12. Jordan Heavyhand
    13. Maurice In Reflection
    14. Deep Forest Echoes
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  • Noumena Noumena Quick View

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    San Francisco's The Drift create music that Tortoise should have made. Taking their name to heart, The Drift do just that - from ambient noise and elegant guitar rock to mournful jazz ballads and stunted, down-tempo hip-hop - all with the subtle grace that's to be expected from veterans of the sound. Existing somewhere between Miles Davis's In A Silent Way and Tarentel's From Bone To Satellite, The Drift compose predestined soundtracks for everyday life - not only perfect for a night on the beach, but just as suitable for the long drive getting there. Their music is inescapably passionate, executed with just enough wide-eyed improvisation to sound eternally fresh.
    1.Gardening, Not Architecture
    2.Invisible Cities
    3.Hearts Are Flowers
    5.Noumena - (vinyl only bonus track)
    6.Inconsistency Principle
    7.For Grace and Stars - (vinyl only bonus track)
    8.Fractured Then Gathered (Reprise)
    The Drift
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  • Blue Hour Blue Hour Quick View

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    Blue Hour

    Blue Hour is the first release by The Drift since the passing of their indelible trumpet player, Jeff Jacobs, but his spirit is undeniably present throughout the album. Without a doubt their most meditative release since their Travels In Constants debut, Blue Hour eases off the jazz and dub influences that had become a trademark of The Drift's sound, and instead focuses on hypnotic repetition and subtle, textural layering of guitars, keyboards, electric bass and drums.
    1. Dark Passage
    2. Bardo I
    3. Horizon
    4. The Skull Hand Smiles / May You Fare Well
    5. Bardo II
    6. Continuum
    7. Luminous Friend
    8. Hello From Everywhere
    9. Fountain
    Drift, The
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  • Birds Can't Surf / Shark! Shark! Birds Can't Surf / Shark! Shark! Quick View

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    Birds Can't Surf / Shark! Shark!

    1. Birds Can't Surf

    2. Shark! Shark!
    Drifting Sand
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  • Memory Drawings Memory Drawings Quick View

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    Memory Drawings

    The follow-up to their debut Noumena. Though the music on this release is familiar, there's a depth to both the performance and production that feels new. The direct-to-analog tape mix is used as another instrument to help shape each song, channeling the mythos of late 60s jazz and late 70s dub classics. They've also expanded their influences with shades of afro-beat and disco-soul.
    1.If Wishes Were Like Horses
    2.Uncanny Valley
    3.I Had A List And I Lost It
    4.Years Gone By

    1.Golden Sands
    2.Smoke Falls
    3.Lands End
    4.Floating Truth

    The Drift
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  • Royal Blues Royal Blues Quick View

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    Royal Blues

    Drifting away from the electro-synth pop of previous efforts, the Canadian trio channel dreamy, late-night disco, sugary euphoria, and darkness on their fourth full-length LP. US Vinyl release.
    1. Let The Night Fall
    2. Body 2 Body
    3. Lonely Heart
    4. Royal Blues
    5. Sweet Poison (featuring Dada)
    6. Secret Stash (featuring Mike Mago)
    7. Save My Neck
    8. Darth Vader
    9. High Five
    10. Detonate
    11. Love Can't Touch Me Now
    12. Lost Teenagers
    13. Future Ghost
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  • Bish Bosch (Awaiting Repress) Bish Bosch (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Bish Bosch (Awaiting Repress)

    Scott began writing new material around 2009 - whilst also scoring the ROH 2's Duet For One Voice ballet - recording it sporadically over the following three years. The end result is Bish Bosch, a tauter but more colourful experience than The Drift, with greater emphasis on processed, abrasive guitars, digital keyboards and thick silences.
    1. 'See You Don't Bump His Head'
    2. Corps De Blah
    3. Phrasing
    4. SDSS1416+13B (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)
    5. Epizootics!
    6. Dimple
    7. Tar
    8. Pilgrim
    9. The Day The "Conducator" Died
    Scott Walker
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  • Drifter's Temple Drifter's Temple Quick View

