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  • Holy Diver Live Holy Diver Live Quick View

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    Holy Diver Live

    Red Colored Vinyl

    Holy Diver is the debut album from American heavy metal band Dio. Released on May 25, 1983, the album has been hailed by critics as Dio's best work and a classic staple in the heavy metal genre. Dio has been hailed as one of the finest voices in Heavy Metal for over 30 years now and for good reason. Due to his stints in Rainbow, Black Sabbath and as a solo artist, Dio is one of the few people in the history of music that can honestly say they have played on three classic albums, each under a different moniker.

    1. Stand Up And Shout
    2. Holy Diver
    3. Gypsy
    4. Caught In The Middle
    5. Don't Talk To Strangers
    6. Straight Through The Heart
    7. Invisible

    1. Rainbow In The Dark
    2. Shame On The Night
    3. We Rock
    4. Sign Of The Southern Cross
    5. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
    6. Man Of The Silver Mountain

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  • Trying To Burn The Sun Trying To Burn The Sun Quick View

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    Trying To Burn The Sun

    First Pressing Of 1000 Numbered Copies On 'Burning Sun' Coloured Vinyl, Black Vinyl Thereafter

    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

    Founded By Front Man Ronnie James Dio

    Elf was an American rock band founded by singer and bassist Ronnie James Dio, keyboardist Doug Thaler, drummer Gary Driscoll, and guitarists Nick Pantas and David Feinstein (Dio's cousin). The band was originally called The Electric Elves, but was shortened to The Elves and finally Elf in 1972. Elf disbanded in 1975 after recording three albums and after most of the lineup had been absorbed into Ritchie Blackmore's new group, Rainbow.

    Ronnie James Dio went on to a successful career in heavy metal, fronting Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, and his own band, Dio. David Feinstein also found a career in metal, leading the band The Rods for a number of years. Original keyboardist Doug Thaler went on to a career in music management.

    Recorded while the band was evolving slowly into the Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Trying to Burn the Sun is the third and final release from Elf, the band that finally earned Ronnie James Dio the attention he had been seeking since the late 50s. After writing and recording a few singles for Blackmore, Dio and Elf were solidly moving in a heavier musical direction.

    Trying to Burn the Sun is a great listen for all fans of 70s rock, not only Dio and Rainbow fans.

    1. Black Swampy Water
    2. Prentice Wood
    3. When She Smiles
    4. Good Time Music
    5. Liberty Road
    6. Shotgun Boogie
    7. Wonderworld
    8. Streetwalker
    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Audio Desk Systeme's Vinyl Cleaning Machine Pro (On Sale) 4 COLORS AVAILABLE Audio Desk Systeme's Vinyl Cleaning Machine Pro (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $4,199.00 $3,498.99 Save $700.01 (17%)

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    Audio Desk Systeme's Vinyl Cleaning Machine Pro (On Sale)

    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Product Editors Stereophile

    ...The most effective, easy-to-use record-cleaning machine I've ever tried.

    - Michael Fremer, Stereophile, June 2012

    Cleaning Time: 5 minutes

    Size: 13w x 8 d x 10.7 h (33cm w x 20cm d x 27cm h)

    Weight: 12lbs (5.5kg)

    Cleaning Solution: 4.5 liters (1.2 gal) of distilled water added to 20ml of cleaning concentrate.

    The Vinyl Cleaner PRO is the next generation, upgraded version of the award-winning ultrasonic LP cleaning system. Incorporating five years of evolutionary enhancements in addition to important upgrades to internal component parts, the Vinyl Cleaner PRO offers better features and performance, and also promises better reliability.

    Features of the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO include better, quieter drying, a new premium motor, an upgraded pump with ceramic bearings, and improvements to the electronic control system including a dry-only option.

