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  • Hesitation Marks Hesitation Marks Quick View

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    Hesitation Marks

    180 Gram Vinyl Double LP Includes CD

    Hesitation Marks is the new full-length album from Nine Inch Nails. Recorded in secret over the last year, Trent Reznor teamed with producers Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder to create the first new music from Nine Inch Nails in five years. Includes lead single Came Back Haunted.

    The vinyl edition is pressed on two black 180 gram LPs housed in a gatefold jacket and includes a CD insert of the album.

    • " ['Came Back Haunted'] rides a sleek electronic bassline over a jittery, popping beat that is increasingly overlaid with swirls of synthesizers as the tune builds to a slashing guitar break Reznor sings with restrained, clenched-jaw intensity, his voice enveloped by the music." - Rolling Stone

    • " 'Came Back Haunted' is a snarling, twitchy throwback that announces Reznor's return in characteristic form." - Spin

    • "A bouncy electronic track with flourishes of NIN's familiar gritty electric guitar." - Billboard

    LP 1
    1. The Eater Of Dreams
    2. Copy Of A
    3. Came Back Haunted
    4. Find My Way
    5. All Time Low
    6. Disappointed
    7. Everything

    LP 2
    1. Satellite
    2. Various Methods Of Escape
    3. Running
    4. I Would For You
    5. In Two
    6. While I'm Still Here
    7. Black Noise

    Nine Inch Nails
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP + CD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster) Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster) Quick View

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    Pretty Hate Machine (2010 Remaster)

    Fans can now revisit the conception of Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor's Null Corporation has teamed up with UMe/The Bicycle Music Company to release Pretty Hate Machine: 2010 Remaster on 12/7/2010. After completing the score for David Fincher's The Social Network, Reznor oversaw the digital remastering of Pretty Hate Machine from the newly unearthed original tapes with engineer Tom Baker (whose NIN credits include The Downward Spiral, Broken, The Fragile, With Teeth and Ghosts). This remastered version includes an eleventh track, a cover of Queen's Get Down Make Love, originally the B-side to the Sin single and produced by Al Jourgensen. Rob Sheridan, NIN's longtime art director, has also re-imagined the packaging of Pretty Hate Machine under Reznor's supervision.

    As a young musician in Cleveland, Ohia, Reznor took a job at a local recording studio and employed unused studio time to develop his own material. The nascent album was later recorded with his favorite producers including Flood/Mark Ellis (U2, Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey), John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil), Adrian Sherwood (Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire) and Keith LeBlanc (Trackhead). The result was the first Nine Inch Nails album, 1989's Pretty Hate Machine. All songs were written, arranged, programmed and performed by Reznor. The album featured the breakthrough singles Sin, Down In It and Head Like A Hole, and ultimately sold over 3 million copies, reaching Triple Platinum sales status. In the wake of the album's inital underground success, NIN soon developed a reputation as one of the best live acts in rock and jointed the inaugural Lollapalooza tour in 1991. NIN have since sold more than 18 million albums, collected Grammy Awards and headline arenas, amphitheaters and festivals worldwide.

    The Bicycle Music Company acquired the rights to Pretty Hate Machine from a division of Prudential Securities in the spring of 2010. It was Bicycle's intention from the onset to enable Reznor to regain some control of this lost piece of NIN's legacy, resulting in this artist approved 2010 reissue of one of music's most groundbreaking and influential albums. Note: The previous CD version was reissued in 2005 but was not overseen by Reznor and is now out of print.

    Reznor is currently working on new music as a member of the group How To Destroy Angels, continuing his Nine Inch Nails efforts and composing for future film score projects.

    1. Head Like A Hole
    2. Terrible Lie
    3. Down In It
    4. Sanctified
    5. Something I Can Never Have
    6. Kinda I Want To
    7. Sin
    8. That's What I Get
    9. The Only Time
    11.Get Down Make Love (Bonus Track in 2010 Reissue)
    Nine Inch Nails
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  • Bedford Park Bedford Park Quick View

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    Bedford Park

    Numbered Copy

    The third and final part of Mike Ladd's epic Infesticons trilogy, Bedford Park sees the remnants of the Infesticons' marching band emerge from a bunker to find out that not only is the war with the Majesticons over, but no one can even remember who either side are. With various guests including Saul Williams, Ladd fashions a ragged punk-blues sound for this strange, beautiful and funny coda, a sound which he describes as Dinosaur Jr by Black people.

