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Shadows Of Knight

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  • Gloria Gloria Quick View

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    Here is the first of the Shadow's two Dunwich long players from 1966, available from the original masters for the first time in over three decades!! With their debut album, Gloria, the Shadows of Knight bastardized the blues into a new form; they invented supersonic-tempo'd blues-punk!! Including the chart-stomping smash Gloria - plus, dig the wildness as they pulverize I Got My Mojo Working and the wigged-out I Just Want To Make Love To You, then take it one extreme step further with totally tough originals like Light Bulb Blues. Available on luscious 180 gram virgin vinyl!
    1. Gloria
    2. Light Bulb Blues
    3. I Got My Mojo Working
    4. Dark Side / Boom Boom

    5. Let It Rock
    6. Oh Yeah
    7. It Always Happens That Way
    8. You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover)
    9. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
    10. I Just Want To Make Love To You
    The Shadows of Knight
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  • Live 1966 Live 1966 Quick View

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    Live 1966

    Besides releasing two classic longplayers and many more singles (including the smash, "Gloria"), touring/behaving badly all across America and appearing on TV shows like 'Upbeat' and 'Where The Action Is', the Shadows of Knight also ruled at suburban Chicago's hands-down hippest teen club, The Cellar. Over the decades, their Cellar performances have become the stuff of legend.

    Miraculously, two reels of tape of the Shadows of Knight live on stage at the Cellar (in 1966!) were eventually uncovered by Sundazed. As early as their 'Gloria' album debut in spring '66, the Shadows of Knight had separated themselves from the garage band pack with a heavily Chicago Blues-based, wildly rocking repertoire. Their trademark sound is on full display in this attitude-drenched, anarchic live recording from late in that exalted year.

    For this expanded edition, the original sets and correct song sequence have been faithfully restored. And to top that, additional and until now completely unheard bonus material is rescued from those old reels. Specifically, added to an already scorching set are previously-unheard takes of "Peepin' and Hidin'" (sung by blues legend Joe Kelley), "Willie Jean" (with a vocal from drummer Tom Schiffour) and "Any Way That You Want Me". Equally important, the packaging now equals the musical contents thanks to an all-new, eye grabbing sleeve highlighted by John Hora's amazing original photography from '66.

    Unlike their comparatively harnessed studio recordings, the Shadows of Knight are presented here raw 'n' alive, sloppy bordering on brilliant and with all the subtlety of a bulldozer. Would you want 'em any other way?

    1. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
    2. Don't Fight It
    3. Got My Mojo Working
    4. Any Way That You Want Me
    5. Gospel Zone
    6. Got To Get You Off My Mind
    7. It Takes A Long Time Comin'
    8. Hey Joe
    9. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
    10. Peepin' and Hidin'
    11. Let It Rock
    12. Willie Jean
    13. Spoonful
    14. Oh Yeah
    15. Dark Side
    16. Gloria
    The Shadows of Knight
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  • Shadows Of Knight Shadows Of Knight Quick View

