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Reference Recordings

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  • Copland 100/Minnesota Orchestra Copland 100/Minnesota Orchestra Quick View

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    Copland 100/Minnesota Orchestra

    200 Gram LP Plated And Pressed At Quality Record Pressings

    Eiji Oue conducts the Minnesota Orchestra performing selections by Aaron Copland.

    Aaron Copland, America's best-known and best-loved composer, would have been 100 years old this centennial year. Reference Recordings is pleased to honor his memory with this memorial LP of three of his most renowned and memorable works. Fanfare For the Common Man has become emblematic of state and major sports occasions. Its majestic strains for brass and percussion inevitably raise goosebumps wherever they are heard.

    Appalachian Spring is Copland's most beloved dance score, and is indelibly associated with Martha Graham, who gave it birth. It sings of earlier-Americans whose lives were tied to the land and it features the timeless folksong Simple Gifts. The Third Symphony is considered to be Copland's masterpiece, the finest symphony produced by any 20th-century American. Its finale brings back the Fanfare, scored for full symphony orchestra, to bring the program to a spine-tingling climax.

    1. Fanfare For The Common Man
    2. Third Symphony
    3. Molto Moderato
    4. Allegro Molto
    5. Andantino Quasi Allegretto
    6. Molto Deliberato
    Eiji Oue
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  • Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances Quick View

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    Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances

    Sergei Rachmaninoff was one of the most beloved composers of the 2oth century. His music is redolent of his Russian homeland, and it sings long, lush melodies that define the term romantic. Everyone who knows and loves his piano concertos will enjoy these lyrical and dynamic works for orchestra. The Symphonic Dances in recent years have become one of Rachmaninoffs most-performed scores. Vocalise is one of the great classical melodies, and is hummable by everyone. Grammy nominated in 2003 for Best Engineered Album - Classical; Keith O. Johnson, engineer.

    This may be some of the best sound Keith Johnson has ever gotten out of Symphony Hall in Minneapolis, and certainly Oue's most convincing work with the Minnesota players, who sound for all the world more like the Philadelphia than that orchestra does these days. How Johnson got that huge climax at the end of the Dances cleanly onto tape transcends engineering and goes into the realm of magic. - Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound

    No one can approach Reference Recordings' unparalleled sound in this music. The sweet liquid presence of the high end, especially the critical massed strings, approaches perfection when it blends with RR's characteristic ambient soundstage, fine inner detail and bass impact. - Arthur B. Lintgen, The Absolute Sound

    Even by the exalted standards one has come to expect from Reference Recordings, this is something extraordinary. This is the kind of recording that gives one renewed faith in the possibility of reproducing the power and beauty of an orchestra in a home environment, the kind of thing that makes audio worthwhile. Not to be missed. - Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound

    The recording is once again absolutely stunning, brilliant and plushy at the same time, unequaled by another label in this piece. Peter Aczel, The Audio Critic

    Overall, the sound is the best Ive ever heard from Reference Recordings. That also means that overall theres none better that you can currrently purchase. You don't need any more details, just trust me and run out and buy it. Karl Lozier,

    Once again, Keith Johnson has raised the bar of excellence in the recording of a symphony orchestra. It's a fabulous recording and a super performance of the Symphonic Dances, and a testament to the brilliance of Keith Johnson and his associates. - Anthony Kershaw,

    1. Symphonic Dances - Non Allegro
    2. Symphonic Dances - Andante Con Moto (Tempo di valse)
    3. Symphonic Dances - Lento Assai
    4. Vocalise
    6. Etudes-Tableaux - The Sea And The Seagulls
    6. Etudes-Tableaux - The Fair
    7. Etudes-Tableaux - Funeral March
    8. Etudes-Tableaux - Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf
    9. Etudes-Tableaux - March
    Eiji Oue
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Exactly Like This Exactly Like This Quick View

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    Exactly Like This

    200 Gram Double LP Plated And Pressed At Quality Record Pressings

    Understanding the importance of restraint to the blues, he skirts the predictable with fresh imagery in lyrics and his music is barb-wire sharp. - Down Beat Magazine

    Doug MacLeod is a unique, powerful guitarist with a rich and soulful voice, singing original songs based on his own life and experiences. This is Genuine Original Acoustic Music at its very best.

    His new album Exactly Like This is his third release with Reference Recordings. It's MacLeod at his very best, in a richly detailed recording by Grammy-winning engineer Keith Johnson, made at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California.

    In live performance, Doug MacLeod assures his audience This song is going to go exactly like this. It's presented just for them, not a repeat of any performance he's ever given or will ever give. He records the same way, each of his original songs are offered with a fresh voice. Exactly Like This contains 11 new MacLeod originals reflecting and paying tribute to some of his diverse musical influences: Louis Jordan, Wes Montgomery, Jerry Reed, Tony Joe White, John Lee Hooker, and even a little Duke Ellington. In his previous 19 studio albums, several live records, compilations, a blues guitar instructional DVD and a live performance DVD, MacLeod has consistently earned raves.

    His songs have been covered by many artists including Albert King, Albert Collins, Joe Louis Walker and Eva Cassidy. He has co-written songs with Dave Alvin and Coco Montoya. MacLeod's songs have been featured in many TV movies and the hit show In the Heat of the Night. Two of his songs are on Grammy-nominated albums by Albert King and Albert Collins.

    Doug MacLeod isn't just a blues guy, he's a singer/songwriter/storyteller and serious guitarist. He is one of the few modern artists doing all original material and traveling the country like a troubadour. Just Doug, headed down the road in his Honda, baseball on the radio, Siri by his side and a trunk full of music!

