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  • Hard Attack Hard Attack Quick View

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    Hard Attack

    The 70's were the golden era of rock music. Especially in 1972 albums such as Deep Purple's Machine Head, Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, Uriah Heep's Demons and Wizards, Black Sabbath's Vol. 4, and of course the colossal live Made in Japan were released. In addition to their undeniable historical value, these albums were released by British artists that dominated the rock scene back then. On the other side of the Atlantic, 3 teens from the US were forming a short-lived band that released only two albums but had a strong impact on a small nucleus of fans that recognized something different in the sound of Dust. The sound of Hard Attack, the band's second and final release, that we now call proto-metal is influenced by the likes of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, the Who and even Cream. So, what we have here is an American band that sounds as if it consists of British musicians. The band members however were not strangers to the world of rock. Drummer Marc Bell became known as Marky Ramone, while singer and guitarist Richie Wise went on to produce the first two KISS albums along with Kenny Kerner who wrote the lyrics of Hard Attack. Nevertheless, bass player Kenny Aaronson is the one who shines mostly throughout the album with his amazing musicianship.

    As a result, the fact that the album sounds like a fusion of the aforementioned bands is not accidental. In addition, the listener can recognize elements of KISS from the very beginning with excellent riffs, heavy rock attitude but most notably huge chugging bass lines. But it's not just speed and heaviness that this band has to offer. The combination of acoustic and electric guitar showcases the band's ability to create more melodic passages along with their proto-metal sound. The song Suicide is the pinnacle of the whole album as one can listen to the band's Sabbathian sound accompanied by drum fills reminiscent of Ginger Baker. Bear in mind that in this release Marc Bell (aka Marky Ramone) is just 16 years old. Additionally, one can listen to melodic brakes in the middle of some songs that remind Uriah Heep and psychedelic influences from the likes of the Beatles. Moreover, the band sounds even more interesting when they add strings and organ to a mellow song with lyrics such as "Angry angels cried, Satan yearning cast a spell on us, Cherubim with wings that cannot fly, Dancing demons fill the sky". An additional sample of proto-metal can be heard in the speedy instrumental Ivory with its catchy riffs, cool bass licks, and Paice-like drumming. As you may have guessed, Dust is not your typical 70's hard rock band. Yes, they do incorporate elements from several bands but they add their own style in order to produce a rather exciting outcome, that we now call proto-metal.

    - manosg (Sputnik Music)

    1. Pull Away/So Many Times
    2. Walk In The Soft Rain
    3. Thusly Spoken
    4. Learning To Die
    5. All In All
    6. I Been Thinkin
    7. Ivory
    8. How Many Horses
    9. Suicide
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  • Dust Dust Quick View

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    Screaming Trees is considered to be one of the Godfathers of Grunge. Although they were one of the best 'Seattle-bands' of the early nineties, they never achieved the commercial success of bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

    Founded in 1985, the band had to wait till 1992 for their biggest commercial success, the release of 'Sweet Oblivion'. 'Dust' is their seventh and final album originally released in 1996. In contrast to the group's previous recordings that were more influenced by psychedelic rock and punk, 'Dust' is equally influenced by folk and blues, while still retaining a harder-edged sound. After this album The Screaming Trees disbanded.

    Lead singer Mark Lanegan started a very successful solo career, working with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Greg Dulli (Afghan Wigs), Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian) and UNKLE.

    Side 1

    1. Halo Of Ashes

    2. All I Know

    3. Look At You

    4. Dying Days

    5. Make My Mind

    Side 2
    1. Sworn And Broken

    2. Witness

    3. Traveler

    4. Dime Western

    5. Gospel Plow

    Screaming Trees
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Total Dust Total Dust Quick View

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    Total Dust

    Dusted is Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck, LIDS) and Leon Taheny (Final Fantasy, Rituals, Bruce Peninsula). Wanting to explore a different sound, but unsure of where or how to find it, Borcherdt spent a December weekend in Nova Scotia. Alone and unable to sleep in a cold, dank cabin, he drew musical inspiration from his sparse surroundings. Fueled by a psychedelic hum underneath a veil of low drone-y distortion, Total Dust is Borcherdt's revelation.

