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  • Take Me To The Mountains Take Me To The Mountains Quick View

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    Take Me To The Mountains

    1. My Baby
    2. Take Me To The Mountains
    3. Homesick Armadillo Blues
    4. Ripple
    5. Song For Peace
    6. Ebeneezer
    7. North Austin Strut
    8. Come With Me
    9. Good Time
    10. Kaleidoscoptic
    Shiva's Headband
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  • You Know What To Do You Know What To Do Quick View

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    You Know What To Do

    Their psychedelic surf-rock blew the audience away - KEXP

    The Shivas might be Portland's best band. There, I said it - Ryan J Prado of the
    Portland Mercury

    Tight and entergetic - ssgmusic

    Recorded at K's own Dub Narcotic Studios, The Shivas' fourth LP will have
    you on your feet. With all of the fierce energy and body shakin' that The Shivas
    are known for, You Know What To Do encapsulates that, and much
    more. Recorded and mixed on tape by Calvin Johnson, it is an apt follow-up
    to Whiteout, and features the title track of The Shivas You Make
    Me Wanna Die" 7" EP released last April.

    Amongst the 13 tracks of the album, you can glance the many faces of the The
    Shivas' musical style. From the blistering heat of tracks like "Old Lightning
    Rod" to the cool groove of "Ride On", the record also touches down into the
    slower tempos on tracks such as the deeply psychedelic "Let It Happen To

    This is The Shivas record we have all been waiting for, so don't hesitate, you
    know what to do.

    1. You Know What To Do
    2. Do The Crocodile
    3. Ride On
    4. Big Mama Casino
    5. Old Lightening Rod
    6. You Make Me Wanna Die
    7. Beach Heads
    8. Strokin' Off
    9. Stalking Legs
    10. Manson Girls
    11. Used To Being Cool
    12. And On
    13. Let It Happen To You
    The Shivas
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  • Whiteout! Whiteout! Quick View

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    On Whiteout! turn your ears to the satisfying pop harmonies of "Gun In
    My Pocket" and the sweet underwater tune "Baby I Need You." Recorded in
    Portland, Oregon by Collin Hegna of Federale, and of The Brian Jonestown
    Massacre, The Shivas captured their raw, high-energy live show. Whiteout!
    features performances by members of SexyWaterSpiders, Dandy
    Warhols and other friends and neighbors.
    1. Swimming With Sharks
    2. Thrill Yr Idols
    3. Gun In My Pocket
    4. Baby I Need You
    5. The Sun Don't Shine
    6. Living and Dying Like
    Horatio Alger
    7. Heart and Soul
    8. No Waves
    9. Kissed in the Face
    10. Manimal
    11. Paradise
    The Shivas
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  • Fuzzy Fuzzy Quick View

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    "The best album of the year hands down" (R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, 1993)

    Grant Lee Buffalo is an Americana/indie Rock band based in Los Angeles, consisting of Grant Lee Phillips (vocals and guitar), Paul Kimble (bass) and Joey Peters (drums). All three were previously members of another Los Angeles band, Shiva Burlesque. They toured with major bands, including R.E.M., Pearl Jam, the Smashing Pumpkins and The Cranberries.

    Their 1993 debut Fuzzy was a condent and solidly crafted piece of work, with Phillips' marvelous voice, ne and evocative songs. Fuzzy is deep and mysterious stuff, but also very beautiful and crafted with imagination and care. It's no wonder Grant Lee Buffalo became critic's darlings shortly after this was released. Original vinyl copies are in short supply, making this rst reissue ever a very welcome one!

    1. The Shining Hour
    2. Jupiter And Teardrop
    3. Fuzzy
    4. Wish You Well
    5. The Hook
    6. Soft Wolf Tread
    7. Stars N' Stripes
    8. Dixie Drug Store
    9. America Snoring
    10. Grace
    11. You Just Have To Be Crazy
    Grant Lee Buffalo
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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