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  • Labyrinth Soundtrack (Pre-Order) Labyrinth Soundtrack (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Labyrinth Soundtrack (Pre-Order)

    New remaster of the Bowie-anchored 1986 soundtrack that's been out of print particularly on vinyl for years. Reissue of the soundtrack to the Jim Henson film featuring David Bowie, returning to vinyl for the first time since its original 1986 release.

    Information/Artwork subject to change

    1. Opening Titles Including Underground
    2. Into The Labyrinth
    3. Magic Dance
    4. Sarah
    5. Chilly Down
    6. Hallucination
    7. As The World Falls Down
    8. The Goblin Battle
    9. Within You
    10. Thirteen O'Clock
    11. Home At Last
    12. Underground
    David Bowie / Trevor Jones
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  • Into The Labyrinth Into The Labyrinth Quick View

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    Into The Labyrinth

    Into The Labyrinth (1993) is Dead Can Dance's sixth album, one of their most successful releases, its title a reference to the Greek legend of Theseus going into the Labyrinth to slay the Minotaur. It came when Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard had embarked on more individual personal paths, now writing their songs independent of one another, and on separate continents. Engineered and produced by Brendan at his Quivvy Church studio in Ireland, the album is an audiophile benchmark and also noted for being their first without any guests, instead they played all the instruments.

    The 2016 LP version is also a double LP like the original release, but comes with brand new artwork and a changed track ordering.

    LP 1
    1. Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
    2. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
    3. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    4. The Carnival Is Over
    5. Ariadne
    6. Saldek
    7. Towards The Within

    LP 2
    1. Tell Me about The Forest
    2. The Spider's Stratagem
    3. Emmeleia
    4. How Fortunate The Man With None
    5. Bird
    6. Spirit

    Dead Can Dance
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Colors (Awaiting Repress) Colors (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Colors (Awaiting Repress)

    BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME have built their reputation as one of hard rock's most inventive and ambitious bands. Sharing a lineage with such luminaries as Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Tool, they continue to explore new territory with a genuine passion to push themselves and their audience.

    Colors, the band's fourth album, is a sonic labyrinth of grand proportion. It's an organism completely in its own class and at the nerve center is a band that encourages the listener to take the bold ride from beginning to end. The record is a continuous movement of savage metal, lush prog-rock and stimulating mood that morphs into some of the most forward thinking music today. Yet for a record that is so fierce and complex, it is also engaging and comfortable. It challenges the myths of what we expect from modern rock, demonstrating just how much potential there is in a band and the people who experience their craft.

    1. Foam Born (A) the Backtrack
    2. (B) the Decade of Statues
    3. Informal Gluttony
    4. Sun of Nothing
    5. Ants of the Sky
    6. Prequel to the Sequel
    7. Viridian
    8. White Walls
    Between The Buried And Me
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • The Great Misdirect (Awaiting Repress) The Great Misdirect (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    The Great Misdirect (Awaiting Repress)

    The human brain is a labyrinth that we will never fully comprehend. The next chapter in the pantheon of stories from the enigmatic BETWEEN THE
    BURIED AND ME entitled The Great Misdirect gives us their inventive impressions of what this mysterious tool may be capable of. It introduces us to an
    elaborate cast of characters that are odd, unique, familiar and somewhat comforting. A group of outsiders trying to comprehend the strange worlds they all inhabit. From the truckers chatting about UFO sightings, to the power struggle of a cult leader, all the way to the story of a common man, leaving everything behind and floating to the middle of the ocean; The Great Misdirect is a truly enthralling adventure.

    The five stories that interlock within this fantastic tale is an inspiration to the creativeness that extreme metal is capable of and a testament to where BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME is taking the genre. It confirms that they are not only a group of skilled musicians and gifted performers, but also
    fantastic story-tellers that have an endless wealth of imagination and interest in furthering the realms of hard rock and heavy metal.

    Disconnect yourself from what you have perceived as logic and reality, close your eyes and step inside your own limitless psyche and join BETWEEN
    THE BURIED AND ME in this walk through The Great Misdirect.

    1. Mirrors
    2. Obfuscation
    3. Disease, Injury, Madness

    4. Fossil Genera - A Feed From Cloud Mountian

    5. Desert of Song

    6. Swim to the Moon
    Between The Buried And Me
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • I Wanna Go Backwards I Wanna Go Backwards Quick View

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    I Wanna Go Backwards

    Limited Edition

    Robyn Hitchcock has finally begun the daunting task of compiling his groundbreaking post-Soft Boys solo catalog with the I Wanna Go Backwards box set. The first of two upcoming collections, I Wanna Go Backwards includes three of his most classic albums. Hitchcock's first solo album Black Snake Diamond Role is a private rock album featuring ex-Soft Boys, a Vibrator, a Fur and other friends. I Often Dream of Trains finds Robyn at his all-acoustic zenith with a seminal collection of kaleidoscopic, stripped down folk. Eye continues in the tradition of Trains draping Hitchcock's signature layered lyrical imagery over his most musically direct work to date. All the albums feature bonus tracks and enhanced liner notes: reminiscences (BSDR & WTMB), an excerpt from a novel in progress (Trains), and original poetry (Eye), plus previously unseen photos and Hitchcock cartoons. Additional bonus material includes While Thatcher Mauled Britain Part 1 & 2, a two-disc comprehensive look at a labyrinth of Robyn's largely unreleased solo b-sides, outtakes and home recordings. Black Snake Diamond Role and I Often Dream of Trains have been remastered for this collection.

