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  • CB4 CB4 Quick View

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    CB4 is the soundtrack to the comedy film, CB4. It was released on March 2, 1993 through MCA Records and was almost entirely hip hop music. The album did fairly well on the Billboard charts, peaking at #41 on the Billboard 200 and #13 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Blackstreet's Baby Be Mine was the lone charting single, making it to #17 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks. Three songs were credited to the fictional CB4 group from the movie, the trio consisted of Chris Rock and rappers, Daddy-O and Hi-C.
    1. The 13th Message/Livin' in a Zoo(Public Enemy)
    2. Black Cop-(KRS-One)
    3. Mayday on the Front Line-(MC Ren)
    4. Stick 'Em Up-(Beastie Boys & DJ Hurricane)
    5. Sneaking Up on Ya- (Fu-Schnickens)
    6. Lifeline-(Parental Advisory)
    7. The Nocturnal Is in the House-(P.M. Dawn)
    8. Baby Be Mine-(Blackstreet)
    9. It's Alright-(Tracie Spencer)
    10. Sweat from My Balls-(CB4)
    11. Straight Out of Locash-(CB4)
    12. Rapper's Delight-(CB4)
    Various Artists
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  • Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black Quick View

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    Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black

    Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black is the fourth studio album by American hip hop group Public Enemy. It debuts production team Imperial Grand Ministers of Funk, which consisted of producers Stuart Robertz, Cerwin 'C-Dawg' Depper, Gary G-Wiz, and The JBL.
    Lost at Birth
    Can't Truss It
    I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Niga
    How to Kill a Radio Consultant
    By the Time I Get to Arizona
    1 Million Bottlebags
    More News at 11
    Shut 'Em Down
    A Letter to the New York Post
    Get the Fuck Outta Dodge
    Bring tha Noize
    Public Enemy
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  • Fear Of A Black Planet Fear Of A Black Planet Quick View

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    Fear Of A Black Planet

    Ranked 300/500 On Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time.

    25th Anniversary

    Fear of a Black Planet was produced by the Bomb Squad and features the hit singles, "Fight the Power,"
    "Welcome to the Terrordome" and Flavor Flav's "911 Is a Joke."

    Fear of a Black Planet, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015, finished #300 on Rolling Stone's list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" and
    was added to the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry in 2005. The album is certified platinum by the RIAA for more than one million
    shipped, peaking at No. 10 on the Billboard 200. Writes Wax Poetics editor-in-chief Torres in the liner notes, "Though it sits in the shadow of It Takes a
    Nation of Millions to Hold us Back, Fear of a Black Planet is a formidable contender for one of the finest hip-hop albums ever recorded."

    1. Contract On The World Love Jam (Instrumental)
    2. Brothers Gonna Work It Out
    3. 911 Is A Joke
    4. Incident At 66.6 FM [Instrumental]
    5. Welcome To The Terrordome
    6. Meet the G That Killed Me
    7. Pollywanacraka
    8. Anti-Nigger Machine
    9. Burn Hollywood Burn (featuring Ice Cube)
    10. Power To The People
    11. Who Stole The Soul?
    12. Fear Of A Black Planet
    13. Revolutionary Generation
    14. Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya, Man!
    15. Reggie Jax
    16. Leave This Off Your Fu*kin Charts (Instrumental)
    17. B Side Wins Again
    18. War At 33 1/3
    19. Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned (Instrumental)
    20. Fight The Power
    Public Enemy
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  • It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back Quick View

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    It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

    Ranked 78/500 On Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time.

    25th Anniversary

    I hated that record, said Public Enemy's Chuck D. Believe it or not, he's referring to Bring the Noise, the frenetic first track of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, the group's 1988 agit-rap masterpiece and breakthrough album. Public Enemy had recorded the song in October 1987 for the soundtrack of the forgettable Less Than Zero. When Chuck (a.k.a. Carlton Ridenhour) first heard the final version, he said, I practically threw it out the window.

