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  • Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Deluxe) (Pre-Order) Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Deluxe) (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Deluxe) (Pre-Order)

    A Newly Expanded And Remastered Edition In Celebration Of The Film's 25th Anniversary

    2xLP Vinyl Package Containing Bonus CD Of Rarities And Unreleased Tracks

    Newly Released Bonus CD Features Previously Unreleased Recordings By Chris Cornell, Mike Mccready, Mudhoney, And Paul Westerberg In Addition To Rarities Such As Cornell's 1992 EP Poncier

    Includes Liner Notes And A Track-By-Track Description Of The Album's Music Written Especially For This Collection By Cameron Crowe, The Screenwriter And Director Of "Singles"

    Epic Soundtrax and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Cameron Crowe's groundbreaking romantic comedy, "Singles," with the release of a newly expanded and remastered edition of the Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album.

    The 2xLP edition features the album's original 13 tracks newly mastered and freshly pressed across four sides of collectible 12 vinyl. The bonus CD of rarities and unreleased tracks is included as a special insert in the 2xLP 12 vinyl package.

    The newly released bonus CD features previously unreleased recordings by Chris Cornell, Mike McCready, Mudhoney, and Paul Westerberg in addition to rarities such as Cornell's 1992 EP Poncier (debuting an early rendition of "Spoonman") and tracks from the film not included on the best-selling soundtrack album first released on June 30, 1992. The success of "Singles" helped establish a then-emerging new generation of rock artists-including 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden-as musical forces to be reckoned with.

    The expanded edition of the "Singles" soundtrack includes, for the first time on CD, "Touch Me I'm Dick," the signature track from "Singles" performed by Citizen Dick (a fictional band created for the film featuring frontman Matt Dillon backed by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament).

    The new Epic Soundtrax/Legacy Recordings edition of the Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack includes liner notes-and a track-by-track description of the album's music-written for especially for this collection by Cameron Crowe, the screenwriter and director of "Singles." The newly expanded edition of the film's soundtrack is produced by Danny Bramson and Cameron Crowe and mastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios, New York.

    Set in Seattle at the beginning of the 1990s, Crowe's film featured music by relatively obscure (at that time) bands like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, providing an introduction to an emerging grunge rock music scene for a welcoming mainstream audience. The film became a cult classic while the soundtrack achieved RIAA double platinum status in the US.

    A romantic comedy capturing the zeitgeist of an era, "Singles" helped define the look, sound, attitude and style of Generation X with a fresh-faced ensemble cast featuring Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, Matt Dillon, Bill Pullman, Sheila Kelly, Jim True-Frost, James LeGros, Ally Walker, Jeremy Piven, Eric Stoltz, Tim Burton and more.

    Crowe's groundbreaking film chronicling the lives of Seattle's twentysomethings touched a nerve in the culture while the movie's best-selling soundtrack-with tracks from new artists and classic rockers-provided a critical overview of the roots of grunge and the essential contributions of Seattle rock. Alongside new songs like Alice In Chains' "Would?" and Pearl Jam's "Breath" and "State of Love and Trust" stood the Jimi Hendrix Experience's "May This Be Love" and a breathtaking cover of Led Zeppelin's "The Battle of Evermore" performed by The Lovemongers (a musical side project created by Heart's Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson).

    The first edition of the Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was originally released on June 30, 1992 and became a chart-topping best-seller three months prior to the theatrical release of the film. The soundtrack included music from key bands from the Seattle music scene-including Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden-while Paul Westerberg, in his first solo recordings outside The Replacements-contributed two songs and provided the score for the film. Smashing Pumpkins were also featured on the soundtrack with the song "Drown."

    "The album itself was always designed to be sort of an anti-soundtrack, more like a souvenir and a simple mix-tape of some of Seattle's finest," said Cameron Crowe. "It really is and was a tribute to those hard-working bands that welcomed me to their city with open arms, and the music so many still love so much. Anyway, here we are now revisiting 'Singles,' the film, as well as the soundtrack you hold in your hands, expanded with a special tip of the hat to the fans of the original release. Included are unreleased and raw elements that helped shape the experience of making the movie back in 1991. Hope you enjoy the trip back as much as I did - Viva Seattle!"

