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  • Tribute To The Goat Tribute To The Goat Quick View

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    Tribute To The Goat

    Season of Mist is reissuing US death metal legend INCANTATION's much sought after release 'Tribute to the Goat' as a limited vinyl LP. 'Tribute to the Goat' was recorded live in the studio in one day and contains re-visited early material as well as a NECROPHAGIA cover. The last four tracks are taken from the seminal 1990 demo. Make sure not to miss this rare death metal gem, available on vinyl for the first time ever!
    1. Devoured Death
    2. Profanation
    3. Unholy Massacre
    4. Blissful Bloodshower
    5. United In Repugnance
    6. Nefarious Warriors
    7. Twisted Sacrilegious Journey
    8. Abomination
    9. Devoured Death
    10. Entrantment Of Evil
    11. Eternal Torture
    12. Profanation
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  • Zoo Zoo Quick View

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    Ceremony is a punk band from Rohnert Park, CA, just outside of San Francisco. Their three albums on the Deathwish and Bridge 9 labels are widely seen as the most compelling, unusual and progressive hardcore of the last five years. For their Matador debut Zoo, produced by John Goodmanson (Blood Brothers, Sleater-Kinney, Girls, Weezer), the band have refined their jagged sound while continuing to pursue themes of exurban alienation and confinement.

    Zoo explores punk and post-punk traditions: the rhythm section remains as tense and propulsive as ever, while guitarist Anthony Anzaldo moves with ease from ringing power chords to stealthy leads reminiscent of Gang of Four and The Cramps. Ross Farrars future primitive vocals sometimes recall Pink Flag or Metal Box, ranging from a melodic howl to a muttered incantation. The result is gripping and indelible.

    1. Hysteria
    2. Citizen
    3. Repeating the Circle
    4. World Blue
    5. Quarantine
    6. Brace Yourself
    7. Adult
    8. Hotel
    9. Ordinary People
    10. Nosebleed
    11. Community Service
    12. Video
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  • Going Way Out With Heavy Trash Going Way Out With Heavy Trash Quick View

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    Going Way Out With Heavy Trash

    The bastard cousin to Spencer's genre-demolishing Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash features Speedball Baby's guitar brawler and producer extraordinaire Matt Verta-Ray in a project that drinks down the best of roots, R&B and rock-a-billy. Going Way Out with Heavy Trash, the second offering from these kings of buzz saw guitars and late night incantations, was recorded in three different countries and features an international cast of musicians - Canada's the Sadies, members of Denmark's Tremolo Beer Gut and Powersolo, and New York City's Simon Chardiet and Phil Hernandez. Heavy Trash is what the name implies - filthy and hard - the soundtrack to the strung-out road trip from which there can be no return.
    Pure Gold

    Outside Chance

    Double Line

    Kissy Baby

    That Ain't Right

    I Want Oblivion

    Way Out

    She Baby

    They Were Kings

    Crazy Pritty Baby

    I Want Refuge

    Crying Tramp

    You Can't Win

    Didja Hear My Name *

    Kloi *

    Wet Book *

    You Got What I Need *

    Pork Chop *

    * Bonus Tracks

    Heavy Trash
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Onward To Golgotha (Awaiting Repress) Onward To Golgotha (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Onward To Golgotha (Awaiting Repress)

    Long heralded as one of the heaviest, sickest and most uncompromising death metal bands in the world, New Jersey's Incantation has forged a legacy of brutality unmatched by any other American group. In 1992, the bands most celebrated lineup entered a then unknown Trax East Studios with a then unproven engineer Steve Evetts and emerged with Onward to Golgotha, the most dark and blasphemous death metal record to date. The combination of the inhuman growl of vocalist Craig Pillard, the ruthlessly savage aural malevolence, and pitiless anti-Christian attack was the ultimate musical sacrilege. Onward to Golgotha redefined the bounds of brutality and blasphemy for the entire genre of death metal.
    1. Golgotha
    2. Devoured Death
    3. Blasphemous Cremationt
    4. Rotting Spiritual Embodment
    5. Unholy Massacre
    6. Entrantment of Evil
    7. Christening the Afterbirth
    8. Immortal Cessation
    9. Profanation
    10. Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies
    11. Eternal Torture
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  • Spells & Incantations: The Best of Sacred Oath Spells & Incantations: The Best of Sacred Oath Quick View

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    Spells & Incantations: The Best of Sacred Oath

    "Spells and Incantations - the Best of Sacred Oath" is a collection of 14 songs from the first 25 years of the Sacred Oath catalog, including 2 previously
    unavailable bonus tracks. "Spells" will be the first domestic vinyl release since the band's debut back in 1988. Happy Halloween classic metal fans!
    LP 1
    1. Blood Storm
    2. Death Is Inevitable
    3. Meet Your Maker
    4. Counting Zeros
    5. Two Powers
    6. Words Upon the Stone
    7. World On Fire

    LP 2
    1. Darkness Visible
    2. Caught In the Arc
    3. A Crystal Vision (live)
    4. Calm Before the Storm
    5. Sandrider
    6. Wings of Salvation
    7. Posers Must Die

    Sacred Oath
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Black Masses Black Masses Quick View

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    Black Masses

    For those who crave Sabbath-like dirges, Electric Wizard has few peers. - The Chicago Tribune

    World-class British doom metal band Electric Wizard are back with their long-awaited new album Black Masses to be released courtesy of Metal Blade Records/Rise Above Records. The legendary group's seventh studio album was recorded with Grammy Award-winning British recording engineer Liam Watson (The White Stripes) in London's Toe Rag Studios. Long hailed as the true heirs to Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard have achieved near iconic status in the metal underground and the band prepares to annihilate the planet with Black Masses, their dark prayer to Luciferian heavy metal via crackling, vintage valve amplifiers set to full overdrive.

