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  • Bankrupt! Bankrupt! Quick View

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    Phoenix have announced the release date for the Australian edition of their forthcoming record Bankrupt!, their first studio album in 4 years.

    So far from the album, we've been treated to lead single Entertainment, a catchy indie rock number dressed in shiny synths, picking up where Phoenix last left off.

    Guitarist Laurent 'Branco' Brancowitz has described Bankrupt! as an album of greater depth than previous Phoenix releases:

    "This album has more layers. The more you listen, the more you hear, and the more you really understand what's going on. At the same time, we wanted it to be really fluid and simple like a sphere made of marble. You just see a sphere, but there's a guy who polished it for a year."

    The follow-up to 2009s Grammy Award-winning Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, the French quartet have lofty expectations to live up to with Bankrupt!.

    1. Entertainment
    2. The Real Thing
    3. SOS in Bel Air
    4. Trying to Be Cool
    5. Bankrupt!
    6. Drakkar Noir
    7. Chloroform
    8. Don't
    9. Bourgeois
    10. Oblique City
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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Quick View

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    Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

    Born out of restlessness and a steady hunt for inspiration, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is a career-defining album, filled with the band's signature melding of synthetics and organics, sharp, danceable rhythms, infectious choruses with a considerable dose of aural panache, and candy-colored pop sensibilities. Staying true to what makes Phoenix so special, a sense of whimsical breeziness envelopes these songs in a state of utter pop perfection.

    After a triumphant worldwide tour behind It's Never Been Like That, Phoenix, comprised of Thomas Mars (vocals), Laurent 'Branco' Brancowitz (guitars), Christian Mazzalai (guitars) and Deck D'Arcy (keyboards), decided to head out to the Montmartre house of friend, Philip Zdar of Cassius, to record in his studio. From opener and first single Lisztomania, it's clear that Phoenix is light-year's beyond anything they've done before. 1901 leaps out of the speakers with its fizzy power synths, rollicking drums and anthemic chours. Fences is velvet-smooth and soulful, with shimmering keys, chugging acoustic guitars and Thomas' lovelorn croon. Closing track Armistice is coiled and sinister, ending the album with staggered keyboard notes left hanging in the balance.

    1. Lisztomania

    2. 1901
    3. Fences
    4. Love Like A Sunset Pt. 1
    5. Love Like A Sunset Pt. 2

    6. Lasso
    7. Rome
    8. Countdown
    9. Girlfriend
    10. Armistice
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  • Alphabetical Alphabetical Quick View

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    "Alphabetical" the band's second album, released in March 2004, is also influenced by R'n'B. Two singles were released : "Everything is Everything" & "Run Run Run".
    1. Everything Is Everything
    2. Run Run Run
    3. I'm An Actor
    4. Love For Granted
    5. Victim Of The Crime
    6. (You Can't Blame It On) Anybody
    7. Congratulations
    8. If It's Not With You
    9. Holdin' On Together
    10. Alphabetical
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  • It's Never Been Like That It's Never Been Like That Quick View

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    It's Never Been Like That

    "It's Never Been Like That" the third studio album, released in May 2006. Includes the two critically acclaimed singles "Long Distance Call" and "Consolation Prizes".
    1. Napoleon Says
    2. Consolation Prizes
    3. Rally
    4. Long Distance Call
    5. One Time Too Many
    6. Lost and Found
    7. Courtesy Laughs
    8. North
    9. Sometimes in the Fall
    10. Second to None
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  • Ti Amo Ti Amo Quick View

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    Ti Amo

    Ti Amo is Phoenix's first album since 2013's critically lauded Bankrupt!. Produced by the band and recorded at La GaîtÉ Lyrique (Paris) with the help of long-time collaborator Pierrick Devin, Ti Amo is - in the band's own words an album about simple pure emotions: love, desire, lust and innocence, it's also a record about our European, Latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy: a lost paradise made of eternal Roman summers (hyper-light, hyper-clarity, pistachio gelato), jukeboxes on the beach, Monica Vitti and Marcello Mastroianni, fearless desire and Antique marble statues.
    1. J-Boy
    2. Ti Amo
    3. Tuttifrutti
    4. Fior Di Latte
    5. Lovelife
    6. Goodbye Soleil
    7. Fleur De Lys
    8. Role Model
    9. Via Veneto
    10. Telefono
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  • United United Quick View

