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  • My Head Is An Animal My Head Is An Animal Quick View

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    My Head Is An Animal

    Of Monsters and Men is an amiable group of day dreamers who craft folkie pop songs. With the Icelandic group's bright, trumpeting single Little Talks winning over one blog at a time, Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir and her bandmates (co-singer/guitarist Ragnar Raggi Þórhallsson, guitarist Brynjar Leifsson, drummer Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson, piano/accordion player Árni Guðjónsson, and bassist Kristján Páll Kristjánsson) are well on their way to becoming citizens of the world.

    Nanna, who began as the acoustic act Songbird, recruited extra hands to bolster her sound for a solo show. She liked how her vocals commingled with Raggi's, so they started writing songs together and in 2010 morphed into Of Monsters and Men. As victors of 2010's Músiktilraunir, the new group earned a slot on the influential Iceland Airwaves festival later that year, followed by Seattle's radio station KEXP posting Little Talks from a Living Room Session filmed there, setting the telltale ripple effect in motion. By the summer of 2011 Little Talks hit #1 in the band's native country, and people around the world seemed to be listening to us, marvels Raggi. The band was asked to perform again at Iceland Airwaves 2011, where KEXP then anointed the group as easily the most buzzed about band.

    Though their reach is growing broader, the group's appeal has remained distinct. Their music is as fantastical as it is pretty. For inspiration, they often reference random stories they've read. The chanting, tribal Six Weeks was inspired by the true tale of American frontiersman Hugh Glass, seemingly left for dead after a bear attack. As for the swelling, epic From Finner, it's about a whale that has a house on its back says Raggi on which people travel across the ocean, exploring different places and having adventures. Little Talks, explores loneliness and insanity, while Love Love Love ruefully ruminates on heartbreak. If you listen to the lyrics, they're not as uplifting, he says. But our music is meant to be fun to sing along to.

    Their full-length debut, My Head Is an Animal immediately reached #1 in their native Iceland and will now see its worldwide release via Universal Records. The album features production by Of Monsters and Men, Aron Amaarsson and Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids) while Craig Silvey (Florence + The Machine, Arcade Fire) handled mixing duties. My Head Is An Animal sounds like a dream and its pure bliss to listen to!

    1. Dirty Paws
    2. King and Lionheart
    3. Mountain Sound
    4. Slow and Steady
    5. From Finner
    6. Little Talks
    7. Six Weeks
    8. Love Love Love
    9. Your Bones
    10. Sloom
    11. Lakehouse
    12. Yellow Light
    Of Monsters And Men
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  • The Fame Monster (Picture Disc) The Fame Monster (Picture Disc) Quick View

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    The Fame Monster (Picture Disc)

    Picture disc LP of Lady Gaga's highly anticipated release The Fame Monster. Features 8 new tracks. Blonde image on A side, brunette on B side.
    1. Bad Romance
    2. Alejandro
    3. Monster
    4. So Happy I Could Die
    5. Speechless
    6. Dance In The Dark
    7. Telephone
    8. Teeth
    Lady Gaga
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  • Beneath The Skin Beneath The Skin Quick View

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    Beneath The Skin

    Of Monsters And Men is back with their highly anticipated sophomore album "Beneath The Skin". After two years of touring, writing music and developing their sound, the award winning band is back with a more complex and
    compelling sound that is sure to excite their fans and draw in listeners across the world.
    1. Crystals
    2. Human
    3. Hunger
    4. Wolves Without Teeth
    5. Empire
    6. Slow Life

    1. Organs
    2. Black Water
    3. Thousand Eyes
    4. I Of The Storm
    5. We Sink

    Of Monsters And Men
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Monster Monster Quick View

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    Monster represents KISS' nod to the music that first inspired them to pick up their guitars and flamethrowers and don makeup to entertain millions. The group goes back to their own beginnings with the Who-like "Freak," while Gene lives up to the title track's declaration on the raucous prehistoric punk rock of "Back to the Stone Age" and the bludgeoning, self-referential "The Devil is Me." "Take Me Down Below" is one of KISS' classic sexual double entendres in the mode of "Love Gun" or "Lick It Up." Guitarist Thayer takes a solo turn on his own with "Outta This World," a tribute to his KISS "spaceman" character, while drummer Singer provides the vocals (and the inspiration) for the Stanley-penned arena anthem "All for the Love of Rock & Roll."
    1. Hell Or Hallelujah