    Propelled by gigantic riffs and dripping with dark, bluesy undertones, Black Masses is an ugly, sleazy and dirty album steeped in unruly themes of '70s exploitation cinema, occultism, substance abuse and narco-satanism. Taken as a whole, the record creates a twisted amalgam of late '60s dark acid psychedelia and early '80s satanic metal, all draped in both vile, misanthropic imagery and lyrics.

    This ritual incantation of heavy metal sorcery will break down your psyche as wave upon crushing wave of lead weight acid-laced Doom leaves you numb and broken before our unholy altar, declared Electric Wizard cult leader Jus Oborn. Violent, bleak and ritualistic, we bow to the black altar of the riff. We do not rock, we kill!

    1. Black Mass
    2. Venus in Furs
    3. Night Child
    4. Patterns of Evil
    5. Satyr IX
    6. Turn Off Your Mind
    7. Scorpio Curse
    8. Crypt of Drugula
    Electric Wizard
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  • Dereconstructed Dereconstructed Quick View

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    What awaits you when the needle drops on Dereconstructed, the
    new album by Lee Bains lll & the Glory Fires? Nothing less than
    pure fucking heaven, that's what.

    Consider the record's opener, "The Company Man." It revs up with
    a riff sleazy enough to clog Rod Stewart's stomach pump as an
    incantation that only a Yellowhammer can truly understand is
    bellowed and then screamed. Before you know it, the joint is hotter
    than a Birmingham soaking pit while you, the listener, are reminded,
    lest you forget, don't ever trust the company man.

    No shit.

    Dereconstructed is a careening, road raging, all night party of a
    record. Informed by a distinctly southern hoodoo, it is a master
    class in authentic Gulf Coast choogle. Having cut his teeth in the
    Dexateens, Lee Bains lll has been properly schooled in how to throw
    down, so much so that even his hyper literate musings are no match
    for the blown out distortion that gives this record it's blistering

    Songs like "The Kudzu and The Concrete," "Dirt Track" and the
    roaring, blissfully-shambolic title track could be anthems looking
    for a stadium, but they're also reminders as to why Lee Bains lll &
    the Glory Fires are such a formidable party machine: simply put,
    they rock.

    Dereconstructed was recorded by Tim Kerr, and mixed by Jeremy
    Ferguson at Battle Tapes, Nashville, TN. The band resides in Atlanta,
    GA. and Birmingham, AL.

    1. The Company Man
    2. Dereconstructed
    3. Burnpiles, Swimming Holes
    4. The Kudzu and the Concrete
    5. The Weeds Downtown
    6. What's Good and Gone
    7. We Dare Defend Our Rights
    8. Flags!
    9. Mississippi Bottomland
    10. Dirt Track
    Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
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  • Common One Common One Quick View

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    Common One

    Common One is the twelfth studio album by Northern Irish singer/songwriter Van Morrison - Originally released in 1980

    Easily among Van Morrison's least successful albums, Common One is probably also his least understood. Arriving in the wake of the far more concise, focused Into the Music, this 1980 project found Morrison making a sweeping left turn toward the open-ended, jazz-fueled vamps and spiritual questing of his impressionistic classic, Astral Weeks, 12 years earlier. The LP contains only six songs, several woefully uneven, and fans of his tautly constructed, soul-inflected '70s work could only scratch their heads, yet the heightened horn colorations and pre-industrial imagery of the opener, In Haunts of Ancient Peace, are a signpost to Morrison's thematic preoccupations in the decade to follow. Even more seminal is Summertime in England, which sets sail for the Astral plane and stays largely on course thanks to the horn section of Mark Isham and Pee Wee Ellis, and Morrison's own hallucinatory incantation to his bardic precursors. Without these brave journeys, Morrison's soul-searching '80s trips would have sounded far different. --Sam Sutherland

    1. Haunts Of Ancient Peace
    2. Summertime In England
    3. Satisfied
    4. Wild Honey
    5. Spirit
    6. When Heart Is Open
    Van Morrison
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  • EarthEE EarthEE Quick View

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    THEESatisfaction's EarthEE is the follow up to awE naturalE, the alternative
    R&B group's critically acclaimed debut. EarthEE was recorded in Seattle and
    Brooklyn, and features guest appearances from Shabazz Palaces, Meshell
    Ndegeocello, Porter Ray and Taylor Brown. EarthEE was produced by
    THEESatisfaction and Erik Blood at Protect and Exalt Studios: A Black Space and
    mastered by Adam Straney at BreakPoint Mastering in Seattle.

