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  • That Lonesome Song That Lonesome Song Quick View

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    That Lonesome Song

    Jamey Johnson is a successful songwriter on Nashville's Music Row, who has authored hits by George Strait, Trace Adkins, George Jones and Joe Nichols. That Lonesome Song, Johnson's debut album as a performer, is a happy throwback to the outlaw country of the 1970s, with his gruff, character-filled vocals surrounded by a small, rocking combo including pedal steel, organ and fiddles. Rather than the polished soft rock of so much contemporary Nashville product, That Lonesome Song is a rough and ready honky-tonk album that compares favorably to Waylon Jennings and early Steve Earle. Highlights include Mowin' Down the Roses and the celebratory Between Jennings and Jones.
    1. Released
    2. High Cost Of Living
    3. Sending An Angel To Hell
    4. Place Out On The Ocean
    5. Mowin' Down The Roses
    6. The Door Is Always Open
    7. Mary Go Round
    8. In Color
    9. When The Last Cowboy's Gone
    10. That Lonesome Song
    11. Dreaming My Dreams With You
    12. Women
    13. Stars In Alabama
    14. Between Jennings And Jones
    Jamey Johnson
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  • Ramblin' Man Ramblin' Man Quick View

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    Ramblin' Man

    180 Gram Vinyl

    The Ramblin' Man is an album by Waylon Jennings, released in 1974. With a slightly more commercial sound than some of his previous records, The Ramblin' Man remained true to Jennings' outlaw country image and uncompromising musical vision.

    The album was released at what was still considered to be the height of the outlaw movement in Country music, and this was reflected in its chart success, with the LP peaking at #3 on the Country charts. Jennings produced it himself, with Ray Pennington co-producing Oklahoma Sunshine and I'm a Ramblin' Man.

    The album also includes a gutsy cover of the Allman Brothers' Midnight Rider, cementing Jennings' fearless reputation as a leader of the progressive Country sound.

    1. I'm A Ramblin' Man
    2. Rainy Day Woman
    3. Cloudy Days
    4. Midnight Rider
    5. Oklahoma Sunshine
    6. The Hunger
    7. I Can't Keep My Hands Off Of You
    8. Memories Of You And I
    9. It'll Be Her
    10. Amanda
    Waylon Jennings
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  • Nashville Outlaws-A Tribute To Motley Crue Nashville Outlaws-A Tribute To Motley Crue Quick View

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    Nashville Outlaws-A Tribute To Motley Crue

    NASHVILLE OUTLAWS: A TRIBUTE TO MÖTLEY CRÜE will feature fresh takes on 15 of the band's biggest hits covered by some of Country music's
    biggest names, including Florida Georgia Line, Justin Moore, Big & Rich, LeAnn Rimes, Gretchen Wilson, Darius Rucker, Rascal Flatts and more.
    1. Rascal Flatts - Kickstart My Heart
    2. Florida Georgia Line - If I Die Tomorrow
    3. LeAnn Rimes - Smokin' In The Boys Room
    4. Justin Moore - Home Sweet Home
    5. Cassadee Pope with Robin Zander - The Animal In Me
    6. Aaron Lewis - Afraid
    7. Big & Rich - SOS
    8. Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen - Without You
    9. Eli Young Band - Don't Go Away Mad
    10. Lauren Jenkins - Looks That Kill
    11. The Cadillac Three - Live Wire
    12. The Mavericks - Dr. Feelgood
    13. Brantley Gilbert - Girls Girls Girls
    14. Gretchen Wilson - Wild Side
    15. Darius Rucker - Time For Change
    Various Artists
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  • At Folsom Prison At Folsom Prison Quick View

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    At Folsom Prison

    Ranked 88/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison fully captures Cashs gritty intensity and hard-headed humanity, capturing a high-energy set performed for an equally spirited audience. With a set list tailored for the occasion, Cash focuses on songs dealing with crime and imprisonment, balancing dark subject matter with wry, playful humor. The album opens, appropriately enough, with the venerable Folsom Prison Blues, and continues with such outlaw anthems as Cocaine Blues, 25 Minutes to Go, The Wall and I Got Stripes, alongside such Cash classics as I Still Miss Someone, Orange Blossom Special and Jackson, with the latter track featuring Cashs wife and frequent duet partner June Carter. The album closes on an inspirational note with Greystone Chapel, a song written by convict Glen Shirley, which Cash and his band learned especially for this show.