    He changed his mind later that year when Public Enemy were on tour in England. I kept hearing people ask, 'What's this record you've got out? People are going crazy over it,' he remembered. I was like 'OK, pull that acetate out, and let's play it [in concert].' People went berserk.

    Bring the Noise, along with Rebel Without a Pause and Don't Believe the Hype - all conceived in 1987 at the group's Hempstead, Long Island, studio, Spectrum City - would become the foundation of It Takes a Nation of Millions, an album that's loud, obnoxious, funky, avant-garde, political, uncompromising and hilarious all at once. Chuck may have been disgruntled over Bring the Noise, but he always liked Rebel Without a Pause, the track that introduced Public Enemy's trademark sirenlike horn squeals. Hank Shocklee of PE's production team, the Bomb Squad, says that Rebel started out as a response to Eric B. and Rakim's I Know You Got Soul. We were going for something that had the same feel but with more aggression, Shocklee said. Because we were angry.

    For Rebel, PE coupled piercing squeals (a snippet from the J.B.'s' The Grunt played backward) with James Brown's Funky Drummer (Because that song was my milk, said Shocklee). Then it fell on Chuck to write the lyrics. I remember locking myself in the house for 24 hours, Chuck said. He emerged with verses that emulated Rakim's off-the-rhythm flow but stayed true to his own booming-baritone persona (Soul, rock & roll, comin' like a rhino); Chuck also dropped the name of black activist Joanne Chesimard, hinting at the political direction that his rhymes would soon take.

    Don't Believe the Hype, recorded just before Bring the Noise, was Chuck's first foray into full-fledged polemics, in this case against the media. The lyrics were inspired by a slight against Chuck by New York-area radio DJ Mr. Magic. PE had serious doubts about that song, too. We thought 'Hype' was just garbage, said Shocklee. Again, they saw the response the song got when DMC (of the group Run-DMC) blasted the track out of his Bronco in Harlem on a Saturday night. The whole block was grooving to it, says Shocklee.

    In January 1988, it all fit together. You had the combination of the noise from 'Rebel,' says Chuck, the tempo of 'Bring the Noise' and the subject matter of 'Don't Believe the Hype.' It set off Takes a Nation pretty nice.

    - Rolling Stone

    LP 1
    1. Countdown To Armageddon
    2. Bring The Noise
    3. Don't Believe The Hype
    4. Cold Lampin' With Flavor
    5. Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
    6. Mind Terrorist
    7. Louder Than A Bomb
    8. Caught, Can We Get A Witness?

    LP 2
    1. Show 'Em Whatcha Got
    2. She Watch Channel Zero?!
    3. Night Of The Living Baseheads
    4. Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
    5. Security Of The First World
    6. Rebel Without A Pause
    7. Prophets Of Rage
    8. Party For Your Right To Fight

    Public Enemy
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  • Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop Quick View

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    Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop

    Amongst hip-hop fans, Boogie Down Productions' first two albums - Criminal Minded (1987) and By All Means Necessary (1988) - both loom very large. And for good reason: they both captured one of the late 1980s' most important and influential crews at their highest powers of lyricism and musical invention.

    That being said, too many people sleep on BDP's third LP, Ghetto Music. Released in 1989, when the hip-hop world was truly beginning to explode and reach new heights of sales and exposure around the world, the album is arguably as powerful as the group's first two.

    As on By All Means Necessary, in the wake of the tragic death of original founder, producer and DJ Scott LaRock, KRS-One pushed along mightily on the production side, with help from his extended crew. Musically the sound created on albums 2 & 3 was funky, catchy, and continually innovative, giving him the perfect backdrop to build his "Edutainment" syllabus.

    Lyrically there was never a question about KRS' power, and on Ghetto Music he continues to impress, teach and ask important questions. Clear cases in point are two of the album's singles, "You Must Learn" and "Why Is That?" but he gets even deeper on lesser-jocked tracks like the anti-police thought-piece "Who Protects Us From You" (still sadly relevant in 2017), "Ghetto Music" and "World Peace."