    1. Rock It Till the Crows Come Home
    2. Too Many Misses For Me
    3. Find Your Right Mind
    4. Ain't It Rough?
    5. Serious Doin' Woman

    1. Ridge Runner
    2. New Morning Road
    3. Vanetta
    4. Raylene
    5. Heavens The Only Place
    6. You Got It Good (And That Ain't Bad)

    Doug MacLeod
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45 RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Firebird Suite / The Song of the Nightingale The Firebird Suite / The Song of the Nightingale Quick View

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    The Firebird Suite / The Song of the Nightingale

    First time ever on LP! Performed by the Minnesota Orchestra, conducted by Eiji Oue. The compact disc was a 1997 Grammy nominee for Best Engineered, Classical.

    The world-renowned Minnesota Orchesta in its first recordings with its dynamic music director! Eiji Oue, a protege of Seiji Ozawa and Leonard Bernstein, has set the entire Twin Cities area on fire with his exciting and masterful interpretations.

    Eiji Oue became the ninth music director of the Minnesota Orchestra in 1995. This disc along with Exotic Dances from the Opera marks the recording debut of this gifted conductor, who is quickly developing a prominent identity in the international musical world.

    1. The Firebird Suite 1919
    2. The Song of the Nightingale
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Opus 3 Test LP 4 - Depth Of Image Opus 3 Test LP 4 - Depth Of Image Quick View

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    Opus 3 Test LP 4 - Depth Of Image

    This Testrecord from Opus 3 contains a selection of naturally recorded acoustic music from the Opus 3 catalog. As with previous Testrecords, it is intended as a reference for evaluating a sound reproduction unit purporting to be genuine high fidelity. The selection provides new examples of three important subject fields for sound reproduction: Depth Of Image, Timbre and Dynamics.
    1. Nobody's Blues But Mine (C. Williams)

    2. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie-Pickard-Casey)

    3. Capriccio (Mendelssohn)

    4. Concertino (L-E Larsson)

    5. Stompin' At The Savoy (Sampson-Goodman)

    6. Concertino (L-E Larsson)

    7. Reunion Blues (M. Jackson)

    8. The King (M. Lingedal)

    9. Black Beauty (D.Ellington)

    10. House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional)

    11. Look Over Yonder (Traditional)
    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - LP Sealed Buy Now
  • Respighi: Belkis, Queen Of Sheba Suite, Pines Of Rome Respighi: Belkis, Queen Of Sheba Suite, Pines Of Rome Quick View

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    Respighi: Belkis, Queen Of Sheba Suite, Pines Of Rome

    Grammy-nominated: Best Engineered Album, Classical

    200-Gram Vinyl Pressing By Quality Record Pressings!

    Beautiful Gatefold Jacket

    Selected By Soundstage!.com As Best Audiophile Recording, 2001

    Que plays each piece to the hilt; I cannot imagine more precise, more lovingly conducted performances. As for the recording, I'm running out of superlatives - it is brilliant and weighty, with tremendous undistorted dynamics. - Peter Aczel, The Audio Critic

    Respighi has not sounded like this on disc since - well, let's say since never before ... Of the seven Que/Minnesota CDs I know, this is easily the grandest, musically as well as sonically. - Roger Dettmer, Classical CD Reviews

    Dazzling orchestral colors, is one one way to describe the music of Ottorino Respighi. Belkis, Queen of Sheba was conceived as an evening-long ballet with singing whose lavishness has kept it from view since its La Scala premiere. This is only the second recording of a suite prepared by the composer - for the first time with the tenor solo (sung by Chad Shelton), and with the movements in the correct order. The music's oriental perfumes and barbaric splendor guarantee the enthusiasm of anyone who hears it. Respighi's greatest hit The Pines of Rome (with extra brasses and organ!) bring a dazzling conclusion to this unusual, inventive program.

    1. The Pines of Rome
    2. The Pines of the Villa Borghese
    3. The Pines Near A Catacomb
    4. The Pines of the Janiculum
    5. The Pines of the Appian Way
    6. Belkis, Queen of Sheba-Suite
    7. Solomon's Dream
    8. The Dance of Belkis at Dawn
    9. War Dance
    10. Orgiastic Dance (Chad Shelton, tenor)
    Eiji Oue
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  • The Ultimate Analogue Test LP The Ultimate Analogue Test LP Quick View

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    The Ultimate Analogue Test LP

    Editors Editors Editors Editors

    Analogue Productions set out to produce the ultimate test record.

    We've consulted many experts in the field, including mastering engineers, audio experts, turntable experts and audiophile listeners, to create a test record that's never been made before. When Barry Wolifson from Sterling Sound in New York City called us with the same idea we had been thinking about - that being to create the ultimate test record - he and our audio expert Clark Williams began to brainstorm and research ideas until they were both completely satisfied with what should go on the record.

    Most of the test records in the past have been made to test a variety of equipment. This test record excludes silly cannon shots, typewriters, voices on one channel and other useless fluff. This one specifically addresses your turntable and cartridge. It's designed to provide the basic test signals necessary to calibrate a turntable or cutting lathe as simply as possible. Most of the signals have specific implications, but it is certainly possible to use them in any number of novel ways.

    This record was mastered and cut on a Neumann VMS 80 lathe at Sterling Sound and pressed at Record Technology, Inc. on high-quality, 180-gram virgin vinyl.

