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Son Volt

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  • Notes Of Blue (Awaiting Repress) Notes Of Blue (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Notes Of Blue (Awaiting Repress)

    Led by the songwriting and vocals of Jay Farrar, Son Volt was one of the most instrumental and influential bands in launching the movement of the 1990's. A movement that was the precursor to what is now widely referred to as Americana.

    The 10 songs on Notes Of Blue are inspired by the spirit of the blues, but not the standard blues as most know it. The unique and haunting tunings of Mississippi Fred McDowell, Skip James and Nick Drake were all points of exploration for Farrar for the new collection. The album opens with the country soul of "Promise The World", followed by "Back Against The Wall", a song that could stand alongside the great Son Volt songs of their early albums.

    Farrar possesses one of the most distinctive voices in roots, rock, country or any genre. He exudes a soulful longing combined with a wise-beyond-his-years command that is as arresting and compelling as ever. As a songwriter, Farrar's depth and poetic penchant has been the foundation of a thoughtful, deep and intelligent body of work. Both attributes are on full display on Notes Of Blue, as he touches on themes of redemption and the common struggle, both of which are at the core of the blues. Whether you call it, Americana, roots rock, insurgent country or just good ol' rock 'n' roll, musical trends appear and disappear on regular basis. Notes Of Blue is a testament to the legacy of inspiration and creative spirit that Jay Farrar and Son Volt continue to uphold.

    1. Promise the World
    2. Back Against the Wall
    3. Static
    4. Cherokee St
    5. The Storm
    6. Lost Souls
    7. Midnight
    8. Sinking Down
    9. Cairo and Southern
    10. Threads and Steel
    Son Volt
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  • Trace Trace Quick View

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    Jay Farrar always provided the darkest, grittiest moments in Uncle Tupelo, so it comes as no surprise that Son Volt is a rawer record than A.M., the first album by Wilco, a band led by his former partner Jeff Tweedy. Throughout Son Volt's debut, Trace, the group reworks classic honky tonk and rock & roll, adding a desperate, determined edge to their performances. Even when they rock out, there is a palpable sense of melancholy to Farrar's voice, which lends a poignancy to the music. Trace isn't a great step forward from Tupelo's last album, the lovely Anodyne, but it is a fine continuation of the ideas Farrar has pursued over the course of his career.
    1. Windfall
    2. Live Free
    3. Tear Stained Eye
    4. Route

    5. Ten Second News

    6. Drown

    7. Loose String

    8. Out of the Picture
    9. Catching On

    10. Too Early

    11. Mystifies Me

    Son Volt
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  • Still Feel Gone Still Feel Gone Quick View

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    Still Feel Gone

    1991's Still Feel Gone is the sophomore release from the seminal alt-country group Uncle Tupelo which famously spawned both Jeff Tweedy's Wilco and Jay Farrar's Son Volt upon its demise. The least country sounding album of the band's four record output, Still Feel Gone's 13-tracks unceremoniously pay homage to their garage and punk-rock roots, offering what is arguably the best document of the full range of the band in the process.

    From the country stomp of Looking for a Way Out, to the lap-steel driven Still Be Around and Watch Me Fall, through the Minutemen tribute D. Boon and the solitary shuffle of True to Life, Still Feel Gone finds Uncle Tupelo courageously using the momentum of their impressive debut to not only champion their influences but prove what they're truly capable of in terms of both sound and vision.

    1. Gun
    2. Looking for a Way Out
    3. Fall Down Easy
    4. Nothing
    5. Still Be Around
    6. Watch Me Fall
    7. Punch Drunk
    8. Postcard
    9. D. Boon
    10. True to Life
    11. Cold Shoulder
    12. Discarded
    13. If That's Alright
    Uncle Tupelo
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  • Honky Tonk Honky Tonk Quick View

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    Honky Tonk

    Honky Tonk is Son Volt's first album together in over four yeras. Lead singer Jay Farrar was busy being part of the critically acclaimed album New Multitudes, along with Jim James, which helped to expose him to a whole legion of new fans. Honky Tonk continues his ongoing exploration of America's landscape through the redemptive power of its music. Yet for all its hearkening back to a classic sound, Farrar and company make Honky Tonk feel vital, fresh, and new.
    1. Hearts and Minds
    2. Brick Walls
    3. Wild Side
    4. Down the Highway
    5. Bakersfield
    6. Livin' On
    7. Tears of Change
    8. Angel of the Blues
    9. Seawall
    10. Barricades
    11. Shine On
    Son Volt
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  • One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Music From Kerouac's Big Sur (Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar) One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Music From Kerouac's Big Sur (Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar) Quick View

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    One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Music From Kerouac's Big Sur (Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar)

    LP and DVD

    Jay Farrar (Son Volt) and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) originally got together in 2007 to record music for the Jack Kerouac documentary One Fast Move or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur (Both Gibbard and Farrar appear in the film). That collaboration blossomed into an entire full-length album of the same name with Gibbard and Farrar writing and performing all the songs together. All of the lyrics were taken from Kerouac's 1962 novel Big Sur.

