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  • The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall Quick View

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    The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall

    2LP Set - Limited Edition - Only 1,000 Copies Made!

    One record is fluorescent yellow that glows under a black light!

    One record is on white vinyl!

    Special hand-numbered 1-1,000 with invisible ink - put under a black light to reveal your number!

    For over half a decade Black Light Burns has served as a pure creative and musical outlet for Limp Bizkit/ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist Wes Borland. And since its formation, fans have clamored to be part of the musical sideshow. BLB released their debut Cruel Melody in 2007 featuring Danny Lohner (NIN), Josh Eustis (Puscifer) and Josh Freese (Weezer, A Perfect Circle, Guns N' Roses, Devo) and went on to tour with Sevendust, Chevelle, and From First To Last, featuring Sonny Moore aka Skrillex.

    BLB followed-up with 2008's Cover Your Heart And The Anvil Pants Odyssey, an LP/DVD of covers and B-sides. In 2009, after a year-long stint playing guitar for Marilyn Manson, Wes and Black Light Burns hit the road for an extended run with industrial powerhouse Combichrist, and contributed the track "I Want You To," to the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans soundtrack.

    BLB took a temporary hiatus while Borland stayed busy on a World Tour with the reformed Limp Bizkit until returning in 2012, to the delight of fans, with the track, "It Rapes All In Its Path" on the Underworld: Awakening soundtrack and the announcement of the forthcoming LP, The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall. "This is a really personal record for me," says Borland. "I spent three years writing it and trying to find the right home, and I am confident it's the best Black Light Burns record yet."

    Limited edition deluxe gatefold 2LP-set of only 1000 copies with download card. One LP comes on a fluorescent yellow vinyl disc that glows under a black light. The other LP comes on white vinyl. Special hand numbered edition of 1-1000 with invisible ink. Put under black light to reveal your number!


    1. How To Look Naked
    2. We Light Up
    3. I Want You To
    4. The Girl In Back
    5. The Colour Escapes
    6. Tiger By The Tail
    7. Your Head Will Be Rotting On A Spike
    8. Torch From The Sky
    9. Because Of You
    10. Splayed
    11. Scream Hallelujah
    12. Bakelite
    13. Burn The World
    14. Grinning Like A Slit
    15. The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall
    Black Light Burns
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  • Pound Of Dirt (Awaiting Repress) Pound Of Dirt (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Pound Of Dirt (Awaiting Repress)

    Brooklyn's own Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
    deliver an eclectic and timeless mix of gritty blues,
    soul, funk and garage rock. Led by the dynamic,
    soulful and sexy Arleigh Kincheloe and her brother
    Jackson on harmonica, SSDB are one of the must
    see live acts.

    The tight-knight collective s nine endlessly talented
    musicians have performed alongside artists ranging
    from Dr. John and Wynton Marsalis to Beyonce and
    Hercules and Love Affair, creating an undeniably
    original and raucous sound that is at the core of the
    group s album 'Pound Of Dirt' on Modern Vintage Recordings.


    Arleigh Kincheloe - vocals

    Jackson Kincheloe - harmonica

    Bram Kincheloe - drums

    Sasha Brown - guitar

    Aidan Carroll - bass

    JJ Byars - alto saxophone

    Phil Rodriguez - trumpet, flugelhorn

    Ryan Snow - trombone

    Johnny Butler - baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet

    1. Make It Rain
    2. Millie Mae
    3. Bulldozer
    4. Too Much
    5. Hollow Bones
    6. Lasso
    7. This Crazy Torpedo
    8. Another Ride
    9. Feather of a Queen
    10. No Rest
    11. Dirt
    12. Horse To Water
    Sister Sparrow And The Dirty Birds
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  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence Quick View

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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence

    Glassjaw formed from the ashes of New York hardcore band Sons Of Abraham and originally existed as a weekend outlet for the individual members.
    1. Pretty Lush
    2. Siberian Kiss
    3. When One Either Becomes Two Zeros
    4. Ry Ry's Song
    5. Lovebites And Razorlines
    6. Hurting And Shoving (She Should Have Let Me Sleep)
    7. Majour
    8. Her Middle Name Was Boom
    9. Piano
    10. Babe
    11. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence
    12. Motel Of The White Locust
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Arghiledes (On Sale) Arghiledes (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Arghiledes (On Sale)

    Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, David Charles Shuford is the body behind Speer. After moving to New York City in the early 90s, Shuford forged a path as a musician adept in multiple sounds and styles. A member of the No Neck Blues Band for 15 years and running, he has also been involved with Enos Slaughter, The Suntanama, Egypt Is The Magick # and Coach Fingers.

