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  • Of Time and Tides Of Time and Tides Quick View

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    Of Time and Tides

    Nick Jonah Davis is a guitarist from Nottingham, England. His early blues rock leanings led to the discovery of prewar blues, as well as modal British folk. Nick steadily absorbed these influences over many years of solitary improvisation. The post-Takoma acoustic guitar solo scene has provided a context for Nick's music, which might otherwise have remained a private endeavour. Live, Nick has shared bills in the U.K. and U.S.A. with the likes of James Blackshaw, Alasdair Roberts, Jozef van Wissem, Max Ochs, Ellen Mary McGee and Eric Carbonara.

    Nick first ventured into the studio to record his brief album, Guitar Recordings Vol 1, one of UNCUT/Wild Mercury Sound's Top 100 Albums of 2009. Of Time and Tides is his more expansive second release, featuring evocative solo performances on 6 and 12 string guitar, as well as duets with guitarist Will Phipps and pianist Ed Earl.

    1. Twiga
    2. Wooden Winds
    3. The Narrow Bridge
    4. Of Time and Tides
    5. Cold Wind on the Long Mynd
    6. Nine Stones Close
    7. Nocturne
    8. Mari Christina
    9. Death and the Monkey
    10. A Broken Circle
    11. Fred and Evelyn
    Nick Jonah Davis
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  • Tiki Nightmare: Live In London Tiki Nightmare: Live In London Quick View

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    Tiki Nightmare: Live In London

    Adding to the stack of live material from U.K. punk legends the Damned, Tiki Nightmare: Live in London captures the band's full performance from a 2002 gig while touring in support of their 2001 album. The band burns through a few Grave Disorder tunes as well as touching on punk classics like New Rose and Neat, Neat, Neat. Captain Sensible also injects some humour into the otherwise rugged set.
    1. Street of Dreams
    2. Amen
    3. Democracy?
    4. Plan 9 Channel 7
    6. Wait For The Blackout
    7. I Just Can't Be Happy Today
    8. Would You Be So Hot
    9. Disco Man
    10. Under the Floor Again

    1. Ignite
    2. She
    3. Neat Neat Neat
    4. Happy Talk
    5. New Rose
    6. Eloise
    7. Smash It Up
    8. I Feel Alright
    9. Love Song

    The Damned
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  • Time And Trauma Time And Trauma Quick View

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    Time And Trauma

    Time And Trauma deals with the most important subject matter of the band's storied history, offering the most
    focused and purely 36 Crazyfists anthems they've ever released. Passing the 20-year mark, they're as enthusiastic
    as ever about traveling, performing, and connecting with as many people as possible.

    One of the most important bands of the New Wave Of American Metal, keepers of a flame that might otherwise be
    extinguished and they charge into 2015 holding that torch proudly aloft.

    1. Vanish
    2. 11.21.11
    3. Sorrow Sings
    4. Lightless
    5. Time And Trauma
    6. Also Am I
    7. Translator
    8. Silencer
    9. Slivers
    10. Swing The Noose
    11. Gathering Bones
    12. Marrow
    36 Crazyfists
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  • Goodbye 20th Century Goodbye 20th Century Quick View

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    Goodbye 20th Century

    The fourth release on the SYR label was not designated to new material or studio improvisations, but instead a set of Sonic Youth's interpretations of various works by other composers. A truly ambitious project, it's one of their most diverse releases yet, featuring a selection of guest performers and some extremely interesting recordings, from the seemingly random yet very calculated half-hour John Cage piece Four6 to Coco's shrill delivery of Yoko Ono's Voice Piece For Soprano, from the torturous yet compelling Pendulum Music to the perplexing yet amusing 88-key destruction of Piano Piece #13. Goodbye 20th Century finds Sonic Youth bringing the listener down musical paths they might not otherwise have ever gone.
    1. Edges

