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  • Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III Floorstanding Speaker 3 Colors Available Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III Floorstanding Speaker Quick View

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    Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III Floorstanding Speaker

    Premiering in 1959, the Cornwall speaker was fashioned to serve as a larger, full-range substitute for the Heresy when positioned as a center channel speaker between two widely spaced Klipschorns. When it was taken out of production in 1990, there was an uproar from consumers that resulted in a letter-writing campaign and even a petition to make this legendary loudspeaker available once more.

    This illustrious speaker, now called the Cornwall III, has returned better than ever. A three-way design that uses horn-loaded compression drivers for the midrange and treble and a direct-radiating 15-inch woofer for the low frequencies, the Cornwall provides the full-range bass response of the Klipschorn® with sensitivity and output nearing the fully horn-loaded models. This new version of the Cornwall III includes a riser-base, which was previously optional.

    • A three-way design using horn-loaded Midrange and high frequency compression drivers for the midrange and treble.
    • Direct-radiating 15-inch woofer for powerful low frequencies.
    • Available in a high-quality Black Ash, Cherry, or Walnut wood veneer finish


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    Klipsch Speakers
    Heritage Cornwall III Floorstanding Speaker - Single
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  • Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III Floorstanding Speaker (Special Edition) Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III Floorstanding Speaker (Special Edition) Quick View

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    Klipsch Heritage Cornwall III Floorstanding Speaker (Special Edition)

    Like all Klipsch Heritage speakers, the Cornwall III is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Manufactured to the strictest Klipsch standards, these speakers offer years of incredibly satisfying performance. 70 pairs of these exclusive, Special Edition Cornwall speakers are being built in an exotic California Black Walnut veneer complimented by a vintage lambswool grille cloth for the best in both aesthetics and quality.

    These Klipsch Cornwall III 70th Anniversary speakers are still Designed & Assembled in the USA, by proud craftsmen in Hope, Arkansas - just like our founder, Paul W. Klipsch, intended.

    Because these speakers are handcrafted, please allow a manufacturing time of up to six weeks after making your purchase.

    Limited Edition

    Each loudspeaker will include a small edition plaque that is hand-signed by the craftsman.

    Vintage Nameplate And Grille

    Each pair of Cornwalls III Special Edition speakers features "script" style nameplates mounted upon a vintage lambswool grille cloth.

    Three-Way Loudspeaker

    First introduced in 1959, the Cornwall III is a three-way design utilizing horn-loaded compression drivers for the midrange and tweeter and a direct-radiating 15-inch woofer for the low frequencies. The Cornwall III is an amazing combination of wide frequency response, low distortion, and high power output. Within the Heritage series, only the legendary Klipschorn® offers a more extended bass response.

    Paired To Perfection

    Klipsch only uses book-matched wood veneers that are skillfully sliced from the timber and perfectly arranged to provide a mirror image at the splice joint - like turning the pages of a book.

    Each cabinet is carefully grain-matched so that each speaker in the pair is practically indistinguishable from the other. The speakers move seamlessly together through the factory.

    Designed & Assembled In The USA

    A little town in Arkansas called Hope is the birthplace of the Klipsch Cornwall III speaker. It has been designed and assembled there since 1959.


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Klipsch Speakers
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  • Unrepentant Geraldines Unrepentant Geraldines Quick View

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    Unrepentant Geraldines

    Unrepentant Geraldines is Tori Amos' 14th studio album and first album of original pop/rock songs in 5 years and a return to the unique brand of singer
    songwriter style that catapulted her to stardom over two decades ago.

    During her career Tori Amos has sold over 12 million albums worldwide.

    Unrepentant Geraldines is an album in which Amos once more zeroes in on the writing of brightly melodic, deftly evocative singer song-writer soul-poems.
    The album title was inspired by a painting of Daniel Maclise, depicting the Irish folk tale character Geraldine in the pose of the repentant Magdalene. This
    sparked a process of thoughts about women's repentance and their struggles throughout history.

    Fusing themes such as women in society, motherhood and contemporary events, and also drawing inspiration from the work of visual artists, painters
    such as Cezanne, she has created a landmark album, demonstrating why she is regarded as one of the most remarkable artists of recent times.
    Unrepentant Geraldines was written over the past few years and entirely recorded in her Cornwall studio with long-time collaborators Mark Hawley and
    Marcel Van Limbeek, "working as a triangle".

    2014 brought a fresh approach to creating and working for Tori. The album features "Trouble's Lament", an eerie Southern blues song in which Amos's
    matchless voice conjures up images of how the "flames from Satan's tongue are charged and licking at her heels "

    Other highlights include "Promise" a touching duet with her 13-year old daughter Natasha, that documents the mother/daughter relationship and the
    promises they make to each other, "Giant's Rolling Pin." a pithy, spry, jig-like satire on the NSA/Edward Snowden affair and "Oysters" a classic Amos
    piano ballad, evocative of her timeless breakthrough album, 1992's Little Earthquakes.

