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  • Collage Collage Quick View

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    Breakout hit-makers The Chainsmokers present their new EP Collage. The group has achieved three Triple Platinum Singles in 2016 with Roses, Don't Let Me Down, and Closer. This new EP features 4 previously released tracks including the smash hits Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) and Closer (feat. Halsey), along with the new hit Setting Fires (feat. XYLØ).
    1. Setting Fires (feat. XYLØ)
    2. All We Know (feat. Phoebe Ryan)
    3. Closer (feat. Halsey)
    4. Inside Out (feat. Charlee)
    5. Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya)
    The Chainsmokers
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  • Canopy (EP) Canopy (EP) Quick View

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    Canopy (EP)

    Canopy is the debut EP from duo Painted Palms. Pieced together via email by cousins Reese Donohue and Chris Prudhomme, Painted Palms' Canopy is a modern psych-pop collage with an affinity for fluidity and the exotic. With its echoes of Brill Building pop, buoyant electronics, and encompassing textural experimentation, the EP exudes something ebullient as well as meditative.
    1. All of Us

    2. Water Hymn

    3. Falling Asleep

    4. Great White

    5. Canopy

    Painted Palms
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  • No One Is Lost No One Is Lost Quick View

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    No One Is Lost

    Sharing a fondness for sophisticated soul and pop artists like the Smiths, New Order, and Marvin Gaye, vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris
    Seligman formed Stars in Toronto. Stars returns with another classic alternative collage of super songs with hooks galore.
    1. From The Night
    2. This Is The Last Time
    3. You Keep Coming Up
    4. Turn It Up
    5. No Better Place
    6. What Is To Be Done?
    7. Trap Door
    8. Are You OK?
    9. A Stranger
    10. Look Away
    11. No One Is Lost
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  • Lumpy Gravy Lumpy Gravy Quick View

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    Lumpy Gravy

    The unique work, Lumpy Gravy, is comprised of orchestral performances recorded at Capitol Studios in 1967. Interspersed with tape collage and dialogue brilliantly edited by FZ and his razor blade, it went on to become Frank and Gail Zappa's favorite record of the catalog. Pressed on 180g vinyl from a pristine 1968 analog safety tape found in the Vault.
    1. Part One
    2. Part Two
    Frank Zappa
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Wicca Wicca Quick View

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    Completely Restored And Remastered Audio

    Wicca was originally released in the early 90s and has seen a few reissues by labels worldwide. However, for many years, the album has been out of print, until noW. The audio portion of this release was completely restored and remastered for vinyl for a warm, powerful, and visceral listen. Track listings remain as in the original release. Visually, the packaging features a special foldout insert with a photo collage and lyrics.

    1. Our Gloat (Intro)
    2. Osculum Obscenum
    3. Tormentum Aeternu
    4. Cursed Excruciation
    5. Defloration (The Antichrist Lives)
    6. (Invocacione) The Almighty Satanas
    7. The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R)
    8. An Elizabethan Devil-Worshiper's Prayer Book
    9. Hyoscyamus Niger
    10. Mystifier (Satan's Messengers)
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  • O+S O+S Quick View

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    The collaboration between Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, Art In Manila) and Scalpelist (a.k.a. Cedric LeMoyne of Remy Zero) has yielded a beautifully haunting collection, influenced by David Lynch soundtracks, 10cc, and 4AD records. It's a balance of light and dark; a melodious reverie that thrusts forward with drum loops, shifts from acoustic guitar and angelic coos to plodding piano and tinkling bells, and floats with celestial vocals. The production prowess of Michael Patterson (Beck, Notorious B.I.G., Ladytron) helped stitch the jagged collage into a seamless artistic composition.
    1.New Life
    2.Permanent Scar
    3.Fox, The
    5.We Do What We Want To
    6.Survive Love
    8.My Friend
    9.Knowing Animals
    10.Lonely Ghosts
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  • Fly By Wire Fly By Wire Quick View

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    Fly By Wire

    • 180-Gram Coke Bottle Clear LP In Gatefold Jacket

    • Includes 11x17" Foldout Collage Poster

    • Mixed By Sonny DiPerri (Portugal The Man, STRFKR)

    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin returned to the attic where they made their debut full-length Broom. Phil Dickey, Will Knauer, and Jonathan James spent up to twelve hours a day working on the songs that would become Fly By Wire.