    In addition to the exclusive box set packaging, all three albums will also be simultaneously re-released individually, allowing fans to fill the gaps in their Hitchcock compendiums. Individual album versions will also feature the bonus tracks included on the box set versions as well as the enhanced liner notes. In addition to compact disc format the set will also be released in an eight-record vinyl box set version complete with original LP artwork. The combined release of the I Wanna Go Backwards box set and the individual albums that comprise it are the definitive document of a career defining period of creation for one of the worlds most eccentric and beloved singer/songwriters, a must-have for collectors and fanatics alike.

    The Man Who Invented Himself      
    Brenda's Iron Sledge      
    Do Policemen Sing?      
    The Lizard      
    Acid Bird      
    I Watch The Cars      
    Out Of The Picture      
    City Of Shame      
    All I Wanna Do Is Fall In Love      
    A Skull, A Suitcase & A Long Red Bottle Of Wine      
    It Was The Night      
    I Watch The Cars No. 2      
    Give Me A Spanner Ralph      
    It's A Mystic Trip      
    Grooving On A Inner Plane      
    Happy The Golden Prince      
    Nocturne (prelude)      
    Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl      
    Uncorrected Personality Traits      
    Sounds Great When You're Dead      
    Flavour Of Light      
    Ye Sleeping Nights Of Jesus      
    This Could Be The Day      
    Trams Of Old London      
    Furry Green Atom Bowl      
    Heart Full Of Leaves      
    Autumn Is Your Last Chance      
    I Often Dream Of Trains      
    Nocturne (Demise)      
    Winter Love      
    The Bones In The Ground      
    My Favourite Buildings      
    I Used To Say I Love You      
    Heart Full Of Leaves (Alternate)      
    I Often Dream Of Trains (Demo)      
    Not Even A Nurse      
    Slow Chant/That's Fantastic Mother Church      
    Traveller's Fare      
    Cynthia Mask      
    Certainly Cliquot      
    Queen Elvis      
    Flesh Cartoons      
    Chinese Water Python      
    Linctus House      
    Sweet Ghost Of Light      
    Transparent Lover      
    Beautiful Girl      
    Clean Steve      
    Raining Twilight Coast      
    Agony Of Pleasure      
    Glass Hotel      
    Queen Elvis II      
    Shimmering Distant Love      
    Lovers Turn To Skulls      
    The Beauty Of Earl's Court      
    She Reached For A light      
    August Hair      
    Take Your Knife Out Of My Back      
    Fiend Before The Shrine      
    Raymond Chandler Evening      
    Victorian Squid      
    You've Got      
    Captain Dry      
    Raining Twilight Coast (Demo)      
    Point It At Gran      
    Vegetable Friend      
    Flesh Number 1      
    I Got A Message For You      
    If I Could Look      
    Parachutes & Jellyfish      
    Queen Elvis (Demo)      
    Stranded In The Future      
    Melting Arthur      
    The Abandoned Brain      
    You're So Repulsive      
    September Cones      
    Lovely Golden Villains      
    Dr Sticky (live)      
    Pit Of Souls (Country Version)      
    Mr Deadly      
    Let There Be More Darkness      
    Listening To The Higsons      
    College Of Ice      
    My Favourite Buildings (Demo)      
    Sleeping Knights Of Jesus (Demo)      
    Insect Mother      
    I Wanna Go Backwards    
    Robyn Hitchcock And The Venus 3
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Box Set - 8 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Infinite House Infinite House Quick View

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    Infinite House

    While on a writing retreat in the sleepy southern town of Benton, Mississippi, the members of New York's Ava Luna came across an abandoned house while on a walk through the woods. Overgrown, rotting, and littered with evidence of its past inhabitants, the maze-like dwelling would haunt their psyches throughout the writing and recording of their third full-length Infinite House. Like Borges' Library of Babel, the seemingly endless rooms and hallways in the old house felt like a metaphor for the invisible, internal labyrinths, which the band explores lyrically and sonically on their new album. Recorded by drummer Julian Fader and vocalist/guitar player Carlos Hernandez, and mixed by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Spoon, MGMT), it is safely their most polished recording to date. But their trademark intensity, mirthful humor, and angularity remain resolutely in place, the burnished surfaces illuminating the stories beneath like never before. By questioning, or maybe just forgetting the rules of the real world, on Infinite House the band has grown beyond the nervous soul descriptor they've been tagged with in the past, delivering an album on which nightmarish moments can phoenix into revelations that help us reconnect with the surreal magic in our everyday lives.