    1. California Zephyr
    2. Low Life Kingdom
    3. Willamine
    4. All In One
    5. Breathe Our Iodine
    6. These Roads Dont Move
    7. Big Sur
    8. One Fast Move Or Im Gone
    9. Final Horrors
    10. Sea Engines
    11. The Void
    12. San Francisco
    Various Artists
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  • Birds Fly South Birds Fly South Quick View

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    Birds Fly South

    New West Records is excited to announce the signing of The Mastersons, a Brooklyn based band who make music that fuses indie pop and folk music with big, sweet melodies (Houston Chronicle.) Eleanor and Chris, who were married in 2009, spent most of the last year on tour with Steve Earle as an integral part of his band The Dukes and Duchesses. Each night, Earle stepped aside mid set and let the Mastersons play. The young couple took the opportunity to introduce audiences to songs from their debut record Birds Fly South.

    Chris and Eleanor met in 2005 appropriately at a music festival; Chris was playing with Jack Ingram and Eleanor with Susan Gibson. Their accomplished songwriting talents and inherent musical ability have allowed them to co-write and play with many high-caliber musicians over the years.

    Chris, who at the age of 13 could be seen playing guitar regularly around his hometown of Houston, collaborated with Jack Ingram on the song Dont Want To Hurt and co-wrote Virginia Belle and Sleeping With The Lights On with Pat Green for his record Cannonball. Hes played in Son Volt, with Bobby Bare Jr, Hank Williams III and Ingram.

    Eleanor, who fell in love with the violin after attending an Itzhak Perlman concert with her opera singer mother, has played with an impressive list of musicians herself including Regina Specktor, Diana Ross, Kelly Willis, Bruce Robison and Angus and Julia Stone. She also has co-writing credits including writing Shape Im In with Susan Gibson (who wrote Wide Open Spaces.)

    Both Eleanor and Chris have released solo albums but Birds Fly South is the first Mastersons album. As Chris recently told the Houston Press, We've been on the road so much the past few years it took some time to jell as one act, says Masterson. We've been writing songs as they came, and we finally started to sound like a band instead of a song swap. So we thought we were ready to do an album together.

    On Birds Fly South, The Mastersons worked with friends in Austin including Grammy Award Winning Engineer Steve Christensen to record their rootsy, melodic, twangy, pop songs. Eleanors whimsy, sultry vocals meet Chris angular guitar playing while their harmonies tangle as they sing dark words dressed in bright melodies. Chris and Eleanor showcase their musical talents playing most of the instruments on the record themselves. They both play electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and high strung guitar with Chris also playing 12-string and resonator guitars while Eleanor also adds tenor guitars, violin, and baritone violin.

    Rounding out the sound on the record is George Reiff playing bass guitar and Falcon Valdez on drums and percussion. Additional players include Mike Hardwick, Sweney Tidball and Andrew Duplantis. Produced collectively by Steve Christensen, Chris Masterson, George Reiff, Falcon Valdez, and Eleanor Whitmore, Birds Fly South was recorded at The Finishing School in Austin, TX.

    1. You Don't Know
    2. Crash Test
    3. The Other Side
    4. Tell Me It's Alright
    5. Money
    6. Would It Really Be A Sin?
    7. Time
    8. One Word More
    9. Fool
    10. No Dancing
    11. Birds Fly South
    The Mastersons
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  • New Multitudes New Multitudes Quick View

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    New Multitudes

    New Multitudes is an intimate interpretation of American icon and musical legend Woody Guthries previously unrecorded lyrics from a dream team of Americana torchbearers: Jay Farrar (Son Volt), Will Johnson (Centro-matic), Anders Parker (Varnaline) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket). What makes this album such a rarity in todays music world is the allowance of the songs infectious simplicity to stand alone in all their glory. In doing so, Farrar, Johnson, Parker and James, pay the greatest compliment to Woody Guthrie and the collaborative spirit he so greatly embodied. This is an album which seamlessly converges the sepia-toned essence of the time honored past with the risks needed to forge the future.