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    Their first album "United" was released in June 2000 and contains the two hit singles "If I Ever Feel Better" & "Too Young". "Too Young" is included in the "Lost in Translation" soundtrack by Sofia Coppola.
    1. School's Rules
    2. Too Young
    3. Honeymoon
    4. If I Ever Feel Better
    5. Party Time
    6. On Fire
    7. Embuscade
    8. Summer Days
    9. Funky Squaredance
    10. Definitive Breaks
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  • Phoenix Phoenix Quick View

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    With Phoenix, Everything in Slow Motion paints on the canvas of life a picture of a thousand words that somehow manages to bring together both the beauty of a Picasso with the raw and childlike grace of your little child's first finger-painting. On the one hand, the album is raw and brutally honest, telling the story of an addict who clings to drugs, anger, and all the pain-filled pleasures of the flesh. On the other hand, Phoenix presents the broken tale of a beloved child of God who reaches out to his Father, stumbles and falls, and then looks up for help, hope, and a grace he cannot provide for himself.

    Facedown Records has waited until the eleventh hour (and twelfth month) to deliver one of the strongest albums the label has ever produced. Everything in Slow Motion builds upon everything that made Hands' Give Me Rest great, but somehow goes one step further. "Speak" is unquestionably a candidate for song of the year, while "The Fool" will reach into questioning hearts the way few songs are able to.

    - Lee Brown (Indie Vision Music)

    1. Get Out
    2. Speak (ft. Christian Lindskog of Blindside)
    3. Poison
    4. Most Days
    5. You Are
    6. Numbers
    7. The Fool
    8. Come Down

    9. Remember No More
    10. Proxima (ft. Holly Ann)
    Everything In Slow Motion
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Alone On Christmas Day Alone On Christmas Day Quick View

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    Alone On Christmas Day

    Phoenix and special guest Bill Murray perform Alone on Christmas Day". The performance also features Paul
    Shaffer, Jason Schwartzman and Buster Poindexter. The release will coincide with the release of "A Very Murray
    Christmas," which debuts on Netflix on Dec. 4, pays homage to classic holiday variety shows. Written by Sofia
    Coppola, Bill Murray and Mitch Glazer and directed by Coppola. The cast includes Chris Rock, Michael Cera, Maya
    Rudolph, Rashida Jones, Jason Schwartzman and many more.
    1. Alone on Christmas Day
    2. Alone On Christmas Day (Instrumental)
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  • Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising Quick View

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    Phoenix Rising

    Limited Edition Gatefold LP Reissue On Transparent Clear Vinyl

    Includes Free Poster

    Phoenix Rising is the second album by Destroyer 666. It was originally released on Season Of Mist in 2000.

    1. Rise Of The Predator
    2. The Last Revelation
    3. Phoenix Rising
    4. I Am The Wargod (Ode To The Battle Slain)
    5. The Eternal Glory Of War
    6. Lone Wolf Winter
    7. Ride The Solar Winds
    8. The Birth Of Tragedy
    Destroyer 666
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Phoenix The Phoenix Quick View

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    The Phoenix

    Once upon a time, CKY burned it all down, with a raucous, anarchic, hard rock sound soaked in the skate-punk culture that birthed them and a hard-partying lifestyle onstage and off that decimated relationships and reputations in its wake.

    Now, CKY rises from the ashes of the aftermath with The Phoenix, a bold mission statement that hoists the flag high for big, raw, authentic, earth-shaking rock n' roll, liberated from useless pretense.

    The Phoenix touches on anger, revenge, good versus evil, desperation, recovery, growth, knowledge, survival, enemies, friends, and more. There are heavy, dark, signature CKY grooves, "fun shit," "fancy shit," driving and almost danceable stuff, big melodies, total ear candy, immense diversity There are even parts that sound like maybe Quincy Jones was given the keys to Rancho De La Luna and just ran amok with the dudes in CKY.