    "Igbo beaded mail, Dinkan Scarification, Ashanti repetitive leaping. It all

    bounces. So too should you

    Neo-Ancient Nubian aphorism.

    Once in Time, in an emerald veld of near solitude, Two met.

    One Cat and One Stas. Born under different signs. Destined to shine under

    the same moons.

    They agreed, upon meeting, that the old force fields rooted in sonics were

    necessary once again.

    They commenced to make.

    It was cold out. They made. It became warmer. They continued. The orb

    shone from above with intensity. They continued to make. The trees shifted

    hues and shed...They made.

    In this din, this mantra of making, they became Sisters of a very specific rite.


    Ethereal. The foundation of empires lost and regained.

    In this din the force field grew.

    The first time I saw them they glowed. They were palpable amongst the flat.

    Regal in a manner that is now mostly forgotten.

    Yes, Queens.

    Not generic in that description either. Specific.

    As in the Queens of some Where. The Queens of some Thing.

    Sorceress Queens who dealt in aural incantation architecture.

    Possessors of keys to deeper feelings. Unlockers of healing.

    I became a devotee to the sonic altars they had, and continue to construct.

    One Cat. One Stas. Past Lovers. Present Friends. Future Deities.

    THEESatisfaction. Exalted heavenward (outward, spaceward) upon the aurally


    blood price of heavily scented continuum.

    They made me for you.



    P.S. Change is inevitable and necessary. It is the precursor to transcendence.

    by Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes

    1. Prophetic Perfection
    2. No GMO (feat. Taylor Brown)
    3. Planet for Sale
    4. Blandland (feat. Ishmael Butler)
    5. Fetch/Catch (feat. Taylor Brown)
    6. Nature's Candy
    7. EarthEE (feat. Ishmael Butler, Porter Ray, Erik Blood)
    8. Post Black Anyway
    9. Universal Perspective (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello)
    10. WerQ (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello)
    11. Sir Come Navigate (feat. Tendai Maraire)
    12. Recognition (feat. Shabazz Palaces, Erik Blood)
    13. I Read You (feat. Erik Blood)
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  • Algiers Algiers Quick View

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    "This is revolutionary music in the truest sense of
    the word. It demands action. It requires penance. It
    destroys expectations." - Stereogum

    "The Death Grips of gospel torching the South's
    dark underbelly." - Rolling Stone

    The debut LP by Algiers is haunted by promises of the past:
    the rapturous call and response of millenarian gospel, the
    bellowing urgency of 60s protest soul, the scene-searching
    intensity of DC hardcore and the smeared viscosity of
    post-punk and no wave. After all, as Marx once said: "The
    tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare
    on the brains of the living." But rather than revel in a state
    of nostalgia, the band wields these burdened visions to
    charge headlong into the future.

    Over the album's eleven tracks, these three ÉmigrÉs of
    the American Deep South lay waste to appropriators,
    oppressors, revivalists and the cultural shock troops of
    capitalism. Vocalist Franklin James Fisher's every shriek and
    incantation will take you from the sweaty fervor of Dennis
    Edwards-era Temptations through the righteous rebellion
    of Nina Simone to the solitary midnight howls of PJ Harvey.
    Shards of Lee Tesche's guitar, along with Ryan Mahan's
    bass pulses and synthesizer slashes, pierce through the
    processional, transforming neo-modernist hymns with
    explosions of foreboding and dread that evoke the
    vanguard of pop experimentation from Suicide to Roland
    S. Howard.

    In an era when political subjectivity and human connectivity
    have been smashed to pieces by the demands of finance
    capital, Algiers has taken its stance: to maintain fidelity to
    these subversive spirits and trudge toward the light. While
    they may never arrive at their destination - consigned to a
    life of wandering - they conjure the dead sound to life in
    frightening new directions.

    1. Remains
    2. Claudette
    3. And When You Fall
    4. Blood
    5. Old Girl
    6. Irony. Utility. Pretext.
    7. But She Was Not Flying
    8. Black Eunuch
    9. Games
    10. In Parallax
    11. 11
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  • Piedmont Apocrypha Piedmont Apocrypha Quick View