    1. Company
    2. Tenderize
    3. Steve Polyester
    4. Roses and Cherries
    5. Coat Of Shellac
    6. Infinite House
    7. Black Dog
    8. Best Hexagon
    9. Billz
    10. Victoria
    11. Carbon
    Ava Luna
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Fire From The Evening Sun Fire From The Evening Sun Quick View

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    Fire From The Evening Sun

    PHILM, the temperamental, highly gifted brainchild of Dave Lombardo certainly did not come to fruition
    overnight. Years of life lessons and rhythmical adventures slowly molded and manipulated his latest creation for
    the musical misfits of the world.

    As a multi-genre labyrinth, PHILM resonates not only the individual symphonic personalities of its members, but
    their uniquely agile bond in instrumentation as a whole.

    Front-man Gerry Nestler, noted for his undeniable skill and rapport with his guitar, is best known for his work
    with progmetallists, Civil Defiance. An impassioned vocalist, his musical journey has also found him gaining
    much respect for his lyrical prowess. Nestler describes PHILMs music as, "Heavy but sensitive, powerful and
    atmospheric." He further elaborated, saying ". The music of PHILM is channeled through the many different
    influences of drum and bass, expressionism, and underground that is indigenous to the street, Nestler states.
    There are many different things that Dave and I have been into that have contributed to the vision of PHILM.
    Pancho's highly skilled bass playing, chordal color and shape have helped expand the overall sound
    instrumentation and groove. Dave Lombardo's drumming goes without comparison.

    Bassist, Pancho Tomaselli, a long-time member of funk rockers, War and most recently, Tower of Power is
    sought after for his aggressively malleable, yet smooth way around his bass guitar. Drummer, Dave Lombardo,
    is most widely known for his legendary work with a band he co-developed at the young age of 17, SLAYER. His
    work with Mike Patton (Fantomas), John Zorn (Bladerunner), Grip Inc., and many others, leaves no room for
    questioning his legendary status as one of the most skilled and innovative drummers in the world. Justifiably
    typecast to the genre he helped trail-blaze, it is certainly a shock to Lombardo enthusiasts to see his infamous
    drum set now scaled down to a four piece kit. But, the depth of his musical aptitude is much more than what
    has come to be known as his signature sound. His prodigious skill and affinity for heavy, penetrating grooves is
    oddly taken to another level in his work with this riveting trio. To quote Tomaselli, "It's like playing with the
    seven, not four, horses of the Apocalypse behind you."

    PHILMs music is a dense, unholy convergence of tones and discords." Lombardo states, " We tend to live on the
    heavy side, but we also touch on haunting, desolate, ambient sounds.

    These three innovative musicians have masterfully revived the concept of the Power Trio. Often improvised,
    their live set can find their audience entranced by a raw, tonal journey that is both awe-inspiring and thrilling

    1. Train
    2. Fire From The Evening Sun
    3. Lady Of The Lake
    4. Lion's Pit
    5. Silver Queen
    6. We Sail At Dawn
    7. Omniscience
    8. Fanboy
    9. Luxhaven
    10. Blue Dragon
    11. Turn In The Sky
    12. Corner Girl
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Songs From The Labyrinth (Out Of Stock) Songs From The Labyrinth (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Songs From The Labyrinth (Out Of Stock)

    On Songs From The Labyrinth, Sting discovers the music of 17th century songwriter John Dowland: beautiful melodies, fantastic lyrics, great accompaniments. In close collaboration with lutenist Edin Karamazov, he weaves songs with instrumental solos and evocative readings from a Dowland letter. Together, they create what Sting calls, A musical soundtrack to composer Dowland's life.
    1. Walsingham
    2. Can she excuse my wrongs?
    3. Ryght honorable: as I have bin most bounde unto your honor
    4. Flow my tears (Lachrimae)
    5. Have you seen the bright lily grow
    6. ...Then in time passing on Mr. Johnson died
    7. The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark
    8. The lowest trees have tops
    9. ...And accordinge as I desired ther cam a letter to me out of Germany...
    10. Fine knacks for ladies
    11. ...From thenc I went to the Landgrave of Hessen
    12. Fantasy
    13. Come, heavy sleep
    14. Forlorn Hope Fancy
    15. ...And from thence I had great desire to see Italy
    16. Come again
    17. Wilt thou unkind thus reave me
    18. ...After my departure I caled to mynde our conference
    19. Weep you no more, sad fountains
    20. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
    21. Clear or cloudy
    22. ...Men say that the Kinge of Spain is making gret preparation
    23. In darkness let me dwell
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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