    With James assuming the role of engineer, Dickey and Knauer wrote lyrics and guitar parts on a third floor windowsill and recorded vocals in the staircase. This laid-back approach to recording is clearly evident in the album's warm, welcoming sound.

    1. Harrison Ford
    2. Young Presidents
    3. Cover All Sides
    4. Lucky Young
    5. Ms. Dot
    6. Loretta
    7. Unearth
    8. Bright Leaves
    9. Nightwater Girlfriend
    10. Fly By Wire
    Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • O+S (Bend In Cover) (On Sale) O+S (Bend In Cover) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    O+S (Bend In Cover) (On Sale)

    The collaboration between Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, Art In Manila) and Scalpelist (a.k.a. Cedric LeMoyne of Remy Zero) has yielded a beautifully haunting collection, influenced by David Lynch soundtracks, 10cc, and 4AD records. It's a balance of light and dark; a melodious reverie that thrusts forward with drum loops, shifts from acoustic guitar and angelic coos to plodding piano and tinkling bells, and floats with celestial vocals. The production prowess of Michael Patterson (Beck, Notorious B.I.G., Ladytron) helped stitch the jagged collage into a seamless artistic composition.
    1.New Life
    2.Permanent Scar
    3.Fox, The
    5.We Do What We Want To
    6.Survive Love
    8.My Friend
    9.Knowing Animals
    10.Lonely Ghosts
    $14.01 $10.51 Save $3.50 (25%)
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  • You Are My Sunshine You Are My Sunshine Quick View

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    You Are My Sunshine

    Black & Grey Splatter Vinyl

    Something dreadful happened with Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez & Shooter Jennings created this piece of music. It can only be described as a sonic journey, the first of which takes one of the most well-known songs and reinvents it to possibly it's true meaning using much ritual when it comes to the creation and conjuration of the music. Side B is a mystical sound collage that takes the listener on a dark ride into the subconscious using many methods of sub sonic sound synthesis.

    1. You Are My Sunshine
    2. There Is No Sunshine
    Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez, & Shooter Jennings
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Live At The Pirate's Cove Live At The Pirate's Cove Quick View

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    Live At The Pirate's Cove

    Pink Vinyl

    Live at the Pirate's Cove, Cleveland OH, May 26th 1977

    Remastered from an analog tape recently discovered by Jack Lee in an unmarked box! Comes with INNER SLEEVE featuring a collage with Nerves MEMORABILIA, RARE PHOTOS, NOTES by Jack Lee, and Paul Collins original TOUR DIARY entry related to the show.

    This 1977 previously unreleased performance showcases the trio live in Cleveland during their infamous Magic Blistering Tour. All the classics are here, Hanging On The Telephone, Walking Out On Love, When You Find Out, Stand Up And Take A Good Look, etc, all delivered with blistering energy in front of a small audience of enlightened scensters that included Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu, and with Devo as the opening band.

    1. Are You Famous?

    2. Stand Back And Take A Good Look

    3. Walking Out On Love

    4. Will You Come Through?

    5. Working Too Hard

    6. When You Find Out

    7. Give Me Some Time

    8. Any Day Now

    9. Why Am I Lonely?

    10. You Wont Be Happy

    11. Letter To G.

    12. Come Back And Stay

    13. I Need YOur Love

    14. Hanging On The Telephone

    The Nerves
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Metallic Year The Metallic Year Quick View