    Most bands don't record through a small, blown-out practice amp. You may find however that it works, as the guitar fights its way through, only the most important notes survive. Their songs don't exist to be overproduced. They're recorded lean and they stay that way. In fact, it's almost impossible to manipulate anything when your studio is either a small converted garage or a rural cabin stocked with a scattered drum kit, a bass synth, and a tambourine. That's why every track was laid completely bare, stripped of all unnecessary instrumentation so that what remains is sometimes melodic, sometimes haunting, and always integral.

    Before even one song had been released, the band signed with Polyvinyl and played a show with labelmates Deerhoof and of Montreal. Their performance challenged the limitations of a two-piece: vocals and guitar expelled over a raucous backbone of live drums, 808 samples, and bass synth.

    1. All Comes Down
    2. (Into the) Atmosphere
    3. Cut Them Free
    4. Low Humming
    5. Bruises
    6. Pale Light
    7. Property Lines
    8. Dusted
    9. Long It Lasts
    10. There Somehow
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Dust Bowl Dust Bowl Quick View

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    Dust Bowl

    Originally released on CD in 2011, Dust Bowl is now available on 180 gram black vinyl for the first time.
    LP 1
    1. Slow Train
    2. Dust Bowl
    3. Tennessee Plates
    4. The Meaning Of The Blues
    5. Black Lung Heartache
    6. You Better Watch Yourself

    LP 2
    1. The Last Matador Of Bayonne
    2. Heartbreaker
    3. No Love On The Street
    4. The Whale That Swallowed Jonah
    5. Sweet Rowena
    6. Prisoner

    Joe Bonamassa
    180 Gram Audiopbhile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Dust Lane Dust Lane Quick View

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    Dust Lane

    Yann Tiersen, already a major performer in his native France and throughout Europe, makes his ANTIâ€and official U.S. debut with Dust Lane. Best known here for his soundtracks for arthouse hits Amelie and Goodbye Lenin, Tiersen is a classically trained composer, whose arresting scores combine folk song, French impressionism, and avant-garde elements into vast emotional landscapes. For Dust Lane, Tiersen has created a cinematic orchestral pop record that recalls the swagger of classic Serge Gainsbourg, the bravura of early Eno, and the faded musicâ€hall grandeur of Brits like Pulp and Divine Comedy. Veering from sunny folk inspired songs to full choir workouts, Dust Lane is ambitious in the way albums used to be in the early '70s: an auspicious U.S. arrival for a new artist.
    1. Amy
    2. Dust Lane
    3. Dark Stuff
    4. Palestine
    5. Chapter Nineteen
    6. Ashes
    7. Till The End
    8. F**k Me
    Yann Tiersen
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  • Angel Dust Angel Dust Quick View

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    Angel Dust

    In an era when numerous Funk Metal acts ruled the airwaves, one of the genre's forefathers Faith No More proved to be the undisputed masters of inventive songwriting with their album Angel Dust (1992). After gaining mainstream success with their previous album The Real Thing (off the back of global hit "Epic") in 1989, the band continued three years later with Angel Dust, a mind-bending masterpiece of musicianship. To celebrate the Music on Vinyl 180-gram reissue, we've pressed the first 2000 copies on transparent blue vinyl and included their impressive and popular Lionel Richie cover "Easy" as a hidden bonus track!

    This title is not eligible for further discount.

    1. Land Of Sunshine
    2. Caffeine
    3. Midlife Crisis
    4. Rv
    5. Smaller and Smaller
    6. Everything's Ruined
    7. Malpractice
    8. Kindergarten

    1. Be Aggressive
    2. A Small Victory
    3. Crack Hitler
    4. Jizzlobber
    5. Midnight Cowboy
    6. Easy*

    *Hidden Track

    Faith No More
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Pacific Dust Pacific Dust Quick View

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    Pacific Dust

    For the band's seventh full-length studio album, The Mother Hips have never been more primed to share their well-traveled tales, the long days and nights on the road, the gritty politics, the smart inward reflections and most of all the music, all delivered with a most appealing balance of Americana storytelling and their California-burnished rock. Pacific Dust's compositions about penning a song in your kitchen at 3:00 am (the thundering album opener White Falcon Fuzz), record company politics (garage-rock boogie Third Floor Story), and a father and son's relationship through music (on the ballad Young Charles Ives) indeed tell the story of many American rock bands. But here's why it matters: The Mother Hips have survived, and in fact thrived, throughout the journey and Pacific Dust, with its bittersweet melodies, poignant lyrics, and strong and gritty musicianship, is a perfect example of why.

