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  • Showroom Of Compassion (Box Set) Showroom Of Compassion (Box Set) Quick View

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    Showroom Of Compassion (Box Set)

    Originally released in January of 2011, Showroom of Compassion was Cake's first album of new material since 2004's gold-selling Pressure Chief. Charting at #1, the first single Sick of You, was Top 5 at Alternative and Triple A formats for over two months. The second single, Long Time, is currently Top 20 at the Alternative radio format and surging.

    Now, Cake is offering a 6 x 7 vinyl box set for their true fans. Each 7 vinyl disc comes in its own unique color chosen by the band and a Cake temporary tattoo is also included in each package.

    1. Sick of You/Italian Guy - (opaque orange vinyl)

    2. Mustache Man (Wasted)/The Federal Funding March - (opaque yellow vinyl)
    3. Long Time/Teenage Pregnancy - (opaque blue vinyl)
    4. Bound Away/Got To Move - (clear red vinyl)
    5. The Winter/Easy To Crash - (opaque white vinyl)
    6. Whats Now Is Now/Huge Misunderstanding - (clear vinyl)
    7 Colored Vinyl LP Box Set - 6 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Forgiveness Rock Record (Limited Edition) Forgiveness Rock Record (Limited Edition) Quick View

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    Forgiveness Rock Record (Limited Edition)

    Produced by John McEntire (Tortoise & The Sea and Cake), Forgiveness Rock Record features BSS alumni: Leslie Feist, Amy Millan and Evan Cranley of Stars, Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric, Jason Collett, Ohad Benchetrit of Do Make Say Think and Years, John Crossingham, Marty Kinack, Leon Kingstone and Julie Penner. Uniquely, the song Sentimental Xs features Leslie Feist, Emily Haines and Amy Millan singing together for the first time on the same song.

    7 x 10 vinyl box set

    Individually numbered and limited to 500 box sets

    Includes MP3 digital download of the album

    Side 1: World Sick
    Side 2: Chase Scene
    Side 3: Texico Bitches
    Side 4: Forced to Love
    Side 5: All to All
    Side 6: Art House Director
    Side 7: Highway Slipper Jam
    Side 8: Ungrateful Little Father
    Side 9: Meet Me in the Basement
    Side 10: Sentimental Xs
    Side 11: Sweetest Kill
    Side 12: Romance to the Grave
    Side 13: Water in Hell
    Side 14: Me and my Hand
    Broken Social Scene
    10 Vinyl LP Box Set - 7 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Aeropop Aeropop Quick View

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    Alexander von Mehren is a 28 year-old Norwegian pianist, songwriter and producer. His self-recorded debut album, AÉropop, was mixed with John McEntire (Stereolab, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake) in Chicago and mastered with Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios in London.

    The album, featuring contributions from members of The High Llamas, Jaga Jazzist and Orwell, is especially inspired by British, French and Italian library music and soundtracks of the 60s and 70s and is focused primarily on orchestrated alternative
    pop music sung in French and English (in addition to instrumental tracks). Alex plays most of the instruments on the album himself.

    1. La Chanson De Douche
    2. Teria
    3. Le DÉtective IngÉnieux
    4. Aller-Retour
    5. Natural Selection
    6. Switched On
    7. Winter Comes
    8. Insouciance
    9. Champs-ÉlysÉes
    10. La Variation De Douche
    11. Neuschwanstein
    12. Bahnhof
    13. Chalet d'Alpage
    14. AÉrosuite, Part A
    15. AÉrosuite, Part B
    16. AÉrosuite, Part C
    17. AÉrosuite, Part D
    18. AÉrosuite, Part E
    19. AÉrosuite, Part F
    20. AÉrosuite, Part G
    Alexander Von Mehren
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Head On The Curb Head On The Curb Quick View

