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Parquet Courts

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  • Human Performance Human Performance Quick View

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    Human Performance

    Their third album, Human Performance, establishes Parquet Courts as simply one of the best rock bands active in the world right now, no qualifiers needed. Not "in Brooklyn," not "something-something millennial," not "art-rock this" or "slacker indie that" - but a brilliant, accomplished rock band that have established themselves as deserving a role in the historical legacy of the genre alongside the likes of The Velvet Underground, REM, Sonic Youth, and (okay, fine) Pavement.

    The LP - their masterpiece - brings together the tunefulness, wit, and guitar wizardry that earned them a crush of critical praise & excitable fans right out of the gate, with a deeply human sense of drive, of yearning, and of wisdom earned. At times nearly overwhelming in its emotional density, at others astonishing with sheer sonic deftness, Human Performance is a rare achievement: breathtaking and brilliant.

    1. Dust
    2. Human Performance
    3. Outside
    4. I Was Just Here
    5. Paraphrased
    6. Captive of the Sun
    7. Steady On My Mind
    8. One Man, No City
    9. Berlin Got Blurry
    10. Keep It Even
    11. Two Dead Cops
    12. Pathos Prairie
    13. It's Gonna Happen
    Parquet Courts
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  • Light Up Gold Light Up Gold Quick View

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    Light Up Gold

    Though comprised of Texan transplants, Parquet Courts are a New York band. Light Up Gold is a conscious effort to draw from the rich culture of the city - the bands like Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan, and the Velvet Underground that are not from New York, but of it. A panoramic landscape of dilapidated corner-stores and crowded apartments is superimposed over bare-bones Americana, leaving little room for romance or sentiment. It's punk, it's American, it's New York... it's the color of something you were looking for.
    1. Master of My Craft
    2. Borrowed Time
    3. Donuts Only
    4. Yr No Stoner
    5. Yonder Is Closer to the Heart
    6. Careers in Combat
    7. Light Up Gold I
    8. Light up Gold II
    9. N Dakota
    10. Stoned And Starving
    11. No Ideas
    12. Caster of Worthless Spells
    13. Disney P.T.
    14. Tears O Plenty
    15. Picture of Health
    Parquet Courts
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  • Tally All The Things That You Broke Tally All The Things That You Broke Quick View

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    Tally All The Things That You Broke

    Tally All The Things That You Broke, an EP by Parquet Courts
    is released on What's Your Rupture? Tally is far more
    than a stopgap in between full-lengths; it's the sound of Parquet
    Courts stretching out.

    Opener "You've Got Me Wonderin' Now," with its melodic
    drive and persistent Flutophone running alongside the melody,
    balances the manic tendencies of "Descend (The Way)," which
    would have fit on Light Up Gold, and extended rager "The More
    It Works," which would fit in a live set between Tyvek and Eddy
    Current Suppression Ring. "Fall On Yr Face" presents a classic
    desert trawler, lopsided and tuneful, the sound of the end of a
    long day. But the day is just beginning for the protagonist of
    "He's Seein' Paths," junkyard drum loops and doorbell samples
    framing Andrew Savage's eight-minute stream-of-consciousness
    rap about the trials and tribulations of a marijuana delivery
    service representative, zipping around the city on his bike.
    Simultaneously the link between Parquet Courts and Ween, or
    Parquet Courts and Beck, it frames the band coming from a
    new place, and is a post-millennial NYC anthem, quintessential
    sounds for anyone who's ever waited in anticipation of dialing
    that number, or anyone who's put on their game face and rode
    from point A to point B in the snarl of vicious traffic.

    1. You've Got Me Wonderin' Now
    2. Descend (The Way)
    3. The More It Works
    4. Fall On Yr Face
    5. He's Seein' Paths
    Parquet Courts
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  • Sunbathing Animal Sunbathing Animal Quick View

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    Sunbathing Animal

    Late in 2012, the New York-via-Texas band Parquet Courts released their debut album Light Up Gold, a burst of smart, sardonic, punchy postpunk that turned them into one of indie's greatest prospects when What's Your Rupture? gave the LP a wider release early last year. A few months ago, they followed it up with their Tally All The Things That You Broke EP. Sunbathing Animal is their sophmore album.

    - Tom Breihan (Stereogum)

    1. Bodies
    2. Black and White
    3. Dear Ramona
    4. What Color Is Blood
    5. Vienna II
    6. Always Back in Town
    7. She's Rollin
    8. Sunbathing Animal
    9. Up All Night
    10. Instant Disassembly
    11. Duckin and Dodgin
    12. Raw Milk
    13. Into the Garden
    Parquet Courts
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  • Performing Human Performing Human Quick View

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    Performing Human

    Limited To 750

    Sleeve Features Original Artwork By Vocalist/Guitarist A. Savage

    Features Alternate Studio Version Of "Human Performance"

    "The catalyst of the song Human Performance [reflects] my own
    flawed performance of humanity, and how it affects those around
    me. It directly mourns the loss of someone in my life, a party
    that knows the story and likely doesn't care for it to be retold,
    any more than the song has already done .