    1. Blockin' Door Anthem
    2. Gonna Anthem
    3. Dirty Ol Men Anthem
    4. Plane Anthem
    5. Forever Anthem
    6. Kick Anthem
    7. Give 'em Anthem
    8. Hang It Up Anthem
    9. World Sin Anthem
    10. Bombs Anthem
    11. Get Along Anthem
    12. Sky's Anthem
    13. Outro
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  • New Birth New Birth Quick View

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    New Birth

    1. Omniverses 1
    2. Naeem
    3. My People
    4. Futuro
    5. It Started As A Remix For Elvin
    6. A Satellite's Return
    7. New Birth
    8. Omniverses 2
    9. Samba No. 9
    10. Temple Jam
    Ammon Contact
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Ganja (feat. Killa P & Flowdan) / Flying (feat. Ricky Ranking) Ganja (feat. Killa P & Flowdan) / Flying (feat. Ricky Ranking) Quick View

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    Ganja (feat. Killa P & Flowdan) / Flying (feat. Ricky Ranking)

    Not content with mugging the music world with the critically acclaimed London Zoo album, THE BUG returns with two tracks that have been smashing it on dubplate. Regularly played out by Kode9, Digital Mystikz, and Skream, demand for a general release has grown to the point where it was impossible to ignore. One can probably guess to what Ganja is an ode; The Bug's bass assault, combined with the rapid-fire lyrical mode of ROLL DEEP's FLOWDAN and KILLA P, gives off a skunky flavor of cannabis psychosis. Flying, featuring ROOTS MANUVA's right-hand man, RICKY RANKING, is more laid back--a rinsed-out, trippy, almost meditative piece. The acclaim for London Zoo has been a victory for KEVIN MARTIN's uncompromising musical stance. This 12-inch reaffirms that triumph.

    1. Ganja feat. Killa P, Flowdan (Produced By: The Bug)
    2. Flying feat. Ricky Ranking (Produced By: The Bug)
    The Bug
    12 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • London Zoo London Zoo Quick View

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    London Zoo

    In Gibson's Neuromancer, when Case and Molly meet the two surviving founders of Zion, there is talk of hearing a mighty dub in the Babel of tongues signaling the final days. If indeed we're living in these end times, as many predict, then there can be no more of an appropriate soundtrack for the coming apocalypse than The Bug's London Zoo.

    The Bug is the main project for Kevin Martin, a producer who has headed a diverse range of projects. He is part of Techno Animal, Ice, and God (all with Justin Broadrick of Godflesh and Jesu), King Midas Sound, Razor X Productions (with The Rootsman), Pressure, and Ladybug; runs his Pathological Records label; and has collaborated with noise jazz outfit 16-17, Pete Sonic Boom Kemper's E.A.R. project, John Zorn, Kevin Shields, El-P, and the Antipop Consortium. He has recorded for Rephlex, Position Chrome/Mille Plateaux, Word Sound, Hyperdub, City Slang, Tigerbeat 6, Grand Royal, and now Ninja Tune. He has been personally asked to remix Thom Yorke, Grace Jones, Einsturzende Neubauten, and Primal Scream, and compiled jazz and dub compilations for Virgin Records. London Zoo is the fruition of all these activities.

    The album was born of three key moments: an introduction to the thriving dubstep scene (of which The Bug is very much a pioneer from before it carried a name) and its key producers (via Kode 9 and Loefah) where Martin realized there were others on the same sonic trajectory as himself; an introduction to Warrior Queen via his work with Wayne Lonesome on the Razor X Productions project; and a Mary Anne Hobbs Breezeblock session which introduced him to Flowdan (Roll Deep) and Ricky Ranking. All three of these figure heavily in the end result and live presentation.

    The obvious entry point to the album is the dubstep tag, particularly after the success of the three lead-up singles, but London Zoo clearly reaches past, brings together, and celebrates reference points from dancehall, grime, hip-hop, and noise-- it could have only come out of London sound-system culture, while its appeal spans cities and scenes.

    From the opening strains of Angry (featuring reggae legend Tippa Irie) it's clear that the world has been served notice from the heart of the UK capital. The message is further strengthened as Ranking (best known for his work with Roots Manuva), Flowdan, Warrior Queen, Spaceape, Roger Robinson, Killa P, and Aya step up to lay waste to the boombastic rhythms put before them, eventually culminating in Judgement where Ranking leaves us with a prophecy: So much people are losing their minds, because we're living in a serious time. I guess it come in like a judgment sign, the people have killing on their mind. Living in end times, indeed. Best start building the Marcus Garvey tug now.