    Side 1

    General Reference Level

    This 1 kHz reference tone will allow you to establish a "base level" for all measurements.
    Track 1 1Khz reference tone 7cm/s Mono, in phase (Lateral)

    Basic reference for all measurements, adjust meter for maximum convenience (in the studio 0VU).
    Adjust preamp channel balance for equal output.
    Also used to check the offset angle of the photo cartridge; L&R signals should be exactly in phase as displayed on an oscilloscope.

    Azimuth Adjustment

    Track 2 1kHz reference level Left channel only

    Measure Right channel output.

    Track 3 1kHz reference level Right channel only

    Measure Left channel output.

    The object is to sit the stylus exactly perpendicular in the groove.

    Twist cartridge about its radial axis until the measurements from Track 2 and Track 3 are equal or very close to equal for both channels.

    High Frequency Adjustment

    Tracks 4, 5 and 6 are used to calibrate the RIAA high frequency equalizer of a phono preamp. This will be used to calibrate a mastering lathe's phono preamplifier or any phono preamplifier that has these adjustments.

    Track 4 1 kHz tone at -20 below reference level, Lateral

    Reference for High Frequency test.

    Track 5 10 kHz reference tone at -20dbu, Lateral
    Adjust the high frequency until the output level equals that of Track 4.

    Track 6 1 kHz to 20 kHz sweep at -20dbu, Mono (Lateral)

    The AC millivoltmeter reading should stay constant across all frequencies. There are a number of factors which can affect frequency response, including cable capacitance, cartridge loading, tracking force and worn parts. Because of this, it can be difficult to achieve perfectly flat frequency response. Sometimes by making small compromises in the 10 kHz adjustment, a better overall frequency response can be achieved.

    Low Frequency Adjustment

    Tracks 7 & 8 are used to calibrate the RIAA low frequency equalizer of a phono preamp.

    Track 7 1 kHz to 20 Hz sweep at 0 VU (Lateral)

    Play Track 7 and measure the output with your AC millivolt meter.

    Ideally, the output will be flat across all frequencies. When viewed on an oscilloscope, the amplitude would remain constant during the frequency downsweep.

    Track 8 100 Hz reference tone at 0 vu (Lateral)
    Adjust LF Eq to reference (which is your reading from Track 1).

    Track 9 VTA adjust

    This is an IEC intermodulation distortion (IMD) test signal; 60Hz & 4kHz 4:1 ratio.

    Using an IMD tester, adjust VTA by raising or lowering the tonearm for minimum distortion.

    Track 10 Standard Wow & Flutter test signal; 3150Hz
    The Wow & Flutter meter will give dynamic speed variations as a percentage deviation from nominal.

    Also, the frequency counter should read exactly 3150 Hz for nominal speed. You can use the Hz function on your multi-meter (if so equipped) to verify speed here as well. You can also use to find the measurements at 45RPM. The correct reading at 45RPM would be 4253 Hz (45/33.33) x 3150.

    Side 2

    Track 1 Anti-skating test; 315Hz amplitude sweep to +12dbu (Lateral)

    Signal should remain clean in both channels up to the highest level, both audibly and as viewed on an oscilloscope. In case of distortion, increase anti-skating force or decrease anti-skate until breakup occurs equally in both channels. The left channel information is inscribed on the inner groove wall, the right channel information, on the outer groove wall. Because of the offset angle of a pivoted tonearm, a constantly varying vector force biases the arm towards the center of the record causing the stylus to lose contact with the outer (i.e. right channel) groove wall. Both linear and modulated groove velocity, tracking force, stylus profile, and vinyl composition are contributing factors. The anti skating force attempts to ameliorate this by applying an opposing similar force.

    It is also accepted that the overall force vector increases as the tonearm approaches closer to the spindle or end of the record.

    Track 2 Pink noise lateral

    Track 3 Pink noise vertical

    Used for cartridge "demagnetizing"

    You can also use this track to loosen up the cantilever's suspension to help break in a new cartridge. Play these tracks five to ten times after every 300 hours of normal LP playback.

    Track 4 1kHz @ reference level, vertical
    This out-of-phase signal should cancel to nothing when summed to mono.

    Any signals still present are distortion artifacts, lack of channel balance, or timing (phase) anomalies. This test can be a second confirmation of anti-skate adjustment.

    Track 5 1kHz to 10Hz sweep @ -20 below

    reference level, vertical
    Resonance anomalies in the tonearm / cartridge interface will show up as amplitude peaks and dips as the frequency sweeps down.

    Once again, by listening in 'Mono' it is easier to hear the distortion artifacts.

    Track 6 Silent groove for bearing rumble and table isolation

    During playback of this track, nothing should be transmitted from the turntable to the speakers. Replay the track and gently tap on the rack or base that the turntable is resting on. There should be little or no thump transferred to the speakers. This track will help you experiment with turntable isolation methods and products to be able to get the most out of your playback system. You may want to use a closed or sealed headphone for best listening results, or a stethoscope on the plinth.

    Analogue Productions
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Brothers In Arms (Awaiting Repress) (On Sale) Brothers In Arms (Awaiting Repress) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Brothers In Arms (Awaiting Repress) (On Sale)

    Blockbuster Brothers In Arms Helped Define 80s, Catapulted Dire Straits to Arena Status

    The End-All-Be-All Ultimate-Sounding Version of This Audiophile Standard: Mobile Fidelity 180g 45RPM 2LP Captures Nuances, Textures, Finite Information

    1985's Brothers In Arms Has Sold More Than Nine Million Copies in U.S. Alone, Ranked #351 on Rolling Stone's List of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

    There are hit records. And then there are blockbusters. One of the world's best-selling records, a winner of two Grammy Awards, an era-defining reference statement, an MTV favorite, and a set that catapulted an already-acclaimed band to arena status, Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms is the kind of epic spectacular that comes around only once or twice a decade. Surpassed only in fame and visibility during the period by Michael Jackson's Thriller, the 1985 album remains idiosyncratic for its covetable combination of adventurous songwriting, precision-based performances, and reference-caliber fidelity.

