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  • Central Flow Central Flow Quick View

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    Central Flow

    More than 18 years since he left the public spotlight, mysterious mad-genius David Baker, legendary frontman of the original incarnation of Mercury Rev, is back with new band Variety Lights. The masterful new album Central Flow, is a collaboration between Baker and fellow vintage synth addict Will MacLean and demonstrates that Baker has lost none of his flair for the extraordinary, the experimental and the exceptional!

    As co-founder and vocalist of Mercury Rev, Baker helped to forge their revolutionary sound with their first two (and most critically acclaimed) albums; Yerself Is Steam (1991) and Boces (1993). The band were highly innovative and weren't afraid to experiment but above all they were loud, fun and hugely influential. In the UK, the critics embraced the band enthusiastically, as Chris Roberts in Melody Maker said (in his review of Yerself Is Steam): At last, one of those rare records that revolve along once in a blooming moon and have something new to struggle to say. A daring, brazen, and demented juxtaposition of voice and guitars and timpani flings Mercury Rev, lemming like at your more responsive caches of fear.

    Having left the band in 1993, Baker went on to release a solo album World under the moniker Shady, which featured members of the Boo Radleys, Rollerskate Skinny, Swervedriver and Th' Faith Healers. At times soaringly catchy and lightheartedly loony, World is a sonic adventure which Vox described as Awash with fragments of dense noise, stumbling, narcotic-laced tempos and lyrics from outer space that mutate into spiky, bittersweet pop.

    Although there has been much speculation about his life during his time away from the public eye, Baker has continued to make recordings and is an avid music fan, working as a producer for various artists. Now he is back, morphed and transmogrified into Variety Lights (a name lifted from Fellini's first film).

    When he met MacLean, Baker found a songwriting partner who shared a passion for analogue synths and electronic psychedelia. Their initial live to tape experimentations together revealed just how big, crazy and melodic the two of them could sound, and Variety Lights was born.

    Much of Variety Lights' debut was recorded by Baker at his own Over the Trees studio. The sound was created using a mixture of chained around-the-room 80's era midi expanders as well as the duo's collection of vintage keyboards and combining them with an array of drum machines and effected guitars.

    In creating Central Flow's sound, Baker says that personal adventure is and always has been the most important thing. Baker and MacLean found themselves using references to colors, pictures and describing film scenes to help them communicate about their music. As in his early work, Baker took a richly layered approach, using multiple vocals in a search to find emotion in noises and sounds.

    1. Starlit
    2. Establishment
    3. Sea Faraway
    4. Invisible Forest
    5. Silent Too Long
    6. Oh Setting Sun
    7. Sell Your Soul
    8. You Are So Famous
    9. Crystal Cove
    10. Feeling All Alone
    11. Infinity Room
    Variety Lights
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  • I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years Quick View

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    I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years

    Although he'll be forever known as the leader of the legendary band Swervedriver, the third album by frontman Adam Franklin (and first with his long-time band Bolts of Melody) makes a convincing argument for the band's relevance on its' own accord. Following a successful tour with label mates The Church last summer, Franklin & his bandmates quickly entered into Stratosphere Sound in New York and bashed out 12 gems over the fall and early winter of 2009 and have already made several tracks from this collection a part of their live set.

    Nestled somewhere between the feel of Big Star and Sonic Youth Sleep is a perfect balance of sweet harmonies and breezy guitars, that was prevelant on 2009's critically acclaimed Spent Bullets, but is by far Franklin's most accomplished work yet. All 12 tracks showcase a proper band that has found its niche and is not afraid to let it rip without warning but also is comfortable to just lay back and capture the essence of the moment. This album proves that this is no longer a solo project for Franklin but a proper band that has discovered it's own sound. With this being the first under a full band name, I Could Sleep For A Thousand Years, is a stunning debut.

    1. Yesterday Has Gone Forever
    2. I'll Be Yr Mechanic
    3. She's Closer Than I've Ever Been
    4. I Want You Right Now

    5. Mary Gunn
    6. Carousel City
    7. Guernica
    8. Spent Bullets
    9. Sinking Ships
    10. The Road Is Long
    11. Lord Help Me Jesus, I've Wasted A Soul

    12. Take Me To My Leader
    Adam Franklin And Bolts Of Melody
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