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  • Queen of Rockabilly-Salute the King of Rock N' Roll Queen of Rockabilly-Salute the King of Rock N' Roll Quick View

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    Queen of Rockabilly-Salute the King of Rock N' Roll

    The Queen Of Rockabilly Salutes The King Of Rock N' Roll is a very special tribute album to Elvis Presley recorded by Elvis close friend and protÉgÉ Wanda Jackson! Featuring 15 classic tracks!

    1. Wanda Introduction
    2. Good Rockin Tonight
    3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
    4. Heartbreak Hotel
    5. I Dont Care If The Sun Dont Shine
    6. Trying To Get To You
    7. Baby, Lets Play House
    8. Youre Right, Im Left, Hes Gone
    9. Mystery Train
    10. Aint That Loving You Baby
    11. I Forgot To Remember To Forget Him
    12. I Wore Elvis Ring
    13. Too Much
    14. Love Me Tender
    15. Wanda Talks About Elvis
    Wanda Jackson
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  • Live At Town Hall Party 1958 & 1959 Live At Town Hall Party 1958 & 1959 Quick View

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    Live At Town Hall Party 1958 & 1959

    Following in the footsteps of our ultra-cool Johnny Cash Town Hall Party LPs, we're back with three more live-in-the-studio sessions from '58 & '59, featuring Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Merle Travis. Taken from Tex Ritter's legendary Town Hall Party television series, our LPs capture rockabilly legends Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and guitar-picking icon Merle Travis at the absolute top of their games, each playing incredible live material?and never before released on vinyl. If you missed the TV coverage more than 45 years ago, here's your chance to breathe in the sweet magic of these historic sessions.
    1. Town Hall Party Intro
    2. Be-Bop-A-Lula
    3. High Blood Pressure
    4. Rip It Up
    5. Town Hall Party Intro
    6. Dance to the Bop
    7. You Win Again
    8. For Your Precious Love
    9. High School Confidential
    10. Town Hall Party Intro
    11. Roll Over Beethoven
    12. Over the Rainbow
    13. She She Little Sheila
    Gene Vincent
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  • Country Jazz Country Jazz Quick View

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    Country Jazz

    Pressed On Red Colored Vinyl

    Jazz-meets-country in an impossibly hot session, ca. 1959! A platter of lightning-fast picking and impeccable taste from the legendary George Barnes!

    Chicago's George Barnes led a storied career as bandleader and session guitarist, including roles with national radio and television orchestras during the post-war days when electric guitar was being heard more frequently as a central instrument. His Gibson ES-300 had a singular sound that established his presence and persona among other players, and was heard on many hit records of the '50s and '60s including Connie Francis' "Lipstick on Your Collar." Country Jazz is a 1957 collection of originals and public domain songs reworked in the guitarist's style and sound, originally issued on the budget labels Colortone and Brigade. Listen as one of the early guitar gods turns tune after tune into six-string magic, working a collection of familiar songs into a truly new and exciting experience, presented here in its original mono mix.

    The description on the back of the original album reads: "A wonderful collection of Western favorites that everyone will love-and played in the traditional Western style." The front cover features a more accurate explanation: "Great guitar solos in modern country jazz style"-as if "modern country jazz" was an established category-though, if anyone could establish a new species of music, it was George. Country Jazz was not designed to explore a new iteration of country music, but when George added his own twist of jazz to these rockabilly-tinged tunes the resulting influence was unmistakable. These arrangements of traditional folk and country songs represent the enjoyment George got out of crossing musical genres. He could (and would) play anything-which made him invaluable in the studios of Chicago and New York City, but also meant he defied categorization, inadvertently denying himself a prestigious place in any one class of musician.

    Country Jazz was fun for George; little did he know it would become one of his most influential recordings. It's been said that the terrific guitarist Danny Gatton learned the entire album note-for-note, and that it inspired Jimmy Bryant to record his Country Cabin Jazz in 1960. Young guitarists who hadn't yet been born when George died in 1977 are as enthralled by Country Jazz as rock guitarists are of anything from Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, the latter even referencing George in his autobiography.