    2. Six For New Time

    3. Having Never Written A Note For Percussion

    4. Six

    5. +-

    6. Voice Piece For Soprano

    7. Piece Enfantine

    8. Treatise

    9. Four6

    10. Six

    11. Burdocks

    12. Piano Piece #13

    13. Pendulum Music
    Sonic Youth
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  • You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil Quick View

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    You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil

    You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil is the London Quartet, Hatcham Social's debut album recorded at Big Mushroom studios in the north of England with the Charlatans singer Tim Burgess and Jim Spencer at the controls. The album is a spiky, sparky collection of itching pop tunes which hark back to a time of musical innocence. A few live favorites make reappearances but otherwise the album consists of brand new songs highlighted by the lead single Murder in the Dark and the frankly terrific summer-anthem-in-waiting Sidewalk.

    Hatcham Social recalls the knowing, vulnerable poetry of The Smiths. - The Guardian

    1. Crocodile
    2. Sidewalk
    3. Murder In The Dark
    4. Mimicry
    5. Hypnotize Terrible Eyes
    6. So So Happy Making
    7. Superman
    8. I Can't Cure My Pure Evil
    9. In My Opinion
    10. Give Me The Gift
    Hatcham Social
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  • I Told You I Was Freaky I Told You I Was Freaky Quick View

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    I Told You I Was Freaky

    I Told You I Was Freaky is, among a great many other things, a genre-tripping tour de force and includes three songs from the second series of their popular and award-winning/nominated HBO TV show which are otherwise as yet unreleased (Rambling Through the Avenues of Time, Too Many Dicks (On The Dance Floor) and You Don't Have to Be a Prostitute).

    Embossed gatefold sleeve, 8 page color booklet with lyrics and guitar chords, custom dust sleeve and labels and a 24x24 poster of the complete artwork that was used for the album cover.

    1. Hurt Feelings
    2. Sugalumps
    3. We're Both in Love with a Sexy Lady
    4. I Told You I Was Freaky
    5. Demon Woman
    6. Rambling Through the Avenues of Time
    7. Fashion is Danger
    8. Petrov, Yelyena And Me
    9. Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)
    10. You Don't Have To Be a Prostitute
    11. Friends
    12. Carol Brown
    13. Angels
    Flight of the Conchords
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  • Who Made Who Who Made Who Quick View

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    Who Made Who

    On paper, Who Made Who is just a cheap soundtrack to a cheap movie (Stephen King's disastrous Maximum Overdrive), but it's actually much more than that. It serves as a ripping AC/DC retrospective, tearing through such classics as 'You Shook Me All Night Long' and 'For Those About to Rock,' adding the pounding title track to the band's canon, and rescuing overlooked songs like 'Sink the Pink' from otherwise mediocre albums. It's not a perfect retrospective there's no 'Back in Black,' 'Highway to Hell,' or 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' but what is here is terrific.

    1. Who Made Who - 3:27
    2. You Shook Me All Night Long - 3:30
    3. D.T. - 2:53
    4. Sink the Pink - 4:13
    5. Ride On - 5:51
    6. Hells Bells - 5:12
    7. Shake Your Foundations - 3:53
    8. Chase the Ace - 3:01
    9. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) - 5:53
    AC / DC
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  • Feeler (Picture Disc) Feeler (Picture Disc) Quick View

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    Feeler (Picture Disc)

    In 1997, the Toadies made a record entitled Feeler which was intended to be the follow-up to their critically acclaimed, platinum album Rubberneck. However, Interscope felt otherwise and the album was shelved.

    Thirteen years later, the Toadies reunited with Rob Schnapf (producer of both Rubberneck and Hell Below/Stars Above) for an official release of Feeler which features their favorite songs from those 1997 sessions as well as a couple others that weren't actually recorded at the time. Feeler is the band's first release since 2008's No Deliverance.

