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  • Gregorian Chant Gregorian Chant Quick View

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    Gregorian Chant

    Father Godehard Joppich leads the Benedictine Abbey for this recording of Gregorian Chants.

    The present recording of Gregorian chants is an attempt to make use of the most up-to-date research into the chant in interpretation. We should like to be able to present the melodies in their original flexible rhythms. This intention can only be satisfactorily realized when authenticity of expression is allied to a revised musical text. It was therefore found necessary to re-examine the melodies as published in the Editio Vaticana. Indeed the Second Vatican Council encouraged us in this aim by recommending that Gregorian chant should continue to be of primary importance in the liturgy, while the chant-books already available should be critically revised. - from liner notes by Father Godehard Joppich

    Side A:

    Third Mass for Christmas

    1. Introitus: Puer natus est nobis

    2. Graduale: Viderunt omnes

    3. Alleluia. Dies sanctificatus

    4. Offertorium: Tui sunt caeli

    5. Communio: Viderunt omnes fines terrae

    Side B:

    Dedication of a Church

    1. Introiutus: Terribilis est locus iste

    2. Kyrie XIV

    3. Gloria XIV

    4. Graduale: Locus iste a Deus factus est

    5. Alleluia. Adorabo ad templum sanctum tuum

    6. Offertorium: Domine Deus, in simplicitate

    7. Sanctus XIV

    8. Agnus Dei XIV

    9. Communio: Domus mea

    Benedictine Abbey
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  • The Chant The Chant Quick View

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    The Chant

    The Latin Jazz Quintet for Tru-Sound from 1962.


    Juan Amalbert- Drums,Conga

    Bobby Capers - Alto and Tenor Sax

    Manny Ramos - Drums,Timbales

    Bill Ellington - Bass

    Willie Gardner - Piano

    Willie Bivens - Vibes

    Victor Allende - Flute

    Engineered by Rudy Van Gelder

    1. G.T.'s Theme
    2. There's No You
    3. The Chant
    4. Invitation
    5. Jackie's Mambo
    6. Dorian
    7. Yesterday's Child
    8. Star Eyes
    Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet
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  • Chants Chants Quick View

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    Chants is the debut album by Seattle multi-instrumentalist / singer Nouela. Born to Norwegian & Korean parents, Nouela spent the first her first 11 years living in Korea and learning to love what her parents played - Beach Boys, Pet Shop Boys, Beatles, Kraftwerk, Monk, Mingus. Nouela spent her teens and early twenties fronting bands (Mon Frere, People Eating People) and recording & touring with other Seattle Bands (The Fall Of Troy, Say Hi, Schoolyard Heroes, Cursive). After working w/ some amazing musicians & producers Nouela decided to change things up and play most everything on Chants.
    1. Joke
    2. Buckle Down
    3. Fight
    4. Home
    5. Suckers
    6. Chants
    7. Secrets
    8. Joke Part II
    9. Doubts
    10. Regrets
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  • Death Chants, Breakdowns, And Military Waltzes Death Chants, Breakdowns, And Military Waltzes Quick View

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    Death Chants, Breakdowns, And Military Waltzes

    Death Chants is John Fahey's second album, following the brilliantly apocryphal Blind Joe Death. As massive as that earlier work was, it represented only a tentative first step towards the fields of hodologic splendor that our hero would go on to create. Death Chants represents a much more fully realized syncretism of the modernist and primitive poles between which Fahey wobbled. It is also the first album he deigned to release entirely under his own name and the one with which he truly began to cast a shadow across the blandly-lit landscape of the world's subconscious.
    1. Sunflower River Blues
    2. When The Springtime Comes Again
    3. Stomping Tonight On The Pennsylvania/Alabama Border
    4. Some Summer Day
    5. On The Beach At Wakiki
    6. Spanish Dance
    7. John Henry Variations
    8. The Downfall Of Adelphi Rolling Grist Mill
    9. Take A Look At That Baby
    10. Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Phillip XIV Of Spain
    11. America
    12. Episcopal Hymn
    John Fahey
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  • Hopeless Romantic Hopeless Romantic Quick View

