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  • Silence Yourself Silence Yourself Quick View

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    Silence Yourself

    The highly anticipated debut from London's Savages, an all-female four-piece who play music with scything energy and brutal power. Recorded with Rodaidh McDonald (The xx), the album is an 11-track, 38-minute masterpiece. Limned in black and white but containing a swell of different emotions within its self-imposed strictures, the songs cover topics from masochism (Hit Me), urban dread (City's Full), materialism, possessivenes and the experience of being a woman (Husbands, I Am Here). Every one is delivered with fierce conviction and concision.
    1. Shut Up
    2. I Am Here
    3. City's Full
    4. Strife
    5. Waiting For A Sign
    6. Dead Nature
    7. She Will
    8. No Face
    9. Hit Me
    10. Husbands
    11. Marshal Dear
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  • Live In The Studios Of Columbia University's WKCR Live In The Studios Of Columbia University's WKCR Quick View

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    Live In The Studios Of Columbia University's WKCR

    Transparent Yellow Colored Vinyl

    An absolutely electric performance from Sonny and Linda Sharrock with their group The Savages, recorded for NYC radio station WKCR on March 21, 1974. Sonny's guitar playing on this set is a revelation and Linda's wordless vocals complement it perfectly. Groove based experimental jazz at its absolute finest. Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent yellow vinyl.

    1. Intro
    2. Sweet Butterfingers
    3. 1953 Blue Boogie Children
    4. Peaceful
    5. Highlife
    6. End Of The Rainbow
    7. Gary's Step
    8. Apollo
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  • Adore Life Adore Life Quick View

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    Adore Life

    It's about change and the power to change. It's about
    metamorphosis and evolution. It's about sticking to
    your guns and toughing it out. It's about now, not
    tomorrow. It's about recognizing your potential. It's
    about self-doubt and inaction. It's about you. It's
    about me. It's about you and me and the others.
    It's about the choices we make. It's about finding
    the poetry and avoiding the clichÉ. It's about being
    the solution, not the problem. It's about showing
    weakness to be strong. It's about digging through
    your dirt to look for diamonds. It's about claiming
    your right to think unacceptable thoughts. It's about
    boredom and the things we do to drive it away. It's
    about being on your own so you can be with people.
    It's about knowing what it means to be human and
    what it might mean one day. It's about the parts and
    the sum of the parts. It's about the music and the
    message: together, one and the same. It's about bass,
    guitars, drums and vocals. It's about opening-out and
    never, ever dying. But most of all it's about love, every
    kind of love. Love is the answer.

    Savages' second album, Adore Life, was recorded at
    RAK Studios, London in April 2015. Johnny Hostile
    was the producer and Richard Woodcraft the
    engineer. Anders Trentmøller took care of the mixing
    in Copenhagen.

    1. The Answer
    2. Evil
    3. Sad Person
    4. Adore
    5. Slowing Down The World
    6. I Need Something New
    7. When In Love
    8. Surrender
    9. T.I.W.Y.G.
    10. Mechanics
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  • Savages Savages Quick View

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    Max Cavalera is the walking embodiment of creative energy, of all of the diverse layers of urgency that are possible from that select few whose artistic output defines genres. Mystic shaman, protest singer, revolutionary hero, everyday metalhead, furious consumer of heavy music of all shades, husband, father, leader, songwriter Cavalera reigns as the adoptive tribal chief of a generation of fans, stretching from the roughest slums of South America to the coldest confines of Russia. Anywhere that people are disenfranchised, the songs of SOULFLY serve as their anthems.

    Armed with Cavalera's four-stringed guitars, unmistakable growl and instantly recognizable riffage, the muddy tones and constant rhythmic bounce of SOULFLY has retained its gritty edge while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in metal. »Savages« represents a career-defining moment, solidifying the lineup with longtime lead guitarist Marc Rizzo (who has been in SOULFLY almost as long as Max was in SEPULTURA), bassist Tony Campos (Static X, Ministry, Prong) and Max's 21 year-old Zyon, who splits his time between drumming in LODY KONG and now SOULFLY.

    "All of the things that make SOULFLY killer are combined in Savages," Max declares.

    »Savages« melds the most brutal, the heaviest and overall the most vibrant components that made up each record in SOULFLY's diverse catalog. By Max's own account, »Savages« is possessed of the tribal groove of the first two SOULFLY albums, particularly in songs like 'Bloodshed', 'Ayatollah of Rock 'N' Rolla' and 'Master of Savagery'. But there's also the thrash metal that was found on DARK AGES and OMEN; whereas the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY records contain short, punky bursts, the new SOULFLY record gets into the epic length territory of early METALLICA. The death metal vibe of SOULFLY's »Enslaved« emerges in songs like 'Fallen' and 'Cannibal Holocaust'.