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    The Metallic Year

    Imbogodom are the UK's Alexander Tucker and New Zealand's Daniel Beban. The Metallic Year is their Thrill Jockey debut and first release under the Imbogodom moniker. Mutual friends in sound exploration, this Trans-Atlantic duo create other-worldly transmissions where improvisation gives way to mutated song forms and intricate soundscapes. The Metallic Year is a collection of eerie tracks where sound collage and unraveling songs present a haunted world of spooling atmospheres, warped instrumentation, and disembodied voices. The nocturnal creations were inspired by the tape experiments of BBC's Radiophonics Workshop, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and their love of New Zealand musician Alastair Galbraith. Imbogodom continue in the tradition of these sonic pioneers to bring new sounds from old sources.
    1. The Metallic Year Pt. 1
    2. Unseen Ticket
    3. Of The Cloth
    4. The Endless Body
    5. Indosoap
    6. Bvsh Hovse Ghost

    7. Report From Iron Mountain
    8. Calibos
    9. The Metallic Year Pt. 2
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  • Life Like (On Sale) Life Like (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Life Like (On Sale)

    LP Includes 12-page 12 x 12 Full Color Collage Book & Album Download

    Life Like is Joan of Arc distilled down to/embracing its rock essence. Gone from the bands music (for now) are the electronics and layers upon layers of tracks. Gone from their liner notes are an extensive list of musicians and instruments. Instead, Life Like is the result of four men adhering to Thoreaus famous principle, Simplify, simplify, simplify!

    Life Like is the first Joan of Arc to feature Victor Villarreal (Capn Jazz, Owls) as a member. The album was recorded at Chicagos Electrical Audio with Steve Albini (who has previously engineered records for two other Kinsella projects: Owls and Make Believe).

    1. I Saw the Messed Binds of My Generation

    2. Love Life
    3. Like Minded
    4. Life Force
    5. Night Life Style
    6. Howdy Pardoner
    7. Still Life
    8. Deep State
    9. After Life

    Joan of Arc
    $18.99 $14.24 Save $4.75 (25%)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Flag Flag Quick View

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    Flag is a 1988 album by the enterprising and influential Swiss electronica sound-art group Yello consisting of vocalist/conceptualist Dieter Meier and composer/arranger Boris Blank. By far the most successful pop export from their country, Yello has often been mentioned in the same breath as other legendary pop duos like the Pet Shop Boys, Wham, Eurythmics and Sparks.

    Known for their signature mix of electronic collage music and manipulated audio-visual vocals, Flag boasts its lion's share of both as heard on the the seminal singles Tied Up, Blazing Saddles and The Race.

    Their trans-global studio-trick-sound is a branch of music that defies categorization to this day. What can you possibly call a crossing of avant-garde pop, fake-rap and sound witchcraft with a headstrong mix of funk and humor, pre-techno and snappy woodwinds? You can call it idiosyncratic, eccentric and exceptional to start! 180g audiophile vinyl reissue from Music On Vinyl.

    1. Tied Up
    2. Of Course I'm Lying
    3. 3rd of June
    4. Blazing Saddles
    5. The Race
    6. Alhambra
    7. Otto Di Catania
    8. Tied Up In Gear
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa Quick View

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    Tabula Rasa

    The Berlin based Estonian Arvo PÄrt is one of the most important composers of the post-war era. His postmodern style is equally inspired by traditional as by new methods and has earned him the reputation of being a visionary.

    Tabula Rasa stands as one of his most widely-performed compositions, as well as a fine example of his mature style. At once reverent, bleak and timeless, rich with otherwordly harmonies, Tabula Rasa aptly displays exactly why Arvo PÄrt is regarded as one of the most exceptional composers of the late 20th century.

    This 2LP set from Vinyl Passion includes: Tabula Rasa - Concerto for 2 Violins, Prepared Piano and String Orchestra (1971); Symphony No. 1 'Poliphonic' (1964); Collage On The Theme B-A-C-H (1964); and Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. To Mstislav Rostropovich (1966).