    Mastered from the original master tapes, pressed on 45RPM LPs at RTI, and possessing a richness befitting the album's stellar reputation, Mobile Fidelity's numbered limited-edition 180g 45RPM 2LP set of Brothers In Arms breathes with transparent highs, atmospheric heft, and lifelike tonalities. This is the hand-down ultimate-sounding version of this audiophile favorite ever made.

    The sense of realism this edition delivers will leave slack-jawed even the most hard-to-please audiophiles. As the recipient of the Grammy for Best-Engineered Recording, the album has always been a go-to sonic standard, but never has it sounded so reach-out-and-touch-it realistic as it does on this analog pressing. All of the hallmark characteristics-ample spaciousness, ideal balances, widescreen dynamics, immersive depth, lush production-are here in spades. As is music-making of enviable proportions.

    While it's easy to speculate that the colossal success of Brothers In Arms relates to its timing-its release during an era obsessed with catchy singles, flashy MTV videos, and whistle-friendly melodies-reasons for the album's chart-busting success primarily owe to the expertly crafted songs and memorable playing turned in by a group hitting its creative peak. Not to mention the spatial dimensions that cause instruments and vocals to naturally float in a fixed area.

    Anchored by "Money for Nothing," a caustically themed smash immediately identifiable via Mark Knopfler's resonant finger-picked guitar riff and Sting's "I want my MTV" vocal refrain, Dire Straits' fifth album is stuffed with bluesy signatures, jazz-rock motifs, clever lyrics, and organic accents. Diversity and consistency also extend to the songs' moods. Singing with his trademark light-to-the-touch timbre, Knopfler conjures feelings of poignancy, peacefulness, and mellowness, channeling wistfulness on the Top 10 single "So Far Away" and somber assurance on "Why Worry."

    Perfection abounds, not only in the manner in which the band nails its pop hooks and uptempo boogies with debonair flair-but also in the control room. Iconic session jazz drummer Omar Hakim supplies fluid beats and solid rhythmic foundations while Knopfler and Co. comb over grooves so smooth it seems that they're made of honey butter. Dire Straits would never play with such effortless again.

    Experience this era-defining classic in the best-possible fidelity!

    This title is not eligible for further discount.

    1. So Far Away
    2. Money for Nothing
    3. Walk of Life
    4. Your Latest Trick
    5. Why Worry
    6. Ride Across the River
    7. The Man's Too Strong
    8. One World
    9. Brothers in Arms
    Dire Straits
    $49.99 $44.99 Save $5.00 (10%)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP 45RPM - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Elgar & Vaughan Williams/Enigma Variations, Wasps & Greensleeves Elgar & Vaughan Williams/Enigma Variations, Wasps & Greensleeves Quick View

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    Elgar & Vaughan Williams/Enigma Variations, Wasps & Greensleeves

    Grammy®-winning engineer Keith O. Johnson has captured this colorful, beloved English music in brilliant HD sound. The Kansas City Symphony garnered tremendous critical acclaim for their first project on Reference Recordings, incidental music for The Tempest by Sullivan and Sibelius. Their second release on RR, Britten s Orchestra, received a Grammy® for Best Surround Sound for both the engineer and producer, as well as rave reviews everywhere, although the title is now unfortunately out of print.

    This release again features Michael Stern, the son of famed violinist Isaac Stern. He is also the founder of the Iris Chamber Orchestra in Memphis, TN and, in addition to RR, has recorded for Sony, Hyperion, Denon, Arabesque, and Naxos. Producer David Frost won Grammy® Awards in 2005, 2009, and 2011 for Classical Producer of the Year. He has produced a large roster of stars and Grammy®-winning titles.

    Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) - The Wasps - Aristophanic Suite
    1. Overture
    2. Entra'acte, molto moderato
    3. March Past of the Kitchen Utensils
    4. Entr'acte, andante
    5. Ballet and Final Tableau
    6. Fantasia on Greensleeves

    Sir Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
    7-20. Variations on an Original Theme Enigma, Op. 36

    Michael Stern & The Kansas City Symphony
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45 RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Tube Only Violin The Tube Only Violin Quick View

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    The Tube Only Violin

    Tacets tube-only recording technique, renowned for their crystal clarity and spaciousness, score another triumph here. Heart-expanding violin pieces to suit the Viennese taste, all of them taken from the very heart of the worlds violin repertoire is what is found on this new release from the small smithy of sound, Tacet. It seems astounding that a northerner such as Daniel Gaede should have chosen to follow in the footsteps of well-established violinists from the Donau city but youll soon change your opinion when you listen to this disc! Gaede, a winner of numerous international competition, received the highest honour which can be awarded to a musician in Vienna. In 1994, aged just 26, he was appointed principal violinist (concertmaster) of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and convinced many an older violinist of his capabilities with his outstanding recordings of works by Kreisler.
    This new album, a collection of brilliant arrangements of favourite compositions from the 19th and 20th century, guarantees sheer listening pleasure from beginning to end. Thanks to the first class sound, achieved by using purist tube technology, this album will surely take its rightful place among works of reference.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Peter Tchaikovsky: Melody Op.42, No.3