    Angry ft Tippa Irie
    Murder We ft Ricky Ranking
    Skeng ft Killa P & Flowdan
    Too Much Pain ft Ricky Ranking & Aya
    Insane ft Warrior Queen
    Jah War ft Flowdan
    Fuckaz ft Spaceape
    You & Me ft Roger Robinson
    Freak Freak
    Warning ft Flowdan
    Poison Dart ft Warrior Queen
    Judgement Ricky Ranking
    The Bug
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Music Scene The Music Scene Quick View

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    The Music Scene

    1. It's Raining Clouds
    2. The Music Scene
    3. Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer
    4. Attack The Doctor
    5. The Prettiest Sea Slug
    6. The Daily Routine
    7. Tricky Turtle
    8. Four Walls
    9. Pity Party
    10. Farewell Spacemen
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  • Sort Of Revolution Sort Of Revolution Quick View

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    Sort Of Revolution

    Following the 2006 release of debut LP Biscuits for Breakfast, and 2007's Distance and Time, singer songwriter Fin Greenall, aka Fink, returns in 2009 with the self-produced Sort of Revolution. A beautiful fusion of jazz, blues and soulful acoustic rhythms.
    Side One

    1 Sort Of Revolution

    2 Move On Me

    3 Six Weeks

    4 Nothing Is Ever Finished

    5 See It All


    Side Two

    1 Q & A

    2 If I Had A Million

    3 Pigtails

    4 Maker

    5 Walkin' In The Sun
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  • Distance & Time Distance & Time Quick View

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    Distance & Time

    Side One

    1 Trouble's What You're In

    2 This Is The Thing

    3 If Only

    4 Blueberry Pancakes


    Side Two

    1 Get Your Share

    2 Under The Same Stars

    3 So Many Roads

    4 Make It Good

    5 Little Blue Mailbox
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • No Ground Under No Ground Under Quick View

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    No Ground Under

    01 Courto
    02 Blazin feat. Face-T
    03 Jusquen haut feat. Omnikrom
    04 Hit & Red
    05 No More Blood feat. Face-T
    06 Go Ballistic feat. Zulu
    07 One Hand Cant Clap
    08 City Walking feat. Abdominal
    09 Ladies & Gentleman feat. Ambitieux & DJ Netik
    10 Its a War War
    11 Exils
    12 Dem Nah Like Me feat. Mr. Lee G
    13 Diaspora
    14 Mangnen lboulÉ feat. Nik Myo
    15 Blazin feat. Fact-T (Modeselektor Remix)
    16 No More Blood feat. fact-T (Megasoid Mix)
    Ghislain Poirier
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Enter Enter Quick View

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    1. Enter the Newground
    2. Keep On
    3. Free
    4. Tasogara Highway
    5. Rainy Day
    6. Uminnaka
    7. Handmade
    8. Space Jungle
    9. Nursey Room
    10. Harvest Dance
    11. Trust
    12. One Hand Blizzard
    13. Brightin' Star Enter
    14. Let It Go
    15. Hatsuyume - (Japanese)
    16. Grateful to You
    DJ Kentaro
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Good Fortune Good Fortune Quick View

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    Good Fortune

    Monday Through Sunday

    Brights Lights

    Miami / The Jungle

    Know Who You Are

    Inside The Globe

    Best Shit In The World

    House Of Mirrors

    This Year

    Now I Lay Me Down

    My Eyes



    Close Your Eyes


    Trust Me
    Airborn Audio
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Spirit In The System Spirit In The System Quick View

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    Spirit In The System

    Following the ground-rupturing, genre-fusing success of their ballistic debut full-length, 2009's Join The Q, The Qemists return with their brilliant second album, Spirit In The System, a bolder and more sophisticated beast betraying a confidence drawn from playing their wild noise to riotous audiences across the globe.
    1. Take It Back feat. Enter Shikari
    2. Hurt Less feat. Jenna G
    3. Dirty Words feat. Matt Rose & Bruno Balanta
    4. Renegade feat. Maxsta
    5. Fading Halo feat. Chantal of Invasion
    6. The Only Love Song feat. MC ID
    7. Life's Too Short
    8. Apocalypse feat. Rob Hawkins of The Automatic
    9. Your Revolution
    Qemists, The
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Isam Isam Quick View

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    Re-drawing and blurring the lines between psychedelia and sci-fi, between art and entertainment, between sound design and melody, Amon Tobin has created the finest, most intense work of his very considerable career with Isam. An extension and refinement of everything he has achieved thus far, the album is a crowning achievement in the process that he describes as re-ordering the things around me. 180 gram double vinyl.