    25 years ago, the film "Singles" and its soundtrack worked together to bring the underground Seattle music scene to the forefront of mainstream consciousness. The album was among the first top-selling movie soundtracks of the 1990s to showcase new material from emerging contemporary bands. The expanded edition of Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is cause to celebrate anew the radical rock sounds that radiated out of the American Northwest a quarter century ago and changed pop music forever.

    LP 1
    1. Would? - Alice In Chains
    2. Breath - Pearl Jam
    3. Seasons - Chris Cornell
    4. Dyslexic Heart - Paul Westerberg
    5. Battle Of Evermore - The Lovemongers
    6. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns - Mother Love Bone

    LP 2
    1. Birth Ritual - Soundgarden
    2. State of Love And Trust - Pearl Jam
    3. Overblown - Mudhoney
    4. Waiting For Somebody - Paul Westerberg
    5. May This Be Love - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    6. Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees
    7. Drown - Smashing Pumpkins

    Bonus CD
    1. Touch Me I'm Dick - Citizen Dick (first time on CD)
    2. Nowhere But You - Chris Cornell (Poncier)
    3. Spoon Man - Chris Cornell (Poncier)
    4. Flutter Girl - Chris Cornell (Poncier)
    5. Missing - Chris Cornell (Poncier) (first time on CD)
    6. Would? (live) - Alice In Chains (first time on CD)
    7. It Ain't Like That (live) - Alice In Chains (first time on CD)
    8. Birth Ritual (live) - Soundgarden (first time on CD)
    9. Dyslexic Heart (acoustic) - Paul Westerberg (first time on CD)
    10. Waiting For Somebody (score acoustic) - Paul Westerberg (previously unreleased)
    11. Overblown (demo) - Mudhoney (previously unreleased)
    12. Heart and Lungs - Truly
    13. Six Foot Under - Blood Circus
    14. Singles Blues 1 - Mike McCready (previously unreleased)
    15. Blue Heart - Paul Westerberg (previously unreleased)
    16. Lost In Emily's Words - Paul Westerberg (previously unreleased)
    17. Ferry Boat #3 - Chris Cornell (previously unreleased)
    18. Score Piece #4 - Chris Cornell (previously unreleased)

    Various Artists
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  • Knock on Wood Live (7 Single) Knock on Wood Live (7 Single) Quick View

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    Knock on Wood Live (7 Single)

    40th Anniversary 7 Picture Disc

    Originally released in autumn 1974 and taken from David Live, these two 2005 mixes by Tony Visconti are making their vinyl debut. The original David Live single mix of Knock On Wood was a UK top 10, however the US went with Rock 'n' Roll With Me, also from David Live, in response to Donovan's recent cover version there.

    The image used on the A-side of the picture disc is from the picture sleeve of the original French single whilst the AA-side features a rarely seen shot of Bowie from 1974.

    1. Knock On Wood (David Live 2005 Mix)
    2. Rock 'N' Roll With Me (David Live 2005 Mix)
    David Bowie
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  • Diddy Wah Diddy Diddy Wah Diddy Quick View

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    Diddy Wah Diddy

    Double 7 Set

    In the high desert of California, they were referred to simply as "Beefheart."

    Don Van Vliet acquired the habit of singing along to vintage blues records while hanging with high school chum Frank Zappa. Founder Alex Snouffer formed the Magic Band in late 1964. And, by early 1965, the powerful and charismatic local blues combo had made quite a name for itself locally as "the band" for local dances at the fairgrounds. By late '65 the inclusion of master guitarist Rich Hepner explosively changed the group's chemistry; dances morphed to concerts - with the dancers choosing to sit on the floor, captivated by this white blues band that seemed to transform Exposition Hall into a spellbinding Louisiana swamp.

    In early 1966, the band signed with A&M Records. Producer David Gates (of Bread fame) was assigned production duties, and the first result - a cover of Bo Diddley's "Diddy Wah Diddy" - stunned everyone. Famed Del Rio, Texas DJ "Wolfman Jack" introduced it by saying "OK everybody on the highway, you'd better pull over, cause here comes Captain Beefheart with 'Diddy Wah Diddy.'"

    Ill-fated times intervened with the coincidental cover of "Diddy" by an East Coast group - The Remains - which was releases almost simultaneously on the Epic Records label. Confusion and chaos reigned, and the songs dropped from the charts quickly. Founder Snouffer reflected: That's a record label's, personal manager's, and band's nightmare." Undaunted, Gates penned a follow-up to "Diddy," entitled "Moonchild." The band arranged it themselves - interpreting Dave's guitar/voice demo. Gates reaction: "Boy, it wasn't supposed to happen like this!"

