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  • Swordfishtrombones (On Sale) Swordfishtrombones (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Swordfishtrombones (On Sale)

    1. Underground
    2. Shore Leave
    3. Dave the Butcher
    4. Johnsburg, Illinois
    5. 16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six
    6. Town With No Cheer
    7. In the Neighborhood
    8. Just Another Sucker on the Vine
    9. Frank's Wild Years
    10. Swordfishtrombone
    11. Down, Down, Down
    12. Soldier's Things
    13. Gin Soaked Boy
    14. Trouble's Braids
    15. Rainbirds
    Tom Waits
    $24.99 $16.99 Save $8.00 (32%)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Round Midnight - The Minneapolis Broadcast 1975 Round Midnight - The Minneapolis Broadcast 1975 Quick View

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    Round Midnight - The Minneapolis Broadcast 1975



    In December, Tom entered the studios of KQRS Minneapolis for his first ever FM broadcast, floated across the airwaves by that very station and syndicated by many others nationwide.

    Now considered the holy grail of Waits broadcasts amongst serious collectors of the great mans work, this performance featuring Tom Waits alone at his piano with just his magnificent voice as accompaniment, the way he should be heard, is nothing short of staggering.

    This CD contains the full KQRS broadcast in perfect FM stereo quality, during which Tom performs a range of songs taken from his first three records Closing Time , The Heart Of Saturday Night and the aforementioned Nighthawks.

    Bonus tracks include a further three exceptional TV broadcasts from the early to mid 1980s, and include Mr. Siegal performed on Don Lang s show in 1981, plus two 1986 Letterman broadcasts in support of his then brand new masterpiece Swordfishtrombones

    SIDE A

    1. Emotional Weather Report
    2. Eggs & Sausage [Intro.]
    3. Eggs & Sausage
    4. Better Off Without A Wife

    SIDE B

    5. Semi Suite
    6. Spare Parts
    7. The Ghosts Of Saturday / The Heart Of Saturday Night
    8. New Coat Of Paint

    SIDE C

    1. Warm Beer & Cold Women
    2. Virginia Avenue (2:48)
    3. San Diego Serenade
    4. Putnam County
    5. Ol 55

    SIDE D

    6. Mr Siegal [Don Lane Show 1981]*
    7. Tango Till Theyre Sore [David Letterman Show 1986]*
    8. Time [David Letterman Show 1986]*
    *bonus track

    Tom Waits
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Ghost Tropic Ghost Tropic Quick View

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    Ghost Tropic

    The sound movement on GHOST TROPIC will seem sudden to some; without warning. To others, it'll seem a very logical step in a very foreign direction. On its fifth proper full-length, Songs: Ohia has stepped outside the box and has delivered its most subtle record of fantastic depth to date. Indeed this is the most cohesive and album-like Songs: Ohia has ever been. The eight songs on the record sprawl out into one another, telling one long sonic tale, allowing very little room for chapter breaks or piss stops. In this regard, Lou Reed's moody classic BERLIN comes to mind as a worthy fore-bearer. But it's the strange ethnic flavor in which GHOST TROPIC is steeped that makes it stand apart from its predecessors, albums which were all received as crossing guards for the Great American lost highway. Surely this album will leave those expecting such fare scratching their heads. Blending the electro-acoustic minimalism of the David Bowie and Brian Eno Trilogy with the percussive worldliness of Tom Waits' SWORDFISHTROMBONES, the group seems to hop the globe from a British Isles folk rock influence to an Ennio Morricone-like Spaghetti Western feel to the faintest echoes of the Chinese Classical ringing like a death murmur in the distance. And the songs, they build in a slow, unconscious manner, pulsing with an intensity, but never betraying their most simple core with too much instrumentation or calculated progression. Yea! GHOST TROPIC is the first album which reveals Songs: Ohia's own Tropicalia Blues in full bloom.
    Lightning Risked It All
    Body Burned Away
    No Limits on the Words
    Ghost Tropic
    Ocean's Nerves
    Not Just a Ghost's Heart
    Ghost Tropic
    Songs: Ohia
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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