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    Shadows Of Knight

    Three years gone from their massive hit, "Gloria", only one original member remained in the band; lead singer, Jim Sohns. Thinking the world wasn't done with him yet, he assembled a band and inked a deal with the hit-makers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz and cut a record, which produced one final hit for the group in "Shake" and this self-titled LP. A bit of a hit chasing LP, it's all over the map stylistically, from the expected snotty R&B to psychedelic excursions to hard rock to pop. Although this might sound off-putting at first, the album rewards with later listens as the record has some of the best songs of the Shadows of Knight's brief career. Reissued here on LP by Cherry Red Phonograph.
    1. Follow
    2. Alone
    3. Times And Places
    4. I Am What I Am
    5. Uncle Wiggley's Airship
    6. I Wanna Make You All Mine
    7. Shake Revisited '69
    8. I'll Set You Free
    9. Under Acoustic Control
    10. Bluebird
    11. Back Door Man
    The Shadows of Knight
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  • The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger (Discontinued) (On Sale) The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    With The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger, Mahjongg expound upon the new style of dance music they call Chicagotronics: a wall of sound command center with drums and humans. The album is the pinnacle so far of Mahjonggs four albums, and you get all the facets of their platinum-plus sound here. The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger features their first protest song (Grooverider Free), which is actually an extended version of a previous single (Free Grooverider). Following a closing gurgle-sax on Gooble, comes Miami Knights where the dance detectives take that smooth boat through choppy waters. The album continues with layers of keyboards, guitars, and percussion parts that wind around each other almost like a fugue, an intrinsic groove that rarely fails to amaze and inspire.
    1. Gooble (with Mbulu & Robert Conn)
    2. Miami Knights (with Suddenly Susan & Jeanine O Toole)
    3. Grooverider Free (with Rotten Milk)
    4. Wardance
    5. DeVry (with the Unauthorized Terrance Duke)
    6. Whoop (with Tom Tom Tom Boy & Clint Crane)
    7. LA Beat (YO YO DYNE)
    $16.99 $13.42 Save $3.57 (21%)
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  • Raw 'N' Alive At The Cellar Club '66! Raw 'N' Alive At The Cellar Club '66! Quick View

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    Raw 'N' Alive At The Cellar Club '66!

    It's only natural that the home of the hip-shakin', harmonica-blowin' blues would produce the finest garage-blues band in history. Hear the Shadows of Knight rock Chicago in this live, circa-1966 recording that's ours alone!

    1. I Got My Mojo Working
    2. Oh Yeah
    3. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
    4. It Takes A Long Time Comin'
    5. Let It Rock
    6. Hey Joe
    7. Gospel Zone
    8. Got To Get You Off My Mind
    9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
    10. Don't Fight It
    11. Spoonful
    12. Dark Side
    13. Gloria
    The Shadows of Knight
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  • Back Door Men Back Door Men Quick View

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    Back Door Men

    Here is the second of the Shadow's two Dunwich longplayers from 1966, available from the original masters for the first time in over three decades!! Back Door Men is a wild ride! From barbed-wire-toned-electric-threats (I'll Make You Sorry) to Bo Diddley-ripped-on-acid R&B (Gospel Zone), not to mention fab folk-rock diversions, this platter kills. This release features bonus tracks, original sleeve art genius, rare photos and additional notes and interviews.
    1. Bad Little Woman
    2. Gospel Zone
    3. The Behemoth
    4. Three For Love
    5. Hey Joe
    6. I'll Make You Sorry
    7. Peepin' And Hidin'
    8. Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day
    9. New York Bullseye
    10. High Blood Pressure
    11. Spoonful

    Bonus Tracks:
    12. Gospel Zone (single vers.)
    13. Willie Jean (single)
    14. I'm Gonna Make You Mine (single)

    The Shadows of Knight
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  • I Got My Mojo Working I Got My Mojo Working Quick View

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    I Got My Mojo Working

    We've salvaged the rarest item in the SOK discography - a cardboard single written for a Chacago potato chip company - and put the music on vinyl, where the grease from the chips won't get on your hands.
    1. I Got My Mojo Working (rare alt. version)
    2. Potato Chip (with interview)
    The Shadows Of Knight
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  • The Passage The Passage Quick View