    1. Jolly Joe Clark
    2. Turkey Cobbler
    3. Banjo Hop
    4. Old Kentucky Ramble
    5. Rockabilly Boogie
    6. In The Gloaming
    7. Hot Guitar Rag
    8. Strollin' Slow
    9. Rockin' The Weasel

    10. Chicken In The Rough
    11. Bass Guitar Blues
    12. Dan's Plumb Tuckered
    13. Arky Travels Again
    14. Bluetail Buzz
    15. Hot Shortnin' Bread
    16. Old Joe's Boogie
    George Barnes
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  • Lonely Weekends Lonely Weekends Quick View

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    Lonely Weekends

    Charlie Rich's smash hit Lonely Weekends was one of legendary rockabilly imprint Phillips International's last chart-topping platters in 1960. Our vinyl edition is an exact repro of Rich's mega-rare first LP, loaded up with plenty more rockers (like the man's awesome debut single Whirlwind). Sourced from the original mono masters, these magnificent sides represent the no-holds-barred, rocking Memphis roots of the Silver Fox, Charlie Rich.

    1. Lonely Weekends
    2. School Days
    3. Whirwind
    4. Stay
    5. C. C. Rider
    6. Come Back
    7. Gonna Be Waitin'
    8. Apple Blossom Time
    9. Breakup
    10. That's How Much I Love You
    11. Rebound
    12. Juanita
    Charlie Rich
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  • Rockin' Bones: The Legendary Masters (Import) Rockin' Bones: The Legendary Masters (Import) Quick View

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    Rockin' Bones: The Legendary Masters (Import)

    There were hundreds of talented rockabilly singers in the 50's, but it'd be really hard not to recognize at first listen the high-pitched voice (back then it was actually difficult for radio listeners to tell if he was a man or a woman) and the pre-teen rock 'n' bop anger that typecast 'The Blonde Bomber' as Ronnie Dawson was often referred to. He was actually in his teens when he got to write what is probably the best obscure rockabilly treasure of all time, that legendary Rockin' Bones hit, where Ronnie declares his wish to be buried with a stack of '45s and a phonograph. This collection features 24 singles and rare tracks, including many previously unreleased on vinyl, spanning from 1957 to 1960. A must have for any early rock and roll collector!
    1. Rockin Bones
    2. Congratulations To Me
    3. Aint That A Kick In The Head
    4. Hazel
    5. Poor Little Johnny Smith
    6. Pauline
    7. Action Packed
    8. I Make The Love
    9. Green -Eyed Cat
    10. Rockin Bones (demo)
    11. Congratulations To Me (demo)
    12. Slenderella
    13. Searching For My Baby
    14. Straight Skirts
    15. The Chicken
    16. Its Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)
    17. Fire, Fire, Fire
    18. A Little Love
    19. My First Love
    20. Why Did You Cry?
    21. Im Coming Home
    22. Baby Brother
    23. Fire, Fire, Fire (Demo)
    24. Slenderella (Alternate Version)
    Ronnie Dawson
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  • Do The Clam Do The Clam Quick View

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    Do The Clam

    Limited Edition 140 Gram Vinyl

    The gig presented here, from a live FM Radio Broadcast and so in the finest quality possible, presented on two LPs, features a good splattering of tracks from A Date With Elvis, alongside a number of Cramps fave-raves and a good helping of cover versions - most interesting of which is rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers' 'It's Just That Song', the number that finishes the album but which has rarely been performed live by the band. During this show they perform the song - also as the final number albeit with an intro by Lux that has to be heard to be believed.

    LP 1
    1. Intro
    2. Heartbreak Hotel
    3. Chicken
    4. How Far Can Too Far Go
    5. The Hot Pearl Snatch
    6. People Ain't No Good
    7. Cornfed Dames
    8. What's Inside A Girl
    9. Blue Moon Baby

    10. Georgie Lee Brown
    11. Lonesome Town

    12. Do The Clam
    13. Aloha From Hell
    14. (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed

    LP 2
    1. The Most Exhalted Potentate Of Love
    2. You've Got Good Taste

    3. TV Set

    4. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog ?
    5. Surfin' Bird
    6. Human Fly