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    Piedmont Apocrypha

    "I was born to lose; I won't have this form forever." So begins Horseback's fifth full-length studio record, Piedmont Apocrypha, with an incantation that could very well serve as the shapeshifting band's raison d'être. Since before 2007, Horseback has served as a musical vehicle for multi-instrumentalist Jenks Miller (also of Mount Moriah and various solo outfits), chronicling his prolific, exuberant, and at times altogether whimsical investigation of heavy music(s) and their relationship with Western mysticism. Thus far, Horseback has embodied (and shed) many forms, from the serene, fuzzed-out, near neo classical bliss of Impale Golden Horn, to the caustic, poisoned noisescapes of Forbidden Planet, to the crushing psych-rock (black metal? you tell us!) found on The Invisible Mountain and Half Blood. While genre tags are difficult with shape-shifting bands like Horseback, some common threads are readily apparent across each of these records: regardless of the style, there's some otherworldly, hypnotic quality in the music, conjured by ritualistic repetition and a layered depth in the instrumental arrangements. And each record demonstrates an unmistakable internal logic, its own a self-contained universe of sound. Some have referred to Horseback records as riddles to be solved: once you crack the code, that sonic universe is yours to explore. Musically, Piedmont Apocrypha gestures to the pastoral hues of Impale Golden Horn (released on vinyl by Three Lobed for the first time in 2012), but there's a structured quality to the tracks here that fits in line with Horseback's "rock" records. Make no mistake: this is a heavy record, but in the way Comus' First Utterance is heavy, or in the way Amon DÜÜl's Phallus Dei is heavy. It's that patient, smoke-clogged, ritualistic vibe, solemn with the noticeable presence of layered organ and harmonium tones (perhaps a subtle nod to Terry Riley or even Olivier Messiaen). Indeed, for all its far-reaching strangeness, Piedmont Apocrypha may be the most approachable Horseback record yet: harsh vocals are used sparingly, sung (and otherwise intelligible) vocals are relatively prominent, and paint-peeling, high-frequency noise is almost entirely absent. As one might expect from its title, this record is also heavy with a sense of place. Thematically, Piedmont Apocrypha takes on the skin-shedding revisionist history of North Carolina's piedmont region, a place of conflict, proud culture(s), and intertwined mythologies. The fact that both Three Lobed (Jamestown, NC) and Phil Blank (Chapel Hill, NC) are involved further emphasizes this record's ties to the Tar Heel State.
    1. Passing Through
    2. Piedmont Apocrypha
    3. Milk And Honey [feat. Troy Schafer]
    4. Consecration Blues
    5. Chanting Out The Low Shadow
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Burning Witch Burning Witch Quick View

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    Burning Witch

    This beast has been in the works for over 3 years and now the wait is finally over! Although Burning Witch only actually existed for a short period of time (19951998) the absolutely crushing impact they left is immense! This box compiles every authorized recording the band ever made on a 4LP set with a 40 page book and a bonus DVD of live Burning Witch performances thrown in for good measure.

    Towers was recorded by Steve Albini during the vernal equinox in 1996 at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle. Originally released as a demo tape in 1996 then released by Slap-A-Ham on vinyl in 1998. Southern Lord released a CD version (including Rift.Canyon.Dreams) in 1998. Remastered from the original 1/2 master tape (lost until this version) by Mell Dettmer.

    Rift.Canyon.Dreams was recorded by Aaron Evil during the autumnal equinox in 1997 at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle. Originally released by Merciless Records on LP in 1998. Not only is this LP super rare, the covers were very flimsy so most existing copies have a lot of cover damage! Southern Lord released a CD version (including Towers) in 1998.

    Bleeder b/w Rift.Canyon.Dreams. Bleeder was an unreleased track from the Towers Albini session. It originally came out on the split CD with Goatsnake on Hydra Head in 2000, now out of print. This song has never been released on vinyl (although test pressings for the Goatsnake split were made, finished vinyl was never produced). The Rift.Canyon.Dreams track was an unfinished outtake from the Rift.Canyon.Dreams session. It was mixed/completed by Dahlquist & Randall Dunn circa 2003 and then released on a split with ASVA (BW bassists Stuart Dahlquists then new project). The track was remixed by OMalley and Dunn in 2007 and released on the Crippled Lucifer 2CD reissue via SLR and is the version presented here.

    Live at the China Club 1996. Raw, grim live evocation is the only Witch recording ever released with original 2nd guitarist Greg Anderson. This incantation was captured in Ballard, WA at the China Club (previously known as the Red Dragon) in 1996. The Witch was opening for At The Gates and Napalm Death. Anderson played 2 shows with Burning Witch, this being the second (and last!) This is the first time this is available on vinyl.

    All LPs are pressed on 180g virgin black vinyl and are housed in high quality Stoughton printed tip-on and direct to board jackets. Also included in the set is a perfect bound 40 page 12 x 12 book. An aggressive visual documentation of the history of Burning Witch featuring many never before seen photos plus graphics specifically chosen for this release and some liner notes from Aaron Turner (Hydra Head Records/ISIS) and Chris Dodge (SPAZZ, Slap-a-Ham Records).

    Included bound into the book is a DVD of never before released Burning Witch performances. First is video of the bands first ever live show from the Pioneer Square Theater in Seattle, May of 1996. This is the lineup with Greg Anderson on 2nd guitar. The second is the infamous Burning Witch performance on Public Access television from 27 Live in Seattle, February of 1997. The DVD was edited by Alan Dubin (Khanate) and includes a menu and full credits.