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    The Passage

    Much had changed in the Iron Man camp during the short year separating their sophomore album, 1994's The Passage, from its rightfully acclaimed predecessor, Black Knight. On the personnel front, drummer Ron Kalimon had been replaced by Gary Isom (later of Unorthodox, Spirit Caravan, and Pentagram) and first album vocalist Rob Levey deposed (on the Hellhound label's insistence!) for the technically more accomplished Dan Michalak, but the latter's histrionic vibrato (think a junior Messiah Marcolin) could come off a little comically forced at times, ironically making him an acquired taste, just like his precursor. At least on the musical front, however, the band's guitarist and creative mastermind Alfred Morris III could still be counted upon to guide Iron Man (rounded out by returning bass player Larry Brown) down the (mostly) straight and narrow doom path without commercial dilution or unnecessary distractions. Resulting highlights included the LP's emphatic opener The Fury (an homage to Black Sabbath's Neon Knights in more ways than one), the short, sweet, and savage Iron Warrior, and the memorable instrumental Tony Stark (which of course borrows the alias for that iron-plated Marvel Comics superhero; get it?). Meanwhile, the discreet synthesizers fleshing out Waiting for Tomorrow's intro showed that Iron Man weren't entirely averse to modernization, either, but they sure as hell weren't leaping to embrace it. Also, The Passage put a little more emphasis on slower doom numbers -- see Unjust Reform, Harvest of Earth, and the rather toothless Time of Indecision -- which, while more authentically traditional in nature, didn't pack nearly as much of a punch as the band's speedier efforts. Nevertheless, The Passage helped establish Iron Man's mighty reputation far and wide to doom-loving hordes across the globe, and it was indeed a shame that the group would wait half-a-decade before capitalizing on this with a third album, 1999's Generation Void.

    - Eduardo Rivadavia (All Music Guide)

    1. The Fury
    2. Unjust Reform
    3. The Gargoyle
    4. Harvest of Earth
    5. The Passage
    6. Iron Warrior
    7. Freedom Fighters
    8. Waiting for Tomorrow
    9. Time of Indecision
    10. Tony Stark
    11. End of the World
    Iron Man
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hans Zimmer - The Classics Hans Zimmer - The Classics Quick View

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    Hans Zimmer - The Classics

    The Classics is a stunning new album from the world's most exciting film composer, Hans Zimmer. The album features back-to-back blockbuster hits including the iconic music from Pirates of the Caribbean, Academy Award®-winner The Lion King, the powerful and evocative theme from The Dark Knight Rises and the Platinum-selling "Now We Are Free" from Gladiator. For the first time, the bold and unmistakable music of Hans Zimmer has been reimagined and arranged for some of the world's greatest classical musicians, including The Piano Guys, Lang Lang, 2CELLOS, Lindsey Stirling, Till Brönner, Amy Dickson, Leona Lewis and many more. This incredible collection is a must-have for all fans of the most in-demand composer in Hollywood.

    Hans Zimmer has scored more than 120 films, which have, combined, grossed over 24 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. He has been honored with an Academy Award®, two Golden Globes®, three Grammys®, an American Music Award and a Tony® award. In 2003, ASCAP presented him with the prestigious Henry Mancini Award for lifetime achievement for his impressive and influential body of work. He also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in December 2010. His Academy Award®-winning score to The Lion King has sold over 15 million copies since release in the early 90s. Some of his most recent works include Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger, History Channel's miniseries The Bible, the Christopher Nolan-directed films Inception, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises; Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Ron Howard's Rush and Steve McQueen's Twelve Years A Slave. His most recent Academy Award® nomination, his 10th, was for Interstellar.

    1. Main Theme (From The Dark Knight Rises) - Lindsey Stirling
    2. Themes from Pirates of the Caribbean - The Piano Guys
    3. Gladiator Rhapsody (From Gladiator) - Lang Lang
    4. Main Theme (From Crimson Tide) - Till Brönner
    5. Time (From Inception) - Tina Guo
    6. This Land (From The Lion King) - Amy Dickson
    7. Now We Are Free (From Gladiator) - Leona Lewis
    8. Flight (From Man of Steel) - Lang Lang / Maxim Vengerov
    9. Light (From The Thin Red Line) - Maxim Vengerov
    10. The Battle Scene (From Gladiator) - Khatia Buniatishvili
    11. The Well (From The Ring) - 2CELLOS
    12. The Docking Scene (From Interstellar) - Roger Sayer
    Hans Zimmer
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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