    1. Trust Game
    2. Waterfall
    3. Dead Boy
    4. City of Hate
    5. Mine
    6. Suck Magic
    7. ATF Theme
    8. Joey Let's Go
    9. Pink
    Picture Disc Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Jazz Composers Workshop #2 Jazz Composers Workshop #2 Quick View

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    Jazz Composers Workshop #2

    Originally released as two 10" albums called Jazzical Moods, Jazz Composers' Workshop #2, was the result of one of Mingus' famed Jazz Workshop sessions, held in December 1954 and featuring Thad Jones (trumpet), John LaPorta (clarinet, alto sax) Teo Macero (tenor / baritone sax), Jackson Wiley (cello), and Clem DeRosa (drums). Mingus intended the Workshop as an outlet for young jazz composers, who might otherwise not be given the opportunity to record their own material, including Mingus' own compositions which, along with one composition by Teo Macero, are given center stage here. This LP, also features Mingus' debut on piano.

    1. What Is This Thing Called Love?
    2. Four Hands
    3. The Spur Of The Moment / Echonitus
    4. Stormy Weather
    5. Minor Intrusion
    6. Abstractions
    7. Thrice Upon A Theme
    Charles Mingus
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Dream Your Life Away Dream Your Life Away Quick View

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    Dream Your Life Away

    James Keogh, otherwise known as Vance Joy, is a folk/pop artist from Melbourne, Australia. Vance Joy's love of music was inspired by his mother's aptitude at literature and his father's fondness of singing. His parents' vast, eclectic record collection only served to heighten his partiality to it. After completing a university degree in law, he decided to take a year's break to focus on making music. He travelled to India and South-East Asia with a collection of songs rattling around in his head. When he came home, they all fell into place. Like the unforced orchestration of his songs, Vance Joy's recent success has developed organically.
    1. Winds of Change
    2. Mess Is Mine
    3. Wasted Time
    4. Riptide
    5. Who Am I
    6. From Afar
    7. We All Die Trying To Get It Right
    8. Georgia
    9. Red Eye
    10. First Time
    11. All I Ever Wanted
    12. Best That I Can
    13. My Kind of Man
    Vance Joy
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  • Suicide Silence Suicide Silence Quick View

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    Suicide Silence

    As evidenced most defiantly and definitively with the self-titled fifth album by SUICIDE SILENCE, the best in music, literature, and all creative arts is born from pain, birthed in truth, drawn from harrowing life experience. It mines the inner depths of the soul to snatch authentic beauty from the jaws of an otherwise certain death. Plenty of heavy bands pay lip service to the idea of overcoming the odds, persevering through adversity, and finding strength from within, but few live it as triumphantly as SUICIDE SILENCE.
    LP 1
    1. Doris
    2. Silence
    3. Listen
    4. Dying In A Red Room

    LP 2
    1. Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down
    2. Run
    3. The Zero
    4. Conformity
    5. Don't Be Careful You Might Get Hurt

    Suicide Silence
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Groovy Groovy Quick View

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    Red Garland and Miles Davis had a symbiotic relationship. Red was such an important cog in the Davis quintet as a soloist, interactive accompanist and keeper of the repertory. Being in Miles' group gave Garland the exposure he otherwise would not have gotten. Once Garland's talent as a pianist, with a boundless repository of material in his head, was established, Prestige's Bob Weinstock signed him to a contract as a recording leader in his own right. With his Davis section-mate, Paul Chambers, on bass, and New York drummer Arthur Taylor, Garland formed a trio that met quite often in Rudy Van Gelder's studio. Groovy was the third in Red's trio series for Prestige and it has the usual fine mix of jazz standards, ballad standards, blues ballads and just plain blues. It is an object lesson in finding and maintaining a groove.