    Van Vliet had also penned his first recorded compositions - "Who Do You Think You're Fooling" for the B-side of "Diddy" and "Frying Pan" for the B-side of "Moonchild." Van Vliet went on in later years through many incarnations of Magic Bands to create the most avante-garde rock music ever recorded, but the roots of these early pieces echo throughout all the later works.

    -John French, Lancaster, CA

    1. Diddy Wah Diddy
    2. Who Do You Think You're Fooling
    3. Moonchild
    4. Frying Pan
    Captain Beefheart
    7 Vinyl Single - 2 Singles Sealed Buy Now
  • Greatest Hits 1982-1989 Greatest Hits 1982-1989 Quick View

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    Greatest Hits 1982-1989

    Chicago is an American rock band formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. The rock and roll band with horns began as a politically charged, sometimes experimental, rock band and later moved to a predominantly softer sound, generating several hit ballads. The group had a steady stream of hits throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Second only to The Beach Boys in Billboard singles and albums chart success among American bands, Chicago is one of the longest-running and most successful rock groups in history.

    According to Billboard, Chicago was the leading US singles charting group during the 1970s. They have sold over 38 million units in the US, with 22 gold, 18 platinum, and 8 multi-platinum albums.Over the course of their career they have had five number-one albums and 21 top-ten singles.

    1. Hard to Say I'm Sorry/Get Away
    2. Look Away
    3. Stay the Night
    4. Will You Still Love Me?
    5. Love Me Tomorrow
    6. What Kind of Man Would I Be? [Remix]
    7. You're the Inspiration
    8. I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love
    9. Hard Habit to Break
    10. Along Comes a Woman
    11. If She Would Have Been Faithful...
    12. We Can Last Forever
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  • Girls, Girls, Girls Girls, Girls, Girls Quick View

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    Girls, Girls, Girls

    For the first time ever, Motley Crue is re-issuing their first 5 studio albums as well as their latest hit album, Saints of Los Angeles on the vinyl format! Each release is on 180g vinyl and is cut from the original analog master recordings.

    Despite inner band turmoil, Motley Crue scored another mega-hit with 1987's Girls, Girls, Girls thanks to the smash singles Wild Side and the title track.

    1. Wild Side
    2. Girls, Girls, Girls
    3. Dancing On Glass
    4. Bad Boy Boogie
    5. Nona
    6. Five Years Dead
    7. All In The Name Of...
    8. Sumethin' For Nuthin'
    9. You're All I Need
    10. Jailhouse Rock (live)
    Motley Crue
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Speed Of Twisted Thought The Speed Of Twisted Thought Quick View

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    The Speed Of Twisted Thought

    From one of the first bands signed by Touch And Go come these early recordings for the first time in the LP format, re-released and repackaged, in honor of the label's 25th anniversary. Includes the highly sought after singles Vengeance and In This Town, along with Jan's Room, the Process Of Elimination compilation track, Jan's Room demos, and live tracks from a 1981 tour. Liner notes by Byron Coley, Henry Rollins, Tesco Vee, and Tim Tonooka.
    2.In This Town
    3.Cos the Elite
    4.Truth Right Now
    6.Off to War
    7.No Idols
    8.Candy Store
    12.Rat Patrol
    13.Cos the Elite - (live)
    14.Letter, The - (live)
    15.Famous - (live)
    16.Off to War - (live)
    17.In This Town - (live)
    18.Rat Patrol - (live)
    19.Statement - (live)
    20.Candy Store - (live)
    21.You - (live)
    22.Teenage Drugs - (live)
    23.Waiting for Eviction - (live)
    24.Media Blitz - (live)
    The Fix
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  • Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2 Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2 Quick View

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    Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2

    In the twelve years since its launch, the Punk Goes... compilation series has spawned a movement. Featuring popular rock bands covering songs in other genres, the series has gone on to sell over 700,000 albums and over 4 million singles in just over a decade.

    The Punk Goes... series is one of the most highly anticipated compilations in the market, and the top selling full-priced compilation in the alternative genre.