    After a self released debut solo LP Some Forgotten Country in 2007, Speer then sought out a public performance outlet with the Helix. His second solo LP Arghiledes brings a return focus upon acoustic instrumentation, with a still healthy dose of electric effects and speaker fry. Steeped in the sounds of the 1930s Piraeus Quartet, this selection of recordings is the outgrowth of a decade long engagement with the rich heritage of early 20th century Greek music.

    Utilizing an array of traditional instrumentation (including trichordo bouzouki, baglamas, worry bead percussion on whiskey glass, zills and many more), Arghiledes is a work infused with improvisational fire. A true solo record in the overdub manner of Todd Rundgren and Tony McPhee, all sounds were performed, treated and mixed by D. Charles Speer.

    1. Markos's Cave
    2. O Sinachis
    3. Lost Dervish
    4. Harmanis
    5. Tsamiko Hijaz
    6. Wildlife Preserve
    7. The Heavy Heart of Ando-Yeap
    D. Charles Speer
    $16.99 $11.89 Save $5.10 (30%)
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  • Last Splash Last Splash Quick View

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    Last Splash

    Following the departure of Tanya Donelly, the breakup of The Pixies, and the return of Kelley Deal to the fold, The Breeders' hit the alternative big time with their second record, and its hit singles Cannonball, Divine Hammer and Saints. The last Breeders album of the 1990s, as Kelley suffered and recovered from drug addiction and Kim found a new outlet in The Amps, Last Splash went platinum and brought Deal's massive songwriting talents out from behind the shadow of Black Francis.
    1. New Year
    2. Cannonball
    3. Invisible Man
    4. No Aloha
    5. Roi
    6. Do You Love Me Now?
    7. Flipside
    8. I Just Wanna Get Along
    9. Mad Lucas
    10. Divine Hammer
    11. S.O.S.
    12. Hag
    13. Saints
    14. Drivin' on 9
    The Breeders
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Head in the Clouds (Pre-Order) Head in the Clouds (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Head in the Clouds (Pre-Order)

    Headroom first took flight in 2016 as the solo outlet for New Haven musician Kryssi Battalene, nÉe of regarded noise project Colorguard & guitarist for psychedelic voyagers, Mountain Movers. Head In The Clouds showcases her molten-lava guitar shredding alongside an all-star cast from the New Haven underground. Part Twisted Village / PSF Records-influenced white noise maelstrom, part nuanced, beautiful six-stringed draperies, Head In the Clouds is an album meant to get lost in.
    1. How To Grow Evil Flowers
    2. Millers Pond
    3. The Second Blazing Star
    4. Head In The Clouds
    5. Flower of Light
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  • Meet Me At The Muster Station (On Sale) Meet Me At The Muster Station (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Meet Me At The Muster Station (On Sale)

    PS I Love You was originally the solo project for multi-instrumentalist Paul Saulnier who has performed in everything from a country-rock band to an improvised noise duo. PS I Love You was intended to be his experimental, pop music outlet using guitar looping pedals, keyboards with some gadgets and gimmicks. The addition of Benjamin Nelson on drums suddenly transformed PS I Love You's little songs into mini, soaring rock anthems.
    1. Meet Me At The Muster Station
    2. Breadends
    3. 2012
    4. CBEZ
    5. Little Spoon
    6. Butterflies & Boners
    7. Scattered
    8. Facelove
    9. Get Over
    10. Meet Me At The Muster Station (Pt. 2)
    P.S. I Love You
    $18.99 $13.29 Save $5.70 (30%)
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  • Post-Nothing Post-Nothing Quick View

