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Shirley Collins

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  • Folk Roots, New Routes Folk Roots, New Routes Quick View

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    Folk Roots, New Routes

    An extraordinary and classic album originally released by Decca in 1964. A landmark recording bringing together Shirley Collins' haunting vocals and Davy Graham's innovative guitar style. Folk Roots, New Routes was more than just a record when it first came out: it opened many minds and the door for Fairport Convention and Pentangle to walk through in the future.
    1. Nottamun Town
    2. Proud Maisrie
    3. The Cherry Tree Carol
    4. Blue Monk (Instrumental Version)
    5. Hares On The Mountain
    6. Reynardine
    7. Pretty Saro
    8. Rif Mountain (Instrumental Version)
    9. Jane Jane
    10. Boll Weavil, Holler1
    11. Love Is Pleasin'
    12. Hori Horo
    13. Bad Girl
    14. Lord Gregory
    15. Grooveyard (Instrumental Version)
    16. Dearest Dear
    Shirley Collins
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  • Adieu To Old England Adieu To Old England Quick View

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    Adieu To Old England

    Shirley Collin's 1974 album Adieu To Old England finds the influential British folksinger interpreting a 15-song set of traditional English folk songs arranged by her sister Dolly Collins. Akin to its title, Collins offers up a literal history lesson here admirably paying homage to her heritage on such classic numbers as Coronation Jig, Portsmouth and The Ram of Derbish Town, among others. Re-released on 180g vinyl by 6 Spices Records.
    1. Mistress's Health/Lumps Of Plum Pudding
    2. Down By The Seaside
    3. Chiner's Song
    4. Adieu To Old England
    5. Ashen Faggot Wassail
    6. I Sing Of A Maiden That Is Makeless
    7. The Banks Of Sweet Mossom
    8. The Ram Of Derbish Town
    9. Portsmouth
    10. Horkstow Grange
    11. Come All You Little Streamers
    12. Spaniard's Cry: Sherborne Jig
    13. One Night As I Lay On My Bed
    14. The Death Of Nelson
    15. Coronation Jig
    Shirley Collins
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  • Panic Grass And Fever Few Panic Grass And Fever Few Quick View

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    Panic Grass And Fever Few

    Panic Grass & Fever Few is the 2010 debut album from Yorkshire, U.K. folk artist Ian King. Recorded with the On-U sound crew's Adrian Sherwood and Skip Little Axe McDonald, the 13-song set mixes English traditional song with a very contemporary sound palate including hints of world music and even a touch of dub. Here on 180g vinyl courtesy of 6 Spices Records.

    This is English folk music for the 21st century! - Shirley Collins

    1. Adieu To Old England
    2. Death and the Lady
    3. Black Eyed Susan
    4. Evil Eye
    5. Four Loom Weaver
    6. By George
    7. Flash Company
    8. Ah Robin, Gentle Robin
    9. Take, O Take Those Lips
    10. How Should I Your True Love Know?
    11. Isle of France
    12. Old Minder
    13. Jovial Broom Man
    Ian King
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • A Love Of Shared Disasters A Love Of Shared Disasters Quick View

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    A Love Of Shared Disasters

    Long Awaited Repress On Brown Colored Vinyl

    With a full baker's dozen's worth of musicians listed, the debut album by the U.K.'s Crippled Black Phoenix is part of the whole post-Broken Social Scene concept of band as endlessly mutating collective, but A Love of Shared Disasters is considerably more mutant than most. The driving force behind the band is Justin Greaves, former drummer for sludgy art-stoner metal acts Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard, but the heaviness sporadically on display here owes more to Mogwai (whose bassist Dominic Aitchison is a key participant) and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, an obvious touchstone for the epic centerpiece Long Cold Summer. Elsewhere, there are twisted fragments of Neutral Milk Hotel's lo-fi emo-psych, traditional British folk-rock in the Steeleye Span mold (complete with harmonium parts straight out of the Shirley & Dolly Collins songbook), tunes reminiscent of old sea shanties warped within an inch of their life (see the opening The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary and the vintage Fairport Convention gone doom metal feel of The Northern Cobbler), and unexpected hits of straight-up Sigur Rós ethereality. It shouldn't make a bit of sense, and it doesn't in any sort of logical way, but there's an underlying vision to A Love of Shared Disasters, a cracked singularity that keeps it from being just a random bunch of acid-fried weird ideas glued together higgledy piggledy.

    - Stewart Mason (All Music)

    1. The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary
    2. Really, How'd It Get This Way?
    3. The Whistler
    4. Suppose I Told the Truth
    5. When You're Gone
    6. Long Cold Summer

    1. Goodnight, Europe
    2. You Take the Devil Out of Me
    3. The Northern Cobbler
    4. My Enemies I Fear Not But, Protect Me from My Friends
    5. I'm Almost Home
    6. Sharks & Storms/Blizzard of Horned Cats

    Crippled Black Phoenix
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Realism (Out Of Stock) Realism (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Realism (Out Of Stock)

    The Magnetic Fields' third Nonesuch disc, Realism, is the flipside to the industrial pop of Distortion, the quartet's brilliant 2008 homage to, of all things, the clangorous sound of the Jesus and Mary Chain. While Distortion was recorded quickly and noisily in the stairwells and rooms of the New York City apartment building to which singer-songwriter-bandleader Stephen Merritt was about to bid adieu for California, Realism was cut in the distortion-free environs of a Los Angeles studio, and its sound is as pristine as a plein-air painting. There are no drum kits to be heard, and the fascinatingly varied instrumentation - guitars, accordions, violins, cellos, tablas, banjos, tuba, even a smattering of mellifluous falling leaves - did not need to be plugged in. And, as with Distortion, the album credits emphasize: No Synths.

    With tongue only slightly in cheek, Merritt has taken to declaring Realism his folk album. To get the point across, there is an upbeat, sing-along number early in the set called We Are Having a Hootenany. Merritt's inspirations, however, were the orchestrated, mostly British folk of the late '60s/early '70s, which owe as much to '60s psychedelia as to traditional music, and the work of Judy Collins, who stretched the boundaries of folk with the chamber pop arrangements of such albums as In My Life and Wildflowers.

    Like Collins, Merritt favors variety and theatricality. She skipped from Jacques Brel to the Beatles; he goes from the trippy, toy-box melodies of The Dolls' Tea Party and Painted Flower to the foot-stomping rhythms of The Dada Polka. There's even a deceptively festive holiday number, Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree, featuring a lusty chorus sung in German. In content, Merritt's songs veer between longing and loneliness, desire and dismissal, romance and revenge. Reality is as distorted as ever, and the characters who populate his songs are never just plain folk.

    Along with his long-time band-mates Sam Davol, Claudia Gonson and John Woo, Merritt is joined again by vocalist Shirley Simms and accordionist Daniel Handler. Also on board: horn player Johnny Blood and violinist Ida Pearle, familiar to fans of Magnetic Fields' earlier, independently released work.

    1. You Must Be Out of Your Mind
    2. Interlude
    3. We Are Having a Hootenanny
    4. I Don't Know What to Say
    5. The Dolls' Tea Party
    6. Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
    7. Walk a Lonely Road
    8. Always Already Gone
    9. Seduced and Abandoned
    10. Better Things
    11. Painted Flower
    12. The Dada Polka
    13. From a Sinking Boat
    Magnetic Fields
    Vinyl LP & CD - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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