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    Head On The Curb

    This vinyl-only release is mid-period Mudhoney at its rawest. Original bass player Matt Lukin is in top form, as is the rest of the classic lineup, blasting out songs and ideas, some of which went on to be studio-fied for their Warner Bros. debut Piece Of Cake, while others got lost to the dark crevices of time until now. Besides the cover of SCTV classic I Hate The Bloody Queen, these recordings have never been released, and represent a sonic assault that is pure Mudhoney. Raw, unabashed, and sometimes downright no-fi. Head On The Curb writes a new chapter into Mudhoneyâs legendary past.
    Side A

    1. Ritzville
    2. I Want to Live
    3. King Sandbox
    4. 13th Floor Opening
    5. Living Wreck
    6. Acetone

    Side B

    1. No End in Sight
    2. Underide
    3. Fun and Games
    4. Confusion
    5. When in Rome
    6. I Hate the Bloody Queen

    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • At Action Park At Action Park Quick View

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    At Action Park

    This was the first full-length release by Bob Weston (formerly of the Boston based Volcano Suns), Todd Trainer (Brick Layer Cake, Rifle Sport), and Steve Albini.
    1. My Black Ass
    2. Pull the Cup
    3. Admiral, The

    4. Crow
    5. Song of the Minerals
    6. Minute, A
    7. Idea of North, The
    8. Dog and Pony Show
    9. Boche's Dick
    10. Il Porno Star
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Piece of Cake Piece of Cake Quick View

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    Piece of Cake

    By 1992, Grunge was becoming Rock's new Flavor of the Month, and Mudhoney, being the naturally contrary types that they were, seemed to be getting a bit bored with it. Besides, after several years of roadwork, the band had gained enough speed and precision to allow the Garage Rock and old-school Punk flavors to rise to the surface of their sound.

    Recorded and released in 1992, their third album Piece Of Cake was the band's major-label debut. Songs like No End In Sight and Suck You Dry make it clear these guys were always a Punk band at heart, and if you're looking for heaviness, Ritzville and I'm Spun will convince you they hadn't forgotten how to drop that D tuning. Conrad Uno's production is as no-frills as ever, and the short bursts of goofy noise and techno parodies that punctuate the album make it clear Mudhoney were taking themselves (and their career) no more seriously than they ever had.

    Several songs on the album such as Suck You Dry, Blinding Sun, and Acetone are still consistently featured in Mudhoney's live setlist.

    1. (Untitled Track)
    2. No End In Sight
    3. Make It Now
    4. When In Rome
    5. (Untitled Track)
    6. Suck You Dry
    7. Blinding Sun
    8. Thirteenth Floor Opening
    9. Youth Body Expression Explosion
    10. I'm Spun
    11. (Untitled Track)
    12. Take Me There
    13. Living Wreck
    14. Let Me Let You Down

    15. (Untitled Track)
    16. Ritzville

    17. Acetone
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl - Sealed Buy Now
  • Hip Cake Walk Hip Cake Walk Quick View

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    Hip Cake Walk

    With Booker Ervin

    Don Patterson, ORGAN,

    Booker Ervin, Tenor Sax

    Billy James, Drums

    Leonard Houston, Alto Sax(B-1 only)
    1. SISTER RUTH 5:00
    2. DONALD DUCK 5:45
    3. ROSETTA 7:15
    4. HIP CAKE WALK 16:40
    Don Patterson
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Cut With the Cake Knife Cut With the Cake Knife Quick View

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    Cut With the Cake Knife

    Cut With The Cake Knife was recorded by Rose McDowall in 1988 and 1989 following the break up of her group Strawberry Switchblade. Produced with the aid of several musicians in several studios, the album features songs written for the fabled second Strawberry Switchblade album. More importantly, perhaps, it showcases the honest, direct and life-affirming songs of one of the greatest unsung songwriters of the modern pop era at a tumultuous time in her career.
    1. Tibet
    2. Sunboy
    3. Wings of Heaven
    4. Sixty Cowboys
    5. On the Sun
    6. Cut With the Cake Knife
    7. Crystal Nights
    8. Soldier
    9. So Vicious
    10. Don't Fear the Reaper
    11. Crystal Days
    Rose McDowall
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  • Swiss Chocolate Cake (Discontinued) (On Sale) Swiss Chocolate Cake (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Swiss Chocolate Cake (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    Features the singles Holy Smokes, Baby Beech, & Wifey. With Production by Vasi, Simonayem, Phil Pro, and Fierce, with live band track Wings with Mr. Complex & The Players. USB Drive includes videos, album download, bonus tracks, & more!
    1. Baby Beech
    2. Wifey
    3. Right Now Is POW
    4. Poppin' Off
    5. How to Write a Rhyme
    6. Holy Smokes
    7. Act Up
    8. It's All You Girl
    9. I Wanna Rock
    10. Flying High
    11. Wings
    Mr. Complex
    $19.99 $15.79 Save $4.20 (21%)
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  • Talk That Talk Talk That Talk Quick View