    7. It's Just That Song
    8. Lux Interior Interview

    The Cramps
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  • Gasoline Alley (On Sale) Gasoline Alley (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Gasoline Alley (On Sale)

    Numbered Limited Edition LP

    Rod the Mods 1970 Landmark Set Tone for All Folk-Rock Albums That Followed

    Evocative, Low-Key, and Rustic: Gasoline Alley Finds Stewart At His Peak

    Mastered on Mobile Fidelitys World-Renowned Mastering System and Pressed at RTI: LP Has Never Sounded More Organic, Warm, or Transparent

    Backed By Fellow Faces Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ian MacLagan, Kenny Jones

    Stewarts Equally Iconic Every Picture Tells A Story Also Available on LP from Silver Label

    No matter what era or phase of Rod Stewart you prefer, nearly everyone is unanimous in choosing the artists early 1970s output as his very finest. Proof comes courtesy of Gasoline Alley. A 1970 record that literally set the template for all folk-rock efforts that followed, the critically acclaimed album has been cited as one of the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die and remains a blueprint for evocative vocals, low-key presentation, and incredible interpretation.

    Barely removed from his debut, Stewart comes into his own on Gasoline Alley, essentially a largely unplugged record on which the singer surrounds himself with a transcendent blend of acoustic guitars, mandolin, fiddle, piano, and understated percussion and channels the music with a gritty, rock n roll attitude. The results? Tough, organic, warm, swaggering, and unfettered songs that bow to country, rockabilly, blues, and folk influences all the while managing to belong to their own genre. Its just one of the reasons why Gasoline Alley remains a study in distinctive excellence.

    Another is due to Stewarts passionate singing. Sensitive, understated, wistful, and raggedly worn, he inhabits the role of a journeyman that inhabits the narratives on standard-bearing covers of Bob Dylans Only a Hobo, Elton Johns Country Comforts, and the R&B shuffle Cut Across Shorty. He conveys a bevy of complex emotionssadness, regret, optimism, sorrow, loss, humor, yearningwith a poignancy that suggests every song here is disarmingly personal. Of course, having a band sympathetic to his desires and directions, and one that claims the talent of players such as guitarist Ronnie Wood and organist Ian MacLagan, doesnt hurt matters.

    Mastered on Mobile Fidelitys world-renowned mastering system and pressed at RTI (America's best record plant), this numbered limited edition LP allows Gasoline Alley to come across with unrivaled warmth, organic tones, and transparent presence. The signature acoustic-electric blend of rock, blues, soul, and country crackles with energy; midrange and highs are vastly improved, affording listeners a clearer image of the Faces dynamic contributions and chemistry. And Stewarts vocals take place right in your room. Wait until you hear the inflections and contrasts.

    Dont hesitate on this all-time rock and folk classic.

    This title is not eligible for further discount.

    1. Gasoline Alley
    2. It's All Over Now
    3. Only A Hobo
    4. My Way Of Giving
    5. Country Comforts
    6. Cut Across Shorty
    7. Lady Day
    8. Jo's Lament
    9. You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It)
    Rod Stewart
    $24.99 $22.49 Save $2.50 (10%)
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  • Social Distortion Social Distortion Quick View

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    Social Distortion

    Social Distortion's third eponymous album from 1990 turned out to be their best-known work and would come to spawn the most hits, with singles 'Ball And Chain', 'Story Of My Life' and the Johnny Cash cover 'Ring Of Fire'.

    It mixed Punk with Rockabilly, Blues & Country, and split the difference between Rockabilly and Ramones-style Punk.
    It is albums like this that prove why Social Distortion was able to survive the demise of the LA Hardcore scene with flair and come out on top!

    1. So Far Away
    2. Let It Be Me
    3. Story Of My Life
    4. Sick Boys
    5. Ring Of Fire
    6. Ball And Chain
    7. It Coulda Been Me
    8. She's A Knockout
    9. A Place In My Heart
    10. Drug Train
    Social Distortion
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Stray Cats Stray Cats Quick View

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    Stray Cats

    35th Anniversary Edition

    First Pressing Of 1500 Numbered Copies On 180 Gram Turquoise Vinyl, Black Vinyl Thereafter

    Stray Cats is the first album from Rockabilly band Stray Cats, first released in the UK by Arista in 1981. It was successful in Britain, peaking at No. 6 on the UK Albums Chart, and produced the UK Top 40 hits Runaway Boys (No. 9), Stray Cat Strut (No. 11) and Rock This Town (No. 9). The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later listed Rock This Town as one of the songs that shaped rock and roll.