    Still as strong and entertaining today as it was almost three decades ago, this new reissue is a perfect way for younger fans to embrace one of the most underrated hip-hop platters of the era.

    1. The Style You Haven't Done Yet
    2. Why Is That?
    3. The Blueprint
    4. Jack Of Spades
    5. Jah Rulez
    6. Breath Control

    7. Who Protects Us From You?
    8. You Must Learn
    9. Hip Hop Rules
    10. Bo! Bo! Bo!
    11. Gimme, Dat, (Woy)
    12. Ghetto Music
    13. World Peace
    Boogie Down Productions
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  • Defenders of Vinyl Vol. 3:  Dance Floor Grooves & Breaks Defenders of Vinyl Vol. 3: Dance Floor Grooves & Breaks Quick View

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    Defenders of Vinyl Vol. 3: Dance Floor Grooves & Breaks

    1. Dance To My
    2. 2000 Drums
    3. Rave Attack
    4. Deep In The Jungle Groove
    5. Hard Acid
    6. Tribal Zone
    7. Sum Say Sex
    8. Lets Bounce
    9. Groovy
    10. Happy Beat
    Madd Myles
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  • Whut? Thee Album Whut? Thee Album Quick View

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    Whut? Thee Album

    Red Colored Vinyl


    Reissue of the debut album from Reggie Noble AKA Redman on red vinyl. A close affiliate of the hip hop duo EPMD, Redman first met the group in 1990
    while DJing for DoItAll (of Lords of the Underground) at a club. They eventually met backstage and Erick Sermon was so impressed with Redman's raps
    that he invited him to perform during the duo's set. Before long Redman was touting with the group and earned himself a couple of guest features on
    EMPDs third record Business As Usual. One year later, Redman was signed to Def Jam, where he began writing and recording what would eventually
    become Whut? Thee Album.

    1. Psycho Ward
    2. Time 4 Sumaksion
    3. Da Funk
    4. News Break
    5. So Ruff
    6. Rated R
    7. Watch Yo Nuggets
    8. Psycho Dub
    9. Jam 4 U
    10. Blow Your Mind
    11. Hardcore
    12. Funky Uncles
    13. Redman Meets Reggie Noble
    14. Tonight's Da Night
    15. Blow Your Mind
    16. I'm A Bad
    17. Sessed One Night
    18. How To Roll A Blunt
    19. Sooper Luver Interview
    20. A Day Of Sooperman Lover
    21. Encore
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  • Regulate...G Funk Era (20th Anniversary) Regulate...G Funk Era (20th Anniversary) Quick View

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    Regulate...G Funk Era (20th Anniversary)

    Grammy®-nominated hip-hop pioneer Warren G is a Long Beach rapper who formed the legendary group 213 (named after the city's area code) with Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg, who went on to collaborate with step-brother Dr. Dre on The Chronic (providing the samples for "Nuthin' But a G-Thang")
    and contribute the track "Indo Smoke" with Mista Grimm and Nate Dogg on the Poetic Justice soundtrack. After a lively bidding war, Warren signed to Def Jam, which released his debut album, Regulate G Funk Era in 1994, with the title track climbing to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. In celebration of Def Jam's 30th Anniversary UMe will be releasing a "20th Anniversary Extended Edition" - The double-vinyl version features the album along with a bonus 12" (with the Destructo/Wax Motif and Photek remixes).
    1. Regulate (featuring Nate Dogg)
    2. Do You See
    3. Gangsta Sermon (featuring B-Tip and Ricky Harris)
    4. Recognize (featuring The Twinz)
    5. Super Soul Sis (featuring Jah Skills)
    6. 94 Ho Draft (featuring B-Tip and Ricky Harris)
    7. So Many Ways (featuring Wayniac and Lady Levi)
    8. This D.J. (featuring O.G.L.B.)
    9. This is the Shack (featuring The Dove Shack)
    10. What's Next (featuring Mr. Malik)
    11. And Ya Don't Stop
    12. Runnin' wit No Breaks (featuring Jah Skills, Bo Roc, G Child and The Twinz)

