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Caress Of Steel

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  • Caress Of Steel Caress Of Steel Quick View

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    Caress Of Steel

    Caress of Steel has been newly-remastered on 200-gram, heavyweight vinyl at legendary Abbey Road Studios using the Direct to Metal Mastering (DMM) audiophile copper plating process, all from original analogue masters. Both the band's second album to be released in 1975 and the band's third release, Caress of Steel, marked RUSH's emergence into more hard prog-rock styles as opposed to the blues-based style of the group's first two albums. Singles included 'The Necromancer: Return of the Prince' and 'Lakeside Park.' Although the album peaked at #148 on the Billboard charts, it has since gone gold in both the U.S. and Canada.
    1. Bastille Day
    2. I Think I'm Going Bald
    3. Lakeside Park
    4. The Necromancer
    5. In The Valley
    6. Didacts And Narpets
    7. No One At The Bridge
    8. Panacea
    9. Bacchus Plateau
    10. The Fountain
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Leroy Jodie Pierson Leroy Jodie Pierson Quick View

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    Leroy Jodie Pierson

    This LP captures Leroy Jodie Pierson's performance perfectly in terms of immediacy, dynamics, transparency, and purity. While sitting in my dedicated listening room, I can close my eyes and easily imagine that I am back in that church in Salina watching a consummate master at work. When you put this record on your own turntable and close your eyes, you can easily imagine yourself being transported to the vicinity of a back porch in the late thirties, listening to a spirited, heartfelt, and expressive performance by one of the top bluesmen of the era. Except you're not. You're listening to a spirited, heartfelt and expressive performance by one of the top bluesmen of our era, who simply sounds like he's been transported directly from ages past...I can't recommend this release from Analogue Productions Original highly enough. Please buy this record and help to support Chad Kassem and his efforts to make lesser recognized but eminently worthy blues artists known to the world. Sound = 10/10; Performance = 10/10; Music = 10/10 - Dave Glackin, Positive Feedback Online, Issue 20 Read Dave Glackin's complete Positive Feedback review

    There was magic in the sanctuary of Blue Heaven Studios that October 2004 Saturday afternoon. On the altar sat Leroy, cross-legged and cradling his National ResoLectric steel guitar with a glass slide encasing his left pinky finger and caressing the strings, while his right fingers aggressively plucked and strummed. The result is a dramatic yet buttery-smooth take of five killer blues numbers and one gospel tune.

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    Side One
    1. Guitar Rag
    2. Highway 61
    3. Closer Walk With Thee

    Side Two
    1. Love In Vain
    2. Drunkin Spree
    3. No Feelings For Other Folks

    Leroy Jodie Pierson
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl D2D LP - Sealed Direct to Disc (D2D) Buy Now
  • Pagan Day Pagan Day Quick View

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    Pagan Day

    Official Reissue Of The 1984 Classic

    Legendary Conceptual Audiovisual Group Formed By Throbbing Gristle Co-Founder Genesis P-Orridge & Alternative TV's Alex Fergusson

    Collection Of Early Demos And Sketches By P-Orridge & Fergusson

    Vinyl Has Been Out Of Print Since 1986

    Includes The Bonus Track "Farewell"

    Shortly before Christmas 1984, the core songwriters, Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson, of underground arts collective Psychic TV, quietly released a limited edition record containing sketches and ideas for songs. Some songs would become later fully-realized arrangements, some abandoned and others were justcovered in praise of their creator. The record, in recognition of its seasonal release,was simply titled A Pagan Day and would capture the intimate songwriting sessions that were prevalent during a crucial time in the band's career.

    In classic Psychic TV fashion, rumors and myths surround the album's creation.Most have suggested that it was recorded in a single session over a cup of coffee on a lone 4-track cassette recorder above an old YMCA building in London,though later revealed that the recordings were from various sessions over the course of a couple years prior to the record's release. After quickly pressing the songs to vinyl, the record was originally only available through Rough Trade fora few hours on December 23, 1984, and pressed on picture discs, which adorned a photo of P-Orridge's first born, Caresse, in exactly 999 copies. The pressing sold out immediately that day which caused Temple Records, their "in-house label", to later release a standard reissue version in 1986.

    What makes the songs, or rather versions of songs, so unique is the primitive and fragile nature of the arrangements while the flimsy, immediate vocal delivery makes the album sit unknowingly between demo and fully realized album."Baby's Gone Away" and "New Sexuality" are just a couple examples of songs tha tfans of Psychic TV became intimately familiar with from live experiences, buton A Pagan Day, they are released in their infantile stages with no full band, just Alex & Genesis finding their way through the songs with an acoustic guitar, drum machine and organ. "Cold Steel" shows a true peek behind the curtain, sung effortlessly by Fergusson and would then later become the classic standard "The Orchids." Most notable is the band's cover of Pearls Before Swine's "Translucent Carriages" of which P-Orridge accords special praise to Tom Rapp, the song's original author and icon to both P-Orridge and Fergusson.

    1. Cadaques
    2. We Kiss
    3. Opium
    4. Cold Steel
    5. L.A.
    6. Iceland
    7. Farewell (Bonus Track)
    8. Translucent Carriages
    9. Paris
    10. Baby's Gone Away
    11. Alice
    12. New Sexuality
    Psychic TV
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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