    Johnny Cashs five-decade musical career was loaded with bigger-than-life landmark moments. None were more memorable than the Man in Blacks historic concerts at Folsom Prison and San Quentin State Prison, and the beloved albums that documented those shows. Cashs passion for prison reform and rehabilitation inspired him to perform a series of concerts for inmate audiences, and two of these unique events were documented on Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison and Johnny Cash at San Quentin. These albums, originally released in 1968 and 1969 respectively, remain among Cashs best-selling and best-loved recordings. At the time of their original release, they revitalized his career, and played a crucial role in his crossover from the country music world to the mainstream pop charts.

    1. Folsom Prison Blues
    2. Dark as the Dungeon
    3. I Still Miss Someone
    4. Cocaine Blues
    5. 25 Minutes to Go
    6. Orange Blossom Special
    7. The Long Black Veil
    8. Send a Picture of Mother
    9. The Wall
    10. Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog
    11. Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart
    12. Jackson (With June Carter)
    13. Give My Love to Rose (With June Carter)
    14. I Got Stripes
    15. Green, Green Grass of Home
    16. Greystone Chapel
    Johnny Cash
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  • Last Of The Outlaws Last Of The Outlaws Quick View

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    Last Of The Outlaws

    Railroad Earth's seventh album is their most evocative and ambitious set to date. At once melancholic and joyous, often deep, yet always accessible, the album captures the band as they are now; twelve years in, wiser and worn and pondering how this life affects those around them. Every song has a story and every story has its meaning. Last Of The Outlaws is an album filled with stories of birth, death, heartache, joy, sadness, redemption, loss of our heroes, and even a lesson or two from old ghosts straight from the hangman's noose.
    1. Chasin' a Rainbow
    2. The Last of the Outlaws
    3. Grandfather Mountain
    4-8. All that's Dead May Live Again
    ii. Tuba Mirum
    iii. Lacrimosa
    iv. Dies Irae
    9-10. Face with a Hole
    v. In Paradisum
    11. Monkey
    12. Hangtown Ball
    13. When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
    14. One More Night on the Road
    15. Take a Bow
    Railroad Earth
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  • Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, And Junkies Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, And Junkies Quick View

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    Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, And Junkies

    Vinyl edition of what is probably GG Allin's greatest studio album. This was GG's fourth album when it was originally released on Homestead Records in 1988. Recorded with a backing band featuring members of New England punk/thrash heavies Psycho, this one contains some of GG's best songs. Die When You Die is arguably the most famous GG Allin song and this album features the original, best version of the live warhorse. It also includes GG's rewrite of David Allen Coe's Longhair Redneck titled Outlaw Scumfuc. The punkest man alive (at the time) at his peak.
    1. My Revenge
    2. Dope Money
    3. Be My Fuckin Whore
    4. Suck My Ass, It Smells
    5. Dog Shit
    6. Wild Riding
    7. Sleeping In My Piss
    8. Anti-Social Masterbator
    9. Last In Line For The Gang Bang
    10. Die When You Die
    11. Commit Suicide
    12. Crash and Burn
    13. Outlaw Scumfuc
    14. Caroline and Sue
    15. Cunt Sucking Cannibal
    16. Family
    17. Young Little Meat
    18. I Wanna Kill You
    19. My Bloody Mutilation
    GG Allin
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  • Highwayman (Awaiting Repress) Highwayman (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Highwayman (Awaiting Repress)

    Debut LP from the Mount Rushmore of country music! The Highwaymen: Cash, Willie, Waylon, and Kristofferson an epic quartet comprised of the outlaw country genre's pioneering stars. Black Vinyl.
    1. Highwayman
    2. The Last Cowboy Song
    3. Jim, I Wore A Tie Today
    4. Big River
    5. Committed To Parkview
    6. Desperados Waiting For A Train
    7. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
    8. Welfare Line
    9. Against The Wind
    10. The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over
    The Highwaymen
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Outlaw Outlaw Quick View

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    The new era of the Tyburn Ballad, with Alabama 3 the new balladeers reappraising British outlaw culture and relocating it alongside the Hole in the Wall Gang, The James Gang and every great gang to have ever ridden rough shod through our imagination and mythology.
    1. Intro
    2. Last Train To Mashville
    3. Terra Firma Cowboy Blues
    4. Keep Your Shades On!
    5. Hello... I'm Johnny Cash
    6. Up Above My Head