    LP2- 12
    1. Regulate (Destructo & Wax Motif Remix)
    2. Regulate (Photek Remix)

    Warren G
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  • Quality Quality Quick View

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    Universal Music Enterprises Continues Its "Respect The Classics" Tribute To Many Of Hip-hop's Finest With The Vinyl Reissue Of Rap Icon Talib Kweli's
    Historic Rawkus Records Catalog

    Quality, originally released in 2002, has not been available in vinyl since 2006, and includes the singles, the Kanye West-produced "Get By" and "Waiting
    for the DJ." The Beautiful Struggle, which came out in 2004, has been out of print on vinyl since 2006, and includes the singles "I Try" (featuring MJB) and
    "Never Been in Love." Train of Thought, released in 2000, produced the singles "The Blast" and "Love Language," and hasn't been available on vinyl
    since 2003.

    1. Keynote Speaker
    2. Rush
    3. Get By
    4. Shock Body
    5. Gun Music
    6. Waitin' for the DJ
    7. Joy
    8. Talk to You (Lil Darlin')
    9. Guerrilla Monsoon Rap
    10. Put It in the Air
    11. The Proud
    12. Where Do We Go (dedicated to Weldon Irvine)
    13. Stand to the Side
    14. Good to You
    15. Won't You Stay
    Talib Kweli
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  • King Of Rock King Of Rock Quick View

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    King Of Rock

    Before Run DMC's collaboration with Aerosmith "Walk This Way" smashed the hit charts and proved to the mainstream that rock and hip hop are mere sides of the same coin, the seminal hip hop group already introduced both styles to each other on their second album King Of Rock. This groundbreaking record was the first hip hop album to go platinum. As its title implies, the dynamic trio claim their supremacy by combining heavy 808 beats and massive guitar riff samples, proving they were the baddest group on the block, period. Their sound influenced late eighties hip hop on the whole, most notoriously by their label mates the Beastie Boys. King Of Rock's influence is phenomenal. Not only did it introduce rock fans to a new music, its fresh sounds also made all hip hop that came before it sound dated. This 1985 record is a trailblazing album to the umpteenth degree!
    1. Rock The House
    2. King Of Rock
    3. You Talk Too Much
    4. Jam-Master Jammin'
    5. Roots, Rap, Reggae feat. Yellowman
    6. Can You Rock It Like This
    7. You're Blind
    8. It's Not Funny
    9. Darryl And Joe (Krush-Groove 3)
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  • The Alexander Green Project (Discontinued) (On Sale) The Alexander Green Project (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    The Alexander Green Project (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    Deluxe Limited Edition:

    Includes Bonus 7 Single

    Both LP & 7 is on Green Vinyl

    Theres one rule in hip hop music that has transcended all of the phases in its four decade history: it doesnt matter what you do, but how you do it that really counts. This fact is no secret to Kev Brown (producer for Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, etc) who eschews the obscure in favor of certified soul classics as sample fodder for this project with emcee Kaimbr, The Alexander Green Project. Taking the familiar and reappropriating it into your own formula is no straightforward task but the soul-infused production on display with this project proves that in the right hands even the most recognizable of sources can be built into a fresh and engaging aesthetic. Kev Brown has those hands. Snippets of vocals punctuate sumptuous beats that are laced with chopped up strings, horn stabs, and intricate guitar licks to form a collection unified by source but ranging from the breezy to the bangin in terms of vibe. Kaimbr adds the final piece to this musical puzzle by combining a relaxed yet confident delivery with intricate rhyme schemes that nestle themselves assuredly into the beat.

