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Cut Chemist

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  • True Soul: Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax (Box Set) True Soul: Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax (Box Set) Quick View

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    True Soul: Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax (Box Set)

    Complete Anthology Including All 32 Rare And Unreleased 60s And 70s Soul, Funk, Disco And Party-rap Cuts From The True Soul Vaults

    10 Page Full Color Booklet Including Never Before Seen Photos, Extensive Liner Notes And A Candid Interview Between Producer Eothen Egon Alapatt And Lee Anthony

    All Tracks Remastered From The Original Master Tapes

    60's and 70's Soul, Funk, Disco, Party-Rap and Boogie from Arkansas's Legendary Independent Label the final installment presented as an all inclusive 4xLP Anthology.

    Now-Again Records, in association with label-owner Lee Anthony, is proud to present the release of True Soul: Deep Sounds from the Left of Stax, a collection of rare and unreleased funk and soul music from the fabled Arkansas indie. Over twelve years in the making, this anthology presented over the course of two volumes of CD/DVDs and one four-LP box set seeks to establish True Soul's rightful place within America's funk and soul pantheon.

    As much as this set is about the adventurous, always-funky and oh-so-rare recordings that True Soul made possible, it is also about Anthony, the man. A true, American up-from-the-bootstraps story, Anthony's is one in which his frontiersman's entrepreneurial spirit and vision remains undeterred as he sets up black-owned businesses in a post-Jim Crow South and succeeds in capturing recordings from the high water mark of America's funk and soul movement.

    Anthony's story intertwines with the renowned Sam Philips an early mentor and patron and Memphis's Al Bell and Willie Mitchell with whom Anthony collaborated as he tried to cultivate Little Rock's funk and soul in the shadow of Stax and Hi Records. This anthology will make influence amongst the history of southern funk and soul is transparent, as his story of how he helped turn a stranded road band into the Gap Band.

    This comprehensive True Soul Records anthology including a 10-page, booklet chock full of photos, ephemera and extensive liner notes - not only carries the rare distributed funk and soul 45s that led the likes of renowned collectors DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist to Lee Anthony's door in search of Anthony's fabled treasure chest, but also includes previously unreleased boogie, disco and party rap recorded in True Soul's early-80's twilight. You can find this all contained in a one of a kind 4xLP boxset, with each sleeve donning the True Soul logo that Anthony held so dear.

    1. Thomas East - 'Slipping Around (45 Version)'

    2. Albert Smith - 'Come Together'
    3. John Craig - 'Doing My Own Thing'
    4. York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six - 'Wheezin'

    5. The Conspiracy - 'I Believe (Our Love Has Gone Away)'

    6. Ren Smith - 'Smog (Full Version)'
    7. Thomas East - 'Sister Funk (Original, Full Version)'

    8. York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six - 'Funky Football'
    9. York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six - 'Psychedelic Hot Pants (Full Version)'

    10. Classsic Funk - 'Hard Times'
    11. The Right Track - 'I Gotta Move With The Groove'
    12. The Conspiracy - 'Conspiracy'
    13. Thomas East - 'Funky Music'
    14. The Conspiracy - 'The Real Thing'
    15. The Leaders - '(It's A) Rat Race'
    16. Thomas East - ''Follow The Rainbow (Alternate Mix)'
    17. Albert Smith - 'The Thrill Is Gone'
    18. Thomas East - 'Just A Trip'
    19. Larry Davis - 'Down Home Funk (Full Version)'
    20. The Right Track - 'You For Me And Me For You'
    21. Thomas East - 'Sister Funk' (instrumental)
    22. Classic Funk - 'The Funk's Gonna Fly'
    23. York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six - 'Thank You'

    24. The Right Track - 'Maybe Yes, Maybe No'
    25. Portrait - 'Love You For Now On'
    26. The Leaders - '(It's A) Rat Race (Vocal)'
    27. John Craig - 'I Don't Want To Do It'
    28. John Craig - 'Doing My Own Thing (Interlude)'

    29. Portrait - 'Springtime Smile'
    30. Le'Chance - 'Get Down'
    31. Le'Chance - 'Gigolo'
    32. Soul Mind And Body - 'I Took Your Love (To Be True) (Full Version)'

    Various Artists
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  • The Litmus Test The Litmus Test Quick View

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    The Litmus Test

    Cut Chemists Litmus Test is a self-mixed retrospective showcasing one of the 1990s great DJ/producers repertoire.
    Originally released in 2004, the album ushered in his solo era as a precursor to his Warner Brothers debut release
    The Audience Is Listening.