    7. Adrenaline (feat. MC Tunes)
    8. Have You Seen Bruce Richard Reynolds?(feat. Bruce Reynolds)
    9. Honey In The Rock (feat.Devlin Love)
    10. How Can I Protect You (feat. Aslan)
    11. Let It Slide
    12. The Gospel Train
    Alabama 3
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  • Outlaws Like Me Outlaws Like Me Quick View

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    Outlaws Like Me

    Justin's summer 2011 album is another hot licks LP. Justin tears it up on 13 tracks. He plays to country's wider side, but you can hear his solid appreciation for the past.
    1. Redneck Side
    2. My Kind Of Woman
    3. If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away
    4. Run Out Of Honky Tonks
    5. Beer Time
    6. Bait A Hook
    7. Flyin' Down A Back Road
    8. If You Don't Like My Twang
    9. Guns
    10. Sunshine Babies
    11. Til My Last Day
    12. Bed Of My Chevy
    13. Outlaws Like Me
    Justin Moore
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Outlaw Anthems Outlaw Anthems Quick View

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    Outlaw Anthems

    Outlaw Anthems is the fourth studio album by Blood for Blood.
    1. Post Card From The Edge
    2. Mother Dear
    3. Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II)
    4. Dead End Street
    5. White Trash Anthem
    6. So Common, So Cheap
    7. Tear Out My Eyes
    8. Some Kind Of Hate
    9. Love Song
    10. Bloodshed
    11. She's Still A Bitch (Called Hope)
    Blood For Blood
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve Quick View

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    If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve

    Side One:

    1. Depends On The Drug

    2. Talk On The Death Penalty - When Psychopaths Guard The Henhouse

    3. The Murder Of Mumia Abu-Jamal

    4. Clinton Comes To Long Beach

    5. The Hex-Files: Space Shuttle Sequel

    6. Half-Time

    Side Two:

    1. The New Soviet Union

    Side Three:

    1. Talk On Censorship - It Takes A Pillage To Raze A Child

    Side Four:

    1. Talk On Censorship - The Contract On America

    Side Five:

    1. Talk On Censorship - Bridge To The New Dark Ages

    Side Six:

    1. Talk On Censorship - Which Way To The Zoo?

    2. Wake Up And Smell The Noise

    Jello Biafra
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • So You Wannabe An Outlaw So You Wannabe An Outlaw Quick View

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    So You Wannabe An Outlaw

    So You Wannabe an Outlaw, Earle's first album for Warner Bros. Records since 1997's El Corazón, explores his country songwriting roots and features collaborations with Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush, and Miranda Lambert.

    "There's nothing 'retro' about this record," Earle says. "I'm just acknowledging where I'm coming from." So You Wannabe an Outlaw is the first recording he has made in Austin, TX. Earle has lived in New York City for the past decade. "Look, I'm always gonna be a Texan, no matter what I do," he says. "And I'm always going to be somebody who learned their craft in Nashville. It's who I am."

    So You Wannabe an Outlaw is an homage to outlaw music and is dedicated to the late Waylon Jennings. "I was out to unapologetically 'channel' Waylon as best as I could," Earle says. "This record was all about me playing' on the back pick-up of a '66 Fender Telecaster on an entire record for the first time in my life. The vocal part of it is a little different. I certainly don't sound like Waylon Jennings. I moved to Nashville in November of 1974, and right after that Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger came out. I was around when Waylon was recording Dreaming My Dreams. Guitar Town (Earle's 1986 chart-topping, Grammy Award-winning debut album) wound up being kind of my version of those types of songs," Earle recalls.

    Earle is backed on So You Wannabe an Outlaw by his long-time band The Dukes - guitarist Chris Masterson, fiddle player Eleanor Whitmore, bassist Kelly Looney, and new members drummer Brad Pemberton and pedal steel player Ricky Ray Jackson. The album was produced by Richard Bennett and recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin.