    1. Solid

    2. Gritz
    4. Firewater (Bartendin')
    5. Hook
    6. Rappin'
    7. Songs
    8. My Apology
    9. Low Budget 260
    10. Army Fatigue Rap
    11. The Combination
    13. More Gritz
    Kev Brown & Kaimbr
    $19.99 $15.79 Save $4.20 (21%)
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  • Alternate / Endings Alternate / Endings Quick View

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    Alternate / Endings

    Lee Bannon is an experimental hip-hop producer from Sacramento, California. His work has spread along the vast hip hop scene, having produced Joey Bada$$, AbSoul, Souls of Mischief and others. In addition, Bannon has evolved his sound into traces of trance, jungle, and deep house music and establishing himself as one of the few producers able to navigate across all soundscapes.
    1. Resorectah
    2. NW/WB
    3. Prime/Decent
    4. Shoot Out The Stars And Win
    5. Bent/Sequence
    6. Phoebe Cates
    7. 216
    8. Perfect/Division
    9. Value 10
    10. Cold/Melt
    11. Readly/Available
    12. Eternal/Attack
    Lee Bannon
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  • Hip Hop Is Dead Hip Hop Is Dead Quick View

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    Hip Hop Is Dead

    1. Money Over Bullsh*t

    2. You Can't Kill Me

    3. Carry On Tradition

    4. Where Are They Now

    5. Hip Hop Is Dead

    6. Who Killed It?

    7. Black Republican

    8. Not Going Back

    9. Still Dreaming
    10. Hold Down The Block

    11. Blunt Ashes
    12. Let There Be Light

    13. Play On Playa
    14. Can't Forget About You

    15. Hustlers

    16. Hope
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  • Stoney Stoney Quick View

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    Pressed On 2x Orange Colored Vinyl

    Stoney is the debut studio album by American hip hop recording artist Post Malone, set for release on vinyl via Republic Records.

    The album features guest appearances from fellow recording artists Justin Bieber and Kehlani, alongside rappers Quavo and 2 Chainz. The production on the album was handled by Metro Boomin, Vinylz, Frank Dukes, Illangelo and FKi, Charlie Handsome, Rex Kudo and Foreign Teck, among others.

    1. Broken Whiskey Glass
    2. Big Lie
    3. Deja Vu (feat. Justin Bieber)
    4. No Option
    5. Cold
    6. White Iverson
    7. I Fall Apart
    8. Patient
    9. Go Flex
    10. Feel (feat. Kehlani)
    11. Too Young
    12. Congratulations (feat. Quavo)
    13. Up There
    14. Yours Truly, Austin Post
    Post Malone
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  • 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of (White Vinyl) 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of (White Vinyl) Quick View

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    3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of (White Vinyl)

    First Pressing Of 2.000 Copies On 180 Gram White Vinyl, Black Vinyl Thereafter

    Includes Insert With Song Lyrics

    Includes The Hits People Everyday, Mr. Wendal And Tennessee

    3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of... is the debut album by American Hip Hop group Arrested Development, released in 1992. The album's chart success was the beginning of the popularization of Southern Hip Hop.

    The album stood in stark contrast to the gangsta rap that ruled the Hip Hop charts in 1992, in its focus on spirituality, peace and love. It was voted as the best album of the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll. The album's title refers to the length of time it took Arrested Development to get a record contract.

    The album charted at #3 in the UK Charts, and #7 in the Billboard 200. Charting singles that came off the album are People Everyday, Mr. Wendal and Tennessee. The latter song is part of the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll list.

    1. Man's Final Frontier
    2. Mama's Always On Stage
    3. People Everyday
    4. Blues Happy
    5. Mr. Wendal
    6. Children Play With Earth
    7. Raining Revolution
    8. Fishin' 4 Religion
    9. Give A Man A Fish
    10. U
    11. Eve Of Reality
    12. Natural
    13. Dawn Of The Dreads
    14. Tennessee
    15. Washed Away
    Arrested Development
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  • The Powers That B The Powers That B Quick View

