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  • Hammer Of The Witch Hammer Of The Witch Quick View

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    Hammer Of The Witch

    Housed In An Embossed Jacket With A 16"x24" Poster

    Cleveland's legendary kings of metallic hardcore return with their Relapse debut 'Hammer Of The Witch'. 13 songs of fire-y rage propelled by lead vocalist Human Furnace's wrathful fury, this is a record sure to satisfy metalheads and hardcore kids alike. Riffs and grooves collide on songs like 'Psychic Vampires' and 'Bleed' creating some of the most vicious hooks to get stuck in your brain in a long, long time. 'Hammer Of The Witch' might just be the finest moment in Ringworm's 20+ year career.

    1. Dawn of Decay
    2. Bleed
    3. Leave Your Skin at the Door
    4. Exit Life
    5. Psychic Vampire
    6. King of Blood
    7. I Recommend Amputation
    8. Hammer of the Witch
    9. We'll Always Have the End
    10. One Of Us Is Going to Have to Die...
    11. Vicious Circle of Life
    12. Die Like a Pig
    13. Height of Revelation
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  • Scars Scars Quick View

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    Colored Vinyl

    Finally Ringworm's follow up to the Venomous Grand Design is here, entitled Scars. Ten tracks, thirty-five minutes of thrashy hardcore that Ringworm is known for. Unlike prior releases this one shouldn't take ten years for it to age and fans to finally appreciate it, Scars is an instant rager.
    Comes on Limited Edition colored vinyl with a free MP3 download.

    1. Voluntary Human Extinction
    2. To The Grave
    3. Used Up, Spit Out
    4. Scars
    5. Unravel
    6. Cleansing Of The Hell
    7. Burning Bridges
    8. Angelfuck
    9. Empty
    10. Hellbound
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  • Bleed Bleed Quick View

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    Legendary Cleveland hardcore/metal giants Ringworm deliver a limited edition 3 song 10" in anticipation of their fall 2013 US tour. Featuring three brand new songs including a Discharge cover!
    1. The Wheel
    2. Bleed
    3. The Nightmare Continues
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  • Snake Church Snake Church Quick View

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    Snake Church

    Legendary Cleveland quintet RINGWORM discharge their 8th full-length album Snake Church, a 12-track, 30+ minute testament of vicious aggression.

    After having converted metalheads and hardcore fans alike with their intense, no-holds-barred live shows and consistently punishing albums over the course of the last 25+ years, RINGWORM once again prove that they are in a league of their own when it comes to face-breaking sonic fury.

    Recorded and produced by Ben Schigel (Chimaira, ZAO) at Spider Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, Xibalba, Black Breath), Snake Church obliterates the listener and never relents, leaving nothing but bile and bone in its wake.

    1. Snake Church
    2. Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun
    3. Fear the Silence
    4. The Black Light of a Living Ghost
    5. Destroy or Create
    6. Shades of Blue
    7. Innocent Blood
    8. The Apparition
    9. Believer
    10. The Razor and The Knife
    11. Angel of War
    12. Temple of the Wolves
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  • Birth Is Pain Birth Is Pain Quick View

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    Birth Is Pain

    Evil is a word that gets tossed around today by many bands in hard music. The people that you really have to watch out for are the ones that don't market their sadistic thoughts as a sales ploy. Cleveland based RINGWORM is evil incarnate. True devotees of the occult and self professed followers of serial killers, their music has a viral tendency to infect, weaken and debilitate. Front man Human Furnace's deranged vocals induce mass violence and carnage whenever unleashed. The sheer and utter brutality of their music has been converting the underground masses all around the world for over a decade. Their rabid and fanatical followers have become the Manson Family of the new millennium, willing to cause whatever destruction and chaos is ordered of them. RINGWORM's Victory debut release, "Birth Is Pain" is the soundtrack to the annihilation of society.
    1. The Sickness
    2. Take Back What's Ours

    3. Birth Is Pain
    4. Madness of War
    5. Amputee

    6. Dollar Whore

    7. Self Destruct
    8. Endless Cycles
    9. Again and Again
    10. I Can See
    11. Wallow
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  • Abhorrent Endings Abhorrent Endings Quick View

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    Abhorrent Endings

    New Lows are one of Boston's heaviest bands, taking inspiration from legends like Ringworm, (early) Bolt Thrower, and others. Their previous release Harvest of the Carcass (Deathwish 2011) was highly praised by kids and critics worldwide as one of the heaviest releases of that year. A release that led to New Lows infamously touring the United States with Nails, Ringworm, and label mates Bitter End.

    Abhorrent Endings is the latest offering from New Lows. A crude five song crusher that shows the band digging into the rubble in search of something darker and heavier than ever before. A purposefully unpolished and brilliantly flawed exercise in aural chaos that will leave you bruised yet wanting more.

    1. Abhorrent Endings
    2. There's No Roses InThe Rubble
    3. Osaka Sun
    4. Carving Crosses
    5. Shelter Shard
    New Lows
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  • Ageless Ageless Quick View

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    A pummeling fusion of crusty grind, sludgey hardcore and groove injected metal, Ageless was recorded and mixed by Andy Patterson (Subrosa, Eagle Twin, Gaza) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Integrity). Having cut their teeth playing live over the past two years with Today is the Day, Eyehategod, Code Orange, Ringworm, Brutal Truth and many others, Ageless sees CALL OF THE VOID further sharpen their aggressively vitriolic sound into a fine-tuned display of hardcore savagery.
    1. Old Hate
    2. Truth In Bone
    3. The Sun Chaser
    4. R.I.S.
    5. Black Ice
    6. I
    7. The Hive
    8. Cold Hands
    9. Long Knives
    10. Honor Among Thieves
    11. II
    12. Ageless
    Call Of The Void
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