    LP 1
    1. So You Wannabe an Outlaw
    2. Lookin' for a Woman
    3. The Firebreak Line
    4. News from Colorado
    5. If Mama Coulda Seen Me
    6. Fixin' to Die
    7. This Is How It Ends
    8. The Girl on the Mountain

    LP 2
    1. You Broke My Heart
    2. Walkin' in LA
    3. Sunset Highway
    4. Goodbye Michelangelo
    5. Ain't No God in Mexico
    6. Sister's Coming Home / Down at the Corner Beer Joint
    7. Local Memory
    8. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

    Steve Earle & The Dukes
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Echoes Of The Outlaw Roadshow (Awaiting Repress) Echoes Of The Outlaw Roadshow (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Echoes Of The Outlaw Roadshow (Awaiting Repress)

    Following their electrifying national summer tour, Counting Crows have announced the release of Echoes of the Outlaw Roadshow, the band's newest collection of live songs. This collection of audio footage was recorded on several dates of their 2012 North American tour.

    Echoes will compliment other official live recordings the band has released. The album was recorded and mixed by Shawn Dealey, who worked on Counting Crows' 2012 studio release Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation). It is a deluxe package and will include 13 postcards of posters from their 2012 and 2013 tour dates. A digital version of the album was included as a larger promotional package during the band's summer tour, but this release marks the first official nationwide availability of the record. The band is currently in the studio working on new material. Counting Crows - Adam Duritz (vocals), Jim Bogios (drums), David Bryson (guitar), Charlie Gillingham (keyboards), David Immergluck (guitar), Millard Powers (bass) and Dan Vickrey (guitar) - have sold more than 20 million albums worldwide after exploding onto the music scene with their multi-platinum breakout album August and Everything After in 1993. Their most recent album, Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation), features a collection of 15 gorgeously rendered songs in which the modern rock mainstays honor global icons, indie-pop heroes, compelling up-and-comers and even their own seminal pre-Crows projects.

    1. Girl From the North Country
    2. Round Here
    3. Untitled (Love Song)
    4. Four Days
    5. Hospital
    6. Carriage
    7. Start Again
    8. I Wish I Was A Girl
    9. Sundays
    10. Mercury
    11. Friend of the Devil
    12. Rain King
    13. Le Ballet d'Or
    14. Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes To Hollywood)
    15. You Ain't Goin Nowhere
    The Counting Crows
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  • Devil's Supper (Electric Sitting) Devil's Supper (Electric Sitting) Quick View

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    Devil's Supper (Electric Sitting)

    Red Colored Vinyl

    Fresh from a successful string of dates around Europe with the reformed original line-up of Dogs D'amour, Tyla returns with a brand new full on electric rock n' roll album. The album features songs dedicated to Doll by Doll man Jackie Leven in 'Ode To Jackie Leven' and the new single 'Green-Eyed Girl' as well as a slew of soon-to-be classics such as 'All Alone' and 'In Another Life' . LP limited to 500 and on red vinyl.

    1. Love Is
    2. Long Shadows
    3. It Ain't Over Yet
    4. Green Eyed Girl
    5. All Alone; Judas Christ
    6. The Meaning of Fortune and Fame
    7. Yeah (I Love You Baby)
    8. In Another Life
    9. That Someone; Home
    10. Religion
    11. Ode To Jackie Leven
    12. Wisdom; Judas Christ (Acoustic Demo)
    Tyla J. Pallas
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Goliathan Goliathan Quick View

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    The infamous rock outlaws WEEDEATER return with 'Goliathan', their long-awaited new album. 'Goliathan' is the crossroad where true Southern rock/metal meets raw humor and old religion, and embodies the bands trademark shuffle and swagger rightly. Syrupy slow riffs are buoyed by canyon-deep bass and some of the hardest-hitting drumming since Keith Moon. Full-on bruisers Cain Enabler, Claw of the Sloth, and the aptly-named Bully demonstrate that 'Goliathan' is vintage WEEDEATER and the soon-to-be gold standard of Southern sludge metal.
    1. Processional
    2. Goliathan
    3. Cain Enabler
    4. Bow Down
    5. Battered & Fried
    6. Claw Of The Sloth
    7. Bully
    8. Joseph (All Talk)
    9. Reprise
    10. Benaddiction
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Tundra Tundra Quick View

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    Killer satanic outlaw acid country from Warren Thomas formerly of The Growlers & Grand Elegance!!! Sophomore album in the vein of Lee Hazelwood, Gun Club & Country Teasers!!!
    1. 29
    2. Calm Before The Storm
    3. Always
    4. The Maze
    5. No Jesus
    6. It's Nothing To Me
    7. The Story Of Pain
    8. Medication
    9. For You
    10. Ooh La Lay
    The Abigails
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  • Little Red Boots (Awaiting Repress) Little Red Boots (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Little Red Boots (Awaiting Repress)

    Lindi Ortega is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter in the mold of classic artists Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Emmy Lou Harris and contemporary acts Neko Case and Jenny Lewis. Torched songs filled with heartache and passion mixed with Lindi's Mexican/Irish heritage make for an incredible record and unique artist personality.

