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  • Modern Jazz au Club Saint Germain Modern Jazz au Club Saint Germain Quick View

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    Modern Jazz au Club Saint Germain

    After hitting Paris in 1950, saxophonist Bobby Jaspar enthralled jazz fans and jazzmen alike with his smooth, elegant playing, with the lyricism of his tranquil phrases heavily influenced by Stan Getz in particular. So when Jaspar began regularly performing with a small ensemble at the Club St-Germain five years later, he adopted the same instrumentation as that of his idol's illustrious quintet, with Sacha Distel on guitar and RenÉ Urtreger on piano in the roles of Jimmy Raney and Al Haig, respectively.
    Contrary to what its title might suggest, Modern Jazz au Club St-Germain was actually recorded in the studio. It features compositions by Milt Jackson, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis along with a handful of standards, in which the angular aridity of bebop gives way to the generous and yet sensitive idiom of cool jazz.

    Jaspar's premature death in 1963 robbed the jazz world of a promising talent; this record is among his best efforts as a leader. Bobby Jaspar is in top form here!!!

    Recording: December 1955 at the PathÉ Magellan studio, Paris


    • Bobby Jaspar (tenor saxophone, flute)

    • Sacha Distel (guitar)

    • RenÉ Urtreger (piano)

    • Benoit Quersin (bass)

    • Jean-Louis Viale (drums)

    1. Bag's Groove
    2. Memory Of Dick
    3. Miles Tone
    4. Minor Drops
    5. I Remember April
    6. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
    7. I Can't Get Started (With You)
    8. A Night In Tunisia
    Bobby Jaspar
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  • From Chaos From Chaos Quick View

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    From Chaos

    Upon 311's vigorous return, vocalist S.A. Martinez declares, I'm on a new high with a pen and a pad, and for fun I attend a jam that's super bad. While the members of the Omaha-bred quintet aren't lyrical rocket scientists, these disciples of positivity have nonetheless re-emerged on a new high with a jam that's super bad. From Chaos astonishes and impresses with considerable energy and focus, proving itself as the album 311 has always been capable of making. With Tim Mahoney's razor-edged riffing and Nick Hexum and Martinez's super-charged vocals, their Volcano label debut rocks harder and rides smoother than each preceding effort.

    Amidst their signature hip-hop/heavy rock/reggae hybrid, 311 additionally blends surf guitar over jungle beats, merges punk guitar with dancehall, and introduces ska, à la Hexum's autobiographical I'll Be Here Awhile, to their sonic repertoire. Tracks such as the carpe diem-inspired Wake Your Mind Up and the boastful Sick Tight prove the quintet hasn't forsaken their old-school formula, while the amorous Amber, perhaps their most charming composition, exhibits a melodic versatility and musical ambition unlike many of their pigeonholed contemporaries. Under the technical lead of veteran producer and engineer Ron Saint Germain (aka Saint), From Chaos effectively captures the energy of the live shows, per bassist P-Nut, and despite the band's growing musical complexity, each selection remains a perfect candidate for the well-traveled road ahead. Drummer Chad Sexton affirms it's our best-performed record, and despite the album's semi-ironic title, he couldn't be more right. Whether employing the computer or stereo for amusement, From Chaos is the sonic cornerstone for remarkably original rap-metal. ~ Jacob N. Lunders, Rovi

    1. You Get Worked
    2. Sick Tight
    3. You Wouldn't Believe
    4. Full Ride
    5. From Chaos
    6. I Told Myself
    7. Champagne
    8. Hostile Apostle
    9. Wake Your Mind Up
    10. Amber
    11. Uncalm
    12. I'll Be Here Awhile
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  • Goo Goo Quick View

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    Goo is the sixth studio album by American alternative rock band Sonic Youth. The album was Sonic Youth's debut release on a major record label, after the band signed to Geffen Records following the release of Daydream Nation (1988).

    Goo was recorded over a short period in early 1990 at Sorcerer Sound Recording Studios and Greene St. Recording with Daydream Nation producer Nick Sansano and additional producer Ron Saint Germain. The album's sound diverged considerably from their earlier material and is often considered their most accessible album, with elements of experimental rock, garage punk, alternative rock and hard rock.