    1. Journeyman

    2. Piece Of Paper
    3. Goto 10
    4. Surge
    5. Lost & Found
    6. Wooden Toy
    7. Mass & Spring
    8. Calculate
    9. Kitty Cat
    10. Bedtime Stories
    11. Night Swim
    12. Dropped From The Sky

    Amon Tobin
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Gob Gob Quick View

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    Kieren Dickins aka Dels is a new type of rapper (which is another way of saying that he's more than just a rapper). Dickins recorded GOB with just three producers, all of whom he has collaborated with for a significant amount of time and all of whom are more interested in creating something with him than in giving him a beat to rhyme on.

    Micachu is perhaps best known for her indie work with her band The Shapes but her interest in grime and hip hop is as well documented in a series of mixtapes and videos on YouTube. Together she and Dels create the bad-trip anthem Melting Patterns and Violina, which catches all the disorientation and anger of a relationship break-up.

    Longtime mentor and friend Joe Goddard of Hot Chip is represented by both Trumpalump (featuring his own beautifully melancholy/hopeful chorus) and Shapeshift, plus a brand new track, Capsize, which dissects something of the current political situation in the company of Roots Manuva who is the only guest MC on the record.

    1. Hydronenburg

    2. Trumpalump (ft. Joe Goddard)
    3. Shapeshift
    4. Moonshining
    5. Eating Clouds
    6. Melting Patterns
    7. Capsize (ft. Joe Goddard & Roots Manuva)
    8. DLR (ft. Elan Tamara)
    9. Violina
    10. Droogs
    11. GOB

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Bespoke Bespoke Quick View

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    After a busy couple of years of touring, remixing and releasing singles and EPs with Brainfeeder, All City, Magical Properties (the Daedelus home-imprint), Alpha Pup, Warp and Stones Throw, Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus returns with his new full length album on Ninja Tune, Bespoke, a title summing up the unique and eccentric vision of a musical artist as obsessed with the clothing of the Victorian era as he is with the music of the future.

    Side 1

    1. Tailor-Made (Featuring Milosh)

    2. Sew, Darn, Mend
    3. Penny Loafers (Featuring Inara George)

    Side 2

    1. One And Lonely (Featuring Young Dad)

    2. Suit Yourself
    3. What Can You Do? (Featuring Busdriver)

    Side 3
    1. French Cuffs (Featuring Baths)

    2. In Tatters (Featuring Kelela Mizanekristos)

    3. Slowercase D

    Side 4
    1. Overwhelmed (Featuring Bilal)

    2. Nightcap

    3. Anticipation Of (Featuring Om'mas Keith)

    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Sam Baker's Album Sam Baker's Album Quick View

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    Sam Baker's Album

    Coming out with one of the most anticipated and long-awaited albums so far on Brainfeeder is Samiyam aka Sam Baker. Sam Baker's Album is 40 minutes of pure listening pleasure, a series of woozy, off-center hip hop instrumentals drawing heavily on Baker's love of electronic funk but never in hock to it. Intensely detailed and carrying considerable emotional weight, this is not Rap Beats Volume 2 but an album of fully-realized pieces of music which stand on their own without the need for an MC's intervention.

    1. Escape

    2. Bedtime
    3. Pressure
    4. Bricks
    5. Already
    6. Frosting Packets
    7. Kitties
    8. Where Am I
    9. Cushion
    10. Turtles
    11. My Buddy
    12. No Dinner
    13. Understanding
    14. Wonton Special
    15. Taco Delay
    16. Lifesized Stuffed Animal
    17. Sometimes
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Atlantis EP Atlantis EP Quick View

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    Atlantis EP

    Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL releases his debut EP with Ninja Tune and its an absolute cracker. Over its four tracks he shows the range and grasp of rhythm, atmosphere and melody which have made him one of the most exciting producers in electronic music.