    1. Get Scared - My Own Worst Enemy
    2. Memphis May Fire - Interstate Love Song
    3. Asking Alexandria - Closer
    4. The Color Morale - Everlong
    5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - All Star
    6. Mayday Parade - Comedown
    7. Motionless In White - Du Hast
    8. Yellowcard - Today
    9. Hands Like Houses - Torn
    10. The Ghost Inside - Southtown
    11. Falling In Reverse - Gangsta's Paradise
    12. ICE NINE KILLS - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
    Various Artists
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  • Purple Haze / Foxey Lady Purple Haze / Foxey Lady Quick View

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    Purple Haze / Foxey Lady

    7 45 RPM Vinyl and Official T-Shirt in a Custom Box

    Purple Haze and Foxey Lady both come from Hendrix's acclaimed 1967 album, Are You Experienced?. This album, ranked #15 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, went on to inspire generations of musicians in a legacy that sitll lives today. Enjoy both legendary songs on this 7 45 RPM single, which comes with an official artist t-shirt in a custom box.

    1. Purple Haze
    2. Foxey Lady
    Jimi Hendrix
    7" Vinyl Single + T-Shirt - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Final Sessions The Final Sessions Quick View

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    The Final Sessions

    Special limited edition 12" single featuring 2 of the final recordings ever made by legendary Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone including a never before heard demo from 1989!
    1. Negative Creep
    2. Jump In The Fire
    3. Spirit In The Wind (Previously Unreleased Demo From 1989) *

    *Bonus Track

    Dee Dee Ramone
    12 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Quick View

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    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

    Limited, Numbered Edition

    Cut From The Original Master Tapes

    "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" vaulted The Rolling Stones into super-stardom and captured the spirit of a generation. To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, this limited edition, numbered 12" single is cut from the original mono master tapes and features both US and UK B-sides housed in a sleeve recreating the original artwork. The 12" makes this a true audiophile pressing, allowing for wider grooves that yield louder levels, broader dynamic range, deeper bass, and better high frequency response.

    1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
    2. The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
    3. The Spider And The Fly
    The Rolling Stones
    12 180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45RPM - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Power And The Glory (Mixed By Steven Wilson) The Power And The Glory (Mixed By Steven Wilson) Quick View

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    The Power And The Glory (Mixed By Steven Wilson)

    Remix Was Done From The Master Tapes At 96/24

    Includes Bonus Track Of The Non-Album Title-Track

    A brand new mix of this classic album from one of the most gifted and ambitious but perhaps also most underrated of the original wave of seventies progressive rock bands. For many (including Steven) The Power and the Glory from 1974 is their masterpiece. The remix was done from the master tapes at 96/24 and this is the 180 gram vinyl edition in a gatefold sleeve on the band's own label Alucard. Also includes bonus track of the non-album title-track (originally released as a single).

    1. Proclamation
    2. So Sincere
    3. Aspirations
    4. Playing the Game
    5. Cogs in Cogs
    6. No God's a Man
    7. The Face
    8. Valedictory
    9. The Power and the Glory (bonus track)
    Gentle Giant
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-1978 Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-1978 Quick View

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    Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-1978

    Greatest Hits 1974-78 chronicles the best singles from Steve Miller's most successful years. Included are The Joker, Fly Like an Eagle, Take the Money and Run, Jungle Love, Rock n 'Me and Jet Airliner which have all gone on to become classic rock standards.
    1. Swingtown
    2. Jungle Love
    3. Take The Money And Run
    4. Rock 'N Me
    5. Serenade
    6. True Fine Love
    7. The Stake
    8. The Joker
    9. Fly Like An Eagle
    10. Threshold
    11. Jet Airliner
    12. Dance, Dance, Dance
    13. Winter Time
    14. Wild Mountain Honey
    Steve Miller Band
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Singles The Singles Quick View

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    The Singles

    Yellow & Blue Colored Vinyl

    Oh my gosh - the Jaxx are back.. Re- leased for the first time on vinyl, Base- ment Jaxx - The Singles, span every- thing from the proto punk garage of
    early hit Flylife to the Motown monster
    that is Good Luck, taking in worldwide
    smashes like Red Alert, Where's Your
    Head At, Rendez Vu and Romeo.
    Where most 'greatest hits' albums fall
    down at least once there can be no
    argument that this collection delivers
    the bangers and nothing but.