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    Talk That Talk

    The lead single from Talk That Talk (2011),We Found Love, became Rihanna's eleventh number-one song US Billboard Hot 100, and topped the charts in 26 additional countries. You da One, Talk That Talk (featuring rapper Jay Z) and a remix of Birthday Cake (featuring Chris Brown) experienced moderate success, while Where Have You Been reached the top ten of twenty countries around the world.
    1. You Da One
    2. Where Have You Been
    3. We Found Love
    4. Talk That Talk
    5. Cockiness (Love It)
    6. Birthday Cake
    7. We All Want Love
    8. Drunk On Love
    9. Roc Me Out
    10. Watch N' Learn
    11. Farewell
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  • Live in Wiesbaden 1972 Live in Wiesbaden 1972 Quick View

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    Live in Wiesbaden 1972

    Red Colored Vinyl - with yellow label in PVC sleeve with black lettering

    Playing on the same scene as bands like Amon Duul and Can, German prog rock band Guru Guru was formed in 1968 by one of contemporary music's most talented drummers, Mani Neumeier who, in addition to playing drums, was also the band's vocalist / frontman. By the time this album was recorded in 1972, bassist Uli Trepte had left the band to play with Neu! and Faust and was replaced with Bruno Schaab of Night Sun (the stellar German prog metal band). This early live album, recorded in Wiesbaden, Germany in front of a crowd of dedicated fans, is essential listening, featuring two extended tracks, the 28-minute "Oxymoron", and the 23-minute Guru Guru classic "Baby Cake Walk".

    1. Oxymoron
    2. Baby Cake Walk
    Guru Guru
    140 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Republic The Republic Quick View

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    The Republic

    Regardless of the style he is working in, Sam Prekop''s music is always imbued with a sense of wide-eyed discovery and exploration. As the singer and guitarist of The Sea and Cake, Prekop has incorporated elements of traditional styles from around the world, expanding the public perception of what it means to be the leader of a pop band. In recent years, he has also established himself as a modular synthesist, building his instrument meticulously to find the perfect combination of oscillators, sequencers, limiters and filters to create a system that allows him to create sounds that are surprising and inviting. His new album The Republic is his latest synthesizer work, following 2010's Old Punch Card, and showcases Prekop''s talent for creating expressive music through mechanical patterns, repetitions, and chance. Prekop''s innate gifts of melodic turns of phrase that have made him a revered songwriter are transferred into new forms in his synthesizer work, aided by the unpredictable melodic capabilities of analog sequencers, and The Republic is an exciting new chapter in his development as an accomplished synthesist. The first half of The Republic consists of songs that were originally created as a score for a video installation of the same name by David Hartt, which was shown at the David Nolan Gallery in New York. These pieces strike an impressive balance between control and spontaneity, seamlessly transitioning from abstraction and discord into passages of blissful harmonic consonance. The second half of the record consists of some of Prekop''s most warm and inviting synth work yet, built using ideas that worked better on their own as opposed to accompanying the installation. These songs have a sense of forward motion that is often missing in many recordings by modern modular synthesists, which Prekop attributes to his incorporation of the instrument into his writing process for The Sea and Cake's acclaimed 2012 album Runner. The Republic is an entrancing album that moves Prekop''s synthesizer compositions further into the realm of the accessible without abandoning the experimental legacy of the instrument.
    1. The Republic 1
    2. The Republic 2
    3. The Republic 3
    4. The Republic 4
    5. The Republic 5
    6. The Republic 6
    7. The Republic 7
    8. The Republic 8
    9. The Republic 9
    10. Weather Vane
    11. The Loom
    12. Ghost
    13. Invisible
    14. A Geometric
    15. Music in Pairs
    Sam Prekop
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  • Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo Quick View

