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  • California (Deluxe Edition) California (Deluxe Edition) Quick View

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    California (Deluxe Edition)

    Deluxe edition Blink-182's grammy nominated California.

    Featuring 2xLP product containing 11 new studio tracks
    and an acoustic version of the hit single Bored To Death.

    LP 1
    1. Cynical
    2. Bored To Death
    3. She's Out Of Her Mind
    4. Los Angeles
    5. Sober
    6. Built This Pool
    7. No Future
    8. Home Is Such A Lonely Place
    9. Kings of the Weekend
    10. Teenage Satellites
    11. Left Alone
    12. Rabbit Hole
    13. San Diego
    14. The Only Thing That Matters
    15. California
    16. Brohemian Rhapsody

    LP 2
    1. Parking Lot
    2. Misery
    3. Good Old Days
    4. Don't Mean Anything
    5. Hey I'm Sorry
    6. Last Train Home
    7. Wildfire
    8. 6/8
    9. Long Lost Feeling
    10. Bottom Of The Ocean
    11. Can't Get You More Pregnant
    12. Bored To Death (Acoustic)

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • California California Quick View

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    California is the third and final studio album by Mr. Bungle and the follow-up to Disco Volante (1995). The American experimental band including Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fantômas, etc) was formed in 1985 while the members were still in high school. Mr. Bungle released four demo tapes in the mid to late 1980s before being signed to a major label and releasing three full-length studio albums between 1991 and 1999. Mr. Bungle was known for its distinctive musical traits, often cycling through several musical genres within the course of a single song. Many of its songs had an unconventional structure and utilized a wide array of instruments and samples. Originally released in 1999 California was generally well received.
    1. Sweet Charity
    2. None Of Them Knew They Were Robots
    3. Retrovertigo
    4. The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
    5. Ars Moriendi
    6. Pink Cigarette
    7. Golem Ii: The Bionic Vapour Boy
    8. The Holy Filament
    9. Vanity Fair
    10. Goodbye Sober Day
    Mr. Bungle
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • California Nights California Nights Quick View

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    California Nights

    Best Coast - singer/songwriter/guitarist Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno - will release their third full length album, entitled California Nights, on Harvest Records. California Nights - produced by Wally
    Gagel (Miley Cyrus, New Order, Muse), and recorded at WAX LTD in Hollywood, California - is a brighter, more
    sparkly, more sophisticated, more psychedelic Best Coast album across the board, embodying the rich lightness
    and stinging darkness of a California state of mind.
    1. Feeling O.K.
    2. Fine Without You
    3. Heaven Sent
    4. In My Eyes
    5. So Unaware
    6. When Will I Change
    7. Jealousy
    8. California Nights
    9. Fading Fast
    10. Run Through My Head
    11. Sleep Won't Ever Come
    12. Wasted Time
    Best Coast
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  • California 37 California 37 Quick View

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    California 37

    Includes Bonus CD With LP Tracks

    California 37 is the newest release from the Grammy Award-winning band Train and follow-up to the band's multi-platinum 2009 album Save Me, San Francisco and its smash single "Hey Soul Sister." Train recorded the new album in San Francisco and Los Angeles with Butch Walker and Espionage producing the record.

    The first single from California 37, "Drive By," has been rocketing up the sales and radio charts, with almost 180,000 singles sold in the first month. The song has been most added at multiple formats for several weeks in a row and is already charting at Top 40, Hot AC and AAA radio. Internationally "Drive By" has been embraced in the UK, Canada, Japan, France, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Switzerland among others.

    The multi-platinum band Train made its mark on music history with their Grammy-Award-winning song "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" and chart-topping singles "Meet Virginia" and "Calling All Angels." Train earned their third Grammy in 2011 for the worldwide smash "Hey Soul Sister" from Save Me, San Francisco. "Hey Soul Sister" was the biggest selling single of 2010 and hit #1 at radio in the US and in 15 countries abroad. Save Me, San Francisco has sold over one million albums worldwide and over ten million tracks.