    Earlier albums such as Part-Timer Goes Full, Green Hills of Earth, and Red Tandy have become almost cult classics among indie music buffs, and the band's most recent 2007 release, Kiss the Crystal Flake, offered proof that the band still continues to attract new supporters. Over the years, the band has worked with and played alongside a slew of renowned/respected colleagues including super-producer Rick Rubin, Wilco, Johnny Cash, and many others. Today, armed with their newest release Pacific Dust, The Hips are poised to take their experience and talent to yet another level.

    Mother Hips, The
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  • Pleiades' Dust Pleiades' Dust Quick View

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    Pleiades' Dust

    The critically-acclaimed GORGUTS has a bold legacy of progression that permeates their 25 year existence. Each album is distinctly different from, but builds upon, the ones that came before it, steadily expanding and strengthening their vision and musical vocabulary. The new EP 'Pleiades' Dust' is their most adventurous step yet. A singular, 33-minute narrative composition, 'Pleiades Dust' is a deft marriage of extreme metals bombast with the tenets of classical composition. As is their wont, one of metal's most unique and respected bands has created yet another groundbreaking piece of music with 'Pleiades' Dust.'
    1. Pleiades' Dust*

    *This album is one long track which was split into sides A & B for vinyl.

    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • To Dust To Dust Quick View

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    To Dust

    To Dust will be the first solo album from Alice Russell since 2008's Pot Of Cold, and marks the next step forward in a remarkable career. Whether on a big stage with her 16-piece band, charming a crowd of 4000 into staying out dancing in the rain (as she did at Montreal Jazz Festival) or rocking out an intimate club with a stripped-down six piece, Alice's natural talent and charisma have always commanded attention and affection. Unfazed by taking to the spotlight after a sober Amy Winehouse or joining Roy Ayers live for Everybody Love The Sunshine, it is no wonder she has attracted worldwide media support, and praise from fans as diverse as Gilles Peterson, David Byrne, Dennis Coffey, Massive Attack's Daddy G, and Groove Armada.
    1. A to Z
    2. Heartbreaker Part 2
    3. 4 A While
    4. Heartbreaker
    5. I Love You (Interlude)
    6. Hard & Strong
    7. To Dust
    8. I Loved You
    9. Twin Peaks
    10. Heartbreaker (Interlude)
    11. Let Go (Breakdown)
    12. Drinking Song (Interlude)
    13. Citizens
    14. Different
    Alice Russell
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  • Shrink Dust Shrink Dust Quick View

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    Shrink Dust

    Calgary, Alberta's Chad VanGaalen's blood flows by unrestrained creative
    impulses. He has never worked in a commercial recording studio. By
    his hands alone, one line, sound, shape or word leads organically to the
    next. Over the last ten to fifteen years, Chad has been producing living
    maps in songs, drawings, modified instruments, animations and
    performances--shifting forms pointing to another world, infinitely more
    liveable, maybe hidden just under the surface of our own
    ever-disintegrating reality.

    In Shrink Dust, Chad's fifth full-length album under his own name, we
    have a new window into his world. The album is, in Chad's view, a country
    record. It is also partially a score to Chad's soon-to-be released, animated,
    sci-fi feature, Translated Log of Inhabitants ("It's like Bob and Doug
    McKenzie in space," says Chad).

    Always a fan of esoteric instruments, Chad taught himself to play an
    aluminum pedal steel guitar. His experiments with this instrument unify
    the album, along with themes of death, transformation, fear, benign evil,
    and the eccentricity of love. A newfound affection for The Flying Burrito
    Brothers, and the sci-fi mysticism of the 1980s graphic novel The Incal
    by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius, also drove the album.

    Somehow, with all of its disparate influences and components, Shrink
    Dust might be one of the most accessible moments in CVG's creative
    life, simply because it is more apparent than ever how much fun he is
    having blurring the lines between the vivid worlds of his creation, and
    the world his audience inhabits. For those who are open to it, Chad's
    adventures in music and art illuminate a path that is more colorful,
    playful, and sustainable than those commonly available to us. A path
    that is, most importantly, always changeable.