    1. Dirty Boots
    2. Tunic (Song For Karen)
    3. Mary-Christ
    4. Kool Thing
    5. Mote
    6. My Friend Goo
    7. Disappearer
    8. Mildred Pierce
    9. Cinderella's Big Score
    10. Scooter & Jinx
    11. Titanium Expose
    Sonic Youth
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  • Unchained Spirit Unchained Spirit Quick View

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    Unchained Spirit

    Personnel includes: Buju Banton, Gramps, LMS, Beres Hammond, Luciano, Stephen Marley, Rancid, Wayne Wonder. Producers include: Donovan Germain, Mark Myrie, Tyrone Downie, Stephen Marsden, Tony Kelly. The once controversial Buju Banton, vilified for his anti-homosexual sentiments on his early single Boom Bye Bye and for his typically violent and slack dancehall, artistically turned the corner in 1995 with the release of the conscious and wistful Til Shiloh. The follow-up in 1998, Inna Heights, was equally spiritual and devoid of negativity. The third installment in this awakening is Unchained Spirit, released in September of 2000: a vital and rhythmic mix of homegrown Jamaican philosophy, biblical harmonizing, and just plain eerie dancehall. Banton sets the album off with a slow chant of Psalm 23, giving the album a spiritual center with which the rest radiates.
    1. Intro
    2. 23rd Psalm - (Patois, featuring Gramps Of Morgan Heritage)
    3. We'll Be Alright - (featuring Luciano)
    4. Pull It Up - (Patois, featuring Beres Hammond)
    5. Guns and Bombs
    6. Better Must Come - (Patois)
    7. Sudan - (Patois)
    8. Life is a Journey - (Patois)
    9. Breathless
    10. Mighty Dread - (Patois)
    11. Law and Order - (Patois)
    Buju Banton
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  • Blame Confusion Blame Confusion Quick View

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    Blame Confusion

    Montreal band Solids went to school with bands from the 90s, like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Superchunk. Formed by Xavier Germain-Poitras (guitar) and Louis Guillemette (drums), the duo has understood that melody never shines as much as when it is forced to fight its way through many layers of distortion and feedback effects. A first EP released in 2010, Generic Dogs, already united fans of chaotic choruses under the banner of their intense rock. A 7 (Fog Friends b / w Blown Out) and a split 7 created with Toronto band Animal Faces have confirmed Solid's reputation: a rare duo able to reconcile punks, rockers and metalheads. Blame Confusion, recorded by Adrian Popovich at Mountain City Studio (We Are Wolves, Sam Roberts, The Dears, etc.), is the band's first full-length album.
    1. Over The Sirens
    2. Off White
    3. Traces
    4. Haze Away
    5. Blame Confusion
    6. Laisser Faire
    7. Cold Hands
    8. Through The Walls
    9. Not Complaining
    10. Terminal
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  • Wuda Cuda Shuda (Colored Vinyl) Wuda Cuda Shuda (Colored Vinyl) Quick View

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    Wuda Cuda Shuda (Colored Vinyl)

    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

    First Time On Vinyl

    First Pressing Of 500 Numbered Copies On Orange Vinyl, Black Vinyl Thereafter

    Fred Wesley is an American jazz and funk trombonist, best known for his work with James Brown in the 60s and 70s, as well as his work with Parliament-Funkadelic in the second half of the 70s.

    Wesley became a force in jazz in 1978 when he joined the Count Basie Orchestra. In 2015 Wesley was inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.

    Wuda Cuda Shuda was made during Fred Wesley's 2002 European Tour. The band played in Alençon, Le Havre, Nancy, St Germain, Massy, Zurich, Peer, Marcq en Baroeul, Brainans, St Nazaire, London, Leeds & Chaumont.

    The LP is called Wuda Cuda Shuda because of all the excuses that were made up for not doing it sooner. We Wuda done it last year or we Cuda done it when we were in New York or we Shuda done it with the guy from this label or that label and such weak ass procrastinations like that - Fred Wesley.

    This LP, as it is with the Fred Wesley Band, is an eclectic collection of rhythms.