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    Hopeless Romantic

    Hopeless Romantic, The Bouncing Souls fourth full-length album, exemplifies a combination of four disparately influenced individuals coming together to make powerful pop-flavored punk rock. Features the massively rousing punk sing-a-long soccer chant Ole!
    1. Hopeless Romantic
    2. '87
    3. Kid
    4. Fight To Live
    5. Bullying The Jukebox
    6. You're So Rad
    7. Night On Earth
    8. Monday Morning Ant Brigade
    9. Ole!
    10. Undeniable
    11. Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell)
    12. It's Not The Heat, It's The Humanity
    13. The Whole Thing
    The Bouncing Souls
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  • Odelay Odelay Quick View

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    Odelay features several successful singles, including "Where It's At", "Devils Haircut", and "The New Pollution". From the opening fuzz-riff of "Devils Haircut" (which Beck yanked from Them) to the unforgettable chant of "two turntables and a microphone" on "Where It's At," Odelay defines a moment in the mid-'90s like few others.

    1. Devils Haircut
    2. Hotwax
    3. Lord Only Knows
    4. The New Pollution
    5. Derelict
    6. Novacane
    7. Jack-Ass
    8. Where It's At
    9. Minus
    10. Sissyneck
    11. Readymade
    12. High 5 (Rock the Catskills)
    13. Ramshackle
    140 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Odelay Odelay Quick View

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    Odelay features several successful singles, including "Where It's At", "Devils Haircut", and "The New Pollution". From the opening fuzz-riff of "Devils Haircut" (which Beck yanked from Them) to the unforgettable chant of "two turntables and a microphone" on "Where It's At," Odelay defines a moment in the mid-'90s like few others.
    1. Devils Haircut
    2. Hotwax
    3. Lord Only Knows
    4. The New Pollution
    5. Derelict
    6. Novacane
    7. Jack-Ass
    8. Where It's At
    9. Minus
    10. Sissyneck
    11. Readymade
    12. High 5 (Rock the Catskills)
    13. Ramshackle
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  • Incomparable Incomparable Quick View

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    On this vinyl the first 4 albums from the French
    singer Serge Gainsbourg. "Du chant à la une!"
    was his debut album originally released 1958.
    The album did win the grand prize from the
    L'Academie Charles Cross in 1959. "Serge
    Gainsbourg Avec Alain Goraguer Et Son Orchestre
    - N° 2", the second album was originally released
    in June, 1959. "L'Étonnant" was Serge Gainsbourg
    third album originally released in 1961.

    Like its
    predecessors, it features Gainsbourg backed by
    the Alain Goraguer Orchestra. "Serge Gainsbourg
    N° 4"was released in 1962. It was his last to feature
    his original style blending chanson and jazz, with
    a more varied approach with Latino and twist

    LP 1
    SIDE A:DU CHANT À LA UNE!... (N°1):
    1. Le poinçonneur des lilas
    2. La recette de l'amour fou
    3. Douze belles dans La peau
    4. Ce mortel ennui
    5. Ronsard 58
    6. La femme des uns sous le corps des autres
    7. L'alcool
    8. Du jazz dans le ravin
    9. Charleston des dÉmÉnageurs de piano
    1. Le claqueur de doigts
    2. La nuit d'octobre
    3. Adieu creature
    4. L'anthracite
    5. Mambo miam miam
    6. IndiffÉrente
    7. Jeunes femmes et vieux messieurs
    8. L'amour à la papa
    Bonus Tracks:
    9. La jambe de bois "Friedland"
    10. L'eau à la bouche

    LP 2
    1. La chanson de prÉvert
    2. En relisant ta lettre
    3. Le rock de nerval
    4. Les oubliettes
    5. Chanson de maglia
    6. Viva villa
    7. Les amours perdues
    8. Les femmes c'est du chinois
    9. personne
    10. le sonnet d'arvers
    SIDE B: N°4:
    1. Les goÉmons
    2. Black trombone
    3. Baudelaire
    4. Intoxicated man
    5. Quand tu t'y mets
    6. Les cigarillos
    7. Requiem pour un twister
    8. Ce grand mÉchant vous
    Bonus Tracks:
    9. Cha cha cha du loup
    10. Sois belle et tais-toi
    11. Judith
    12. Laissez-moi tranquille

