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  • Payola (Deluxe) Payola (Deluxe) Quick View

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    Payola (Deluxe)

    More than a decade after putting out their first album,
    Desaparecidos return with a follow-up that breathes new life
    into their brutal fusion of protest music and punk. Though the
    band never truly parted ways, vocalist/guitarist Conor Oberst,
    guitarist Denver Dalley, keyboardist Ian McElroy, bassist/vocalist
    Landon Hedges, and drummer Matt Baum have spent much of the
    past 13 years pursuing other ambitions (including Oberst's work
    as a solo artist and Bright Eyes frontman). Fueling their Epitaph
    Records debut Payola with the same spirit of unrest that propelled
    2002's Read Music/Speak Spanish, Desaparecidos now match
    that passion with a fuller, more furious sound and gut-punching
    commentary on everything from immigration reform and the healthcare
    debate to gun control and Wall Street bailouts.

    With its title capturing what McElroy calls "these endless
    examples of what's wrong with the whole money culture happening
    in America today," Payola was co-produced by the band and their
    longtime collaborator Mike Mogis (First Aid Kit, The Faint, Man
    Man). Recorded in several bursts over the past few years at ARC
    Studios in Omaha, the album's 14 tracks pack a barrage of outcry
    and insight into each sharply crafted lyric while storming forward
    with a ferocious energy. And in their implausibly melodic
    blend of blistering riffs, lead-heavy rhythms, and savage vocal
    work, Desaparecidos reveal a bottled-up intensity that suggests
    a band whose chemistry's stronger than ever before. "It wasn't
    like we were trying to recapture some former glory," says Oberst
    of Desaparecidos' long-planned reunion in the studio. "It was
    like we had to do this, and we had to do it now."

    1. The Left is Right
    2. The Underground Man
    3. City on the Hill
    4. Golden Parachutes
    5. Radicalized
    6. MariKKKopa
    7. Te Amo Camila Vallejo
    8. Ralphy's Cut
    9. Backsell
    10. Slacktivist
    11. Search the Searches
    12. 10 Steps Behind
    13. Von Maur Massacre
    14. Anonymous
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  • Conor Oberst Conor Oberst Quick View

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    Conor Oberst

    Conor Oberst's new self-titled solo release was made in Tepoztlßn, Morelos, M?xico, a place known for Aztec magic and extra-terrestrial sightings. A temporary studio was constructed in a mountain villa called Valle M?stico at the outskirts of town and a special band called The Mystic Valley Band was assembled for the recording. The album was produced by Conor Oberst and engineer/long time associate, Andy LeMaster. It was there at Valle M?stico that Oberst and the band lived and worked in near perfect harmony, often unaware of the hour or the day. The result is his first solo album in thirteen years, following Water (1993), HereÆs To Special Treatment (1994) and Soundtrack To My Movie (1995). In that time Conor Oberst has recorded and performed in many bands and musical projects including Commander Venus, Park Ave., Desaparecidos and most notably Bright Eyes, his main musical vehicle for the past decade.
    1. Cape Canaveral
    2. Sausalito
    3. Get-Well-Cards
    4. Lenders In The Temple
    5. Danny Callahan
    6. I DonÆt Want To Die (In The Hospital)
    7. Eagle On A Pole
    8. NYC-Gone, Gone
    9. Moab
    10. Valle M?stico (RubenÆs Song)
    11. Souled Out!!!
    12. Milk Thistle
    Conor Oberst
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  • Saddle Creek 50 Saddle Creek 50 Quick View

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    Saddle Creek 50

    Omaha's Saddle Creek turns 50 with a double disc sampler featuring one previously released track as well as one new and exclusive track each from Azure Ray, Bright Eyes, Cursive, Desaparecidos, The Faint, The Good Life, Mayday, Now It's Overhead, Rilo Kiley, Son Ambulance, and Sorry About Dresden. Disc one is enhanced with all 45 of Saddle Creek's online weekly movies from 2002. Note: the LP only contains the 11 new songs and not the 11 previously released tracks.
    Side One

    01. The Faint - Take Me to the Hospital
    02. Rilo Kiley - Jenny, You're Barely Alive
    03. Now It's Overhead - Dark Cycle
    04. Cursive - Nonsense
    05. Son, Ambulance - The Moral of Rosa, Parolee

    Side Two

    06. Desaparecidos - Popn' Off at the F
    07. Azure Ray - Beautiful Things Can Come From The Dark
    08. The Good Life - Aftercrash
    09. Sorry About Dresden - People Have Parties
    10. Mayday - Pond Love
    11. Bright Eyes - One Foot In Front of the Other

    Various Artists
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