    1. This'll Be My Year
    2. Drive By
    3. Feels Good At First
    4. Bruises (ft. Ashley Monroe)
    5. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
    6. You Can Finally Meet My Mom
    7. Sing Together
    8. Mermaid
    9. California 37
    10. We Were Made For This
    11. When the Fog Rolls In
    Vinyl LP + CD - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hotel California Hotel California On Sale Quick View

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    Hotel California

    Certified Multi-Platinum (16 times) by the RIAA. (3/01)

    It's no accident that The Eagles Greatest Hits might one day pass Michael Jackson's Thriller as the best-selling album of all time-- the Eagles made great singles. By contrast, their albums could be spotty and strained by self-conscious artistry. Hotel California was arguably the band's best single album--it was certainly the Eagles' biggest original disc-- and it also underscored the band's need to make a big statement. The title tune reflected the album's theme of paradise lost in California, painting this picture with a musical arrangement that punctuated strumming guitars with dramatic drums, and perhaps the band's most famous lyric: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. New Kid in Town was an equally fine albeit much more traditional Eagles ballad. Life in the Fast Lane aspired to hard rock but largely gunned its engine without taking off. The rest is okay, but nothing more than secondary Eagles songs that happened to be nestled into the album that came to define the `70s supergroup. --John Milward

    1. Hotel California
    2. New Kid In Town
    3. Life In The Fast Lane
    4. Wasted Time
    5. Wasted Time [Reprise]
    6. Victim Of Love
    7. Pretty Maids All In A Row
    8. Try And Love Again
    9. The Last Resort
    The Eagles
    $24.99 $18.74 Save $6.25 (25%)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • My California My California Quick View

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    My California

    First Time Vinyl Release In USA

    180 Gram Vinyl Will Be Limited To 1,000 Copies

    My California tells confessional stories from Beth's life. "Sister Heroine"
    is about the loss of her sister, Sharon. About being gathered as a family
    and feeling guilty over talking about the good old days, when someone
    is missing, even having guilt over feeling joy or laughing. "Like You (And
    Everyone Else)" is about the struggle in dealing with life and bi-polar
    disorder. It's about wishing to be like everyone else, and realizing that
    we are all not the same. "Everybody Is Sober" describes the feeling that
    everybody else seems to have their act together, going forward, while you
    yourself are moving backwards. But it's also about self-righteousness.

    1. My California
    2. Life Is Calling
    3. Happiness...any Day Now
    4. Love Is The Hardest
    5. Bad Love Is Good Enough
    6. Drive
    7. Sister Heroine
    8. Take It Easy On Me
    9. Like You (And Everyone Else)
    10. Everybody Is Sober
    11. Weight Of The World
    Beth Hart
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Beneath California Beneath California Quick View

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    Beneath California

    Coming off of their Epitaph debut, YPLL (Years of Potential Life Lost), Retox have emerged from the collective
    depths of San Diego and Los Angeles with their latest antagonistic effort, Beneath California. Melding the raw
    with the refined, the band continuously teases yet never settles on any one genre-- aside from perhaps (as members of the band itself have referred to their work) "annoying". Retox simultaneously seeks to reflect and defy, using music as a way of holding a broken mirror to the rest of us, exposing different pieces of our own fucked up realities, and forcing the acknowledgement of the self-imposed apocalypse we are creating for ourselves.
    1. Die In Your Own Cathedral
    2. We Know Who's The Prick
    3. The Savior, The Swear Word
    4. Let's Not Keep In Touch
    5. Disappointing Grade
    6. The Inevitable End
    7. This Should Hurt A Little Bit
    8. Death Will Change Your Life
    9. Without Money, We'd All Be Rich
    10. You're Only A Crook If You Get Caught
    11. Wooden Nickels
    12. Strong Wrong Opinion
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • California '81 California '81 Quick View

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    California '81

    Recorded live at the Reseda Country Club in Los Angeles circa 1981, this awesome slab of classic hard rock comes packaged with rare photos and enough blues boogie to keep you rockin all night long!
    1. I Dont Need No Doctor
    2. 30 Days In The Hole
    3. Tulsa Time
    4. Infatuation
    5. Tin Soldier
    6. Fool For A Pretty Face
    7. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
    Humble Pie
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  • I Heart California I Heart California Quick View