    Serge Gainsbourg
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  • Unchained Spirit Unchained Spirit Quick View

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    Unchained Spirit

    Personnel includes: Buju Banton, Gramps, LMS, Beres Hammond, Luciano, Stephen Marley, Rancid, Wayne Wonder. Producers include: Donovan Germain, Mark Myrie, Tyrone Downie, Stephen Marsden, Tony Kelly. The once controversial Buju Banton, vilified for his anti-homosexual sentiments on his early single Boom Bye Bye and for his typically violent and slack dancehall, artistically turned the corner in 1995 with the release of the conscious and wistful Til Shiloh. The follow-up in 1998, Inna Heights, was equally spiritual and devoid of negativity. The third installment in this awakening is Unchained Spirit, released in September of 2000: a vital and rhythmic mix of homegrown Jamaican philosophy, biblical harmonizing, and just plain eerie dancehall. Banton sets the album off with a slow chant of Psalm 23, giving the album a spiritual center with which the rest radiates.
    1. Intro
    2. 23rd Psalm - (Patois, featuring Gramps Of Morgan Heritage)
    3. We'll Be Alright - (featuring Luciano)
    4. Pull It Up - (Patois, featuring Beres Hammond)
    5. Guns and Bombs
    6. Better Must Come - (Patois)
    7. Sudan - (Patois)
    8. Life is a Journey - (Patois)
    9. Breathless
    10. Mighty Dread - (Patois)
    11. Law and Order - (Patois)
    Buju Banton
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  • Scintilli (On Sale) Scintilli (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Scintilli (On Sale)

    Born out of the early hip hop scene and complemented by acid house and Detroit techno, Plaid has written and performed with Björk, and has released four albums on the Warp label. Their music involves emotive riffs that sit proudly over complex syncopated rhythms, the songs have melodic narratives and only rarely is the human voice used to spell these out. Synthetic layers are heaped on, producing euphoric highs at times and uncomfortable dark spaces at others.

    In the years since their last release, Plaid's time has been spent composing for film and stage as well as touring new and classic works, including performances at Warp Records 20th Anniversary, which lead to developing ideas for their latest album project, Scintilli.

    Latin in origin, the word scintilli can be translated as, I am many sparks, a self-affirming mantra they claim to chant for two hours every morning. Plaid have calculated that each beat of the work has taken approximately one day to construct.

    1. Missing
    2. Eye Robot
    3. Thank
    4. Unbank
    5. Tender Hooks
    6. Craft Nine
    7. Sömnl
    8. Founded
    9. Talk To Us
    10. 35 Summers
    11. African Woods
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  • UZU (Awaiting Repress) UZU (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    UZU (Awaiting Repress)

    YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN release UZU, the highly anticipated followup to their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut, YT//ST. Out in 2013 on Suicide Squeeze Records, UZU exhibits a diverse range of influences, from bands like Sleep and Boris to art and cultural references like classical Japanese drama and the "nihilistic art-punk scene of pre-Giuliani New York City."

    YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN explain the decision to start the album with the aggressive, guitar driven first single, "One", as a way to pay tribute to the extended group's indigenous upbringing and lead off with a traditional Iroquois song. The introductory chant is a social song calling people together and is traditionally performed by people of the Mohawk tribe.

    1. Atalanta
    2. Whalesong
    3. Lamia
    4. Windflower
    5. Hall of Mirrors
    6. Seasickness pt1
    7. Seasickness pt2
    8. Bring Me The Hand of Bloody Benzaiten
    9. One
    10. Saturn's Return
    Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
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  • Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik Quick View

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    It is on OutKast's debut album that the fledgling production team Organized Noize began forging one of the most distinctive production sounds in popular music in the '90s: part hip-hop; part live, Southern-fried guitar licks and booty-thick bass runs; and part lazy, early-'70s soul. The album was not only artistically successful but also thrived commercially, leaping into the Top 20 album chart on the back of the outstanding hit single Player's Ball and eventually going platinum.