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    The Powers That B

    The Powers That B is the fourth studio album by experimental hip hop group Death Grips.
    1. Up My Sleeves
    2. Billy Not Really
    3. Black Quarterback
    4. Say Hey Kid
    5. Have a Sad Cum BB
    6. Fuck Me Out
    7. Voila
    8. Big Dipper

    1. I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States
    2. Inanimate Sensation
    3. Turned Off
    4. Why A Bitch Gotta Lie
    5. PSS PSS
    6. The Powers That B
    7. Beyond Alive
    8. Centuries of Damn
    9. On GP

    Death Grips
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Old Old Quick View

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    Danny jumps from artist to watch to undeniable icon with his magnum opus, Old. This emotionally-charged concept album is an intoxicating mix of Danny at his most experimental AND most accessible, balancing hip-hop grit with electronic club sonics and much, much more. Featuring guest appearances from A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Freddie Gibbs, Purity Ring, Charli XCX, and more overproduction from the likes of A-Trak and Rustie, Old is a psychedelic portrait of rap's most vital and exciting new star. Available on double vinyl!
    1. Side A (Old) [prod. Paul White]
    2. The Return [ft. Freddie Gibbs] [prod. Paul White]
    3. 25 Bucks [ft. Purity Ring] [prod. Corin Roddick]
    4. Wonderbread [prod. Paul White]
    5. Gremlins [prod. Oh No]
    6. Dope Fiend Rental [ft. Schoolboy Q] [prod. Skywlkr]
    7. Torture [prod. Oh No]
    8. Lonely [prod. Paul White]
    9. Clean Up [prod. Paul White]
    10. Red 2 Go [prod. Oh No]
    11. Side B (Dope Song) [prod. Rustie]
    12. Dubstep [ft. Scrufizzer] [prod. Skywlkr]
    13. Dip [prod. Skywlkr]
    14. Smokin & Drinkin [prod. A-Trak & JMIKE]
    15. Break It (Go) [prod. Rustie]
    16. Handstand [prod. Darq E. Freaker]
    17. Way Up Here [ft. Ab-Soul] [prod. Rustie]
    18. Kush Coma [ft. A$AP Rocky and Zelooperz] [prod. Skywlkr]
    19. Float On [ft. Charli XCX] [prod. Frank Dukes]
    Danny Brown
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Bottomless Pit Bottomless Pit Quick View

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    Bottomless Pit

    Death Grips is an experimental hip hop group from Sacramento, California, formed in 2010. Bottomless Pit is the
    bands fifth studio album.
    1. Giving Bad People Good Ideas
    2. Hot Head
    3. Spikes
    4. Warping
    5. Eh
    6. Bubbles Buried In This Jungle
    7. Trash
    8. Houdini
    9. BB Poison
    10. Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood
    11. Ring A Bell
    12. 80808
    13. Bottomless Pit
    Death Grips
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  • What A Time To Be Alive What A Time To Be Alive Quick View

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    What A Time To Be Alive

    What a Time to Be Alive is a collaborative mixtape by hip hop recording artists Drake, and Future. It was originally released on September 20, 2015.
    1. Digital Dash
    2. Big Rings
    3. Live From The Gutter
    4. Diamonds Dancing
    5. Scholarships
    6. Plastic Bag
    7. I'm The Plug
    8. Change Locations
    9. Jumpman
    10. Jersey
    11. 30 for 30 Freestyle
    Drake & Future
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  • Clinging To A Scheme Clinging To A Scheme Quick View

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    Clinging To A Scheme

    On their 2010 third release, Clinging To A Scheme, The Radio Dept. combined the most unequalled components of their previous two albums with winning results. Heavens On Fire is a passionate and yet passively aggressive attack on the unknown in an almost cheerful song with a hip-hop beat, obstinate guitars and a driving house-piano while Never Follow Suit has got Johan Duncansons hushed voice glued to a heavy bass, backbeat piano and shimmering flutes. Clinging To A Scheme is a low-key but intense soliloquy on issues of belonging and not belonging. Reissued on 180g vinyl!