    With a voice that undulates with absolute splendor, Lindi recorded Little Red Boots with Juno Award winning producer Ron Lopata. CBC Radio explains her style as a dash of country, a pinch of folk, a sprinkle of rock, and a smidgeon of jazz, a genre Ortega explains as a roadside motel love affair between old school outlaws and country darlings.

    1. Little Lie

    2. When All the Stars Align
    3. Blue Bird
    4. Angels
    5. Im No Elvis Presley
    6. Little Red Boots
    7. Dying of Another Broken Heart
    8. All My Friends
    9. Fall Down Or Fly
    10. Jimmy Dean
    11. Black Fly
    12. So Sad
    Lindi Ortega
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  • Highwayman Highwayman Quick View

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    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

    Includes Insert

    Four Legendary Country Artists In One Super-group: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings And Kris Kristofferson

    Featuring The Hit-Singles Highwayman And Desperados Waiting For A Train

    The Highwaymen were a country music super-group composed of four of the biggest outlaw country artists: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. The band was active as a group between 1985 and 1995.

    In 1984, Glen Campbell first played the song Highwayman for Johnny Cash. The four were all together in Switzerland doing a television special and decided that they should do a project together. While the four were recording their first album, Marty Stuart again played the song for Cash, saying it would be perfect for them-four verses, four souls, and four of them.

    Campbell then played the song and the quartet had the name for their new super-group The Highwaymen, the name of their first album, Highwayman, and the name of their first single. The four thought it was a perfect name for them because they were always on the road and all four had the image of being outlaws in country music.

    Both the album and the single eventually reached the top spot on the country music charts.

    Their remake of Guy Clark's Desperados Waiting for a Train reached the Top 20. (Clark is frequently referred to as The Fifth Highwayman.)

    The four original members starred together in the 1986 film Stagecoach.

    1. Highwayman
    2. The Last Cowboy Song
    3. Jim, I Wore A Tie Today
    4. Big River
    5. Committed To Parkview
    6. Desperados Waiting For A Train

    7. Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
    8. Welfare Line
    9. Against The Wind

    10. The Twentieth Century Is Almost Over
    The Highwaymen
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • White Lightnin' White Lightnin' Quick View

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    White Lightnin'

    Limited edition vinyl featuring 12 digitally remastered early
    recordings from the infamous outlaw of country music, Waylon

    Includes "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright," "White Lightnin',"
    "Crying," "It's So Easy" and more!

    1. When Sin Stops
    2. Jole Blon
    3. Crying
    4. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
    5. White Lightnin'
    6. Sally Was A Good Old Girl
    7. Love's Gonna Live Here
    8. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
    9. Big Mamou
    10. Abilene
    11. Money (That's What I Want)
    12. Lorena
    Waylon Jennings
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Highwayman 2 Highwayman 2 Quick View

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    Highwayman 2

    The second LP from the Mount Rushmore of country music! The Highwaymen: Cash, Willie, Waylon, and Kristofferson an epic quartet comprised of the outlaw country genre's pioneering stars. Black Vinyl
    1. Silver Stallion
    2. Born And Raised In Black And White
    3. Two Stories Wide
    4. We're All In Your Corner
    5. American Remains
    6. Anthem '84
    7. Angels Love Bad Men
    8. Songs That Make A Difference
    9. Living Legend
    10. Texas
    The Highwaymen
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • If You Leave... If You Leave... Quick View

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    If You Leave...

    For the sessions, McEvoy recruited the talents of Grammy award-winning songwriter Jimmy Smyth on guitar, keyboard player James Delaney (Chuck Berry, Clannad), bassists Paul Moore (Van Morrison) & Eoghan O'Neill (Chris Rea, Moving Hearts) and drummer Des Lacey (Katie Melua), with special guests Brian Connor on piano and David Agnew on oboe. McEvoy is also joined by guest vocalist Mary Coughlan, Gemma Hayes and Hermione Hennessy with Sharon Shannon on the accordion for the song 'Secret of Living'.