    1. Getcho Money Ready
    2. Geek Goom
    3. The Ballad Of Beulah Baptist
    4. Wuda Cuda Shuda

    5. I Love You Like A Brother
    6. Can't Leave It Alone
    7. El Paso

    8. Andrea 4

    9. Get Down Widcho Baad Self
    10. Ernie's Bag

    11. Email For Dad

    12. Smooth Move
    Fred Wesley
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Chet Baker And His Quintet With Bobby Jaspar Chet Baker And His Quintet With Bobby Jaspar Quick View

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    Chet Baker And His Quintet With Bobby Jaspar

    In answer to an offer from Nicole Barclay, Chet Baker arrived in Paris early in September 1955. On the 22nd - or maybe the 23rd - he signed a contract to make seven records... (The figure was later erased and replaced by 'three', which turned out to be correct). Released after the trumpeter's return to the USA, this last volume was construed as rather a poor relation opposite the others in the trilogy, all the more so because, hurriedly drafted, the sleeve-notes did little to render unto Caesar the things which were Caesar's. Unlike the earlier opuses, this one was in no way a concept-album: it contented itself with a simple overview of Chet's Parisian associations, depending on where his fancies took him in the course of his stay. When Chet entered the Studio PathÉ-Magellan on October 25th, only one member of his original accompanying trio was still present: pianist Dick Twardzik had died of an overdose, and drummer Peter Littman had returned home after selling his kit for whatever it would fetch. Jimmy Bond and his contrabass, however, were both still there, and in the ensuing octet session Chet's melodic gifts were magnified by (remarkable) scores penned by Pierre Michelot - Chet, Dinah - and Christian Chevalier (Vline). The three pieces were mini-concertos, and the trumpeter loved them so much that he decided to do them again back in America ... but not so successfully. On November 28th Chet went back into the same studio, this time with Raymond Fol on piano, Benoît Quersin on bass and Jean-Louis Viale on drums. They recorded two improvisations: the first was based on a 1932 standard from Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz, Alone Together, while the second began with Exitus, a composition written by one of Baker's friends, Phil Urso. The performances are among the most beautiful that Chet produced during this period, along with Chekeeta - or Chik-Etah - and How about You? which put the seal on a partnership that had first come to light at the Club Saint-Germain, temporarily rechristened for the occasion: »Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 16h30 to 19h30 at the Barclay's Club - 13 rue Saint-Benoît, Paris - Bobby Jaspar Quintet with American trumpeter Chet Baker«, read the sign. The format was stylistically ideal, leading Chet to abandon the quartet format he'd preferred up until then. To respect his next bookings, Chet had to get a stable band together, and as his pianist he chose Raph Schecroun - later known as Errol Parker - who was himself replaced by Francy Boland. Alongside him were bassist Eddie de Haas, who'd previously been with Martial Solal and Henri Renaud (the latter, in the adventure, also lost his regular drummer, Charles Saudrais, who was just seventeen. According to Jean-Louis Chautemps, »When Bobby Jaspar couldn't do it or just wanted too much, they looked for someone cheaper; and that was me. There wasn't really an audition: we were in the Tabou, I played with Chet, he said OK and, two days later, we found ourselves in Reykjavik, Iceland.« The tune Tasty Pudding written by Al Cohn and Anticipated Blues, one of the rare pieces Chet claimed to have written, were in the repertoire played by this last Baker-led formation on the Old Continent.

    Both pieces, once again, moved Pierre Michelot to pass judgement: »With ordinary means, Chet managed to play phrases of extraordinary beauty with simplicity and clarity.«

    Recording: between 25 October 1955 and 15 March 1956 at PathÉ Magellan Studio, Paris.


    • Chet Baker (trumpet)

    • Benny Vasseur (trombone)

    • Bobby Jaspar, Jean-Louis Chautemps (tenor saxophone)

    • Rene Urtreger, Francy Boland (piano)

    • Jimmy Bond, Benoit Quersin, Eddie De Haas (bass)

    • Nils-Bertil Dahlander, Charles Saudrais (drums)

    1. How About You
    2. Once In A While
    3. Chekeetah
    4. Alone Together
    5. Chet
    6. Dinah
    7. Tasty Pudding
    8. Anticipated Blues
    9. Vline
    10. Exitus
    Chet Baker
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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