    1. Domestic Scene

    2. Heavens On Fire
    3. This Time Around
    4. Never Follow Suit
    5. A Token of Gratitude
    6. The Video Dept.
    7. Memory Loss
    8. David
    9. Four Months In The Shade
    10. You Stopped Making Sense
    Radio Dept
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Starfucker Starfucker Quick View

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    Influenced by '80s hip-hop style, electro clash and lo-fi psych, this new Portland, OR based trio crafts handmade indie dance-pop delivered by dual drummers, handclaps, bleary synths, drum machines, clunky acoustic guitars and honeyed lo-fi harmonies. This is some of the catchiest, most danceable pop put to tape, and Starfucker are a band that is ready to explode! This Limited Edition White Vinyl LP edition also includes the vinyl only bonus track, Pistol Pete.
    1. Florida
    2. German Love
    3. Myke Ptyson
    4. Laadeedaa
    5. Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
    6. U Ba Kind
    7. Holly
    8. Hard Smart Beta
    9. Pop Song
    10. Miss You
    11. Isabella of Castile
    12. Pistol Pete (Bonus Track)
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  • Do You Want More?!!!??! Do You Want More?!!!??! Quick View

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    Do You Want More?!!!??!

    Black and Blue Colored Vinyl

    Do You Want More?!!!??! is the second studio album by American hip hop band The Roots, released October 24, 1994 on DGC Records. The band's major label-debut, it was released two years after their independent debut album, Organix (1993). Do You Want More?!!!??! has been considered by critics as a classic of hip hop jazz. In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums.

    1. Intro/There's Something Goin' On
    2. Proceed
    3. Distortion to Static
    4. Mellow My Man
    5. I Remain Calm
    6. Datskat
    7. Lazy Afternoon
    8. ? vs. Rahzel
    9. Do You Want More?!!!??! (Side B)

    1. What Goes On, Pt. 7 (featuring Elo)
    2. Essaywhuman?!!!??!
    3. Swept Away (featuring Cassandra Wilson)
    4. You Ain't Fly
    5. Silent Treatment
    6. The Lesson Pt. 1 (featuring Dice Raw)
    7. The Unlocking (featuring Ursula Rucker)

    The Roots
    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • House Party House Party Quick View

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    House Party

    House Party is the soundtrack to the 1990 film of the same name, staring the popular hip hop duo Kid 'n Play. Upon its initial release, the film garnered critical acclaim and has since become a cult classic. The soundtrack is made up of popular hip hop and R&B music of the late 1980s. Continuing with it's Respect The Classics campaign UMe will be reissuing this classic soundtrack back on vinyl for the first time since it's original pressing in 1990.
    1. Why You Get Funky On Me

    2. What A Feeling
    3. Jive Time Sucker

    4. House Party

    5. Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya, Man!

    6. Fun House

    7. To Da Break Of Dawn
    8. Kid Vs. Play (The Battle)
    9. This Is Love
    Various Artists
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  • Tougher Than Leather Tougher Than Leather Quick View

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    Tougher Than Leather

    Released in 1988, Tougher Than Leather was the culmination of the Rap/Rock road that Run-DMC travelled in since their earlier albums King Of Rock and Raising Hell. Its superb production, booming 808 beats combined with guitar samples, catchy choruses and smart rhymes made Tougher Than Leather undoubtedly the best Hip Hop record that came out in 1988.

    Great tracks include "Mary, Mary", "Run's House" and "I'm Not Going Out Like That". Its equal appeal to Hip Hop as well as Rock fans made the album a million seller, and underlined Run-DMC's stature as living Hip Hop legends all over the world.

    1. Run's House
    2. Mary, Mary
    3. They Call Us Run-D.M.C.
    4. Beats To The Rhyme
    5. Radio Station
    6. Papa Crazy
    7. Tougher Than Leather
    8. I'm Not Going Out Like That
    9. How'd Ya Do It Dee
    10. Miss Elaine
    11. Soul To Rock And Roll
    12. Ragtime
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