    2. Wall Of Sound
    3. Freak

    4. Back To The Stone Age

    5. Shout Mercy

    6. Long Way Down

    7. Eat Your Heart Out

    8. The Devil Is Me

    9. Outta This World

    10. All For The Love Of Rock & Roll

    11. Take Me Down Below

    12. Last Chance
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Monster Movie Monster Movie Quick View

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    Monster Movie

    Out Of Print For Over 10 Years

    Can was founded in 1968 by Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli and Jaki Liebezeit who formed a group which would utilize and transcend all boundaries of ethnic, electronic experimental and modern classical music.

    Monster Movie, Can's debut album was originally recorded and released in 1969. The use of improvisation, experimentation, editing and layering of sounds set a standard for Can's subsequent albums in the early 1970s, which were seminal to the freewheeling avant-garde style dubbed "krautrock" by the British music press.

    The band's powerful influence has never diminished, and their indelible mark is apparent in the bands who freely acknowledge their importance - from Portishead, James Murphy, New Order, Factory Floor, Public Image Ltd, Mogwai, Kanye West (who sampled 'Sing Swan Song') and Radiohead - as well as across other disciplines such as visual art and literature.

    1. Father Cannot Yell
    2. Mary, Mary So Contrary
    3. Outside My Door
    4. You Doo Right
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • A Monster Calls Soundtrack A Monster Calls Soundtrack Quick View

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    A Monster Calls Soundtrack

    Pressed On Double 180-Gram Audiophile Vinyl

    First Pressing Of 500 Numbered Copies On Colored Vinyl, Black Vinyl Thereafter

    PVC Protective Sleeve

    Includes 4-Page Booklet

    Printed Inner Sleeves

    Gatefold Sleeve

    OST Of The 2016 Movie, Based On The Best Selling Book By Patrick Ness

    Score By Fernando Velázquez

    Featuring The Title Track Tear Up This Town By Keane

    A Monster Calls is a fantasy drama film about a boy seeking the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mom's terminal illness. Ancient, wild, and relentless, the Monster guides Conor on a journey of courage, faith, and truth.

    The film is directed by J.A. Bayona who was inevitable praised for his previous directing work The Orphanage.

    The critics site Rotten Tomatoes reports an approval rating of 85% for the film, based on 52 reviews, with an average rating of 7.4/10. The site reads, A Monster Calls deftly balances dark themes and fantastical elements to deliver an engrossing and uncommonly moving entry in the crowded coming-of-age genre.

    The intriguing Score for the film is composed by Fernando Velázquez, who already had experience in the world of cinema and especially in the terror genre. He composed films like Devil, written & produced by M. Night Shyamalan, and the Guillermo del Toro-produced feature The Orphanage.

    In 2010 he was one of eleven selected composers to create symphonic works for the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. In the same year Film Music Magazine rated his score to 'Devil' as one of the best scores of the year, quoting Velazquez's brassily orchestral ambitions pay more of a blood oath to Bernard Herrmann and James Newton Howard, with the kind of churning, melodically rich symphonic sound that makes DEVIL's mostly elevator-bound setting anything but claustrophobic.

    Two years later Film Music Magazine ranked his score to 'The Impossible' as one of the Top 10 scores of the year.

    LP 1
    1. Tear Up This Town - Keane
    2. Conor Wakes Up / Main Title

    3. Drawing

    4. The Monster Wakes Up

    5. Crisis

    6. The Second Encounter

    7. The First Tale

    8. The School

    9. Home Alone / Dad Arrives
    10. Grandma's Clock / The Second Tale

    LP 2
    1. Break Things
    2. A World Destroyed

    3. Big Dreams

    4. A New Hope / Dad Leaves
    5. Montage

    6. The Third Tale
    7. I Wish I Had A Hundred Years
    8. The Truth

    9. End Credits
    10. Montage (feat. Felicity Jones)
    11. Tear Up This Town (Film Version) - Keane

    Fernando Velazquez
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Monster Movie: Live Monster Movie: Live Quick View