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    C-Jam Blues
    Gone Again
    Will You Still Be Mine?
    Willow Weep For Me
    What Can I Say Dear?
    Hey Now
    Red Garland Trio
    45 RPM 180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Groovy: The Red Garland Trio Groovy: The Red Garland Trio Quick View

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    Groovy: The Red Garland Trio

    Red Garland and Miles Davis had a symbiotic relationship. Red was such an important cog in the Davis quintet as a soloist, interactive accompanist and keeper of the repertory. Being in Miles' group gave Garland the exposure he otherwise would not have gotten. Once Garland's talent as a pianist, with a boundless repository of material in his head, was established, Prestige's Bob Weinstock signed him to a contract as a recording leader in his own right. With his Davis section-mate, Paul Chambers, on bass, and New York drummer Arthur Taylor, Garland formed a trio that met quite often in Rudy Van Gelder's studio. Groovy was the third in Red's trio series for Prestige and it has the usual fine mix of jazz standards, ballad standards, blues ballads and just plain blues. It is an object lesson in finding and maintaining a groove.
    C-Jam Blues
    Gone Again
    Will You Still Be Mine?
    Willow Weep For Me
    Hey Now
    Red Garland Trio
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  • Collision In Black Collision In Black Quick View

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    Collision In Black

    This record is highly sought after and for good reason. Blue's blowing had blown minds but three weeks earlier with his heavyweight work on the recently departed Jimmy McGriff's The Worm, which was just about to hit the shelves as Mitchell went into the studio to record Collision In Black. Perhaps due to that experience he opted for an even funkier soul-jazz sound than he had toyed with on his previous release and one that he would continue to explore with great results until his premature death in 1979. This session comes between Heads Up! and Bantu Village in the Blue Note Catalogue, although both the latter and Collision were not included in the otherwise comprehensive package of his Blue Note era put out by Mosaic a couple years ago. After Bantu, he joined and toured with Ray Charles and then the John Mayall Band, recording solo LPs on Mainstream during his downtime.
    Side One:
    1. Collision In Black
    2. Deeper In Black
    3. Jo Ju Ja
    4. Blue On Black
    5. Swahili Suite
    6. Monkin' Around

    Side Two:
    1. Keep Your Nose Clean
    2. I Ain't Jivin'
    3. Digging In The Dirt
    4. Who Dun It
    5. Kick It
    6. Keep Your Soul

    Blue Mitchell
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  • Gravez Gravez Quick View

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    Toronto indie pop outfit Hooded Fang released Album in 2010 and Tosta Mista in 2011, and while they didn't put out an album in 2012, they're planning to remedy that will a new full-length in 2013.

    The album is called Gravez, and DIY reports that it will be out in March. Recording sessions are complete, and the band explained, So it's done now, pretty much, and then it just has to go through all the motions and come out in the spring.

    In regards to the slightly goofy misspelling of the otherwise sinister title, they explained, We have a 'z' on the end of it. Z's on the end of Canadian things are really hypo.

    1.Dry Range In
    3.Ode to Subterrania
    4.Bye Bye Land
    6.Sailor Bull
    8.Never Minding
    10.Dry Range Out
    Hooded Fang
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Try Me Try Me Quick View

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    Try Me

    Your favorite band's favorite band, Self Defense Family enjoys a distinct renown within the punk community. Well-respected and critically lauded but difficult and idiosyncratic, the band has done things their way almost to a fault. Eschewing sing-alongs and easy anthems in favor of personal lyrics, they stand apart from their contemporaries in punk and hardcore. Their strangely tense guitar-work framed within otherwise hook laden songs lends the band an unmistakable sound. Opting to be heavy in emotion rather than heavy in sound.

    Led by vocalist, lyricist, and personality Patrick Kindlon, Self Defense Family have extended their branches to organically include touring and session musicians. Allowing them to evolve into a musical collective with more than ten active members at any given time. Interestingly enough, no member of the assemblage has played every show or played on every recording by the collective.

    Try Me is Self Defense Family's latest full length offering.

    1. Tithe Pig
    2. Nail House Music
    3. Turn The Fan On
    4. Mistress Appears At A Funeral
    5. Apport Birds
    6. Angelique One
    7. Aletta
    8. Fear Of Poverty In Old Age
    9. Weird Fingering
    10. Dingo Fence
    11. Angelique Two
    Self Defense Family
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  • To Be Kind To Be Kind Quick View

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    To Be Kind

    ...the sound of a celestial sledgehammer descending - Time Magazine

    ...what the closing ceremonies for the human race might sound like - Pitchfork

    ...Swans make their grandest statement yet - Rolling Stone

    ...a masterpiece of post-rock and experimental composition - Consequence Of Sound


    Hello There,

    We (Swans) have recently completed our new album. It is called To Be Kind.