    1. Replaceable
    2. Days of Self Destruction
    3. Unknown Enemy
    4. Head For A Breakdown
    5. The Other Ones
    6. Wiping Off The Dead
    7. Lies From You
    8. Better Than Get Even
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  • Operation Phoenix Operation Phoenix Quick View

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    Operation Phoenix

    Their darkest and most aggressive album yet! Technically superb (and super fucking fast) music combined with Russs smart, angry lyrics make this GRs best album ever!
    1: Shadows Of Defeat

    2: Blueliner

    3: Track Twelve

    4: Eighteen Seconds

    5: Heresy, Hypocrisy, And Revenge
    6: Self-Fulfilling Catastrophe

    7: Article IV
    8: Indoctrination
    9: Shit-Talking Capitalists

    10: Letters Home
    11: 30 Day Wonder
    12: Dear Cammi
    13: Yesterday Died-Tomorrow Wont Be Born

    14: Winning The Hearts And Minds

    15: A Time And A Place

    16: Second Coming

    17: After The Nightmare
    Good Riddance
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  • The Phoenix The Phoenix Quick View

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    The Phoenix

    One of the first fruits of Fhloston Paradigm rose out of the very popular 'King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm' Hyperdub 12" in 2011, the name itself a fitting misspelling of the destination from the film Fifth Element, called 'Fhloston Paradise.' This initial EP won over many new fans with its inspired vision of how music with its DNA in a vintage future - formed by a childhood growing up with the peak of Science Fiction, from Close Encounters, to Blade Runner and Doctor Who - can sound. It hit upon a creative and adventurous way to fly above the needless analog and digital binary and represent both sides.
    1. Portal 1
    2. Race To The Moon
    3. Letters Of The Past feat. Pia Ercole
    4. Chasing Rainbows
    5. Perception
    6. Never Defeated feat. Rachel Claudio
    7. Tension Remains feat. Pia Ercole
    8. It's All About feat. Pia Ercole
    9. More feat. Marlo Reynolds
    10. The Phoenix
    11. Portal 3
    12. Never Forget

    13. Portal 4
    14. Light On Edge feat. Natasha Kmeto
    Fhloston Paradigm
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Phoenix And The Turtle The Phoenix And The Turtle Quick View

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    The Phoenix And The Turtle

    April 2014 will see the release of her new album entitled The Phoenix and the Turtle. Described by Beverley as a very personal album, it features songs written throughout her entire career, from her very first song, ''Sweet Joy'', to the previously unrecorded Nick Drake & Beverley Martyn song ''Reckless Jane'' which was started in 1974 when Drake lived nearby Beverley in Hampstead. ''We started writing the song as a bit of a joke,'' she says, ''When John and I lived in Hampstead Nick lived one stop down the tube line, and he would come around and babysit sometimes. I couldn't look at it for a long time after he died, but then finally I decided to finish it.''

    ''When The Levee Breaks' and 'Going To Germany' are songs Beverley used to sing with The Levee Breakers. Another song, 'Women And Malt Whiskey' is, in part, about John Martyn and other friends from the scene back then.

    The Phoenix and the Turtle is Beverley's first album in fourteen years and was recorded in Wales with guitarist and producer Mark Pavey; it also features contributions from bass player Matt Malley, ex-Counting Crows and drummer Victor Bisetti, ex-Los Lobos which were recorded ''by the magic of computer'' in California. The album ''still has that in-a-room feel,'' said Beverley recently, ''it sounds like an old style analogue record. It's very me, very transatlantic.''

    1. Reckless Jane
    2. Potter's Blues
    3. Going To Germany
    4. Sweet Joy
    5. Nighttime
    6. Levee Breaks
    7. Women & Malt Whisky
    8. Mountain Hop
    9. Jesse James
    Beverley Martyn
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • By The Time I Get To Phoenix By The Time I Get To Phoenix Quick View

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    By The Time I Get To Phoenix

    Glen Campbell's commercial breakthrough came by way of the title track, which was the direct precursor in production terms to Wichita Lineman, and by the same writer. The cover of Paul Simon's Homeward Bound is sincere if a little perfunctory, but Campbell's rendition of Ernest Tubb's Tomorrow Never Comes is a bravura performance, rich and soulful, as well as recalling Rodgers & Hammerstein's You'll Never Walk Alone as done by Gerry & the Pacemakers. Cold December in Your Heart harks back to Campbell's country-folk material, a piece of midtempo country-pop. Material like that and the similar Back in the Race, Dorsey Burnette's Hey Little One, Jerry Reed's You're Young and You'll Forget, and Bill Anderson's Bad Seed hold up better than more pop-focused numbers like My Baby's Gone, though the string backings on most of these very much date them. The final number here, the touching Love Is a Lonesome River, makes a brilliant coda.