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    Japandroids (JPNDRDS) is a two piece band from Vancouver, BC. This 'band' started in 2006 as a creative outlet for the post-teenage angst of Brian King and David Prowse. Originally intending to be a trio, the boys decided to forgo the logistical nightmare of having a 'lead singer' and do it themselves. As a consequence, Japandroids are one guitar, one set of drums, and two vocalizers. They call it garage rock. They don't care what you call it, as long as it's not minimal. Japandroids are maximal - a two piece band trying to sound like a five piece band.
    1. Boys Are Leaving Town, The
    2. Young Hearts Spark Fire
    3. Wet Hair
    4. Rockers East Vancouver
    5. Heart Sweats
    6. Crazy/Forever
    7. Sovereignty
    8. I Quit Girls
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  • Mu.zz.le (On Sale) Mu.zz.le (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Mu.zz.le (On Sale)

    Mu.zz.le is huge on messages be they political, social and/or spiritual. The mini-album's down tempo strings, heartbreaking soul, reanimated hip-hop and crackling haunting vocal stylings are stitched as a running thread throughout each song like a patchwork quilt. Its a lonely journey that will take you through the innermost thoughts of Gonjasufis darkest hours. He recorded and mixed it on his own in his home studio. The end product is his outlet and realization for who he truly is, a way for him to feel comfortable in his own skin again.
    1. White Picket Fence
    2. Feedin Birds
    3. Nikels and Dimes
    4. Rubberband
    5. Venom
    6. Timeout
    7. Skin
    8. The Blame
    9. Blaksuit
    10. Sniffin
    $19.99 $13.99 Save $6.00 (30%)
    10 Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Turning Rocks (On Sale) Turning Rocks (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $16.99 $11.89 Save $5.10 (30%)

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    Turning Rocks (On Sale)

    Thus Owls are Montreal-based band comprised of husband and wife duo Simon and Erika Angell. Turning Rocks is inspired by Erika's long family history
    on the island of Orust in Sweden, from the home they've occupied for generations, to local legends, with each song representing a different story, or
    relationship. Originally an outlet for Erika's songwriting, Thus Owls took its current form after she met Simon while the two were on tour in Europe each
    playing in different bands. Following a wedding and some time in Sweden, they returned to Simon's native Montreal, where Turning Rocks was recorded.
    1. As Long As We Try A Little
    2. How, In My Bones
    3. Bloody War
    4. A Windful of Screams
    5. Ropes
    6. Turning Rocks
    7. Smoke Like Birds
    8. White Flags Down
    9. Could I But Dream That Dream Once More
    10. Thief
    Thus Owls
    $16.99 $11.89 Save $5.10 (30%)
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  • Last Splash (Red Vinyl) Last Splash (Red Vinyl) Quick View

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    Last Splash (Red Vinyl)

    Translucent Red Vinyl

    Following the departure of Tanya Donelly, the breakup of The Pixies, and the return of Kelley Deal to the fold, The Breeders' hit the alternative big time with their second record, and its hit singles Cannonball, Divine Hammer, and Saints. The last Breeders album of the 1990s, as Kelley suffered and recovered from drug addiction and Kim found a new outlet in The Amps, Last Splash went platinum and brought Kim Deal's massive song writing talents out from behind the shadow of Black Francis. On translucent red vinyl!

    1. New Year
    2. Cannonball
    3. Invisible Man
    4. No Aloha

    5. Roi
    6. Do You Love Me Now?
    7. Flipside
    8. I Just Wanna Get Along
    9. Mad Lucas
    10. Divine Hammer
    11. S.O.S.
    12. Hag
    13. Saints
    14. Drivin' On 9
    15. Roi (Reprise)
    The Breeders
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Jazz Composers Workshop #2 Jazz Composers Workshop #2 Quick View

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    Jazz Composers Workshop #2

    Originally released as two 10" albums called Jazzical Moods, Jazz Composers' Workshop #2, was the result of one of Mingus' famed Jazz Workshop sessions, held in December 1954 and featuring Thad Jones (trumpet), John LaPorta (clarinet, alto sax) Teo Macero (tenor / baritone sax), Jackson Wiley (cello), and Clem DeRosa (drums). Mingus intended the Workshop as an outlet for young jazz composers, who might otherwise not be given the opportunity to record their own material, including Mingus' own compositions which, along with one composition by Teo Macero, are given center stage here. This LP, also features Mingus' debut on piano.