    2. Rodion Schtschedrin: In the Style of Albeniz
    3. Jules Massenet: Meditation from Thais
    4. Franz Schubert: Ave Maria Op.52, No.6
    5. Richard Drigo: Valse Bluette, Air de Ballet
    6. Moritz Moszkowski: Spanish Dance No.2, Op.12
    7. Edward Elgar: Salut d'Amour Op.12
    8. Charles-Auguste de Beriot: Scene de Ballett Op.100
    9. Manuel M. Ponce - Jascha Heifetz: Estrellita (My Little Star), Mexican Serenade
    Daniel Gaede
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Yerba Buena Bounce Yerba Buena Bounce Quick View

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    Yerba Buena Bounce

    Exceptional 200-gram deluxe vinyl pressing. Deluxe gatefold jackets crafted by Stoughton Printing. With Yerba Buena Bounce, its 10th album, The Hot Club of San Francisco confirms its reputation as America's longest-running and finest Gypsy Jazz ensemble. Inspired explorations of Django Reinhardt's tunes, originals and more, are captured in shimmering sound. The Hot Club of San Francisco is a quintet of accomplished and versatile musicians who celebrate Django Reinhardt's and Stephane Grappelli's renowned Hot Club de France. The ensemble borrows the all-string instrumentation of three guitars, violin and bass from the original Hot Club but breathes new life into the music with innovative arrangements of classic tunes and original compositions from the group's superb lead guitarist, Paul Mehling. Hearing the ensemble takes the listener back to the 1930s and to the small, smoky jazz clubs of Paris. Mandolinist David Grisman, father of Dawg music and good friend of The Hot Club, makes a special guest appearance on two tracks. The set is further enhanced by bandoneon virtuoso Seth Asarno. Two bonus tracks feature the quintet augmented by three Dixieland horns.

    Recorded by multi-Grammy-nominated Prof. Keith Johnson at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, the Yerba Buena Bounce sessions benefited from the historic ambience, scene of hundreds of classic jazz and rock recordings. Using his own custom-built microphones and electronics (as always), Johnson was able to utilize some of Fantasy's unique facilities, such as a legendary echo chamber, to add luster to his always life-like soundscapes.

    1. Mystery Pacific
    2. Hot Lips
    3. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
    4. Sway
    5. Number Two
    6. Souvenir de Villingen
    7. Tickle Toe
    8. Black and White
    9. Rythme Futur
    10. Lullabye
    11. Yerba Buena Bounce
    12. Stardust
    13. Borneo
    14. Georgia Cabin
    15. Improvisation #2
    16. JAM: Some Of These Days
    The Hot Club Of San Francisco
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl 45RPM LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Klipsch Reference XR8i In-Ear Headphones Klipsch Reference XR8i In-Ear Headphones Quick View

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    Klipsch Reference XR8i In-Ear Headphones

    Hybrid Design - Home Theater Sound

    Combining the bombastic, rich bass of R6i's custom 6.5mm dual magnet dynamic driver with the premium tonal balance and high frequency definition of the KG-723 balanced armature, the Klipsch XR8i Hybrid In-Ear Headphones produce sound only matched by a home theater. Designed with a true downward-firing subwoofer, the XR8i makes does not compromise.

    High Clarity Balanced Armature

    Klipsch's custom, single full-range KG-723 balanced armature produces crystal clean, natural sounding vocals and precisely defined upper frequencies only achievable through balanced armature technology.

    Bass-Tuned Dynamic Subwoofer

    XR8i uses a 6.5mm dual magnet dynamic driver to product low, sub-bass-unheard of in a headphone of this class. With a moving coil driver which focuses on reproducing only low frequencies, the XR8i creates the headroom needed to drive highly-dynamic recordings with high levels of energy and without distortion

    Die-Cast Zinc And Co-Molded Elastomer Housing

    R8i's minimalistic design features sturdy die-cast zinc for the front housing, perfectly weighted to stay put inside your ear canal. The high quality and durable rear housing is built from co-molded elastomer, a two-layer design with a rigid inner layer for support and a soft-touch pliable outer layer for comfort.

    Patented Oval Ear Tips

    Soft, flexible oval ear tips easily fit the contours of the ear canal for comfortable, long-term wear and accomplishes a pristine acoustic seal for superior noise isolation.

    Advanced Three-Button Mic And Remote

    Enjoy easy control of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod while listening to music, watching movies and answering phone calls.


    Featuring a black finish, each comes with carrying case, clothing clip, four different sized ear tips and a one-year warranty.


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Klipsch Headphones
    Reference XR8i In-Ear Headphones Buy Now
  • Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphones Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphones Quick View

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    Klipsch Reference X20i In-Ear Headphones

    Hear The Air

    X20i is the most revealing in-ear headphone Klipsch has ever created. High frequencies are reproduced with extreme accuracy and bass is clear, full, and warm. Breaking down the limitations of the capabilities in the class, X20i brings a new standard to headphone acoustics. Powered by a true two-way dual armature design, the high-horsepower KG-926T woofer is paired to a high resolution KG-125B super tweeter. This brings about a palpable sound character and makes X20i the broadest bandwidth in-ear headphone available from Klipsch.

    High Resolution Super Tweeter

    Placing X20i into a class of its own, the KG-125B super tweeter provides a truly transparent sound. With high-frequency performance designed to take advantage of superb lossless recordings, this headphone provides hi-hats and cymbals with true-to-life realism.

    Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

    Injection-molded surgical-grade stainless steel is the main material used in the X20i chassis. Featuring a reverse hood scoop, X20i is one of the smallest and most durable two-way headphones available today.

    Super-Slim Ear Tips

    X20i features the most comfortable ear tip ever designed by Klipsch. Pre-installed, the most popular ear tip has been redesigned into a super slim form. After extensive research, surveys lead to the conclusion that ear canals are even narrower than previously thought. The super slim ear tip responds to that by using an even narrower and more tapered design, allowing people who have never found in-ear monitors to be comfortable to wear them without issue. However, since all ears are unique, included with the product are five additional sizes to pick from.

    Interchangeable Cables

    Another impressive feature of X20i is the ability to swap cables. Screw-type coaxial SSMCX connectors for both left and right sides allow for swapping cables or using custom balanced cables. Roughly 35% smaller than industry-standard MMCX connectors, X20i has all the advantages of interchangeable cables without the bulk.

    Advanced Three-Button Mic And Remote

    Enjoy easy control of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod while listening to music, watching movies and answering phone calls.


    Featuring a stainless black finish, each comes with genuine leather carrying case, tie bar, five different sized ear tips and a one-year warranty.


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Klipsch Headphones
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  • Ortofon Stereo Test Record Ortofon Stereo Test Record Quick View

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    Ortofon Stereo Test Record

    Ortofon's new Test Record is designed to allow you to verify your HiFi system in the most natural audio surroundings at home. The Test Record contains special test signals developed for analyzing cartridge performance as well as its interaction with your tonearm and turntable.

    Before testing your cartridge, please verify the HiFi system's functionality. The left speaker should be connected to the left amplifier channel and vice versa; both speakers should work in phase and be optimally positioned in the room.
    The Test Record is designed to be played through your system with in-built RIAA equalization. Volume control is recommended to be set at a moderate signal level.

    Please refer to your turntable and tonearm's instructions for correct installation and alignment, adjust tonearm to be parallel to record surface, set Vertical Tracking Force and antiskating according to the cartridge's recommended technical data, and adjust stylus overhang.

    Each side of the record consists of 15 tracks which have been cut from 1-4 and 5-15:

    1. Frequency Sweep Left Channel 800 Hz - 50 kHz. Log. 28 sec. Linear cut* (800 - 20000 Hz ±1,5 dB)
    2. Frequency Sweep Right Channel 800 Hz - 50 kHz. Log. 28 sec. Linear cut* (800 - 20000 Hz ±1,5 dB)
    3. Frequency Sweep Left Channel 800 Hz - 50 kHz. Log. 28 sec. Linear cut* (800 - 20000 Hz ±1,5 dB)
    4. Frequency Sweep Right Channel 800 Hz - 50 kHz. Log. 28 sec. Linear cut* (800 - 20000 Hz ±1,5 dB)
    5. Reference tone 1000 Hz 5 cm/sec rms Left
    6. Reference tone 1000 Hz 5 cm/sec rms Right
    7. Reference tone 1000 Hz 5 cm/sec rms Left
    8. Reference tone 1000 Hz 5 cm/sec rms Right
    9. Tracking ability, lateral 50 m peak
    10. Tracking ability, lateral 60 m peak
    11. Tracking ability, lateral 70 m peak
    12. Tracking ability, lateral 80 m peak
    13. Tracking ability, lateral 90 m peak
    14. Tracking ability, lateral 100 m peak
    15. Square Wave Form 2.7 msec duty cycle 3:7
    * The record has a constant velocity amplitude throughout the sweep.

    1-4 Frequency sweep - a tool for checking frequency response
    There are several factors which can affect frequency response, including cable capacitance, cartridge loading, tracking force and worn parts. Because of this, it can be difficult to achieve perfectly flat frequency response. Sometimes by making small compromises in the cartridge loading, a better overall frequency response can be achieved. Considering the above the signal must be clean throughout the sweep.

    5-8 Reference tone for testing channel output
    With this standard reference signal is it possible to check the correctness of the connections of the left and right channels, channel balance and speed of the turntable.

    9 -14 Tracking ability test, 315 Hz lateral modulation
    These tracks contain a 315 Hz signal, recorded at increasing pick amplitudes of 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 micrometers. Please refer to your cartridge's tracking ability value specified in the technical data sheet. Your cartridge should be able to track the actual level without audible distortion. Inability to track can be heard as a departure from a pure tone or a sputtering and intermittent tone. To determine if it is one or both channels, the balance control can be utilized. In case of differing tracking ability in the left and right channels it is probably necessary to readjust the anti-skating correction of the tonearm. If both channels fail to track properly, then vertical tracking force should be increased until no further improvement of tracking force can be obtained.

    15. Square Wave Form 2.7 msec duty cycle 3:7
    When monitoring the output of your cartridge with an oscilloscope you'll then see a square wave located precisely above each other if the connection from the cartridge is correct.

    After successful completion of the above test procedures, you can ensure that your cartridge is optimized. Still the human ear is very sensitive to difference in tone distortion; its level depends on the stylus condition and record wear.