    1. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
    2. Homeward Bound
    3. Tomorrow Never Comes
    4. Cold December (In Your Heart)
    5. My Baby's Gone
    6. Back In The Race
    7. Hey Little One
    8. Bad Seed
    9. I'll Be Lucky Someday
    10. You're Young And You'll Forget
    11. Love Is A Lonesome River
    Glen Campbell
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  • Give Up Your Dreams Give Up Your Dreams Quick View

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    Give Up Your Dreams

    Colored Vinyl

    New Zealand''s The Phoenix Foundation are all set to return with their new and sixth studio album Give Up Your Dreams. It's a shrewd and vibrant reminder that in The Phoenix Foundation's gloriously absurd world of Technicolour pop, it's the challenges you set yourself that reap the greatest rewards. "Give Up Your Dreams could sound like a defeat but it represents something quite defiant, joyous and celebratory" exclaims co-frontman Samuel Scott of the record's infectious rhythmic driven sound and optimistic feel. Channelling previous album Fandango's beauteous side, but this time fuelled by a spit ball of irrepressible energy, Give Up Your Dreams feels like the band's most contemporary offering yet. With the new addition of drummer Chris O'Connor, the album was written taking its lead from the rhythm section for the very first time; paving the way for an all new creative process. "I was convinced we had to have a different sounding record," explains Scott's counterpart singer/guitarist Lukasz Buda. "So we completely removed any trace of acoustic guitar. It was important to leave room for the band to take it somewhere else and make way for a new vitality." Thematically and lyrically the group typically took inspiration from various of sources. The dazzling title-track is a frank deglamourisation of life on the road spurred on by a conversation with dear friend, collaborator, and fellow New Zealander Lawrence Arabia. The energetic 'Mountain' is the ultimate counterpoint; an afro-kraut groove with layers of Television-inspired guitars and dreamscapes about the 'money men' controlling the world. 'Playing Dead' nearly didn't make it further than the cutting room floor but was revived thanks to the photographs in a 1950s Time Life essay on the Ona people of Tierra Del Fuego in southern Chile and their ghost rituals. Elsewhere in 'Jason' Luke sings about both the mother of his children and his 'band wife' (Samuel Scott) being struck down with sciatica and being reliant on string painkillers to function, touching on the fear of ageing in the process. Album closer 'Myth' was inspired by the writings of St. Isidore of Seville who in the 19th Century attempted to compile all human knowledge.

    1. mountain
    2. bob lennon john dylan
    3. playing dead
    4. prawn
    5. jason
    6. celestial bodies
    7. silent orb
    8. sunbed
    9. give up your dreams
    10. myth
    The Phoenix Foundation
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 8 Ball Bail Bonds 8 Ball Bail Bonds Quick View

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    8 Ball Bail Bonds

    Puscifer live in Phoenix featuring live country versions of previously released songs.
    1. Vagina Mine
    2. Dozo
    3. Sour Grapes
    4. World Up My Ass
    5. Queen B
    6. Drunk With Power
    7. Trekka
    8. Rev2220
    9. Cuntry Boner
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • A Love Of Shared Disasters A Love Of Shared Disasters Quick View

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    A Love Of Shared Disasters