    The Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro is the latest version of the first and only record cleaning machine that incorporates an ultrasonic cleaning cycle in addition to a more conventional mechanical cleaning via bi-directional rotating microfiber cleaning drums, and the result is the cleanest LP's ever. Unlike other record cleaners the ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner bursts millions of microscopic bubbles off the surface of the record all the way to the bottom of the groove, where no fiber is fine enough to reach. And among LP cleaners the Audio Desk System Vinyl Cleaner is unique in using filtered air for drying, rather than one of the static-inducing suction systems employed by other record cleaning machines.

    This vinyl record cleaner is fully automatic - just put the LP in the slot, push the button, and come back in 6 minutes (or tomorrow!) for a thoroughly cleaned and dried LP (both sides). Whole new layers of inner detail and air are revealed in the recordings, and of course most surface noise is eliminated.

    Comes with 2 vials of a proprietary cleaning fluid developed specifically for this machine. A container of the fluid concentrate plus a gallon of distilled water cleans 150 new LP's, or 100 used LP's.

    Records are precious. Not only are they arguably the best-sounding medium for reproduced music, but they often constitute irreplaceable collections. Even with careful handling contamination cannot be avoided in the long term. It is also well known that residual compounds from the LP pressing process obscure inner detail unless removed by cleaning even new records.

    Reiner Glass of Audiodesksysteme has developed a professional quality, easy to use record washing machine he call the Vinyl Cleaner. The Vinyl Cleaner is fully automatic. The record is placed perpendicularly from above into the equipment opening and the red activation button is pressed. When the green LED shines, the clean LP can be removed. During the cleaning process rotary cleaning barrels made from a microfiber material move in opposite directions while a unique ultrasonic system carefully and thoroughly removes even the finest contaminants from the grooves. In use the cleaning solution is thoroughly filtered to avoid recontamination of the LP. Two high performance fans guarantee effective drying with quiet operation.

    Technical: How can sound clean?

    Ultrasonic is sound generated above the human audible level.

    A physical effect called cavitation results from the generation of ultrasonic frequencies in a liquid. In this cavitation process ultrasonic compression waves are created by an ultrasonic transducer. When the amplitude of this soundwave increases to a level where the surface tension of the liquid is broken, the fluid will tear apart leaving behind millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles. These vacuum bubbles then rapidly compress or implode creating millions of tiny liquid jets small enough to clean inside the smallest grooves of an LP. This process, also called microagitation, displaces any contaminants on the surface of the LP.

    Audio Desk Systeme's Vinyl Cleaner Pro Machine
    $4,199.00 $3,498.99 Save $700.01 (17%)
    Cleaning Machine - 4 Colors Available
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  • Ronnie James Dio- This Is Your Life Ronnie James Dio- This Is Your Life Quick View

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    Ronnie James Dio- This Is Your Life

    To celebrate one of rock's most powerful voices, an all-star group of his friends and fans recorded 13 of their favorite tracks for a tribute album that will raise funds for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund ( Produced by his longtime manager and wife Wendy Dio, the album includes contributions by such metal heavyweights as Metallica, Motörhead, Scorpions, Anthrax, and Rob Halford, as well as appearances by many of the musicians who performed with Dio over the years.
    LP 1
    1. Neon Knights - By Anthrax
    2. The Last In Line - By Tenacious D
    3. The Mob Rules - By Adrenaline Mob
    4. Rainbow in the Dark (feat. Jason Christopher, Christian Martucci, Roy Mayorga, Satchel) - By Corey Taylor
    5. Straight Through the Heart - By Halestorm
    6. Starstruck (with Biff Byford) - By Motörhead
    7. The Temple of the King - By Scorpions
    8. Egypt (The Chains Are On) - By Doro

    LP 2
    1. Holy Diver - By Killswitch Engage
    2. Catch the Rainbow (feat. Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren, Simon Wright) - By Glenn Hughes
    3. I - By Jimmy Bain, Oni Logan, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy
    4. Man On The Silver Mountain (feat. Doug Aldrich, Vinny Appice, Jeff Pilson, Scott Warren) - By Rob Halford
    5. Ronnie Rising Medley (feat. A Light In The Black, Tarot Woman, Stargazer & Kill The King) - By Metallica
    6. This is Your Life - By Dio