    1. Cut Off My Hands
    2. Where Are You?
    3. Frozen Paradise
    4. Lila
    5. Weighed Sin
    6. Monster
    7. Evil
    8. Leaning On Bells
    9. All Will Combine
    10. Weird Love
    11. Hangman's Son
    12. Cosmic Destroyer
    Chad Vangaalen
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  • Goofer Dust Goofer Dust Quick View

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    Goofer Dust

    1. Nootroduction
    2. Lifestyle Upgrade
    3. Josè Tussin
    4. Noot Indulgence
    5. Fire King
    6. Neighborhood Clucker
    7. Chilè Filès
    8. Sugar Bicycle
    9. Chunky Dunk
    10. Poison Pen
    11. House of Light
    12. The River Maker's Table
    13. Nomadic Static
    14. Ma
    Noot D'Noot
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  • Rock Dust Light Star Rock Dust Light Star Quick View

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    Rock Dust Light Star

    Rock Dust Light Star is the seventh album from British Jazz Funk pioneers Jamiroquai. Fronted by the charismatic Jay Kay, this is the band's first album in five years, following Dynamite with the kind of catchiness that made Jamiroquai a household name. Recorded between Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Thailand, Rock Dust Light Star features the single 'Blue Skies', a Take That-esque uplifting pop song - a departure from tracks such as 'Space Cowboy'. This record shows the group's talent remains as strong as it was in 1994.
    1. Rock Dust Light Star
    2. White Knuckle Ride
    3. Smoke And Mirrors
    4. All Good In The Hood
    5. Hurtin'
    6. Blue Skies
    7. Lifeline
    8. She's A Fast Persuader
    9. Two Completely Different Things
    10. Goodbye To My Dancer
    11. Never Gonna Be Another
    12. Hey Floyd
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Dust And Disquiet Dust And Disquiet Quick View

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    Dust And Disquiet

    Caspian present Dust & Disquiet, the band's first full length since 2012. The band returned to Q Division Studios in Somerville, Massachusetts again with producer Matt Bayless (Mastodon, Minus The Bear, Isis) where they recorded the highly acclaimed Waking Season ("the Best Post-Rock Album of Year," said SPIN Magazine in 2012). The result showcases a maturation of the quiet/loud dynamic that Caspian has been exploring since their debut EP, You Are the Conductor. The new album reflects the many moods of post-rock from the album opener with horns and a string quartet ("Separation No. 2"), riffs on the wilder, steel-eyed side of country ("Rioseco"), all the while staying true to its epic brand of build-and-release rock ("Arcs of Command," "Dust & Disquiet").
    1. Separation No. 2
    2. Ríoseco
    3. Arcs of Command
    4. Echo and Abyss
    5. Run Dry
    6. Equal Night
    7. Sad Heart of Mine
    8. Darkfield
    9. Aeternum Vale
    10. Dust and Disquiet

    Side D
    Intentionally Blank

    Colored Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Ashes & Dust Ashes & Dust Quick View

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    Ashes & Dust

    Ashes and Dust is a masterful work of art and a particularly important statement for the Grammy Award winning artist Warren Haynes. The songs are immediately and clearly different from his usual style - encompassing beautiful acoustic arrangements, a rootsy/Americana soundscape and honeyed vocals that cut straight through to the soul. Knowing that he wanted to pursue a more folk-based approach on this project, he brought in the New Jersey-based Americana band Railroad Earth as collaborators.
    1. Is It Me Or You
    2. Coal Tattoo
    3. Blue Maiden's Tale
    4. Company Man
    5. New Year's Eve
    6. Beat Down The Dust
    7. Glory Road

    1. Gold Dust Woman
    2. Stranded In Self-Pity
    3. Wanderlust
    4. Spots Of Time
    5. Hallelujah Boulevard
    6. Word On The Wind

    Warren Haynes
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Carried To Dust Carried To Dust Quick View

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    Carried To Dust

    There's always been intrigue and adventure at the heart of Calexico. Ever since they were a largely instrumental duo, Joey Burns and John Convertino have constantly imbued their music with an unparalleled sense of drama, calling upon the myths and iconography of the American West and its Spanish speaking neighbor Mexico. Equal parts Sergio Leone, Larry McMurty, Carlos Fuentes and Cormac McCarthy. Naming themselves after a town near the California/Mexico border in honor of this cultural melange, they've spent the eighteen years since they met in Los Angeles mapping out their musical territory.