    "I really like the name »Savages«. I like single words that sound powerful, like 'Primitive', 'Roots', 'Arise'," Max explains. "It's about the human condition right now. We have the Internet and we're working on missions to Mars, but we are still decapitating each other and blowing up marathons. We're still savages. Even with technology and how far we've come in the world, our spirit is still that of a savage."

    A trailblazing pioneer and musician with millions of albums sold who nevertheless retains boundless street cred due to his grimy, raw and undeniable authenticity; Max Cavalera is one of the most prolific artists the realm of heavy music has ever known. There's CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, which reunited Max with his brother and former bandmate, Igor Cavalera. There was the brutal attack of NAILBOMB, Max's collaboration with Alex Newport from FUDGE TUNNEL, which included members of DEAD KENNEDYS, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, BIOHAZARD and NEUROSIS on-stage. There's his forthcoming band with members of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, MASTODON and THE MARS VOLTA. Of course, there's Max's unassailable work as SEPULTURA's founder, leading the Brazilian band from their badass lo-fi beginnings, through their era of sophisticated thrash classics, up through the cultural landmark that is 'Roots'.

    SOULFLY began almost instantaneously after his departure from the band he founded. The eponymously titled debut »Soulfly« sold over 500,000 copies in the United States alone, further expanding upon the tribal foundation of 'Roots' with percussive instrumentation, forays into esoteric sounds and multiple guest performers. Across the seven albums and never-ending tours that followed, Max worked with a who's-who of the heavy music scene as band mates, guest musicians and touring members, including guys from SLIPKNOT, SLAYER, MEGADETH, DEFTONES, RADIOHEAD, STONE SOUR, CYPRESS HILL, MACHINE HEAD, DEVILDRIVER, FEAR FACTORY, MORBID ANGEL, THROWDOWN, S.O.D., SKINDRED, BORKNAGAR, WILL HAVEN and CATTLE DECAPITATION, among others.

    In addition to Max's own self-production, a number of important producers have lent their skills to SOULFLY, including »Roots« producer Ross Robinson (KORN, AT THE DRIVE-IN), Toby Wright (Ozzy Osbourne, SLAYER), Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE), ex-SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, GORJIA) and Zeuss (HATEBREED, SUICIDE SILENCE) and Terry Date (PANTERA, DEFTONES).

    Cavalera asked Date, who had mixed for SOULFLY in the past, to produce the new album. Once studio time with the legendary producer was on the calendar, Max kicked into high gear with the material. Max and Zyon worked on the songs that would comprise »Savages« at home. "Zyon came up to me and said, 'Give me a shot. I'll play on the record for you. I won't let you down," explains the elder Cavalera. "I went into a room with him to jam and it felt great. So I said, 'Fuck yeah, let's do it!"

    Generally on a SOULFLY album, the drummers would learn the songs in the studio, based on demo recordings from Max. This time, Max had the luxury of working out the songs at home with Zyon. "We jammed every single day for a month. He knew 90% of the material already when we got into the studio. It reminded me of recording the old Sepultura stuff, like Arise and Chaos A.D., Igor knew exactly what he was going to do before we went into the studio. This was very similar."

    Cavalera says he must've written at least 1,000 riffs specifically for »Savages«. "The killer riff is what hooks the whole song together," he says. "For me the writing process is about finding the most killer riffs possible. It's a battle; sometimes I struggle with the guitar for hours. You have to throw it down on the floor and take a break. Come back a few hours later. 'Let's try this again, motherfucker!' Grab it again and go to battle, go to war with the guitar until you get the right riffs."

    Max points to BLACK SABBATH's 'Symptom of the Universe' as one of the penultimate riffs of all time, citing SABBATH's Tony Iommi and METALLICA frontman James Hetfield as among the riff-masters he most admires. "I think of riff making as an art-form. I take it really seriously. I think it deserves more attention. It has such value."

    Speaking of riffs, Rizzo came into the band a decade ago and his love of thrash metal, death metal and collaborative spirit has energized Max ever since. "When Marc entered Soulfly, it was a drastic change. He's the guitar player I've been looking for my whole life. Andreas [Kisser] and I really clicked when we worked together. I never had that again after that. We had other guys that were cool, but it was never 100% there. When Marc came in, I found it! We've developed a great bond since." Rizzo particularly shines on the opening track on Savages, 'Bloodshed.' "There's stuff all over the song - clean guitars, feedback - he just makes the song better."