    Various Artists
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  • Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Quick View

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    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

    Group's 1975 Debut Includes Signature Man on a Silver Mountain and Heralds Beginning of Powerful Combination of Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio

    Wax Cathedral Reissue Comes Replete With Faithful Replication of Original Gatefold Sleeve; Pressed at RTI, America's Best Record Plant

    In 1974, Ritchie Blackmore's bandmates in Deep Purple refused his request to cut a cover of Quatermass' Black Sheep of the Family. Demonstrating impressive commitment to the song, Blackmore set out to record it with the help of then-emerging vocalist Ronnie James Dio and members of his band Elf. To have enough material to release this as a single, Blackmore and Dio collaborated on Sixteenth Century Greensleeves. Pleased with the results, the two fleshed out a full album and Blackmore formally parted ways with Deep Purple. Blackmore and Dio named their new band after the location where they initially discussed their collaboration: the legendary Rainbow Bar and Grill on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip. Rainbow was born.

    Drawing on medieval classical progressions for inspiration, Blackmore paired textured playing paired with Dio's fantastical lyrical imagery and inimitable vocals. The combination set Rainbow apart from its hard rock contemporaries. Featuring what would prove to be Rainbow's signature tune, Man on the Silver Mountain, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow is a dynamic voyage. Blackmore's somber, melodic playing weaves a mystical tapestry over which Dio's tales of drawbridges, crossbows, and kings settle like a knight on his steed. This influential classic concludes with a flourish, as a cover of the Yardbirds' Gregorian chant-influenced instrumental Still I'm Sad proves a perfect pulpit for Blackmore's rhapsody-like soloing.

    Complete with a faithful replication of the original gatefold sleeve and featuring dead-quiet surfaces, this Wax Cathedral reissue is pressed at RTI, America's best record plant. Even better, it's on colored vinyl.

    1. Man on the Silver Mountain
    2. Self Portrait
    3. Black Sheep of the Family
    4. Catch the Rainbow
    5. Snake Charmer
    6. The Temple of the King
    7. If You Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll
    8. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
    9. Still I'm Sad
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  • Rarest Unreleased 1970s Live & Studio Rarest Unreleased 1970s Live & Studio Quick View

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    Rarest Unreleased 1970s Live & Studio

    180G Blue Vinyl Gatefold LP - Numbered Limited Edition

    Previously unreleased live and studio recordings mainly from the Spotlight Kid and Clearspot album and tour eras. Gatefold double spread of many previously unpublished rare photographs of Don and the Magic Band.

    1. Steal Softly Through Snow (Studio)
    2. I Wanna Find A Woman (Live)
    3. Hair Pie Bake Iii (Bass Solo) (Live)
    4. Golden Birdies (Studio)
    5. Space Age Couple (Live)
    6. I Love You, You Big Dummy (Live)
    7. I Wanna Booglarize You (Studio)
    8. Woe Is Uh Me Bop (Live)
    9. Bellerin Plain (Live) .
    10. One Red Rose That I Mean (Live)
    11. When Big Joan Sets Up (Live)
    12. The Clouds Are Full Of Wine (Live)
    13. Click Clack (Studio)
    14. Earth Angel (Live)
    15. Doctor Dark (Live)
    16. Peon (Live)
    Captain Beefheart
    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Down To Earth Down To Earth Quick View

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    Down To Earth

    Ronnie James Dio's departure prior to the recording of this 1979 album didn't halt the band's success-in fact, this one brought them their first charting single, Since You Been Gone. Deep Purple bass man Roger Glover was now in the mix, and this is the only Rainbow album featuring the vocals of Graham Bonnet.
    1. All Night Long
    2. Eyes of the World
    3. No Time to Lose
    4. Makin' Love
    5. Since You Been Gone
    6. Love's No Friend
    7. Danger Zone
    8. Lost in Hollywood
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  • Fool's Gold Fool's Gold Quick View