    1. What Is This Thing Called Love?
    2. Four Hands
    3. The Spur Of The Moment / Echonitus
    4. Stormy Weather
    5. Minor Intrusion
    6. Abstractions
    7. Thrice Upon A Theme
    Charles Mingus
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Celebrity Skin Celebrity Skin Quick View

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    Celebrity Skin

    The 4th album of Hole was a huge commercial achievement, successfully bridging the gap between Grunge and guitar Pop. The band revolving around Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love carved a niche for themselves as the seminal female fronted Grunge group. Established in 1991, the band functioned as a cathartic outlet for enfant terrible Love, which makes their work incredibly compelling. Their 1998 album Celebrity Skin revealed a polished, energetic sound. Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins co-wrote 5 songs on this superb album, among which the title track and "Malibu", both of which were released as singles.
    1. Celebrity Skin
    2. Boys On The Radio
    3. Hit So Hard
    4. Malibu
    5. Reasons To Be Beautiful
    6. Dying
    7. Awful
    8. Use Once & Destroy
    9. Northern Star
    10. Heaven Tonight
    11. Playing Your Song
    12. Petals
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kill Yourself Dancing - The Story Of Sunset Records 1985-88 Kill Yourself Dancing - The Story Of Sunset Records 1985-88 Quick View

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    Kill Yourself Dancing - The Story Of Sunset Records 1985-88

    Flashback to Chicago in 1985, when House Music was just being born. A few kids - Matt Warren, Miguel Garcia and Ralphi Rosario, get together to join forces with the already established Sunset Mobile Disco - owned by brothers Alex and Robert Rojo - to create a new record label as an outlet for their productions.

    In the following 4 years, Sunset Records Inc. released some of the most groundbreaking Chicago House records, mixing New Wave, Disco and Industrial influences with beat tracks and a huge amount of talent expertly scouted by Matt Warren & Miguel Garcia. While largely remaining in the shadows of larger labels like Trax and Dj International, the metamorphosis of Sunset Mobile Disco into Sunset Records Inc. perfectly illustrates the wide range of influences that gave Chicago's dance scene its unique sound.

    LP 1
    1. Razz - Kill Yourself Dancing
    2. Ben Mays - Lover Man
    3. White Knight - It Could Be Acid
    4. Boom Boom & Master Plan - Face the Music Dub Mix

    LP 2
    1. Modern Mechanical Music- Persia
    2. Master Plan - Electric Baile (Commercial Mix)
    3. Hex Complexx - I Want You The Transcontinental Mix
    4. Matt Warren - Rock The Nation Remixed By Kenny Jason

    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Beg To Differ Beg To Differ Quick View

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    Beg To Differ

    Former New York club CBGB's soundman Tommy Victor founded Prong in 1987 as his outlet for sonic fury. Having their roots in the Thrash Metal and Hardcore scenes, Prong carved a niche for themselves - groovy, angry, massive; just perfect mosh music. The trio wrecked stages and impressed audiences all over the world.

    Their first album on a major label promised a bright future for industrial New York Hardcore Metal band Prong. Beg To Differ contains 10 hard-hitting tracks, of which the video for Beg To Differ got heavy rotation on MTV. A second single Lost And Found equally appealed to the fans. Chugga chugga riffs, triggered drums and angry vocals complete the package.

    1. For Dear Life
    2. Steady Decline
    3. Beg To Differ
    4. Lost And Found
    5. Your Fear
    6. Take It In Hand
    7. Intermenstrual, D.S.B.
    8. Right To Nothing
    9. Prime Cut
    10. Just The Same
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • When You Land Here, It's Time to Return (2014 Version) When You Land Here, It's Time to Return (2014 Version) Quick View

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    When You Land Here, It's Time to Return (2014 Version)

    2014 Remix/Remaster

    James Mercer (The Shins, Broken Bells) formed Flake Music in
    Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1992 with Neal Langford on guitar, Phil
    Higgs and then Marty Crandall on bass and Jesse Sandoval on drums.
    Flake Music was a collaborative affair with each member contributing
    to the songwriting process. From 1992 to 1997, Flake Music released
    several singles before releasing When You Land Here, It's Time to Return
    in 1997. Upon the album's release, Flake Music began touring largely
    due to support from Modest Mouse.

    In 1996, Mercer started The Shins as an additional outlet for his
    songwriting, eventually releasing The Shins' acclaimed debut Oh, Inverted
    World was released in 2001 on Sub Pop.

