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  • Chill, Dummy Chill, Dummy Quick View

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    Chill, Dummy

    P.O.S, Minneapolis rapper and founding member of Doomtree, releases his first solo album since 2012's critically acclaimed We Don't Even Live Here. The new album marks the rapper's return to form following a 2014 kidney transplant. Key features include Justin Vernon, Astronautalis, Kathleen Hanna, Lizzo, Allan Kingdom, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle and many more.
    1. Born A Snake
    2. Wearing A Bear
    3. Bully
    4. Faded
    5. Pieces/Ruins
    6. Get Ate
    7. Roddy Piper
    8. Thieves/Kings
    9. Infinite Scroll
    10. Lanes
    11. Gravedigger
    12. sleepdrone/superposition
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  • We Don't Even Live Here We Don't Even Live Here Quick View

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    We Don't Even Live Here

    We Don't Even Live Here is the fourth solo album from Doomtree co-founder, punk philosopher and lyrical bomb-thrower Stefon Alexander, aka P.O.S. It's a tight, bombastic record that builds on the Minneapolis-bred rapper and producer's penchant for grinding beats and radical lyrics. But at the same time, WDELH marks a change -- in sound and in attitude.

    Known for welding hip-hop with guitar squalls and screamed vocals, on WDELH P.O.S. steps away from his noisy past in favor of futuristic beats fit for a Berlin nightclub. Though his hip-hop foundation is firm on tracks like the fiery "Fuck Your Stuff" and the funky "Wanted/Wasted," the album brings banging new sounds from dance-oriented collaborators like German DJs Boyz Noise & Housemeister, Gayngs' Ryan Olson, and Innerpartysystem's Patric Russel

    Also along for the ride are Bon Iver's Justin Vernon (who lends his shapeshifting vocals to the heartfelt bear-hug of an anthem "Where We Land") and P.O.S.' trusted Doomtree co-conspirators Lazerbeak, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, and Sims. Bringing it all into focus is all-star producer and mix engineer Andrew Dawson (P.O.S.'s former high school classmate), who has worked on platinum releases from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Fun.

    01. Bumper
    02. Fuck Your Stuff
    03. Where We Land
    04. Wanted Wasted
    05. They Can't Come
    06. Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats
    07. Arrow to the Action - Fire in the Hole
    08. Get Down
    09. All of It
    10. We Don't Even Live Here (Weird Friends)
    11. Piano Hits
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  • All Hands All Hands Quick View

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    All Hands

    The newest release from Doomtree, the Minneapolis independent hip-hop collective, is called All Hands, due January 27th 2015. The title nods to the nautical rally cry, All hands on deck, and the album stands as the most collaborative and cohesive project the crew has yet produced. The production from Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger, and P.O.S twists through 13 booming tracks, building the raw and epic soundscapes that the group has become well known for, while adding more of-the-moment musical elements and techniques for a genre-spanning effect. Sims, P.O.S, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, and Cecil Otter drive home razor-sharp cadences, hard-hitting punchlines, and monstrous choruses.
    1. Final Boss
    2. My Own Nation
    3. .38 Airweight
    4. Grayduck
    5. Heavy Rescue
    6. 80 on 80
    7. Mini Brute
    8. Cabin Killer
    9. Beastface
    10. The Bends
    11. Generator
    12. Off in the Deep
    13. Marathon
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  • Live At The End Of A Century Live At The End Of A Century Quick View

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    Live At The End Of A Century

    Art of Noise were an avant-garde synthpop group formed in early 1983 by engineer/producer Gary Langan, programmer J.J. Jeczalik, arranger Anne Dudley, producer Trevor Horn, and music journalist Paul Morley.

    Out of This World, Born on a Sunday and Moments in Love were recorded live from the soundboard at the first Coachella Festival 9th October 1999.

    1. Out of This World
    2. Born on a Sunday
    3. Moments in Love
    Art Of Noise
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  • My Life, My Way My Life, My Way Quick View

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    My Life, My Way

    So far we only reissued classic AGNOSTIC FRONT albums from the 80s and early 90s, but we all know this NEW YORK HARDCORE machine cant be stopped and that they are still going strong until this very day! Therefor the next reissue on STRENGTH RECORDS is one of the bands more recent, but certainly not their least records, 2011s MY LIFE, MY WAY! Originally released on NUCLEAR BLAST, the original pressing is already long gone and sold out, with some of the versions selling for top dollar on the known auction sites. We reckon that great music should be available for everyone who wants to hear it for a fair price, and MY LIFE, MY WAY can definitely be classified under great New York hardcore music with modern day classics such as City Streets, Us Against The World, My Way, Until The Day I Die and The Sacrifice!
    1. City Streets
    2. More Than A Memory
    3. Us Against The World
    4. My Life, My Way
    5. Thats Life
    6. Self Pride
    7. Until The Day I Die
    8. Now And Forever
    9. The Sacrifice
    10. A Mi Manera
    11. Your Worst Enemy
    12. Empty Dreams
    13. Time Has Come
    Agnostic Front
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  • Up The Dosage Up The Dosage Quick View

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    Up The Dosage

    Includes Bonus Tracks

    This is our Back In Black! The man who says this is called Blaine Cartwright, vocalist and guitarist of American rock band Nashville Pussy. Cartwright is referring to the latest Pussy album Up The Dosage, a recording consisting of 13 fast-paced, sharp songs (plus two bonus tracks) which impress with their homogeneity and stylistic complexity. The opener Everybodys Fault But Mine, with a wonderfully ironic title which reflects that sense of humour which is so typical of Nashville Pussy. Next comes Cartwrights personal fave Rub It To Death, a raw number. Also typical of Nashville Pussy is the title track which takes no prisoners from the first note, unfolding a thoroughly unrefined attitude through the driving bass.

    Up The Dosage takes up seamlessly where the 2009 Pussy release From Hell To Texas left off and goes even further. Blaine Cartwright is rightly proud of and unmistakably happy about the new material: None of the previous Nashville Pussy albums has been as diverse and at the same time consistent. Everything sounds even bigger and better, yet raw and authentic through and through. The new album was produced by Nashville Pussy and sound engineer Brian Pulito at the Microsonic Studios in Lexington, Kentucky, a place where the band, despite their limited budget, found ideal conditions for a focused and inspired recording process.

    1. Everybody's Fault But Mine
    2. Rub It To Death
    3. Till The Meat Falls Off The Bone
    4. The South's Too Fat To Rise Again
    5. Before The Drugs Wear Off
    6. Spent
    7. Beginning Of The End
    8. Up The Dosage

    1. Taking It Easy
    2. White And Loud
    3. Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee

    4. Pillbilly Blues
    5. Pussy's Not A Dirty Word
    6. Begging For A Taste*
    7. Before The Drugs Wear Off*

    *Bonus Tracks

    Nashville Pussy
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  • Relayted Relayted Quick View

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    Vocally, Gayngs is a triumph. Zack Coulter (Solid Gold) shines from the jump, floating over the record with his airy, haunting melodies. Fans of Bon Iver will recognize Vernon's familiar falsetto, but will flip when they hear his Bone Thug's-style R&B, while P.O.S. abandons his genre entirely for a soul inspired tenor. After a year of tracking and mixing, Gayngs is officially ready to release Relayted. With each song written at 69 BPM's, and tripped-out transitions from song to song to song, it is truly an audio experience from start to finish.
    1. The Gaudy Side of Town
    2. The Walker
    3. Cry
    4. No Sweat
    5. False Bottom
    6. The Beatdown
    7. Crystal Rope
    8. Spanish Platinum
    9. Faded High
    10. Ride
    11. The Last Prom on Earth
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