    For Carried To Dust, Calexico called on a rotating cast of musicians and friends to help them create what is arguably their most varied and strongest output to date. The band lineup that solidified around Feast of Wire (Burns, Convertino, Martin Wenk, Jacob Valenzuela, Paul Niehaus, Volker Zander) is back again, along with a number of guests including Sam Beam, Douglas McCombs and Pieta Brown.

    The new record is a shining example of Calexico's commitment to constantly redefining exactly who they are. A continued examination of their sources of inspiration, Carried To Dust is the next step in Calexico's ongoing quest of moving forward while never turning its back on the past. A remarkably well-rounded album, Carried To Dust underscores the band's restraint and beauty while showcasing every aspect of the bands' exceptional talents.

    1. Victor Jara's Hands
    2. Two Silver Trees
    3. The News About William
    4. Sarabande in Pencil Form
    5. Writer's Minor Holiday
    6. Man Made Lake
    7. Inspiracion
    8. House of Valparaiso
    9. Slownewss
    10. Bend To The Road
    11. El Gatillo (Trigger Revisited)
    12. Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
    13. Falling From Sleeves
    14. Red Blooms
    15. Contention City
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  • Angel Dust (Deluxe) Angel Dust (Deluxe) Quick View

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    Angel Dust (Deluxe)

    180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl With Gatefold Sleeves

    Features A 2nd LP With A Selection Of Rarities

    As Faith No More prepares to unleash its first new album in nearly 20 years, Rhino Records celebrates the back-to-back classic albums that helped establish the band's vital and visceral musical legacy with Deluxe Editions of THE REAL THING and ANGEL DUST.

    Each album will be offered as a double LP, 180gm heavyweight black vinyl format of each album, featuring the original album and a selection of the rarities related to each. The release date of the vinyl formats is planned for August.

    Like all bands who transcended their time to become cornerstones of an era, Faith No More sounded like nobody else. The group's commercial breakthrough came in 1989 with the release of THE REAL THING. It was the band's third album, but the first to feature the line-up of Mike Bordin (drums), Roddy Bottum (keyboards), Bill Gould (bass), Jim Martin (guitars), and Mike Patton (vocals). The album was incredibly diverse, yet every song was linked by the band's own developing style. It peaked at #11 on the charts and was certified platinum, spawning the singles, "From Out Of Nowhere" and "Falling To Pieces," as well as "Epic," which was ubiquitous on radio and MTV.

    After extensive touring, the band returned in 1992 with ANGEL DUST. It climbed to #10 on the U.S. album charts and would later be recognized as one of the most influential releases of the era. The album swings between extremes-aggressive and disturbing, but also beautiful and soothing-showing off every facet of the band's quirky eloquence on such diverse tracks as "Midlife Crisis," "Jizzlobber," "R.V." and "Small Victory."

    Among the nine tracks featured on the bonus disc is a mix of "Midlife Crisis" by the band's longtime producer Matt Wallace, a trio of live recordings from a concert in Munich, Germany, as well as covers of the Dead Kennedys' "Let's Lynch The Landlord" and the band's unforgettable take on the Commodores' "Easy."

    LP1 (as per 1992 1LP version)

    1. Land Of Sunshine
    2. Caffeine
    3. Midlife Crisis
    4. RV
    5. Everything's Ruined
    6. Malpractice
    7. Kindergarten
    8. Be Aggressive
    9. A Small Victory
    10. Jizzlobber
    11. Smaller And Smaller

    1. Easy

    2. Midnight Cowboy

    3. Crack Hitler

    4. Midlife Crisis (The Scream Mix) Remixed by Matt Wallace
    5. The World Is Yours (Angel Dust outtake)
    6. As The Worm Turns (Mike Patton vocal / Japan bonus track)
    7. Das Schutzenfest (German version)
    8. Let's Lynch The Landlord (B-Side)
    9. Be Aggressive (Live in Munich 9th November 1992)
    10. Kindergarten (Live in Munich 9th November 1992)
    11. We Care A Lot (Live in Munich 9th November 1992)

