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  • Knights Of Fantasy Knights Of Fantasy Quick View

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    Knights Of Fantasy

    On Knights Of Fantasy (1979), Eumir Deodato once again concocted his own ineffable brew of Fusion and funky Disco. Four-to-the-floor beats, funky percussion and heavy synths make for an album that seemingly has an endless groove going.

    The B-side opens with 3-part piece called Bachmania, which includes an adaptation of Bach's Jesu, Jay Of Man's Desiring - in a very funky way of course.

    Fun fact: the list of used synths include a slew of analog classic machines like a Fender Rhodes Suitcase 88 Piano, Mini-Moog, ARP Pro-Soloist, ARP Omni, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Maxi-Korg, Hohner Clavinet and a Polymoog. Essential Jazz Funk from the Disco era.

    1. Space Dust Sherlock
    2. Shazam
    3. Bachmania
    4. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
    5. Love Is Blue
    6. Whistle Bump
    7. Knights Of Fantasy
    8. Lovely Lady
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Pleasure And Pain Pleasure And Pain Quick View

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    Pleasure And Pain

    Long Out of Print Debut Originally Recorded by George Cardas!

    Now Remastered from the Analog Masters by Bernie Grundman!

    Recorded with musician Tom Freund, Pleasure and Pain was Ben Harper's first release before signing to Virgin Records. The legendary 11-song set, long out of print, has now been newly remastered by Bernie Grundman from the analog masters at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, California and is pressed on audiophile 180g vinyl!

    Pleasure And Pain was originally recorded on March 15, 1992, by George Cardas, of Cardas Audio, using a Studer A-80 tape deck. George used a pair of Omni differential microphones that he custom built and fed the sound directly to the Studer tape deck with nothing else in the signal path, not even a preamp. It is about the most direct and natural recording method there is.

    It's incredibly fortunate that George Cardas was able to capture this yet-to-be-huge star with this simple, raw first recording with no slick overproduction. Now back in print on a better than ever sounding audiophile pressing that matches its one-of-a-kind recording process!

    1. Whipping Boy
    2. Jesus On The Main Line
    3. Pay The Man
    4. Quarter Of A Man
    5. Mama's Got A Girlfriend Now
    6. Angel From Montgomery
    7. Click Yo' Heels
    8. You Should Have Come to Me
    9. Dust My Broom
    10. Sweet Home Chicago
    11. Pleasure And Pain
    Ben Harper
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Acoustics II Acoustics II Quick View

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    Acoustics II

    Metallic Bronze Spot Color Jacket

    Limited To 5000 Copies

    Initial Pressing Of 3000: May Be 180 Gram Black Vinyl, 3-Color Blend, Or Splatter (Colors Shipped At Random)

    Founded in 2001, Minus the Bear have worked relentlessly over the past 12 years to build a large and devoted following worldwide via consistent
    releases and non-stop touring. The band has released ve full length LPs (Highly Rened Pirates in 2002, Menos el Oso in 2005, Planet of Ice in 2007, OMNI in 2010, Innity Overhead in 2012) along with various EPs. They have toured throughout the US, UK, Europe, Mexico, and Canada. They have played countless sold out venues throughout the world and have been invited to perform at festivals in the US and abroad. They have played as support to bands such as Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and Jimmy Eat World.

    In Winter 2008/2009, Minus the Bear released an EP called Acoustics featuring newly recorded acoustic versions of fan favorites from the quintet's prolic career along with one new track. Limited to 5000 copies of vinyl, Acoustics is now out of print. Acoustics II, the second volume in the acoustic series, is a full LP containing eight newly recorded and reinterpreted standout tracks in addition to two brand new songs: "The Storm" and "Riddles." Acoustics II is sure to please longtime fans and welcome new fans to this critically acclaimed rock band.

    1. Riddles
    2. The Game Needed Me
    3. Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse
    4. Diamond Lightning
    5. Hooray
    6. The Storm
    7. When We Escape
    8. Summer Angel
    9. Empty Party Rooms
    10. Dayglow Vista Rd
    Minus The Bear
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  • La Spagna La Spagna Quick View

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    La Spagna

    Reissued On 180-Gram Vinyl For The First Time Since It Was Recorded

    Half-Speed Mastered From The Original Analog Tapes By Stan Ricker, Plated And Pressed At Pallas In Germany

    Double 33 1/3 Rpm Gatefold Lp Limited To 1,000 Copies

    On The The Absolute Sound List Of Must-hear Audiophile Recordings

    This double LP set has resided on The Absolute Sound's 'Super Disc' list since dinosaurs ruled. It has an incredible variety of music and instruments from a 200-year period. There are no voices. The sound is very clean, transparent, complex and extended in the highs. The harmonic richness and decay within the hall is outstanding. The soundstage is very deep, but it is not unusually wide.