    Basement Jaxx - The Singles is both
    a timely reminder of just how much
    the Jaxx have turned dance music in- side out and the nonchalant ease with
    which they continue to drop new ever
    more exciting sub-cultural car crashes
    on airwaves and dancefloors around
    the world.

    1. Red Alert (Jaxx Radio Mix)
    2. Good Luck (feat. Lisa Kekaula)
    3. Romeo (Radio Edit)
    4. Oh My Gosh
    5. Bingo Bango (Radio Mix)
    6. Where's Your Heat At (Radio Edit)
    7. Rendez-Vu (Radio Edit)
    8. Jump 'N Shout (feat. Slarta John) (Radio Edit)
    9. Lucky Star (Radio Edit)
    10. Plug It In (Radio Edit)
    11. U Don't Know Me
    12. Do Your Thing
    13. Jus 1 Kiss (Radio Edit)
    14. Flylife
    15. Samba Magic
    Basement Jaxx
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Columbia Singles '67 The Columbia Singles '67 Quick View

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    The Columbia Singles '67

    When Mr. Tambourine Man first rumbled out of car radio speakers in 1965, it was a pivotal moment in pop history. With its jangling 12-string and epic sweep, it was the dawn of a new day: the birth of folk-rock.
    And the Byrds were just getting started. The next two years saw one hit after another, from the Biblical prophesies of Turn, Turn, Turn to the raga-rock of Eight Miles High, from the exotic orchestration of So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star to the Byrds bringing it all back home with My Back Pages.
    Here they are again, 30 landmark recordings in their perfectly constructed, radio-friendly mono mixes: the forgotten rarities, withdrawn singles and, of course, all the original A and B-sides. No one has ever had a stronger run of singles than did the Byrds in their prime. No one.
    1. Mr. Tambourine Man
    2. I Knew I'd Want You
    3. All I Really Want To Do
    4. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
    5. The Bells Of Rhymney
    6. Chimes Of Freedom
    7. She Don't Care About Time (I)
    8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
    9. The Times They Are A-Changin'
    10. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
    11. She Don't Care About Time (II)
    12. Set You Free This Time
    13. It Won't Be Wrong
    14. He Was A Friend Of Mine
    15. Eight Miles High
    16. Why
    17. 5D (Fifth Dimension)
    18. Captain Soul
    19. Mr. Spaceman
    20. What's Happening?!?!
    21. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
    22. Everybody's Been Burned
    23. My Back Pages
    24. Renaissance Fair
    25. Have You Seen Her Face
    26. Don't Make Waves
    27. Lady Friend
    28. Old John Robertson
    29. Goin' Back
    30. Change Is Now
    The Byrds
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • No Seattle - Forgotten Sounds Of The North-West Grunge Era 1986-97 Vol 1 No Seattle - Forgotten Sounds Of The North-West Grunge Era 1986-97 Vol 1 Quick View

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    No Seattle - Forgotten Sounds Of The North-West Grunge Era 1986-97 Vol 1

    This compilation features some of the divergent bands emerging out of the North-West during this era. Intensely researched and documented, it features bands who have now disappeared from history, after releasing maybe just a couple of singles, or an album, or never even making it onto vinyl - alongside bands who continue to this day. Comprehensive double vinyl release, bringing together the hidden, lost and forgotten sounds of the North-West grunge era. Fantastically in-depth sleevenotes. Band interviews. Exclusive photographs. All tracks sonically remastered.
    1. Starfish - This Town
    2. Vampire Lezbos - Stop Killing The Seals
    3. Nubbin - Windyyy
    4. Saucer - Jail Ain't Stoppin' Us
    5. Machine - Blind Man's Holiday
    6. Medelicious - Beverly
    7. Hitting Birth - Same 18
    8. Nubbin - Wonderama

    1. Crunchbird - Woodstock Unvisited
    2. The Ones - Talk To Me
    3. Pod - 123
    4. Thrillhammer - Alice's Palace
    5. Yellow Snow - Take Me For A Ride
    6. Helltrout - Precious Hyde

    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Reaction Singles The Reaction Singles Quick View

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    The Reaction Singles

    Volume two of a four part set of Who singles by labels (Brunswick, Reaction, Track and Polydor). Five 7" singles from the Reaction label - 1966, pressed on heavyweight vinyl with sleeves reproducing the period graphics with diecut centre holes.