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    Fool's Gold

    Translucent Gold Vinyl

    My greatest hope is that it ends up becoming the soundtrack to some perfect romance, or at the very least a great cocktail party," says Jill Barber of her new album, 'Fool's Gold. Jill - aka "Canada's sweetheart" - is a two-time Juno Award nominee and Montreal Jazz Fest headliner whose last album hit #1 on the iTunes Jazz charts, and landed her a national segment with NPR. She has collaborated with Josh Ritter, Ron Sexsmith, and Kris Kristofferson has called her a "damn good songwriter." She also published a children's book, entitled 'Music is for Everyone,' this May. 'Fool's Gold' explores every nook of Jill's musical history: sultry torch songs, Hank Williams-inspired ballads, an homage to the golden era of the Brill Building, Motown and beyond. Lead single "Broken For Good" ventures into the early days of Motown with its strong backbeat, horns, a driving bass line and immediate pop appeal. She channels Patsy Cline on "The Careless One," a bittersweet Western, full of resignation and sorrow. As Jill puts it, "It hurts me to sing it, just a little. But that's how I know it is a keeper." The record was produced in Toronto by longtime collaborators and bandmates Les Cooper and Drew Jurecka.

    1. Broken For Good
    2. The Least That She Deserves
    3. Let's Call It Love
    4. The Careless One
    5. If Only In My Mind
    6. To The Last
    7. Lucky In Love
    8. Darlin' It Was You
    9. Only You
    10. If You're Going To Break My Heart
    Jill Barber
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Small Reveal Small Reveal Quick View

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    Small Reveal

    Not just a singer-songwriter a dynamic band under the name of Aidan Knight, similar to Pedro The Lion, Damien Jurado and Magnolia Electric Co. Stunning arrangements and an infectious energy and charm.
    1. Dream Team
    2. A Mirror
    3. Singer Songwriter
    4. Figure I (Emerson)
    5. You Will See The Good In Everyone
    6. The Master's Call
    7. Skip
    8. Figure II (Superior)
    9. Creatures Great & Small
    10. Figure III (Protection)
    11. Margaret Downe
    Aidan Knight
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  • The Fall: Live In San Francisco The Fall: Live In San Francisco Quick View

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    The Fall: Live In San Francisco

    2 LP Set Features 16 Tracks & Includes A CD Of 10 Tracks From The LP

    Official live album release in conjunction with The Fall. Smith himself was in fine form, prowling around the stage snarling lyrics into the mic and messing around with his band mates' amps . The biggest stormer of the evening was I Am Damo Suzuki. In general, the set got faster, louder, and generally more towards the end. It was during Mr. Pharmacist that the energy really started picking up.

    1. The Joke
    2. Cyber Insekt
    3. Two Librans
    4. And Therein
    5. Touch Sensitive
    6. Crop-Dust
    7. Bourgeois Town
    8. Kick The Can > F-oldin' Money
    9. Mr. Pharmacist
    10. Sons of Temperance
    11. My Ex-Classmates' Kids
    12. Enigrammatic Dream
    13. I Wake up in the City
    14. Reprise: Jane - Prof Mick - Ey Bastardo
    15. Way Round
    16. I Am Damo Suzuki
    The Fall
    Vinyl LP + CD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Hell Bent (Awaiting Repress) Hell Bent (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Hell Bent (Awaiting Repress)

    Hailing from the home of Thurston Moore and Dinosaur Jr., and drawing from the fertile music community that is Western MA, Potty Mouth are all-parts smart-pop craftswomen, specializing in infectious indie pop meets '77 punk perfection.
    1. The Gap
    2. Rusted Shut
    3. Black and Studs
    4. SleepTalk
    5. The Spins
    6. Damage
    7. Wishlist
    8. Bullseye
    9. Shithead
    10. The Better End
    Potty Mouth
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Savior Savior Quick View

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    Shark? is grimy and blaring, but there's also a noticeable elegance to their best material, where they build something beautiful and serious, only to knock it down and laugh at it. Lo-fi with a purpose, basically.
    1. Savior
    2. California Grrls
    3. I Know You Love Me Now
    4. Fingers
    5. This Is Living
    6. Tesla
    7. Gothic Lagoon
    8. Wither
    9. AOK
    10. Fvck Around
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  • Public Housing Public Housing Quick View