    But what makes Southernplayalisticadillacmuzick such a wonderful album has even more to do with the presence of its rappers, Dre and Big Boi. Few rappers of the '90s have displayed such an inventive sense of rhyme flow either, and few rap artists in general have ears as attuned to creating such catchy melodic and vocal hooks. Almost every song has some sort of tuneful chant or repetitive hook that marks it as instantly memorable.

    1. Peaches (Intro)
    2. Ain't No Thang (Dirty Version)
    3. Welcome to Atlanta (Interlude)
    4. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
    5. Call of da Wild
    6. Player's Ball (Album Version)
    7. Claimin' True
    8. True Dat (Interlude)
    9. Crumblin' Erb (Dirty Version)
    10. Funky Ride
    11. Git Up, Git Out (Dirty Version)
    12. Hootie Hoo
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  • Confrontation Confrontation Quick View

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    A posthumous collection produced by Rita Marley, based on work left behind by Bob upon his death. Some of his best post-Wailers work is here, with songs like Buffalo Soldier, Chant Down Babylon, and Blackman Redemption. Given that he wasn't alive to do the production that he usually helped in, this album seems remarkably true to the general vision of Bob Marley's albums. Other somewhat lesser-known tracks also help to fill in all of the cracks with some remarkable material. Case in point: Jump Nyabinghi, a nice danceable groove with perhaps less of the usual politics mixed in, but with just as much musicality. Overall, any Bob Marley fan ought to own this album. For the uninitiated, Legend is always the starting point, but, after that, this may not be such a bad choice for additions to the collection.

    1. Chant Down Babylon
    2. Buffalo Soldier
    3. Jump Nyabinghi
    4. Mix Up, Mix Up
    5. Give Thanks & Praises
    6. Blackman Redemption
    7. Trench Town
    8. Stiff Necked Fools
    9. I Know
    10. Rastaman Live Up
    Bob Marley
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Super Animal Brothers III Super Animal Brothers III Quick View

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    Super Animal Brothers III

    Blistering thumpers with infectious melodies, disco chants with wild-eyed electro anthems - all part of the unique electronic vision of Baltimore's Ear Pwr. This duo has blended bits of Italo disco, Baltimore club, and twee indie pop to create a nuclear party grenade that'll blow your mind. Their booty-shaking aesthetic has never sounded more enticing than on this, their new record.
    1. Tripodium
    2. Beam Of Light
    3. Super Animal Bros. III
    4. Future Eyes
    5. Sparkley Sweater
    6. Cats Is People Too
    7. You Are The Bomb
    8. Boys II Volcanoes
    9. Jams O Jamz
    10. Diamonds Liquor Leather
    11. Goofy Award
    12. Discover Your Colors
    13. Ghostride The Buffalo
    14. Mexican Newspaper
    15. Epic Suitcase
    16. Secret Stars
    Ear Pwr
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  • Blunderbuss Blunderbuss Quick View

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    The White Stripes frontman's debut solo LP features the lead single, Love Interruption, with White accompanied by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ruby Amanfu. White previously described Blunderbuss as an album [he] couldn't have released until now.

    I've put off making records under my own name for a long time but these songs feel like they could only be presented under my name, he said. These songs were written from scratch, had nothing to do with anyone or anything else but my own expression, my own colors on my own canvas.

    Born the youngest of ten children, raised in Southwest Detroit and a resident of Nashville since 2005, White is one of the most prolific and renowned artists of the past 15 years. When the White Stripes started in 1997 no one, least of all Jack, ever expected that a red-and-white two-piece band would take hold in the mainstream world. With the release of 2001's White Blood Cells the band was thrust on magazine covers and captivating audiences through worldwide touring. "Fell in Love With a Girl" served as the band's breakthrough hit and its accompanying Michel Gondry Lego clip was chosen by Pitchfork Media as the No. 1 music video of the 2000's. The release of Elephant in 2003 not only cemented the band's reputation as a force to be reckoned with, but it also offered the hit "Seven Nation Army" which has since become appropriated as a de facto stadium chant for many sports teams the world over.