    Title track Atlantis is distinguished by a complex, swinging, relentlessly danceable beat, unfeasibly low bass hits and a melancholic tune which sits somewhere between Four Tet and classic rave. Cant Stop The Prophet shows the DNA of Wagon Christ (an early influence) spliced with the sonics of post-dubstep and the restless energy of an ADHD toddler, ending with a first-love junglist wig-out. My Light, My Love, seemingly sampled and built out of the sonic spaces between notes and beats, is perhaps the deepest moment on an incredible EP, while The Sale Ends takes us once more back to the skipping feel of a fractured, interplanetary two-step.

    1. Atlantis
    2. Can't Stop the Prophet
    3. My Light, My Love
    4. The Sale Ends
    12 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Black Sands Remixed Black Sands Remixed Quick View

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    Black Sands Remixed

    Black Sands was originally released in 2010 to almost universal critical acclaim and worldwide commercial success. Si Green aka Bonobo moved from being an underground producer of impeccable credentials to a poster boy for a new take on electronic music, contemporary and edgy but also soulful, song-based, sometimes lush but always emotional.

    Black Sands Remixed gathers together a group of like-minded musicians and producers to interpret this classic album. Most of the material here has never been heard before and has been gathered with assistance from renowned DJ and Ninja Tune label-head Alexander Nut. Featuring remixes from Machinedrum, FaltyDL, Mark Pritchard and Floating Points among others.

    1. Kiara (Cosmin TRG Remix)
    2. All In Forms (FaltyDL Remix)
    3. Eyesdown (ARP 101 Remix)
    4. Prelude (Lapalux's Finger on the Tape Remix)
    5. Kiara (Funkineven Remix)
    6. Eyesdown (Machinedrum Remix)
    7. All In Forms (Mike Slott Remix)
    8. Stay the Same (Blue Daisy 'Not Quite the Same' Remix)
    9. Stay The Same (Mark Pritchard Remix)
    10. All In Forms (Letherette Remix)
    11. Ghost Ship
    12. The Keeper (Banks Remix)
    13. Black Sands (Duke Dumont's 'Grains Of Sand' Reconstruction)
    14. Eyesdown (feat. Andreya Triana & DELS
    15. Brace Brace
    Vinyl LP - 3 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Watch Me Dance Watch Me Dance Quick View

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    Watch Me Dance

    In Watch Me Dance Toddla T has created a dubwise, street-soul masterpiece, and to ensure it was everything Toddla envisaged it could be he's carefully selected an impressive line up of friends, peers and musical icons to guest vocal, co-produce, remix, co-write with him on the album. Names including previous collaborator Roots Manuva, fellow DJ, producer and remixer Skream, Ms Dynamite, Ross Orton, Wayne Marshall, Timberlee, Roisin Murphy and Shola Ama.
    1. Watch Me Dance
    2. Take It Back
    3. Cruise Control
    4. Cherry Picking
    5. Streets So Warm
    6. Badman Flu
    7. Body Good
    8. How Beautiful It Would Be
    9. Lovely Girl
    10. Do It Your Way
    11. Fly
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Interludes After Midnight Interludes After Midnight Quick View

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    Interludes After Midnight

    With Interludes After Midnight, Blockhead proudly presents his fifth LP. In the two years since the critically lauded The Music Scene, Blockhead aka Tony Simon, has traveled the globe and emerged with another collection of eclectic songs that twist, turn, and grind their way into the listener's psyche.

    While the title Interludes After Midnight, might recall a film from the likes of Truffaut or a sprawling masterpiece by Modigliani, the title comes to us from a decidedly less classical source, an after hours New York City public access show that ran throughout the 80's and early 90's. This was a time before cell phones, TiVo, and the Internet, a simpler time that has informed the sonic landscape of the album. This is not rehashing 20 years of popular hip-hop; this is Blockhead's ultimate homage to the times and places that defined his upbringing.

    This is a pre-digital road map through the musical consciousness of Blockhead, a virtual tour of a decidedly non-virtual society, when the airwaves were for TV, phones were for making calls, and when newspapers were printed. Hence, Interludes After Midnight is populated with dusty samples of beeping synths, smooth horn samples blended seamlessly with funky percussion and a sound that will keep you listening, this is classic Blockhead.