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    Public Housing

    Prior to becoming a tight knit four piece, North Carolina's Gross Ghost went through various incarnations. Over the first five years, a free flowing and seemingly ever changing cast of characters passed through the band's practice room. From detuned noise experiments to straightforward rock and roll, each of these members helped shape the tonal palette of the band.
    1. Seeds
    2. Other Side
    3. You Will
    4. They Say
    5. Tryin
    6. Howlin
    7. Dissolve
    8. Ones I Love
    9. Memory Screen
    10. Hair of the Dog
    Gross Ghost
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Rainy City Punks (Manchester Punk & Post-Punk Indie Singles) Rainy City Punks (Manchester Punk & Post-Punk Indie Singles) Quick View

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    Rainy City Punks (Manchester Punk & Post-Punk Indie Singles)

    All tracks from the Rabid / Absurd / Razz label archives. The first in a series of volumes of Manchester Punk and Post punk to be released under the relaunched Rabid Records imprint via Ozit Dandelion. This first volume gives us tracks the Rabid label archive and also tracks from the two subsequent labels that occupied the same building--Absurd and Razz.
    1. Baiser - Chris Sievey
    2. Cranked Up Really High - Slaughter And The Dogs
    3. Suspended Sentence - John Cooper Clarke
    4. Psycle Sluts - 48 Chairs
    5. Aint Been To No Music School - The Nosebleeds
    6. Does It Matter Irene - The Mothmen
    7. Psycle Sluts - John Cooper Clarke
    8. High Noon - Bet Lynch's Legs
    9. The Freshies - My Tapes Gone
    10. Innocents - John Cooper Clarke
    11. Gyro - Central Detention Centre
    12. Jilted John - Jilted John
    13. Who Is Innocent - The Out
    14. Kinnel Tommy - Ed Banger
    Various Artists
    180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Local Losers Local Losers Quick View

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    Local Losers

    The four members of Mean Creek all grew up together in Massachusetts. Listening to similar sounds from the area, they come from a long tradition of Massachusetts bands who also embraced punk inspired rock music; Mission Of Burma, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads- all of these bands left a lasting impact on the members of Mean Creek."Local Losers" is the latest offering from the band. Eight tracks that go by at break neck speed, played with the kind of desperation & force only a young, hungry rock band can bring; A true reflection of their energetic live show. These are songs about love, confusion, loneliness, and heartbreak. Throughout all of life's ups and downs, two things have always held true for these four, their music and friendship. It's the sounds, ideas, and emotions that they create when they are in a room together, and that is what this album is all about.
    1. Cool Town
    2. My Madeline
    3. Anxiety Girl
    4. Night Running
    5. Johnny Allen
    6. Mass. Border
    7. Hangover Mind
    8. Teenage Feeling
    Mean Creek
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Tragic Care Tragic Care Quick View

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    Tragic Care

    Montreal's Folly & The Hunter are set to release their sophomore album Tragic Care on Outside Music. The album was produced by Dave Smith and Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) at Breakglass Studios and was mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Half Moon Run, Barr Brothers).Nick Vallee, the lyricist and vocalist, grew up in Vancouver and moved to Montreal to finish university, but also came to immerse himself in the vibrant local music scene. Laurie Torres, a native Montrealer, has played in bands since she was a teenager, and is proficient on multiple instruments including piano, guitar, drums and banjo. Christopher Fox, who grew up in England, also plays several instruments and is a sound engineer and music producer. Lyrically, the songs on Tragic Care explore the emotional fallout after a breakup. During the short, intense 12 day recording and mixing of the album the band also experienced the loss of several family members. The grief, darkness, and longing heard on the album are very real. Tragedy paired with striking harmonies results in a bittersweet, evocative album.
    1. Watch for Deer at Dawn
    2. Vultures
    3. Ghost
    4. Tragic Care
    5. Moth in the Porch Light
    6. How it Came Down
    7. Whatever We Can Make
    8. There Are No Great Redeemers
    9. Mask
    10. Our Stories End
    Folly & The Hunter
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  • Paradise Freaks Paradise Freaks Quick View