    Long Awaited Repress On Brown Colored Vinyl

    With a full baker's dozen's worth of musicians listed, the debut album by the U.K.'s Crippled Black Phoenix is part of the whole post-Broken Social Scene concept of band as endlessly mutating collective, but A Love of Shared Disasters is considerably more mutant than most. The driving force behind the band is Justin Greaves, former drummer for sludgy art-stoner metal acts Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard, but the heaviness sporadically on display here owes more to Mogwai (whose bassist Dominic Aitchison is a key participant) and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, an obvious touchstone for the epic centerpiece Long Cold Summer. Elsewhere, there are twisted fragments of Neutral Milk Hotel's lo-fi emo-psych, traditional British folk-rock in the Steeleye Span mold (complete with harmonium parts straight out of the Shirley & Dolly Collins songbook), tunes reminiscent of old sea shanties warped within an inch of their life (see the opening The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary and the vintage Fairport Convention gone doom metal feel of The Northern Cobbler), and unexpected hits of straight-up Sigur Rós ethereality. It shouldn't make a bit of sense, and it doesn't in any sort of logical way, but there's an underlying vision to A Love of Shared Disasters, a cracked singularity that keeps it from being just a random bunch of acid-fried weird ideas glued together higgledy piggledy.

    - Stewart Mason (All Music)

    1. The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary
    2. Really, How'd It Get This Way?
    3. The Whistler
    4. Suppose I Told the Truth
    5. When You're Gone
    6. Long Cold Summer

    1. Goodnight, Europe
    2. You Take the Devil Out of Me
    3. The Northern Cobbler
    4. My Enemies I Fear Not But, Protect Me from My Friends
    5. I'm Almost Home
    6. Sharks & Storms/Blizzard of Horned Cats

    Crippled Black Phoenix
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  • The Times (Discontinued) (On Sale) The Times (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    The Times (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    180 gram LP version. Although post-Group Scene band Flowers were gaining increasing popularity in late '60s Tokyo, founder and guiding light Yuya Uchida was becoming increasingly frustrated that cult status was not translating into commercial success. Watching a rehearsal for the Tokyo version of the hit U.S. musical Hair, Uchida's wily gaze fell upon the Afro-sporting cast member Yamanaka Akira aka Joe. Uchida liked what he saw and heard so much, that he invited Joe to sing guest lead vocals at the next Flowers gig, and so impressed was he with the audience's response to the singer's opening number, that he knew a direction-changing discovery had been made. Gone was Flowers and in its place, Flower Travellin' Band emerged with a whole new sound and a charismatic and talented front man leading the charge, a relentless process that would see the singer become the sound of FTB with his career ascending as the fortunes of the band decreased. Eventually, the inevitable happened and Uchida disbanded FTB in 1975, after which the band's record label, Atlantic, offered the world one final, posthumous release in a greatest hits package, The Times, with the artist as Joe With The Flower Travellin' Band becoming the band's epitaph. Sadly, Joe died of cancer in August 2011, but he will long be remembered as the voice of Japan's most successful and enduring musical ensembles, Flower Travellin' Band. Features the original LP artwork and includes the original Japanese insert.
    1. Satori Part II 07:06
    2. Satori Part I 05:17
    3. Shadows Of Lost Days 04:50
    4. Hiroshima 05:15
    5. Make Up 03:05
    6. Look At My Window 11:47
    7. Spasms 05:23
    8. I Wanna See You 04:52
    Joe With The Flower Travellin' Band
    $24.99 $19.74 Save $5.25 (21%)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Walk The Line Soundtrack Walk The Line Soundtrack Quick View

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    Walk The Line Soundtrack

    Joaquin Phoenix delivers a fiery collection of Johnny Cash's most memorable songs on this GRAMMY®Awardwinning soundtrack. Legendary producer T-Bone Burnett navigated Phoenix, Reese Witherspoon, and their fellow cast members through new recordings of classic country and rockabilly tunes. With additional tracks by Tyler Hilton, Johnathan Rice, Shooter Jennings and Waylon Payne, this Platinum-selling album serves as a lively tribute and worthy companion to Cash's original works.
    1. Get Rhythm (Joaquin Phoenix)
    2. Walk the Line (Joaquin Phoenix)

    3. Wildwood Flower (Reese Witherspoon)
    4. Lewis Boogie (Waylon Payne)

    5. Ring of Fire (Joaquin Phoenix)

    6. You're My Baby (Johnathan Rice)

    7. Cry! Cry! Cry! (Joaquin Phoenix)

    8. Folsom Prison Blues (Joaquin Phoenix)
    9. That's All Right (Tyler Hilton)

    10. Juke Box Blues (Reese Witherspoon)
    11. It Ain't Me Babe (Joaquin Phoenix / Reese Witherspoon)
    12. Home of the Blues (Joaquin Phoenix)