    Stray Cats debut album came hot on the heels of the two hit singles Runaway Boys and Rock This Town, both energy filled rockabilly songs that hearkened back to the 1950s era of pure rock & roll with an updated, clean '80s sound highlighted by the prominent double bass playing of Lee Rocker and drumming of Slim Jim Phantom.

    This album was by far their most successful, hitting number six in the charts and their only entry into the Top 40.

    1. Runaway Boys
    2. Fishnet Stockings
    3. Ubangi Stomp
    4. Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie
    5. Storm The Embassy
    6. Rock This Town
    7. Rumble In Brighton
    8. Stray Cat Strut
    9. Crawl Up And Die
    10. Double Talkin' Baby
    11. My One Desire
    12. Wild Saxaphone
    Stray Cats
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rockabilly's Gravest Hits Rockabilly's Gravest Hits Quick View

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    Rockabilly's Gravest Hits


    Collection Of Cool Rockabilly Classics On 2 LPs, 180 Gram

    LP 1

    1. The Train Kept A Rollin'- Johnny Burnette
    2. Blue Suede Shoes- Roy Hall
    3. One Cup Of Coffee- Glen Glenn
    4. One Hand Loose- Charlie Feathers
    5. Mystery Train- Elvis Presley
    6. Brand New Cadillac- Vince Taylor
    7. Rakin' & Scrapin'- Dean Beard
    8. Jungle Rock- Hank Mizell
    9. Duck Tail- Joe Clay
    10. Rock With Me Baby- Billy Lee Riley
    11. The Shape I'm In- Johnny Restivo
    12. Ooby Dooby- Roy Orbison
    13. Didi Didi- Johnny Garner
    14. Hang Loose- Tommy Spurlin
    15. Rock Billy Boogie- Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n' Roll Trio
    16. Ubangi Stomp- Warren Smith

    LP 2

    1. Blue Moon Of Kentucky- Elvis Presley
    2. Little Bit More- Sleepy La Beef
    3. I'm So Lonely- Bill Flagg
    4. Comin' Or Goin'- Holey Duvall
    5. Three Alley Cats- Roy Hall
    6. Pink Cadillac- Johnny Todd
    7. Black Cadillac- Joyce Green
    8. Pretty Bad Blues- Ronnie Self
    9. Matchbox- Carl Perkins
    10. Flip Flop Mama- Eddie Bond And The Stompers
    11. That Long Black Train- Franklin Stewart
    12. Only Teenagers Allowed- Jackie Walker
    13. That's All Right- Elvis Presley
    14. Bird Dog- Don Woody
    15. Leroy- Jack Scott
    16. So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye- Weldon Rogers

    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Jezebel / Speed Demon (Awaiting Repress) Jezebel / Speed Demon (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Jezebel / Speed Demon (Awaiting Repress)

    Limited To 2,000

    What do you get when Jello Biafra & 3 of the Zen Guerillas attack 2 songs for a Reverend Horton Heat compilation? You get this aural ass-kicking of a 7-inch!

    The A-side is their scathing take on the classic rockabilly tune, Jezebel, while the B-side is their version of the Rev's awesome tune Speed Demon!

    The cover art is hand-picked by Jello- and if you think the topless blonde with the dog is striking, wait 'til you see the other side.

    1. Jezebel
    2. Speed Demon
    Jello Biafra
    7 Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute To Jack White Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute To Jack White Quick View

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    Rockin' Legends Pay Tribute To Jack White

    The musical ancestors of Jack White and his retro rockabilly blues style come together on this incredible tribute to the
    man who made rock n' roll dangerous again - now on vinyl!