    Tabula Rasa: Concerto for 2 Violins, Prepared Piano and String Orchestra (1971)
    1. Ludus
    2. Silentium

    Symphony No. 1 'Poliphonic' (1964)
    1. Kanons
    2. Prelude and Fugue
    Collage On The Theme B-A-C-H (1964)
    3. Toccata
    4. Sarabande
    5. Ricercar
    Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. To Mstislav Rostropovich (1966)
    6. Maestoso
    7. Largo
    8. Allegro

    Arvo Part
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Until The Quiet Comes Until The Quiet Comes Quick View

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    Until The Quiet Comes

    Composed, according to FlyLo, as a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies, Until the Quiet Comes has the distinct feel of this nocturnal trip. From the twitching descent into a subconscious state and the out-of-focus time-ether of the journey that follows, the sound is an unhinged, yet elegant evolution of the melodic and rhythmic interplay that is woven into the DNA of Flying Lotus' aural personae. The album, featuring guests Erykah Badu, Laura Darlington, Niki Randa, Thundercat & Thom Yorke, is set for release on October 2. UTQC is fueled by FlyLo's first ever full US Tour, multiple videos, creative visual assets and massive support from his ever-growing group of press and fans. Notable followers include Odd Future (Earl Sweatshirt collaboration with Adult Swim online now), Schoolboy Q (who's been in the studio) and rising super-producer Clams Casino.
    1. All In
    2. Getting There (feat. Niki Randa)
    3. Until The Colours Come
    4. Heave(n)
    5. Tiny Tortures
    6. All the Secrets
    7. Sultan's Request
    8. Putty Boy Strut
    9. See Thru to U (feat. Erykah Badu)
    10. Until the Quiet Comes
    11. DMT Song ft. Thundercat
    12. The Nightcaller
    13. Only if You Wanna
    14. Electric Candyman (feat. Thom Yorke)
    15. Hunger (feat. Niki Randa)
    16. Phantasm (feat. Laura Darling)
    17. Me Yesterday/Corded
    18. Dream to Me
    Flying Lotus
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Fourth: The Golden Eagle Fourth: The Golden Eagle Quick View

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    Fourth: The Golden Eagle

    Ableton aficionado and purveyor of warped, cut 'n' spliced cliq-hop beats has delivered a handcrafted, 10-track masterpiece of an album which draws upon the strengths of his previous work.

    On the whole, I was trying to make the warmest and most analogue sounding thing I've done, and I think it came out best on 'Answered'. The rest of the LP, in a way, is an extended build up to that favourite track on the record, which in itself was an opportunity to take leave of everything preceding it and go off on an epic trip."

    As a further taste of what to expect, album track and forthcoming second single "Outwhere?" has been graced with a video consisting of a jerky collage of patterns and found visuals put together by visual artist Paul Southgate - you can watch that below. The track itself seems to imply that the forthcoming album will occupy the same sonic crawlspace as that of Gold Panda.

    1. Astrolomy
    2. Beaks of Eagles
    3. Superzero Theme
    4. Go Visible
    5. Nice Eyes in My Size
    6. Single Stripe
    7. Glinterlude
    8. Puds
    9. Outwhere
    10. Answered
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Black Tar Prophecies Vols. 4, 5 & 6 Black Tar Prophecies Vols. 4, 5 & 6 Quick View

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    Black Tar Prophecies Vols. 4, 5 & 6

    Deluxe Gatefold Double LP Features Four Mind-Blowing Laser Etchings

    Includes 3 Previously Unreleased Tracks

    Following the release of their most acclaimed album of their decade-long career, Deep Politics (2011), Grails revisited Black Tar Prophecies, their ever-expanding, enigmatic tapestry of eclectic experiments released in scarce limited editions that often disappear before most fans discover their existence.

    Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 4, 5 & 6 collects the last three volumes in the Black Tar series, originally released as a limited-edition 12, and a split LP with Finish psych-rock phenoms, Pharaoh Overlord. Exclusive to this collection is Volume 6, three previously unreleased tracks that run the gamut from found-sound collage to moody, piano-driven soundtracks to obscure erotic horror films that never existed (but should have).