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    I Heart California

    Admiral Radley is made up of Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray from Earlimart and Jason Lytle and Aaron Burtch of Grandaddy. The band sounds like a good mix of both projects. Long time friends who have toured and recorded together for years, they made the decision to pull some of their long gestating collaborations together in 2009 and the result is their debut album I Heart California.
    1. I Heart California
    2. Ghosts of Syllables
    3. Sunburn Kids
    4. Lonesome Co.
    5. The Thread
    6. Red Curbs
    7. I'm All Fucked on Beer
    8. Ending of Me
    9. G N D N
    10. Chingas in the West
    11. I Left U Cuz I Luft U
    Admiral Radley
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Disciples Of California Disciples Of California Quick View

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    Disciples Of California

    A mix of pop melodies, minimal country truisms, jingle-jangling Californianism, and angular folk. Lyrically and conceptually, the duo continue down their twisted path after five full-lengths and an EP in their five year history. The ghosts of girl-beauties, whispering trees, swimming-hole cousins, crippled horses, and human-faced animal-saints all join the dizzying parade.
    Disciples of California
    Places West of Shawnapee
    Sally Orchid
    Egyptian Circus
    Marching Band
    William & the Sacred Hammer
    Golden Pilgrim
    Jesus Was Californian
    I Remember Sally Orchid
    Silvery Branches
    Hollow Tree
    The Skygreen Leopards
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Into The Eighties: Inglewood, California 1982 Into The Eighties: Inglewood, California 1982 Quick View

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    Into The Eighties: Inglewood, California 1982

    Recorded At The Forum - Inglewood, California - October 22nd, 1982

    On October 22nd, 1982, Fleetwood Mac played the world-famous Forum in Inglewood, California, a show that was the subject of a live FM radio broadcast. Presented here in exceptional audio quality, and playing host to a wide selection of Fleetwood Mac classics including 'The Chain', 'Go Your Own Way', 'Tusk' and 'Gypsy', this recording serves as testament to how the group had remained a magnificent live unit some five years after their most successful period of all.

    LP 1
    1. The Chain
    2. Rhiannon
    3. Eyes Of The World
    4. Gypsy
    5. Love In Store
    6. Not That Funny

    LP 2
    1. Tusk
    2. You Make Loving Fun
    3. I'm So Afraid
    4. Go Your Own Way
    5. Blue Letter
    6. Sisters Of The Moon
    7. Songbird

    Fleetwood Mac
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Freakshow: California Broadcasts 1990 & 1992 Freakshow: California Broadcasts 1990 & 1992 Quick View

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    Freakshow: California Broadcasts 1990 & 1992

    Deluxe LP Featuring AIC's Performances At The La Reina Sheraton Hotel in L.A. On September 15th, 1990 & The Hollywood Palladium On December 15th, 1992

    This deluxe LP release contains two complete Alice In Chains shows, one apiece from the tours supporting the group's first and second records, often considered two of the most important albums in modern American alternative rock. The first is taken from a performance at The La Reina Sheraton Hotel in L.A. on 15th September 1990, shortly after the release of Facelift, while the second was captured at The Hollywood Palladium on 15th December 1992, hot on the heels of their Dirt album. Broadcast over local FM radio at the highest possible audio quality, and featuring such classics as 'Man In The Box', 'Sea Of Sorrow', 'We Die Young' and 'Would?', this collection will not only be a welcome addition for the Alice In Chains faithful, but equally a fascinating insight into the golden years of the grunge movement itself...

    LP 1
    1. It Ain't Like That
    2. Man in the Box
    3. Sea of Sorrow
    4. Real Thing
    5. Bleed the Freak
    6. Put You Down
    7. Sunshine
    8. We Die Young

    LP 2
    1. Sickman
    2. It Ain't Like That
    3. Put You Down
    4. Would?
    5. Sunshine
    6. We Die Young
    7. Real Thing
    8. Sea of Sorrow
    9. Bleed the Freak

    Alice In Chains
    Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • California Feeling Featuring the Words and Music of Stephen Kalinich and Friends (On Sale) California Feeling Featuring the Words and Music of Stephen Kalinich and Friends (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $17.99 $13.49 Save $4.50 (25%)

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    California Feeling Featuring the Words and Music of Stephen Kalinich and Friends (On Sale)

    Featured artists:

    Carnie & Wendy Wilson

    The Honeys

    Rachel & The Reindeerz

    Carl B. Wilson

    Stephen Kalinich

    and many more

    Plus A Special Tribute To The California Music Sound By Stephen Kalinich

    Side 1

    1. Intro - Chaos Band

    2. California Feeling - The Honeys

    3.III Crestmont Rd - Stephen Wrigley featuring Glen Richardson

    4. Contemplating Life - Dan Knutson

    5. Everything's Exploding - John Tiven

    6. A Time TO Live In Dreams - Probyn Gregory

    7. Touch Your Skin - Carl B. Wilson

    Side 2

    1. Rainbows - Jez Graham

    2. Little Bird - Carnie & Wendy Wilson

    3. A Friend Like You - Stephen Wrigley with Glen Richardson

    4. Child of Winter - Rachel & The Raindeerz

    5. You're The Beautiful - Alan Boyd

    6. I Feel God- Dane Conover / Popgems

    7. Stevie Nobody - MC Kalinich

    8. Be Still - Chaos Band

    Various Artists
    $17.99 $13.49 Save $4.50 (25%)
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds (Colored Vinyl) Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds (Colored Vinyl) Quick View

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    Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds (Colored Vinyl)

    Mastered For Vinyl By Kevin Gray At Cohearent Audio

    Faithful, Updated Rendering Of Original Art Printed At Stoughton Printing

    Limited Edition Of 1,000 150-Gram White Vinyl

    Manufactured For Pristine Sound At Quality Record Pressings

    Randy Wolfe, better known as Randy California, was a founding member of psychedelic 60s rockers Spirit. As a teenager he played guitar in Jimi Hendrix's band, Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. Hendrix himself gave Randy the stage name to differentiate him from band mate Randy Palmer. 15-year-old California left the Blue Flames when they embarked on a European tour and his parents refused to let him go. Released in 1972, Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds is California's first solo record. Heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, this album is dense and way ahead of its time.

    1. Downer
    2. Devil
    3. I Don't Want Nobody
    4. Day Tripper
    5. Mother And Child Reunion
    6. Things Yet To Come
    7. Rain
    8. Rainbow
    Randy California
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  • Nights In The Dark Nights In The Dark Quick View

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    Nights In The Dark

    Two years after their self-titled debut on Don Giovanni Records, California X delivers Nights in the Dark, once again bearing the imprint of sound engineer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Speedy Ortiz). The guitar-drenched sound of their debut find solace in a heavy, lush, and melodic home with the addition of Zack Brower on guitar and Cole Lanier on drums.
    1. Nights In The Dark
    2. Red Planet
    3. Ayla's Song
    4. Hadley, MA
    5. Blackrazor (Pt 1)
    6. Blackrazor (Pt 2)
    7. Garlic Road
    8. Summer Wall (Pt 1)
    9. Summer Wall (Pt 2)
    California X
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Best From The West - Modern Sounds From California, Vol. 1 Best From The West - Modern Sounds From California, Vol. 1 Quick View

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    Best From The West - Modern Sounds From California, Vol. 1

    This reissue will be released as part of the Blue Note 10" series - this is a collection of the best of West Coast - specifically - California Jazz.

    Musicians Include:

    Buddy Collette / Charlie Mariano / Herb Walsh (alto saxophone)

    Jimmy Giuffre (baritone saxophone)

    Curtis Counce / Joe Mondragon / Monty Budwig (bass)

    Jimmy Giuffre (clarinet)

    Larry Bunker / Stan Levey (drums)

    Buddy Collette (flute)

    John Graas (French horn)

    Howard Roberts (guitar)

    Gerry Wiggins / Lorraine Geller / Marty Paich (piano)

    Jimmy Giuffre (tenor saxophone)

    Bob Enevoldsen (trombone)

    Conte Candoli / Harry Edison (trumpet)

    1. Santa Anita
    2. Santa Monica
    3. The Blindfold Test No.

    4. Culver City
    5. The Blindfold Test No.

    6. Hooray For Hollywood
    Various Artists
    10 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Harmon Gymnasium, University of California, Berkeley CA, April 7th 1967 (Awaiting Repress) Harmon Gymnasium, University of California, Berkeley CA, April 7th 1967 (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Harmon Gymnasium, University of California, Berkeley CA, April 7th 1967 (Awaiting Repress)

    Digitally Remastered

    This remarkable 1967 concert finds Miles Davis playing with his second quintet: Wayne Shorter (tenor saxophone), Herbie Hancock (piano), Albert Stinson (bass), and Tony Williams (drums). Recorded for broadcast on KALX radio, it features the only live recording of ''Dolores'' by this group, and their last known recording of ''Stella By Starlight.'' An incendiary document of a great artist at the peak of his powers, it's presented here with background notes and images.