    LP1 - Towers
    1. Sacred Predictions
    2. Country Doctor
    3. Tower Place
    4. Sea Hag

    LP2 - Rift.Canyon.Dreams
    1. Warning Signs
    2. Stillborn
    3. History of Hell (Crippled Lucifer)
    4. Communion

    LP3 - Bleeder
    1. The Bleeder
    2. Rift.Canyon.Dreams

    LP4 - Live at the China Club, Ballard 1996
    1. The Sea Hag
    2. Country Doctor
    3. Bleeder
    4. Jubilex

    Live DVD
    - Live show from the Pioneer Square Theater in Seattle, May 1996
    - Live performance on Seattle Public Access Television, February 1997

    Burning Witch
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP Box Set + DVD + Book - 4 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Feel It Break Feel It Break Quick View

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    Feel It Break

    On Feel It Break, co-founder and lead singer Katie Stelmanis, drummer Maya Postepski and bassist Dorian Wolf have crafted a stark, danceable masterpiece suitable for both ritual incantations and clubs; an album hearkening back to the seedier side of New Wave but still deeply rooted in Stelmanis's classical and operatic upbringing- think the dirty alleys and after-hours clubs dreamed up by Japan and Soft Cell.
    1. Darken Her House

    2. Lose It
    3. The Future
    4. Beat and the Pulse
    5. Spellwork
    6. The Choke
    7. Hate Crime
    8. The Villian
    9. Shoot the Water
    10. The Noise
    11. The Beast
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Under Stellar Stream Under Stellar Stream Quick View

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    Under Stellar Stream

    Richard Youngs' latest solo work for Jagjaguwar is a collection of neodruid hymns and chants for the minutiae of homelife and fatherhood poetic transcendance through repetition and a focus on the (seemingly) micro. Once again proving himself a master of minimalist composition, Youngs also takes leaps forward as a lyricist on Under Stellar Stream, reminiscent of the list incantations of Allen Ginsberg. With this comes a change in Youngs' voice, now less pleading, deeper and more assured. In these atonal, spatial arrangements, each phrase is granted the room to work into the cerebral cortex.
    1. Broke Up By Night
    2. All Day Monday And Tuesday
    3. Cluster To A Star
    4. Arise Arise
    5. My Mind Is In Garlands
    6. The Bells Of Spring
    Richard Youngs
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Culture Of Fear Culture Of Fear Quick View

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    Culture Of Fear

    LP reissue of Thievery Corporation's 6th studio album originally released in 2011.

    Eric Hilton and Rob Garza craft a simmering and hazy collection of atmospheric gems that recalls their early production work but reflects a thoroughly
    contemporary zeitgeist of socio-political angst and unease. Utilizing a team of skilled session players from their acclaimed live show and beyond, Culture
    of Fear finds the duo easing into expansive multipart space-jams like "Tower Seven" and jazzy instrumental b-boy breaks like "Light Flares." Not only are
    usual suspects like multilingual chanteuse Lou Lou and dancehall toaster Sleepy Wonder back to lend their haunting vocals, but several new contributors
    also join the Corporation. Renowned hip-hop MC Mr. Lif blazes the microphone on the title track "Culture of Fear" with a scathing flow that aims to uplift
    and enlighten as it does burn down babylon! Rising star Ras Puma also drops mystic incantations on "False Flag Dub" and the slow burning roots reggae
    throwback "Overstand." It's not all fire and brimstone however, as Shana Halligan of Bitter:Sweet coos sultrily over booming tribal rhythms on "Is it Over?",
    and newcomer Kota lends angelic and sprightly verses on album closer "Free."

    1. Web of Deception
    2. Culture of Fear
    3. Take My Soul
    4. Light Flares
    5. Stargazer
    6. Where It All Starts
    7. Tower Seven
    8. Is It Over?
    9. False Flag Dub
    10. Safar (The Journey)
    11. Fragments
    12. Overstand
    13. Free
    Thievery Corporation
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • MY WOMAN MY WOMAN Quick View

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    Anyone reckless enough to have typecast Angel Olsen according to 2013's Burn Your Fire For No Witness is in for a rethink with her third album, MY WOMAN. The crunchier, blown-out production of the former is gone, but that fire is burning wilder. Her disarming, timeless voice is even more front-and-center. Yet, the strange, raw power and slowly unspooling incantations of her previous efforts remain.

    Over two previous albums, she gave us reverb-shrouded poetic swoons, shadowy folk, grunge-pop band workouts and haunting, finger-picked epics. MY WOMAN is an exhilarating complement to her past work, and one for which Olsen recalibrated her writing/recording approach and methods to enter a new music-making phase.

    As the record evolves, one gets the sense that the my woman of the title is Olsen herself, absolutely in command but also willing to bend with the influence of collaborators and circumstances. An intuitively smart, warmly communicative and fearlessly generous record, MY WOMAN speaks to everyone. That it might confound expectation is just another of its strengths.

    1. Intern
    2. Never Be Mine
    3. Shut Up Kiss Me
    4. Give It Up
    5. Not Gonna Kill You
    6. Heart Shaped Face
    7. Sister
    8. Those Were The Days
    9. Woman
    10. Pops
    Angel Olsen
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Fin Fin Quick View

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    Fin is the first solo album from THE INTERNET's frontwoman and producer Syd. Fin was written and produced by Syd, and also features production from Melo X (Lemonade), Hit Boy, Haze, and Rahki. Fin is the bold next step in Syd's musical evolution, a brilliant album packed full of dark R&B bravado, and anchored by Syd's smooth-as-silk voice. The album and its songs are already receiving love from Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, The Fader, the Los Angeles Times, Stereogum, The Ringer, Pigeons and Planes, Okayplayer, and many more.

