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  • To Release Is To Resolve (Awaiting Repress) To Release Is To Resolve (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    To Release Is To Resolve (Awaiting Repress)

    On their 5th full length album, underground groove metallers Byzantine are poised to deliver their most consistent and genre bending release to date. Byzantine, widely hailed as the most underrated band from the Nwoahm movement, returned after a 5-year hiatus as an independent artist in 2013 to rave reviews, garnering multiple album of the year awards and solidifying the bands underground cult status.
    1. Scold's Bridal
    2. Justinian Code
    3. A Curious Lot
    4. The Agonies
    5. God Forsaken
    6. You Sleep, We Wake
    7. To Release
    8. To Resolve
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  • Byzantine Byzantine Quick View

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    Self released and financed through Kickstarter campaign, 2013's Byzantine debuted as the #1 most added metal album in college rock radio and stayed in the Top 10 for 7 straight weeks (CMJ). The album also debuted at #5 on iTunes Top Albums the week it was released, beating out new releases by Five Finger Death Punch, Kill Switch Engage and Newsted.
    1. Which Light Shall Never Penetrate
    2. Soul Eraser
    3. Efficacy
    4. Forged in the Heart of a Dying Star
    5. Caldera
    6. Signal Path
    7. Everything I Touch Bursts Into Flame
    8. Posthumous
    9. Pathogen
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  • Leaving The Commonwealth Leaving The Commonwealth Quick View

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    Leaving The Commonwealth

    Leaving the Commonwealth is the third full length LP by D. Charles Speer & the Helix and features their most accomplished playing and songwriting yet, setting a high watermark for narrative honky tonk rock. Inspired by swaggering, outrageous and engaging sonic tales like Cowboy Jack Clement's Miller's Cave, this album features byzantine songs which flow surprisingly quickly and with natural grace.

    The album opener Razorbacked emits noirish cinematic imagery and twists which are matched with music sparked from a wasted mid-'70s cassette from Peaches or Turtles. Numerous musical luminaries, including Freddie King and Clifton Chenier, are invoked and celebrated in song. Other tracks like Cumberland and Battle of the Wilderness are historically detailed and geographically specific chronicles.

    Dense tones flow from all corners, with guitar sounds reminiscent of Fripp or Manzanera on one end and the pedal steel tones of Emmons and Mooney on another. Beautifully recorded by Jason LaFarge of Seizures Palace in the urban environs of Brooklyn, this album is southern by lyrical setting, country by instrumental arrangement, rocking through its rhythmic heft and most certainly contemporary in attitude.

    1. Razorbacked

    2. Days in the Kitchen
    3. Le Grand Cochon
    4. Cumberland
    5. Alamoosook Echoes
    6. Freddies Lapels
    7. Rust in the Bay
    8. Battle of the Wilderness
    9. Leaving the Commonwealth

    D. Charles Speer and The Helix
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  • Gauntlet Hair Gauntlet Hair Quick View

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    Gauntlet Hair

    Over the last year and a half, Gauntlet Hair has seen its noise-pop anthems released on 7s by tastemaker labels Forest Family (IWas Thinking... b/w Our Scenery) and Mexican Summer (Out, Don't... b/w Heave) respectively. And with the self-titled debut, the duo of Andy R (guitar, vox) and Craig Nice (drums, triggers) fulfill the booming promise of those now collectible singles.

    Written and recorded in Spring 2011 at Andys grandmothers Chicago-area house while she was away on vacation, Gauntlet Hair is a subtle refinement of the sounds weve come to associate with the band the trunk-rattling bass; the ecstatic, tinny post-punk guitar; the din of ecstasy. But what was once simply jarring in its audacity is now also bursting with new colors.While the band continues to mine the pulse-and-clap cues of modern club rap, the intricacies of Andys Durutti Column-inspired, circular guitar lines come a bit more to the fore on Gauntlet Hair. They are at once oblique and; pounding and glassy; melodic and exploratory. Standout Top Bunk, with its tide-like suction and throb, is a cooled-out, coastal slowgrind. The songs multiple sections overlap and interlace through bass throb, elliptical guitars and affably shouted and falsetto-sung mantras. Its a shining, disorienting example of
    the careful, Byzantine sculpture behind each of these party jams. Its music made with the sole purpose of losing yourself both mind and body inside of it. They take the listener into the red, evoking that unmistakable feeling of being squarely in front of the speaker as it is screaming blissfully loud melodies.

    Playing music together since they were teenagers, Andy and Craig relocated from Chicago to Denver three years ago to hone a sound that seems to have gained inspiration from enormity of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. In Denver, the duo is a crucial part of the avant-pop DIY scene that birthed contemporaries like Pictureplane,Woodsman and Hollagramz, and is anchored by the community built around all ages venue Rhinoceroplis. Beyond these inspiring cohorts, Gauntlet Hair finds itself mapping new boundaries for loud in pop music.