    Under the invitation of Nora Guthrie, Woody's daughter, to tour the Guthrie archives, each of the four songwriters were offered the chance to plumb and mine the plethora of notebooks, scratch pads, napkins, etc. for anything that might inspire them to lend their voices and give the words new life.

    These guys worked on an amazing group of lyrics says Nora. Much of it was culled from Woody's times in L.A. Lyric wise, it's a part of the story that is still mostly unknown. From Woody's experiences on L.A.'s skid row to his later years in Topanga Canyon, they are uniquely intimate, and relate two distinctly emotional periods in his life.

    Musically, it is the sense of collaboration that makes New Multitudes not just another trite and traditional acoustic regurgitation of back porch blues. From the ragged jangle of its opening track, Hoping Machine, the loping lilt of Fly High, the floorboard stomp of No Fear, to the lush warmth and sudden sonic gut punch of My Revolutionary Mind, the cohorts deliver a lesson in discovering a song's sweet spot time and time again. It's the function and preparedness of each artist's dogged work ethic gleaned the old-fashion way; veracious songs, road weary odometers and sweat stained live shows, all attributes of the man they are honoring.

    1. Hoping Machine
    2. Fly High
    3. My Revolutionary Mind
    4. VD City
    5. Old L.A.
    6. Talking Empty Bed Blues
    7. Chorine
    8. Careless Reckless Love
    9. Angel's Blues
    10. No Fear
    11. Changing World
    12. New Multitudes
    Farrar, James, Johnson, & Parker
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  • Traveling Companion Traveling Companion Quick View

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    Traveling Companion

    Traveling Alone - Expanded Edition

    3 180 Gram Vinyl LPs!

    Includes a hardbound lyric book and three custom postcards

    After The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and hometown newspaper The Raleigh News & Observer heralded Traveling Alone as her best album yet, it would have been easy for Tift Merritt to sit back and enjoy the praise. Instead, she embarked on national and international tours, released the classical hybrid album Night with pianist Simone Dinnerstein and dug even further into Traveling Alone to create the beautiful new expanded edition box set. One year after its initial release, the exquisite expanded version comes packaged with an illustrated hardbound lyric book. Merritt commissioned the images from artist Diana Sudyka to help bring her words to life, packaged in a vintage book inspired by her travels and penchant for old fabrics, wallpapers and bookstores. Equally exciting, in addition to Traveling Alone, bonus album Traveling Companion features 10 unreleased acoustic tracks, including Merritt originals and two covers of Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits, recorded this year in Brooklyn's Mason Jar Music studio with guitarist Eric Heywood (The Jayhawks, Son Volt, Alejandro Escovedo). The premiere vinyl LP version includes three 180-gram LPs that span both Traveling Alone and Traveling Companion, the hardbound lyric book and three custom postcards. This is a must-have for Tift Merritt fans new and old.

    Traveling Alone:
    1. Traveling Alone
    2. Sweet Spot
    3. Drifted Apart
    4. Still Not Home
    5. Feeling of Beauty
    6. Too Soon To Go
    7. Small Talk Relations
    8. Spring
    9. To Myself
    10. In the Way
    11. Marks

    Traveling Companion acoustic album:
    1. Traveling Alone
    2. Lingering On
    3. The Train Song
    4. Drifted Apart
    5. Real Understanding
    6. For Free
    7. Real Good On My Own
    8. Country Cemetery
    9. To Myself
    10. Southern Downtown

    Tift Merritt
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  • There's A Blue Bird In My Heart There's A Blue Bird In My Heart Quick View

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    There's A Blue Bird In My Heart

    Anders Parker has a recording of new music coming out June 17th, and it is called There's a Blue Bird in my Heart. Released by his new record label, Recorded & Freed, the album of nine distinct tracks was created in Burlington, Vermont. The initial tracks were all cut live with his band Cloud Badge, before the process relocated to Athens, Georgia for additional recording and mixing by the legendary David Barbe (Bob Mould, Drive-by Truckers, Son Volt), and guest appearances by local Athens talent. This is the first release of new Parker material in over four years. A.P. did not sit idle during the interim, having recorded and released more than twenty-three tracks with the Woody Guthrie-inspired New Multitudes supergroup that also included Jay Farrar, Jim James, and Will Johnson. He also released a beautifully lyrical album of music with longtime ally Kendall Meade called Wild Chorus under the band name, Anders & Kendall. All of these efforts add to the continued entries in the ledger of his life's body of work that include his work with Space Needle, Gob Iron (also with Jay Farrar), five albums recorded under the anonymity of the name Varnaline, five albums recorded under his name, and a live "field recording" from a Portland, Oregon tour stop in 2005.
    1. The Road
    2. Animals
    3. Don't Let The Darkness In
    4. Unspoken
    5. Silver Yonder
    6. Feel It
    7. Epic Life
    8. Jackbooted Thugs (Have All The Best Drugs)
    9. See You On The Other Side
    Anders Parker
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  • Rhythm Machine Rhythm Machine Quick View