    The disc is simply ravishing. It's a classic analogue recording from 1980, lovingly produced, engineered and edited by Robert von Bahr using a Revox A77 and two - presumably spaced - simple Sennheiser MKH105 omni condenser mikes (vintage early '60's design); it amply shows the merits of a simple signal path, combined with minimal intervention and post-processing.

    The recording immediately astonishes with its fluid, natural and utterly truthful sound, And the acoustic of the Chapel of the Imperial College, Madrid is just beautiful. The music, all 80 minutes of it, features variations on three archetypal Spanish themes (La Spagna, a Spagnoletta and Pavane), as interpreted by different composers such as Praetorius, Farnaby, Negri, Josquin Desprez, Ortiz and others. Aided by impeccable playing and 'realisation' of the basic themes, the end result is lively, fun and eclectic.

    This is the very first audiophile version of this disc.

    LP 1
    1. Spagna Contrapunto
    2. Spagnoletta
    3. Danza Alta, Sobre "La Spagna"
    4. Basse Danse Du Roy De Spaingne A XLIIII Notes A VI Measures
    5. Triste Espana
    6. Triste Espana
    7. Historia Baetica
    8. La Spagna
    9. Calata A La Spagnola I
    10. Calata A La Spagnola II
    11. Calata A La Spagnola III
    12. Calata A La Spagnola IV
    13. Spaniol Kochesberger
    14. Spaniol Tancz
    15. The Old Spagnoleta
    16. Spagnioletta
    17. Triste Espana
    18. Re Di Spagna
    19. La Bassa Castiglya -- Falla Con Misuras
    20. La Spagna
    21. La Spagna
    22. Olvida Tu Perdicion Espana

    LP 2
    1. Spagnioler Tancz
    2. Hopper Dancz "Spagna"
    3. Spanieler
    4. Espagnoletta
    5. Spagnoletto
    6. Villanicco Di Spagna
    7. Pavaniglia Di Spagna
    8. Spagnoletto Da Capo
    9. La Spagna A 5
    10. Recercada Primera Sobre Canto Llano La Spagna
    11. Recercada Segunda
    12. Recercada Tercera
    13. Recercada Quarta
    14. Recercada Quinta
    15. Recercada Sesta
    16. Gagliarda Quarta A 5 Alla Spagnola
    17. Een Spaense Voys
    18. Pavana Hispanica
    19. The Spaynard
    20. The Spanish Pavane
    21. Triste Espana
    22. Ricercar Spagnuola "Duna Cossa Spagnola"
    23. Ain Spaniyelischer Hoff Dantz
    24. Tres Sobre El Canto Ilano De La Alta
    25. Triste Espana
    26. Spagnoletta Nuova Al Nodo Di Madrigal
    27. Furioso Alla Spagnuola
    28. Padvana Hispanica

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Home Everywhere Home Everywhere Quick View

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    Home Everywhere

    Another LP of new material by the recently reformed original lineup of Medicine so rather quickly, you may ask ? Yes indeed, pal. "Making records is where it's at", says Medicine, collectively.

    During this past year Brad Laner, Elizabeth Thompson and Jim Goodall
    eschewed the 90's nostalgia touring circuit trod by their peers and instead
    dug deep to bring you "Home Everywhere": A collection of new songs
    created with a gaze that is omni-directional. An answer to no other band,
    movement or genre (don't be lazy, you). An ambitious work that could be no one else but said three lifer music weirdies in full inspiration mode.

    Last year's LP "To The Happy Few", their first in 18 years, impressed and
    perhaps surprised many with its vital creativity and fiery performances. But Medicine was really just getting re-acquainted in public.

    An opening volley of several hook laden three minute noise-pop gems be- gins to mutate with the introduction of Brazilian inspired sounds and rhythms.
    While that may sound incongruous, it is still quite Medicinal through and through. And that's just side one.

    Side two begins with something even more unlikely: A light sprinkling of love- ly piano and an invitation to relax. Of course it's only a temporary respite
    and within the same tune soon comes a beam of guitar as searing as any of
    the more extreme moments of the band's discography. Then comes a rather Can-like tune featuring the recorded debut of drummer Jim Goodall's trombone drone stylings before we reach the true heart of the platter: The
    LP's namesake, "Home Everywhere". An eleven and a half minute multi-part
    album-within-an-album which begins as a sprightly celebration of domestic
    bliss and ends with a comely invitation to leave the planet set to an extend- ed cleansing cosmic fire of sonic madness. Because art (and lots of Finnish experimental music cassettes, truth be told).

    1. The Reclaimed Girl
    2. Turning
    3. Move Along _ Down The Road
    4. Cold Life
    5. Don't Be Slow
    6. They Will Not Die
    7. It's All About You
    8. The People
    9. Home Everywhere
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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