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    Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo

    12 track spiritual, deep jazz LP from Parisian producer Onra and friend - fellow producer, composer and arranger - Buddy
    Sativa. Combining as the Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo this LP may be a surprise to followers of Onra, while Buddy Sativa
    will be known to some via his own 2011 jazz leaning LP Deus Ex Machina on Favorite Records. There they collaborated
    on their first jazz track - Indica. Pleased with the results they carried on, keeping it simple and adhering to
    straightforward play-more-jazz stylings they have crafted this LP over sessions sandwiched between their assorted
    commitments over the last two years. Opening the LP Universe is Love, a shout to Lonnie Liston Smith, is the first track
    they created under the new no-rules-spontaneity rules. The rest of the LP was created in a similar vein - a drum pattern
    for tempo or a bassline for tone and layering instrumentation repeatedly on top. Mistakes allowed and encouraged!
    Spoken word from Brooklyn poet Aja Monet on The Time is Now, otherwise it's an instrumental trip.
    So Yatha Bhuta - as it really is, insight, a mix of experience and spontaneity, a LP not created for release, more a
    liberating, therapeutic break from their other oft constraining aliases.
    Jazz because they like it and not for the sake of it, a chance meeting with the late Mati Klarwein's son at an exhibition in
    Dublin, led to the icing on the cake as the record is beautifully housed by the artists Conceptual Tree painting. The LP
    will be out in April on vinyl and download preceded by a limited 7 inch.
    Side A
    1 Universe is Love
    2 UFO Paradise
    3 Dark Karma
    4 360
    5 The Muse Inside
    6 Endangered Species

    Side B
    7 Honey, Hash, Rose
    8 The Garden of Heavenly Delights
    9 The Time Is Now
    10 Cos(X)
    11 Untitled (Afrojazz)
    12 Wandering, Wondering

    Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo
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  • What Am I Doing What Am I Doing Quick View

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    What Am I Doing

    Debut Album From This Brooklyn Band

    Album Produced By Annabel Alpers Of Bachelorette (Drag City)

    Mixed By Adam Cooke (Beach House / Double Dagger)

    Lushes are a band born of tensions - between art and math,
    order and chaos, planning and chance. You can hear it in their
    songs - taut, twitching art-punk that balance anxiety and elation,
    often within the space of a few bars. Album opener Harsh glides
    along slowly, feeling like a moody and measured art-rock
    meditation until you zero in on the words in the chorus: Harsh on
    my ears, that's the way I like it. This is push-pull music, songs
    that temper the jagged fitfulness of groups like June of 44 and
    Slint with the soft-focus sweetness and open-ended song
    structures of The Sea & Cake and The Notwist.

    That moods so diametrically opposed can peacefully coexist is
    part of Lushes mystery and allure. That duality extends to the
    group's background. James Ardery and Joel Myers were living in
    worlds far removed from music, both working day jobs that
    neither of them enjoyed. Their personalities were different -
    James was outspoken and gregarious, Joel introverted and
    reserved. Their musical backgrounds were different: James grew
    up pillaging his father's record collection, getting turned on to
    Nirvana and Wu-Tang Clan by his older brother and attending
    hardcore shows by pioneering bands like Fugazi at 12 years old.
    Joel was formally trained, loving classical music but almost
    completely oblivious to rock and pop. The fusion of their disparate
    influences is what animates Lushes - the anarchy of punk and
    hardcore colliding with the precision of jazz to create music that is
    marvelously ordered while still feeling seconds away from
    detonation. That tension pulses throughout What Am I Doing, the
    group's warring influences making for music that feels brittle and