    Fin is the first new music written and produced by Syd since the release of her band THE INTERNET's Grammy-nominated album, Ego Death, in 2015. The record was hailed as one of the year's favorites by the likes of Rolling Stone, The Fader, Complex, NPR, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Pigeons & Planes, Nerdist, Noisey, and many more, with the New York Times Magazine saying, THE INTERNET has carved out an entirely new corner of R&B, thanks to [Syd]: an androgyne who sings seductive incantations about falling in and out of love...

    1. Shake Em Off
    2. Know
    3. No Complaints
    4. Nothin to Somethin
    5. All About Me
    6. Smile More
    7. Got Her Own
    8. Drown in It
    9. Body
    10. Dollar Bills
    11. Over (feat. 6LACK)
    12. Insecurities
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • King Krule (Awaiting Repress) King Krule (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    King Krule (Awaiting Repress)

    King Krule's (formerly Zoo Kid) second release brings with it, an expansion of vision, both musically and thematically. The connective tissue between these five tracks is still Marshall's stark, direct lyrics, but over the span of the self-titled EP, there is an arresting sonic progression, as his songs open up to become a loose knit meditation and renewal of hope in the face of desperation. Shades of The Streets' plainspoken and observant ramble dance with the heart on sleeve confessions of Billy Bragg. Archy's influences are a patchwork for his voice to lay in, woven from several generations music as divergent as the 80s romantics, jazz, no wave and dub.

    The first vocal track 'Bleak Bake', for instance, opens with levitating keyboards and Marshall clearing his throat, before sampled strings and 808 drum 'pooms' swoon in and he sighs. 'The Noose of Jah City' drives the knife in deeper -some of his most intoxicating incantations to date- with Marshall singing of being "suffocated in concrete" over a lushly upholstered backdrop of chiming guitars and shuffling sampled beats. While in the gorgeous 'Portrait in Black and Blue' he unleashes a bounding piece of classic croon. But even though the subject matter may at times be harrowing, the songs themselves are never anything less than exquisitely crafted, possessed of an almost spectral beauty, as epitomised in the shimmering instrumental intro "363N63".

    Taken as a whole, the "King Krule" EP is the sound of a young man growing up and attempting to grapple with the realities of the world he inhabits, and a fascinating, brutal journey it is too.

    1. 363N63

    2. Bleak Bake

    3. Portrait In Black and Blue

    4. Lead Existence

    5. The Noose of Jah City
    King Krule
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  • White Worm Cathedral White Worm Cathedral Quick View

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    White Worm Cathedral

    NECROPHAGIA are back to haunt you! The masters of death metal horror invite you to bang to the Sabbath on a coffin night, when the evil priest and the rat witch raise the dead among us! Three years in the making, 'WhiteWorm Cathedral' underwent a number of setbacks which hindered the recording sessions, but the result was well worth the wait. NECROPHAGIA have generally taken another step back to a more straightforward approach. Although their latest full-length 'Deathtrip 69' (2011) was generally met with roaring applause, there has been some criticism levelled at the album. Killjoy DeSade seems to have drawn the same conclusions and reduced the atmospheric samples to the necessary, while focusing on songwriting and catchiness. Now NECROPHAGIA deliver more old school death metal with a blasphemous groove and killing hooks. The band was formed in late 1983 by the Godfather of Gore Metal, Killjoy and their debut recording 'Season of the Dead' was unleashed in February 1987. In the same year the Americans split despite their tremendous impact in the underground death metal scene, which they helped founding. In the middle of the 1990's horror fan Philip Anselmo (DOWN, ex-PANTERA) convinced Killjoy to resurrect NECROPHAGIA and joined for the next three releases including their second album 'Holocausto de la Morte' (1998). The band released two more albums including 'The Divine Art of Torture' (2003) and several EPs despite undergoing continued line-up changes. NECROPHAGIA's fourth full length 'Harvest Ritual Vol. 1' (2005) saw some experimentation, while their next eerie incarnation 'Deathtrip 69' featured more evil movie samples adding to the beloved vintage horror feeling. Yet the time has come to light those black candles, chant the incantations and watch the 'WhiteWorm Cathedral' rise! Amen, Brother Killjoy!
    1. Reborn Through Black Mass
    3. Angel Blake
    4. Warlock Messiah
    5. Fear The Priest
    6. Elder Things
    7. Coffins
    8. Hexen Nacht
    9. Rat Witch
    10. March Of The Deathcorps(e)
    11. Silentium Vel Mortis
    12. The Dead Among Us
    13. WhiteWorm Cathedral
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  • Every Now & Then Every Now & Then Quick View

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    Every Now & Then

    Jagwar Ma returns with their second album Every Now & Then.

