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  • Two Big Bull In A One Pen (Dubwise Versions) Two Big Bull In A One Pen (Dubwise Versions) Quick View

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    Two Big Bull In A One Pen (Dubwise Versions)

    Dub versions of Two Big Bull In A One Pen by Red Rose and King Kong. Recorded at Tubby's by the likes of Peego and Fatman, this killer album was originally issued on Firehouse in 1986.
    1. Two Big Bull In A One Pen
    2. Body Crazy
    3. Is It Love I'm Feeling
    4. Tribulation
    5. Riddle Me This
    6. Follow Me Now

    7. Cater Fi She
    8. Don't Touch My Choo-Choo
    9. Ain't Gonna Be No Loafter
    10. Monkey Sample
    King Tubby
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  • Merritone Rock Steady 2: This Music Got Soul 1966-1967 Merritone Rock Steady 2: This Music Got Soul 1966-1967 Quick View

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    Merritone Rock Steady 2: This Music Got Soul 1966-1967

    American rhythm & blues fervor, boosted by a multitude of sound systems playing 78rpm records on increasingly larger sets, gripped Jamaica from the late forties onwards but, towards the end of the decade, the American audience began to move towards a somewhat softer sound. The driving rhythm & blues discs became increasingly hard to find and the more progressive Jamaican sound system operators, realizing that they now needed to make their own music, turned to Kingston's jazz and big band musicians to record one-off custom cut discs. These were not initially intended for commercial release but designed solely for sound system play on acetate or 'dub plates' as they would later be termed. These 'specials' soon began to eclipse the popularity of American rhythm & blues and the demand for their locally produced music proved so great that the sound system operators began to release their music commercially on vinyl and became record producers. Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd, Duke Reid 'The Trojan' and Prince Buster, who operated his Voice Of The People Sound System, were among the first to establish themselves in this new role and the nascent Jamaican recording industry now went into overdrive.

    In 1954 Ken Khouri had numbered among the first far-sighted entrepreneurs to produce mento records with local musicians (mento is Jamaica's original indigenous music) before progressing to opening Jamaica's first record manufacturing plant. Three years later he moved his operation to Foreshore Road (later renamed Marcus Garvey Drive) where, with the assistance of the inestimable Graeme Goodall, he updated and upgraded his recording studio. The importance of this enterprising move was critical to the development of Jamaican music and its influence both profound and far-reaching.

    "It was Ken Khouri's Federal Recording Studio, the womb that gave birth to the talented writers, artists and musicians that gave Jamaica its musical identity." Prince Buster

    Federal Records was not only the place for the sound system men to record their music but it was also where they had their records manufactured and, consequently, the company enjoyed a near-total monopoly on recording and record pressing in Kingston. In 1963 Ken Khouri sold his one track board to Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd, who established Studio One, and Ken imported the first stereo equipment to Jamaica and Federal began making stereo records. The following year WIRL (West Indies Records Limited) opened but the competition served to drive the company on to higher heights. Ken Khouri continued to work on his own productions and, in 1966, the seven-inch release of Hopeton Lewis' 'Take It Easy', recorded under the guidance of Trinidadian guitarist Lynn Taitt, ushered in the rock steady era.

    These two essential albums showcase a stunning selection of well-known hits, and not so well-known rarities, from the vast Federal catalog. All tracks have been transferred direct from the master tapes and assembled with the invaluable assistance of Ken Khouri's son, Paul Khouri, who generously gave Dub Store unlimited access to the Federal tape vaults. The extensive liner notes feature extracts from extensive interviews with Paul Khouri whose knowledgeable recollections of working on Marcus Garvey Drive, not only as a producer but as an engineer and musician, are illuminating and educational. Both sets present an insight into the birth and growth of Federal Records and the Jamaican recording industry and are essential to an understanding of the real roots of reggae music.