    Flake Music's When You Land Here, It's Time to Return was originally
    released on Northern California label Omnibus Records. This reissue
    includes the full original album, remixed by Kennie Takahashi and
    remastered by J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering, and a reinterpretation
    of the album art.

    1. Spanway Hits
    2. Blast Valve
    3. Roziere
    4. Structo
    5. Candy Dish of Diamonds
    6. Deluca
    7. Mieke
    8. On the Playground, In The Wind
    9. The Shins
    10. Faded Polaroids
    11. Vantage
    Flake Music
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Blackbird Blackbird Quick View

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    Pressed On 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

    Gatefold Sleeve

    Etched D-side

    Limited 10 Year Anniversary Edition In Numbered Sleeves

    2007's Blackbird marked the creative (and commercial) launch of Alter Bridge, the follow-up project to Rock radio's favorite Creed. After Creed's demise Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall teamed up with singer Myles Kennedy, and formed Alter Bridge as an outlet for their creative energy.

    Kennedy contributed a considerable amount to the overall songwriting process of Blackbird, which resulted in a heavy, groovy and aggressive album. Alternating acoustic interludes and hard-hitting choruses, the band's new found songwriting freedom resulted in a fresh start for this Florida based Rock band. The D-side contains a beautiful etched artwork - must be seen to believe!

    LP 1
    1. Ties That Bind
    2. Come To Life
    3. Brand New Start
    4. Buried Alive
    5. Coming Home
    6. Before Tomorrow Comes
    7. Rise Today
    8. Blackbird
    9. One By One

    LP 2
    1. Watch Over You
    2. Break Me Down
    3. White Knuckles
    4. Wayward One

    Side D ETCHED

    Alter Bridge
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Future Brown Future Brown Quick View

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    Future Brown

    Often dubbed a "supergroup", each member of Future Brown is a seasoned artist across genres. Fatima Al Qadiri, a Kuwaiti musician and visual artist, last year debuted her LP Asiatisch to critical acclaim via the infamous Hyperdub. LA-based Daniel Pineda and AsmaMaroof have been producing and DJing as Nguzunguzu for the Fade To Mind crew and worked with rappers Le1f, M.I.A and R&B singer Kelela. J-Cush, runs Lit City Trax from NYC, a label providing an outlet for urban music from every corner of the globe including the late Chicago footwork legend DJ Rashad. Presenting vocal collaborators with strains of sonic ideas they would never encounter otherwise, Future Brown manage to catalyze a cosmopolitan, experimental approach to contemporary urban sounds. Future Brown caught early attention with their breakaway track featuring Chicago's rising star Tink. The first producers outside of her city to champion the young vocalist (who is now working on her debut album with Timbaland and AndrÉ 3000), the epic 'Wanna Party' now bookends the album with another Tink collab, "Room 302". Other vocalists include grime's Ruff Sqwad members Rapid and Dirty Danger, Kelela, Yung Chop's 8TMG MCs and Stargete'sproteges Sicko Mobb. Timberlee (reggaton star and Major Lazer collaborator) even graces the album, as well as rapper Shawnna. Performatively Future Brown have backed up their sound with full concept installations at MoMA's PS1 Gallery alongside DIS Magazine as well as Miami's Art Basel this winter. On radio they have gained fans regionally as varied as BBC Radio1 and DJ Pharris at Power 92 Chicago.
    1. Room 302 [ft. Tink]
    2. Talkin Bandz [ft. Shawnna and DJ Victoriouz]
    3. Big Homie [ft. Sicko Mobb]
    4. No Apology [ft. Timberlee]
    5. Vernáculo [ft. Maluca]
    6. Dangerzone [ft. Kelela and Ian Isiah]
    7. Speng [ft. Riko Dan]
    8. Killing Time [ft. Johnny May Cash, YB and King Rell]
    9. MVP [ft. 3D Na'Tee and Tim Vocals]
    10. Asbestos [ft. Roachee, Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger]
    11. Wanna Party [ft. Tink]
    Future Brown
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Shame Shame Shame Shame Quick View

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    Shame Shame

    There was this feeling inside me going into making this record that we'd never made an album before, says guitarist/vocalist Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog's Shame, Shame, their Anti-debut and the first album made outside the safe confines of their home studio. Having evolved from a band whose primary creative outlet was the album making process into one that favored the energy of their live performances, they knew they wanted to document the new dynamic they had developed on the road. Producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith) was brought in to help peel back the intricate arrangements of last album Fate to reveal the raw immediacy of a tight five-man unit honing their craft.