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    Monster Movie: Live

    Red Colored Vinyl - red label in PVC sleeve with black lettering

    Formed in Cologne in 1968, the year of the student riots that rocked Europe, Can was the band that rose from the ashes. Three ex-students of avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen (Holger Czukay, Irmin Schmidt and Michael Karoli), well-known German jazz drummer, Jacki Liebezeit and American singer, Malcolm Mooney took rock music and turned it on its head. Although the band was still playing traditional instruments, their "spontaneous compositions" had little to do with the rehearsed conventions of rock. Tracks like "Father Cannot Yell" and the 20-minute "Yoo Doo Right" from their debut LP Monster Movie, and recorded live in Cologne in July 1969, were the first steps into the beyond, setting the tone for a whole new genre of German music that the world would soon be calling "krautrock".

    1. Father Cannot Yell
    2. Mary, Mary So Contrary
    3. Outside My Door
    4. Yoo Doo Right
    140 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Monsters Monsters Quick View

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    First Time On Vinyl Since 1989


    The last Meat Puppets album of the eighties was also their last one for an independent label (SST at the time). It wasn't long after the fall 1989 release of Monsters that the Meat Puppets were off and running for newer and bigger things! Remastered and back on vinyl.

    Attacked By Monsters
    In Love
    The Void
    Touchdown King
    Party Till The World Obeys
    Flight Of The Fire Weasel
    Strings On Your Heart
    Like Being Alive
    Meat Puppets
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  • Zacherle's Monster Gallery (Pre-Order) Zacherle's Monster Gallery (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Zacherle's Monster Gallery (Pre-Order)

    Pressed On Green & Orange Pumpkin Colored Vinyl

    Limited To 1000 Copies

    Fittingly enough, The Cool Ghoul himself, John Zacherle, passed away right around Halloween in 2016, and now we here at Real Gone Music are celebrating his one-year "deathday" by releasing his incredibly rare album Zacherle's Monster Gallery, originally issued on the budget Elektra imprint Crestview, on green & orange "pumpkin" vinyl limited to 1000 copies! This record was originally released in 1963, and was actually a copy of the 1960 Elektra album Spook Along with Zacherley, except for one very important detail: the cover art to the Crestview release was inked by legendary Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis, who actually passed away last year as well. Which probably explains why original copies of this record are selling for about $150 if you can find them So consider this release a twin tribute to two guys who brought a big smile to millions of kids, especially those on the East Coast that used to see Zach present all those cheesy horror movies on TV. R.I.P., Zach and Jack!

    1. Coolest Little Monster
    2. A Wicked Thought
    3. Ghoul View Commercial
    4. Sure Sign of Spring
    5. Transylvania P.T.A.
    6. Frank and Drac Are Back
    7. Come with Me to Transylvania
    8. Spider Man Lullaby
    9. Ring-A-Ding Orangoutang
    10. Baying at the Moon
    11. Zacherle For President
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed PRE-ORDER Buy Now
  • Great Mother: Holy Monster Great Mother: Holy Monster Quick View

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    Great Mother: Holy Monster

    Italy's Hierophant have been making waves since their formation back in 2010. CVLT Nation called their self-titled first album in 2011 straight killer no filler. The band went on to tour Europe with the likes of Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Tombs, Pelican, Cancer Bats and many more, and made an intense and relentless live reputation for themselves. Now, Hierophant presents another hit album with Great Mother: Holy Monster.
    1. Son of the New Faith
    2. Son of the Tongue's Prison
    3. Son of the Four-Hands Way
    4. Son of the Carcinoma
    5. Son of Egotistic Love
    6. Son of Public Castration
    7. Son of the Cathartic Cave
    8. Son of the Black Mirror
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Money Monster Soundtrack Money Monster Soundtrack Quick View

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    Money Monster Soundtrack

    First Pressing Of 500 Copies On 180 Green Vinyl, Black Vinyl Thereafter

    Gatefold Sleeve

    Includes A 4 Page Booklet

    PVC Protective Sleeve

    In the taut and tense thriller Money Monster, Lee Gates (George Clooney) is a bombastic TV personality whose popular financial network show has made him the money wiz of Wall Street. But after he hawks a high tech stock that mysteriously crashes, an irate investor (Jack O'Connell) takes Gates, his crew, and his ace producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) hostage live on air. Unfolding in real time, Gates and Fenn must find a way to keep themselves alive while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind a tangle of big money lies.