    Faith No More
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Exit Planet Dust Exit Planet Dust Quick View

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    Exit Planet Dust

    The Chemical Brothers' first seven studio albums will again be available in the U.S. Each comes repackaged in the
    original sleeve artwork that the first pressings came in. Audio has been cut from the original lacquers directly from
    the studio of the original engineer, Mike Marsh, and fully approved by The Chemical Brothers' Ed Simons and Tom
    LP 1
    1.Leave Home
    2.In Dust We Trust
    3.Song To The Siren
    4.Three Little Birdies Down Beats
    5.Fuck Up Beats
    6.Chemical Beats

    LP 2
    1.Life Is Sweet
    2.Playground For A Wedgeless Firm
    3.Chico's Groove
    4.One Too Many Mornings

    5.Alive Alone

    Chemical Brothers
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Shinola Runwell Dust Cover (Tabletop) Shinola Runwell Dust Cover (Tabletop) Quick View

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    Shinola Runwell Dust Cover (Tabletop)

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    The Only Dust Cover Authorized By VPI Industries/Shinola

    In order to protect your investment in a Shinola turntable, AudioShield created a product line that supports the Runwell turntable.

    This product is 100% made in the United States of America.

    AudioShield warrants this unit against defects in materials and/or workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase.

    Turntable not included in purchase.

    Dust Cover - Tabletop Buy Now
  • AudioShield Dust Cover Detail Kit AudioShield Dust Cover Detail Kit Quick View

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    AudioShield Dust Cover Detail Kit

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Over time household cleaners (such as Windex) will damage the acrylic covers over time.

    We recommend the use of a cleaning and protectant solution to clean your cover.

    Includes 8 oz. cleaner/protectant with highly absorbent reusable cleaning pads.

    Cleaning Kit For Dust Cover Buy Now
  • Dust Yourself Off (Awaiting Repress) Dust Yourself Off (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Dust Yourself Off (Awaiting Repress)

    Dust Yourself Off
    My Love
    Midnight At The Oasis
    Music Is My Life
    Plastic People
    Bouncy Lady
    What Is Slick
    Straight Ahead
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Gingko VPI Classic Plinth Dust Cover Gingko VPI Classic Plinth Dust Cover Quick View

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    Gingko VPI Classic Plinth Dust Cover

    This plinth top dust cover is designed specifically for the VPI Classic Turntable by Gingko Audio. The Gingko CP dust cover is the best way to protect your turntable and feature it like a museum piece.

    Fits On The VPI Classic 1, 2 and Classic Signature.

    Gingko Audio
    Gingko VPI Classic Plinth Dust Cover Buy Now
  • Gingko VPI Classic Table Top Dust Cover Gingko VPI Classic Table Top Dust Cover Quick View

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    Gingko VPI Classic Table Top Dust Cover

    This table top dust cover is designed specifically for the VPI Classic Turntable by Gingko Audio. The Gingko CT dust cover is the best way to protect your turntable and feature it like a museum piece.

    Fits On The VPI Classic 1, 2 and Classic Signature.

    Gingko Audio
    Gingko VPI Classic Table Top Dust Cover Buy Now
  • Gingko Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner Dust Cover (Plinth) Gingko Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner Dust Cover (Plinth) Quick View

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    Gingko Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner Dust Cover (Plinth)

    This plinth top dust cover is designed specifically for the Audiodesk Vinyl Cleaner by Gingko Audio. The Gingko dust cover is the best way to protect your vinyl cleaner and feature it like a museum piece.

    Gingko Audio
    Gingko Audiodesk Dust Cover - Plinth Buy Now
  • Gingko VPI Scout Table Top Dust Cover Gingko VPI Scout Table Top Dust Cover Quick View

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    Gingko VPI Scout Table Top Dust Cover

    This table top dust cover is designed specifically for the VPI Scout Turntable by Gingko Audio. The Gingko dust cover is the best way to protect your turntable and feature it like a museum piece.

    Fits On The VPI Scout, Scout Jr, and Scoutmaster Turntable.

    Gingko Audio
    Gingko VPI Scout Table Top Dust Cover Buy Now
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