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  • Discwasher D4 Refill Discwasher D4 Refill Quick View

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    Discwasher D4 Refill

    D4 Refills - D4+ cleaning fluid lifts contaminants from -- and suspends them above -- the record surface for removal by the soft, non-abrasive, unidirectional fibers of the pad. For use with Discwasher Cleaning System. 1.25 oz. Item No. 1046
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  • Discwasher D4 Vinyl Record Cleaner Discwasher D4 Vinyl Record Cleaner Quick View

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    Discwasher D4 Vinyl Record Cleaner

    A favorite among collectors for many years. Use the brush dry or wet with the included 1.25 oz. fluid. The more active, yet safe, D4+ fluid is actually able to lift and suspend contaminants in solution on the record surface so the D4 pad can easily and efficiently remove debris.

    The D4+ Record Care System is the result of intensive scientific research on safe record cleaning. The D4+ System is a cleaning system unlike other products, which reduce record dynamics and fidelity. The more active, yet safe, D4+ fluid is actually able to lift and suspend contaminants in solution on the record surface so the D4 pad can easily and efficiently remove debris. Containing less residue than tap water, D4+ fluid will clean without depositing new residues on the record surface; it will not encourage any biological growth as do constantly damp cleaning methods.

    For longer life, Discwasher recommends that records be lightly cleaned each time before playing. New records should also be cleaned before their first play. Although presumed clean, many new recordings still have mold release compounds in their grooves, thus requiring cleaning.

    The handle of the Discwasher D4+ Record Care System has been hand crafted and finished from solid American walnut, creating elegance for an already superior cleaner.



    Apply 3-6 drops of the D4+ fluid in a line on the leading edge of the pad (the arrow on the end of the handle points to the leading edge). Distribute the fluid along the leading edge of the pad using several deliberate strokes with the bottom of the D4 bottle, causing the pad to form a strip of damp fabric.


    Position the disc washer handle/pad with the arrow end on the outside edge of the record. Gently contact the record with the damp leading edge of the pad. The turntable motor may be assisted by gently turning the record with you finger on the label.


    Allow the damp leading edge to contact the record for about three revolutions. Dry the record with a simple rolling movement of the handle, allowing for the middle and back edge to contact the album for several revolutions, assuring thorough drying.

    D4+ Record Care System.

    • Simply the finest record cleaner available.
    • Cleans records while retaining fidelity.
    • 1.25 fl. oz. D4 recording cleaning fluid.
    • D4 pad with solid walnut handle, and convenient storage case.
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  • Civil War Civil War Quick View

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    Civil War

    After a seemingly infinite absence, the Dillinger Four delivers their long-promised fourth proper full-length, Civil War. The release marks the end of an agonizing 6 year span that fans have endured since the last D4 studio album and allays the speculation and rumors that have plagued the band for years. The Dillinger Four prove that they haven't lost a step here as Civil War is littered with irresistible hooks, a raw sound and accented by dueling lead vocals peppered with sharp lyrical witicisms.
    1. A Jingle for the Product
    2. Contemplate this on the tree of woe
    3. parishiltonisametaphor
    4. Gainesville
    5. Ode to the North American Snake Oil Distributor
    6. Minimum Wage Is A Gateway Drug
    7. The Classical Arrangement
    8. Americaspremierefaithbasedinitiative
    9. The Art of Whore
    10. Fruity Pebbles
    11. A Pyre Laid for Image and Frame
    12. Like Eye Contact in an Elevator
    13. Clown cars on cinder blocks
    Dillinger Four
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  • Onwards To The Wall Onwards To The Wall Quick View

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    Onwards To The Wall

    Without any official testing, Dead Oceans can safely say that the master recording for Onwards to the Wall is the loudest one ever submitted to the label for approval. Usually, they crank the volume to catch any digital pops or hisses that may foil a master. But this one they actually had to, ashamedly, put at half volume. This thing is pummeling. Theres no other way to capture the music of A Place To Bury Strangers than just beyond the boundary of whats considered properly loud. Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by APTBS themselves, this is the sound of a band in control of making out of control music.

    Onwards to the Wall packs every bit of the searing sonic maelstrom listeners have come to expect from APTBS. Yet, the adroit songcraft thats always been there is brought more to the fore, pop hooks are repurposed and more instantly recognizable. Now joined by bassist Dion Lunadon, formerly of The D4, Ackerman has found a crucial companion in pulling timeless melodies from their jet engine textures. Standout So Far Away takes all the pure pop perfection of The Box Tops The Letter and shoots it through with a barely-harnessed dark energy and snarling propulsion. The title track carries a similar balance of classic, '60s-pop hooks and doomed-out vibes, employing a boy-girl vocal trade-off thats at once both sexy and menacing.

    Onwards to the Wall is a fresh, complete artistic statement from A Place To Bury Strangers . Its a new chapter, a prelude for what awaits us on the horizon. It is a taste of greatness to come.

    1. I Lost You
    2. So Far Away
    3. Onwards To The Wall
    4. Nothing Will Surprise Me
    5. Drill It Up
    A Place To Bury Strangers
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