    Dominic Lewis, a British-born film composer, has been working with some of Hollywood's most acknowledged and revered composers, including, but not limited to Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi, Henry Jackman and John Powell. He is now a resident composer at Zimmer's renowned Santa Monica musical think-tank, Remote Control Productions.

    His additional music credits to date include the films Rio, Kung Fu Panda 2, X-Men: 1st Class, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Interview, as well as multiple commercials.

    Henry Jackman has done production work with artists including Mike Oldfield (Voyager), Sally Oldfield (Flaming Star), Trevor Horn/Art of Noise (The Seduction of Claude Debussy), Elton John and Gary Barlow. He made scores for X-Men: 1st Class, The 5th Wave, Kick Ass 2, This Is The End and many more.

    1. Opening Bell
    2. Bear Market
    3. Initial Claims
    4. Triple Buy
    5. Molly
    6. Human Error
    7. Hostile Takeover
    8. Outside World
    9. Rallying Market
    10. High Frequency Fraud
    11. Market Crash
    12. Closing Bell
    13. Global Players
    Henry Jackman & Dominic Lewis
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Woke Up With A Monster Woke Up With A Monster Quick View

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    Woke Up With A Monster

    Cheap Trick's 1994 studio album 'Woke Up With A Monster' on LP for the very first time!
    1. My Gang
    2. Woke Up With A Monster
    3. You're All I Wanna Do
    4. Never Run Out Of Love
    5. Didn't Know I Had It
    6. Ride The Pony
    7. Girlfriends
    8. Let Her Go
    9. Tell Me Everything
    10. Cry Baby
    11. Love Me For A Minute
    Cheap Trick
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Heart is a Monster The Heart is a Monster Quick View

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    The Heart is a Monster

    First album in 19 years from LA alternative band, Failure. The band returned from a 17-year hiatus in early 2014 with a single Los Angeles date planned which to a North American tour, including a run of dates with Tool and appearances at Riot Fest, Fun Fun Fun and Cinquanta.
    1. Segue 4
    2. Hot Traveler
    3. A.M. Amnesia
    4. Snow Angel
    5. Atom City Queen
    6. Segue 5
    7. Counterfeit Sky
    8. Petting the Carpet
    9. Mulholland Drive
    10. Fair Light Era
    11. Segue 6
    12. Come Crashing
    13. Segue 7
    14. The Focus
    15. Otherwhere
    16. Segue 8
    17. I Can See Houses
    18. Segue 9
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Original Monster Mash (Purple Vinyl) The Original Monster Mash (Purple Vinyl) Quick View

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    The Original Monster Mash (Purple Vinyl)

    The Original Monster Mash is an album by Bobby (Boris) Pickett and The Crypt-Kickers, and is considered a classic when it comes to Halloween music. It was recorded and released in late 1962, following the success of Pickett's Monster Mash single. Continuing with its soundtrack reissue campaign, UMe will be reissuing this classic on purple vinyl for the first time.
    1. Monster Mash
    2. Rabian The Fiendage Idol
    3. Blood Bank Blues
    4. Graveyard Shift
    5. Skully Gully
    6. Wolfbane
    7. Monster Minuet
    8. Transylvania Twist
    9. Sinister Stomp
    10. Me & My Mummy
    11. Monster Motion
    12. Monster Mash Party
    13. Irresistible Igor
    14. Bella's Bash
    15. Let's Fly Away
    Bobby Boris Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Smoke The Monster Out (Discontinued) (On Sale) Smoke The Monster Out (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $16.99 $13.42 Save $3.57 (21%)

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    Smoke The Monster Out (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    Londoner Damian Lazarus, now based out of L.A., is best known for founding the Crosstown Rebels label and helping shape the sound of contemporary techno in his twin roles as taste-making A&R and globally renowned DJ. Having been asked on countless occasions when he would step out from behind the decks and into the producer's chair, Lazarus has finally obliged and the results are far more unusual and engaging than what anyone could have imagined.