    Campos has a lengthy resume in the world of metal and Max says they bonded over their shared Latino heritage, among other things. "I had this idea about this guy Vargas, a Venezuelan cannibal, they call him 'El Comegente.' He's the Hannibal Lecter of the Andes. We both read about it. Tony sings some of it in Spanish and I sing in Portuguese. He's a great bass player too, fucking amazing. Killer bass tones, distortion, all balls-out metal. He keeps this shit real heavy, great tone. It's great recording with guys who know what they're doing. I don't have to ask if they know."

    Max acknowledges the inherent risk in putting a 21 year-old behind the kit for such an important record, but it was a risk he absolutely wanted to take. "To have my son drumming on the album, that's killer. I like risks. I like to start shit up and see what happens. Even if I fail, at least I knew I tried. Rather than knowing I didn't try at all. To me, that's the bigger failure. It took a little bit of courage to put my son on it. I came to the studio and told Terry there was a young drummer who doesn't play to a click. Terry knew what to do and Zyon did great. The drums sound amazing."

    Like all things Max Cavalera, does SOULFLY's »Savages is a family affair. Not only does it mark Zyon's recorded debut with the band, but one of Max's other kids throws down some vocals in the opening track, 'Bloodshed'. "My son Igor has a killer punk rock voice that reminds me of the old CORROSION OF CONFORMITY days," Max says. "The chorus has this old punk style riff, almost like a MISFITS type riff. His voice is killer."

    Like every SOULFLY album, »Savages« contains an impressive guest list comprised of veterans and up-and-comers. CLUTCH's Neil Fallon turns up on 'Ayatollah of Rock 'N' Rolla', the title of which was inspired by Mel Gibson's classic Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior movie. Jamie Hanks from I DECLARE WAR brought his high and low deathcore vocals to 'Fallen', a death metal oriented song Max says is in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE.

    Mitch Harris from NAPALM DEATH contributed vocals to 'K.C.S.' Harris has been around the Cavaleras long enough that there are videos of him changing Zyon's diapers when SOULFLY's new drummer was just one month old. "Mitch came to the studio just to hang out during a day off from tour," Max explains. "I'm like, 'You ready to sing some shit on this record?' I put him on the spot. He's like, 'Right now?' I said, 'Fuck yeah, let's do it!' There was one point where we were recording together where he did a scream and I saw his eyeball popping out of his face like a cartoon. I was like, 'Dude that was the most metal thing I've seen in a long time.'"

    Even as Max continues to consume new music from band like NINE INCH NAILS, MAN MUST DIE, TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED and I DECLARE WAR, even as he revisits seminal material from METALLICA, SLAYER, C.O.C. and the like, and indulges his penchant for world music, and gets his hands in his other projects and collaborations, it all adds up to a singular, distinct, straightforward and riff-heavy machine known as SOULFLY.

    LP 1
    1. Bloodshed

    2. Cannibal Holocaust
    3. Fallen

    4. Ayatollah Of Rock 'N' Rolla

    5. Master Of Savagery

    6. Spiral

    LP 2
    1. This Is Violence

    2. K.C.S.

    3. El Comegente

    4. Soulfliktion

    5. Fuck Reality (Bonus Track)

    6. Soulfly IX (Bonus Track)

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  • Savage Gold Savage Gold Quick View

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    Savage Gold

    TOMBS' third album Savage Gold is the most anticipated underground metal album of 2014. The band's sophomore LP Path Of Totality unanimously topped 2011 end of the year metal lists (everyone from Decibel to Pitchfork to NPR, and more, dubbed it their top album of that year). Savage Gold focuses the awesome strength of Tombs' previous works into one brilliantly dark post-punk and extreme black-metal masterpiece. Recorded and produced by Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore), Savage Gold both expands upon the moody post-punk foundations that Tombs' prior albums explored while also bringing out the band's most traditionally metal moments yet. Once every few years a record comes along that sets a new benchmark for what can be done in heavy music. This is that moment and this is that record.
    1. Thanatos
    2. Portraits
    3. Seance
    4. Echoes
    5. Deathtripper
    6. Edge of Darkness
    7. Ashes
    8. Legacy
    9. Severed Lives
    10. Spiral
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  • Savage Times Savage Times Quick View

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    Savage Times

    Hanni El Khatib's first idea for his Savage Times project was to do
    something he'd never done before. Instead, he ended up doing
    well, everything he'd never done before. He'd be playing new
    instruments, writing in unfamiliar new ways, opening himself up to
    an unrelenting stream of ideas and dedicating himself totally to
    pure musical instinct. And the result? 19 best-of-the-sessions songs,
    destined for vinyl release as a Limited Edition 10" LP Box Set, as well
    as the kind of creative revelations that only happen when you quit
    looking around and start looking ahead.