    The album was produced by me, and it was recorded by the venerable John Congleton at Sonic Ranch, outside El Paso Texas, and further recordings and mixing were accomplished at John's studio in Dallas, Texas. We commenced rehearsals as Sonic Ranch in early October 2013, began recording soon thereafter, then completed the process of mixing with John in Dallas by mid December 2013.

    A good portion of the material for this album was developed live during the Swans tours of 2012/13. Much of the music was otherwise conjured in the studio environment.

    1. Screen Shot
    2. Just A Little Boy
    3. A Little God In My Hands
    4. Bring the Sun / Toussaint L'Ouverture
    5. Some Things We Do
    6. She Loves Us
    7. Kirsten Supine
    8. Oxygen
    9. Nathalie Neal
    10. To Be Kind
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Deep Dead Blue - Live At Meltdown Deep Dead Blue - Live At Meltdown Quick View

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    Deep Dead Blue - Live At Meltdown

    180 Gram Vinyl

    Available on Vinyl For The First Time

    A lovely, understated exercise in minimalism, Deep Dead Blue documents a set of otherwise unaccompanied guitar/vocal duets between Bill Frisell and Elvis Costello, recorded live at the Meltdown Festival in London's Queen Elizabeth Hall on June 25, 1995.

    Frisell co-wrote the title track, one of the five songs bearing a Costello credit; the others are underexposed items from Costello's mid- to late-'80s catalog, plus selections by Charles Mingus (Weird Nightmare) and Lerner & Loewe (Gigi).

    Costello is once again the refined, mature vocal stylist of Painted From Memory, but Frisell expertly controls the dynamics of each piece, often stripping his part down to single-note lines, which lends surprising emotional impact when he allows full chords to wash over Costello's voice.

    1. Weird Nightmare
    2. Love Field
    3. Shamed Into Love
    4. Gigi
    5. Poor Napoleon
    6. Baby Plays Around
    7. Deep Dead Blue
    Elvis Costello & Bill Frisell
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Other Other Quick View

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    Alison Moyet became a household name when 'Only You' garnered worldwide success for her and Vince Clarke, the duo otherwise known as Yazoo. Completely by accident, she found herself thrust into the spotlight of the mainstream pop world.

    Yazoo went on to reinvent British dance music, merging cool synthesized soundscapes with soul. Two albums and a Brit Award for Best New Band later, aged just 23 she signed a solo deal with Columbia and recorded the multi-million selling debut 'Alf'. Released in 1984 the album spawned three UK Top 10 hits and won her a Brit for Best Female Artist.

    2017 sees Alison return with her second studio album, 'Other,' on Cooking Vinyl, which is also her second collaboration with Guy Sigsworth.

    1. I Germinate
    2. Lover, Go
    3. The English U
    4. The Rarest Birds
    5. Beautiful Gun
    6. Reassuring Pinches
    7. April 10th
    8. Other
    9. Happy Giddy
    10. Alive
    Alison Moyet
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  • Nights In Vienna Nights In Vienna Quick View

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    Nights In Vienna

    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Cut from the Original Analogue EMI Master Tapes at Abbey Road Studios

    Rudolf Kempe has the true and significant gift of the truly great conductor. He is able and willing to lavish the same care and affection on good light music as on that of the supreme masters. So enthused W. A. Chislett on the 48 years old Kempe, who, by the time this recording of operatic overtures and waltzes was made, had gained a reputation as an opera conductor, having directed the Dresden Opera, the Vienna State Opera, the Bavarian State Opera (succeeding Solti) and conducted at Bayreuth. He was a favourite at Covent Garden but declined the director's job. Kempe was a conductor of international repute, with long associations with the Royal Philharmonic, Zurich Tonhalle and Munich Philharmonic, as well as his last, short-lived appointment as chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Kempe died on 12 May 1976 aged 65.