    Includes remastered versions of Who classics - Substitute, Happy Jack, I'm a Boy, the 'Ready Steady Who' E.P. and others. Housed in a full color rigid outer box, 7' sized 8-page color booklet with liner notes about each release. Liner notes by Who biographer Mark Blake

    1. Substitute / Circles
    2. Substitute / Waltz For A Pig
    3. I'm A Boy / In The City [Mono Version]
    4. Disguises [Mono Version], Circles / Batman [Mono Version], Bucket T [Mono Version] Barbara Ann [Mono Version]
    5. Happy Jack / I've Been Away [Mono Version]
    The Who
    7 Vinyl Single Box Set - 5 Singles Sealed Buy Now
  • The Singles (Box Set) The Singles (Box Set) Quick View

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    The Singles (Box Set)

    'The Singles' compiles all of the highlights from Phil's career together in 4 LP box set. The artwork was designed by Phil himself using his personal 'stick' man - so we hope you like it!
    LP 1
    1. Easy Lover
    2. Two Hearts
    3. Sussudio
    4. I Missed Again
    5. Wear My Hat
    6. Don't Lose My Number
    7. You Can't Hurry Love
    8. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
    9. We Wait And We Wonder

    LP 2
    1. Can't Stop Loving You
    2. Dance Into The Light
    3. It's In Your Eyes
    4. Hang In Long Enough
    5. Thru These Walls
    6. I Wish It Would Rain Down
    7. Both Sides Of The Story
    8. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave

    LP 3
    1. Going Back
    2. In The Air Tonight
    3. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
    4. If Leaving Me Is Easy
    5. One More Night
    6. Separate Lives
    7. A Groovy Kind Of Love
    8. That's Just The Way It Is

    LP 4

    1. Do You Remember?
    2. Everyday
    3. True Colors
    4. You'll Be In My Heart
    5. The Least You Can Do
    6. Look Through My Eyes
    7. Another Day In Paradise
    8. Take Me Home

    Phil Collins
    Vinyl LP Box Set - 4 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Most Beautiful Girl In The World The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Quick View

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    The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

    The Most Beautiful Girl in the World is a song by Prince from his 1995 album The Gold Experience. It was his first release since changing his stage name to an unpronounceable symbol. With the consent of Prince's usual record distributor Warner Bros. Records, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World was released by NPG Records and Edel Music and independently distributed by Bellmark Records, under the control and guidance of Chris France at Music Of Life as a one-off single. The single was released in February 1994 in the UK and is still his only No 1 in the UK, and was shortly followed by an EP of remixes titled The Beautiful Experience that also charted at 18 in the UK national charts. The version that was released on The Gold Experience is a different mix of the song.
    1. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
    12 Vinyl Single - Sealed Buy Now
  • U218 Singles U218 Singles Quick View

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    U218 Singles


    Vinyl collection of 18 of the best tracks spanning the first 25 years of U2's amazing career.

    LP 1
    1. Beautiful Day

    2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

    3. Pride (In The Name Of Love)

    4. With Or Without You

    5. Vertigo

    6. New Year's Day

    7. Mysterious Ways

    8. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of

    LP 2
    1. Where The Streets Have No Name

    2. Sweetest Thing

    3. Sunday Bloody Sunday

    4. One

    5. Desire

    6. Walk On

    7. Elevation

    8. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

    9. The Saints Are Coming (U2 and Green Day)

    10. Window In The Skies

    Vinyl LP -2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 Quick View

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    Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005

    First Time The Album Has Been Available On Vinyl

    Double LP On Silver Colored Vinyl

    "Satisfying like a 72-oz. steak or half
    a case of beer: Knowing you should know
    better just adds to the fun."

    Their Law: The Singles 1990- 2005 was originally
    released in 2005. The album features tracks form the
    four XL albums Experience, Music For the Jilted Generation, Fat Of The Land and Always Outnumbered Never

    Pitchfork gave the album a 9.1 upon it's release, and in
    their review of the album, Entertainment Weekly said that
    it "is here to remind us that the British electronic band
    stamped out some of the most brutally powerful dance
    music of the '90s."