    Featuring performances by artists Mr. White has liberally
    borrowed from - true legends of rockabilly, early rock, and
    classic punk including the queen herself Wanda Jackson, Big
    Jay McNeely, Sonny Burgess, Gary U.S. Bonds, Knox (The
    Vibrators), Walture Lure (The Heartbreakers), Bobby Vee and

    1. In The Cold, Cold Night - Wanda Jackson feat. Shooter Jennings
    2. I'm Shakin' - Big Jay McNeely & Nik Turner
    3. Salute Your Solution - Gary U.S. Bonds
    4. Steady As She Goes - Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers
    5. Trash Tongue Talker - Joe Clay & Cranston Clements
    6. Another Way To Die - Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
    7. Seven Nation Army - Knox, Walter Lure & W.S. "Fluke" Holland
    8. Fly Farm Blues - Johnny Powers
    9. We're Going To Be Friends - Bobby Vee
    10. Blunderbuss - Rosie Flores
    11. Fell In Love With A Girl - The Dirt Daubers
    12. You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told) - Rejected Youth Nation feat. Cyril Neville
    13. Top Yourself - The Denver Broncos UK
    14. Icky Thump - Los Straightjackets
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Quick View

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    Elvis Presley

    Ranked 55/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    Following the unexpected massive success of Heartbreak Hotel, this was as startling a debut record as any ever made and besides gospel it represented every side of Elvis' musical influences from rockabilly to blues and R&B to country and pop. Elvis' self-titled debut became the first rock & roll album to reach the number one spot on the national charts and RCA's first million dollar-earning pop album.

    Legacy Recordings has gone to great lengths to present this classic album exactly the way it was originally intended, with all the warmth and nuance that only vinyl can offer!

    1. Blue Suede Shoes
    2. I'm Counting on You
    3. I Got A Woman
    4. One-Sided Love Affair
    5. I Love You Because
    6. Just Because
    7. Tutti Frutti
    8. Trying to Get to You
    9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You)
    10. I'll Never Let You Go (Lil' Darlin')
    11. Blue Moon
    12. Money Honey
    Elvis Presley
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rock Your Baby Rock Your Baby Quick View

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    Rock Your Baby

    Pioneer of Rock 'n' Roll / First Lady of Rockabilly This collection brings together Wanda Jackson's benchmark recordings as one of the few - and certainly the most successful - women in the branch of early rock and roll known as rockabilly.

    1. I Gotta Know

    2. Baby Loves Him

    3. Honey Bop

    4. Hot Dog!  That Made Him Mad

    5. Cool Love 

    6. Did You Miss Me

    7. Let Me Explain 

    8. Don'a Wan'a

    9. Fujiyama Mama 

    10. Happy, Happy Birthday

    11. Let's Have A Party 

    12. I Wanna Waltz

    13. Money Honey

    14. Long Tall Sally

    15. Mean Mean Man

    16. Rock Your Baby

    17. Savin' My Love

    18. You're The One For Me

    19. Riot In Cell Block #9

    20. Alone With You [LIVE BONUS TRACK]

    21. Head Headed Woman [LIVE BONUS TRACK]

    Wanda Jackson
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Swampblood (Awaiting Repress) Swampblood (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Swampblood (Awaiting Repress)

    Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers southern gothic epic has its latest chapter. With Swampblood the Colonel JD Wilkes takes the muddled influence of his new home in western Kentucky, pours it through the funnel of eerie south Louisiana bayou culture, and shakes it up 'til it explodes with the thick swamp blues of Slim Harpo. With this new offering the band plays with a heavy but accessible chug, like the sound of a pirogue's plodding diesel outboard moving past the fire-breathing refineries of Port Sulfur.

    Though treading new ground, Swampblood holds true to the Shackshakers' signature aesthetic, resting on the dark fringes of American culture, more interested in the sinister nuances behind a frequently Rockwellian facade. Musically, straight swamp blues swirls with rockabilly, minor key polkas, and industrial rock all draped over Bo Diddly's primal thumping heartbeat.