    1. Keep Time
    2. Top Bunk
    3. Mop It Up
    4. My Christ
    5. Lights Out
    6. Showing
    7. Overkill
    8. That's Your Call
    9. Shout In Tongues
    Gauntlet Hair
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  • Music For Dogs Music For Dogs Quick View

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    Music For Dogs

    There's a quote tucked into the recent documentary film about the iconic design duo Charles and Ray Eames, commenting on the symbiotic nature of Charles and Ray's marriage, their work life in Venice Beach, their home life not too far away, and their creative life: Work is art is life is work is art... It's a concept so simple a small child could dream it, yet it's one we tend to lose in the strange, abstract grind of modern life and modern ambition. For Gardens & Villa songwriters Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen, a return to this very harmonious relationship of art/work/life and a rediscovery of the DIY ethos that once defined the pair's formative creative years mark the defining thread of their head-turning new album, Music For Dogs. The revelation that we hear play out so inspiringly across Music For Dogs is one that came at a make-or-break moment for the band last year. Pushed to fall in line as an indie-pop act while their artistic interests lie as much in the avant-garde. Pushed deeper into debt just to keep their band alive. Pushed from within to leave the comfort zone of their longtime home base in Santa Barbara and set up a new HQ in Los Angeles. Lynch and Rasmussen responded by bucking the idea of art as a career and making art their very way of life. With a top-to-bottom renovation of a warehouse space in LA's Frogtown neighborhood lovingly dubbed The Space Program and shared with visual artists, designers, and creatives, the pair began to live and write music on their own terms, just as they'd done before their music was placed on the marketplace. Music For Dogs is a deeply personal album that pokes, prods, and even strangely celebrates the zeitgeist of music commerce, pleasure culture, technological advances and the new home they've found in Los Angeles. The New Age and Eastern Religion sentiments that rippled across their first two albums (2011's Gardens & Villa and 2014's Dunes) have been swapped out with a new sort of zen pop-Nihilsm. What's Nihilism anyway but Buddhism with a fuck-it attitude? They've found a way to live on the firing line, a way to actually harvest creative energy from our sad Internet tendencies, the uncertain future. My whole life fixation/See if we can make it underneath the radar, goes Lynch and Rasmussen's respective call-and-response on Fixations, a song about the beauty in bottoming out and then finding the false bottom. Lynch could mean living as a creative in the underground or living outside peripheral view of the NSA. Under the stewardship of visionary producer Jacob Portrait and with irreplaceable rhythm section Dusty Ineman (drums) and Shane McKillop (bass), Fixations - and a great deal of Music For Dogs - is really just Gardens & Villa doing what it has always done best. G&V creates Byzantine melodies and richly interwoven arrangements for synths, guitars and vocals that work incredibly well on a cerebral level, but wouldn't upset a 3 a.m. pool party either. The jaunty, jarring piano and bass that begin Everybody perfectly frame the song's anxiety-riddled themes of 21st Century voyeurism, surveillance and the turnstile of avatars intended to represent our true selves. Everybody wants the new you/No one cares who you are, Lynch sings in a repeating chorus before the band collapses into a lovely out of time mall piano breakdown, which itself drops effortlessly back into the jaunty verse section. And the speedball ripper Maximize Results that begins the record is perhaps G&V's most ecstatic, vulnerable moment laid to record to date. It alone is worth the price of admission.
    1. Intro
    2. Maximize Results
    3. Fixations
    4. Everybody
    5. Paradise
    6. Alone in the City
    7. General Research
    8. Express
    9. Happy Times
    10. Jubilee
    11. I Already Do
    Gardens & Villa
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  • Volume 2: High And Inside Volume 2: High And Inside Quick View

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    Volume 2: High And Inside

    Following the success of the outfit's first album Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes & Dying Quails -- the band performed on The Late Show with David Letterman, was featured in the official World Series Program and Sports Illustrated among others -- baseball's sardonic rock chroniclers are back with Volume 2: High and Inside, an even more detailed look at the stories behind the stories of America's Favorite Pastime.

    Their second season finds band members Steve Wynn (The Miracle 3, The Dream Syndicate), Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M.), Linda Pitmon (The Miracle 3, Golden Smog) and Peter Buck (R.E.M.) drilling down even deeper into the Byzantine, lore-laden annals of baseball history. Volume 2 also includes guests spots by Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan, as well as Chris Funk and John Moen of The Decemberists, dispelling any fears of a sophomore slump.

    Side 1
    1. 1976

    2. Panda And The Freak

    3. Fair Weather Fans

    4. Don't Call Them Twinkies

    5. Chin Music

    6. Buckner's Bolero

    Side 2
    1. Tony (Boston's Chosen Son)

    2. Ichiro Goes to the Moon

    3. The Straw that Stirs the Drink

    4. Look out Mom

    5. Pete Rose Way

    6. Twilight of My Career

    7. Here Lies Carl Mays

    The Baseball Project
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