    Originally, he'd hoped to explode the lingering idea that he was
    simply a blues-rock guitar player, but that's why Savage Times
    touches on everything from garage rock to punk to disco, hip-hop
    and even some unexpected solo-guitar self-portraiture. But on the
    way, he also exploded his own idea of what he could do-even
    maybe who he was, or would be. Savage Times was an experiment
    as well as an experience, that touched on some of the most
    personal, social & political elements to date.

    LP 1
    1. Baby's Ok
    2. Gonna Die Alone
    3. Born Brown
    4. Paralyzed
    5. Miracle
    6. Mangos and Rice

    LP 2
    1. Come Down
    2. No Way
    3. Mondo and His Makeup
    4. Gun Clap Hero
    5. Black Constellation
    6. So Dusty

    LP 3
    1. Till Your Rose Comes Home
    2. Hold Me Back
    3. Savage Times
    5. 1AM
    6. Peep Show
    7. This I Know
    8. Freak Freely

    Hanni El Khatib
    10 Vinyl LP Box Set - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Savage Imagination Savage Imagination Quick View

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    Savage Imagination

    Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa are artistic omnivores, soaking up a myriad of cultural artifacts and styles, savoring bits and pieces and recontexutalizing them into entirely delightful and playfully intricate songs. Their songs are embued with a relentless cheerfulness that belies their technicality, steeped in the history of Japanese pop music and exuding the joy of discovery and exploration. Dustin and Takako are serious musicians not afraid to play it silly. Savage Imagination is their second album as a duo and shows their collaboration in full bloom. It is an collection of vibrant pop music, laced with the sounds of video games, radiophonic experiments, and indigenous music from around the world.
    1. Pale Tone Wifi
    2. Dancing Venus of Aurora Clay
    3. Dimension Dive part 1: Aether Curtain
    4. Dimension Dive part 2: Earth Drum
    5. Dimension Dive part 3: Deep Sea Dance
    6. Ancient Aluminum Forest
    7. Dioramasaurus
    8. Luminescent Earth Traveler
    9. She He See Feel
    10. Pastel Ice Date
    Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa
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  • Savage Mode (On Sale) Savage Mode (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Savage Mode (On Sale)

    By popular demand, 21 Savage & Metro Boomin' SAVAGE MODE is now available on vinyl!

    Features the smash single X Bitch featuring Future.

    1. No Advance
    2. No Heart
    3. X feat. Future
    4. Savage Mode
    5. Bad Guy
    6. Real Nigga
    7. Mad High
    8. Feel It
    9. Ocean Drive
    21 Savage & Metro Boomin'
    $17.99 $12.59 Save $5.40 (30%)
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  • The Savage Heart The Savage Heart Quick View

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    The Savage Heart

    The Jim Jones Revue may be born of British blood, but, musically speaking, they're plenty American at heart. The band's rollicking amalgam of '50s-inspired rock 'n' roll and menacing garage rock feels more indebted to Memphis or the Motor City than the band's native London.

    Evidence of such is spread thickly across The Savage Heart, Jones and friends' third offering for Punk Rock Blues Records. At nine tracks and just under 40 minutes, the band cranks out a sweat-stained slate of ugly, rootsy American rock charged full of greaser gusto. Following in the hefty footprints of its strong 2010 record, Burning Down Your House, The Savage Heart once again draws from an American foundation, from the rip-up piano work of Jerry Lee Lewis and George Thorogood's boogie blues swagger to the wild aggression of proto punk upstarts like the MC5.

    But while that's a lot of sonic history to pack into a limited slate of tracks, it's the way the band picks through its hefty musical lineage and mines its best attributes that helps the record live up to its name. "It's Gotta Be About Me" cruises with retro flair and biker cool, while the bouncy piano lines give "Where'd Da Money Go?" a groovy kick in the ass. But the real show comes courtesy of Jones, who lets his madcap frontman instincts and hoarse voice run wild on tracks like the love-scorn "Catastrophe". The record comes to a comparatively tame close on "Midnight Oceans & The Savage Heart", but even that tune's seemingly innocent throwback to a long-departed era of drive-in movies and high school sock hops is coated in a thick layer of kitschy nostalgia.