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    Paradise Freaks

    Recording with a core group featuring Al Doyle (Hot Chip/LCD Soundsystem) on bass and guitar Rob Smoughton (Hot Chip/Grovesnor) on drums and guitar and Kenny Dickenson (KT Tunstall/Red Ken) on keys, Seahawks invited some of their favourite singers to contribute vocals. Maria Minerva, Tim Burgess, Indra Dunis of Peaking Lights and missing-in-action psychedelic songsmith Nick Nicely all added their unmistakeable tones. A set of final overdubs from Tom Furse (The Horrors) and some tinkering from Seahawks' regular Cornish musical mates sealed the deal. The whole process took time but what is time when faced with the epic expanse of the cosmos - a cosmos full of soft tones and brilliant corners, unexpected collisions, warm openings, deep colours and fresh textures.
    1. Rainbow Sun (feat. Maria Minerva)
    2. Looking At The Sun (feat. Tim Burgess)
    3. Drifting (feat. Indra Dunis Of Peaking Lights)
    4. Safe Harbour (feat. Indra Dunis Of Peaking Lights)
    5. Paradise Freaks
    6. Moon Turn Tides (feat. Maria Minerva)
    7. Sky Is You (feat. Maria Minerva)
    8. Didn't Know I Was Lost (feat. Tim Burgess)
    9. Electric Waterfalls (feat. Nick Nicely)
    10. Islands
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  • Spells (Awaiting Repress) Spells (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Spells (Awaiting Repress)

    The Pharmacy's sound is hard to nail down: having been together for over a decade, the band has released countless singles, EPs, and full-lengths that range from basement power punk to lo-fi, psych-tinged garage rock. Due out August 12th on Old Flame Records, much of Spells was written in a cabin in Big Sur, informed by the rocky beaches and the fog rolling in from the Pacific. It was recorded in the basement of a used car museum in downtown Tacoma, with every track laid down live by Kyle Brunette, producer of Night Beats' S/T and Sonic Bloom LPs. Picking up where Stoned & Alone left off, Spells feels even more stripped-down and vulnerable, as if the members of The Pharmacy have allowed listeners an exclusive sneak peek into their collective brain.
    1. Dead Friend
    2. Coat Tails
    3. Anna Bella
    4. Spells
    5. Masten Lake Lagoon
    6. Cool/Calm
    7. Lizard Queen
    8. Peeling Back
    9. All My Reminders Of When
    10. Strange
    The Pharmacy
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Feel Not Bad Feel Not Bad Quick View

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    Feel Not Bad

    SW/MM/NG are proud to release their long-awaited full length debut Feel Not Bad on Old Flame Records. SW/MM/NG is Brian Kupillas (vocal, guitar), Jared Hennessy (guitar), Joel Paul (bass), Jack Lloyd (keyboards), and JD Paul (drums). The group, who have been favorably compared to a broad array of textured tunesmiths like The Cure, The Smiths, Real Estate, and Caveman, have garnered critical attention from NPR, NME, The New York Times, The Wild Honey Pie, and Wondering Sound.
    1. Unknown
    2. Some Dreams Come True
    3. We Do It All The Time
    4. Younger
    5. Oils
    6. Slow Den
    7. All I Want
    8. Good To Be
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • I Love You I Love You Quick View