    Dr. Dog has created a song cycle of doubt and despair, bookended with the woozily swirling harmonies of Leaman's lonely opener Stranger and the harsh self-critique of the title track, a gnarled admission that sometimes it's best to admit your mistakes and move on. Their most openly autobiographical release, ranging from McMicken's exploration of West Philly underlife in Shadow People to his account of two soul-bearing late night conversations in Jackie Wants a Black Eye, Shame, Shame is an album whose dark themes are soothed by bright harmonies, taut guitar riffs, and soaring melodies. Shame, Shame is the release that will announce Dr. Dog to a wider world, a world waiting for the timeless songwriting and melodies of their finest album.

    1. Stranger
    2. Shadow People
    3. Station
    4. Unbearable Why
    5. Where'd All the Time Go?
    6. Later
    7. I Only Wear Blue
    8. Someday
    9. Mirror, Mirror
    10. Jackie Wants a Black Eye
    11. Shame, Shame
    Dr. Dog
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Be The Void Be The Void Quick View

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    Be The Void

    Beloved Philadelphia, PA band Dr. Dog are poised to release a staggering burst of vital rock n roll with their new record Be The Void. The album is the raucous follow-up to the groups critically lauded Shame, Shame. Having evolved from a band whose primary creative outlet was the albumâ€making process into one that favored the energy of their live performances, Dr. Dog knew they wanted to document the new dynamic they had developed on the road.

    Tracking live in the studio and turning up the guitars, the band has delivered a truly great cathartic rock n roll album here played with near reckless abandon and passion, blending their early punk infused energy with the songwriting craft that made Fate and Shame, Shame fan favorites.

    From the rollicking reâ€imagined blues of the albums title track to the searing guitars of Vampire, the frenetic urgency of Over Here Over There and the beautifully fuzzed out rock of Warrior Man, Dr. Dogs Be The Void is a truly great rock n roll record and the unmistakable sound of a band whose moment has arrived. LPs are remnant colors and include CD of the whole album.

    1. Lonesome
    2. That Old Black Hole
    3. These Days
    4. How Long Must I Wait
    5. Get Away
    6. Do The Trick
    7. Vampire
    8. Heavy Light
    9. Big Girl
    10. Over Here, Over There
    11. Warrior Man
    12. Turning The Century
    Dr. Dog
    Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed Buy Now
  • Songs From The Vanished Frontier Songs From The Vanished Frontier Quick View

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    Songs From The Vanished Frontier

    Songs from the Vanished Frontier, the second album from New York's Yellowbirds, includes love songs and breakup songs, happy numbers and sad numbers, tunes about not believing in the truth and, alternately, tunes about delivering it. There's bracing rock 'n' roll and bubbling folk, drifting jangle and swiveling R&B. But the thread that unites these nine instantly affecting songs is their search to find the signal amid the noise that is, to understand the world and its whirlwind and to deliver just a little bit of clarity every three or four minutes.

    Singer, guitarist and songwriter Sam Cohen who first came to prominence as part of the experimental psych rock band Apollo Sunshine founded Yellowbirds as an outlet for new songs he'd been writing following his former band s dissolution. Yellowbirds debut album, The Color, was released by The Royal Potato Family in 2011 and received favorable reviews, with Pitchfork noting that the record espoused 'an endearing raggedness, as though Cohen invited you into his living room.' Vanished Frontier hinges on the same intimacy. The album glows with spectral harmonies and interwoven textures, decorative percussion and brilliant guitar playing; but, these are songs that could stand on their own, stripped of all that. In the end, the noise supports the signal.