    Is the Jim Jones Revue a playful detour through rock history? Or maybe a bourbon-soaked bar band from hell? The Savage Heart is a little bit of both, thanks to a band with the smarts, chops, and passion to make something fresh out of the expansive musical fodder that helped lay its rowdy foundation.

    -Ryan Bray (Consequence Of Sound)

    1. It's Gotta Be About Me
    2. Never Let You Go
    3. 7 Times Around The Sun
    4. Where Da Money Go?
    5. Chain Gang
    6. In And Out Of Harm's Way
    7. Catastrophe
    8. Eagle Eye Ball
    9. Midnight OcÉans & The Savage Heart
    The Jim Jones Revue
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  • Savage Land (Awaiting Repress) Savage Land (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Savage Land (Awaiting Repress)

    GRUESOME's debut 'Savage Land' is an intentional homage to the first wave death metal scene of Tampa, Florida, specifically Death's early period. GRUESOME is much more than a tribute band though. Led by Matt Harvey (of Exhumed, Matt was the vocalist and guitarist on the original Death To All tour) and rounded out by a band comprised of current and former members of Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa, GRUESOME sound like they were plucked right out of 1988. This is an absolutely top notch filthy slab of old school death metal, played by the some of the scene's most legit players.
    1. Savage Land
    2. Trapped In Hell
    3. Demonized
    4. Hideous
    5. Gangrene
    6. Closed Casket
    7. Psychic Twin
    8. Gruesome
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Savage Young Du (Pre-Order) Savage Young Du (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Savage Young Du (Pre-Order)

    Experience the punishing sonic origins of a punk icon. Collected here for the first time, and skillfully remastered from original board tapes, demos, and session masters, this collection is an authoritative chronicling of the wellspring and maturation of Grant Hart, Greg Norton and Bob Mould - three Minneapolis teenagers who'd go on to become the most heralded trio of the American punk underground. Follow the HÜskers to their earliest gigs in 1979, through extensive road dog touring, and to the start of their partnership with West Coast tastemaker SST in 1983.

    This primitive stage in the fabled career of HÜsker DÜ is presented as a deluxe box set and packaged with a hardbound book crammed full of never before seen photos, flyers, and a sprawling essay with participation from the band. Spread across four LPs, 47 of the 69 songs compiled here are previously unissued. Also included are Statues/Amusement, In A Free Land, Everything Falls Apart, and an alternate recording of the Land Speed Record set.

    LP 1
    1. Do You Remember?
    2. Sore Eyes
    3. Can't See You Anymore
    4. Picture Of You
    5. The Truth Hurts
    6. Do The Bee
    7. Nuclear Nightmare
    8. All I've Got To Lose Is You
    9. Chinese Rocks
    10. Uncle Ron
    11. Data Control
    12. Insects Rule The World
    13. You're Too Obtuse
    14. Outside
    15. Sexual Economics
    16. What Went Wrong

    LP 2
    1. Statues
    2. Amusement
    3. Writer's Cramp
    4. Let's Go Die
    5. Walk With The Wounded
    6. Industrial Grocery Store
    7. Drug Party
    8. Call On Me
    9. Termination
    10. I'm Tired Of Doing Things
    11. Stick It To Me
    12. Wheels

    LP 3
    1. All Tensed Up
    2. Don't Try To Call
    3. I'm Not Interested
    4. Guns At My School
    5. Push The Button
    6. Gilligan's Island
    7. MTC
    8. Don't Have A Life
    9. You're Naïve
    10. Strange Week
    11. Big Sky
    12. Ultracore
    13. Let's Go Die (Live)
    14. Won't Say A Word
    15. Don't Try It
    16. Private Hell
    17. Diane
    18. Sex Dolls
    19. In A Free Land
    20. What Do I Want?
    21. M.I.C.
    22. Target (In A Free Land Session)
    23. Signals From Above (In A Free Land Session)

    LP 4
    1. From The Gut
    2. Blah, Blah, Blah
    3. Punch Drunk
    4. Bricklayer
    5. Afraid Of Being Wrong
    6. Sunshine Superman
    7. Signal From Above
    8. Everything Falls Apart
    9. Wheels
    10. Target
    11. Obnoxious
    12. Gravity
    13. Do You Remember? (Live)
    14. Travel In Opposite Car
    15. It's Not Funny Anymore
    16. Real World
    17. Out On A Limb
    18. It's Not Fair