    1. Harsh
    2. One Right Word
    3. Traffic
    4. Warm Contagion
    5. Dead Girls
    6. Feastin
    7. Garden
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Blue Room Sessions The Blue Room Sessions Quick View

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    The Blue Room Sessions

    Back in January 2015, we had the pleasure of hosting Coupler in our Blue Room. The event came to life when these local acousticians and purveyors of deliberate ambience took the stage. It was twenty minutes of captivating and unhurried techno that sounded bucolic at first, then violent, then crumbling, but always with a deft momentum. You could feel it in your gut and in your skull. Coupler's set was a twenty-minutes mega-moment of song, and we decided the live album needed an accompanying piece. We invited them back to record Side B in October with a full orchestra of nine friends and musicians, and it turned out to be a very special piece exploring the nether-regions where the organic collides with the electronic. However, this wasn't our typical TMR show. We kept it a relatively intimate affair, with the stage in the center of the room, and only sold a handful of tickets to those interested in seeing a recording process become a performance, making this our first installment in The Blue Room Sessions series.

    If you're new to the magic of Coupler, you can think of them as an ''organization'' rather than a band. Ryan Norris' objectives go beyond leading a band - he aims to use Coupler as a vehicle for writing, photography, installation art, film-scoring, etc, and above all this, he aims to collaborate with the creative people around him that inspire him. In the case of this particular performance, the organization core live members, Rodrigo Avendaño, Rollum Haas and Norris, plus a group of auxiliary players: Adam Bednarik, Mark Bond, Matt Glassmeyer, Mia Krout and Ben Marcantel. The icing on the cake was Kelli Shay Hix and her light installation. The performance was tackled from an oblique angle, using group improvisation to reinvent the trajectory as they played. The end result? The birth of a new series, and one of our favorite musical creations to which the Blue Room has ever played host.

    1. Invention 4: Silenzio (Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion)
    2. The Valley of the Elders
    3. Invention 2: Pattern Recognition
    4. Sunles
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  • Tea For The Tillerman (200g) Tea For The Tillerman (200g) Quick View

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    Tea For The Tillerman (200g)

    Ranked 206/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    When word got out that we were beginning a pressing plant, customers began to call with questions. And the most common and full-of-anticipation question was inevitably: What will be the first title that you press? Well, we couldn't possibly imagine hitting a bigger home run than to open Quality Record Pressings (QRP) with one of the all-time most classic audiophile records, Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman from 1970.

    There are so many things perfect about this release. First and foremost, it's a masterpiece of a record. It's that rare record that couples breathtaking sound with hit after hit after hit. In fact, to list the hits would be to list the entire song list. We couldn't pick a better vehicle for which to show off what we're so confident will be the highest quality records ever pressed.

    But here's something else that's cool: We scored the absolute original analog masters, and the tapes were in impeccable condition. It took an unbelievable amount of digging and research - and luck - to get this project done to the standards of Analogue Productions. But, wow, was it ever worth it! The tapes were last used in December 1999 when Ted Jensen at Sterling, along with producer Paul Samwell-Smith, remastered the Cat Stevens catalog for CD.

    In 1970, Lee Hulko at Sterling Sound cut Tea For The Tillerman for A&M Records in the U.S. and Island Records in the UK using a Telefunken M10 tape machine and a Neumann VMS 66 lathe with a Neumann SX68 cutterhead. Hulko started Sterling in 1968 and was its original mastering engineer. He's considered among the first engineers to advance mastering from just transferring music from tape to lacquer to an art where attention is paid to all the details that result in better sound. We actually found Hulko's original mastering notes from more than 40 years ago. It's incredible, but Sterling still has all of their notes filed away.

    So, it was originally cut at Sterling - as were all of the early original Cat Stevens albums - and the tapes were last used at Sterling. How appropriate then that we should go back to Sterling for this monumental reissue. Using the original tapes, George Marino handled the mastering this time. He used an Ampex ATR-102 tape machine, another significant point of interest. While Ampex has long been revered for their sound, they had never made a preview version so that a mastering engineer could cut a lacquer from an Ampex machine. Mike Spitz at ATR Services made a unique preview modification for Sterling so that they could cut this record using an Ampex. Marino then used a Neumann VMS 80 lathe with a Neumann SX 74 cutterhead.

