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Ian Matthews

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  • Matthews Southern Comfort Matthews Southern Comfort Quick View

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    Matthews Southern Comfort

    Originally released in 1969, Matthews' Southern Comfort was Ian Matthews' first album after leaving Fairport Convention. Although many Fairport personnel appear here (Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings), Matthews Southern Comfort features a more American breed of songwriting, being made popular at the time by bands like the Byrds and Bob Dylan. The release also provided the perfect stage for Ian's own compositions, like Please Be My Friend and Thoughts For A Friend. The group would soon go on to have a massive hit with their version of Joni Mitchell's Woodstock. Special gatefold 180g vinyl issue with lyrics.

    1. Colorado Springs Eternal

    2. A Commercial Proposition
    3. The Castle Far
    4. Please Be My Friend
    5. What We Say
    6. Dream Song
    7. Fly Pigeon Fly
    8. The Watch
    9. Sweet Bread
    10. Thoughts For A Friend
    11. I've Lost You
    12. Once Upon A Lifetime

    Matthews Southern Comfort
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  • In Search Of Amelia Earhart In Search Of Amelia Earhart Quick View

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    In Search Of Amelia Earhart

    Originally released in 1972 for Elektra, In Search Of Amelia Earhart was a critically-acclaimed concept album inspired by Amelia Earhart's mysterious disappearance in 1939. For this album, Ian Matthews, who had released a flurry of excellent albums since leaving Fairport Convention, once again proves his talent as a song smith with songs like True Story of Amelia Earhart's Last Night and Even The Guiding Light.

    He also continues his research into the folk song, sharing his favorites with fans through a handful of outstanding covers, including Dave McEnry's Amelia Earhart's Last Flight and Paul Siebel's Louise. Matthews also, as always, has a talent for surrounding himself with excellent musicians, this time employing the help of Andy Roberts, Dave Richards and Bob Ronga. 180g gatefold issue with lyrics.

    1. For The Second Time

    2. Yo Yo Man
    3. Louise
    4. Call The Tune
    5. Diesel On My Tail
    6. Amelia Earhart's Last Flight
    7. I'll Fly Away
    8. True Story Of Amelia Earheart
    9. Even The Guiding Light
    10. Side Roads
    11. Raider

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Phantom Limb Phantom Limb Quick View

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    Phantom Limb


    The Phantom Limb's sound is an indefinable blend of classic southern soul and country blues. They blend modern songwriting and rich acoustic music with powerful gospel-inflected vocals. Already comparisons are being made to Mavis Staples, Aretha Franklin and The Band. Their honest, melancholic, Bristolian edge creates one of the most original and compelling new propositions of recent years. The group is epitomised by the fantastically bold yet intimately soulful vocals of the 23-year old Yolanda Quarty who also provided vocals on half of Massive Attacks forthcoming album, the majority of which was incidentally co-written and produced by Robot Club (Phantom Limbs guitarist Stew Jackson and bassist Dan Brown). Phantom Limb's self-titled debut album was the brainchild of the Robot Club production team, whose recent writing/production credits also include Will Young, Skin (Skunk Anansie) and Fortune Drive. The album was recorded at their very own Robot Club Studios (Bristol) as well as Rockfields Studio (Monmouth) and Caveman Studios (Bristol). The album was mastered and cut for vinyl at Optimum Studios, Bristol by Shawn Joseph and Timothy Dennen.

    The six-pieces unique sound has made an instant ascension within the industry. In March of 2008 they played the famous SXSW in Austin, Texas, which led to countless festival offers including Glastonburys Jazz World Stage in June 2008 and a record deal with Naim Edge! The bands line-up represents the pick off Bristols vibrant, almost incestuous music scene, including Dan Moore on keys (Elevator Suite/Cousteau/Andy Sheppard), Matt Jones on drums (Nuge/Emily Breeze), Luke Cawthra on lead guitar (Emily Breeze/Lena Rez/Nuge), alongside Yolanda Q (Bugs In The Attic), Stew (Milk with Ian Matthews, now of Kasabian) and Dan B (Ilya/Elevator Suite).

    1. Dont Say A Word
    2. Withering Bones
    3. Run
    4. Spring Flowers
    5. The Hard Way
    6. Ill Never Be The Same Again
    7. Good Fortune
    8. We Will Carry
    9. My Love Has Gone
    10. Playing With Death
    Phantom Limb
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • World War Z Soundtrack World War Z Soundtrack Quick View

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    World War Z Soundtrack

    World War Z: Music From The Motion Picture is a score composed by Marco Beltrami.