    "Ultimately, the song is about living in the company of one's
    own shame. Perhaps it was the years spent as an altar boy that
    gave me an inclination toward repentance and atonement. I've
    never been a believer, but I can understand the appeal of faith,
    especially when it includes the promise of unconditional love and
    forgiveness. Human Performance is about the absence of that
    faith, and how haunting it is."

    - Andrew Savage, in NPR Music

    1. Performing Human (Dreamland Version)
    2. Human Performance (Album Version)
    3. Performing Human (Eaters Mix)
    4. Performing Human (Chris P Mix)
    Parquet Courts
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  • Live At Third Man Records Live At Third Man Records Quick View

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    Live At Third Man Records


    Parquet Courts brought a sweltering performance to the hallowed grounds of Third Man's Blue Room on June 5th of last year--and very fortunately, TMR was able to lovingly capture it with their one-of-a-kind, direct-to-acetate recording process. The set included a dynamic selection of songs from last year's critically acclaimed album Sunbathing Animal, as well as the 2013 EP, Tally All The Things That You Broke. The end result? A record that will have your feet stompin' and body rockin' as soon as the needle hits.

    1. Duckin & Dodgin
    2. Bodies
    3. Black & White
    4. Vienna II
    5. Always Back In Town
    6. Dear Ramona
    7. Descend
    8. Instant Disassembly
    9. Raw Milk
    10. Into the Garden
    11. Sunbathing Animal
    Parquet Courts
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  • Monastic Living EP Monastic Living EP Quick View

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    Monastic Living EP

    Parquet Courts will release their new EP, Monastic Living, on November 13 via Rough Trade. It follows their two 2014 releases, the excellent Sunbathing Animal, and Content Nausea, released under their Parkay Quarts moniker.
    1. No, No, No!
    2. Monastic Living I
    3. Elegy Of Imperialism
    4. Frog Pond Plop
    5. Condition Holiness
    6. Monastic Living II
    7. Alms For The Poor
    8. Ignored Suffering
    9. Conversionre
    Parquet Courts
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  • Je Ne Sais Claust Je Ne Sais Claust Quick View

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    Je Ne Sais Claust

    Brooklyn, New York's Nuclear Santa Claust returns with their second LP on Don Giovanni Records, featuring ten tracks of blistering four-to-the-floor punk and occasional bursts of scuzzy power-pop infused garage. Mixed, mastered, and engineered by Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Frankie Rose, and PC Worship) at Seaside Lounge and Doctor Wu's Studio.
    1. Useless
    2. Boots In The Sand
    3. Castle Bravo
    4. Sayonara Baby
    5. Dark Days
    6. Five Dollar Tarot Card
    7. Violent Dreams
    8. Singularity
    9. Modern Problems
    10. Sent To Kill
    Nuclear Santa Claust
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  • MILANO (Pre-Order) MILANO (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    MILANO (Pre-Order)

    MILANO is the new album from Emmy nominated Italian composer, producer and artist, Daniele Luppi, along with New York rock band Parquet Courts.

    MILANO is a concept album, complete with songs that are fictionalized stories about misfits, fashionistas, outcasts and junkies in mid-1980s Milan. Daniele teamed up with Parquet Courts and Yeah Yeah Yeah's vocalist, Karen O, to help deliver his vision of an emerging youth culture struggling to be heard amidst the rapid gentrification of old Milan.

    The first offering from the album was the track Soul and Cigarette, a jaunty, springy tune belies its more sinister, saddened backstory of artistic struggle. Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts describes Soul and Cigarette as a tribute to Alda Merini, one of Milan and Italy's most renowned poets, yet unfortunately not as heralded internationally. He says, I was reading her and trying to imagine Milan as she saw and experienced it. Her story is one of great suffering and her verse is often quite painful, an important juxtaposition from the cosmopolitan Milan we associate with luxury and excess.

    The second track released from MILANO was Talisa featuring Karen O. Talisa is a love letter to Talisa Soto, the model and actress who was a dear friend and muse of revered designer Gianni Versace. Celebrated for her model-esque figure and striking beauty, Talisa appeared in numerous Versace ad campaigns at the height of the brand's fabled existence. Talisa's comely face was regularly plastered on billboards across Milan and she was a steady presence on the catwalks during Milan Fashion Week. Says Daniele, For Talisa's lyrics, Karen and I dreamed up a fantasy photoshoot, a la Antonioni's Blow Up. We imagined a scenario where Talisa is on set in a fantastical couture creation and Gianni himself is the photographer. We wanted to capture the excitement, vibrancy and fast lane life of Milano in the 80s, draped in fashion and models, as clichÉ as that may seem.

    MILANO is the unofficial follow up to Luppi and Danger Mouse's 2011 album Rome, a love letter to classic Italian film scores, with Jack White and Norah Jones.