    The song was written especially by McEvoy for a run of nine
    sell-out shows at The Olympia in Dublin to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the album 'A Woman's Heart', the third biggest-selling album in Irish chart history which helped to establish McEvoy as a star in her home country. McEvoy said, "I thought I should write a song for all the performers who were going to be featured in the show, something like The
    Outlaws or The Traveling Wilburys, where everyone gets a chance to sing."

    Among the twelve songs on 'If You Leave ' there are four cover versions, including The Beach Boys' 'God Only Knows', 'Lift The Wings' from the theatre show Riverdance, the Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly penned song 'True Colors' and Elmore James' 'Dust My Broom'. The latter serves as the album's encore and is McEvoy's salute to Brian Jones, who is believed to have taught his contemporaries the blues standard's slide guitar part.
    1. Land In The Water
    2. Don't Blame The Tune
    3. God Only Knows
    4. Listen To Me
    5. Ache In My Heart
    6. Heaven Help Us
    7. If You Leave
    8. Lift The Wings
    9. Secret Of Living
    10. I Wish You The Best
    11. True Colours
    12. Dust My Broom
    Eleanor McEvoy
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Farmer's Corner Farmer's Corner Quick View

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    Farmer's Corner

    Following the critically acclaimed Blood Oaths of the New Blues, James Jackson Toth a.k.a Wooden Wand decided to try something different: instead of spending a week in a studio with the same people, the same engineer, the same equipment and the same state of mind, he would record in fits and starts, whenever - and wherever - he felt like it. Over six sessions in four studios spanning three states, he began amassing tracks. Toth then chose his favourites for Farmer's Corner, which is, remarkably, the very first self-produced Wooden Wand album. Aided on the majority of the tracks by bassist Darin Gray (On Fillmore, Jim O'Rourke, Grand Ulena ), and guitarists William Tyler (Lambchop, Silver Jews, Yo La Tengo) and Doc Feldman. The result reflects Toth's omnivorous musical and narrative obsessions. The arrangements - think Little Feat covering Harvest Moon - only serve to highlight his capabilities as both a songwriter and storyteller. The collected songs form an easy entry into the ever-growing Toth output, where outlaws on the run, epic landscapes, endless travels, agitated insomniacs and ditch-digging memory-evaders lurk behind every turn.
    1. Alpha Dawn
    2. Uneasy Peace
    3. When the Trail Goes Cold
    4. Adie
    5. Dambuilding
    6. Sinking Feelings
    7. Home Horizon
    8. Port of Call
    9. Gone to Stay
    Wooden Wand
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Lonely Roller The Lonely Roller Quick View

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    The Lonely Roller

    Light Blue Colored Vinyl

    Whether it's someone searching or someone who doesn't want to be found, we can't help but be drawn to the drifters. Steven A. Clark is that next stranger to roll into town, a restless artist recasting R&B. He's a straight-talker in a genre filled with wish-fulfillment, whimsy and cliched beats; think the Outlaw Josey Wales raised on N.E.R.D. and 808 & Heartbreak.

    1. Lonely Roller
    2. Trouble Baby
    3. Not You
    4. Can't Have
    5. Bounty
    6. Time Machine
    7. Floral Print
    8. Part Two
    9. She's In Love
    10. Young, Wild, Free
    Steven A. Clark
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Halfway To Heaven (Deluxe) Halfway To Heaven (Deluxe) Quick View

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    Halfway To Heaven (Deluxe)

    2 LP 180g Vinyl In Gatefold Jacket

    First Time Available On Vinyl!

    "Hell On Wheels" kickstarts the album with snarling guitar and backwoods banjo accompanying Gilbert's smoky rasp. "Bending the Rules and Breaking the Law" aims for outlaw anthem status as does the simmering "Country Must Be Country Wide," where he name-checks "Cash, Hank, Willie and Waylon." "Hell On an Angel" is an obvious standout that plays like a tougher Bon Jovi.

    1. Hell On Wheels
    2. Bending The Rules And Breaking The Law
    3. Back In The Day
    4. My Kind Of Crazy
    5. Kick It In The Sticks
    6. Halfway To Heaven
    7. Saving Amy
    8. Country Must Be Country Wide
    9. Take It Outside
    10. Them Boys
    11. Fall Into Me
    12. Dirt Road Anthem (Revisited) featuring Colt Ford
    13. More Than Miles
    14. You Don't Know Her Like I Do
    15. Hell On An Angel
    Brantley Gilbert
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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