    1. Gingerbread Boy
    2. Stella By Starlight
    3. Dolores
    4. Round Midnight
    5. So What
    6. Walkin'
    Miles Davis
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • If'n If'n Quick View

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    Recorded and mixed during September and October of 1987 at Radio Tokyo in Venice, California
    1. Sometimes
    2. Hear Me
    3. Honey Please
    4. Backroads
    5. From One Cums One
    6. Making The Freeway
    7. Anger
    8. For The Singer Of REM
    9. Operation Solitaire
    10. Windmilling
    11. Me & You Remembering
    12. In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotton
    13. Soon
    14. Thunder Child
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Walking Dead Walking Dead Quick View

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    Walking Dead

    Produced by the Spot, Carducci, and Saint Vitus

    Engineered by Spot

    Recorded at Total Access Studio, Redondo Beach California
    1. Darkness
    2. The Walking Dead
    3. White Stallions
    Saint Vitus
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • A Very Strange Brew A Very Strange Brew Quick View

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    A Very Strange Brew

    180g vinyl reissue of the obscure Latin-rooted 1969 garage/psych album A Very Strange Brew by the California quintet The Brew.
    1. It Takes A Fool
    2. Threes A Crowd
    3. Crossroads Of Life
    4. (Such A) Foggy Day
    5. If I Were Someone
    6. What Do You See In My Mind
    7. Union Man
    8. I Can Hardly Wait To Live
    9. Always On My Mind
    10. Yesterdays Coming
    11. If You Want Me
    The Brew
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Someday Someday Quick View

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    These garage legends, hailing from California's San Joaquin Valley, where the summer temperature hovers around 110 degrees, present four brain-baked fuzzed-out classics from '66.
    1. Someday
    2. But Now I Find
    3. I Ain't No Miracle Worker
    4. Don't Shoot Me Down
    The Brogues
    7 Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Nothing Matters Nothing Matters Quick View

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    Nothing Matters

    Nothing Matters is Diamond Youth's debut full length and was recorded at Hurley studios at the company's headquarters in Costa Mesa, California and produced by Dave Warsop.
    1. Nothing Matters
    2. Thought I Had It Right
    3. Spinning
    4. Far Away From Earth
    5. Succulent
    6. In The Clouds
    7. Riptide
    8. No Control
    9. The Nothing
    10. Deep Love
    11. The Difference
    Diamond Youth
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hitler Bad, Vandals Good Hitler Bad, Vandals Good Quick View

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    Hitler Bad, Vandals Good

    Hitler Bad, Vandals Good is the seventh studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, originally released in 1998 by Nitro Records. Reissue.
    1. People That Are Going To Hell
    2. Cafe 405
    3. My Girlfriend's Dead
    4. I Know, Huh?
    5. Money's Not An Issue
    6. I've Got An Ape Drape
    7. If The Gov't Could Read My Mind
    8. Too Much Drama
    9. Come Out Fighting
    10. Euro-Barge
    11. F'ed Up Girl
    12. An Idea For A Movie
    13. Ok
    14. So Long, Farewell
    The Vandals
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Live Fast Diarrhea Live Fast Diarrhea Quick View

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    Live Fast Diarrhea

    Live Fast, Diarrea is the fourth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, originally released in 1995 by Nitro Records. - Reissue
    1. Let the Bad Times Roll
    2. Take it Back
    3. And Now We Dance
    4. I Have a Date
    5. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    6. Power Mustache
    7. N.I.M.B.Y.
    8. Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
    9. Live Fast, Diarrhea
    10. Happy Birthday to Me
    11. Change My Pants (I Don't Wanna)
    12. Get in Line
    13. Johnny Twobags
    14. Kick Me
    15. Soup of the Day
    The Vandals
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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