    The Sydney-formed band came together for sessions across a handful of studios and locations in Australia, the UK, and France to shake up an altogether inspired new offering. Full of spirit and exploding with the energy of new ideas, Every Now & Then is formed from the building blocks of a myriad of sonic touchstones upon which Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield concoct a heady, uplifting brew that very much owns it's own space on the spectrum.

    Singer/guitarist Gabriel Winterfield and multi-instrumentalist Jono Ma originally joined forces at the turn of the decade, having reached an impasse with their previous bands. Liberated, they instantly felt their horizons opening up, culminating in the kaleidoscopic dub-pop of Jagwar Ma's 2013 debut album Howlin. Augmented by their old Sydney friend Jack Freeman on bass and backing vocals they set about creating their own infectious groove with their increasingly powerful live show.

    After almost three years of touring the world (including tours with Foals, The xx, and Tame Impala) the band returned to Australia to write and begin recording at Sonar studios in Sydney. With the basis of the album written, the band headed back to La Briche near Tours in rural France, where they had recorded their debut in a self-built studio on a friend's partly-renovated farm, before returning to London to record drum sessions with Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa and James Ford and finishing mixing with old friend Ewan Pearson in their new shared Tottenham studio The Bunker II.

    Jono is a student of the studio in the Jagwar Ma camp, and on Every Now & Then his production hand constructs the richly singular sonic world each track inhabits. The record is littered with surprising selections yet maintains an ebb and flow that echoes that of a day in coastal Australia. 'Repetition invites participation' and the composition of Every Now & Then is a testament to the turn of phrase, subtly seducing with loose-limbed sinewy grooves on loop.

    Entrancing incantations on romantic love, truth and courage come courtesy of co-songwriter and lead vocalist Gabriel. Lush melody from left field, grungey phrasing and pagan shapes, Winterfield flows in tandem with each song's unique sea of sound. "Can we be real?"

    Classic bass lines, jangly guitar parts and Paul's Boutique-inspired loops bounce off elements of synth-pop and encounter bass heavy experiments redolent of Blanck Mass and other elements of the Norwegian electronic onslaught together with swelling psychedelic choruses, reminiscent of summer-kissed Ocean Rain-period Bunnymen, exploding into melodic, sun-soaked wig-outs.

    At heart, a studio album, designed for lone listening on headphones but as a shared experience is where it will really come to life. Their live appearances for Howlin' were electric and key elements of Every Now & Then took on extra shape while touring Europe with fellow compatriots Tame Impala, successfully working out the structure of tracks in front of arena crowds.

    Every Now & Then deftly covers a broad expanse of sound and mood. Say What You Feel gradually envelopes with its tireless drive and shapeshifting form to an ecstatic peak before Loose Ends cools down the pace with dubbed, fractured melodies. Give Me A Reason flips from muted funk pop to percolating, percussive house before seamlessly transitioning into a gyrating, teched up club tool. The glorious dynamism continues with Ordinary's quantum leap chorus, while High Rotation possesses a sinister spirit, a chuggy druggy groove and compelling, cultish chanting. Colour Of Paradise closes out the record, a bittersweet beauty of surf melodies and euphoric synths - 'searching through every grain of sand', lifting off and leaving the earthly territory behind completely for a deeper, more celestial, spacey place.

    From underwater liquid rhythm through to joyous, floating in the clouds sky highs, Every Now & Then is Jagwar Ma's cathartic new injection we endeavor you to dose up on.

    1. Falling
    2. Say What You Feel
    3. Loose Ends

    4. Give Me A Reason

    5. Ordinary

    6. Batter Up

    7. O B 1

    8. Slipping

    9. High Rotations

    10. Don't Make It Right

    11. Colours Of Paradise
    Jagwar Ma
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  • Deep Time Deep Time Quick View

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    Deep Time

    Deep Time (YellowFever) are from Austin TX, a bewitching pop duo, comprised of Jennifer Moore on organ, electric guitar and vocal microphone, and Adam Jones on drums; who are as infectious and delightful as this time demands.

    Moore, once the torchbearer for girl-group legends The Carrots is something altogether unusual in the modern age; a singer with those endangered qualities: personality, style, and an arresting delivery. Jones is the jazzy 'batterista,' as musical and dynamic a drummer as you will see on the scene today. Once upon a time, creatures such as these roamed the earth in the dozens; now they are as rare as the barely glimpsed yeti.

    But it's not just their personality that recommends them, it's the tunes. Just listen to the new-wave polka-soul-serenading madness of Gold Rush, the toe-tapping Italo-mutation of Sgt Sierra, the easy-listening doom-incantation of Gilligan, every song on the record is a bon-a-fide catastrophe for the forces of predictability and boredom.