    Husker Du
    Vinyl LP Box Set - 4 LPs Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Savage (Songs from a Broken World) Savage (Songs from a Broken World) Quick View

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    Savage (Songs from a Broken World)

    Marking Numan's 22nd full-length of his career, Savage follows 2013's Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind). Produced by Ade Fenton and recorded in Los Angeles and the UK, the record was largely written during the last presidential election. Trump's victory and climate policies became Numan's twisted inspiration, leading to a concept album set in a post-global warming apocalypse. A press release describes the concept best:

    There is no technology left and most of the planet has turned to a desolate desert wasteland. Food is scarce, water even more so, and human kindness and decency are just a dim and distant memory. Western and Eastern cultures have merged, more because of the need to simply survive than any feelings of greater tolerance or understanding. It's a harsh, savage environment, as are the survivors who still roam across it.

    The songs are about the things that people do in such a harsh and terrifying environment, Numan said in a statement. It's about a desperate need to survive and they do awful things in order to do so, and some are haunted by what they've done. That desire to be forgiven, along with some discovered remnants of an old religious book, ultimately encourages religion to resurface, and it really goes downhill from there.

    LP 1
    1. Ghost Nation
    2. Bed of Thorns
    3. My Name Is Ruin
    4. The End of Things
    5. And It All Began with You
    6. When the World Comes Apart

    LP 2
    1. Mercy
    2. What God Intended
    3. If I Said
    4. Pray for the Pain You Serve
    5. Broken
    6. Cold

    Gary Numan
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Library Catalog Music Series: Music for Savage Tropical Imagery Library Catalog Music Series: Music for Savage Tropical Imagery Quick View

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    Library Catalog Music Series: Music for Savage Tropical Imagery

    Yuuki Matthews is a Seattle-based freelance musician and owner of 2 cats. Originally from Hollywood (Burbank), California, Yuuki moved to the Northwest with his mother and brother in the mid-nineties. He recorded the songs that make up Music for Savage Tropical Imagery at home between tours, odd jobs, and major milestone events. With this record, Yuuki sought to expand upon the nostalgia of subtle sound degradation.
    1. Villa
    2. Hk Cinema Funk
    3. Equatorial Broadway Funk
    4. Hive
    5. Giants
    6. Sun Bear
    7. Sloth Documentary
    8. Em'S Dream
    9. Conquerors
    10. Sea Sponge Cake
    Yuuki Matthews
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  • Savage! Savage! Quick View

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    Title Theme: Savage
    Lay It On Your Head
    Where I'm Coming From
    It's A Sad Song
    My Favorite Beer Joint
    Just Kiss Me
    Don Julian
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Issa Album (Pre-Order) Issa Album (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Issa Album (Pre-Order)

    Issa Album is the debut studio album by American rapper 21 Savage. It features production from frequent collaborator Metro Boomin, alongside Southside, Pi'erre Bourne, Zaytoven, Wheezy, DJ Mustard and 21 Savage himself. It succeeds 21 Savage's collaborative EP with Metro Boomin, Savage Mode (2016).
    1. Famous
    2. Bank Account
    3. Close My Eyes
    4. Bad Business
    5. Baby Girl
    6. Thug Life
    7. FaceTime
    8. Nothin New
    9. Numb
    10. Dead People
    11. Money Convo
    12. Special
    13. Whole Lot
    14. 7 Min Freestyle
    21 Savage
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Other Life Other Life Quick View

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    Other Life

    Sean Nicholas Savage is driven by the magic of the voice. A fixture of the Montreal music scene, Savage uses his instrument to express both the strength and fragility of the human experience. In his writing, Sean has the keen ability to articulate the intricate emotions of everyday life and romance with a measure of specificity and maturity uncommon to most singer-songwriters.
    1. She Looks Like You
    2. Other Life
    3. Lonely Woman
    4. More Than I Love Myself
    5. Like A Baby
    6. You Changed Me
    7. We Used To Live In A Dream
    8. Bygone Summer
    9. Change Your Mind
    10. Look At Me
    11. It?s Real
    12. Chin Chin
    Sean Nicholas Savage
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Other Death Other Death Quick View