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    Drifter's Temple

    Portland, OR musician Dewey Mahood is one of the most versatile and prolific musicians in the modern psychedelic underground. As Plankton Wat, he has explored the outer reaches of folk and synthesized drift since the mid-aughts, and his dedication to improvisation above all else, his restless exploratory spirit, has earned him his place as a dark horse in the continuum of contemporary sonic explorers such as Sun Araw (with whom he has collaborated), Expo '70, Steve Gunn, Herbcraft, and Daniel Higgs.
    1. Toward the Golden City
    2. Changing Winds
    3. Klamath at Dusk
    4. Nightfall
    5. Empire Mines
    6. Hash Smuggler's Blues
    7. Dance of Lumeria
    8. Western Lament
    9. Bread of Dreams
    10. Siskiyou Caverns
    Plankton Wat
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  • New Weather New Weather Quick View

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    New Weather

    With their debut album New Weather has done something rare: they've made the sonic equivalent of visual art. Renown painter Tomory Dodge joins Sean Curley and Amber Rosino in a daring electronic instrumental album. We hear the celestial scrapings of Stockhausen, the minimalism of Kraftwerk or Stereolab, the grooves of Air and the ambient drift of Boards of Canada, even the insistent psychedelia of early Pink Floyd -- all layered masterfully into New Weather's own concoction. Based in Seattle, New Weather will be performing throughout 2013-14 in support of this album.
    1. Slip
    2. Automatic Morning
    3. Heat Death
    4. 6EQUJ5
    5. Everything
    New Weather
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • KAB SpeedStrobe KAB SpeedStrobe Quick View

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    KAB SpeedStrobe

    The KAB SpeedStrobe was designed to replace and improve upon older strobe designs that relied on power line frequency. We also wanted something that was easier to use and included the ability to actually measure small amounts of error. Not just a go - no - go - test.

    The KAB SpeedStrobe features a quartz locked illuminator with 99.99% accuracy. And since it is battery operated, it works everywhere. No need for 50 or 60 Hz versions. The Disc is silk screen printed on durable 20 mil PVC.

    Instead of hypnotic bars, the KAB SpeedStrobe features the actual speed numbers. In use, the desired speed is read directly from the disc. no searching for the right band. Covers 16.66, 33.33, 45, 70.59 - 90 RPM. By timing the drift of the display over one minute, accuracy can be measured to 0.03%

    Many Hi End turntables today still use hysteresis synchronous motors which rely on the line frequency to achieve accurate rotation. Using a conventional strobe to measure these turntables reveals a flaw: If the line frequency is low, the turntable will run slow, but so will the fluorescent light used to illuminate the strobe disc. Result: the strobe may show the correct speed, even though it is wrong! There is a definite need for an independent quartz crystal controlled illuminator.

    The KAB SpeedStrobe is fully independent thereby eliminating major sources of error. And the large disc is very easy to read.

    The really great features to take note of with the KAB SpeedStrobe is the ease of use and absolute accuracy.

    The KAB SpeedStrobe is unique in 2 ways. First, it does not rely on line frequency like other strobe discs. We have heard our share of stories that confirm what we have always suspected: line frequency variations are common. And if your turntable uses a hysteresis synchronous type motor, it will be susceptible to speed variations.

    Second, conventional strobe discs use a series of hypnotic bars that freeze in motion when the turntable is at the correct speed. Thats fine for a turntable that can adjust its speed. But have you ever tried to time those marks so you can measure accuracy? It is nearly impossible. The KAB SpeedStrobe disc uses large easy to read numbers. It is very easy to time the drift of this display. This lets you measure fixed speed turntables and determine their accuracy.