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    Rhythm Machine

    Fania records founder Jerry Masucci nurtured a group of musicians who collectively defined the New York-based Latin American dance music called salsa. Masucci packaged his stars in touring revues patterned after the R&B revues mounted by Motown, Stax/Volt and others. The Fania All Stars could thus play such large venues as Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden, promoting both their individual careers and recordings such as Rhythm Machine, which features some big-name jazz guests. Ruben Blades leads a stellar vocal lineup that includes Adalberto Santiago, Hector Casanova, Ada Chabrell, Nancy O'Neill, and Johnny Pacheco, who also plays flute and percussion. Jon Faddis and Randy Brecker are the headliners of a four-piece trumpet section, backed by three trombones, flutes, harp, vibes, and other assorted instruments. --John Swenson
    1. Ella Fue (She Was The One)
    2. En Orbita
    3. Awake
    4. Peanuts (The Peanut Vendor)
    5. Jubileo
    6. Verao Vermelho
    7. Steady (Fijo)
    8. Juan Pachanga (DayLight)
    Fania All Stars
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  • The Natch'l Blues The Natch'l Blues Quick View

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    The Natch'l Blues

    Taj Mahal's second album, recorded in the spring and fall of 1968, opens with more stripped-down Delta-style blues in the manner of his debut, but adds a little more amplification (partly courtesy of Al Kooper on organ) before moving into wholly bigger sound on numbers like She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride and The Cuckoo -- the latter, in particular, features crunchy electric and acoustic guitars and Gary Gilmore playing his bass almost like a lead instrument, like a bluesman's answer to John Entwistle. Most notable, however, may be the two original closing numbers, You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til Your Well Runs Dry) and Ain't That A Lot Of Love, which offer Taj Mahal working in the realm of soul and treading onto Otis Redding territory. This is particularly notable on You Don't Miss Your Water, which achieves the intensity of a gospel performance and comes complete with a Stax/Volt-style horn arrangement by Jesse Ed Davis that sounds more like the real thing than the real thing. Ain't That a Lot of Love, by contrast, is driven by a hard electric guitar sound and a relentless bass part that sounds like a more urgent version of the bassline from the Spencer Davis Group's Gimme Some Lovin'. This LP reissue includes a trio of bonus tracks: a faster-paced rendition of The Cuckoo with a more prominent lead guitar, the slow electric lament New Stranger Blues featuring some good mandolin-style playing on the guitar, and the rocking instrumental Things Are Gonna Work Out Fine, which is a killer showcase for Davis' lead electric guitar and Taj Mahal's virtuosity on the harmonica.
    1. Good Morning Miss Brown (Album Version)
    2. Corinna
    3. I Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Steal My Jellyroll (Album Version)
    4. Going up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
    5. Done Changed My Way of Living
    6. She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride
    7. The Cuckoo (Album Version)
    8. You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til Your Well Runs Dry) (Album Version)
    9. Ain't That a Lot of Love
    Taj Mahal
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Anodyne (Out Of Stock) Anodyne (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Anodyne (Out Of Stock)

    Seminal alternative country-rock group Uncle Tupelo was formed in the Midwestern backwater of Belleville, Illinois, by high school friends Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, and Mike Heldorn. Their marriage of punk rock animus with the simplicity of American roots music ignited a major movement heralding rock's return to traditional country origins. Heldorn had departed, Ken Coomer signed on, and in 1993 the band released one final album, Anodyne, widely considered their definitive work. Recorded live in an Austin studio, the album reinterprets country, rock, and folk idioms with the compelling vision that was Tupelo's own. After parting ways, members went on to found Wilco and Son Volt, but the brief and shining moment that was Uncle Tupelo will forever cast a long shadow on American roots rock.
    1. Slate
    2. Acuff-Rose
    3. The Long Cut
    4. Give Me Back the Key to My Heart
    5. Chickamauga
    6. New Madrid
    7. Anodyne
    8. We've Been Had
    9. Fifteen Keys
    10. High Water
    11. No Sense in Lovin'
    12. Steal the Crumbs
    Uncle Tupelo
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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