    Cut at Abbey Road Studios from the original stereo analogue master tapes with the Neumann VMS82 lathe fed an analogue pre-cut signal from a specially adapted Studer A80 tape deck with additional 'advance' playback head, making the cut a totally analogue process. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl to audiophile standards using the original EMI presses by The Vinyl Factory in Hayes, England. Featuring the original album artwork, this recording is not otherwise generally available in any format. It contains rarely heard or recorded pieces by Heuberger and Reznicek.

    In the original December 1958 review of the mono release W. A. Chislett of the GRAMOPHONE concluded: ... This is superb in every way, warm, intimate, beautifully phrased and poised and very finely recorded. How good in particular it is to hear Lehar's charming waltz given a full dress performance complete with prelude and postlude. ..and on the stereo release the following August, Chislett added: ...they all sound richer and warmer in the two-channel version.

    Recorded on 20-22 February 1958 at the Grosser Saal, Musikverein, Vienna. Produced by the legendary Victor Olof and engineered by Harold Davidson.


    Hi-Q Records Supercuts 180g Vinyl

    Cut from the Original Analogue EMI Master Tapes at Abbey Road Studios!

    Superior Audiophile Pressing

    Features Original Album Artwork

    This recording is not otherwise generally available in any format


    Rudolf Kempe, conductor

    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

    This title is not eligible for discount.

    1. Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna (Suppe)
    2. Overture Der Opernball (Heuberger)
    3. Overture Die Fledermaus (Johann Strauss II)
    4. Gold und Silber - Waltz (Lehar)
    5. Overture Donna Dianna (Reznicek)
    6. Spharenklange Waltz (Josef Strauss)
    7. Radetzky March (Johann Strauss I)
    Rudolf Kempe
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • A Brighter Shade Of Black (Discontinued) (On Sale) A Brighter Shade Of Black (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $17.99 $14.21 Save $3.78 (21%)

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    A Brighter Shade Of Black (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    Reissue Limited to Only 1000 Copies!

    Hagar The Womb is for many, the missing piece of the UK anarcho-punk scene. Formed in 1981, Hagar The Womb was not a typical example of that scene, for they refused to conform to the dress codes and dour seriousness of their peers. What first started as a sextet sporting three female vocalists, soon experienced a healthy bit of turnover. Circulating through at least a dozen band members, Hagar The Womb was often identified by bright colored artwork and outfits, as well as bringing an original and upbeat sound to an otherwise homogenous scene. A week after their inception, they were sharing a bill with The Mob and Zounds. Hagar The Womb would go on to play with the likes of The Apostles, Poison Girls and Rubella Ballet before breaking up in 1985.

    A Brighter Shade Of Black puts together both of their 12 EP's Word Of The Womb and Funnery in the Nunnery as well as a common compilation favorite called For The Ferrymen. The latter recorded by Poison Girls sometimes bassist, Pete Fender in the Poison Girl's own X-N-Trix Studios. Reissued for the first time and limited to 1000 copies.

    1. Idolization
    2. What's Your Flag?
    3. Cardboard Theatre
    4. Dressed To Kill
    5. True Love & Faith
    6. Truth?
    7. For The Ferryman
    8. One Bright Spark
    9. Come Into My Soul
    10. Armchair Observer
    11. Once Proud Now Dead
    12. A Song Of Deep Hate
    Hagar The Womb
    $17.99 $14.21 Save $3.78 (21%)
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Spirit Electricity: Live (On Sale) Spirit Electricity: Live (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $15.99 $12.63 Save $3.36 (21%)

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    Spirit Electricity: Live (On Sale)