    KAB Electro-Acoustics
    SpeedStrobe Buy Now
  • Home Home Quick View

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    It's been three years since the release of Nosaj Thing's highly acclaimed debut album, Drift, which topped countless best of year lists, but 2013 will mark a new chapter for the 27-year-old producer, musician and DJ from Los Angeles. With a new album, label and imprint for Innovative Leisure, Home marks the first time Nosaj has incorporated guest vocalists. Having remixed and worked with the likes of The XX, Flying Lotus, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beck & Kendrick Lamar, it was time to incorporate a few collaborations of his own with Toro Y Moi and Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead) providing ethereal vocals for two of the tracks on Home. The rest of the album is rounded with Nosaj's signature cinematic soundscapes that explore the space from where Drift left off.
    1. Home
    2. Eclipse/Blue [feat. Kazu Makino]
    3. Safe
    4. Glue
    5. Distance
    6. Tell
    7. Snap
    8. Prelude
    9. Try [feat. Toro y Moi]
    10. Phase III
    11. Light 3
    Nosaj Thing
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  • Maiden Powers Maiden Powers Quick View

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    Maiden Powers

    Nerftoss "Maiden Powers" is an album by which to better appreciate the days that we have. John Jones, maybe known to some as a riffer in Baltimore band Dope Body, has made a record more interested in the light filling the room than the architecture itself. Half serious half playful the album works with pop concepts that often drift into fierce forms of sonic exploration that then lead back to a familiar listening space.
    1. Mediums
    2. Calibur
    3. Bount Sweat
    4. Reaching
    5. Bottomless
    6. Porsch
    7. Dream Of Pennies
    8. Binje
    9. Plaza Entrance
    10. Your Highness
    11. Industry Portal
    12. Corner Prohphet
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Like Mirage Like Mirage Quick View

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    Like Mirage

    Moholy-Nagy is the moniker of San Francisco /
    Berlin-based musicians Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (The
    Alps), Danny Paul Grody (The Drift) and Trevor
    Montgomery (Lazarus, The Drift). The trio are the
    founding members of Tarentel a group that helped
    inspired a decades worth of widescreen ambient rock
    and Like Mirage reunites them for the first time since
    that group's sophomore album, The Order of Things,
    was released almost a decade ago.

    Recorded and mixed by Phil Manley of Trans Am and
    The Fucking Champs, Like Mirage is the culmination
    of many months of improvisation, exploration and a
    few scattered live performances in the Bay Area.
    Although beginning with no particular sound or vision
    in mind, the groups interest slowly began to revolve
    around electric bass, analogue synthesizers, and the
    steady pulse of the drum machine. Expanding their
    pallet while in the recording studio to include piano,
    acoustic and electric guitars and the live drums of
    Damon Palermo (Jonas Reinhardt, Mi Ami), the
    group bottled a vibrant landscape that recalls the late
    70's explosion of cosmic and new age music as if it
    were a sunset descending on the damp streets of San

    1. Tears Of The Prophet
    2. Brute Neighbors
    3. Sunday Brunch
    4. Somersaults
    5. Seagulls
    6. Homeless Comet
    7. Migratory Birds
    8. Astronomy Is A Natural Science
    9. Lunar Zone
    10. Nightjar
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Under The Pale Moon Under The Pale Moon Quick View

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    Under The Pale Moon

    Wymond's previous EP, Earth Has Doors was about intangible and esoteric concepts; the music drifted beautifully in somewhat of an oceanic, boundless state. For the LP, it was very important for him to make the songs be felt somatically. Feeling very raw and alive, he wrote the basic structure for most of the record within a few weeks. Miles creates a big romantic pop record reminiscent of Roxy Music at the height of their power. Under the Pale Moon is a gorgeously dramatic and romantic debut.
    1. Strange Desire
    2. Pale Moon
    3. Singing the Ending
    4. Run Like the Hunted
    5. Youth's Lonely Wilderness
    6. The Thirst
    7. You and I Are of the Night
    8. Lazarus Rising
    9. Badlands
    10. Trapdoors and Ladders
    Wymond Miles
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  • The Host The Host Quick View

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    The Host

    The Host, producer Barry Lynn's new alias, works in a spacey interzone, using vintage gear to create dramatic panoramas for the headphoned mind. His unique suite of modern impressionistic sonics tumble and waft in and out of the mix, grounded with strong melodies that take inspiration from net-age genres while never recalling them directly.