    Old Spur Line


    Eastern Flesh



    Cheat The Hangman

    Born Again Again

    The Deadenin'

    Down And Out

    Jimblyleg Man

    He Ain't Right

    Angel Lust

    Preachin' At Traffic

    When I Die

    Bright And Sunny South

    Legendary Shack*Shakers
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Rockabilly Tunes Rockabilly Tunes Quick View

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    Rockabilly Tunes

    1. Roy Orbison - I Was A Fool
    2. H. Thompson/S. Rhodes - Rockabilly
    3. Andy Anderson - Johnny Valentine
    4. Andy Anderson - Tough Tough Tough
    5. Ray Harris - Love Dumb Baby
    6. Jimmy Wages - Heartbreakin' Love
    7. Jimmy Wages - Take Me
    8. Ken Cook - Thinkin, Tonite Of My Bl
    9. Tommy Ruick - Don't Come Crying
    10. Tommy Ruick - Prisoner Of The Blues
    11. Tommy Ruick - Let 'em Know
    12. Narvel Felts - Lonely River
    13. Narvel Felts - Foolish Thoughts
    14. Narvel Felts - Lonesome Feeling
    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • You Know I'm No Good/Shakin' All Over You Know I'm No Good/Shakin' All Over Quick View

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    You Know I'm No Good/Shakin' All Over

    New music from the ''Queen of Rockabilly'', Ms. Wanda Jackson. In an era when rock and roll and rockabilly was dominated by men, Jackson was a groundbreaker who more than held her own with a ripping voice like no other and hard-headed songs about no-nonsense female protagonists. Her career has spanned rockabilly, rock and roll, country and gospel and she's shared stages with all the greats from Elvis Presley to Jerry Lee Lewis.

    The first two songs from the Wanda Jackson / Jack White recording sessions will be released on vinyl on January 26. The Third Man Records-released tracks will feature Jackson's cover of Amy Winehouse's ''You Know I'm No Good'' and 1960s British rock band Johnny Kidd and the Pirates' ''Shakin' All Over.''

    The Queen of Rockabilly went to Nashville in November to record with White, who has produced albums for the Von Bondies, Whirlwind Heat, the Greenhornes and Dexter Romweber Duo. He also produced country legend Loretta Lynn's Grammy Award-winning album, Van Lear Rose, in 2004.

    Side One

    1. You Know I'm No Good


    Side Two

    1. Shakin' All Over
    Wanda Jackson
    Vinyl LP 7'' Single - Sealed Buy Now
  • Thee Gravemen (Awaiting Repress) Thee Gravemen (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Thee Gravemen (Awaiting Repress)

    Raw, wild, horrific, and tons of fun is the best way to describe this two man horror-trash band from southern Sweden. These two English guys arent interested in pop fame or hit records. They live in a world of gravestones, monsters, werewolves and haunted houses. Sitting alone in the dark watching vintage Hammer Horror films and waiting for gravedigging jobs is how they spend their days.

    Sir Lee Tea plays the guitar and wails, while Devilish Daz Trash pounds the stripped down drum set. Lee has his musical roots in the UK garage-rock scene, having played with the likes of crazy garage killers Thee Exciters and is also currently a member of top Swedish rhythmnblues outfit, The Branded. Daz, meanwhile, came from the trash punk rock n roll side of things having played since the 80s with psycho screamers Skitzo.

    Like voodoo witchdoctors hunting for prey to turn into zombies, Thee Gravemen stalk the stage, spinning lurid tales of the human predilection for sin and mans capacity for inflicting suffering on his fellow man, all done with fearsome fuzz-busting guitars and crushing, boneshaking drumming to a sleazy Fall-like rockabilly beat.

    1. Hey There Pretty Baby
    2. Come On
    3. Diggin' Graves
    4. Get Off My Back
    5. Friday at the Hideout
    6. Let There Be Drums
    7. My Girlfriend is a Werewolf
    8. My Witch
    9. Graveman
    10. Green Fuz
    11. Six Feed Down
    12. Shake It
    13. Outro
    14. Oh, B
    Thee Gravemen
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Led Zeppelin III (Deluxe Edition) Led Zeppelin III (Deluxe Edition) Quick View

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    Led Zeppelin III (Deluxe Edition)

    Deluxe Edition Remastered Vinyl

    Remastered from the Original Master Tapes by Jimmy Page and Pressed at Pallas In Germany