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    Other Death

    This fall sees the release of Sean Nicholas Savage's latest record, Other Death. Savage, a master of tenderness, reflection and projection, has released and toured relentlessly in pursuit of the rarer beauties found only in the nuance of pop song and performance. Other Death was recorded in Santa Monica, Los Angeles as a collaboration with Agor, of Savage's Arbutus labelmates Blue Hawaii, while Errhead of Doldrums plays on much of the record. Ramona Gonzalez Nite Jewel also makes an appearance, as do TOPS' Jane Penny and David Carriere. This is Savage's highest fidelity recording to date, with daring, captivating, and as always minimal and soft production style. In contrast to his usual introspection, Other Death is immediately more upbeat, uptempo, confident, inspired and delivers more consistent pop singles than any of his previous records. Savage is not playing to the middle. Here he gives his listeners, those who crave a harder SNS smack, the energy they crave. This is the release fans will turn to when they want to feel the sophisticated, delicate, and enchanted music of Sean Nicholas Savage at its most brave, free and loud. It's as if upon being tossed a copy of Other Life, Savage reads the message; Other Life? and throws it back at us in blood red, Other Death.
    1. Death

    2. Propaganda

    3. Casablanca

    4. Dont Be Sad (Prod TOPS)
    5. Promises

    6. Romeo

    7. 1 More Chance (Feat Nite Jewel)

    8. Suburban Nights

    9. Delta Fresh N Breezy

    10. SOS

    11. Why I Love U

    12. Young Again
    Sean Nicholas Savage
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  • We Should Be Dead Together We Should Be Dead Together Quick View

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    We Should Be Dead Together

    You can feel the act of creation in every note or creak or cadence and it is intoxicating. The results are not overtly folk or psych or pop or rock yet they appeal to all of those senses at once. It is odd to have an 11-track EP. Even more strange is to organize it as one track followed by 10 tracks, as is done on the sleeve, especially when it plays out in a more traditional order in practice. But everything about Savaging Spires seems to go against convention. A band that All Music likened to Animal Collective and the Incredible String Band jamming on found instruments at The Residents' house, with Mark Kozelek as guest vocalist never ceases to surprise. This continues their habit of producing amazing results in front of a microphone, as their self-titled debut was considered by many to be an instant cult classic. Recalling the glory days of pastoral psychedelia according to The Wire and it found heavy rotation in the US on KALX, WFMU, WNYU, KVRX and many others.
    1. We Should Be Dead (Together)
    2. Fifty Percent Proof
    3. When the Devils Says He's Tape
    4. Apostrophe Tape
    5. Drinking Moon
    6. Sunrise
    7. Tales of Pneumonia
    8. Stop the L Train
    9. Don't Let Lorraine Get Much Older
    10. Suddenly the Bell
    11. Fifty Percent Tape
    Savaging Spires
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  • Bermuda Waterfall (Awaiting Repress) Bermuda Waterfall (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Bermuda Waterfall (Awaiting Repress)

    "The utter rawness and sincerity of his
    performance is absolutely captivating."
    - Pitchfork

    "Montreal's best kept secret (...) sparkles like
    Elliott Smith hopped up on Arthur Russell's
    happy pills."
    - NM

    bermuda waterfall= invisible action, unconscious fertilization, 
    the subconscious master plan continuum 

    Much of the words to Bermuda (which i feel are the center piece) were written
    whilest travelling between one place i loved and another place/people i loved, and
    trying to describe my most potent dreams related to my most potent life experiences.
     there was a feeling of disappointment in communication with the people that i'm
    calling out to connect with through my performances and travels in the last year, a
    feeling of loneliness.

    I had to have faith with the meanings of the poetry because more then ever it was
    lifted from my life often without being understood, only knowing that they were
    events, truths i admired, truthfully complex as anything so haunting can be
    interpreted in so many ways, like any dream funny or sexual, or horrifying. not so
    much knowing the reasons, but just the experiences as mysterious as they are to me.
    i promise that i was as straight forward with the words as possible in describing
    these nuances.   

