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  • Epitaph Epitaph Quick View

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    First Time Available On Vinyl In Over 12 Years

    Epitaph is the second and final studio album by German death metal band Necrophagist, originally released by Relapse Records on August 3, 2004. Unlike on Onset of Putrefaction, guitarist and vocalist Muhammed Suiçmez recorded the album alongside a full band instead of just himself. Guitarist Christian MÜnzner, who later departed the band and joined Obscura, wrote both half the leads as well as several basslines on the album.

    1. Stabwound
    2. The Stillborn One
    3. Ignominious & Pale
    4. Diminished to B
    5. Epitaph
    6. Only Ash Remains
    7. Seven
    8. Symbiotic in Theory
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  • Necrobreed Necrobreed Quick View

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    Featuring Guest Vocals From Trevor Strnad Of The Black Dahlia Murder And Arno Of Black Bomb A

    French gore-grinders BENIGHTED deliver total brutality with their new album 'Necrobreed'. A relentless assault from start to finish, 'Necrobreed' unleashes a torrent of fierce blast beats (courtesy of former NECROPHAGIST drummer Romain Goulon), punishing breakdowns and some of the most savage vocals the genre has ever seen. 'Necrobreed' inflicts maximum aural damage with each and every track, and establishes BENIGHTED as the new face of extreme death metal.

    1. Hush Little Baby
    2. Reptilian
    3. Psychosilencer
    4. Forgive Me Father
    5. Leatherface
    6. Der Doppelgaenger
    7. Necrobreed
    8. Monsters Make Monsters
    9. Cum With Disgust
    10. Versipellis
    11. Reeks Of Darkened Zoopsia
    12. Mass Grave
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  • Obsolescence Obsolescence Quick View

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    Modern death metal masters, ABYSMAL DAWN, return with a massive display of refined brutality on their fourth full-length Obsolescence. The quartet strikes the perfect balance between extreme songwriting and exceptional skill with an infectious blend of technical yet memorable riffs, throat shredding vocals, and crushing rhythms delivered with machine gun precision. With Obsolescence, ABYSMAL DAWN unleash a veritable beast of a record and the perfect example of what 21st century death metal should sound like.

    Features guest appearances from Christian Muenzner (ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession) and Bobby Koelble (Death) plus devastating, otherworldly artwork by Par Olaffson (The Faceless, Spawn of Possession).

    1. Human Obsolescence
    2. Perfecting Slavery (featuring Christian Muenzer)
    3. Inanimate
    4. Devouring the Essence of God (featuring Bobby Koelble)
    5. One Percent Incomplete
    6. Loathed in Life / Praised in Death
    7. By My Demons
    8. Laborem Liberat Te
    9. The Inevitable Return to Darkness
    Abysmal Dawn
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  • The Flesh Prevails (Awaiting Repress) The Flesh Prevails (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Flesh Prevails (Awaiting Repress)

    After years on the road building a fan base from the ground up, Fallujah has
    displayed a rugged work ethic and commitment to crafting forward thinking music.
    Fallujah has just wrapped up their highly anticipated follow up to 2011's The
    Harvest Wombs with what is surely one of the freshest and most emotive metal albums
    to be released in years, entitled The Flesh Prevails. The album was mixed, mastered,
    and engineered by Zach Ohren (Animosity, Suffocation, All Shall Perish) at Sharkbite
    Studios in Oakland CA over the course of a few months and features guest appearances
    from Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Necrophagist) and the voice of Roniit Alkayam. The
    artwork was a collaborative effort between Poland's Tomasz Alen Kopera and the bands
    own vocalist Alex Hofmann. The Flesh Prevails is easily one the years' most highly anticipated releases.
    1. Starlit Path
    2. Carved From Stone
    3. The Night Reveals
    4. The Flesh Prevails
    5. Levitation
    6. Alone With You
    7. Allure
    8. Sapphire
    9. Chemical Cave
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