    Smoke The Monster Out is a rangy and cleverly paced narrative inspired chiefly by the dancefloor's play of darkness and light, but also classic love songs and emotive, gut wrenching pop music old and new. Though Lazarus' grounding in house and techno is apparent throughout, this record is really a song-based affair, full of unusual acoustic instrumentation and delicately wrought arrangements, which he wrote with collaborator Arthur Jeffes, son of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra's Simon Jeffes. The Rebels boss has taken a long view of his life as a music-lover, drawing on older influences as divers as Photek, Jeff Buckley and Bjork, taking their essence and suffusing it with the twisted dancefloor alchemy we associate with his DJ sets. Perhaps most significantly, Lazarus himself even sings on several tracks, investing his songs with his own distinct personality and quiet expressiveness.

    1. Smoke The Monster Out
    2. Moment
    3. Memory Box
    4. King Of Fools
    5. Come And Play
    6. Diamonds In The Dark
    7. Cold Lizards
    8. Neverending
    9. Lullabies
    10. Spinnin'
    11. Bloop Bleep
    12. It's Raining Today
    13. After Rave Delight
    Damian Lararus
    $16.99 $13.42 Save $3.57 (21%)
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Here Be Monsters Here Be Monsters Quick View

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    Here Be Monsters

    "When they didn't know quite what was there, they put Here Be Monsters. When I think of where my career has gone over the last 35 years, it's usually in that area - off the map." --Jon Langford

    Here Be Monsters finds acclaimed musician/visual artist Jon Langford and his band Skull Orchard scanning the outskirts of popular culture, its title born of medieval cartographers' term for the dragons, sea serpents, and other mythical beasties that reside beyond the boundaries of the known universe. This new album will feature a unique piece of artwork specific to each track printed on individual inserts included with copies of the CD. Best known for his work in the The Mekons and the Waco Brothers, Langford has been a leading pioneer in the assimilation of folk/country music into punk rock since the genre's first evolution over 30 years ago.

    The album sees the Welsh-born, Chicago-based singer/songwriter, bandleader, producer, painter, and poet plotting a clear-eyed, sharp-elbowed course through such far-flung subjects as alternative hierarchies and astronomy, perpetual war for perpetual profit, the culture of detachment, middle age, fatherhood, fame, and the fleetingness of love. The subtext of the album is maybe the things our civilization thinks of as fixed and immovable might actually be redundant/obsolete/discredited and it's up to us to question and find new rocks to be washed up on , says Langford, who called in Mekons/Waco Brothers veteran Mike Hagler (My Morning Jacket, Wilco, Neko Case, Billy Bragg) to record this album at Chicago's Kingsize Sound Labs. Skull Orchard used to be a fairly solitary activity - songs that didn't fit anywhere else - stuff that was too Welsh or personal to bother the Mekons or Wacos with, says Langford, but something happened with the band I formed to tour with the previous record. It turned into a real group, so this is much more of a band project than any of the solo things I've done before.

    Also known for being a prolific visual artist, Langford designed all the artwork for Here Be Monsters himself, including individual designs for each track that will be showcased on separate inserts in the CD and in a collage on the LP jacket. This album really brings the art and the songs together - a chicken/egg which came first situation. The songs are very visual and in some cases came directly from the paintings, continued Langford. Star maps, strange creatures, sympathetic monsters, monsters we have created - the little poem at the top of the album is all about that.

    1. Summer Stars
    2. Weightless
    3. Gone Without Trace
    4. Mars
    5. Sugar On Your Tongue
    6. Drone Operator
    7. Don't Believe
    8. If You Hear Rumours
    9. What Did You Do In The War?
    10. Lil' Ray O' Light
    Jon Langford And Skull Orchard
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • More Monsters and Sprites EP More Monsters and Sprites EP Quick View

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    More Monsters and Sprites EP

    Ruffneck (FULL Flex) video uploaded to YouTube 12/23/2011. Over 2.6 million views in less than two weeks.