    I think we've gotten something quite a bit better than what was originally issued, Marino says. I think this version is much more representative of what was on the tape. And that's not a criticism of what was originally done.

    Marino points out that since the original issue, there have been advancements in cutting lathe technology that make the improvements of this reissue possible.

    You didn't have the same number of options that you have in the new Neumann electronics, Marino says. With the new one, they give you more variations to work with. Let's say there's a nice kind of present sounding acoustic guitar on the left channel and then all of the sudden there's a drum peak with cymbal crashes and stuff and that stuff happens to be on the left channel. Being the vocal is down the center, you can drive the high frequency limiter from the right channel. So you can set a threshold on the right channel and grab the vocal without wiping out some of the musical peaks on the left channel. This is what I talk about when I say that we have technical advantages that they didn't have.

    Marino also chose to use a wide-track stereo head for this project, which he said allows for better signal-to-noise than the normal stereo head.

    And he also decided against using tube electronics, as would have been used originally, because he says that while the tubes allowed for more warmth, they also made the sound duller.

    You wind up wanting to put a little top-end EQ or something to get a little something back (when using tubes), Marino explains of his decision.

    Marino says that he is very pleased with the results.

    A great record. A classic, he says. And those tapes were in excellent, excellent condition. Musically, I think we've got something that sounds richer and more natural. It sounds more correct. I had to do very, very little to the tape regarding EQ processing or anything.

    To package this reissue, we've decided to do a facsimile of the original British Island gatefold jacket rather than the non-gatefold U.S. version. This British jacket also has a textured paper stock on the inside and is glossy on the outside. Additionally, we're using the original pink Island label.

    So there you have it. Quality Record Pressings is off and pressing in a big, big way! Finally, we're ready to unveil the innovations in record pressing that we've been working on for more than a year. Among those innovations are the installations of microprocessors on the presses so that all of the presses functions are performed with absolute precision. For example, we've developed a dye with an imbedded temperature sensor that we can use to cycle the presses. Rather than having the presses close and open based on time - as it's been to date - these presses will close and open based on temperature, the far more accurate indicator of when the record is ready. We also have a plating department in Quality Record Pressings, run by the best plating man in the business, Gary Salstrom.

    Still to come from Analogue Productions pressed at Quality Record Pressings will be the Cat Stevens classics Teaser and the Firecat and Catch Bull at Four.

    Tea For The Tillerman is one of Cat Stevens' finest albums and a gem in the crown of early 1970s singer/songwriterdom. Stevens manages to have his cake and eat it too, simultaneously achieving pop accessibility and artistic relevance. The feel is decidedly gentle and spare. Apart from the occasional string section, Stevens is accompanied only by a three-piece band as he sings his introspective lyrics with appreciable favor.

    1. Where Do The Children Play?
    2. Hard Headed Woman

    3. Wild World

    4. Sad Lisa
    5. Miles From Nowhere
    6. But I Might Die Tonight

    7. Longer Boats

    8. Into White
    9. On The Road To Find Out
    10. Father And Son
    11. Tea For The Tillerman
    Cat Stevens
    200 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Postcard From Britain Postcard From Britain Quick View

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    Postcard From Britain

    Colored Vinyl

    One of Damned afficionados fave pursuits is debating which of the various lineups was the best. Certainly the one that produced the 'Black Album' and 'Strawberries' has got to be a prime contender. So with this in mind bassist extraordinaire Paul Gray and the best guitarist in Croydon (apart from Ralph McTell) Captain Sensible got together somewhere in the Welsh countryside with the aim of writing a bunch of new tunes about subjects dear to their hearts - in between visits to the local pub, of course.