    1. Stop Tonight
    2. Mean Maybe
    3. Love Stories
    4. Young Men of Promise
    5. The Ceiling
    6. The Vanished Frontier
    7. Julian
    8. For Girls Who Love To Sing
    9. What's Out There
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Miroslav Vitous Group Miroslav Vitous Group Quick View

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    Miroslav Vitous Group

    Between 1979 and 1982, the Miroslav Vitouš Group was the primary outlet for the abundant improvisational skills of leader Vitouš and John Surman. They made three ECM albums: this eponymously-titled disc from 1980 is the middle one. Vitouš and Surman were well-matched in lots of ways, with roots and influences that extended beyond jazz, a love of playing freely, a commitment to using all the sound potential of their respective instruments: Surman singing at the top of the baritone sax's range to match Miroslav's fiddle-like arco flourishes on the double bass. The redoubtable Jon Christensen shared their passion for playing, as did Kenny Kirkland, just 24 at the time of this session, on his way to becoming one of modern jazz's outstanding pianists. Repertoire includes classic Miroslav pieces ("When Face Gets Pale"), collective improvising, and an early sighting of Surman's relentlessly driving "Number Six".


    Miroslav Vitous (bass)

    John Surman (soprano and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet)

    Kenny Kirkland (piano)

    Jon Christensen (drums)

    Recorded July 1980

    1. When Face Gets Pale
    2. Second Meeting
    3. Number Six
    4. Inner Peace
    5. Interplay
    6. Gears
    7. Sleeping Beauty
    8. Eagle
    Miroslav Vitous Group
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  • Rooms Of The House (Awaiting Repress) Rooms Of The House (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Rooms Of The House (Awaiting Repress)

    Michigan based quintet La Dispute have announced that they will release their third full-length, titled Rooms of the House, in 2014 via their
    newly established label, Better Living, in partnership with Staple Records. Born with a greater intention than to simply release La Dispute's own records,
    the band explains their new label as "an outlet for creative expression, and as a way for both themselves and other artists to work together and give back
    to their respective communities. The label will operate in multiple forms of media; incorporating written, musical, and visual content, hoping to encourage
    collaboration between a variety of artists who are looking to impact their communities by supporting structures and organizations which are already
    making significant positive changes."

    Rooms of the House was recorded and mixed by Will Yip at Studio 4 in Philadelphia, produced by Yip and La Dispute, and mastered at The Lodge by
    Emily Lazar. To write for the new release, La Dispute retreated to an isolated cabin in Michigan's upper peninsula with the hope that working together in a
    different environment would take them out of their comfort zone and enable them to create their strongest record yet. "The area where we were was pretty
    remote so we could focus on playing and not much else," bassist Adam Vass explains. "It was just the five of us working on writing every single day for a
    month and pretty much the entire album came out of those sessions."

    1. Hudsonville, MI 1956
    2. First Reactions After Falling Through the Ice
    3. Woman (In Mirror)
    4. Scenes from Highways 1981-2009
    5. For Mayor in Splitsville
    6. 35
    7. Stay Happy There
    8. The Child We Lost 1963
    9. Woman (Reading)
    10. Extraordinary Dinner Party
    11. Objects in Space
    La Dispute
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  • In Conflict In Conflict Quick View

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    In Conflict

    We are pleased to announce the new album from Owen Pallett, In Conflict, to be released
    on May 13th in North America. In Conflict was written and produced by Pallett, recorded
    with the core rhythm section of Robbie Gordon and Matt Smith, and features contributions
    from Brian Eno and The Czech FILMharmonic Orchestra, amongst others.

    In Conflict is full of love songs- more specifically, songs about liminal states and our loved
    ones locked in battle with them. "The record is meant to approach 'insanity' in a positive
    way," Owen says- emphasis on the ironizing scare quotes around singular notions of
    insanity. "Depression, addiction, gender trouble, and the creative state are presented as
    positive, loveable, empathetic ways of being. Not preferable, per se, but all as equal, valid
    positions that we experience, which makeus human."

    Pallett was recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score, alongside
    Arcade Fire, for their work on Spike Jonze's Her. Pallett has served as a versatile
    collaborator to many projects in both pop and art establishments - The National, The
    Mountain Goats, Grizzly Bear, Snow Patrol, and yes even, Taylor Swift - where he is
    equally beloved for his accessibility; for the way his art reflects & resonates with Mainstream
    Pop Culture; for the emotionally cathartic outlet his music provides.

    1. I Am Not Afraid
    2. In Conflict
    3. On A Path
    4. Song For Five & Six
    5. The Secret Seven
    6. Chorale
    7. The Passions
    8. The Sky Behind The Flag
    9. --->
    10. The Riverbed
    11. Infernal Fantasy
    Owen Pallett
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