    Deluxe Gatefold 2xLP features four mind-blowing laser etchings - one on each side of the record, beginning where the grooves of the music end. It's pretty, and pretty unbelievable.

    1. I Want A New Drug
    2. Self-Hypnosis
    3. Invitation To Ruin
    4. Wake Up Drill II
    5. UpAll Night
    6. Pale Purple Blues
    7. Chariots
    8. New Drug II
    9. A Mansion Has Many Rooms
    10. Corridors Of Power III
    11. Ice Station Zebra
    12. Penalty Box
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Close to the Glass Close to the Glass Quick View

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    Close to the Glass

    The Notwist's Close to the Glass, their eighth album, is a catchy and
    unpredictable marriage of playing your heart out on an instrument and
    the magnetic pulse of precise programming. We now find The Notwist
    defining their edges with no shortage of bravery or beat. As romantic as
    it is robotic, Close to the Glass is a bottomless collage: part pop song,
    part science, part band, part storytelling and all Notwist. Brothers Markus
    and Micha Archer, alongside Martin Gretchmann, Max Punktezahl and
    Andi Haberl, have finally found their human form and, at last, 'become'
    The Notwist.

    The Notwist began as a metallic hardcore band in 1989. Markus and
    Micha have always been at the core of the band; Gretchman joined in
    1997, and the band has been through countless collaborations and side
    projects (Lali Puna, Console, Ms. John Soda, to name a few), constantly
    pushing themselves both in those projects and as The Notwist. Their
    sound has transformed hugely over the years, becoming progressively
    catchier and incorporating the members' love of folk, classical, rap, rock
    and electronic music.

    Now, in 2014, we find The Notwist following up 2007's The Devil,
    You + Me with their most adventurous record yet. The strong connection
    and trust between band members allowed them to blur the lines between
    their roles more than ever. With everyone playing anything, the band
    could take their music anywhere, from sheer noise to kraut-rock beat
    pocket to arena rock ride out. Close to the Glass is also full of vocal leaps
    for Markus Acher, experimenting not only with effects but also with his
    range, leaving the comforts of his signature style to take the music
    somewhere new. Close to the Glass reflects and reveals the truth about
    The Notwist more than ever, in its collage nature, pop-music moments
    and unpredictable structures. It feels as good in expensive headphones
    as it does in the trunk, a seamless soundtrack for that movie always
    going on inside you.

    1. Signals
    2. Close to the Glass
    3. Kong
    4. Into Another Tune
    5. Casino
    6. From One Wrong Place to Another
    7. 7 Hour Drive
    8. The Fifth Quarter of the Globe
    9. Run Run Run
    10. Steppin' In
    11. Lineri
    12. They Follow Me
    The Notwist
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • All My Friends Are Funeral Singers All My Friends Are Funeral Singers Quick View

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    All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

    Califone's releases are full of layers and textures, offering endless depth, entire universes to lose yourself in, and beyond the thick spectrum of sound, they do something even more important: they write great songs that will stand the test of time. The band is at the peak of its powers on All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, its sixth song based album. The long-awaited follow-up to 2006's acclaimed Roots and Crowns, the album is the strongest collection of songs in a career with no shortage of strength. The subtlety and detail of Califone's previous work is present here; the atmospheres are carefully nuanced, the percussion is both rattling and melodic, and the melodies are rich and soulful.

    All My Friends Are Funeral Singers is a dense collage of sounds, expertly formed into fully realized pop songs and it's the record that the great Roots and Crowns hinted at. The songwriting is fleshed out, the musical vision is boiling over, the sonic experimentation is indulgent and dense, yet there's a great cohesion, a sense of purpose and a newfound focus to this Califone effort. Never has the band felt so vibrant and so alive!

    This double LP edition contains music exclusive to the vinyl edition of the release on side 4.