    Suitably fortified by foaming pints of Timothy Taylor Landlord, the music and lyrics quickly took shape. Building upon Captain's unique guitar style and Paul's trademark Rickenbacker basslines, the pair utilised an eclectic bunch of instruments including 12 string guitars, hammond organs, harpsichords, sitars, and bouzouki's, giving a nice psychedelic eastern feel to many of the tracks. Keeping it real with a tasteful drummer chum of Paul's by the name of Ant Thickett, a recording studio was eschewed in favour of a real garage, 5 mics, a bass drum kept in place by a Doc Marten boot, a bunch of duvets for sound proofing, and a laptop, with sustenance being provided in the form of tea and cakes provided by the lovely Kate, who also happens to contribute some piano to one of the tracks. Oh yes, and former Hawkwind legend Nik Turner also provides some exceedingly tasteful sax, too

    With a lovely natural drum sound to work with (all recorded in one day) the vocals and overdubs were mostly done in Paul's kitchen. Listen carefully and you may be able to hear the hens clucking contentedly in the background and with mixing and mastering duties undertaken by Steve Goldenears Davies, the band name The Sensible Gray Cells' was decided upon, with the results about to be available to one and all.

    Entitled 'A Postcard From Britain' the album takes as its theme all aspects of life (good and bad) in the strange but wonderful country in which the band live. But do they name names? Indeed they do .

    1. Tragic Roundabout
    2. Halfway to Hollywood
    3. Queen For A Day
    4. Stole Into The Night
    5. State Of The Nation
    6. Lottery Of Life
    7. English Summer
    8. Forgotten High Streets
    9. City Bird
    10. Looking At You
    Sensible Gray Cells
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  • DNCE DNCE Quick View

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    The LA-based 4-piece pop band made up of Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Jack Lawless & Cole Whittle initially launched into fame with their 2x-platinum RIAA hit single "Cake By The Ocean."
    1. DNCE

    2. Body Moves

    3. Cake By The Ocean

    4. Doctor You

    5. Toothbrush

    6. Blown

    7. Good Day

    8. Almost

    9. Naked

    10. Truthfully

    11. Be Mean

    12. Zoom

    13. Pay My Rent

    14. Unsweet
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  • If You're Ready Come Go With Me If You're Ready Come Go With Me Quick View

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    If You're Ready Come Go With Me

    Funky work by Jimmy McGriff from 1974! Titles include a great cover of Ain't It Funky Now, plus Super Funk, Fat Cakes, Dig It On, Bug Out, If You're Ready Come Go With Me, Let's Saty Together, The Bird, Plain Brown Bag, Jumpin' The Blues, Tiki, and Shuckin & Jivin.
    1. If You're Ready Come Go With Me
    2. Shuckin' And Jivin'
    3. Dig It On
    4. Bug Out
    5. Fat Cakes
    6. Super Funk
    7. Let's Stay Together
    8. The Bird
    9. Plain Brown Bag
    10. Jumpin' The Blues
    11. Tiki
    12. Ain't It Funky Now
    Jimmy McGriff
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • As Seen Through Windows As Seen Through Windows Quick View

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    As Seen Through Windows

    Montreal's Bell Orchestre's sophomore full-length, As Seen Through Windows is filled with stunning, lush instrumentation and builds off where their acclaimed, Juno nominated, 2005 debut left off. Recorded with John McEntire (Tortoise/Sea & Cake), As Seen Through Windows continues the sextet's exploration of various classical styles and non-traditional musical forms to create a panoramic soundtrack, expansive and enveloping, both challenging and pleasurable to the listener.
    1. Stripes
    2. Elephants
    3. Icicles/Bicycles
    4. Water/Light/Shifts
    5. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
    6. As Seen Through Windows
    7. The Gaze
    8. Dark Lights
    9. Air Lines/Land Lines
    Bell Orchestre
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  • Melodestra Melodestra Quick View

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    P-Funk Keyboard Master Bernie Worrell

    Here at last! After 6 years, Bernie Worrell's melodica album, MELODESTRA is finally complete! Experience also the rare chemistry of 2 songs remixed by John McEntire (Tortoise/ The Sea and Cake)! Bernie Worrell was the founding key member of the Parliament-Funkadelic known as the genius keyboard wizard creating outrageous and innovative sounds that blew the minds away of the music fans.

