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  • The Litmus Test The Litmus Test Quick View

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    The Litmus Test

    Cut Chemists Litmus Test is a self-mixed retrospective showcasing one of the 1990s great DJ/producers repertoire.
    Originally released in 2004, the album ushered in his solo era as a precursor to his Warner Brothers debut release
    The Audience Is Listening.

    A mix of selected productions/mixes Cut Chemist had done to date - some for hire, some for pleasure, and many for
    the group hed become famous with, Jurassic 5. This compilation is a good snapshot of his career, and makes one
    realize the level of talent that was quietly lurking behind the turntables in J5 - from his work with retro-funk label
    Now Again (Bunkys Pick) to backpack Hip Hop kids Ugly Duckling to futuristic complex rappers Blackalicious
    and bedroom cut-up exercises in Lesson 6, Cut Chemist made a case that established his legacy as one of the
    greats of the era, expertly segueing and blending a catalogue of his own compositions, ending up with a new album,
    which turns out to be a real solid listen.

    For fans of: DJ Shadow, Edan, Q-Bert, Jurassic 5, Quannum, The Roots, Stones Throw Records and the Cut-Up genre.

    No Track Listing Available.
    Cut Chemist
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  • Dr. Octagonecologyst (Box Set) Dr. Octagonecologyst (Box Set) Quick View

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    Dr. Octagonecologyst (Box Set)

    Dan The Automator's And Kool Keith's Famed Collaboration From The Mid-'90s

    28 Tracks Over 3 LPs Including 5 Unreleased Songs (Originals + Remixes)

    Housed In A Custom, Octagonal Box

    Features Original Pushead Cover Artwork

    Includes A 40-Page Liner Notes Booklet

    Dan The Automator's and Kool Keith's famed collaboration from the mid-'90s is celebrated with a 28-track set housed in a custom, octagonal box, with 5 unreleased songs (originals + remixes); original Pushead cover artwork; and 40 page liner notes booklet.

    By the mid-1990s, the rap game had been through a lot in its two decades of existence: Early-days scraping to get by and be heard; The advent of sampling; The rise of groups ranging from Run-DMC to the Wu-Tang Clan and the sprawl of Dr. Dre's shadow from the West across the globe; and solo juggernauts ranging from MC Hammer to the Notorious B.I.G.

    Thankfully, though, with everything that the genre had been through, there was still a lot of room to grow. And in early 1996, a new indie duo appeared that won over a whole new international audience, from hard rocks to skate punks. That pair was Dr. Octagon: Dan "The Automator" Nakamura and Kool Keith [Thornton].

    In some ways, the Dr. Octagon album is a solo release. But Keith wasn't the only hand on deck. He brought along a young, New York-based MC with him: Sir Menelik. Menelik was featured on four album tracks, starting with "Dr. Octagon," and proved to be an excellent super-scientifical, fast-rhyming foil to Keith. And there was one final featured contributor who helped add to the album's next-level sound: San Francisco's DJ Q*Bert, who cuts on half of the album's songs.

    The album originally came out on The Automator's Bulk Recordings label in early 1996, with cover art by metal and punk cult hero visual artist Pushead. Pressing numbers weren't huge, but as the year went on, the buzz grew, and a slightly expanded version of the album was released on James Lavelle's London-based Mo Wax label. Then Dan took an offer from newly-formed major label DreamWorks, to re-release the album with extra tracks in mid-1997. The new domestic pressing allowed for a bigger press push, as well as the group's first and only video, for "Blue Flowers."

    Beyond "Blue Flowers," the album is chock-full of mind-bending tracks, like "Earth People"; the wacked-out but sincere love ballad "Girl Let Me Touch You"; the metal-tinged "I'm Destructive"; Q-Bert's turntable workout "Bear Witness"; and, of course, freaky Keith skits like "Elective Surgery" and "General Hospital".Dr. Octagonecologyst is one of the most unique rap records the genre has ever seen, and this is the perfect way to celebrate it - whether it's the first time you have heard this mind-expanding record or the three thousandth.

    LP 1
    1. Intro
    2. 3000
    3. I Got To Tell You
    4. Earth People
    5. No Awareness
    6. Real Raw
    7. General Hospital
    8. Blue Flowers
    9. Technical Difficulties
    10. Visit To The Gynecologyst

    LP 2
    1. Bear Witness
    2. Dr. Octagon
    3. Girl Let Me Touch You
    4. I'm Destructive
    5. Wild And Crazy
    6. Elective Surgery
    7. Halfsharkhalfalligatorhalfman
    8. Blue Flowers (Revisited)
    9. Waiting List (DJ Shadow Remix)

    10. 1977

    LP 3
    1. Blue Flowers (Prince Paul's So Beautiful Remix)
    2. 3000 (Automator 1 & 2 Remix)
    3. Bear Witness (2 Turntables And A Razorblade Edit)
    4. Astro Embalming Fluid
    5. Redeye
    6. I'll Be There For You
    7. Wild And Crazy (2016 Remix)
    8. I'm Destructive (2016 Remix)

    Dr. Octagon
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  • Preemptive Strike Preemptive Strike Quick View

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    Preemptive Strike

    DJ Shadow assembled the singles collection Preemptive Strike as a way for American audiences to catch up on his career prior to his debut album, Endtroducing. The 11-track album contains three new interludes and three complete singles that he released on Mo'Wax -- In/Flux, What Does Your Soul Look Like and High Noon -- and a bonus disc, Camel Bobsled Race, which is a megamix of DJ Shadow material by {$DJ Q-Bert}. Given that Endtroducing was a masterpiece of subtlely shifting texture, Preemptive Strike almost seems purposely incoherent, even though the tracks are sequenced chronologically. The jerky flow can make the album a little difficult to asssimilate on first listen, but it soon begins to make sense, even if it never achieves the graceful flow of the album. Several of the selections on Preemptive Strike were available in different forms on Endtroducing -- parts four and one of What Does Your Soul Look Like are in their original forms here, presented along with one and three, and there's the extended overhaul of Organ Donor. All of these are significantly different than the LP versions, and What Does Your Soul Look Like is necessary in its original, half-hour, four-part incarnation. But the key moments are the seminal In/Flux, twhich arguably created trip-hop, and High Noon, the dynamic, fuzz-drenched single that was his first single release since Endtroducing. Those three A-sides are reason enough for any serious fan of the debut to pick up Preemptive Strike, but the B-sides and Camel Bobsled Race are equally intriguing, making the package a nice summation of DJ Shadow's most important singles through the end of 1997.
    1. Strike 1

    2. In/Flux

    3. Hindsight

    4. Strike 2
    5. What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 2

    6. What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 3

    7. What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 4

    8. What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 1

    9. Strike 3 (And I'm Out)
    10. High Noon

    11. Organ Donor [Extended Overhaul]
    DJ Shadow
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