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Don Caballero

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  • Don Caballero 2 Don Caballero 2 Quick View

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    Don Caballero 2

    1.Stupid Puma
    2.Please Tokio, Please This Is Tokio
    3.P, P, P, Antless
    4.Repeat Defender
    5.Dick Suffers Is Furious With You
    6.Cold Knees (In April)
    7.Rollerblade Success Story
    8.No One Gives a Hoot About Faux-Ass Nonsense
    Don Caballero
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  • American Don American Don Quick View

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    American Don

    1.Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex

    2.Peter Criss Jazz, The

    3.Haven't Lived Afro Pop

    4.You Drink a Lot of Coffee For a Teenager

    5.Ones All Over the Place

    6.I Never Liked You

    7.Details on How to Get Iceman on Your License Plate

    8.Lot of People Tell Me I Have a Fake British Accent, A

    9.Let's Face It Pal, You Didn't Need That Eye Surgery
    Don Caballero
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  • One One One One One One Quick View

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    One One One

    Jazz and metal might not appear at first to be the most obvious bedfellows, but leave it to a bunch of Norwegians to make it actually work.

    One One One is Shining's conclusion to the Blackjazz trilogy and their seventh album, and finds the band on a rare pop tip. While their standout 'In The Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster' threw them into a soup of influences, One One One shows the band pitting their musical smarts against a (theoretically) much more simplistic mode.

    'I Won't Forget' is the album's first single, and is accompanied by a suitably Brazil-esque video that pushes the Norwegians into some kind of dystopian future-scape. Riffing as if their lives depended on it, the band muster up a sound something like Don Caballero doing a rendition of a Queens of the Stone Age track with Rob Zombie on vocals, and that can't be a bad thing.

    One One One is set for release on Prosthetic on June 4th.

    1 I Won't Forget
    2 The One Inside
    3 My Dying Drive
    4 Off the Hook
    5 Blackjazz Rebels
    6 How Your Story Ends
    7 The Hurting Game
    8 Walk Away
    9 Paint the Sky Black
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  • Singles Breaking Up (Pre-Order) Singles Breaking Up (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Singles Breaking Up (Pre-Order)

    By no means a release of new or current Don Cab material (and originally released in 1999), Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1) offers quite a range of the band's history to appreciate. The oldest recordings found here are programs 1-6 which became the first two singles and a b-side for the fourth. They were recorded in a 1/2 inch 8 track studio by Lee Hollihan of Valencia, PA (the original Good Morning Vietnam man) for only $25 an hour. The next batch, 7-9, were recorded by Steve Albini in his once home studio and were a part of the For Respect Sessions. Program 10 was also recorded in this same studio by colleague engineer Bob Weston. Program 11 was recorded in Detroit by engineer Al Sutton and was a part of the sessions for Don Caballero 2. Lastly, programs 12-13 were recorded again by Steve Albini in the B room portion of this Chicago studio Electrical Audio. The photographic art concept for the whole anthology is simply this: 7-inch phonograph singles breaking up, in the kind of setting of giving Abby Road back to the people.
    1. Lucky Father Brown
    2. Belted Sweater
    3. Shoe Shine
    4. Unresolved Kharma
    5. Puddin' in My Eye
    6. My Ten Year Old Lady is Giving It Away
    7. Our Caballero
    9. First Hits
    10. No More Peace and Quiet for the Warlike
    11. If You've Read Dr. Adder Then You Know What I Want
    12. Trey Dog's Acid
    13. Room Temperature Lounge
    Don Caballero
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  • Growing Growing Quick View

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    The second full-length from this San Diego four-piece (featuring members of Pinback, Prints, and Rumah Sakit), is faster, more aggressive, more thoughtful, and more dynamic than their debut. The songs are pushed to extremes, sparking an addictive adrenaline high that's ultimately eased by Rob Crow's surprise appearance at the album's conclusion; his saccharine vocals providing a perfect, blissful freefall. RIYL: Battles, Tomahawk, Tool, Don Caballero.
    1. Centipede's Dream
    2. James Spader
    3. Yellow Guy / Pink Eye
    4. Mouth Breeder
    5. ...Out Dream
    6. Three Things
    7. Grow Worm
    8. Underland
    9. It's Heart Loves Open
    10. People Staying Awake
    Sleeping People
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  • Bitch Magnet Bitch Magnet Quick View

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    Bitch Magnet

    Temporary Residence Ltd. is proud to present the remastered and repackaged reissue of the legendary Bitch Magnet's seminal and critically acclaimed three albums - Star Booty, Umber, and Ben Hur. The deluxe 3xLP package includes all three albums, plus more than a half dozen rare and previously unreleased tracks, a total of 34 songs, remastered from the original, restored analog master tapes. Bitch Magnet was formed at Oberlin College in 1986. Immediately following the release of its debut Star Booty in 1988, the band garnered rapturous reviews and established itself among the top-tier of America's independent music underground.

    The band's reputation continued to grow with tours of the US and Europe, and the subsequent releases of Umber (prominently included by Mojo on its list of Lost Albums You Must Own) in 1989 and Ben Hur in 1990. The latter two have been frequently cited as a key inspiration for what would become known as post-rock, a term that baffled and amused the members of Bitch Magnet when it first surfaced, and still does today. Along with their contemporaries in Slint, in the years following their breakup, Bitch Magnet has been recognized as a significant influence on generations of aggressive and musically complex bands, including Don Caballero, Mogwai, Rodan, June of 44 and Battles.

    LP 1 - BEN HUR:
    1. Dragoon
    2. Valmead
    3. Ducks and Drakes
    4. Mesentery
    5. Lookin' At The Devil
    6. Gator
    7, Spite y Malice
    8. Crescent
    9. White Piece of Bread
    10. Sadie

    LP 2 - UMBER:
    1. Motor
    2. Navajo Ace
    3. Clay
    4. Joan of Arc
    5. Douglas Leader
    6. Goat-Legged Country God
    7. Big Pining
    8. Joyless Street
    9. Punch and Judy
    10. Americruiser
    11. Motor (Alternate Mix)*

    LP 3 - STAR BOOTY:
    1. Punch and Judy (Alternate Version)*
    2. Joan of Arc (Alternate Version)*
    3. Big Pining (Alternate Version)*
    4. Joyless Street (Alternate Version)*
    5. Sadie (Alternate Version)*
    6. Carnation
    7. C Word
    8. Sea of Pearls
    9. Hatpins
    10. Knucklehead
    11. Circle K
    12. Polio
    13. Cantaloupe

    * Previously unreleased

    Bitch Magnet
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