    Throughout this self-titled debut album, vintage synths, drum machines and reverb are exploited to their fullest potential, while guitar and bass explore a sound that sets apart The Host from producers working on computers, creating something much more like an actual band but rich with lively micro-detail.

    Opening track "Neo-Geocities" is full of drifting synths and distorted drum-machine toms reminiscent of a jerry-rigged footwork style; "Angel Fire" melts muted guitar and gentle keys into haywire 808 rhythms; "Internet Archaeology" dubs hazy melodies, tape edits and bass guitar into murky but uplifting melodic shapes. "Hidden Ontology" riffs majestically over arpeggiated synths, while "3AM Surfing" and "Summer Solstice at Cape Canaveral" savor the quiet moments after a good night out.

    "Rainy Sequences/Phosphene Patterns" is a dense and ecstatic blur of sound, coalescing into a pretty guitar melody weaving through the lush noise, and the pastoral drift of "Aeontology" is best appreciated while horizontal. Closing with the delicate and exquisitely detailed spring mood of the gentle "Birthday Bluebells," The Host introduces a focused and unique artist with a strong debut.

    1. Neo-Geocities
    2. Angel Fire
    3. Internet Archaeology
    4. Tryptamine Sweep
    5. Hidden Ontology
    6. Org
    7. 3AM Surfing
    8. Second Life
    9. Rainy Sequences/Phosphene Patterns
    10. Summer Solstice at Cape Canaveral
    11. Aeontology
    12. Birthday Bluebells
    The Host
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  • Quilt Quilt Quick View

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    Listening to their self-titled debut, it's no surprise that the members of Quilt came together out of a shared love of visual art. While their music is steeped in timeless qualities like the gorgeous harmonies on Milo or the twinkling guitar on Utopian Canyon, the entire record is full of expansive, cinematic moments. Each song can be enjoyed independently, but taken as a whole, the record becomes a world of its own: guitars drift languidly, keys sparkle in and out, often following their own threads into the stratosphere, with vocals that are at once powerful and intimate.
    1. Young Gold
    2. Cowboys In The Void
    3. Children of Light
    4. Penobska Oakwalk
    5. Rabid Love
    6. Milo
    7. Utopian Canyon
    8. Lost & Lewd
    9. The Silver Stairs of Ketchikan
    10. Gome Home
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  • Resilient Resilient Quick View

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    "I really love working at the moment and am currently getting down to business on the overdubs. I can hardly wait to present the new material to the many Running Wild fans worldwide," says Rock'n'Rolf.

    The album's opener will be called 'Soldiers Of Fortune', and the title track, 'The Drift' and 'Run Riot' will be three typical Running Wild numbers. The most outstanding song on the album, however, will be called 'Bloody Island', with almost ten minutes playing time one of the longest tracks in Running Wild's career to date. Rolf: "As a composer, it's of course difficult for me to pigeonhole the new material stylistically, but friends who have heard the demo version of 'Bloody Island' claim that it would have fitted in on Pile Of Skulls."

    Rolf explains that Resilient is audibly tougher and more compact than its predecessor Shadowmaker,
    clearly enjoying his revived zest: "Shadowmaker happened to come about slightly unexpectedly and
    spontaneously, even for me. The album has brought back the fun I used to have with Running Wild,
    and my fans will get to feel this fun when Resilient comes out in October!"

    1. Soldiers Of Fortune
    2. Resilient
    3. Adventure Highway
    4. The Drift
    5. Desert Rose
    6. Fireheart
    7. Run Riot
    8. Down To The Wire
    9. Crystal Gold
    10. Bloody Is
    Running Wild
    Vinyl LP + CD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Soft Opening Soft Opening Quick View

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    Soft Opening

    We are excited to announce the second edition of Posse's Soft Opening LP featuring inverted color jacket artwork. Soft Opening follows Posse's 2012 self-titled album and subsequent EP of Smog covers. Band members Sacha Maxim, Paul Wittmann-Todd, and Jon Salzman recorded the album over an extended period of time in their homemade studio, with little external assistance.

