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    Taking Hardcore, Grind, Crust, and Metal and playing them all like they're the same thing Seattle's Skarp have crafted a a sonic suicide note that demands to be heard. Adeptly interlaced with samples that set the stage for the ensuing mayhem, Requiem is loosely conceptual, with all fourteen tracks (and an intro) touching on the topic of suicide.
    Throughout the record, the band keeps the proceedings fresh and intense, as bulldozing heavy moments crush the listener under the sheer massive weight of the riffs, while haunting, multi-textural riffs complement the raw power with just enough color in the dark musical landscape. Post-nordic Black Metal-isms segue into raw speed-crust seamlessly, creating a musical balance of terror that is as intense as it is effective.

    Formed in 2000 as a band heavily influenced by Choking Victim, Skarp quickly steered their ships into heavier, more turbulent waters, trading the ska elements for blast beats. Their EPs established the band's presence in the underground and heavy touring throughout the western US, as well as all over Canada followed. In 2004 the band gigged exhaustively throughout Europe for the first time as well. Skarp at last came to the attention of AT's overlord, the irrepressible Jello Biafra after they opened his shows with the Melvins on New Year's 2004/2005 in Seattle. After thoroughly devastating the audience, Biafra knew that AT would be the only logical home for such a passionate and independent act.

    The band was signed and began to craft Requiem under the watchful eye of veteran producer Billy Anderson forging a fearsome aural assault. Skarp's savage brand of grinding mayhem, known as Blackout Grind amongst the band's true believers, will strike a chord with all fans of crust, grind, hardcore and the more virulent strains of metal.

    1. Intro
    2. Requiem
    3. Turn Away
    4. Industrialized
    5. Soulless
    6. Cold Blue Serenity
    7. The Plague
    8. Feed the Addiction
    9. Carrion
    10. Reclaim
    11. One in Five
    12. Hooks
    13. Not a Human
    14. Fuck Your Bad Day
    15. Absence
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