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    I Love You

    Lia Mice is the experimental pop project of Eleanor C Mice (nÉe Logan). After spending her teens touring Australia in punk and soul groups she lurked the Brooklyn noise scene for half a decade. In late 2012 at the end of a European tour in support of her debut solo album (originally released under the moniker Happy New Year) she became stranded in France when her return flight to Brooklyn was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Waiting for her replacement flight, she passed the time in Lyon penning songs in a friend's living room. Within a week she had decided to relocate to France for good. The songs became the genesis of 'I Love You', out October 7 on Old Flame Records - LiaMice's second solo album, and first experiment in danceable tempos, inspired by new music uncovered during in her first year living in France: in the grooves of yÉ-yÉ singles; on the dancefloors of converted boat-venues; in the theme songs of classic French cinema and on the iPods of neighborhood house parties.
    1. Our Heavy Heart
    2. Lucky Bamboo
    3. We Live Out Of Sight
    4. Memory Maps
    5. All The Birds
    6. Saint - Malo
    7. Everything's Sailing
    8. The Nights Were For Exploring
    9. That Spanish Spring
    Lia Mice
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Late Night Endless Late Night Endless Quick View

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    Late Night Endless

    Heavyweight, futurist dub from a cross-generational pairing of sound systems masters. The culmination of two years in the studio developing, re-dubbing and deconstructing tracks. Evocative of a long and strange journey from dusk til dawn, it finds the highest common factor between the two producer's techniques. Pinch's electronic pulse meeting Sherwood's analogue FX units head on.
    1. Shadowrun
    2. Music Killer Dub
    3. Gimme Some More (Tight Like That)
    4. Bucketman
    5. Wild Birds
    6. Stand Strong
    7. Precinct Of Sound
    8. Different Eyes
    9. Africa 138
    10. Run Them Away
    Sherwood & Pinch
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Universal Coolers (Awaiting Repress) Universal Coolers (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Universal Coolers (Awaiting Repress)

    Radical Dads is Lindsay Baker, Chris Diken, and Robbie Guertin. Back during their collegiate years, they were all friends on account of liking similar cultural things and rebelling against similar institutional things. They were listening to bands that were au courant in certain circles at the time, such as the Pixies, Built To Spill, Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney, Pavement, The Clean, and Yo La Tengo. During the course of this liking/rebelling/listening, the three of them began to play music together in different combinations. They all moved apart and did separate stuff for a while. Which is what people do after college - taking time to "find themselves" and/or take artistic risks to "make it in the biz" and/or take an unsatisfying job for the health insurance in case "something bad happens." Robbie played in the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah during this time. In 2007 they made it an official band with a name that they liked because it has internal rhyme. Universal Coolers is their 3rd full length and first on Old Flame. The cover art is a Steve Keene original!
    1. Absurd Tests
    2. Tomorrow's Trash
    3. Slammer
    4. In The Water
    5. Don't Go
    6. Universal Coolers
    7. Desperado Dude Lens
    8. Flight To NZ
    9. Dj Pancake
    10. Cassette Brain
    Radical Dads
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Pay Attention! Pay Attention! Quick View

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    Pay Attention!

    Lost post-punk classic from 1980. A unique mixture of noisy riffs, angular pop melodies and dubwise production aesthetic. Features former members of Durutti Column and future members of Simply Red! Remastered from the original tapes and fully annotated with sleeve notes by the band, plus photos and memorabilia.
    1. Afghan Farmer Driving Cattle
    2. Animal Animaux
    3. Not Moving
    4. Factory / Teapoint / Factory
    5. Please Let Go
    6. Tardis (Sweep Is Dead, Long Live Sweep)
    7. Mothman
    The Mothmen
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Teenage Movie Soundtrack Teenage Movie Soundtrack Quick View

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    Teenage Movie Soundtrack

    Nathan Jake Merli (Guitar & Vox), Chris Cool (Bass) and Tanner Cooper (Drums) first plugged in their amps in their parents' garage five years ago in SC and have since been touring across the US and Europe. Their first UK tour inclded a sold out Club NME show @ KOKO and having their music spun on BBC Radio 1, XFM and Kerrang Radio.
    1. Loser Denial
    2. Melt
    3. Virgin
    4. Elsewhere
    5. Mom Jeans
    6. First Song
    7. Alison
    8. Jake Miller's House Party
    9. Santa Fe (Stupid Lovesong)
    10. Happy
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