    LP 1
    1. Firestarter
    2. Their Law
    3. Breathe
    4. Out of Space
    5. Smack My Bitch Up
    6. Poison
    7. Girls
    8. Voodoo People

    LP 2
    1. Charly
    2. No Good
    3. Spitfire
    4. Jericho
    5. Everybody in the Place
    6. One Love
    7. Hotride

    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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    'Singles' is a 4 LP, 180 gram compilation of New Order's 1981-2005 singles. Guitarist Bernard Sumner took over vocal duties for the band, and with drummer Stephen Morris, bassist Peter Hook, and keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, made music history! They artfully fused new wave, electronica, synth-pop, and club music earlier than many bands now seen as contemporaries and their new and unique sound was as insightful and deep as it was perfectly suited for the dance floor!
    LP 1
    1. Ceremony (2015 Remastered Version)
    2. Procession (2015 Remastered Version)
    3. Everything's Gone Green (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    4. Temptation (Original 7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    5. Blue Monday (2015 Remastered Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    6. Confusion (UK 7 Promo Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    7. Thieves Like Us (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

    LP 2
    1. The Perfect Kiss (7 Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    2. Sub-Culture (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    3. Shellshock (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    4. State Of The Nation (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    5. Bizarre Love Triangle (7 Remix Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    6. True Faith (7 Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    7. Touched By The Hand Of God (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    8. Blue Monday '88 (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

    LP 3
    1. Fine Time (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    2. Round And Round (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    3. Run 2 (7 Remix Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    4. World In Motion (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    5. Regret (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    6. Ruined In A Day (7 Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    7. World (The Price Of Love) (7 Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
    8. Spooky (Radio Album Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]

    LP 4
    1. Nineteen63 (Arthur Baker Radio Remix) [2015 Remastered Version]
    2. Crystal (CD Single Mix) [2015 Remastered Version]
    3. 60 Miles An Hour (CD Single Mix) [2015 Remastered Version]
    4. Here To Stay (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    5. Krafty (Single Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    6. Jetstream (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    7. Waiting For The Sirens' Call (Rich Costey Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    8. Turn (Stephen Street Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
    9. I'll Stay With You (Lost Sirens LP Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

    New Order
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    The Polydor Singles (Box Set) (On Sale)

    15 x 7" Singles From The Band's Polydor Records Era (1975-2015) - Pressed On Heavyweight Vinyl

    Includes 7" Sized 20-Page Color Booklet With Liner Notes

    The first Who release of 2016 sees the culmination of the band's incredibly well received series of 7" single boxsets. Volume four of the four-part set of classic Who singles covers their time on the Polydor label from 1975 up to 2015. The three previous boxes have compiled the singles the band released on the Brunswick, Reaction and Track labels which were released to coincide with the band's 50th anniversary.

    The fourth and final box set contains fifteen 7" singles from the band's Polydor Records era pressed on heavyweight vinyl with card picture sleeves reproducing the period graphics on the front and the back. The box includes classic hits such as Squeeze Box, Who Are You, You Better You Bet, 5.15, and Long Live Rock - and is brought up to date by the inclusion of Real Good-Looking Boy and Be Lucky.

    Also included is the live favourite Eminence Front, which was scheduled for release in the UK in 1982 and even got as far as having sleeves printed but was never released.

    The 15 x 7"s singles are housed in a rigid 'lid-and-tray' outer box with a 7" sized 20-page colour booklet with notes about each release, photos and rare period memorabilia.

    1. Listening To You/See Me, Feel Me b/w Overture
    2. Squeeze Box b/w Success Story
    3. Who Are You b/w Had Enough
    4. Long Live Rock b/w I'm the Face, My Wife (live)
    5. 5.15 b/w I'm One
    6. You Better You Bet b/w The Quiet One
    7. Don't Let Go The Coat b/w You
    8. Athena b/w A Man Is A Man
    9. Eminence Front' b/w It's Your Turn
    10. Twist and Shout b/w I Can't Explain (Both live)
    11. Won't Get Fooled Again / Bony Maronie (Live at Young Vic)
    12. Join Together (Live) b/w I Can See For Miles (Live) Behind Blue Eyes (Live)
    13. Real Good-Looking Boy b/w Old Red Wine
    14. WIRE & GLASS (EP) Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Endless Wire, We Got A Hit, They Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door.
    15. Be Lucky b/w I Can't Explain (remixed)
    The Who
    $174.99 $138.24
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    Singles 1966-1969

    Sundazed is proud to release The Velvet Underground Singles 196669, a 7 x 7 single box set honoring the legendary New York combo's 7 vinyl output in their rare mono versions. The set features exact reproductions of Velvet Underground singles, two of them with their original picture sleeves. The singles are packaged in a distinctively designed box, along with rare vintage photos and new liner notes by Rolling Stone's David Fricke (who also penned the acclaimed notes for the historic 1995 Velvets CD box set Peel Slowly and See).