    1. Never Forget Your Token
    2. Creeps Crouchin'
    3. Panic In Funkytown
    4. Hungover Like Whoa
    5. Meet You at Tower Records
    6. Escape the Meadow
    7. Smoke Signals
    8. Tools of the Industry
    9. Midnight Blue
    10. Snapping Point
    11. Beyond Reach ft. Baby Dayliner
    12. The Robin Byrd Era
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Dva Dva Quick View

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    Emika's forthcoming sophomore, Dva, is a return to the music of her roots, a triumph of keenly felt and brilliantly expressed reflections of oppression and freedom, be it political, sexual or artistic. Dva is an exploration of self-expression and sound, taking dark dub pop, sound design inspirations and melding them with classical music of her upbringing, taking Emika's production a giant step forward.
    1. Hush (Interlude)
    2. Young Minds
    3. She Beats
    4. Filters
    5. After The Fall
    6. Sing To Me
    7. Dem Worlds
    8. Primary Colours
    9. Sleep With My Enemies
    10. Wicked Game
    11. Fight For Your Love
    12. Mouth To Mouth
    13. Searching
    14. Centuries
    15. Criminal Gift
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Sleep Of Reason Sleep Of Reason Quick View

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    Sleep Of Reason

    Sleep of Reason' is strongly informed by Stefanski's childhood in a British seaside town, the faded grandeur and aging population of which caused him to ruminate on mortality as a child. 'Parts of this album are about letting go of the worry of when something might happen, and instead embracing now.' Like all the best albums, 'Sleep of Reason' demands to be listened to in full, to allow its themes, moods and textures to fully emerge and take grip. It's also full of brilliant standalone songs. Listen to it how you will, but do listen -- you won't be disappointed.
    1. Undertow
    2. Rain
    3. Build Me Up
    4. Gagging Order
    5. Touching
    6. One Track Mind
    7. Last Train Home
    8. Trust (Featuring YADi)
    9. Principle Action
    10. Known
    11. Window Out
    12. Black Rainbow
    13. Back Of The Line
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Days To Come Days To Come Quick View

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    Days To Come

    Simon Green aka Bonobo's third album represents the kind of quantum leap in quality that very few artists make. 'Days To Come' has the feeling of a classic all over - a big, brooding, emotional and uplifting record that you can dance to, do the dishes to, or sit and really study.

    Green has always been expert at welding together music dripping with atmosphere, combining his own musical and technical talents in such a way as to make utterly organic-sounding machine music. This is not just a knob-twiddling producer but a multi-instrumentalist at work, who writes, plays and then manipulates almost every note of music he releases. And 'Days To Come' shows a new structural awareness growing from this, a feeling for the song form and the gradual build which raises it way above the work of many of his contemporaries and cries out for him to achieve the kind of mainstream success that his talent has long hinted at.

    Bonobo's debut album, 'Animal Magic', was released by Brighton label TruThoughts just as the journalistic vogue for 'chill out' music began to peak. Having rejected the advances of more than one major label, Green decided to sign with Ninja Tune and produced 'Dial 'M' For Monkey', a brooding and intricate record which not only continued his move away from traditional sampling techniques, but broadsided the idea that he only made music for people to listen to in transcendental bubble bath yurts. Now, with 'Days To Come', the processes and techniques he developed on the transitional 'Dial 'M'' have reached fruition.

    Rather than turning himself into a producer-for-hire on his own record and delivering a compilation album, Green found one main singer to work with, and her voice certainly adds that crucial edge to proceedings. Bajka (pronounced 'Biker') grew up as part of Embryo, a travelling music commune, whose journies took them through Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan. A smokey, soulful singer, she sounds as at home on the big band soul-jazz of 'Between The Lines' as on the more melancholic Nightlite'. Green is also joined by labelmate and fellow Brightonian Fink on the beautiful come-on 'If You Stayed Over', a gem of emotional pop that sees both artists at the top of their game.

    Green hasn't abandoned the instrumentals, though. 'Ketto' arrives with a dreamlike intensity, 'On Your Marks' hits with the all the force of early-era Shadow, while Part 2 of 'Transmissions94' is amongst the most beautiful and transcendent music that this quiet and self-effacing producer has crafted.

    1. Intro
    2. Days To Come
    3. Between The Lines
    4. The Fever
    5. Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)
    6. On Your Marks
    7. Hatoa
    8. Recurring
    9. Nightlife
    10. If You stayed Over
    11. Walk The Sky
    12. Ketto
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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