    1. Giving Away the Bride
    2. Polish Girls
    3. 1928
    4. Funeral Singers
    5. Snakes Tooth = Protection Against Fever And Luck In Gambling
    6. Buñuel
    7. Ape-like
    8. A Wish Made While Burning Onions Will Come True
    9. Evidence
    10. Alice Marble Gray
    11. Salt
    12. Krill
    13. Seven, Fourteen, Or Twenty Knots
    14. Better Angels
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Between Two Skies / Towards The Night (Awaiting Repress) Between Two Skies / Towards The Night (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Between Two Skies / Towards The Night (Awaiting Repress)

    Limited Edition

    Pakistani-born musician Ilyas Ahmed traffics a sound that borders on the folk/drone/raga/rock axis. Currently residing in Portland, OR, Ahmed has released recordings on Time-Lag, Digitalis, and Root Strata. He is known to perform live with Honey Owens (Valet) and Jed Bindeman (Eternal Tapestry, Heavy Winged) and his recent recordings have featured Liz Harris (Grouper).

    He first appeared in the Fall of 2005 with Between Two Skies and Towards The Night, two albums that were released on CDr in editions of 50 copies. Even in editions so small these records quickly made waves and impacted anyone who was lucky enough to hear them. In 2007, Between Two Skies and Towards The Night were given a proper CD release by Digitalis.

    Immune Recordings is now proud to present the ultimate edition of these two modern classics presented as a deluxe gatefold double LP. Featuring the original collage artwork printed in full color as well as brand new gatefold artwork created especially for this release by Ilyas Ahmed. The music was meticulously cut to vinyl by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering in Phoenix, AZ and pressed on high quality virgin vinyl at RTI in Camarillo, CA.

    Between Two Skies
    1. Black Midas
    2. As Those Above
    3. Night Song
    4. To You Soon
    5. Silence the High
    6. Amajan
    7. Samanjhna

    Towards the Night
    1. Circular Sky
    2. Satanta's Hand
    3. Golden Eyes
    4. Shumsun

    Ilyas Ahmed
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kazumi Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kazumi Quick View

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    Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kazumi

    Tara Jane ONeil met Nikaido Kazumi in 2002 in Kyoto, Japan. Since that time they have toured Japan 5 times together, and are now releasing a self-titled album of amazing instrumentation that highlights their musical kinship and general fondness for one another. Work on this album began in the spring of 2008 where, in a small room with an oil heater, some stringed instruments, some things to bang on and their friends Geoff Soule and Norio Fukuda, they recorded four hours of improvised material in one day.

    In the spring of 2010 TJO returned to Japan to meet with Nikaido in Kobe at the Guggenheim house; very minimal recording equipment, a floor tom, an amp and empty rooms in a Victorian mansion were their tools this time. Songs from the previous session were revisited and structures built upon and around them. Nikaido and TJO do not speak the same language, so often the use of drawings, pantomime, and clapping were used to communicate ideas.

    Together the artists spent two years turning the recordings of 4 days into gorgeous intuitive guitar and voice duets that create a collection of orchestral collage songs which are truly a unique delight for the ears.

    1. Puppers

    2. Obvious
    3. Redeemer
    4. Modern Love
    5. Cookies
    6. Thaw
    7. After Hours
    8. Giraffe
    9. Soft Marauder
    10. Teardrop Children
    Tara Jane O'Neil and Nikaido Kazumi
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Top Contenders: The Best Of Strung Out Top Contenders: The Best Of Strung Out Quick View

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    Top Contenders: The Best Of Strung Out

    Top Contenders: The Best Of Strung Out is a retrospective celebrating the Simi Valley, CA band's 20 year career. Featuring 23 catalog tracks, culled from each of their 7 albums and 2 EPs, all fully remixed from the original tapes by Ryan Greene. As a special bonus, the band recorded 3 brand new songs exclusively for this release. The packaging boasts a front cover with an original painting by vocalist Jason Cruz, a huge collage with photos of hundreds of fans Strung Out tattoos and more.