    1. America
    2. Trouble's Lament
    3. Wild Way
    4. Wedding Day
    5. Weatherman
    6. 16 Shades of Blue
    7. Maids of Elfen-mere
    8. Promise
    9. Giant's Rolling Pin
    10. Selkie
    11. Unrepentant Geraldines
    12. Oysters
    13. Rose Dover
    14. Invisible Boy
    15. Forest of Glass
    Tori Amos
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Down the Way Down the Way Quick View

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    Down the Way

    2-LP Gatefold Package Featuring 3 Additional Tracks

    " a sweet and savory blend to warm the soul." - MOJO

    "Brother Angus' acoustic guitar wraps sister Julia's whispery trill with an unhurried,
    disarmingly simple melody that will propel you off the couch and into the sun."
    - Marie Claire "Need To Download"

    "If A Book Like This compounded the prospects of their future, consider Down The Way
    the fulfilling realization of all expectations." - Filter

    " the musical equivalent of a walk on the beach at twilight." - Nylon

    "The pair melt in to one another to create a spectral and lush backdrop" - Clash Magazine (UK)

    "Very possibly the worlds' favourite Australian indie-folk brother and sister duo"
    - Evening Standard (London UK)

    Australian brother/sister duo, Angus & Julia Stone's sophomore album Down The Way was released to critical
    acclaim, charted at #1 in Australia, and features the stand-out track "Big Jet Plane."

    Originally available on vinyl only in limited quantities in North America, the 2-LP Gatefold package featuring 3
    additional tracks is being reissued timed with the duo's 2014 album release and October tour.

    Down The Way highlights the endless talents of this brother and sister as musicians, songwriters and producers.
    The self-produced album was recorded between England, New York and Australia--from an old sawmill on the
    riverbanks of Fowey, Cornwall to a studio in Brooklyn, to a water tank in Coolangatta to the streets of London and
    back to Queens. Down The Way is comprised of tracks that sail across the different realms of musical themes,
    from folksy charm to epic orchestral grandeur, all the while emphasizing the pair's beautifully subtle harmonies

    LP 1
    1. Hold On
    2. Black Crow
    3. For You
    4. Big Jet Plane
    5. Santa Monica Dream
    6. Yellow Brick Road
    7. And The Boys

    LP 2
    1. On The Road
    2. Walk It Off
    3. Hush
    4. Draw Your Swords
    5. I'm Not Yours
    6. The Devil's Tears
    7. Old Friend
    8. Little Bird
    9. Take You Away

    Angus & Julia Stone
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • EUSA EUSA Quick View

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    Yann Tiersen has announced details of a brand new album, EUSA.

    The new album, recorded at Abbey Road, is Tiersen's first ever album of solo piano music, and follows 2014's album release, (Infinity).Location is important to everything Yann Tiersen does, and here,Tiersen has taken his connection with the land one step further. The collection of 10 solo piano pieces form a musical map of Tiersen's home island Ushant ('Eusa' in the local Breton language) which is positioned in the Celtic sea between Brittany and Cornwall.

    Between each piece we hear the sounds of the island, and Tiersen's improvisations that are all titled 'Hent'. Hent translates from Breton to English as Path and with each one Tiersen leads the listener across the island landscape to a new location.

    His full immersion into the rustic way of life and his admiration for desolate, sparsely-inhabited landscapes all seem a far cry from the cutesy postcard image of Montmartre and the soundtrack for the filmAmÉlie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001), that some might best recognize Tiersen from. In fact this album sees a return to a more stripped back production last seen on the collaborative soundtrack for Good Bye Lenin! (Wolfgang Becker, 2003).

    1. Hent I
    2. Pern
    3. Hent II
    4. Porz Goret
    5. Lok Gweltz
    6. Hent III
    7. Penn ar Roc'h
    8. Hent IV
    9. Kereon
    10. Hent V
    11. Yuzin
    12. Roc'h ar Vugale
    13. Hent VI
    14. Penn ar Lann
    15. Hent VII
    16. Enez Nein
    17. Kadoran
    18. Hent VIII
    Yann Tiersen
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Abnormally Attracted To Sin Abnormally Attracted To Sin Quick View

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    Abnormally Attracted To Sin

    Abnormally Attracted To Sin, Tori Amos' tenth studio album, is yet another innovative chapter in the artists trailblazing story. The album was produced by Amos and features longtime contributors Matt Chamberlain on drums, Jon Evans on bass, and Mac Aladdin on guitars. Once again she is joined in the studio by Mark Hawley and Marcel Van Limbeek who recorded and mixed the album at Martian Engineering in Cornwall, England. Abnormallly Attracted To Sin is sure to be regarded by fans and critics as another innovative chapter in the artists trailblazing career.

    With more than 12 million albums sold, and commanding a significant and uniquely loyal audience from the rock, pop, alternative, and under-the-radar regions of the musicworld, Ms. Amos has influenced a new generation of artists in a myriad of platforms. Most recently, she was the catalyst for a one-of-a-kind anthology chronicling her career, the 500 page Graphic Novel, Comic Book Tattoo, featuring stunning visual interpretations of her songs by more than 80 artists, (including an introduction by friend and creative influence artist Neil Gaiman, creator of the Sandman series).

    Her genre-shattering breakthrough in the early 1990s, including 1991s Me And A Gun EP, and 1992s masterwork, Little Earthquakes, single-handedly revived the piano-singer motif in rock music. Little Earthquakes went on to sell more than 3 million albums worldwide, with subsequent Grammy nominated albums such as Under The Pink (1994), 1996s Boys For Pele, 2001s Strange Little Girls and 2002s Scarlets Walk continuing to explore broader themes.

    Nominated for multiple awards, including ten Grammys, Ms. Amos has been working on a musical for London's British National Theatre called The Light Princess tentatively scheduled to debut in 2010.

    1. Give
    2. Welcome To England
    3. Strong Black Vine
    4. Flavor
    5. Not Dying Today
    6. Maybe California
    7. Curtain Call
    8. Fire To Your Plain
    9. Police Me
    10. That Guy
    11. Abnormally Attracted To Sin
    12. 500 Miles
    13. Mary Jane
    14. Starling
    15. Fast Horse
    16. Ophelia
    17. Lady In Blue
    Tori Amos
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
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