    1. Missing Pieces
    2. Sixteen Saltines
    3. Freedom at 21
    4. Love Interruption
    5. Blunderbuss
    6. Hypocritical Kiss
    7. Weep Themselves to Sleep
    8. I'm Shakin'
    9. Trash Tongue Talker
    10. Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
    11. I Guess I Should Go To Sleep
    12. On and On and On
    13. Take Me With You When You Go
    Jack White
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  • Broadcasting Broadcasting Quick View

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    In 2005, COMEBACK KID joined VICTORY RECORDS and released the astonishing hardcore masterpiece, Wake The Dead, the follow-up to their acclaimed debut, Turn It Around. Wake The Dead was a call to arms. It was life changing and life affirming. It was the communique‚ that the restless youth of the world desperately needed. called it a hands-down 10 out of 10. Wake The Dead made COMEBACK KID one of the most celebrated hardcore bands of new millennium. The band responded to the call and toured the globe several times over in honest hardcore fashion. They played any festival, VFW hall and basement that would have them. Countries that do not even speak the band's language still understood the message and hailed COMEBACK KID as one of today's premier hardcore bands and made them one of the most successful bands in the genre.

    The band entered 2007 with a new record that will further their message of community and strengthen the perseverance and pride of the hardcore scene. Broadcasting is the band's monstrous collection of anthems that will inspire listeners to tear into the pit, and chant along as if their lungs depended on it. Broadcasting combines breakneck hardcore punk rock in the tradition of MINOR THREAT, BAD BRAINS and 7 SECONDS with forward thinking lyrics and ferocious melodies similar to RISE AGAINST, RANCID and BAD RELIGION. It is the band's most ambitious record and was one of 2007's most anticipated releases.

    1. Defeated

    2. Broadcasting
    3. Hailing On Me

    4. The Blackstone
    5. Industry Standards

    6. Give'r (Reprise)
    7. One Left Satisfied

    8. Come Around

    9. In Case Of Fire

    10. Market Demands

    11. In/Tuition
    Comeback Kid
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  • Impossibilium Impossibilium Quick View

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    Saturnalia Temple is a Draconian Magical prophecy that speaks through music. From strings, battery and chants echoes nothing but dedication and timeless traditions. As can be expected of this triumvirate, they again channel the Qliphoth, echoing from the sphere of Golachab, enhancing the impossible elixir. Black magic metal has gone too far. There is no redemption.
    1. Golachab
    2. Dhamballah (Exuma cover)
    Saturnalia Temple
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  • Us And The Night Us And The Night Quick View

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    Us And The Night

    Grammy Award®-nominated, multiplatinum Mississippi rock band 3 Doors Down have announced their sixth full-length album, Us And The Night.

    "In The Dark" shows a different side of 3 Doors Down. Fans will recognize the robust riffing, but it flaunts a sexy and striking chant that emphasizes a new groove and swagger altogether.
    On the new album Brad Arnold notes: "We're all excited to release our new album Us And The Night. It's truly been a labour of love and we can't wait to get these songs out to our fans around the world."

    Following 2011's Time of My Life, which landed at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 and The Greatest Hits in 2012, the band continued its non-stop touring, performing for audiences across the globe. Gearing up for Us And The Night the group recorded the album at Rivergate Studios in Nashville, TN with producer Matt Wallace [Maroon 5, Train, Faith No More] over the course of 2015. It nods to the spirit of their breakout debut with seasoned songwriting and the biggest and boldest songs of their career to date.

    1. The Broken
    2. In The Dark
    3. Still Alive
    4. Believe It
    5. Living In Your Hell
    6. Inside Of Me
    7. I Don't Wanna Know
    8. Pieces of Me
    9. Love Is A Lie
    10. Us And The Night
    11. Fell From The Moon
    3 Doors Down
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  • Feeling The Space Feeling The Space Quick View

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    Feeling The Space

    If you've listened to Feeling the Space, Yoko Ono's personal-is-political 1973 album, it should come as no surprise that the once-reviled artist is inspiring a new generation of activists in 2017.On such songs as the righteous chant "Woman Power," the empathetic ballad "Angry Young Woman," the hilarious proto-grrrl "Potbelly Rocker," and the satirical "Men Men Men," Yoko sings in surprisingly straightforward fashion about the burdens carried by women and the mandate for feminism. Supported by such skilled studio vets as guitarist David Spinozza, sax player Michael Brecker, and drummer Jim Keltner, this is perhaps Yoko's most accessible album,and her most intimate.