    1. This Music Got Soul (Hopeton Lewis)
    2. Let Me Come On Home (Hopeton Lewis)
    3. Walk On By (The Zodiacs)
    4. We Gonna Make It (The Termites)
    5. Fountain Bliss (The Dynamites)
    6. Rock A Shacka (Hopeton Lewis)
    7. Don't Cry (Hopeton Lewis)
    8. House Upon The Hill (The Royals)
    9. Real Gone Sweet (The Tartans)
    10. Roling Rolling (The Tartans)
    11. I Don't Want Trouble (Hopeton Lewis)
    12. Lester Sterling Special (Lester Sterling)
    13. If You Don't Love Me (take 1) [The Dynamites]
    14. Don't Take That Train (The Tartans)
    15. Batman (Early Take) [Lynn Taitt & The Jets]
    16. Oh Tell Me Darling (Hopeton Lewis)
    17. I'm Ready (The Tartans)
    18. Take Me Back (Henry Buckley)
    19. Sounds Of Silence (Roland Alphonso)
    20. Batman (Early Take Rehearsal) [Lynn Taitt & The Jets]
    21. Merritone False Starts 2 (The Federal All Stars)
    Various Artists
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  • Winston Riley's Rock Steady & Early Reggae 1968-1969 (Awaiting Repress) Winston Riley's Rock Steady & Early Reggae 1968-1969 (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Winston Riley's Rock Steady & Early Reggae 1968-1969 (Awaiting Repress)

    A collection of Winston Riley's early releases focusing on his superb vocal productions with the Shades, the Mad Lads, and of course the Techniques. Features the impeccable lead vocals of Dave Barker.
    1. Dave Barker - Your Love Is A Game

    2. The Mad Lads - So Afraid
    3. The Techniques - I Feel Alive Again

    4. The Techniques - Heart Of Man

    5. The Techniques - What Am I To Do

    6. The Techniques - Where Were You

    7. The Techniques - The Reason Why

    8. The Shades - Never Gonna Give You Up

    9. The Techniques - Just One Smile

    10. The Techniques - Man Of My World

    11. The Mad Lads - Mother Nature

    12. The Mad Lads - I Never Know

    13. The Techniques - You Are My Everything

    14. The Techniques - Time Has Come

    15. The Shades - She's Gonna Marry Me
    The Techniques & Friends
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  • Unreleased Early Recordings: Shuffle & Boogie 1960 Unreleased Early Recordings: Shuffle & Boogie 1960 Quick View

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    Unreleased Early Recordings: Shuffle & Boogie 1960

    Beautifully presented 10 mini album released by Japan's Dub Store featuring early and previously unreleased Rico Rodriguez cuts recorded at Federal Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, probably in the late fifties or very early sixties.
    1. Rico Rodriguez - South Of The Border
    2. Rico Rodriguez - Monaco Boogie
    3. Hortense Ellis - I've Got A Secret
    4. Rico Rodriguez - Sirent
    5. Federal Singers - Funny Thing To Say
    6. Federal Singers - You'd Better Marry Me
    7. Rico Rodriguez & Herman Hersang - Sinclair Special
    Rico Rodriguez & Friends
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  • Kingston Rock (Earth Must Be Hell) (Awaiting Repress) Kingston Rock (Earth Must Be Hell) (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Kingston Rock (Earth Must Be Hell) (Awaiting Repress)

    Twelve roots / lovers rock tracks produced by Aston 'Family Man' Barrett, six from Horace Andy and six by Winston Jarrett, backed by The Righteous Flames. Originally released on RCA International in 1974.
    1. True Born African (Winston Jarrett)
    2. Unity Strength & Love (Horace Andy)
    3. Can't You See It's Time (Horace Andy)
    4. Country Woman (Winston Jarrett)
    5. Earth Must Be Hell (Horace Andy)
    6. Let The Music Play (Winston Jarrett)
    7. Wake Up Suzy (Winston Jarrett)
    8. I Stand Before You (Horace Andy)
    9. How Do You Think I Feel (Horace Andy)
    10. Treasure Call Love (Horace Andy)
    11. Isn't It Wrong (Winston Jarrett)
    12. Writing On The Wall (Winston Jarrett)
    Horace Andy, Wayne Jarrett & The Wailers
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