    13. Milk Cow Blues (Tyler Hilton)

    14. I'm A Long Way From Home (Shooter Jennings)
    15. Cocaine Blues (Joaquin Phoenix)

    16. Jackson (Joaquin Phoenix / Reese Witherspoon)
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection Quick View

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    Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection

    GR is relentless! Once again the pride of Santa Cruz deliver a rock record that is both hard-hitting and dark. Very reminiscent of the great Op Phoenix LP, this record will pound you with its heavy politics and even heavier music.
    1. Made To Be Broken

    2. More Depalma, Less Fellini
    3. Saccharine

    4. Up The Affiliates

    5. Boxing Day

    6. The Dubious Glow Of Excess

    7. Black Bag Confidential

    8. Paean To The Enlightenment

    9. Theres No I In Team

    10. The Process

    11. Dylan

    12. Remember Me

    13. Shame, Rights & Privilege

    14. Bobby Baun
    Good Riddance
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Peace In Our Time Peace In Our Time Quick View

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    Peace In Our Time

    Peace In Our Time hits all the high notes of Good Riddance's rÉsumÉ. The same classic lineup responsible for A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion, Ballads from the Revolution, and Operation Phoenix are back at the helm for Peace In Our Time.
    1. Disputatio

    2. Contrition

    3. Take It to Heart

    4. Half Measures

    5. Grace and Virtue

    6. No Greater Fight

    7. Dry Season

    8. Teachable Moments

    9. Washed Away
    10. Our Better Nature

    11. Shiloh

    12. Running on Fumes

    13. Year Zero

    14. Glory Glory
    Good Riddance
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pink Pink Quick View

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    Half-Speed Mastered For Audiophile-quality Reproduction.

    Double LP Packaged In A Stunning Heavyweight Spot-Color Jacket.

    "Ironically, this patchwork of 12-inch singles is Kieran Hebden's most delectable album-as-album." - The Boston Phoenix

    "Pink is a triumph and the new high-water mark for one of this generation's finest producers." - XLR8R

    Four Tet's brilliant 2012 collection finally available on vinyl.

    1. Locked
    2. Lion
    3. Jupiters
    4. Ocoras
    5. 128 Harps
    6. Pyramid
    7. Peace For Earth
    8. Pinnacles
    Four Tet
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Save Rock And Roll Save Rock And Roll Quick View

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    Save Rock And Roll

    Save Rock And Roll is the multi-platinum Grammy-nominated group Fall Out Boy's highly anticipated fifth studio album and their first since 2008's Folie Á Deux. The album's first single, "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up), is currently top #10 on the iTunes Singles Chart and is already RIAA certified gold while the track, Phoenix will serve as the second single. The excitement for Save Rock And Roll continues to build as Elton John, Courtney Love and Big Sean have been named as collaborators.
    1. The Phoenix
    2. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark
    3. Alone Together

    4. Where Did the Party Go

    5. Just One Yesterday (featuring Foxes)

    6. The Mighty Fall (featuring Big Sean)

    7. Miss Missing You
    8. Death Valley
    9. Young Volcanoes
    10. Rat a Tat (featuring Courtney Love)

    11. Save Rock and Roll (featuring Elton John)
    Fall Out Boy
    10 Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Glow Glow Quick View

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    ...layer by layer the album reveals itself as one of the most dynamic of 2013.
    - Vice / Thump

    It's glitchy, big and boisterous.
    - NPR Music

    "A proper dirty disco workout, full of electronic flourishes and subtle melodies upon melodies."
    - Do Androids Dance/ Complex

    When Jackson emerged from the lingering disco after-smoke of the 'French Touch' scene that nurtured Daft Punk and Phoenix amongst others, Paris and the rest of the world were changing. Slowly and methodically, strands of music were moving from warehouse raves into the global mainstream and at the time of his debut Smash, in 2005, he and his Computer Band embodied the bleeding edge of this transition.

    1. Blow
    2. Seal
    3. Dead Living Things
    4. G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)
    5. Orgysteria
    6. Blood Bust
    7. Memory
    8. Arp #1
    9. Pump
    10. More
    11. Vista
    12. Billy
    Jackson And His Computerband
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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