    180 Gram Vinyl In Tri-Fold Sleeve That Includes The Wheel & Die-Cut Holes From Original LP Sleeve

    The Second LP Features Previously Unreleased Studio Outtakes

    On their first two albums, Led Zeppelin unleashed a relentless barrage of heavy blues and rockabilly riffs, but Led Zeppelin III provided the band with the necessary room to grow musically. While there are still a handful of metallic rockers, III is built on a folky, acoustic foundation that gives the music extra depth. And even the rockers aren't as straightforward as before: the galloping Immigrant Song is powered by Robert Plant's banshee wail, Celebration Day turns blues-rock inside out with a warped slide guitar riff, and Out on the Tiles lumbers along with a tricky, multi-part riff. Nevertheless, the heart of the album lies on the second side, when the band delve deeply into English folk. Gallows Pole updates a traditional tune with a menacing flair, and Bron-Y-Aur Stomp is an infectious acoustic romp, while That's the Way and Tangerine are shimmering songs with graceful country flourishes. The band hasn't left the blues behind, but the twisted bottleneck blues of Hats off to (Roy) Harper actually outstrips the epic Since I've Been Loving You, which is the only time Zeppelin sound a bit set in their ways.

    - Stephen Thomas Erlewine (All Music Guide)

    1. Immigrant Song
    2. Friends
    3. Celebration Day
    4. Since I've Been Loving You
    5. Out on the Tiles
    6. Gallows Pole
    7. Tangerine
    8. That's the Way
    9. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
    10. Hats off to (Roy) Harper

    1. The Immigrant Song (Alternate Mix)
    2. Friends (Track - No Vocal)
    3. Celebration Day (Alternate Mix)
    4. Since I've Been Loving You (Rough Mix)
    5. Bathroom Sound (Track - No Vocal)
    6. Gallows Pole (Rough Mix)
    7. That's The Way (Rough Mix)
    8. Jennings Farm Blues (Rough Mix)
    9. Key To The Highway/Trouble In Mind (Rough Mix)

    Led Zeppelin
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Rockabilly Strut Rockabilly Strut Quick View

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    Rockabilly Strut

    Special limited edition 12" picture vinyl featuring rare studio acoustic versions of "Stray Cat Strut,"
    "Summertime Blues," and "Oh Boy" PLUS vintage live material!
    THAT SIDE: Acoustic Studio Sessions 1990
    1. Stray Cat Strut
    2. Lust N' Love
    3. Mystery Train
    4. Summertime Blues
    5. Oh Boy

    THIS SIDE: Live At The Roxy 1981
    1. Double Talkin' Baby
    2. Rumble In Brighton
    3. Baby What You Want Me To Do
    4. Fishnet Stockings
    5. Rock This Town

    Stray Cats
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  • Live At Town Hall Party '58-'59 Live At Town Hall Party '58-'59 Quick View

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    Live At Town Hall Party '58-'59

    Following in the footsteps of our ultra-cool Johnny Cash Town Hall Party LPs, we're back with three more live-in-the-studio sessions from '58?'59, featuring Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Merle Travis. Taken from Tex Ritter's legendary Town Hall Party television series, our LPs capture rockabilly legends Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and guitar-picking icon Merle Travis at the absolute top of their games, each playing incredible live material?and never before released on vinyl. If you missed the TV coverage more than 45 years ago, here's your chance to breathe in the sweet magic of these historic sessions.
    1. Fat Gal
    2. If You Can't Go Right Don't Go Wrong
    3. Bugle Call Rag
    4. Main Street Breakdown
    5. Nine Pound Hammer
    6. Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon
    7. Ike Everly's Rag
    8. Cincinnati Lou
    9. Back Home in Indiana
    10. House of David Blues
    11. Hominy Grits
    Merle Travis
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  • Live At Sun Studios Live At Sun Studios Quick View

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    Live At Sun Studios

    Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee and founding member of The Pacers, Sonny Burgess, performs live in the studios that Elvis built, Sun Studios!

    Burgess and his band, which includes many of the original studio players who literally invented rock 'n' roll music at Sun Studios, roar through
    timeless classics such as Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock" plus "Let The Good Times Roll," "Brown Eyed Girl" and so much more!