    WORLD WAR Z revolves around an ex-United Nations investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop a pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Starring Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale.

    The film is directed by Marc Forster from a screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Drew Goddard & Damon Lindelof, and screen story by Matthew Michael Carnahan and J. Michael Straczynski. Based on the novel by Max Brooks. Produced by Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner and Ian Bryce.

    1. Philadelphia
    2. The Lane Family
    3. Ninja Quiet
    4. Searching For Clues
    5. NJ Mart
    6. Zombies In Coach
    7. Hand Off!
    8. No Teeth No Bite
    9. The Salvation Gates
    10. Wales
    11. Like A River Around A Rock
    Marco Beltrami
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Little Death Shaker Little Death Shaker Quick View

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    Little Death Shaker

    Stripped of all noise influences and focusing on straight-up songs, Little Death Shaker is a record evocative of late nights and dusty parking lots, long drives and boozy hookups. This is the work of a dude who's spent his youth and young manhood on tour and it comes through in both the music and the lyrics. Where Castanets' lyrics gave us Ray Carver-ian fragments and it's-what-you-leave-out-that-counts minimalism, here we see Raposa back from the battleground with stories to tell.

    This is the most lyric-heavy Raposa's been and it's also the most playful and humorous, and you get the feeling some of these songs would be the ones that would go down best near 2am at some weird sports bar dive in southeast Alabama/Iowa/Mississippi. (We can just see some big biker dude/fallen NASCAR star/Gary Busey lookalike sitting back-to-bar, Bud in hand, having a good-natured laugh over the punchline from Some of My Friends or the WTF premise of the Dan Reeder penned You'll Never Surf Again.)

    The record begins with fighting spirit. Allegiance comes on with a punch of electric guitar and Raposa singing I woke up feeling/bold as shit. It's his rowdiest and most confident song to date, a real knockabout that'll take you by surprise if you're used to Castanets. Up next the title track verges on Queen (Flash Gordon soundtrack?) and Some of My Friends is a barnburner with the ghosts old Sun Studios players holding court.

    Highlights are many. The dark-as-Skoal interstate roller Whippoorwill, the slowly ramping Some Kind of Fool, which rolls easy and pretty with backup vocals from Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent before building to a shitkicking rock 'n' roll peak where we find Raposa delivering some of his best and most racy lyrics, singing the very un-indie-rock, I could spend this good money wherever I care to/taste all the honies that I choose /lay myself down beside anyone's flower/all alive in the morning with the dew. It's a song about libertine freedom and heartbreak ignored and taking the bull by the horns and being, well, kind of a bastard.

    More highlights: Castanets collaborator Talia Gordon taking main vocals on You're Not Standing Like You Used To (Kate Wolf); the after-afterhours minor chord jam Stateline, Little Death Shaker's most ruckus track of all, a late-night spent trapped in the stripclub/rig cab/country bar/tour van/your own damn head. At 10 minutes it's a tale of drugs and wayward love, a real red-lit kind of aloneness, backed by a legit live crawl, with high and ghostly organ and distorted vocals crackling like a bad CB connection.

    With Meridian, Raposa and Houck bring back the vibe of Some Kind of Fool and take it on a humid trip through the deepest South, gators in the water, snakes in the sand, a stormhead looming over the sun-dappled river. When Raposa sings oh honey here comes the storm you can just FEEL the weather breaking.

    One of this record's real charms is you can close your eyes and see these 13 tracks played live; you can see the drummer leaning over his kit with his brushes (and sunglasses on?), the backup singers standing around the mic, beers in hand, eyes closed, swaying side to side, the lights crisscrossing the stage. Meridian is no different. You can see this band. You can see these people playing together, and in a world of records that bands can't duplicate live, it's crazy-refreshing!

    The album's closer, Allegiance 2, brings backlongtime Castanets collaborator Bridgit Jacobsen (nÉe Decook) for a hushed and barely-there apology. Oh lord be kind to me/after all these devils I have kissed. As a prayer, a shrug, and an exhausted offering, it's a fitting way to end an album so concerned with sin and vice. It's also a fitting end-introduction to this new band. So meet Raymond Byron and the White Freighters and their record Little Death Shaker. Here's to the new!

    1. Allegiance

    2. Little Death Shaker

    3. Some of My Friends

    4. Turnpike/Bedsheet

    5. You'll Never Surf Again

    6. Don't That Lake Just Shine

    7. Whippoorwill

    8. A Little More Credit

    9. Some Kind of Fool

    10. You're Not Standing Like You Used To

    11. Stateline

    12. Meridian, MS

    13. Allegiance 2
    Raymond Byron And The White Freighter
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