    We are super stoked on how our best of album has turned out! We chose the songs that we thought would best define our sound and it wasnt easy making the final selection. Ryan Greene did an amazing job on remixing these songs, which has given a new life to them all. We cant wait for you, the fans, to check them out. The bonus is the 3 brand new, unreleased songs that are included which turned out great as well. If you were to only buy one Strung Out album, this would for sure be it! - Jake Kiley

    1. Firecracker

    2. Velvet Alley

    3. Mind of My Own

    4. Everyday

    5. City Lights

    6. Too Close to See

    7. Vanity

    8. Mission Statement

    9. Cemetery

    10. Bring Out Your Dead

    11. Analog

    12. Black Crosses

    13. Ashes

    14. Monster

    15. Letter Home

    16. Blueprint of the Fall

    17. Population Control

    18. Swan Dive

    19. Calling

    20. Saturday Night

    21. Exhumation of Virginia Madison

    22. In Harms Way

    23. Scarecrow

    24. Cult of the Subterranean

    25. Here We Are

    26. Matchbook

    Strung Out
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • White Mountain White Mountain Quick View

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    White Mountain

    Having played in various bands including Swords of Chaos and in Jónsi's touring band, White Mountain is Úlfur Hansson's debut under his own name. With influences ranging from cult cinema, esoteric literature and contemporary music, Úlfur presents a unique twist on the supernatural. In his own words:

    Every track is a collage of field-recordings made while travelling. I met so many interesting people on the road (for instance, Alexandra of Mountain Man who did amazing vocals for So Very Strange) and I always carry my tape recorder with me like a camera. Some tracks are composed of beats made from my cousin throwing rocks into a pond out in the sticks in Iceland, converging with some birds I met in Chigaco. It makes this album extremely personal to me, remembering things like that and helps me achieve greater depth with the programming aspect of it. I guess i'm searching for a more
    living breathing sound for completely electronic music.

    The title is an homage to Rene Daumal's Mount Analogue, as well as Alejandro Jodorowski's film Holy Mountain, but also something else Each individual sound has a very special memory attached to it, so the album creates these nostalgic nonexistent spaces, hidden places - an amalgamation of instances, situations that couldn't possibly exist. I imagine this White Mountain, an invisible imaginary place - a sacred place on the horizon. Maybe like a connection to the the universe above. An analogy of the journey of Man.

    1. Evoke Ewok
    2. So Very Strange
    3. Black Shore
    4. Heaven In A Wildflower
    5. White Mountain
    6. Knoll of Juniper
    7. Molasses
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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    After featuring on both The Whitest Boy Alive records and since moving to Berlin in 2005, DENA has spent time honing her self-composed beats and finding her signature sound, before stepping into the limelight and gaining international recognition for her unique and fresh flavor. Support slots for the likes of Das Racist, Icona Pop, The Whitest Boy Alive and LCMDF and a jam packed schedule at SXSW earlier this year have seen her live show grow from strength to strength Top 10 international Pop-acts to rise in 2013.

    Album features and past singles 'Thin Rope,' and 'Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools' were released by French label Kitsune and Greenwood earlier this year, the latter approaching 1 million plays on YouTube and both causing a stir throughout the blogosphere. In contrast to DENA's trademark avant-garde hip-pop demonstrated on them, 'Bad Timing' is a more muted affair about the feeling of constantly missing someone amidst the frantic rhythm of the city - pieced together from a collage of stories and reflected through her own prism of experiences. The simplicity and directness of her rhymes and self-programmed MPC sounds throughout 'Flash' sets DENA apart from her peers, whose lyrics are often saturated with metaphors and nuance. The blend of late 90's dance and R'n'B vocals with an added pinch of East European Folklore is certainly trademark DENA and a Flash of brilliance from an unorthodox creative with a love for old school beats.

    1. Thin Rope
    2. Jetlag
    3. Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pool
    4. Total Ignore
    5. Bad Timing
    6. You Wish
    7. Dice
    8. Flashed
    9. Games
    10. Front Row Girl
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