    1. Rock Around The Clock
    2. Fannie Mae
    3. Got You On My Mind
    4. Good Luck Charm
    5. Worried Mind Blues
    6. Let The Good Times Roll
    7. Lonesome Me
    8. Cotton Eyed Joe
    9. Faded Love
    10. Big River
    11. Only Make Believe
    12. Break Up
    13. Brown Eyed Girl
    14. Odessa
    Sonny Burgess
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  • London American Rockabilly London American Rockabilly Quick View

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    London American Rockabilly


    Classic rockabilly tracks, the latest addition to One Day Music's London American releases will continue to delight fans with this selection of rockin' rockabilly hits available on 180g Vinyl (2LP Gatefold format)

    1. We're Gonna Bop- Alvadean Coker
    2. Mystery Train- Vernon Taylor
    3. Get Up Get Up (You Sleepy Head)- LaVern Baker
    4. Lonesome For A Letter- Sandford Clark
    5. Go Baby Go- The Four Tophatters
    6. All The Time- Werly Fairburn
    7. Don't Be Angry- Nappy Brown
    8. Crazy For My Baby- Willie Dixon
    9. Do The Bop- The Hilltoppers
    10. Confidential- Sonny Knight
    11. Ernie- Merle Kilgore
    12. Say Yeah- Wayne Handy with Jim Thornton & His Band
    13. Step It Up And Go- Mac Wiseman
    14. Little Pigeon- Chuck Sims

    LP 2 Side 1
    1. One Night- Smiley Lewis
    2. Church Bells May Ring- The Willows
    3. I Want You- The Cadets
    4. A Casual Look- The Sixteens
    5. Don't Walk Out- The Barons
    6. Night Air- The Mints
    7. Sweetheart Please Don't Go- The Gladiolas
    8. Would I Be Crying- The Flamingos
    9. Shuffle In The Gravel- Young Jessie
    10. She's Neat- Dale Wright & The Rock Its
    11. So Tough- The Kuf-Linx
    12. Only Teenagers Allowed- Jackie Walker
    13. Cool It Baby- Dick Lory
    14. Save It- Mel Robbins

    Various Artists
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  • The Game The Game Quick View

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    The Game

    Queen had long been one of the biggest bands in the world by 1980's The Game, but this album was the first time they made a glossy, unabashed pop album, one that was designed to sound exactly like its time. They might be posed in leather jackets on the cover, but they hardly sound tough or menacing -- they rarely rock, at least not in the gonzo fashion that's long been their trademark. Gone are the bombastic orchestras of guitars and with them the charging, relentless rhythms that kept Queen grounded even at their grandest moments. Now, when they rock, they'll haul out a clever rockabilly pastiche, as they do on the tremendous Crazy Little Thing Called Love, a sly revival of old-time rock & roll that never sounds moldy, thanks in large part to Freddie Mercury's panache. But even that is an exception to the rule on The Game. Usually, when they want to rock here, they wind up sounding like Boston, as they do on John Deacon's Need Your Loving Tonight, or they sound a bit like a new wave-conscious rocker like Billy Squier, as they do on the propulsive Coming Soon. But even those are exceptions to the overall rule on The Game, since most of the album is devoted to disco-rock blends -- best heard on the globe-conquering Another One Bites the Dust, but also present in the unintentionally kitschy positivity anthem Don't Try Suicide -- and the majestic power ballads that became their calling card in the '80s, as they reworked the surging Save Me and the elegant Play the Game numerous times, often with lesser results. So, The Game winds up as a mixed bag, as many Queen albums often do, but again the striking difference with this album is that it finds Queen turning decidedly, decisively pop, and it's a grand, state-of-the-art circa 1980 pop album that still stands as one of the band's most enjoyable records. But the very fact that it does showcase a band that's turned away from rock and toward pop means that for some Queen fans, it marks the end of the road, and despite the album's charms, it's easy to see why.

    - Stephen Thomas Erlewine (All Music)
    1. Play The Game
    2. Dragon Attack
    3. Another One Bites The Dust
    4. Need Your Loving Tonight
    5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    6. Rock It (Prime Jive)
    7. Don't Try Suicide
    8. Sail Away Sweet Sister
    9. Coming Soon
    10. Save Me
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