    Ortofon Stereo Test Record Buy Now
  • R. Strauss: Ein Heldenleben, Op.40, TrV 190 R. Strauss: Ein Heldenleben, Op.40, TrV 190 Quick View

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    R. Strauss: Ein Heldenleben, Op.40, TrV 190

    The most famous conductor of his age, Herbert von Karajan released over 300 albums for Deutsche Grammophon and enjoyed a long a fruitful partnership with the Berlin Philharmonic. Three of their legendary recordings together are available again on vinyl. Richard Strauss' Ein Heldenleben was Karajan's very first recording as the Berlin Philharmonic's music director and his first post-war recording for Deutsche Grammophon. It remains a reference Strauss recording.
    1. Der Held - Des Helden Widersacher - Des Helden GefÄhrtin - Des Helden Walstatt (I)
    2. Des Helden Walstatt (II) - Des Helden Friedenswerke - Des Helden Weltflucht Und Vollendung
    Herbert Von Karajan
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Amazing Grace Amazing Grace Quick View

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    Amazing Grace

    One of the truly legendary releases in the cannon of the man who defined modern Hill Country Blues, Amazing Grace finds Fred McDowell playing with the Hunters Chapel Singers in Hunters Chapel of Como, Mississippi. This 1966 release originally on Testament was one of the few records producer Jim Dickinson took with him to every recording session for reference material. McDowell and company perform what the record subtitle calls Mississippi Delta spirituals on this stark and moving set, which includes a version of one of his signature tunes, You Got to Move.

    1. Jesus On The Mainline

    2. When I Lay My Burden Down
    3. Im So Glad (I Got Good Religion)
    4. Going Over The Hill
    5. I Know Ive Been Converted
    6. Just a Little More Faith
    7. Back, Back, Train
    8. You Got To Move
    9. Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
    10. Amazing Grace
    11. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
    12. Tell The Angels
    13. When You Come Out Of The Wilderness
    14. The Lord Will Make A Way
    15. Its A Blessing
    16. This Little Light Of Mine

    Fred McDowell
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Calypso Rock & Roll (On Sale) Calypso Rock & Roll (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $27.99 $22.11 Save $5.88 (21%)

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    Calypso Rock & Roll (On Sale)


    Laurel Aitken was a singer and one of the originators of Jamaican ska music. He is often referred to as the Godfather of ska.

    All songs recorded between 1958-60.

    Mass Charlie (The Prisoner's Song)
    They Got It (Ghana Independence)
    Calypso Rock And Roll
    Nightfall in Zion (AKA Roll River Jordan)
    Sweet Chariot
    The Walls of Jericho
    Rege Dege Ding
    Aitken's Boogie
    Whole Lotta Rock
    Come Back Jeannie
    Boogie Rock
    Heavenly Angel
    Laurel Aitken
    $27.99 $22.11 Save $5.88 (21%)
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hamburg Demonstrations Hamburg Demonstrations Quick View

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    Hamburg Demonstrations

    Hamburg Demonstrations was recorded in Hamburg at Clouds Hill Recordings' studio. Peter who had always wanted to record in Hamburg, was referred to Clouds Hill and turned up on their doorstep unannounced the next day. He fell in love with the studio and based himself there for the next six months.
    1. Kolly Kibber
    2. Down For The Outing
    3. Birdcage
    4. Hell To Pay At The Gates Of Heaven
    5. Flags From The Old Regime
    6. I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone) v2
    7. A Spy In The House Of Love (Demo Vocals)
    8. Oily Boker
    9. I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone)
    10. The Whole World Is Our Playground
    11. She Is Far
    Peter Doherty
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Weezer (Green Album) Weezer (Green Album) Quick View

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    Weezer (Green Album)

    Actually self-titled but unofficially referred to as The Green Album, this record earned its nickname due to its green artwork. Certified platinum and spawning three hit singles - Hash Pipe, Photograph and Island In The Sun - the Green album is a favorite among many fans.
    1. Don't Let Go
    2. Photograph
    3. Hash Pipe
    4. Island In The Sun
    5. Crab
    6. Knock-Down Drag-Out
    7. Smile
    8. Simple Pages
    9. Glorious Day
    10. O Girlfriend
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  • That's Harakiri That's Harakiri Quick View

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    That's Harakiri

    It isn't often an artist seems to materialize from nowhere with a sound so disinterested in following any conventional rules that it inspires equal measures bafflement and astonishment, but in 2012 with the release of the 'Unknown Vectors' EP, Milwaukee based producer Sd Laika did just that. Taking the already alien sounds of grime music as a starting off point and abrasively twisting them into something even more unknowable, Laika had developed a sound that defied any easy categorization. 2 years later Dummy Magazine would come to refer to this record as 'one of the most jaw-droppingly inventive debuts in recent memory and ought to be considered "the other 'Cold Mission'" (in reference to the highly acclaimed Logos LP from 2013)'. After 'Unknown Vectors' Sd Laika became something of a mystery, disappearing from the scene altogether leaving behind him a small, but hardcore cult fanbase convinced they'd glimpsed something very special in those 5 tracks. It was only in 2013 when Tri Angle approached Sd Laika that a new record began to take shape. This record would end up consisting of songs Sd Laika had recorded in 2011 and 2012, songs he'd convinced himself would never see the light of day. For various reasons it looked likely Unknown Vectors would wind up being Laika's one and only ever release, which is why we're so excited (and as huge fans, relieved) to announce the release of his debut album 'That's Harakari'.
    1. Peace
    2. Great God Pan
    3. Gutter Vibrations
    4. I Don't
    5. Meshes
    6. Remote Heaven
    7. You Were Wrong
    8. Don't Know
    9. Peaking
    10. It's Ritual
    11. Percressing
    Sd Laika
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Execution Of All Things The Execution Of All Things Quick View

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    The Execution Of All Things