    1. Soul and Cigarette
    2. Talisa (feat. Karen O)
    3. Mount Napoleon
    4. Flush (feat. Karen O)
    5. Memphis Blues Again
    6. Pretty Prizes (feat. Karen O)
    7. The Golden Ones (feat. Karen O)
    8. Lanza
    9. CafÉ Flesh
    Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts
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  • Metalmania Metalmania Quick View

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    Salad Boys came together at the end of 2012 with members from other illustrious Christchurch groups T54, Bang! Bang! Eche! and the Dance Asthmatics. Recorded, the Salad Boys are deceivingly charming, presenting a careful but curious balance of well-informed pop melodies, hypnotizing rhythms and heady instrumentation. The group's self-titled mini-album released in 2013 caused something of a mini-sensation, receiving praise from the likes of Stolen Girlfriends Club, Mess and Noise, and many more. In real life, the Salad Boys perform a wondrous assault: a charged up blitz of clanging guitars, intoxicating drones, head-down acid repetition and an abundance of dazzling pop hooks. This notoriety has scored the group a wealth of engagements up and down New Zealand including slots at the Camp a Low Hum and Chronophonium festivals, gigs with Sebadoh, The Bats, & Parquet Courts as well as a highly honorable spot performing as backing band for David Kilgour of legendary NZ group The Clean.
    1. Here's No Use
    2. Dream Date
    3. Daytime Television
    4. Better Pick Ups
    5. My Decay
    6. No Taste Bomber
    7. Bow to your Sensation
    8. I'm A Mountain
    9. Hit Her And Run
    10. First Eight
    Salad Boys
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  • Over There That Way Over There That Way Quick View

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    Over There That Way

    Heliotropes combine sludgy metal guitar tones, introspective shoegaze
    interludes, psychedelic drone, and atmospheric harmonies to create a sound
    that's as equally hard to pin down as it is alluring, earning them the title of
    Village Voice's Best Garage Band Of 2014.

    Heliotropes is comprised of founding member/songwriter/vocalist Jessica
    Numsuwankijkul, along with a rotating cast of collaborators, including
    drummer Cici Harrison, bassist Richard Thomas, and guitarist Ricci Swift,
    who are all featured on the band's upcoming album.

    The band's first recorded offering came with 2012's Ribbons 7", followed the
    next year by their debut LP entitled A Constant Sea, which was named by
    Mother Jones as one of the 10 Best Albums Of 2013. Since then, the band
    has performed on the road with Esben And The Witch and toured nationally
    with stops at South By Southwest, Firefly and Culture Collide, sharing the
    stage with a far-reaching variety of bands including Thurston Moore, The
    Geto Boys, Matt and Kim, Kurt Vile, Parquet Courts, The Black Angels and
    The Raveonettes.

    1. Normandy
    2. Wherever Live
    3. War Isn't Over
    4. Easy
    5. Over There That Way
    6. Dardanelles Part I
    7. Dardanelles Part II
    8. My Only Friend
    9. I Can't Remember
    10. Goodnight Soldier
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  • Catharsis Catharsis Quick View

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    "For all their resemblance to deathrock and post-punk
    greats of yore, there's nothing mannered or simulacral
    about them. They are as real as the lump in your throat
    and the salt under your nails, and their sting couldn't
    be sweeter." - Pitchfork

    Politically speaking, not much has changed about the way Austin's Institute exists
    as a band since signing to Sacred Bones. Having members in Glue, Wiccans,
    and Back to Back, all fellow stalwarts of the Texas punk scene, helps streamline
    the approach for them, as all of their bands operate from the same basic ethos
    (i.e. operating outside of the normal cycle of PRs, agents, social networking and
    self-promotion). In fact, singer Moses Brown has said they're only comfortable
    being on Sacred Bones because he considers the label "a punk label on steroids."
    (A note from the label-"Drugs, yes. Steroids, usually no.")

    Aligning themselves so closely with punk politics might make some of the
    music on Catharsis come as a surprise. Yes, they're still the anarcho punks who
    put out gloriously lean Crass and Crisis worship across a demo, a 7-inch, and
    last year's Salt EP. But for their boundary-smashing debut long-player, they've
    incorporated everything from acoustic guitars to proto-punk psych excursions,
    even stretching their songs out to Krautrock lengths when necessary.

    Brown's lyrics on Catharsis reflect its title. He said he used the record "as a
    vehicle to put things out in the open that I haven't necessarily told anyone. The
    songs are about my faults, my insecurities, my existence, my relationships, my
    childhood. I'm thoroughly disappointed in myself."

    After demoing for several weeks at home in Austin, Institute tracked and mixed
    Catharsis in just four days between Christmas and New Year's Eve 2014, in New
    York City with Ben Greenberg at Brooklyn's Gary's Electric. "Cheerlessness"
    carves out the perfect trine foundation to aspect both the anthemic "Cheaptime
    Morals " and the much looser jam "Christian Right" (the latter featuring fellow
    Texan Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts). Issues of morality, sexuality and religion
    are all interwoven seamlessly throughout the 10 tracks as the band explores
    new sonic astral space.

    1. Perpetual Ebb
    2. Admit I'm Shit
    3. I Am Living Death
    4. Cheerlessness
    5. Interlude
    6. Untitled
    7. Leathernecks
    8. Cheaptime Morals
    9. No Billowing Wind
    10. Christian Right
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