    A mix of selected productions/mixes Cut Chemist had done to date - some for hire, some for pleasure, and many for
    the group hed become famous with, Jurassic 5. This compilation is a good snapshot of his career, and makes one
    realize the level of talent that was quietly lurking behind the turntables in J5 - from his work with retro-funk label
    Now Again (Bunkys Pick) to backpack Hip Hop kids Ugly Duckling to futuristic complex rappers Blackalicious
    and bedroom cut-up exercises in Lesson 6, Cut Chemist made a case that established his legacy as one of the
    greats of the era, expertly segueing and blending a catalogue of his own compositions, ending up with a new album,
    which turns out to be a real solid listen.

    For fans of: DJ Shadow, Edan, Q-Bert, Jurassic 5, Quannum, The Roots, Stones Throw Records and the Cut-Up genre.

    No Track Listing Available.
    Cut Chemist
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  • Quality Control Quality Control Quick View

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    Quality Control

    Jurassic 5 flexed serious old-to-the-new muscles in the '90s,
    beginning with their independently released single
    "Unified Rebelution" in 1994, and book-ending with their stellar debut
    full-length: 2000's Quality Control. They walked a tightrope between
    underground and mainstream hip-hop, and toured alongside rap peers
    as well as punk rockers on the Vans Warped Tour.

    With double the pleasure of your average hip-hop group - two DJs and
    producers (Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark); and four MCs (Chali 2na,
    Akil, Marc 7 and Zaakir aka Soup) - they brought the late 1970s
    "unison MC" style of pioneering groups like the Fantastic 5 and the
    Force MCs to a new generation. Even more surprisingly, they did so out
    of Los Angeles, whose hip-hop flavors generally leaned towards
    Gangsta, G-Funk or Electro lines. Musically inventive and lyrically
    forward-thinking, each song on Quality Control is a new adventure,
    exploring engaging territory, delivered via one of the best live hip-hop
    shows fans had seen in years.

    From singles like the strutting groove of the title track to the throwback
    doo-wop samples on "The Influence" and the catchy, keyboard
    groove-driven "World of Entertainment (WOE Is Me)," to deeper album
    tracks like the lyrical gymnastics of "Jurass Finish First" and the
    thought-provoking "Lausd," Jurassic 5 consistently stepped to the
    plate and their fans responded in kind, nearly pushing the album to
    Gold status. Add the innovative DJ-and-sample workout which closes
    out the album, "Swing Set," and you have one of the 2000s' most
    unique and solid full-length platters.

    1. How We Get Along
    2. The Influence
    3. Great Expectations
    4. Quality Control Intro
    5. Quality Control
    6. Contact
    7. Lausd
    8. World Of Entertainment (WOE Is Me)
    9. Monkey Bars
    10. Jurass Finish First
    11. Contribution
    12. Twelve
    13. The Game
    14. Improvise
    15. Swing Set
    Jurassic 5
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  • Sound Of The Police (Out Of Stock) Sound Of The Police (Out Of Stock) Quick View


    Sound Of The Police (Out Of Stock)

    A live one turntable mix of African and South American inspired music.

    This (record) contains African and South American inspired music from around the world. It was
    constructed for the first of Mochillas Timeless series on February 1st, 2009. I had the privilege of
    performing this set opening for Mulatu Astatke which was his very first Los Angeles appearance. I
    recorded the rehearsal using the best parts of multiple takes. This live mix was performed using one Technics turntable, one Rane mixer, and a
    Boss RC50 loop pedal. Only original 7 inch and LP pressings were used. Special thanks to everybody at Mochilla for having me part of this historic event. Shout outs to
    Egon and Quantic for the opening sets and ongoing inspiration. Cut Chemist

    1. Track 1
    2. Track 2
    Cut Chemist
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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