    The "remix companion" to Skrillex's successful EP Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites actually features two new tracks, including the opening highlight "First of the Year," which wonderfully shifts from the cute kind of fluff Boards of Canada might appreciate to a grinding dubstep monster threatening to turn the woofers inside-out. "Ruffneck (Flex)" is a dancehall-meets-jungle slammer in that Major Lazer style, then four mixes of the previous EP's title track finish things off with the best ideas coming from remixers Phonat (bringing back the sound of IDM in its heyday) and Kaskade (turning this stuff into bleepy, blissful house music).

    1. "First of the Year (Equinox)"

    2. "Ruffneck (Flex)"

    3. "Ruffneck (FULL Flex)"

    4. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (Dirtyphonics Remix)

    5. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (Phonat Remix)

    6. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (The Juggernaut Remix)

    7. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (Kaskade Remix)

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP Quick View

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    Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP

    Previously the frontman for L.A. post-hardcore outfit From First to Last, Sonny Moore continues to develop his unforeseen dubstep tendencies with the second EP under his Skrillex alias, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. This surprising electro reinvention still throws a few bones to his previous metalhead crowd, with the virtually demonic basslines of Scatta, a blisteringly dirty 140-bpm anthem featuring the suitably breakneck-speed MC skills of U.K. grime collective Foreign Beggars, and the sinister lyrics of the Daft Punk-esque robotic rave of Kill EVERYBODY (I want to kill everybody in the world) just as unsettling as anything the two albums recorded with his former band had to offer.

    But perhaps inspired by the move to Deadmau5's Mau5trap label, its nine tracks present a more chilled-out, melodic, and even playful side to the eclectic producer. With You, Friends (an ambient reworking of the closing track to his My Name Is Skrillex EP) is a slow-burning epic that displays his penchant for chopped-up vocal samples amidst some lilting piano chords, swirling proggy electro riffs, and hypnotic house beats; All I Ask of You echoes the lush techno of his new boss, with its warm layered synths, ethereal vocals (courtesy of Penny), and Euro-trance hooks; while even the heavier moments are interspersed with lighter touches, such as the ingenious sample of YouTube sensation speedstackinggirl (Yes! Oh My Gosh) on the towering beats and distorted bass of the title track and the Space Invaders-style bleeps, helium vocals, and stadium rock handclaps on the chaotic electro-clash of Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain).

    The three remixes from Noisia, Bare Noize, and Zedd are solid if unspectacular, with only the latter's chilled-out version of the title track providing anything wildly different from the originals. But the invention showcased on the first six bass-heavy anthems is more than enough to suggest that the U.S. has found someone who is capable of selling the dubstep sound back to its South London homeland.

    1. Rock N' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)
    2. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
    3. Kill Everybody
    4. All I Ask of You (Featuring Penny)
    5. Scatta (Featuring Bare Noize & Foreign Beggars)
    6. With Your Friends (Long Drive)
    7. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Noisia Remix)
    8. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix)
    9. Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Ooh Ooh The Dragon And Other Monsters Ooh Ooh The Dragon And Other Monsters Quick View

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    Ooh Ooh The Dragon And Other Monsters

    Side One

    1. Ooh Ooh The Dragon
    2. I've Never Found A Girl
    3. Grab This Thing
    4. Ride Your Mule Part 1
    5. Crazing In The Grass
    6. There Was A Time

    Side Two

    1. Who's Making Love
    2. Don't Be Afraid
    3. It Takes A Lot Of Good Loving
    4. Lonely Too Long
    5. The Horse
    6. Scratch

    Marvin Holmes And The Uptights
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Children Of Mu Children Of Mu Quick View