    The Execution of All Things is the second full length album released by Los Angeles-based indie pop band Rilo Kiley. Expanding on their previous musical sound that mostly incorporated guitars, vocals, percussion and pianos, Execution contains heavy electronica sampling mixed into the songs in a rather unusual and displaced-sounding way. Also, unlike their previous tracks which were written in very traditional manners, the lyrics to the songs on Execution are very wordy and read like prose. Musically, the record has a very sunny disposition, with bouncing bass lines and simple melodies complemented by Lewis' vocal style, but the upbeat music is generally counterpointed by the often dark and morose subject matter that the lyrics reference. The album was recorded at Saddle Creek Records in Omaha, Nebraska, and the aforementioned features show the influence of that studio's associated Omaha Sound.
    1. Good That Won't Come Out, The
    2. Paint's Peeling
    3. Execution of All Things, The
    4. So Long
    5. Capturing Moods
    6. A Better Son / Daughter
    7. Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You
    8. My Slumbering Heart
    9. Three Hopeful Thoughts
    10. With Arms Outstretched
    11. Spectacular Views
    12. (Untitled) - (hidden track)
    Rilo Kiley
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Don't Act Like You Don't Care Don't Act Like You Don't Care Quick View

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    Don't Act Like You Don't Care

    Before the success of his group Here We Go Magic, Luke Temple worked full-time as a plasterer. At nights after work, he spent his hours crafting what would become Here We Go Magic's self-titled debut. During the days he wrote a completely different set of songs in his head. The resulting record Don't Act Like You Don't Care shines with clarity and daylight, in contrast to Here We Go Magic's hazy aquatic debut.

    After recording two critically acclaimed solo records for Mill Pond (2005, 2007) Temple's work still hadn't garnered much attention from the record-buying public. Frustrated, but not defeated, he focused his creative energy into the writing of two amazing, but completely different records. Initially referred to as 'The Country Record,' Don't Act Like You Don't Care was shelved due to the success of Here We Go Magic's self-titled debut. Now, three years later, we're finally able to offer this incredible collection of folk-pop songs.

    Unlike the Here We Go Magic record, Don't Act Like You Don't Care focuses on Temple's songwriting and evocative tenor. From heartbreaking ballads like So Long, So Long and Ballad for Dick George to jaunty pop gems like Ophelia and In The Open you'll become fast friends with these songs that continue to satisfy after hundreds of listens.

    Inspired by Rudy Van Gelder's early Blue Note recordings, Temple and friends recorded the songs in two 4-hour sessions using just three microphones and a 4-track recorder. Temple is fortunate to have some amazingly talented friends with Eliot Krimsky (Glass Ghost) on synths, Tyler Wood on piano, Parker Kindred (Antony and the Johnsons, Jeff Buckley) on drums, Michael Bloch (Here We Go Magic) on guitar and Adam Chilenski on bass.

    1. In The Open

    2. More Than Muscle
    3. How Could I Lie
    4. Weekend Warrior
    5. Ophelia
    6. Ballad for Dick George
    7. So Long, So Long
    8. You Belong To Heaven
    9. Luck Part
    Luke Temple
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King Quick View

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    Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King

    The Dave Matthews Band is set to release their first studio album in over 4 years. Produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance), the record, titled Big Whiskey And The GrooGrux King (a reference and tribute to former member LeRoi Moore who passed away in 2008) is the follow-up to 2005's Stand Up, the fourth consecutive Dave Matthews Band studio album to enter The Billboard 200 at #1. The group has sold a collective 35 million units and with over 15 million tickets sold, has been named the top-drawing American band in the world by Billboard Magazine.
    1. Grux
    2. Shake Me Like A Monkey
    3. Funny the Way It Is
    4. Lying In the Hands of God
    5. Why I Am
    6. Dive In
    7. Spaceman
    8. Squirm
    9. Alligator Pie
    10. Seven
    11. Time Bomb
    12. Baby Blue
    13. You & Me
    Dave Matthews Band
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • South Of Nowhere South Of Nowhere Quick View

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    South Of Nowhere

    Spanish Gold, which features drummer Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), guitarist Adrian Quesada (formerly of Grupo Fantasma) and guitarist and lead vocalist Dante Schwebel (City and Colour, formerly of Hacienda), release their debut album South of Nowhere on BMG/Del Mar Records.

    Produced by the trio along with Collin Dupuis (JEFF the Brotherhood, Bombino), South of Nowhere was recorded by Dupuis at Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye Studio in Nashville and at Lalaland in Louisville. Additional recording was done with Jim Eno (Spoon, Poliça) at Public Hi-Fi in Austin and Sam Patlove (The Octopus Project) at Big Orange in Austin.

    Of making the new album, Schwebel comments, "We kept finding that we had a lot of the same reference points during the recording. It became evident that we were still children of the MTV era.

    We grew up with MTV when it was still a music channel. The way that the programming crossed genres from R&B to hip hop, rock, soul and pop music is how we approach records. It's an album of all those styles. Like watching a random hour of MTV programming circa 1986-1996. It's a nod to Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Madonna, the Beastie Boys or Tom Petty, all with a Texas border town setting. It all adds up to a fun listen that you can keep on repeat."

    1. One Track Mind
    2. South of Nowhere
    3. Out On The Street
    4. Movin On
    5. Day Drinkin
    6. Don't Leave Me Dry
    7. Ride on Up
    8. Lonely Ride
    9. Reach for Me
    10. Shangri La
    11. Stay With Me
    Spanish Gold
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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