    Seeing the legendary Bad Brains live is an incredible experience, and over four separate live albums, the band has never really been able to capture that experience perfectly on record...but Spirit Electricity comes close. Anchored by the bands best reggae song, The Youth Are Getting Restless, which clocks in at nearly eight minutes, the disc captures both sides of Bad Brains -- the punk legends and the lifelong reggae fans...with both sides heavily steeped in Rasta philosophy. A combined reggae cover of The Beatles' Day Tripper and the Rolling Stones' She's a Rainbow is the other gem here. The cover, a live favorite, is yet another example of how distinctive the Bad Brains sound...even if they're playing someone else's music. Guitarist Dr. Know really shines on the reggae songs, using his jazz-fusion background and unique style of rhythm playing to beautify what would otherwise be fairly harsh songs. The punk side of things is pretty righteous as well. The version of their standard Banned in D.C. found here is arguably the best recording the band has ever made, and the one-two punch of Return to Heaven and Let Me Help that kicks off the disc is incredible. Next time the band has a reunion tour (seems to happen every few years), check 'em out. If you can't do that, this is the next best thing.
    1. Return to Heaven
    2. Let Me Help
    3. Day Tripper/ Shes a Rainbow
    4. Banned in DC
    5. Attitude
    6. Youth are Getting Restless
    Bad Brains
    $15.99 $12.63 Save $3.36 (21%)
    10 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Quick View

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    Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes

    Originally released in time for 1964's Christmas season, the Ronettes' one and only Philles LP is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the label's catalog, representing the ultimate expression of Phil Spector's girl-group ideal.

    Fronted by the impossibly charismatic Veronica Bennett, aka Ronnie Spector, the Ronettes combined girlish innocence and playful sexiness in a manner that struck a responsive chord with listeners in the '60s, and continues to do so five decades later. With Phil's surging Wall of Sound arrangements meeting their match in the kittenish vocals of Ronnie and her sister Estelle Bennett and cousin Nedra Talley, it's not hard to understand why the Ronettes effortlessly held their own with the British Invasion acts that otherwise dominated the pop scene in 1964.

    Although the Ronettes are principally known as a singles act, Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica is a remarkably consistent and cohesive set that collects all of the trio's early hits, including such enduring pop masterpieces as Be My Baby, Baby (I Love You), Walking In The Rain, Do I Love You?, (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up, You Baby and the Ronettes' original version of Chapel of Love (which predates the Dixie Cups' hit version). It's hard to imagine a more consistent collection of perfect pop bliss, or a more excellent expression of girl group greatness!

    1. Walking In The Rain
    2. Do I Love You?
    3. So Young
    4. (The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up
    5. I Wonder
    6. What'd I Say
    7. Be My Baby
    8. You Baby
    9. Baby, I Love You
    10. How Does It Feel?
    11. When I Saw You
    12. Chapel Of Love
    The Ronettes
    Vinyl LP Mono - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pink Moon Pink Moon Quick View

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    Pink Moon

    Ranked 320/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    40th Anniversary Edition Remastered from the Original Master Tapes

    180 Gram Vinyl in a Gatefold Jacket with a Printed Inner Sleeve

    After two albums of tastefully orchestrated folk-pop, albeit some of the least demonstrative and most affecting around, Drake chose a radical change for what turned out to be his final album. Not even half-an-hour long, with 11 short songs and no more -- he famously remarked at the time that he simply had no more to record -- Pink Moon more than anything else is the record that made Drake the cult figure he remains. Specifically, Pink Moon is the bleakest of them all; that the likes of Belle and Sebastian are fans of Drake may be clear enough, but it's doubtful they could ever achieve the calm, focused anguish of this album, as harrowing as it is attractive. No side musicians or outside performers help this time around -- it's simply Drake and Drake alone on vocals, acoustic guitar, and a bit of piano, recorded by regular producer Joe Boyd but otherwise untouched by anyone else.

    -All Music

    1. Pink Moon
    2. Place To Be
    3. Road
    4. Which Will
    5. Horn
    6. Things Behind The Sun
    7. Know
    8. Parasite
    9. Free Ride
    10. Harvest Breed
    11. From The Morning
    Nick Drake
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