    Soft Opening is not intended to be slick and is also not intentionally rough. It is meant to be a degraded reflection of Posse: their optimism, their hopelessness, their limitations, filtered through their abilities and interests.

    These songs are blankets designed with soft colors and graceful edges, made to lay over pits of anger and disappointment. They leap from mercurial, spacious leads to malevolent cross-eyed solos. The rhythm guitar drifts and phases while the bass tiptoes atop the drums. Delay by Boss and Akai. Distortion and fuzz provided by Rivera, ZVex, and Ibanez.

    1. Interesting Thing No. 2
    2. Afraid
    3. Talk
    4. Shut Up
    5. Jon
    6. 2U
    7. Cassandra B.
    8. Zone
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Cobras & Fire (The Mastermind Redux) Cobras & Fire (The Mastermind Redux) Quick View

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    Cobras & Fire (The Mastermind Redux)

    Dave Wyndorf and his henchmen seemingly had the time of their lives when they completely rearranged and boosted Last Patrol in 2014 and christened it Milking the stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol! Now Monster Magnet have gone back even further to the year 2010 and revisited their classic release Mastermind. Even if you know the album inside and out you will not be prepared in the slightest for the trip that is Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux)! Familiar elements drift by and are swallowed whole by thundering psych orgies - Wyndorf often focuses on a singular song fragment and turns it into his ride to total Nirvana. Go look for your daily dose of average rock elsewhere: this is the mindfvck of the year!
    1. She Digs That Hole
    2. Watch Me Fade
    3. Mastermind '69
    4. Cobras And Fire (Hallucination Bomb)
    5. Gods, Punks And The Everlasting Twilight
    6. The Titan
    7. When The Planes Fall From The Sky (Sitar and Psych Version)
    8. Ball Of Confusion
    9. Time Machine (Instrumental)
    10. I Live Behind The Paradise Machine: Evil Joe Barresi's Magnet Mash Vol.1
    Monster Magnet
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Sailing b/w I Saw You Sailing b/w I Saw You Quick View

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    Sailing b/w I Saw You

    Two brand new songs from Seattle, WA group Seapony. The band returns with Sailing, a very mellow and pretty composition that drifts on a simple, sleepy melody, while the b-side is classic upbeat Seapony. These are new songs that will be exclusive to this single. Limited pressing of 600.
    1. Sailing
    2. I Saw You
    7 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Fantastic Shadows The Fantastic Shadows Quick View

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    The Fantastic Shadows

    This fantastic compilation originally released in Italy with its original liner notes in Italian(!), contains 12 tracks, 5 of them are rare B-Side from their early 7", recorded between 1961 and 1963.

    Are you ready to get DRIFTED away?

    This rare gem comes after the release of their first Italian LP on DOXY "Meeting with The Shadows"

    1. Shazam
    2. Geronimo
    3. Shindig
    4. Baby My Heart
    5. Sleepwalk
    6. The Rumble
    7. Atlantis
    8. I Want You To Want Me
    9. 36-24-36
    10. That's My Desire
    11. My Resistance Is Low
    12. Kon-tiki
    The Shadows
    Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Magic Place The Magic Place Quick View

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    The Magic Place

    The Magic Place is the third record from Julianna Barwick, and the first to be released by Asthmatic Kitty.This nine piece, 43 minute album is a cinematic journey through glacial pacing and drifting drones. The occasional icy down-plink of piano, Julianna's gorgeous churchhouse sigh of a voice, a swell of a dozen voices rising in harmony - this is music from the inside of the fortress of solitude, the work of a solitary creator, a message from a crystal palace of reverb and avant-choral bliss.
    2.Keep Up the Good Work
    3.Magic Place, The
    5.White Flag
    7.Bog In Your Gait
    Julianna Barwick
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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