    1.MELODESTRA (vocal)
    2.MELODESTRA (instrumental)
    3.MELODESTRA (remix by John McEntire)
    4.Skip Hop Stumble
    5.Skip Hop Stumble (remix by John McEntire)
    6.Tree fore
    Bernie Worrell
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  • Soap And Water Soap And Water Quick View

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    Soap And Water

    For his eighth studio record Chuck Prophet relocated to Nashville and bedded down for a month at the Alex the Great Recording Studios with producer Brad Jones (Yo La Tengo, Dolly Parton, Josh Rouse). Chuck is joined here by his own band The Mission Express, Todd Roper (of Cake) on drums and The Spinto Band. They even brought in the local Methodist children's church choir for a few tunes. Soap and Water sees him blending his twisted soul-country-rock; a Alex Chilton-meets-Waylon Jennings via Dylan thing, with that Fender Telecaster he's had since his Green On Red days weaving a singular common thread throughout.
    1. Freckle Song
    2. Would You Love Me?
    3. Doubter Out of Jesus (All Over you)
    4. Soap and Water
    5. Small-Town Girl
    6. Lets Do Something Wrong
    7. A Woman's Voice
    8. I can Feel Your Heartbeat
    9. Talkin' New Kingdom
    10. Naked Ray
    11. Downtime
    12. Happy Ending
    Chuck Prophet
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  • No Ghost No Ghost Quick View

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    No Ghost

    After headline runs and bouts touring with critical darlings like Bowerbirds, Phosphorescent and Akron/Family, in the summer of 2009 Canadian quintet the Acorn retreated from two years on the road to an isolated cottage in northern Quebec to begin work on their third full-length album, No Ghost. Songs took shape at all hours, crafted from hazy late-night improvisations, early morning melodies pulled from the thinning threads of sleep. Modernity clashed with the bucolic via exploratory percussion, feedback, acoustic textures and the natural surrounding sounds. The band then traded trees for telephone poles to finish recording in a sweltering heat wave in Montreal. There, the breezy ease of rural surrounds was buried under sweat-caked skin and cracked asphalt, birdsong drowned out by thick air and engine hum. No Ghost is a recording swaddled in dichotomy: togetherness and isolation, acoustic and electric, destruction and restoration.
    1. Cobbled From Dust
    2. Restoration
    3. Misplaced
    4. I Made The Law
    5. Crossed Wires
    6. On The Line
    7. Bobcat Goldwraith
    8. No Ghost
    9. Slippery When Wet
    10. Almanac
    11. Kindling To Cremation
    The Acorn
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  • Field Commander Cohen Tour 1979 Field Commander Cohen Tour 1979 Quick View

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    Field Commander Cohen Tour 1979

    Available On Vinyl For The First Time

    Gatefold Sleeve

    Includes Insert With Song Lyrics

    In 1979, after the release of his album Recent Songs [MOVLP311], Cohen set out on an international concert tour accompanied by members of the Austin-based Jazz-Rock group Passenger; Field Commander Cohen was compiled in 2000 from recordings of the 1979 tour, and it presents an especially strong argument for Cohen's gifts as a musician.

    This is the first ever vinyl release of these live recordings at London's Hammersmith Odeon and Brighton's Dome Theatre. This may well be Cohen's best set of recorded performances as a singer, and having Jennifer Warnes and Sharon Robinson on hand as duet partners is especially rich icing on the cake. While the musicians take care to never intrude upon the songs, they play beautifully, with remarkable taste and skill; they bring out the nuances of these songs with a sure but gentle hand.

    1. Field Commander Cohen
    2. The Window
    3. The Smokey Life
    4. The Gypsy's Wife
    5. Lover Lover Lover
    6. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

    1. The Stranger Song
    2. The Guests
    3. Memories
    4. Why Don't You Try
    5. Bird On The Wire
    6. So Long, Marianne

    Leonard Cohen
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