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Streetlight Manifesto

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  • Give Up (Deluxe Edition) Give Up (Deluxe Edition) Quick View

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    Give Up (Deluxe Edition)

    You can spend all the time and money in the world trying to craft the perfect pop-music scenario, but sometimes the stars have to align all by themselves. Even though early on the members of The Postal Service jokingly referred to Such Great Heights as "the hit" on their debut album, Give Up, there's no way anyone could have predicted the eventual impact made by a mail-order album designed in a pair of West Coast bedrooms.

    It's been 10 years since the little project that could from Seattelite Ben Gibbard (aka Death Cab For Cutie's frontman) and Angeleno Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel, Figurine) emerged from seemingly nowhere and began to burrow into the ears of anyone who came into contact with the band's infectious electro-pop. To celebrate, Sub Pop is reissuing The Postal Service's sole album, and including in the multi-LP set 15 bonus tracks, including two brand new songs, "A Tattered Line of String" and "Turn Around." On top of that, the band is back together: The Postal Service will hit the road for a long-overdue victory lap, giving most fans their first (and last-seriously, don't ask) chance to see the group in person.

    Of course, the band's music was more than just electro-pop, and the force with which Jimmy and Ben captured the indie-rock zeitgeist of the early aughts made them more of a phenomenon than just a regular old band. That such artists as Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Streetlight Manifesto, and Confide have covered "Such Great Heights" is a testament to both the song's magical spark and its melodic inclusivity. The band's sound is such a touchstone that "Postal Service-esque" has become a generally accepted musical adjective. And it goes way beyond Owl City.

    While it was impossible to anticipate how massive Give Up would become, it was obvious in 2003 that these guys had made something special. Ten years on it's amazing to know that so many people have come to agree.

    1. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
    2. Such Great Heights
    3. Sleeping In
    4. Nothing Better
    5. Recycled Air
    6. Clark Gable
    7. We Will Become Silhouettes
    8. This Place Is a Prison
    9. Brand New Colony
    10. Natural Anthem
    11. Turn Around
    12. A Tattered Line of String
    13. Be Still My Heart
    14. There's Never Enough Time
    15. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
    16. Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)
    17. Grow Old With Me
    18. Such Great Heights (John Tejada Remix)
    19. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (DJ Downfall Persistent Beat Mix)
    20. Be Still My Heart (Nobody Remix)
    21. We Will Become Silhouettes (Matthew Dear Remix)
    22. Nothing Better (Styrofoam Remix)
    23. Recycled Air (Live on KEXP)
    24. We Will Become Silhouettes (Performed by The Shins)
    25. Such Great Heights (Performed by Iron & Wine)
    The Postal Service
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  • You By Me: Volume 2 You By Me: Volume 2 Quick View

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    You By Me: Volume 2

    Back for another volume! this time toh kay has enlisted another tour buddy (legendary word-smith sycamore smith) to engage in mutual song coverage for the second installment of the you by me series. toh kay (also know as tomas kalnoky, front-man of streetlight manifesto) and sycamore smith (of upper peninsula fame) each reinterpret 3 of one another's tunes. The songs have been turned upside down, inside out, recorded and pressed onto cds, vinyl and zeroes and ones. This album will return peace to the middle east.
    1. Shantantitty Town
    2. The Man With The Skeleton Arms
    3. Hokum All Ye Faithful
    4. The Hands That Thieve
    5. Would You Be Impressed?
    6. A Better Place, A Better Time
    Toh Kay & Sycamore Smith
    12 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Streetlight Manifesto: Keasbey Nights Streetlight Manifesto: Keasbey Nights Quick View


    Streetlight Manifesto: Keasbey Nights

    Originally released in March of 1998 by New Jersey heroes CATCH 22, the first recording of Keasbey Nights was hailed as an instant ska classic for its revolutionary combination of upbeat reggae and ska style fused with the much faster, harder edges of punk. A desire for expansion and to push musical boundaries even further led ska visionary Tomas Kalnoky, founding member of CATCH 22 and the primary writer of Keasbey Nights, to form ska supergroup STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO in 1999.

    Now, STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO is ready to present the classic Keasbey Nights to the world again. Keasbey Nights is a revolutionary message to ska fans throughout the world, and will assume its rightful position as a collector's item for any ska fan.

    1. Dear Sergio
    2. Sick and Sad
    3. Keasbey Nights
    4. Day in Day Out
    5. Walking Away
    6. Giving up Giving In
    7. On & On & On
    8. Riding the Fourth Wave
    9. This One Goes Out to...
    10. Supernothing
    11. 9mm and a Three Piece Suit
    12. Kristina She Don't Know I Exist
    13. As the Footsteps Die Out Forever
    14. 12341234
    Streetlight Manifesto
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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