    Full of yin and yang, and just sitting back and taking a look at my life, something i'm
    happy with, and came naturally in the words of which i intended for the first time
    nothing. i'll have to wait a few years before i understand exactly whats going on in
    the record, in this time in my life, and i'm alright with that, cos i'm into mystery.
    - Sean Nicholas Savage

    1. Boogie Nights
    2. Naturally
    3. The Rat
    4. Heartless
    5. Empire
    6. Hangin On
    7. Bermuda Waterfall
    8. Darkness
    9. Hands Dance
    10. Please Set Me Free
    11. Vampire
    12. Some Things Never Die
    Sean Nicholas Savage
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  • Heavy Love Heavy Love Quick View

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    Heavy Love

    But who is Duke Garwood? Well, he's been a prominent collaborator with artist like Mark Lanegan and Savages in the past, and he's finally finished his debut solo album. It's now his time in spotlight, and he comes highly recommended. You should know Duke Garwood. As it is, his soulful, stripped-bare sound has been under your nose this entire time. Until now, he's been the mysterious figure in tales where Mexican gangs forced tequila down his throat, a ghost-like presence at gatherings of some the world's biggest rock stars-turned-his closest friends, and an unassuming continent-hopper trying to find his way in the world. But that's all set to change with 'Heavy Love' - the brand new album about to thrust Garwood from south London's unlikely bluesman and into the spotlight he so thoroughly deserves. 'Heavy Love' is the sound of a genuine artist who has defined his career at his own pace and always on his own terms. The most focused distillation of the magic that's made his bewitching story such a pleasure to trace; it's dark, mystical, and erotic sound returns Garwood's music to the elements, to his mad blues, the unhurried grooves and desert slithers, and his spectral, past-midnight burr that's set to, at last, make him famous.
    1. Sometimes
    2. Heavy Love
    3. Burning Seas
    4. Disco Lights
    5. Sweet Wine
    6. Snake Man
    7. Suppertime In Hell
    8. Honey In The Ear
    9. Roses
    10. Hawaiian Death Song
    Duke Garwood
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  • Massive Cauldron Of Chaos Massive Cauldron Of Chaos Quick View

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    Massive Cauldron Of Chaos

    'Massive Cauldron...' is true Norwegian black metal and 1349 at their most savage and cruel.
    1. Cauldron
    2. Slaves
    3. Exorcism
    4. Postmortem
    5. Mengele's
    6. Golem
    7. Chained
    8. Godslayer
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Unravelling Unravelling Quick View

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    We Were Promised Jetpacks release their highly anticipated third album Unravelling, recorded in Glasgow at the infamous Chem19 Studios with Paul Savage (The Twilight Sad, Franz Ferdinand and Mogwai). The impending album release also sees the addition of a new member to the band in the form of multi-instrumentalist Stuart McGachan. The results of the sessions with Savage have made for the band's most accomplished and powerful album yet, taking their already legendary prowess with dynamic rock and injecting a bit of pop sheen to the mix.
    1. Safety In Numbers
    2. Peaks and Troughs
    3. I Keep It Composed
    4. Peace Sign
    5. Night Terror
    6. Disconnecting
    7. Bright Minds
    8. A Part Of It
    9. Moral Compass
    10. Peace Of Mind
    11. Ricochet
    We Were Promised Jetpacks
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  • Performing Human Performing Human Quick View

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    Performing Human

    Limited To 750

    Sleeve Features Original Artwork By Vocalist/Guitarist A. Savage

    Features Alternate Studio Version Of "Human Performance"

    "The catalyst of the song Human Performance [reflects] my own
    flawed performance of humanity, and how it affects those around
    me. It directly mourns the loss of someone in my life, a party
    that knows the story and likely doesn't care for it to be retold,
    any more than the song has already done .

    "Ultimately, the song is about living in the company of one's
    own shame. Perhaps it was the years spent as an altar boy that
    gave me an inclination toward repentance and atonement. I've
    never been a believer, but I can understand the appeal of faith,
    especially when it includes the promise of unconditional love and
    forgiveness. Human Performance is about the absence of that
    faith, and how haunting it is."

    - Andrew Savage, in NPR Music

    1. Performing Human (Dreamland Version)
    2. Human Performance (Album Version)
    3. Performing Human (Eaters Mix)
    4. Performing Human (Chris P Mix)
    Parquet Courts
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  • Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends Quick View

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    Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends

    Screaming Lord Sutch stalked the mid-'60s London club scene with the fervor of a New Testament prophet and the urgency of Jack the Ripper... Tracking this album's savage material with heroes like Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Jeff Beck, bassist Noel Redding, and keyboard session-ace Nicky Hopkins, His Lordship's debut disc is mightily pre-sented here in all of its pounding glory from the absolute original analog masters!
    1. Wailing Sounds
    2. Cause I Love You
    3. Flashing Lights
    4. Gutty Guitar
    5. Would You Believe
    6. Smoke And Fire
    7. Thumping Beat
    8. Union Jack Car
    9. One For You, Baby
    10. L-O-N-D-O-N
    11. Brightest Light
    12. Baby Come Back
    Screaming Lord Sutch
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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