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    Children Of Mu

    Monster Island is a group of artists and musicians with roots in the midwest craziness of Destroy All Monsters and Pere Ubu. The Children of Mu is a unique and complex musical story that is the recent culmination of Monster Island's study of world mythology, theater, art and imagination. The Children of Mu is a limited edition of 500 copies with four color + metallic gold coverart designed by ratty art genius Gary Panter. The pieces on this recording includes early wax cylinder recordings of avant-garde poet Apollinaire and the first Chinese Opera and improvisations set over the psychic channeled voice of Madame Blavatsky. Like nothing else in the world, seriously.
    Yingxi: Shadow Play (introduction)
    Sun Shadows
    Song of Tears
    Xie (harmony)
    Swamp America
    Tujour Avant x 10
    Magic Lantern
    Loie Fuller
    The Riegal
    Light a Green Candle (Pere Ubu Roi)
    Ride the Tiger
    Mu is Gone
    Story of Mu (part one)
    Story of Mu (part two)
    Monster Island
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Quick View

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    Crystal Ball

    Transparent Sapphire Wax


    The long-awaited reissue of Monster Rally's long sold-out Crystal Ball album comes with expanded artwork featuring a single-gatefold jacket. The album is pressed on transparent sapphire wax and includes vinyl-only bonus tracks.

    1. Coast to Coast
    2. La Kooka
    3. Beach at Night
    4. Garbage City
    5. India Take Two
    6. Swanky
    7. Gotta Make A
    8. Drousy Waters
    9. Cop Showz
    10. Don't Forget
    11. Grass Shack
    12. Roof Hiding
    13. Feet All In
    14. Lone Rd
    15. Creeping Ghost
    16. Sahara
    17. Crystal Ball
    18. What To Do [vinyl only]
    19. Teenage [vinyl only]
    20. Logic Police [vinyl only]
    21. Jungle Lights [vinyl only]
    Monster Rally
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Furiosity (Awaiting Repress) Furiosity (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Furiosity (Awaiting Repress)

    Hamilton riff-rockers, and recent JUNO nominees Monster Truck have announced details behind their long-awaited debut album, Furiosity, due for release May 28, 2013 via Dine Alone Records.

    Furiosity, was produced by JUNO-nominated Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Cancer Bats) at Vespa Studios in Toronto and Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina.

    The album will include a bonus track "Win / Lose" on both the digital and vinyl versions.

    1 Old Train
    2 The Lion

    3 Power of the People

    4 Sweet Mountain River

    5 Psychics
    6 Oh Lord
    7 For The Sun

    8 Boogie
    9 Undercover Love

    10 The Giant

    11 Call It The Spade

    12 My Love Is True
    Monster Truck
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  • Tab (Awaiting Repress) Tab (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Tab (Awaiting Repress)

    The epic starting point of one of the greatest pioneers in modern Psychedelic Rock! In the psychedelic rock scene Tab is the hardest to find out of print EP by Monster Magnet. Over the course of their career, the band has never again explored their experimental boundaries as much as on these four songs.

    With the mighty opener Tab, the journey begins for a epic 56 minute-long Space Rock ride, which even Lemmy Kilmister during his Hawkwind times would have been proud of. This EP marks the starting point of a band, which in the following years became one of the greatest pioneers of their genre.

    1. Tab
    2. 25
    3. Longhair
    4. Lord 13
    Monster Magnet
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  • Cobras & Fire (The Mastermind Redux) Cobras & Fire (The Mastermind Redux) Quick View

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    Cobras & Fire (The Mastermind Redux)

    Dave Wyndorf and his henchmen seemingly had the time of their lives when they completely rearranged and boosted Last Patrol in 2014 and christened it Milking the stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol! Now Monster Magnet have gone back even further to the year 2010 and revisited their classic release Mastermind. Even if you know the album inside and out you will not be prepared in the slightest for the trip that is Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux)! Familiar elements drift by and are swallowed whole by thundering psych orgies - Wyndorf often focuses on a singular song fragment and turns it into his ride to total Nirvana. Go look for your daily dose of average rock elsewhere: this is the mindfvck of the year!
    1. She Digs That Hole
    2. Watch Me Fade
    3. Mastermind '69
    4. Cobras And Fire (Hallucination Bomb)
    5. Gods, Punks And The Everlasting Twilight
    6. The Titan
    7. When The Planes Fall From The Sky (Sitar and Psych Version)
    8. Ball Of Confusion
    9. Time Machine (Instrumental)
    10. I Live Behind The Paradise Machine: Evil Joe Barresi's Magnet Mash Vol.1
    Monster Magnet
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