    Feeling the Space was recorded during the time when the avant-garde visionary artist became estranged from her rock-star husband John Lennon. He plays only briefly on the album (billed as Johnny O'cean); she produced and wrote all the songs. The result is a definitive soundtrack/document of the era of consciousness raising and of radical critique of the family structure. Yoko and company deliver this hard message soft rock style, or as soft as Yoko could get. Yoko was on the front lines of the women's liberation movement. Dedicated "to the sisters who died in pain and sorrow and those who are now in prisons and in mental hospitals for being unable to survive in the male society," it's an emotional exploration of the psychological toll of oppression.

    1. Growing Pain
    2. Yellow Girl (Stand By For Life)
    3. Coffin Car
    4. Woman Of Salem
    5. Run, Run, Run
    6. If Only
    7. A Thousand Times Yes
    8. Straight Talk
    9. Angry Young Woman
    10. She Hits Back
    11. Woman Power
    12. Men, Men, Men
    Yoko Ono
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  • Five (Pre-Order) Five (Pre-Order) Quick View

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    Five (Pre-Order)

    The number five holds a deep significance. We have five senses. Five points adorn a star. Five represents man in theology. For the five members of Hollywood Undead-Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny Man, and Danny-the digit perfectly encapsulates their fifth full-length offering- V (FIVE).

    The band recently announced the album's first single, California Dreaming. Powered by neck-snapping guitars and fast and furious bars, the song cycles between guttural rapping and quick quips. Everything culminates on the choral chant We never sleep, in California we're dreaming.

    It dissects both sides of California, J-Dog reveals. You've got the glitz, glamour, sun, and surf. Then, you've got the super fucked side of people not being able to afford rent, celebrities being assholes, and that fake façade. We wanted to do a heavy song with a Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque chorus. It's an old school vibe explored in a new way.

    We're five brothers, and this is our fifth record, affirms Johnny 3 Tears. Nothing gets to the essence of the music like this number does. Numerology has a lot of power. When we said Five, it just made sense. The fact that we could all agree on one word codifies who we are. It also nods back to 'No. 5' from our first album, because it was our fifth song. Moreover, it hints at this secret society of fans supporting us for the past decade. The number is significant, and this is a significant moment for us.

    1. California Dreaming
    2. Whatever It Takes
    3. Bad Moon
    4. Ghost Beach
    5. Broken Record
    6. Nobody's Watching
    7. Renegade
    8. Black Cadillac (ft. B-Real)
    9. Pray (put em in the dirt)
    10. Cashed Out
    11. Riot
    12. We Own The Night
    13. Bang Bang
    14. Your Life
    Hollywood Undead
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  • Music Emporium Music Emporium Quick View

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    Music Emporium

    Blistering rockers with wispy melodies, Buddhist chants with wild-eyed psychedelic anthems: all part of the unique acid-folk vision of LA's Music Emporium, led by keyboard virtuoso/singer Bill Casey Cosby. For this first ever legitimate reissue of their supremely rare 1969 album--now on CD and 180 gram vinyl (with original die-cut, gatefold cover faithfully reproduced!)--we've purchased the original masters, interviewed the band, found never-before-seen snapshots, and added five cool bonus tracks (2/LP)!

    1. Nam Myo Renge Kyo

    2. Velvet Sunsets

    3. Prelude

    4. Catatonic Variations

    5. Times Like This

    6. Gentle Thursday

    7. Winds Have Changed

    8. Cage

    9. Sun Never Shines

    10. Day Of Wrath


    11. Nam Myo Renge Kyo (instrumental) *

    12. Gentle Thursday (instrumental) *

    * Previously Unissued

    Music Emporium
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  • Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin Quick View

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    Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin


    Serge Gainsbourg (1928-1991): the original bad boy of French pop, the man all women wanted and all men wanted to be. He updated the French chanson and made it hip again, infusing it with the youth culture of the late 50s and 60s: one that was ruled by jazz, drugs and free love. The music of Gainsbourg heralded in this new era and his earliest songs became the soundtrack for a generation of Parisian youths. Side A features songs that originally appeared in 1959 on his second album (here in stereo), No. 2. Here Gainsbourg fronts the Alain Goraguer et Son Orchestre on songs like Le Claqueur de Doigts, a song about seducing chicks at a jukebox....a standard operating tactic for Gainsbourg! While side B features material from his 1958 debut, Du Chant a la Lune!, which featured early hits like Le Poinconneur Des Lilas the morbid tale of a Paris Metro ticket man who contemplates suicide to free him from the monotony of his life. Tracks 1-3 on side B were recorded live at the Theatre des 3 Baudets in November, 1958, while tracks 8-10 are taken from Gainsbourg's score for Jacques Doniol-Valcroze's 1960 film L'Eau a la Bouche (A Game for Six Lovers). While it has always been somewhat difficult for English audiences to appreciate Gainsbourg, due to the language barrier that keeps us from fulling appreciating the sharp wit and raunchy innuendos that permeate his brilliant lyrical style, I find that if I allow the music to carry me to the world of 1960s Parisian vice, my imagination can fill in the rest!

    Side A :
    1. Le Claqueur De Doigts
    2. La Nuit Doctobre
    3. Adieu Creature
    4. Lanthracite
    5. Mambo Miam Miam
    6. Indifferente
    7. Jeunes Femmes Et Vieux Messieurs
    8. Lamour A La Papa

    Side B:
    1. Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin
    2. Douze Belles Dans La Peau
    3. La Recette De Lamour Fou
    4. La Femme Des Uns Sous Le Corps Des Autres
    5. Le Poinconneur Des Lilas
    6. Ce Mortel Ennui
    7. La Jambe De Bois
    8. Leau à La Bouche
    9. Angoisse
    10. Black March

    Serge Gainsbourg
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  • Street And Gangland Rhythms (On Sale) Street And Gangland Rhythms (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Street And Gangland Rhythms (On Sale)

    Originally released in 1959, this is the recording of 6 pre-teens from Harlem on bongos, and vocals. Pounding rhythms and chants convey the emotions and experiences of life in New York City's housing projects and tenements. Heralded after the fact as an early precursor to rap music, Street and Gangland Rhythms is an important document of post-WWII urban black America. An amazing record lovingly reissued in a perfect replica of the original Folkways jacket and including a reproduction of the original information booklet.
    Side 1.
    1. Percussion Ensembles
    Band 1- Two bongo drums sets and sticks
    Band 2- Bongo drums and sticks
    Band 3- One boy playing three sets of bongo drums with his hand and one drum stick

    2. Rhythms With Voices
    Band 4- Rhythm ensembles with voices
    Band 5- Zum Zum
    Band 6- Ole

    3. Rhythms With Verses
    Band 7- Bo Diddlie
    Band 8- Gungamuga
    Band 9- Riding Hood Boogie Man

    4. Songs
    Band 10- Sister Suki
    Band 11- Why Cant I Get It Too
    Band 12- Cha Cha Cha
    Band 13- The Fox

    Side 2.
    5. Rhythmic And Vocal Improvisations Reflecting Personal Experience
    Band 1- Gang Fight
    Band 2- Shoe Shine
    Band 3- Shoe Shine Breakdown
    Band 4- Dumb Boy
    Band 5- Money Honey
    Band 6- I Want Some Food

    Various Artists
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  • Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty Quick View

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    Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty

    Funk Beyond the Call of Duty album by Johnny Guitar Watson was released Oct 11, 2005 on the Shout! Factory label. This installment of Johnny Guitar Watson's sojourn into 1970s' style funk incorporates Funkadelic-style chants and sophisticated grooves as well as the blues and R&B master's trademark hoarse vocalizing; but, as always, his prickly, jazzy guitar soloing is the main attraction, displayed to its best advantage on burning funk tracks like Barn Door and It's About the Dollar Bill.
    1. Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty
    2. It's About The Dollar Bill
    3. Give Me My Love
    4. It's A Damn Shame
    5. I'm Gonna Get You Baby
    6. Barn Door
    7. Love That Will Not Die
    Johnny Guitar Watson
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