    The Velvet Underground whose membership included Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Doug Yule and Nico introduced numerous sonic and thematic innovations that laid much of the groundwork for punk and alternative rock. Although they're now acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in rock history, during their existence the Velvets barely registered on mainstream radar, and were often reviled by mainstream observers as well as hippie-era arbiters of cool. But, as Fricke writes in the new set's liner notes, Somewhere, in another rock & roll universe, the Velvet Underground are more than a legendary band. They are stars, with hit singles, the original seven-inch masterpieces inside this box.

    Although they never came close to scoring a hit, the Velvet Underground was ideally suited to the 7 single format. The Velvet Underground were a great singles band, David Fricke notes, adding that the Velvets invented modern rock with searing guitar distortion, throbbing improvisation and brutally realistic tales of life on the wild side. But they did it all in these classic pop songscompact miracles of raw drive, intimate beauty and Top 40 ecstasy, heard again in the original, thrilling mono single mixes.

    The seven singles included in The Velvet Underground Singles 196669 comprise the four Velvets singles originally released in the U.S. on the Verve and MGM labels, plus an additional pair of singles that were prepared for release but never made it to the marketplace and a special radio-only promotional single. The singles feature alternate mono versions that differ in significant ways from the songs' better-known stereo album versions. For instance, the band's 1966 debut single All Tomorrow's Parties appears here in a special mono edit that amplifies the song's melodic beauty and sonic tension, and a mono mix of their sophomore single Sunday Morning emphasizes the song's haunting quality. Meanwhile, the mono single version of White Light/White Heat exemplifies the vintage Velvets' stark, distortion-laden fury, while a mono edit of What Goes On accentuates that song's inherent pop jangle.

    The Velvet Underground Singles 196669 also includes two unissued singles, one with a never-released pairing of White Light/White Heat backed by I Heard Her Call My Name, and the other with Temptation Inside Your Heart and Stephanie Says, recorded in the waning days of the band's classic Reed/Cale/Morrison/Tucker lineup and unheard by the public for nearly two decades thereafter. The set's seventh single is a reproduction of a vintage promotional disc, a two-and-a-half minute radio spot promoting the band's eponymous third album and featuring legendary disc jockey Bill Rosko Mercer, with excerpts from Im Set Free, What Goes On and Beginning to See the Light, as well as a picture sleeve with an un-airbrushed variation on the album's iconic cover art.

    By presenting the Velvets as a singles band, The Velvet Underground Singles 196669 shows, in David Fricke's words, rock history the way it should have been: the Velvet Underground as the New York Beatles, guaranteed to blow up your radio and your mind.

    Single 1
    All Tomorrow's Parties / I'll Be Your MirrorVerve VK-10427

    Single 2
    Sunday Morning / Femme FataleVerve VK-10466

    Single 3
    White Light/White Heat / Here She Comes NowVerve VK-10560

    Single 4
    White Light/White Heat / I Heard Her Call My Name Cancelled Single

    Single 5
    Temptation Inside Your Heart / Stephanie Says Cancelled Single

    Single 6
    What Goes On / JesusMGM K-14057

    Single 7
    VU Radio Spot / VU Radio SpotMGM VU-1

    Velvet Underground
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    Following the release of 2009's Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World, Spider Bags Dan McGee and Gregg Levy joined up with drummer Rock Forbes and toured as a trio in an old Mitsubishi Mirage, with Forbes crammed into the back seat alongside the band's gear. Three of the six 45s mined for Churchkey Records' new collection aptly and simply named Singles were recorded during this period of frenzied creativity. Levy has since returned to the North, replaced by new bassist Steve Oliva, and the three newest songs on Singles offer sightlines to the new line-up's bright future.
    1. Teenage Eyes
    2. Papa Was a Shithead
    3. Walking Walking Nowhere Nowhere
    4. Dog in the Snow
    5. I Wish That I Never Had Fed You
    6. Take it Easy Tonite
    7. Shaunda (I Don't Know My Sign)
    8. Eileen
    9. Professionals
    10. Out of My Head, Into My Bed
    Spider Bags
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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