    1. Bermuda Triangle
    2. Sgt. Sierra
    3. Coleman
    4. Clouds
    5. Homebody
    6. Gilligan
    7. Gold Rush
    8. Marathon
    9. Horse
    Deep Time
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  • Jane's Lament (Awaiting Repress) Jane's Lament (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Jane's Lament (Awaiting Repress)

    Sydney's Au.Ra, a duo composed of Tim Jenkins and Tom
    Crandles, are set to release their new full length Jane's Lament, a
    work which carefully envelops the listener in dreamy hues of
    sound. Made over the course of two years, the LP was birthed
    from improvised jams the pair play over droning guitars and
    looped drum beats. Tracks like "Sun," and "Pyramid" emerge
    slowly out of interplays between simple melodies and layered,
    reverbed instrumentation.

    Au.Ra's "emotive soundscapes" perfectly encase their
    nontraditional pop songwriting, like on highlight "Morning," where
    shimmering guitar riffs transport you to a serene, meditative
    realm. Their repetitive lyrics belie this easy transcendence,
    sometimes even verging on incantation. These songs evoke a
    languid drive along a bending highway in autumn, the scenery
    and light shifting ever so slowly out the windows. As the sun sets
    earlier, this is an album to savor with the dying light.

    1. Morning
    2. Sun
    3. Pyramid
    4. You're On My Mind
    5. Juki
    6. Spare the Thought
    7. Talk Show
    8. Ease
    9. Width
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  • Beetlejuice Soundtrack Beetlejuice Soundtrack Quick View

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    Beetlejuice Soundtrack


    Danny Elfman provides one of his most quintessentially Elfman-esque scores for one of Tim Burton's most quintessentially Burton-esque movies, Beetlejuice. The film's dark yet sardonically funny Main Titles is among Elfman's all-time best moments, bustling along with a dark joie de vivre (or is it joie de morte?) that defines the spooky fun of both this movie, and his collaboration with Burton. The score's stylized world also includes the ironically perky Travel Music; Incantation, a tensely percussive cue that unfolds into exaggerated brass and ghostly vocals and organs; and the eerily pretty but still whimsical Lydia Discovers. The tip-toeing pizzicato strings and pianos, and the theatrical brass, organs, harps, and percussion that appear on every track -- most definitively on tracks like Enter...The Family / Sand Worm Planet -- underline the film's live-action cartoonishness, with the music's hyperactive shifts, and the addition of Harry Belafonte's Jump In Line and Banana Boat Song (Day-O) just adding another layer of quirkiness to the whole thing. A perfect mix of silliness and spookiness, Beetlejuice remains one of Elfman's most consistent scores.

    - Heather Phares (All Music Guide)

    1. Main Titles
    2. Travel Music

    3. The Book! / Obituaries
    4. Enter...The Family / Sand Worm Planet
    5. The Fly
    6. Lydia Discovers
    7. In The Model
    8. Juno's Theme
    9. Beetle-Snake
    10. Sold
    11. The Flier / Lydia's Pep Talk

    12. Day-O - Harry Belafonte
    13. The Incantation
    14. Lydia Strikes A Bargin...
    15. Showtime!
    16. Laughs
    17. The Wedding
    18. The Aftermath
    19. End Credits
    20. Jump In Line (Shake, Shake, Señora) - Harry Belafonte
    Danny Elfman
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  • Fellow Travelers Fellow Travelers Quick View

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    Fellow Travelers

    Fellow Travelers wasn't supposed to be a full-length record, so I'm
    a little surprised to admit that it's my favorite Shearwater album so
    far. It was meant to be a small thing to release between Animal Joy
    and the next full-length. But it took on a life of its own. Re-imagining
    and renovating songs by the bands we've toured with was like leafing
    through a scrapbook, and brought back the highs and lows of a
    decade of touring.

    Touring is an expression of faith - in yourself, in your friends, in the
    hope that the world has a place for you. In that spirit, I invited all the
    bands we covered to play on Fellow Travelers, with the caveat that you
    couldn't play on your own song. Almost everyone rose to the bait: Chris
    from the Baptist Generals turned Clinic's "Tomorrow" into a stomping
    incantation, while Clinic infected the Generals' "Fucked Up Life" with
    drum machines, radio signals, and combo organ. I added recordings I
    made of birds and waves in the Falklands to David Thomas Broughton's
    "Ambiguity," and he sent us a tape he made of sparrows, bulbuls, and
    the clanking shovels of highway workers in Pyongyang, North Korea,
    which we spliced into our rock-anthem version of Xiu Xiu's "I Luv the
    Valley OH!!" And Jenn from Wye Oak, who, like us, had also toured with
    Lou B, added vocals to "Natural One."

    Leon Trotsky, who gave the words "fellow travelers" their political aura,
    once wrote that "a protest against reality, either conscious or unconscious,
    active or passive, optimistic or pessimistic, always forms part of a really
    creative piece of work." Listening back, I get a feeling of common effort,
    of common purpose, among all of our different musical paths; we've all
    tried to defy or transform reality in small ways with our music, and to
    prove it with our performing lives.

    - Jonathan Meiburg, NYC, March 2013

    1. Our Only Sun
    2. I Luv the Valley OH!
    3. Hurts Like Heaven
    4. Natural One
    5. Ambiguity
    6. Cheerleader
    7. Tomorrow
    8. A Wake for the Minotaur
    9. Mary is Mary
    10. Fucked Up Life
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